The sea. It is a gorgeous day outside. The rays of the sun are strong and warm, and the skies are, for the most part, clear of all clouds except for one. The passenger aboard the ship had not the worry of seasickness, for the glorious view proved to be soothing to the soul. Eyes close. It is pitch black to behind the eyelids, but the temporary blindness opens up the other sense-- sound. The faint melody of a faraway sea tune is heard-- just barely. It is soothing, sweet, and calming. A suitable song for a pleasant trip at sea.

Up above on deck, the first mate converses with the captain. Shortly after their brief discussion, the stout man, assumed to be the captain not because of his weather-beaten face or his beard, but because of the large captain's hat that sat atop his head, rotates the wheel and steers the entire ship due north. The change in direction is not too surprising, (only the most unsuspecting passengers lost their footing. Those asleep down below faced no problem of the sort.) and before long, an understanding of the new course is reached. the faint song from before increases in volume. A sudden cry and point of a finger from one sailor attracts the attention of others towards the horizon.

Ahead, settled on a lone boulder lodged in the middle of the sea, was an angel. Or was it? Though she had, without a doubt, what were wings, they were far more comparable to that of a butterfly's than the feathery set of like a bird's. They fluttered, serenely, as if their movement was done unconsciously. Translucent they were, the light of the sun easily shone through them. However, what set her most apart from a celestial being were her lack of legs. Beginning at her lower torso, the remaining part of her body was a large tail fin. Blue-violet shimmering scales adorned her fin and provided aid in hydrodynamics for speedy swimming.

By her side, a Faerie Searex nodded its little head to the fleeting melody that resonated from the musical instrument the maiden held encased between her hands. Graceful fingers tugged at the strings. The maiden in question had had pale silvery hair that just barely stood out against her fair skin. Gentle magenta eyes rose from the silver harp in which she played to meet those of the seafarers. Rosy lips curled to form a benevolent smile as a melodic voice rang out from between them, "... Hello..."


Name - Mist
Nickname - 'Miss', 'the monster' =|
Gender - Female
Age - 22
Hair - Long, wavy silver hair that is very fluid in movement. Flowy in water.
Eyes - Magenta
Height - 5' 6
Color - Faerie
Accessories - Hairclips shaped like starfish or shells. (Quad) - Headplate has a butterfly cutout
Species - Peophin
Occupation - N/A
Orientation - Straight
Voice - Soft, melodic, but strong and assertive
Accent? - None, at least, nothing too out of the ordinary.
Love - None
Attire - Light clothing that flows smoothly in water.
Hobbies - Playing her harp, exploring
Special Skills - Performing and singing

Info - Mist is a good-natured and calm individual. She is slow to anger and easy to please, and while she has no problems in conversing with others, she does most of her traveling alone with her trusted companion, Farfelu. She's adventurous and loves to explore new areas. Fortunately for her, she has just a bit more exploration sites than most, since she is able to sightsee underwater. While there are still countless places for her to visit, Aer desires to be able to explore landmarks as well. Though she has wings that allow her mobility on land, she can only fly so much for so long. She cannot visit the mountains, for instance, because as it gets snowy, it gets a bit difficult to use her wings.

Making new friends has never been a problem for her, since meeting new people is a part of adventure. That aside, she wouldn't mind lending a hand here or there once in awhile (you never know when you can unlock side quests!). She doesn't look for reward, really, but she does enjoy being treated to some kind of delicacy. Aer loves to eat, but does not always think about eating nor scarf down her food in a sloppy mess. Gourmet food is simply something she enjoys having while she is on land (food gets wet underwater, you know. Who likes soggy cookies?)

Mist does like to sing and tell tales, two things that can easily be combined with the help of her talent in playing the harp. She records her adventures in the form of ballads and sings them from time to time when reminiscing. Sailors who are lost at sea may be warned with her tales of danger or they can just be simply entertained by her beautiful voice, skillful harping, and jubilant stories. Mist may spend a lot of her time by herself, but she does not hesitate in contacting with humans. It is her duty, she believes, to lead those lost at sea to safety, for there is no one else who knows the dangers of the sea better than she. Unfortunately, she tends to be mistaken by sailors for another creature called the siren, a monster that also uses its vocal chords to lure seamen— into a trap. Hence, stranded sailors have a difficult decision to make when lost at sea. Should they follow the alluring melody? Beware of the siren.


~meeting new people
~telling stories
~hearing stories


~rude people
~getting beached
~being unable to walk
~outraged voices
~soggy food


There is a legend told among the men of the sea of a wretched creature that wrought danger on all those who chanced to cross paths with it. The creature, sailors would say, was a deceitful thing. It would lure travelers to their impending doom when one found themselves drawn to the alluring melody of the song. Ships would wreck on the boulders, sailors would drawn at sea. If any successfully managed an attempt to flee, the monsters at sea, if not the siren itself, would put their lives to the finish. The last any lost soul at sea would ever hear before their arrival at the destination of the afterlife was the crackling cackle at the break of dawn

Corim, the young sailor at the sea. After years of earnest begging, the other fellows finally gave in and allowed him on the expedition with the big guys. Let the lad go they bellowed, he has the fresh thirst for adventure. His mother fretted over the very decision. Her little boy was not yet ready for the dangers that were to come at sea. He was young—much too young to be able to handle the many sicknesses: sea and home. But like many others at his age, he was insistent. And so, there he was, aboard the S. S. Bertha.

