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    ||' About Lashinki '|| ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Lashinki once originated from a Tribe far out in the East and upon reaching Ceur [no longer considered a child] he was deemed intelligent enough at the time to become a Shaman. The role of the Shaman is to protect their Tribe through their knowledge whether it being for food, medicine or even tactics which should be used in the battlefield and so on. Growing up, he was raised to respect and revere the tribal customs and traditions of the tribe, and as an apprentice to the Shaman he learned necessary skills and techniques such as the medicinal properties of plants, salvaging and purifying water, skills of war and leadership, the old traditions and stories of his people and the art of magik - the classes of Illusion and Regeneration especially.

    As each Shaman shared the same, single hut and upon the successive deaths of each Shaman, his or her belongings were left within the hut so over the centuries, the collective knowledge of the Shamans could be found in the parchments, books and peculiar scrawlings that lined the walls of the shaman residence.

    Upon reaching Boran [age of maturity], Lashinki was initiated into the greater inner sanctum of the Shaman's knowledge. It was then that he discovered that the Shamans of his tribe were practicioners of the Dark Arts.

    Disgusted, Lashinki went to the Elder Council to discuss these issues at hand. After many debates and disputes, the majority of the members of the council came to conclusion that the arts had been part of the fabric of the tribe for countless generations and was an integral part of the tribe's traditions and culture. There was no need, in the view of the council, for change to cater to the whims of one young apprentice. Lashinki was then given a choice. Remain with the tribe and continue his apprenticehip or leave and be exiled.

    Instead of leaving at first, Lashinki remained with the Tribe for several months. Alas, it was not until that he realised the children of the tribe were also being taught of these Dark Arts in secret, that he made his decision. Now not only the Shaman knew of these ancient Magiks, but were the ones teaching it to others with aid from the Elders. Permitted Dark Art practitioners from other areas of this world are only to use these sorts of spells in a safe manner for defensive purposes only. However, they were abusing this Magik profusely. Consulting with the current Shaman, he made his preparations and chose his successor.

    Then he left.

    Beside the forests, he reached a small town beyond the mountains in as little times as just over a week of walking. Lashinki frequented the tavern there and as his source of money depleted over time he joined a team of Marauders of whom he had befriended in this tavern. Although taking a somewhat ironic new profession, Lashinki remains with this group even today almost solely based on the reason that from being acquaintances they now rely on each other as allies and for income.

    ||' Within the Tribe '|| ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    How a Shaman is Chosen

    When the current Shaman of the tribe feels they are growing old, in need of a replacement or simply just cannot bring themselves to complete their essential duties they will over time watch the younger generation. Often, Shaman are chosen by Boran [age of maturity] as they are to complete the training required for the role which does take time. If a certain member within this tribe shows promising potential to become a Shaman, the current will then test this member on their intelligence often in areas they feel they are lacking such as Leadership and if proven worthy will the Shaman then initiate this person into the role.

    Duties of the Shaman

    Traditions, Festivals and Rituals


    The environment surrounding the tribe is arid with sand dunes and flat terrain reaching as far as the mountains. Long grass and shrubs also build the terrain with shrubs growing among fertile ground which is often seen along the edges of the river where the Uwa Tribe resides. This tribe is fairly isolated and they have accomodated themselves in the centre of this region beside the river which is sourced from the mountain ranges. As they have built their living structures beside this river, they acquire an almost limitless supply of water which is rarely in drought. If you follow the course of the river it slowly transforms and leads you to the swamplands with on the opposite end to the northeast leads to the mountains and its source which is surrounded by rich greenery where the cities are situated. The Uwa Tribe does not only solely rely on the river but also the wildlife for their food. Within this region the animals range from the small Fein, a small mouse-like creature, to the large Tsilon, a buffalo-like animal and are common to encounter, most being found emerging from their cool burrows or loping toward the river. Many air creatures inhabit this land, too, but others also travel from area to area based on the season with our tribe often attempting to catch one for recreational purposes and perhaps even to train as messenger birds. If our people ever lack medicinal supplies and we are in dire need for them, then a group of men will travel to the swamplands to gather mushrooms and other herbs while another group will travel to the cities across the mountains and acquire these medicines.

