There are certain games which we, the users, can make the levels we want to play. This is a guide to the basics of creating your own level.
DISCLAIMER: I am not THAT good at designing levels. This is just an explanation of the basics. This is not a FAQ or walkthrough for the regular Games, also, I'm not too good at HTML, so making this could take a while. The only one of these Games I know much about is Faerie Caves, the others I really don't know very well, so don't panic if I miss a few things.
Feel free to Neomail me if you have any questions, and I will try to get back to you.
If you would like to try out my Levels, go ahead, but I must warn you, they're not what I'd call hard. Enjoy the guide!.




Faerie Caves II is a puzzling game of adventure. The main character, Quaglor the Intrepid, has to get past a lot of traps, get the Purple Key, then get to the Door, taking the treasures on the way. If you want to design a level for this game, the best way to get a feel for it is to play it, both the regular levels, which you can earn Neopoints for, and the Player Levels, which won't get any Neopoints, but will help improve your playing skill.


See the starting screen? "Start Game" will bring up the Normal Game. "Instructions" will tell you how to play. "Load User Level" will let you play the levels of the user whose name you type. "Level of the Week" gets you to the winner of TNT's weekly award . The last thing on the list, the Level Editor, is what you want if you want to make your own Level.

The icons at the bottom are what you use to design your Level. Starting with the top row, going from left to right.

  • Quaglor: Where you put him is where he starts the level.
  • Solid Tile: The walls, you can't walk through these, Boulders and Balloons can't fall through them.
  • Walkthrough Tile: You can walk through these, but Boulders and Balloons can't fall through them.
  • Boulders: These things will fall when unblocked. You can also push them left and right. If you're unlucky enough to be caught underneath one when it falls, you lose a life.
  • Balloons: These are like the Boulders, but instead of falling down when unblocked, they fall up. They will not move if Quaglor is standing on them, but if he moves up, he'll get squished.
  • Gems: These will give you five Points each.
  • Level Exit: When you have the Purple Key, go to this to finish the Level.
  • Treasure Chest: When you have the pink Treasure Keys, these will give you 10(?) Points. Otherwise, they act like the Solid Tiles.
  • Red Dynamite (Or Dynamite I): If you have a Torch, just touching the Dynamite will light it! When lit, you have three seconds to get clear before it explodes. The Red Dynamites will NOT destroy anything next to it unless you're next to it. If you get caught there you lose a life.
  • Green Dynamite (Or Dynamite II): Exactly like the Red Dynamite, but when it explodes, it destroys almost everything next to it. This includes walls, treasure chests, and gems, so think carefully before you light this!
  • The Treasure Keys: These pink keys will let you get the Treasure Chest. Boulders and Balloons can't fall through these
  • Level Exit Key: The Purple Key. Getting one of these will let you exit the Level.
  • Torch: This will light the Dynamite.
  • Touch Pads: Pushing a Boulder or a Balloon on to these will open and close any Gates you'll find around the Level.
  • Open Gate: These will close when a Boulder or a Balloon falls on to a Touch Pad.
  • Closed Gate: These will open when a Boulder or a Balloon falls on to a Touch Pad.
  • Spike Trap I: If you're too close to these, they'll spring out and catch you. These traps go right to left.
  • Spike Trap II: Just like the other ones, but these go up and down.

Those are the icons you use to put things on the map. Additionally, there's also…

  • The Erase Button: This is used like the regular Icons, but instead of putting things there, it takes them off. Instead of erasing, you can also just replace whatever you put there with what you want to use.
  • The Help Button: Self-Explanatory.
  • Load Level: Brings the Level you have saved back up.
  • Save Level: This will bring up a screen where you can name your Level as well as save it.
  • Test Level: Just to make sure everything is in place.
  • Reset Level: This will delete all unsaved data. In case you want to start back on square one.
  • Pressing 1-7 on your keyboard will change your Level's colors. Most of the colors are the same, but there is one exception. I'll explain that later.

Here are the colors you can make your Level.

