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Here is where the Fun begins !

Hello guest, my name is KioNemo the Koi.
Here in my Pet Page you will find the information
you will need to Cook up a new Item using
several others, in other words your Recipe Page...

and if by chance we do not have your answers here.
Just drop us a line with your question and we will let
you know what it is you want to know...

           Lets get cooking!

What is it that you need to know and want to make?

  1. How to use the Cooking Pot 101
  2. Sand Sculptures
  3. Grub Recipies
  4. Negg Recipies
  5. Petpets
  6. Toys
  7. Food Recipes
  8. Battle Items
  9. *Neopians Cooking Pot Gallery
  10. Questions and Answers from Neopians
  11. Link Back

If you have a Gallery and would like to have it posted here please neomail Cozy!

Updated 04-24-07











How to cook up a storm!

  1. Check out the ingredients that you will be needing to make what you want with the charts below.

  2. Shop for your items. (2 to 3 items needed) make sure that they are different items.

  3. Go to Mystery Island.

  4. There Jhuidah the Island Faerie will welcome you.

  5. You will be asked to choose your items.
  6. Add the items to the cooking pot. (see below) the order in which you place the items may makes a difference in whether it will work or not.

  7. Once the items are mixed ... Your set with your new out of the ordinary item...

Congratulations... you have made a new item!

Take Me To The Top

Sand Sculptures

Angular Sand Sculpture
=Bottle of Black Sand † Bottle of Green Sand

Bottle Shape Sand Sculpture
=Bottle of Red Sand † Bottle of Blue Sand

Curvy Sand Sculpture
=Bottle of Blue Sand † Bottle of Green Sand

Heart Shaped Sand Sculpture
=Bottle of Black Sand † Bottle of Red Sand

Modern Sand Sculpture
=Bottle of Purple Sand † Bottle of Blue Sand

Rainbow Sand Sculpture
=Rainbow Sand † Invisible Sand

Regal Sand Sculpture
=Bottle of Purple Sand † Glowing Sand

Spiral Sand Sculpture
=Bottle of Orange Sand † Bottle of Purple Sand

Swirly Sand Sculpture
=Bottle of Green Sand † Bottle of Red Sand

Triangular Sand Sculpture
=Bottle of Black Sand † Bottle of Blue Sand


Take Me To The Top

Grub Recipies

Banana Grub

=Organic Bananas  † Wriggling Grub

Chebu Chebu Grub

=Woo Woo Grub † Cheeseburger

Ha Ha Grub

=Woo Woo Grub † Ham

Mec Mec Grub

=Woo Woo Grub † MechaBerries

Spoc Spoc Grub

=Woo Woo Grub † Spotted Pudding with Custard

Wa Wa Grub

=Woo Woo Grub † Watermelon Soup


Take Me To The Top

Negg Recipies


=Negg † Sausage

Deviled Negg

=Purple Negg † Milk

Ice Chocolate Cake

=Icy Negg † Chocolate Cake

Negg Cream Cookie

=Scrambled Rainbow Negg † Chocolate Chip Cookie

Negg Stew

=Yellow Negg † Blue Negg


=Orange Negg † Mummy Spaghetti


=Purple Negg † Chocolate Ice cream

Rainbow Vanilla Negg

=Rainbow Negg † Vanilla Milkshake


=Rainbow Negg † Chocolate Ice cream

Scrambled Rainbow Negg

=Rainbow Vanilla Negg † Cinnamon Swirl

Sliced Neggs

=Orange Negg † Purple Negg

Super Veggie Baguette

=Green Negg † Lettuce and Tomato Baguette


=Yellow Negg † Chocolate Ice Cream


Take Me To The Top

All have Rarity Index 101, except Ultra Mega Bot 2000 (r110)




















Baby Fireball





GX-4 Haseebot


GX-4 Oscillabot













Cool Purple
"Teddy Bear"
(not a Petpet)





















Romeep 3T3


Roburg 3T3


















Ultra Mega
Bot 2000



Ultra Pinceron

Ultra Pinceron










Dwarf Tree
(not a Petpet)






Take Me To The Top


Toys   *Images coming soon work in progress!!!

