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How do I use the glitters?

Copy the code from under the image and paste the code on the page where you want the glitter image to be displayed.


I realize that glitches happen and sometimes my host has problems. If your image goes down for any reason, wait 1 day and if the problem is still there, tell me and I will rehost the image.


Please do not put these glitters on your site for redistribution....that means putting them up with their codes for others to take....this is graphic theft. This should be the only place to get the codes for 'Pitty's Glitters' glitters. Anyone doing that without my permission will be reported.


I put these glitters up and worked very hard to make them look good and be easy to use. I'm proud of my pages, and I hope you enjoy using the glitters. :)

Thanks for reading! ~Pitty

I've seen quite a lot of users not giving credit where credit is due. 'Credit' means having a link back somewhere on your page whenever you use one(or more) of my glitters, and IS necessary. If you happen to see anyone not crediting me, please tell me.

~ Pitty
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Pets: Lenny to Scorchio


Faerie Lenny

Pink Lenny

Baby Lenny

Mutant Lenny

Halloween Lenny

Yellow Lenny

Christmas Lenny

Blue Lenny

Green Lenny

Brown Lenny

Ghost Lenny

Starry Lenny

Checkered Lenny

Split Lenny

Purple Lenny

Darigan Lenny

Fire Lenny

Orange Lenny

Speckled Lenny

Tyrannian Lenny

Cloud Lenny

Red Lenny

Shadow Lenny

Plushie Lenny

Striped Lenny

Pirate Lenny

Island Lenny

Robot Lenny


Pirate Lupe

Glowing Lupe

Red Lupe

Shadow Lupe

Baby Lupe

Grey Lupe

Fire Lupe

Darigan Lupe

Mutant Lupe

Skunk Lupe

Robot Lupe

Halloween Lupe

Desert Lupe

Plushie Lupe

Yellow Lupe

Tyrannian Lupe

Blue Lupe

Island Lupe

Checkered Lupe

Striped Lupe

Pink Lupe

Christmas Lupe

White Lupe

Royal Girl Lupe

Split Lupe

Maraquan Lupe

Royal Boy Lupe

Ghost Lupe

Cloud Lupe

Green Lupe

Faerie Lupe

Starry Lupe

Electric Lupe

Purple Lupe

Silver Lupe

Brown Lupe

Orange Lupe

Sponge Lupe


Blue Lutari

Red Lutari

Green Lutari

Yellow Lutari

Island Lutari

Pink Lutari


White Meerca

Maraquan Meerca

Green Meerca

Baby Meerca

Fire Meerca

Christmas Meerca

Mutant Meerca

Brown Meerca

Tyrannian Meerca

Gold Meerca

Pink Meerca

Purple Meerca

Blue Meerca

Cloud Meerca

Yellow Meerca

Faerie Meerca

Grey Meerca

Halloween Meerca

Island Meerca

Disco Meerca

Speckled Meerca

Camouflage Meerca

Red Meerca

Snot Meerca

Starry Meerca

Glowing Meerca

Robot Meerca

Darigan Meerca

Electric Meerca

Checkered Meerca

Spotted Meerca


Fire Moehog

Mutant Moehog

Disco Moehog

Royal Girl Moehog

Blue Moehog

Strawberry Moehog

Darigan Moehog

Faerie Moehog

Speckled Moehog

Baby Moehog

Pirate Moehog

Christmas Moehog

Yellow Moehog

Maraquan Moehog

Ghost Moehog

Halloween Moehog

Shadow Moehog

Red Moehog

Electric Moehog

Pink Moehog

Brown Moehog

Grey Moehog

Robot Moehog

Green Moehog

Sketch Moehog

Sponge Moehog

White Moehog

Royalboy Moehog

Tyrannian Moehog

Purple Moehog

Desert Moehog

Cloud Moehog

Skunk Moehog

Plushie Moehog


Purple Mynci

Skunk Mynci

Fire Mynci

Ghost Mynci

Blue Mynci

Glowing Mynci

Green Mynci

Baby Mynci

Split Mynci

Red Mynci

Grey Mynci

Darigan Mynci

Maraquan Mynci

Striped Mynci

Sketch Mynci

Jelly Mynci

Yellow Mynci

Cloud Mynci

Island Mynci

Robot Mynci

Royal Girl Mynci

Halloween Mynci

Speckled Mynci

Royal Boy Mynci

Plushie Mynci

Christmas Mynci

White Mynci

Electric Mynci

Pirate Mynci

Tyrannian Mynci