Press 1 for a Light Cave 2 for a Fire Cave. 3 for a Dark Cave.
4 for an Earth Cave.
5 for a Water Cave.
6 for an Air Cave.
And finally press 7 for Fyora's Cave.


Fyora's Cave is the exception I was talking about earlier. It's the color found in the last level of the regular game. Instead of just wandering around anywhere, Quaglor leaves a trail of Solid Tiles wherever he goes, so it's a lot harder to get around. Dynamite blows this up, like any wall, but the fact that Quaglor must move away from the Dynamite makes it more complicated. To get rid of this, just hit any one of the numbers 1-6 on your keyboard.


Okay, I've explained the icons, now let's move on to the actual editing. The Level is marked by a grid, 12 squares high and 15 squares long. What you do to put anything in is first, click on the picture of that item on the bottom, then move your mouse onto the Grid. Click the Grid where you want that item to be, and it goes there. If you want to change items, go to the bottom and click on another item and repeat the process. There are three things that there are only one of, and MUST be on the screen. Quaglor, the Exit, and the purple Exit Key. They can be moved, by clicking on their icons at the bottom of the screen but they will ALWAYS be on the screen. Beyond that, the Level is yours to play with.


The Green Dynamite, when it explodes, affects certain items within one square of the Dynamite. Here is a list of what it destroys and what isn't.

What is destroyed by Dynamite:
Treasure Chests
Treasure Keys
Solid Terrain
Walkthrough Terrain
Spike Traps
Other Dynamites
and Quaglor
What isn't destroyed by Dynamite
The Level Exit
The Level Exit Key
and Touch Pads


Here's some helpful hints to start working on your Level.

  • Play through the Level at least once. If you have any friends on Neopets, ask them to play the Level. Listen to any advice they give you. You don't have to do it, but listening never hurt anyone.
  • Start off Simple. Sure, you want to make that Mega-Challenging Reflex-Testing level right off the start, but that means you need to test it, too. After an hour or so, your fingers will ache and while winning may be worth the pain, just to save your fingers from falling off, I suggest you try making a simpler version of the Level, with fewer traps to begin with.
  • Make sure Quaglor has a way out of the Level. I know that I hinted at this before, but I'm going to say it again. While you go crazy putting traps and treasure in there, you might have forgotten to make a way to the exit.
    Since Quaglor can't move diagonally, he's stuck.
    All dressed up and no place to go!
  • ALWAYS have enough keys and torches. It's not very easy to get those fifty Treasure Chests when you only have five keys! Dynamite is a bit different. Sometimes, Dynamite will be left as Red Herrings to fool the player. You only need enough Torches to get through the Level.

    Muahahaha, all this treasure is MINE…Uhh…Anyone got a lock pick?
  • Play the User Levels of the Week. You'll improve your knowledge of the game, and who knows, maybe you'll figure out where to put those final traps.

    Like I said earlier, there is also a Weekly Contest. The Entry Form can be found HERE, and the winner is revealed on the Weekend Update. Good luck!


    Tyrannian Miniature Golf is a handy way to play Golf without leaving your home. Strangely enough, the direct Link on the Page won't work for me, it brings up the normal Game Page. I'm not sure if this is just me or if it's a glitch, but how I got to the Level Editor was by clicking the Submit Level button, then go to the "Level Editor" button on the top of the screen and click there.


    The first thing you'll see is the Tip Of the Day, some handy little advice to help you with your Level. To get started, move your Mouse to the "Select Tile" picture in the upper left corner. This will bring up a menu of the different kinds of Tiles you can choose. The menus can be sensitive, and bringing up the menu you want is a hassle sometimes, but it's worth it to create a great Course. To use the Editor, go to the menu you want, click on the Tile you want, then bring your cursor to your Level and click where you want the Tile to go. On a bigger Level, you can use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to scroll the screen to the place you want, and if you want to scroll faster, hold down the shift button while you use the arrow keys.
    Here's a handy description of the Menus, and what each Tile does. Starting in the top left corner and going down...