Boy, ye best not be stain' at the ocean so soon, A gruff man with an even gruffer voice gave Corim a good forceful pat on the back; so much that the boy found himself stumbling awkwardly backwards. Ye'll be seein' 'nough of that once we git this 'ere ship off 'n sailin'.

The young boy nodded in agreement and proceeded to turn his head so as to face the dock and the bustling people who occupied it. Fishmongers displayed their wares. Housewives ambled about from stand to stand, just as bees would with flowers. Corim's observation ended no sooner than it had begun as two pails brimming with water and some scrubs were thrust into his arms.

It'll help if ye kept 'er clean, The man said before he ambled off to some place. Corim's attention drew away from him and focused on the handful of cleaning supplies he suddenly had possession of. With one last quick glimpse at the civilization he was about to leave behind, Corim could already feel his coming of age catch up to him. He took a deep breath of fresh air and let it rejuvenate the blood that flowed within his veins. Being a sailor meant being free—leaving home to be a man. Smiling, Corim bent over to douse his brush with water and squatted down to scrub the ship's deck.


All hands on deck! The booming voice of an experienced sailor erupted from the man that was unmistakably the first mate. Scrubs, pails, ropes, nets, and soap went a fly as the deck immediately populated with people who scurried to be of help. Corim had just boarded the stairs from below when all the clamor brewed up busybodies among the crew. He watched them scramble about in a daze, until he was forcefully shoved aside by one of the crewmembers, evidently in a rush. A storm will be setting in, boy. What're ye doin' juss standin' there? Get to work!

Waves whipped at the wooden sides of the ship. Winds battered and beat the sails. The main mast a few sailors had been struggling to keep a hold of suddenly unfurled, rendering their efforts useless.

Boy! Make yerself useful and lend a hand! One of the men roared. Perhaps his voice would have been more genteel if the situation hadn't been so rough. Corim sprang towards the opposite side of the ship amidst the hissing gusts of wind. He searched frantically among coiled ropes and empty tin buckets that had once been full of sloshing and bubbling soapy foam, and, desperate to be of some aid, reached for a thick dangling knot that appealed to him.

No! Not that one!

His warning came too late. The rope lay in the boy's hand, limp. It charged him guilty of the sail that unfolded. A stray flurry blew at it and carried the ship off.

No! This isn't the right way!


The fog settled in as swiftly as thieves on the night of a robbery. The wind that had been blowing ferociously moments before suddenly ceased; the ship was at a standstill. Not a single wave was present. An anxious sailor paced about a bit: one round back and forth, then two. Finally, once nerves got the best of him, he bolted towards the starboard.

We're doomed now! Blast if, if the wind dun't start whippin' up agin'?

Corim gave him a questioning look. Dun't yeh git it, boy? This here part of the sea is infested with sea monsters. If this here ship dun't git a move on, we're as good as gone. Shark bait! In any case, we were better off in th' storm! We're in the soup now, kid! The man threw himself over the side of the ship, lamenting over his predicted horrible end.

You fool! A strong hand pulled the sobbing sailor back. Your blubbering will attract those beasts! The low voice hissed into his ear and the bearded man's whiskers pricked the side of his face. The sailor stifled his cry, for now a new fear struck within him. Corim gave the man an intriguing look. The captain of the ship was certainly fearless. It was admirable. Silence suddenly fell among the sailors as all attention turned towards the captain. He waited for a bit in order to confirm the quiet as their willingness to listen. He cleared his throat, then began in a gruff voice, We row.

Questioning glances met with the captain's stern ones. Cries of disbelief scattered up a storm.

What do you mean?!
We can't row!
Juss look at ther fog!
We'd be better off de--

We're rowing. The captain roared amidst skeptic complaints. Get to your positions, now! He commanded, thrusting his arm to the right as a signal. Several bounded off towards the lower deck, though some took another moment to glance at the captain and make sure that his order was serious. When they found he would not change his mind, they, too, started to head for the stairs.

Th..... pl.... m.... wh..... ti..... re..... nd.... fr.....

Amidst the unsettling shuffling of sailors across the deck, Corim was sure he heard something. It was faint, but very distinct. It did not occur to him to make any mention of it to the others and he was about to pass it off as a side effect of imagination when the captain's booming voice rang again. Quiet! Silence took them, as all strained their ears to listen.

Sh..... to.... a........ pl.... se..... an.... re......

Several sailors turned their heads to look around, but they were met with heavy fog. It was strange— when did the fog begin to increase in density? Some of the others who were more fearful could only move their eyes. No one said anything.

He...... To...... wi...... an.....on......

