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the harmony of people's opinions, actions, or characters.

Here at Unanimity we try to focus on the things that you can enjoy and will actually take advantage of- fun activities and events to motivate AI, expert advice, and a supportive community with the same goals and aspirations as you. There aren't any requirements for joining nor do we require you to improve at a set pace. We don't even have a post quota. (We got you, introverts!) All that we ask is you fill out an application and follow the rules below.


  1. This should be a given, but you MUST follow all rules of Neopets. If you're in any way unsure whether something is appropriate, double check the Neopets terms and conditions.

  2. Once you have joined the guild, please introduce yourself. We want to know at least a little about you. Talking to your peers is going to be one of the best ways to learn about different ways to improve your account, and let's not forget all the amazing friends you can make.

  3. Make sure your font isn't going to blind anyone. If we need special glasses to read your font, you probably need to change it.

  4. Unanimity is a semi-literate guild. This means you should try to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation whenever possible. Smilies and phrases like "brb" and "lol" are more than welcome, but please refrain from tlkn lyk3 d1s.

  5. Please, don't spam the guild board. Refrain from posting more than 3 times in a row. One/two word posts are also frowned upon.

  6. Don't bring drama to the guild. Keep any personal quarrels with guild members to neomails and inform a council member if there is any problem. We will do our very best to help you solve any issues. Remember that harmony is necessary for Unanimity.

  7. Please remain active! We want to know what's going on with you, so posting at least five times per week is requested. We understand that life happens and people get busy, so inform a council member if you'll be absent for more than a week. If you simply don't have time for Neopets anymore, remember that we have a member cap, and someone else might be able to enjoy a spot in Unanimity. In order to ensure that our guild remains active, there will be monthly member sweeps. If you follow the guidlines above, you have no need to worry about member sweeps.

  8. Only main accounts will be accepted to Unanimity. Account improvement takes a good deal of time and effort and we want that time and effort to be spent on the account you use the most.


Meet your overlords council!
Below is a little description about them, their name, duty, and timezone. If there are any open spots they'll be listed as such with a small description of the responsibilities. Each council member also gets a cool custom made button!

Meet: Aly
Position: Co-owner and Founder/CSS Rager
Aly enjoys talking to her peeps, making friends, collecting avatars, raging at kads, working on her gallery, and learning about the infuriating world of html/css/graphics.

Timezone: NST+ 3
Meet: Lauren
Position: Co-owner/Lead Graphics Developer
Lauren loves making new friends, stalking the PC, creating graphics, and making her pets the best they can be!

Timezone: NST+ 0
Meet: Lacey
Position: Assistant Developer/Activities Manager
Lacey enjoys chatting, restocking, collecting avatars, and meeting tons of new people. She encourages anybody who is in need of help or guidance to contact her, as she is willing to help them 24/7!

Timezone: NST+ 0
Meet: Izzie
Position:Recruiter/Head of Member Resources
Izzie likes to chat and meet new people on the guild messages and guild chat boards. She also enjoys earning neopoints and gaining avatars. Drop her a message if you have any questions about Unanimity, or guilds in general.

Timezone: NST+ 2
Meet: Cara
Position:Special Events Coordinator/Assistant Recruiter
Cara prefers to spend her time working on her gallery, customizing her pets, perfecting her css/html knowledge, and ghosting around the newbie boards. Drop her a neomail if you need a friend or just want to hear some bad jokes!

Timezone: NST+ 2


In Unanimity, we want to create an environment that both challenges you and supports you. That is why we have two different ways to improve your rank- to ensure that each member has a comfortable way to excel.

For our less chatty and more ambitious members we have guild avatars to collect, which serve as markers of your AI. For those who aren't interested in collecting guild avatars and would prefer to just enjoy the Unanimity community, there is also a post option as well.

Below are the rank requirements, these are either/or options, you don't have to do both.


This is your starting rank upon joining Unanimity.


► 100 posts on the guild board
► Earn 25 guild avatars


► 250 posts on the guild board
► Earn 50 guild avatars


► 500 posts on the guild board
► Earn 75 guild avatars


► 800 posts on the guild board
► Earn 100 guild avatars


Current Layout

In order to join Unanimity, please fill out the application found on the right. We hope to hear from you soon!

Member Cap

Unanimity does have a member cap. We believe that member caps allow for a more tight-knit community and prevents the guild council from being overloaded. Currently the member cap is 36 members. This is subject to change.

Guild Stats:
Page Views: 15507
Members: 20
Available Spaces: 16
Messages: 1197
Founded: 08/22/2015
Last Updated: December 14th @ 8:58PM NST


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