    • The Starting point: There can only be one of these on your Level, and there MUST be one.
    • The Level Exit: This also MUST be on the Level. You can have any number of Exit Tiles on the course, but once the ball goes into any one of them, the level resets. There is also an upper field Exit you can use.
    • The Floor Tile: The plain old regular ground Tile. These can be used to change the shape of the Course

      Bringing your cursor outside of the regular square lets you design your own shape…

      Like this!

    • Lava: It's not really the Game Over hazard that real-life Lava would be. Now, it's like a Sand Trap. It slows the Ball down.
    • Sand: The same as the Lava, but it's a different color.
    • Plant: The Plant is there as an obstacle, you can't hit the Ball through it, it'll just bounce off.
    • Fans: There are two Fans, each rotates in a different direction. When the Ball goes over one of these, it'll be blown off at a right angle, either going one way or the other, depending on the fan you picked.
    • Conveyer Belts: These guys are always moving, and there's one for each direction. These will either help or hinder the Ball's progress, once again this depends on which belt you picked.

      These are like the regular Field Tiles, except that they are one Level up, and they look more like blocks. Each of these Tiles come with one Border Tile on each side, except for the Ramps. Once again, I'm starting from the top left.

      • The Starting Tile: Where the Ball starts.
      • The Floor Tiles: Used to make an upper-level floor.
      • The Level Exit Tiles: Where the Level ends. It is possible to have any number of Exits at once.
      • Ramps: This is how the Ball gets to the Upper Floor from the Lower Floor. There are four of them. They are only surrounded by Border Tiles on three sides. The fourth is the one that the Ball goes up or down on. The other three sides have Borders on them. The only way to get rid of the Borders is to place another Upper Field Tile next to them, which moves the Border to the next Tile. There is, unfortunately, no way to send the Ball flying into space with the Level Editor.
      • Bridge Tile: This is if you want to make a bridge between one Upper Field Tile and another.
      • Bridge (Lava): This is a Bridge Tile with Lava underneath.
      • Bridge (Sand): A Bridge Tile with Sand under it.
      • Fans: These blow the Ball off at right angles.
      • Conveyer Belt: Exactly like the ones on the ground floor. They move the Ball.

      The Border Tiles are a bit different from the other Tiles. They're a different color, with white Borders on the sides. The Ball can't go over any of them, Choosing them is a bit different, too. The Border Selection Tile, the one in the first column shows the one you've selected, like this…

      First, you click on the picture of the Tile that has the side you want. When you're finished with that kind of Tile, you go to the column where you got that Tile and click on the picture of the empty Tile on the top.

      This is the top tile for this column. It can be one of the four. You'll know which one it is when the Border Selection Tile stops showing that side. Then you can click on it to stop using it.

      .If you want a border with more than one side, like a corner piece, click on the picture that has one of the sides you want, then click on the picture that has the other.

      See how there are two white sides on the Border? This way, you can create Border Tiles with two, three, or even all four sides. Since the Ball can't go over the Border Tiles, it makes the most sense to place them so that the side with the actual Borders is facing the inside.

      There is another way to choose Border Tiles. Just move the cursor so that it's on a Border Tile, then hit the numbers 1,2,3, or 4 on your keyboard. The Borders change, and if you hit one of the numbers, then hit it again, the Borders will change. 1 will do the Border Tiles from the first column, 2 will do the ones in the second column, and so on.


      Objects must be placed on the Border Tiles. Think of them as something to give your Course some personality.


      There are two ways to delete a Tile on the Course. The easiest way is to put the cursor on the Tile you want so that it's highlighted and hit the "Delete" key. The other way tends to be a bit quirky, working best with the regular Field Tiles. Click on the Tile you want to use on that space, then bring it over to the Tile you want to replace and click the mouse. This also works with the Border Pieces and in a way with the Upper Field Tiles. The problem is, you must replace both the Upper Field Tile (Do that first, otherwise it won't let you replace anything) AND the Border Tiles that surrounded it.
      This way only works if there is one Upper Field Tile by itself, I think that this is because of the Border Tiles underneath it. The Border Tiles stay there when a new Tile is placed over them, so they can't have more than one Tile on top of them.