    Daily Routine

    ||' Allies '|| ::::::::::::::::::::::::::




    ||' Statistics '|| ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    || Name || Lashinki
    || Pronunciation || [La]-[shin]-[kee]
    || Alias || None
    || Gender || Male
    || Life Span || Thirty Two
    || Race || Reptilian
    || Brush || Darigan
    || Companion || ...
    || Status || Unconverted
    || Class || ...
    || Profession || Marauder, Shaman
    || Attributes || ...
    || Magik || Illusion
    || Weapons || Scrolls, Hidden Blade

    || Build || Tall, Muscular
    || Scales || Violet
    || Belly || Dark Purple
    || Bones || Thistle, Khaki
    || Feathers || Goldenrod, Maroon
    || Material|| Steel Blue, Maroon, Charcoal
    || Bracelets || Gold
    || Bandages || Grey Silver
    || Eyes || Dodger Blue
    || Markings || Charcoal, Goldenrod, Coral

    || Level || 1
    || Endurance || 9
    || Strength || 5
    || Defence || 12
    || Velocity || 11
    || Wisdom || 11

    || Roleplay Status || Closed
    || Preferences || Must be Literate, Location of the Pet Does Not Matter

    ||' Admires '|| ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    [ Collectibles ]
    These items are what draw boredom away from and after missions

    [ Scrolls ]
    Without such a source of weapons we would barely survive in our world of practical notoriety

    [ Style ]
    If you travel, you must have a sense of style

    [ Tactics ]
    We rely on our basic tactics and improvise accordingly to changes of each planned circumstance

    [ Taverns ]
    It is relaxing to spend time in these places with companions, catching up with other mates and hearing of rumours

    ||' Disdains '|| ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    [ Disturbances ]
    Many disturbances intefere with original plans only causing us havoc

    [ Mages ]
    They become too arrogant in their abilities...

    [ Silence ]
    When noise ceases to be heard you instantly recognise your ideal plan is not running accordingly

    [ Heat ]
    It is far easier to perform tasks with colder air in the atmosphere

    ||' Personality '|| ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Lashinki is often found making small-talk with others among the taverns and frequents The Red Oak. He can come off as slightly reserved to others at first but remains rather content and optimistic during conversation once the ice has been broken. Lashinki is quite a relaxed fellow whom remains consistent with his work completing each task confidently to the best of his ability. He is extremely competent and therefore independent especially regarding work, but he much rathers being in the presence of others. Because his team often use similar tactics during their loots it takes affect on Lashinki making him rather unimaginative in situations and also careless and impulsive. His garments of clothing are what make him seem suspicious in most environments but he enjoys helping others if there's profit involved.

  • Reserved
  • Merciless
  • Pessimistic
  • Miserable
  • Reclusive
  • Practical
  • Unorganised
  • Careless
  • Impulsive
  • Uncooperative
  • Suspicious
  • Strict
  • Doubtful
  • Insincere
  • Dependant
  • Inept
  • Inconsistant

    type here soon

    ||' Spell Types '|| ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Like any spell, there are five major classifications of each. It is important to note that each Spell Type contains the same summoning circle pattern, but the Spell Class changes how the aura surrounding the user is distributed and its colour. The Spell being cast may also change the shape of how the aura flows but largely depends on the Class. Lashinki is only aware of one minor type, and one intermediate. They are described as followed:


    Pronunciation: [Oh]-[narm]

    This is perhaps the most common Spell Type to know and master, also being one of two types that Lashinki is familiar with. The effects of each Onam Spell are slow to experience, and generally only last for a short time. This Spell Type can almost be guaranteed to be useless during battle or thievery, but can be proven useful if it is cast beforehand as preparation. To cast this particular Spell Type, you must use precise hand movements which have been passed down from generation to generation of Shamans and state a specific key word - this is the name of the spell. Then, a large field of magik will envelop your body and only when the effects take place will this aura then disappear. The effects which are experienced and when they wear off are not difficult to tell apart - this again may become useful so no others will see the Spell cast when it is in use. This magik does not fatigue the user, nor does it require an extensive amount of magika and can be used many times throughout the day. There are many different types of Spells the Onam can be taught in such as Minor Regeneration, Minor Invisibility and so on. There are few Magik Classes that actually have such a minor Type, whereas most Spells are of greater complexity. However, the overall effects near the end of each use can also be guaranteed almost useless depdending on skill level and the circumstance.