Those who were deaf to the sound before could definitely hear it now. It easily became identifiable as a song, but it was far too muffled and faraway for understanding. Corim found himself completely frozen, as did several others. What would they do? Corim was not given a chance to think too much, for a cry from one of the sailors broke his train of thought. Captain! We have to get out of here!

Almost at once, a string of concerns ran from every sailor's mouth and knitted a sweater of fears displayed by every man on board.

We can't stay here any longer. We must find our way back to the main course!
The monster, some repeatedly cried, it'll get us!
The siren, the siren!

Cries of concern continued to echo throughout the air as the captain made a futile attempt to silence everyone. All had different opinions as to how to handle the situation

Turn back! Turn back now!
Abandon ship! Abandon ship!

Not a single soul suggested approaching the singing voice, yet the decision needed not the sailors' agreement. The so called siren was getting closer; escape would be impossible at this rate. Some who had already resolved on dying at sea rather than waiting around in dreaded suspense fled to the sea where other monsters awaited them.

It's no good, silence shrieks slithered in their ears, the sea monsters will get you!

But a sailor was a man of the sea. The few that made a run for it had dived into the ocean in hopes to possibly escaping the hungry jaws of the monsters of the deep. Corim stood there, frozen in fear, legs numbed senseless. The remaining sailors around him were in a state no different from his. Corim found eyes wandering over towards the edge of the ship where the dark sea could be seen below, but his neck craned to where the captain stood.

The captain, surprisingly, appeared to be calm. His hands were folded behind him, his glazed eyes fell over the horizon ahead of him. He retained such a cool and calm composure that Corim immediately felt a surge of courage flow through him. It only lasted for a split moment, though, for in the next instance, the singing became even louder. Now, even the lyrics were audible.

… She tells of silver shells and copper bells… Oh, what wonder...

What was that? Sailors on board exchanged nervous glances, but it was easy to tell that the creature they had all seen sure didn't look like a siren. She had the voice, though it was gentler and more discreet, and she lacked the viciousness of a siren to boot. Could they trust her? Sure enough, the creature made no notion to attack. She smiled, a genuine shy smile with a glint in her eye and turned. The song had been paused for a brief moment as eye contact was made with the sailors, but now that all was quiet, she began her hymn again, swimming forward with her back turned to the ship, as if to lead the way.

.. Oh, many the strangers I've seen
as I've ventured these here parts…

Silence befell the sailors and had yet to escape them. The captain was met with puzzled looks from the others as all awaited for his command. Finally, after a brief moment of deep thought, before the figure of the stranger disappeared into the fog's blanked, he whispered, so as to not break the tranquility, Follow her.

The crew did not need another word. They all scrambled to their places to get the ship moving. For every oar aboard, there were two to operate it. The disturbed sea splashed whenever the oar cut through, but the ship moved, in any case. They hurriedly followed after the mysterious creature's lead. If they lost her now, they would surely be lost. Whenever the fog proved impossible to best, they would halt the rowing to await the melodic voice that led them,

… Far off, into the distance… There was this fellow I happened to chance upon one time…

The pattern continued for hours on end, when suddenly, it became increasingly noticeable that the fog had thinned out and lifted. Visible rays of sunlight pored through the clouds and struck the cerulean sea before them. Several sailors immediately dropped their oars and rushed to starboard to enjoy the view. Many cried out in joy.

We're saved! We're saved!
And look! Town's just ahead of us!

Excitement rang throughout the air as the low voice of the captain began to form new orders for the crew. Corim would have joined in on the celebration, but another matter occupied his thoughts. As he leaned forward over the railing to absorb the glorious view ahead of him, he could not help but gaze at the sea. Who was it that led them to safety? And where did she go? The soothing ballad of the sea creature seemed to have ceased without warning. Now, overhead, only the taunts of the gulls whipped the clear blue sky.


Willow is my most trusted companion. He has accompanied me on every single adventure I've been on. I met this little fellow while I was on an excursion to the coral reefs. He has been with me ever since.


Ah! Keitalus and I get along well. She's absolutely gorgeous and displays much hospitality towards me. She shares a refined taste for food just like I do, except she's luckier in that she can have such delicacies anytime she likes and can afford them all! Kei isn't much for exploring, though, and it's quite a shame she refuses to get out in the world. Well, at least she's always there whenever I return. It just wouldn't be home without her. Home is where the heart is, after all.
Johtte is quite an amusing character. He's energetic an is always more than willing to lend a hand. It's funny whenever he tries to act cool, because he always gets flustered around pretty girls. He's very kind, though.
I don't speak with Nair much, but that's not because I haven't tried. He's reluctant to speak with me that it didn't take too long before I got the idea that he dislikes me. It's really too bad he won't say more on the matter. I'd like to know what's wrong so I can fix it. It's kind of funny that he lives with two others who contrast his personality incredibly.


Unfortunately, none, yet. Once I RP with her, I'm sure that'll fix it. (X

An Adventurer's Recordings

Will be updated whenever an RP with Mist is complete!


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