      Since Object Tiles can't be placed on Field Tiles, you can't replace them, only Border Tiles can replace Objects, and then they don't really replace the object, they go UNDER the object.


      Here is a list of simple hints you can use to make your Level better.

      • Pay attention to what Tile you have selected. Does it work with the Level you're creating? It's easy to accidentally chose the wrong Tile.
      • Make sure that the ball can go through the entire Level. Play it through at least once to get the hang of it.
      • While you're playing through your Level, keep track of your score each time. You have to either load your Level on the regular Game, or keep track yourself, because the Test-Your-Level option won't do this. The average of all your scores will be the Par for that Level. If you submit your Level for the weekly contest, you can include both this and your High Score in your description. Just be prepared to find out that someone else got a better score than you did.
      • Don't go TOO crazy with the Upper Level Tiles. If you want the ball to get to the upper part of the Level, then make sure you have a ramp to get to the higher parts, otherwise the ball could end up trapped.

        The Ball is surrounded by Border Tiles, so it'll just bounce around that one little square.

      • Check to see if the Fans and Conveyer belts are going in the right direction.


        TNT has a weekly contest for User levels. It can be found HERE. The winner is announced in the Tuesday News.


        Escape from Meridell Castle is a fast-paced game where you play as Valrigard the Draik. You must get by all the enemies and obstacles to get to the exit, grabbing stars and hitting blocks for points along the way. Sounds easy enough, but to get there, Valrigard has to fly, and he can only fly for so long…


        Like Tyrannian Miniature Golf, the link on the Game Page won't work. To get to the Level Editor, just click the "Submit Level" button HERE, then go to the "Level Editor" link near the top.

        To put anything into your Level, just click on the Tile you want, then click on the place where you want it to go. Here's a rundown of the things you can put in your Level. The first ones are the Background Tiles. Most of these are meant to add atmosphere, they don't really do anything. Some tiles are similar, so I've put them together in the same category. Starting from the top and going left are…

        • Empty Space: Valrigard can't fly through ledges or platforms, so it's wise to leave space for him to fly in.
        • Left Corner Platform/Middle Piece Platform/Right Corner Platform: The Platforms can be landed on. They're the places to put enemies and traps.
        • Mystery Platform: The "?" Blocks. Flying up under one of these and hitting it will give you a random amount of Points.
        • Stone Wall/Stone Wall with Candle: These are just to add atmosphere. Valrigard will just walk through these.
        • Left Corner Belt 1/Middle Piece Belt 1/Right Corner Belt 1: These three pieces, when put together, form a Conveyer Belt for Valrigard to stand on. The Middle Piece does not matter much, because Valrigard doesn't move on them. The Middle Piece from this Belt can be mixed with the Middle Piece from the other Belt, and it won't change anything. Individual Pieces can be used separately, but the pieces are smaller than the Platform pieces, so mixing the two is not a good idea, because it won't look as good.
        • Left Corner Belt 2/Middle Piece Belt 2/Right Corner Belt 2: This belt runs the opposite way to the first Belt. Once again, which Middle Piece you use does not matter.
        • Top Left Cell door/Top Right Cell door: The top half of the Door. Again, these don't do anything, they're just for show. There's also a lower half of the door.
        • Top Left Cell Window/Top Right Cell Window: The upper half of the decorative -blocked- (You'd think that Valrigard would just go out the window instead of going all the way to the door…)
        • Top Left Window/Top Right Window: The top part of the rather pretty-looking -blocked-
        • Bone Stack: Like most of the other things, it's just for show.
        • Bottom Left Cell Door/Bottom Right Cell Door: The other half of the Door.
        • Bottom Left Cell Window/Bottom Right Cell Window: More Windows.
        • Bottom Left Window/Bottom Right Window: The lower part of the pretty-looking -blocked-
        • Bone Stack Top: They're just there for looking scary.
        • Top Left End Door/Top Right End Door: Now, THESE doors do something. They're the exit, going to the Door and hitting Up will finish the Level. You don't have to use all four End Door pieces to get out of the Level.
        • Spikes Floor/Spikes Ceiling/Spikes Left/Spikes Right: These are your basic Traps. If Valrigard touches one of these, even the non-pointy side, he loses a life.
        • Left Corner Bone Stack: They don't do anything.
        • Bottom Left End Door/Bottom Right End Door: The Exit. Press Up to end the Level.
        • Right Corner Bone Stack: The last useless Tile.