    Pronunciation: [Za]-[roo]

    Gzaru is the most commonly taught Spell Type, however Lashinki is not actually familiar with this Type. Spells cast using this Type are known to be more powerful than Onam spells, and unlike Onam, Gzaru spells once cast take effect almost immediately. A different patterned summoning circle is also beneath the user's feet and it is much smaller than an Onam's which is also more convenient. A Gzaru spell will last for however long the caster wishes to hold it on for and can often be used several times a day depending on your fatigue and magika amount. If this spell is used for long enough it will begin to drain your magika and cause fatigue rapidly the longer it is in play. Relying on the Spell Class of the Spell, the type of aura you emit will be different for each spell but the summoning circle's pattern will remain the same for each Spell Type. It is often not difficult to learn this Spell Type as it is not complex, but Lashinki bothers with other matters relying on Scrolls half the time. Spells that can be cast with this Type can include Flash, Sinorm, Meranthin and so on.


    Pronunciation: [Ell]-[or][din]

    Elordiyn is a Spell Type which has a range of diffculty from intermediate to difficult dependent on the Spell Class. Often, Healing, Illusion, Umbra and Inferno Magik spells are known to be difficult to learn. Lashinki is familiar with this Spell Type in the Class of Illusion only, but failing to practice regularly has led to his downfall as now he can hardly manipulate the Illusion Magik to his own will. This Spell Type may be cast a few times a day, again, dependent on the difficulty of the Spell in this Type. When casting an Elordiyn spell, it acts differently than if casting an Onam or Gzaru Spell Type. Which is that when casting a spell, a small barrier protects the user to lessen disturbances until the spell is fully cast. Instead of being held in what we call the 'waiting period' (the time taken to cast the spell) this Spell Type protects the user with a defensive barrier. However, this barrier only works effectively once the user has almost perfected the spell and otherwise is known to be weak. Unless you are skilled naturally in learning a large variety of different spells, a caster to whom is not at this skill level would in fact cast a spell to fasten casting time in the Healing Class. Unless you can almost perfect the spell in an Elordiyn Class, the barrier will still be brought into play but it will not be as powerful. Once an Elordiyn spell has been cast, the summoning circle beneath the user's feet acts the same as a Gzaru Type except the circle will be larger. But, the rest remains the same. Spells in this field may consist of Cutting Blade, Summon, or Shadowblaze.


    Pronunciation: [Huff]-[ra]-[vk]


    Pronunciation: [Ya]-[va-]-[rule]

    ||' Spell Classes '|| ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    [Note: Illusion, Lumion [Light - derived from Illumination and Light], Umbra [Darkness], Regeneration [Healing], Tearua [Water - derived from tears and aqua], Field [Earth], Gale [Air], Inferno [Fire]

    ||' Combining Spells '|| ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Although Lashinki has not learned this skill, Spells may be combined to either create a different element or to simply combine the power of both. That is, say we used the spell Shadowblaze of the Elordiyn Class, like the name suggests, the Classes Inferno and Umbra are combined to cast this spell. When the spell is projected into the field, a blazing fire surrounds a beam of darkness in a whirling motion in hopes of thwarting the enemy. As to creating a different element, the spell caster must merge the other two elements to create a new one. That is, someone may use Field and Inferno Magik to create a Lightning element and thus a new spell. To merge two elements, often you must either simultaneously cast them on a target or condense both forces into one.

    ||' Scrolls and Magik '|| ::::::::::::::::::::::::::


    Scrolls are simply parchment with magik imbued within them. The sizes of scrolls also relate to the power of their magik as completed by Crafters. So, a small scroll will only emit either a small amount of powerful magik or a large dose of weak magik depending on what Type it is. Parchment is often bought from stalls or created manually by the Crafter. The Crafter is what we refer to as the creator of a scroll and each have different skill levels. A Crafter can only create scrolls that pertain to their skill level and a creature's skill level depends on how much magika they control within their body and their knowledge on how to use such power which is often obtained through reading, experimentation and practice combined. All creatures contain magika within their body, but not all know how to use their powers effectively or even at all. Norms are these people who do not know how to use Magika. It is somewhat rare to find one whom still uses primitive weapons such as blades or bows, but instead in this world it is more common to find weapons which have been imbued with Magik like many other tools. A Crafter will often prepare a scroll before them and cast Magik inside of it until they feel there is enough or they are unable to add any more power to it. Crafters then write on the scrolls the key word - Spell Title - so it can be used by anyone and is then sold for hefty prices.

