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Rumor is a Chat based guild created by Laura and Steffany.

Rumor is a place to start fresh and just hangout. We strive to provide you with a chill place to chat and build lasting friendships. We aim to provide you with a community vibe.

Welcome to our little neo fam! We don't have pages, we just like to chat and work towards our own personal neo goals.

Since we like to keep things chill this is our only guild page. We will play board games when there are lots of people online such as avvie simon, but really our main focus is just to create a friendly and fun environment for all. Occasionally, we have special event nights to bring members closer together.


Since we are a Chat based guild, members are able to move up our ranks by being chatty.

Wanderer- This is the starting rank in Rumor. You are new here.

Connected- Post 100 messages.

Attached- Post 500 messages.

Bonded- Post 2000 messages

Fused- This is the highest rank you can become, your really connected to us now. Post 5000 messages.


We aim for a chill and fun environment for all, so our rules are short and sweet.

Follow TNT's rules- You must abide by the rules of Neopia.

Try and be Semi-literate- Saying "lol" and posting smilies is fine, but please D0n+ TaLk L!kE T}{iS.

No drama- If you have any questions, concerns, or issues at anytime, please speak to a member of council about it.


Are you interested in joining?

We do not have a lengthy application process. If you wish to join just send a neomail to one of the three lovely council members below, and we will happily send you an invite.



Since we are pretty relaxed, we don't have strict rules like a certain number of posts required per month.
However, keep in mind we are a chat based guild, so we need members to try and be active.

You will be swept if:

• You go more than 3 months without posting.

• You don't at least pop in and say hi withing 1 week of joining.


Currently we have two different board games we play.
If you are interested in hosting a board game not listed, neomail Steffany.

Avvie Simon

Hosted by: Steffany

How To Play:
It is basically simon says, but with avvies. Steffany begins the game by changing her active avatar to an avvie of her choosing, and posts with the name of the avatar that is in play.

Hint: If you go to the chat preferences drop-down menu and begin typing the name of the avatar and you have it, the avatar will be highlighted making it easier to find!
If you have the avvie in play, change your active avatar to the avatar in play. Then, post on the guild board with your current count (examples 1/1, 4/7, 3/3 etc) At the end of the 10 rounds, the person with the highest amount of chosen avatars will be crowned the winner!