        These are the things that help Valrigard. Strangely enough, the Level Editor doesn't give them the right names. When clicked on, the description says "Bottom Left End Door" and "Bottom Right End Door".

        • Stars: These will get you 1 Points each. In the regular Game, there is at least one per Level.
        • Energy Boosts: These will fill the energy bar up, letting Valrigard fly longer.

        In order to get through the level, Valrigard must get past an assortment of enemies. Each enemy has their own way of moving, and not all of them can be destroyed. The Level Editor gives them the wrong names, too, but that doesn't matter much. Going from left to right, they are…

        • Grarrl: These are your basic enemies. They run back and forth along the ground. If they bump into any obstacles or other enemies, they turn around and go back the way they came. One hit takes them out.
        • Metal Star: They act like the Grarrl, except they can't be destroyed. The player must jump or fly over them.
        • Korbat: These guys fly back and forth. Like the Grarrl, they turn back when they meet an obstacle or another enemy. They can be destroyed.
        • Acid Blob: These are meant to hang down from Platforms. They drip acid in a pattern, but the speed that the Acid falls varies. The Acid can't fall through another Platform. It is possible to put them on top of a Platform, but it comes out glitchy looking.

          Like This!

        • Cannons: Cannons will fire cannonballs at you. They automatically target you, whether you can be hit or not. The Cannonballs will make you lose a life, but they can't go through the Platforms. The Cannons themselves won't hurt you. They can be hit, but not destroyed.
        • Spikey: They look a bit like porcupines, and move back and forth, but a different way. They will walk a couple of steps, then spin like a certain Looney Tunes character. While they're spinning, Spikeys can't be hurt, but it's possible to walk (Only walk, not fly!) right through them without losing a life. Any other time, hitting one will destroy it, but touching it will make you lose a life.
        • Flamers: Flamers move up and down, turning back when they hit an obstacle. They can't be destroyed.


          The area you can work with is a grid that's 80 Squares high by 10 Squares wide, but the bottom of the grid is a solid row of blocks that can't be replaced, making the grid 79 Squares high. To see the upper part of the Level, just hit the Up and Down arrow keys. Valrigard starts in the same place no matter what, and the time limit is always 300 Seconds. There is a glitch with the Editor where certain Enemies can only function on any solid surface. It's possible to put them in thin air, but they'll be stuck in that one Square in midair.

          Help I'm surrounded by invisible Platforms!

          The only ones that aren't affected by this are the Korbats, the Cannons, the Flamers, and the Acid Blobs (Although the Blobs look weird hanging in the middle of the screen, so I don't recommend it). To play your Level, you must save it, and then open up the regular game. It's a hassle, but it's worth it to see your Level in action.

          TIPS AND HINTS

          Here are some pointers to help start your Level.

          • Make sure that Valrigard can get through your Level. Test it by loading it on the normal Game, then going to "Load User Level."
          • Remember that Valrigard can only fly for about nine squares on the grid. If you want him to go higher, put a Energy Boost where he can get it.
          • DON'T forget the time limit. You only have 300 seconds to finish the Level, so don't go crazy putting enemies and traps in your Level. Start with a simple version of your Level, then if you can get through that, put more traps or enemies in.
          • Remember which of the things you put in are solid. Valrigard can't land on one of the skeletons, but he can land on a regular Platform, a Conveyer Belt, or a Mystery Platform.
          • Play the regular game a lot. If you know any Users with their own Levels, play them. You'll get better at the Game, learn new things about Level making, and maybe even make some new friends.