    Percentage of Magik used in Building Structures: (15%)

    Percentage of Norms: (5%)

    Percentage of Onam Users: (13%)

    Because not all Spell Classes contain Onam Types is why this percentage is lower than others.

    Percentage of Gzaru Users: (58%)

    Percentage of Elordiyn Users: (24%)

    Percentage of Hufravk Users: (4.998%)

    Percentage of Yavaruul Users: (0.002%)

    Percentage of Combined Magik Users: (30%)

    ||' Tales of Old '|| ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Chapter I

    Did ya hear that?" Illera asked, as she trekked up the mountains alongside Lashinki and Jeiyror, the grass thinning as they travelled higher and higher. "Hear what!?" Lashinki had asked bluntly, Jeiyror carefully trekking behind the pair with their necessary equipment loaded upon his back. The scrolls were tucked underneath his clothes, and the camping utensils were rolled and stationed on his back, strapped with leather. Heaving up the mountain, Jeiyror replied with a grunt, "You mean the sound from above? Probably just an eagle." Leading the troupe, Illera briskly halted, her ears alert and preventing the rest from travelling farther as she stood in the centre ahead of them both. From behind, Lashinki noticed her ears were twitching from one direction to another. She could sense something. "Come on then! Quickly the both of you, our targets seem to have entered the forest early and have made a formation from behind. We need a change of tactics!" Illera hastily replied, swerving them both in a different direction and charging to the top.

    Jeiyror lagged behind, huffing as Illera and Lashinki accelerated far past him, noticing they were brushing the thin grass and stepping over the rocks. "Hurry it up!" Lashinki yelled as he loosely evaded the imposing trees, which he then came to a pause. "Come on!" he turned and called out again to Jeiyror, to face him, "Or else they'll catch up to us!" Slightly exasperated, Lashinki ran down to meet with Jeiyror, rolling his eyes, "Here, let me take something," he said forcefully taking a bag from Jeiyror. Still continuing up the path, he replied with a smile. "Take my hand!" Lashinki ordered and as he did, Lashinki dashed ahead feeling a slight tug the further he preceded; it was obvious he was still lagging behind. She better be awaiting our arrival! Lashinki assertively asked himself. His tight skin met the contact of perspiration, but only slightly in this freezing weather as they both neared the top of one of many hills that inhabited this mountain range. The grand trees became less sparse, denser and also taller. It became blatantly obvious that their stature provided wealthy shelter for the animals that relied on them. Reaching closer to the flat surface of the hill, the trees also accumulated and compacted to result in even smaller openings, making it strenuous to evade each and every one of them.

    Oi! Over 'ere you fools!" Illera shouted, directing the pair to follow her as she turned and waved her hand behind. "Alright, alright, Illera. Just calm down! Had to assist Jeiyror with his luggage, eh Jeiyror?" Lashinki said in an arrogant tone, grasping both straps of the leather bag and tilting his head back. "Come on Jay," He said, noticing he was talking very little. Lashinki then comforted him, placing his hand on his back as Jeiyror gazed at the beautiful landscape from atop. "It's all good my lad," He said chuckling and removing Lashinki's hand, "I just think that they're gonna be comin' from the other end. They could've easily taken the other route for all we know." Sighing, Lashinki simply replied with: "We should just trust Illera, like all the other times and we'll end up fine in the end like we always do, yeah!" Halting, Illera detected they were still behind, even though she had walked slowly for their sakes. "Eurgh! Come on you guys, we don't have a lot of time to waste, so get on with the job or I'll go and get you's myself."

    The mist still enveloped the forest, shrouding it like a soft blanket in the atmosphere. The rays emerged from the warming sun as if hesitant, but displayed a strong light which gleamed into Lashinki's face especially. He hid inside a sort of trench where the rays of light could still crawl through, as it was only half enclosed. His companions, Illera and Jeiyror, still remained close by and their targets, although a somewhat long distance away, followed steadily behind them. Illera was clever enough to judge their sense of direction, I guess she can muster up even more than I had once thought, Lashinki began thinking to himself, peering over the trench frequently in a cautious manner. Jeiyror was stationed in a small area, hiding behind a considerably large tree which, purposely, was also close to where Lashinki was placed by Illera as instructed. Lashinki then whispered the loudest he had dared to Jeiyror, "Have they reached the logs yet?" He asked curiously, but almost impatiently too. Asking the same question to Illera, she responded with a shake of the head.