Blackeyed Meowclops Toy


Meowclops Plushie

Black Eyed Peas

Cuddly Yoyo



Pink Spinning Top


Neonip Critter



Gumball Machine


Flaming Wuzzle Toy



Flaming Torch


Purple Fuzzle

Kau Springy Toy


Yellow Kau Plushie

Springy Shoyru Toy

Soft Quiggle Puzzle


Blue Quiggle Plushie

Wooden Building Blocks

Super Springy Poogle


Super Blue Poogle Toy

Springy Toy

Swirly Kiko Plushie


Green Kiko Squeeze Toy

Jhudora Snowglobe

Uni bear


Fuzzie Bear

100% Fake Uni Mask


Take Me To The Top


Food Recipies

Apple Onion Rings

=Green Apple † Onion Rings


=Magic Potion † Sunflower Seeds

Baked Fish

=Lemon and Lime Fish Pop † Organic Carrot

Banana Grub

=Organic Bananas † Wriggling Grub

Barga Burger

=Bargusaurus Steak † Prime Veggie Burger

Bargil Surprise

=Bargella Root † Dargil Meat

Bargjelly Sundae

=Bargil Surprise † Carburnujelly Sandwich

BBQ Porkwich

=Bread † Neopox Pizza


=Spooky Jelly Brains † Baked Apple with Cream and Jam


=Blurf Gelert Cake † Oranella Slushie

Cabbage Sorbet

=Vein Cabbage † Mud n Mayo Dip

Cake coffee

=Chocopie Slice † Cofee

Carburnujelly Sandwich

=Felrum Jelly Cube † Carburnup Pepper-no_html_comments---
Cheesato: ?? + ??--no_html_comments-