          THE CONTEST
          TNT has a weekly contest for Escape form Meridell Castle. This is the link to submit your Level, and the winner is announced in the Wednesday News.


          Hannah and the Pirate Caves (Or "HatPC," for short) is a fast-paced action game. The main character, Hannah, is a crafty waitress turned treasure hunter. She must collect all the treasures to open the door and get out of the Level.

          5/16/07: It looks like the big glitch that's affecting the Cave Uploader has been fixed! We can go back to making caves!


          Unlike the other Design-A-Level Games, the Cavemaker for HatPC needs to be downloaded to your computer. THIS link will bring you to the page where you can download it. Just click on the box with the heart on it.
          Once Downloaded, you can start editing your Cave.
          There is also an older version of the Cavemaker that can be Downloaded, too, but since TNT made the new Cavemaker, it can't be accessed from Neopets anymore. That's why, if anyone asks, I won't be covering it here. Maybe someday I will, but not at this time.

          This is what the Editor looks like. To use it, first, click on the place where you want to put your item. The Gray Square should move to that spot. Next, you find the picture of the item you want on the sidebar on the right. DOUBLE-click that item. It'll appear in the Gray Square. If you want your items in more than one area, for instance a nine-Square block of Terrain, click on the Gray Square and drag it until it covers all the Squares you want. It's much faster than putting each Item in by itself.
          If you put an item into the wrong spot, and want to delete it, you can click on the item so that the Gray Square highlights it, then either click on a different item, so that the new item replaces the old one, or you click the "Clear Selection" button under the sidebar, which deletes the item.
          There are two types of things you can use for your Level. The first group, the stuff on the bottom of the Editor, is for what you want the Level to be like. Here's a rundown of what can be done, starting from the left.

          • The Title: Sometimes it's not the Level itself that attracts players, it's a really cool title. Type what you want to name your Level here.
          • Terrain Type: This is the color of the land. If you think your Cave would look better in swamp green than cave gray, you can choose this. These are all the colors you can choose.
          • Background: This is the stuff in back of your Level. Unfortunately, there only seems to be one option for this.
          • Water Type: The water can come in one of three colors. You can choose either Clear, Murky, or Dark.
          • Cave Width: If you want your Cave to be bigger or smaller, you click on the different arrows to change it. The arrow pointing up makes the Cave wider, and the arrow pointing down makes the Cave less wide. The Cave starts at 40 Squares wide, but you can choose any number over 20.
          • Cave Height: The same as the Cave Width. The default height is 40 Squares.

            The other set of icons are in the sidebar on the right, scroll down to see more. They're the list of things you can actually put in the Cave. Starting from the top left and going down, there's…