    Illera, as the mastermind today, kept guard of the fallen logs which played as a checkpoint to the entire group. She had specifically lined up herself nearest to this 'checkpoint,' which within every five minutes she then approximated the time which their targets should arrive. After completing her estimation, she raises a cluster of fingers depicting the amount of minutes they would arrive in, enhancing their chance of a pre-emptive strike. In answer to his question, Jeiyror shook his head to Lashinki.

    The gushing sounds of the waterfall became more distinct and waiting with the glare of the sun and in dismay, Lashinki started drawing in the dirt in front of him, using his index finger as a utensil. The objects now in front of him were small creatures, which closely resembled his troupe members. Of course, they were only scribbles and of a poor quality, but nonetheless they were entertaining for the time being as he obliviously paid any attention to his surroundings. Crack. What was that? Lashinki considered, abruptly becoming aware and senses alert. Mumbling, there is mumbling in the vicinity. He scanned the region. There's nothing here. Instead, he left his post.

    Squinting amid the trees on a high ridge that offered a perfect vantage point of the road below. His eyes darted around his surroundings, taking in the details both close and afar. He scanned the routes again, checking the position of the other. His heart pounding and his mouth was parched as he spotted the targets finally rounding the bend, no longer obscured by the tall pine trees. They were sitting ducks down there. It was a large band of merchants with six boorish, lupine guards who at random intervals would slash at the greenery. Finding nothing, they progressed, coming ever closer to their waiting doom. Lashinki sunk lower into the bushes and retreated back to the trench, taking care that his eyes did not meet with theirs and that his movement went unnoticed. A singe mistake and the plan would lie in shambles. He noticed the dirt imprints in front of him, outside the trench and hastily erased them. His heart continued to pound and with a soft whisper under his breath he spoke. Evioronil'. Nothing visible happened, but Lashinki knew the spell would take time to come into effect as it always did. Moments pass and Lashinki's body envelops tightly in magik, but thankfully the mist in the surroundings makes him somewhat unnoticeable within the trench, too. His sight was almost entirely blocked off because of the ground and rocks curving in front of him, but instead Lashinki peered his head just outside. Just through what he could see, he gazed to where the band was. He couldn't see them. He grunted in irritation.
    The effect finally wore off. "Finally!" Lashinki said to himself, nearly bellowing. He tumbled outside the trench, shaking off a few leaves as he stood up. Hastily, Lashinki raised his arm so he clearly saw the effect of the spell. It was still obvious he was visible within these surroundings. This blasted camouflage magik is inferior here! He thought, groaning. The others! Before running off.

    Jeiyror, psst!" Illera called.
    No response.
    Exhaling noisily, "Jeiyror!" Illera yelled, her shoulders beginning to tense.
    Jeiyror sat comfortably perched on the branch of the tree he was simply meant to wait behind, watching the water flow in the riverbank before him. Barely attentive, Jeiyror heard a muffled yell. "Mmmm," He said while turning his body around the tree to see Illera off in the distance. "Yes Illera?" Jeiyror shouted.
    Has Lashinki noticed anything yet? They don't seem to be comin' round here."
    Raising his hand, Jeiyror pointed his finger upright signalling her to wait. He turned his head to face the other side of the tree to the whereabouts of Lashinki's designated area. His eyes growing weary and aging with him, he poked his head out farther to gain a clearer view. It was difficult to tell where Lashinki was, as the trench opposed his direction. He frowned in confusion. He heard a sort of ruffled noise, appearing to come from in front of him somewhere… no wait, to his left! Jeiyror stepped along the rim of the branch while hugging the tree. His jaw gaped. A small group of guards and merchants strode slowly towards Illera. "Oi! Jeiyror, down 'ere!" Lashinki shouted.
    Gosh, you gave me a fright there!" He responded, lowering his head. "What are you doing? We were meant to be keepin' watch, you fool!"
    I know I know," Lashinki stated, appearing disheartened, "There wasn't much time and then I just..."
    Just what?" Jeiyror interrupted.
    Lashinki chuckles, "Lost sight of them as I went back. Anyways, let's get a move on, we can still ambush 'em and Illera can just follow along as really, we don't have all too long, now do we?"

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    In the first week of January 2010, Lashinki won gold with 416 votes cast.

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