Carrotberry Smash

=Organic Carrot † Blueberry Snowpuff

Cheese Cookies

=Vegan Cheese † Neo Crackers

Cherry NeoCola

=Can of NeoCola † Cherries


=Chicken † Mud n Mayo Dip

Chicken Bread Bowl

=Orange Chicken † Neowaiian Bread

Chicken Roll

=Spicy Wings † Hot Cakes

Cho Sticks

=Spironut † Cheese

Chokito Wrap

=Sausage and Cheese Roll † Chocolate Neodrops

Chocoberry Pizza

=Choco-Strawberry Muffin † Pizza

Chococherry Surprise

=Chocolate Coated Peanut Butter † Cherry Pie

Chocolate Asparagus

=Chocolates † Asparagus

Conical Hot Dog

=Cone-Shaped Watermelon † Chili Cheese Dog

Corn Crunchies

=Popcorn † Kau Kau Farm Milk

Cream Roll

=Strawberries and Cream Baby Food † Jam Pastry

Cup of Hot Borovan

=Hot Chocolate † Asparagus


=Turkey Deli Slices † Bread

Deluxe Chocolate Chia

=White Chocolate Chia † Chocolate Chia Truffle

Deluxe Organic Salad

=Organic Red Grapes † Flowers

Dung Cake

=Dung † Snow Cake

Edible Plushie

=Ghost Marshmallows † Gremble

Elixir Of Intelligence

=Eyeball Slurpy † Brain Tree Root

Ergy Brocolli

=Ergy Fruit † Broccolli

Fishy Sandwich on a Stick

=Garlic Bread Halves † Blueberry Fish Pop

Frosted Doughnut

=Doughnutfruit † Snowberries

Fruit Loaf

=Banan † Bread

Fruit Muffin

=Pineapple Muffin † Phear Coffee

Fruity Seafood Delight

=Boiled Sea Serpent † Strawmelon Jam Burger

Fundus Fruit

=Fungi Fruit † Strong Berry

Fungi Pizza

=Pizza † Fungi Fruit

Grundo Stick Sub

=Grundo Stix † Fresh Baguette

Gummy Parcel

=Gummy Star † Black Eyed Peas


=Gwermal † Grunion

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

=grilled cheese † Ham

Hot Chocolate

=Hot Soup † Chocolate Milkshake

Hot Fish

=Fish Pop † Cornupepper

Honey Nut Cheerios

=Mustard Mayhem Grarrl Gobstopper † Neoblocks

Ice Chocolate Cake

=Chocolate Cake † Icy Negg

Iced Hamwich

=Milky Moo Ice Lolly † Green Ham

Jelly Doughnut Smoothie

=Doughnut Fruit † Ice Cream Jelly Large

Image not Found, KracuDoughnut

=Kraku Berry † Doughnut

Lolly Snot

=Runny Snot † Lollypop


=Lemint † Cherryberry Krawkade

Lemon Omelette

=Cracked Keno Egg † Lemwart


=Stale Bread † Baby Tomatos

Meatball Broth

=Snowghetti and Meatball † Hot Soup

Meat Stars

=Pork Snout † Lime Starfish


=Mecha Berries † Bread


=Mecha Berries † Sugar Doughnut


=Mecha Berries † Grapes

Mecha Tiger Jam and Toast

=Mechaberries † Tiger Squash † Bread

Mecha Veg Toast

=Mechabread † Veggie Sausage

Melted Delight

=Crablett † Faerie Block Mellows

Meow Muffin

=Meowclops Head Pillow † Battle Muffin

Mint Stew

=Metalicious Ice Lolly † Green Mouth Wash

Mort Muffin

=Poison Muffin  † Mortogberry

Mummified Jelly

=Soothing Bandages  †  Lime Jelly


=Munuberry Slushie  † Transparaberry

Muntando Fruit

=Teal Juppie † Kraku Berries

Octle Salad

=Red Octopepper  † Grapple

Orange Enchiladas

=Orange Rambus  † Potion of Concealment

Pizapple Surprise

=Cheese Pizza † Green Apple NOT VERIFIED

Plum Cheese Bread

=Plum † Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Plum Crunch Cereal

=Neo Crunch Cereal † Plum

Purple Icewich

=Purple Juppie † Snow Sandwich

Rahkleaf Melon

=Rahketmelon Slushie  † Glowleaf Melon

Regal Cheese Sandwich

=Royal Cheese Bread  † Harffel Fruit

Roast Gargamon

=Roast Gargapple † Salmon Steak

Royal Blue Cheese Burger

=Roast Gargapple † Salmon Steak

Saucy Veggie Balls

=Asparagus Balls  † Brown Sauce

Sausage Wrap

=Sausage † Bread


=Scabu † Ergyfruit


=Peachbread † Tut Trout

Solid Toast

=Mechabread † Grapes

Spiced Melon

=Combomelon Plant † Spiced Apple Pie

Spooky Pumpkin Gateau

=Vanilla Ghost Cake  † Pumpkin Slice

Sticky Stacks

=Golden Juppie † Hot Cakes

Strawnella Shake

=Strawberry Chia Pop † Vanilla Milkshake

Stuffed Eel

=Pickled Eel † Honey Blossom

Stuffed Surprise

=Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry) † Chewing Dung

Sweet Ham and Fruit

=Muntando Fruit † Joint of Ham

Image not Found, Swirly Juice

=Swirly Pop Plant † Watermelon Juice

Thorn Cookies

=Thornberry † Chocolate Chip Cookie

Thorn Cream Cone

=Thornberry † Toffee Ice Cream

Tropical Pudding

=Scabergy † Spotted Pudding with Custard

Twice Veggie

=Green Cabbage † Leek

Usuki Rarebit

=Grilled Cheese Sandwich  † Traditional Welsh Usuki

Veggie Chicken

=Asparagus † Chicken

Watermelon Soup

=Juicy Melon † Bottle of Water



  Take Me To The Top


Battle Items

Some of the images are not found. If you have the Image available, please Neomail me so that I may add it.

Bubble Blaster

=Basic Dryer † Bubble Blower

Corn Sword

=Sword of Domar † Corn on the Cob

(Image Not Available)
Everlasting Crystal Ball

=Everlasting Apple † Jhudora's Crystal Ball

(Image Not Available)
Faerie Acorn Slingshot

=Faerie Acorns † Little Timmy's Slingshot

(Image Not Available) 
Noxious Carrot Blade

=Carrotblade † Hubrid's Noxious Blade

Take Me To The Top

from Neopian with Questions.

  • If by chance you happen to know an answer to one of our Questions, please feel free to let us know!

Credit will be given...
  • Please note if you do not want your name posted on this page you must let us know!

  • Thank you!

    1. Question: Since there is a new land with a new cooking pot--are there other new recipes or can you cook the same recipes in the new cooking pot?
      From: leah18014[leah18014]

      Answer (s): I tried the recipe for a triangular sand sculpture in the new cooking pot and it didn't work, so I don't think we can use the same recipes in the Shenkuu Cooking Pot and Mystery Island Cooking Pot. Or maybe just not to make sand.
      From: Amanda [ancienturn]

    2. Question: i saw on another guide that u could get a flaming wuzzle if u mixed a flaming torchlamp w/ a purple fuzzle can u please find out if this is true? thanx From: gena gena [mediceneman]

      Answer (s): No, you definatly can't make it. I tried it in both pots. Neither worked. I even tried it with different fuzzles!!!
      From:jennytempest [jennytempest]

    3. Question: I've seen my friend make a Fire and Ice Blade in the cooking pot using a Fire Sword and an Ice Scimitar. I recently tried the same thing, but it didn't work. Am I using the wrong weapons? From: Nikothraa Cornwallis [psyco__64]

      Answer (s):  ?

    4. Question: I tried to make the Deluxe Organic Salad but it didn't work I made sure to put the ingredients in the right order. What went wrong? From: Laura Huskey [my_mom_tottaly_rocks]

      Answer (s): try putting the grapes in before the flowers.
      From: jiejun wu [jiejun787]

    5. Question: This one Guild said if you mix a kinda food with a petpet you will get some kinda petpet food. Is this true?
      From:Reter [soso12332112]

      Answer (s):

    6. Question: I tried to get a mechadoughnut by using the instructions on your webpage, but it isn't working. Closest I can find to "mechaberries" is a "mechaberry bomb." Same happened with the doughnut smoothie. I tired giving the ingredients both ways, but I'm not getting anywhere. If you can offer a tip or two, I'd be grateful. Thanks for you work on that page!
      From:Milo [harmony177]

      Answer (s):

    7. Question: Pizapple Surprise = Green Apple + Cheese + Negg (I've tried myself TWICE)
      Also Swirly kiko plushie = Green Kiko swueeze toy + Jhudora snowglobe (doesnt work. is there a change?)
      From:Little Black [tiffany760103]

      Answer (s):

    Take Me To The Top

    Plenty more Recipies are coming soon.
    If you have a Recipie that I do not have please feel free to let me know.
    I will add you to my so to be long list of helpers. Also have a question, send it on down. So just send me a

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