            • Terrain: The stuff Hannah stands on, the land. This can come in one of four colors. The Cavemaker automatically puts a wall all around your Level, but it doesn't show until you upload it.
            • Crate: Hannah can break these just by walking into them. That will get you 15 Points per Crate.
            • Steel Crate: These can only be broken by Dynamite and Arrows. They're 15 Points, too.
            • Arrows: When Hannah touches these, they will fly up in the direction they're facing, and you get 45 Points each. They go in four directions, Up, Left, Down, and Right. This can be useful for setting off chain reactions, but a flying Arrow touches Hannah, she'll lose a life.
            • Dynamite Crate: When Hannah touches one of these, a stick of Dynamite will fly out in the opposite of the direction that she pushed it from (Like touching it on the left side will make the Dynamite fly to the right). The Dynamite will destroy anything it touches, except for Terrain. This will get those nasty obstacles out of Hannah's way. Setting off a Dynamite Crate gets you 75 Points each.
            • Steel Dynamite Crate: Unlike the regular Dynamite Crates, these can only be broken by Dynamite, or Arrows flying into them.
            • Platform Left/Platform Middle/Platform Right: The Platforms are like bridges. Hannah can jump up through them, but not down. Falling boulders will destroy these, and get you 60 Points.
            • Heart Crate: Breaking through one of these will give you an extra Life, plus a whopping total of 555 Points, but you can only have one in your Level.
            • Gem Crate: This will give you 85 Points each. You can use only one of these per Level.
            • Treasure: There MUST be at least one of these in your Level. Getting one of these will get you 55 Points. Getting all of them will open up the Level Exit.
            • Ladder: Hannah can climb these by pressing Up.
            • Boulders: These sit on platforms and Crates until something (Like an Arrow or Dynamite) sets them off. When Boulders fall, they can destroy Platforms, and when pushed onto Stalagmites, they break, letting Hannah go over them.
            • Stalactites: Spikes on the Ceiling. Touching them makes Hannah lose a life.
            • Stalagmites: Spikes on the ground. They can be destroyed by Boulders.
            • Secret: It looks like ordinary Terrain, but Hannah can walk right through it to get to new areas.
            • Starting Position: This is where Hannah starts the Level. This MUST be included in your Level.
            • Door: The Exit. Where Hannah goes to finish the Level. The Door will only open if Hannah has collected all the Treasures. This MUST be in your Level, or else you'll be stuck.
            • Enemies: In HATPC, Enemies CAN'T be destroyed. The Cavemaker is a little glitchy when it comes to them, it'll only put let you one of each type of enemy in your Level. So much for the conquering army! They'll move back and forth, turning when they hit an obstacle or an edge…even underwater!
            • Enemy 1: They're supposed to be Pirate Pteris, but they look kinda like Bruces. Anyway, they get around by flying.
            • Enemy 2: I think they're supposed to be either Meerca or Myncis. Anyway, they walk back and forth.
            • Enemy 3: The Floating Skull. It flies.
            • Enemy 4: I think it's supposed to be a Pirate Gelert. It flies.
            • Enemy 5: It looks like a Mummy. It walks.
            • Air Pocket: If you choose to flood your Level, it's a part that won't fill up with water. Just don't put water on top of it.
            • Water Start: The spot where water starts flooding from. Water is always flowing from this one spot.
            • Water Level: The level of water in your Cave. To use it, put ONE block (Or icon, or item, whatever) of Water Level where you want the water to be. If you put more, you won't be able to play your Cave.
            • Tutorial Arrows: These arrows are in the background. They're meant to show the way for new users, but can also be used to misdirect. The Cavemaker mixes them up, calling the Left Arrow the Up arrow and so on.

            There are two more items, but they're not in this version of the Cavemaker. They're in the older version. They are…

            • Water Crates: When broken, these crates released a certain amount of water.
            • Tap Crates: They were like the Water Starts. When they were broken, They started flooding the Cave. The difference was that with the Crates, the player could choose when the water started flooding.


            Uploading a Cave isn't like any of the other Games. To save it on the Internet, first go to the "Edit" menu at the top of the Cavemaker. Then click on "View Map as Text." This will bring up a simpler version of the Map where the characters are shown as letters and numbers rather than pictures.

            So, this Cave here…

            …Will come out looking something like this.

            Now, click on the "Select All" at the bottom of the menu, then click on "Copy to Clipboard" button next to it. Then, go to HERE. See the Textbox? Bring your cursor there, and click with the Right button on your Mouse, then go to "Paste" and click it. The Text version of your Cave should come up. When you click "Upload your Pirate Cave," the Cavemaker will convert the Text back into pictures. If something goes wrong, you'll get an error message explaining what went wrong.
            Be careful when uploading your Cave. Sometimes, the system is a little weird, and your Cave may come out wrong. My advice is to save both the Cavemaker, and the Text version, and also to check your Cave once it's uploaded.
            To play your Level, or anyone else's, go to the regular Game, and on the opening screen click on "Load User Level." When the next Screen comes up, type in your name, or the name of the person whose Level you want to play.