Silver Mynci

Orange Mynci

Starry Mynci

Checkered Mynci

Disco Mynci

Mutant Mynci

Pink Mynci


Plushie Nimmo

Tyrannian Nimmo

Blue Nimmo

Ice Nimmo

Faerie Nimmo

Halloween Nimmo

Fire Nimmo

Red Nimmo

Baby Nimmo

Spotted Nimmo

Gold Nimmo

Green Nimmo

Starry Nimmo

Disco Nimmo

Shadow Nimmo

Christmas Nimmo

Cloud Nimmo

White Nimmo

Brown Nimmo

Robot Nimmo

Striped Nimmo

Island Nimmo

Speckled Nimmo

Pink Nimmo

Yellow Nimmo

Orange Nimmo

Electric Nimmo


Blue Ogrin

Red Ogrin

Yellow Ogrin

Green Ogrin

Shadow Ogrin

Electric Ogrin

Baby Ogrin

Orange Ogrin

Island Ogrin

Ghost Ogrin

Spotted Ogrin

Purple Ogrin

Christmas Ogrin

Starry Ogrin

Pink Ogrin


Blue Peophin

Darigan Peophin

Christmas Peophin

Grey Peophin

Striped Peophin

Purple Peophin

Yellow Peophin

Faerie Peophin

Checkered Peophin

Tyrannian Peophin

Baby Peophin

Island Peophin

Pirate Peophin

Starry Peophin

Red Peophin

Pink Peophin

Shadow Peophin

Cloud Peophin

Green Peophin

Desert Peophin

Ghost Peophin

Fire Peophin

Brown Peophin

Sketch Peophin

Spotted Peophin

White Peophin

Electric Peophin

Halloween Peophin

Sponge Peophin

Silver Peophin

Robot Peophin


MSP Poogle

Pirate Poogle

Blue Poogle

Snow Poogle

Purple Poogle

Desert Poogle

Yellow Poogle

Baby Poogle

Strawberry Poogle

Faerie Poogle

Island Poogle

Checkered Poogle

Cloud Poogle

Red Poogle

Green Poogle

Camouflage Poogle

Pink Poogle

Jelly Poogle

Sketch Poogle

Gold Poogle

Fire Poogle

Grey Poogle

White Poogle

Skunk Poogle

Split Poogle

Glowing Poogle

Royal Girl Poogle

Starry Poogle

Plushie Poogle

Silver Poogle

Snot Poogle

Royalboy Poogle

Robot Poogle

Tyrannian Poogle

Ghost Poogle

Brown Poogle

Spotted Poogle


Faerie Pteri

Christmas Pteri

White Pteri

Red Pteri

Purple Pteri

Fire Pteri

Baby Pteri

Blue Pteri

Green Pteri

Orange Pteri

Shadow Pteri

Plushie Pteri

Darigan Pteri

Spotted Pteri

Brown Pteri

Electric Pteri

Island Pteri

Speckled Pteri

Starry Pteri

Maraquan Pteri

Checkered Pteri

Snow Pteri

Cloud Pteri

Robot Pteri

Striped Pteri

Desert Pteri

Pirate Pteri

Pink Pteri

Yellow Pteri

Grey Pteri

Disco Pteri

Glowing Pteri


Green Quiggle

Baby Quiggle

Checkered Quiggle

Island Quiggle

Striped Quiggle

Electric Quiggle

Ghost Quiggle

Faerie Quiggle

Spotted Quiggle

Royal Girl Quiggle

Jelly Quiggle

Red Quiggle

Glowing Quiggle

Blue Quiggle

Cloud Quiggle

Starry Quiggle

Christmas Quiggle

Yellow Quiggle

Snow Quiggle

Girl Quiguki Quiggle

Pink Quiggle

Brown Quiggle

Split Quiggle

Tyrannian Quiggle

Orange Quiggle

Skunk Quiggle

Mutant Quiggle

Quigukiboy Quiggle

Plushie Quiggle

Fire Quiggle

White Quiggle

Purple Quiggle


Yellow Ruki

Blue Ruki

Custard Ruki

Island Ruki

Mutant Ruki

Green Ruki

Baby Ruki

Brown Ruki

Disco Ruki

Shadow Ruki

Chocolate Ruki

Fire Ruki

Cloud Ruki

Halloween Ruki

Desert Ruki

Faerie Ruki

Purple Ruki

Starry Ruki

Biscuit Ruki

Ghost Ruki

Speckled Ruki

Maraquan Ruki

Red Ruki

Christmas Ruki


Cloud Scorchio

Faerie Scorchio

Mutant Scorchio

Darigan Scorchio

Desert Scorchio

Gold Scorchio

Red Scorchio

Christmas Scorchio

Fire Scorchio

Baby Scorchio

Green Scorchio

Camouflage Scorchio

Ghost Scorchio

Maraquan Scorchio

Striped Scorchio

Tyrannian Scorchio

Spotted Scorchio

Plushie Scorchio

Skunk Scorchio

Yellow Scorchio

Pink Scorchio

Purple Scorchio

Starry Scorchio

Blue Scorchio

Orange Scorchio

Grey Scorchio

Island Scorchio

Chocolate Scorchio

Royalgirl Scorchio

Royalboy Scorchio

White Scorchio

Silver Scorchio

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