            TIPS AND HINTS

            • When you start making your Cave, think of what you're going for. Do you want a really tough Level, or are you going for a theme? Plan out your Cave on paper first, especially if you're going to put a lot of chain reactions in it.
            • Don't get TOO big. Sure, a HUGE level sounds cool, but it'll be a pain to plan, make, and play through.
            • The enemies in this game can't be destroyed. The Cavemaker will only let you put one of each type of enemy in, anyways so that hopefully won't be too much of a problem. The reason for this is because too many enemies makes the game run slower, and that's never a good thing.
            • Remember that Hannah can jump about three Squares up. Plan your Platforms so that she can get to them.
            • If you're going for the flooding stage, more places where the water's coming from ("Water Starts") will make the place flood faster. The water rises faster if you have smaller rooms, too.
            • Don't forget that Hannah can only be underwater for about ten seconds, so put down some Air Pockets so that she can get through without losing a life.
            • There are some things that you HAVE to have in your Level. Make sure there's a Starting Place, a Exit Door, and at least one Treasure to open that Door.
            • Play your Level. Make sure Hannah can get through everything. If you're into traps, start out with a simpler version at first, so you've got the hang of it.
            • Play other peoples' Levels. You'll get experience with the Game, and maybe make some friends.

            If you need more help, there are several Guilds for people who make Pirate Caves. The Pirate Caves CaveMakers' Association is one of them. If you think your Level is good enough, TNT has a weekly contest for User Levels. THIS Link will bring you to the page to submit your Level.. The winner is announced in the Thursday News.


            Note: Due to me being lazy, I have not been able to come up with my own adventure. This section is not finished yet, but at least I'm trying. Pictures will be coming if I ever have a chance, but that may take a while.

            Unlike any of the other Design-a-Level Games, The Neopian Adventure Generator lets the User call all the shots. It's kind of like being a Game Master in a Role-Playing Game. The User must come up with the story, and figure out how the plot twists.


            Since the Neopian Adventure Generator depends on your writing skills, you have to come up with a story.


            Here's a list of questions you might have for me.

            • You use the word Level a lot. The word you're looking for is Cave/Castle.
              Well, that's partly because they ARE Levels, but Cave/Castle is the word that TNT uses. I sometimes use Cave/Castle, but I prefer to use Level myself.
            • Can you rate my Level?
              I can try, but playing these games isn't what I'm good at. I have to use walkthroughs most of the time! I'll take a look at your Level if you want me to, but don't expect me to be able to get through it!
            • Will you join my Guild?
              Sorry, I'm too loyal to my Guild. If your Guild has people in it that play these Games, Neomail me and I'll mention you or link to you if you'll let me.
            • You can't do HTML? Let me take a crack at it!
              If you want to offer any advice or contributions to any of my things (PetPage, Lookup, Banner, nifty buttons) I'll have to preview the HTML code before I put it up. I'll use pictures/awards/nifty buttons, but they have to be saved onto my computer and uploaded to my Photobucket Account.
            • How did you get all this information?
              Trial and error. If I didn't know what an item did, I'd put it into my Level, then load up my Level and check it out. I did have some help for the HatPC section, a very kind user named Magnapple was happy to answer my questions.
            • What are you going to do next?
              Besides learning more about HTML? Well, updating my page, making a section on the Neopian Adventure Generator, and waiting to see if TNT ever comes out with another Design-a-Level game.
            • Can you tell me the Ultimate answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?
              42. Now can you tell me the Ultimate Question?

            And there you have it. The Neopian Guide to Level Design. If you have any comments, suggestions or tips that I might have missed, feel free to let me know. I'm also looking for anybody with experience at any of these Games, because I want to add a "More Help" section for each of these, and anyone who wants to volunteer will be mentioned.

            LINK TO ME!



            ABOUT THE EYRIE
            Kynnas is 105544 hours old. She's level 49, has 78 attack points, and 75 Defense Points. She is very smart, 619 to be exact. Kynnas can move at speeds of 34 and has 103 Hit Points. She likes collecting feathers from other birds and flying in the Tyrannian Canyons.

            This counter is from Boingdragon. It was started March 28 2007

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