Hello everyone! Welcome to Wistful's Guild Mailer Page, where you will find the latest updates about the guild! Guild Mailers are sent by the amazing Bubblez twice on a monthly basis, which means, you will be receiving a neomail that will be linked to this page on the first and third week of each month. Guild Mailers may vary from time to time, but we will try to send at least once every month.

Basically, a guild mailer will allow us to keep all members (you!) informed about what's going on in the guild and that's why they tend to be very in-depth and informative. We try not to forget anything and try to list all the things that have been added, modified or removed. We will also use guild mailers to talk about upcoming events and features that will be released in the guild in the future.

We politely ask you guys to read through it and reply as soon as you are done, so we make sure you all got it. Guilds have a special tool that allow you to send a neomail to all the members in the guild. However, if we use it then you will not be getting the neomail notification (it's been glitched for years) so instead, Bubblez will be sending it to you via neomail personally. That's why we kindly ask you to take time to read it; it's about the guild after all! And once you are done, reply the neomail you got and claim special Guild Stamps for your cabinet!
September 2014
We promised we were going to send the Guild Mailers on time, so here it's the first one for August (August already? Fyora helps us) Find below what happened in the guild during the month of July. Don't freak out, the guild did get all these updates and it's ready for more. Once again, we want to thank you guys for sticking with us. All the words you find in bold are the links to their respective pages. Oh and guess what? We may be adding image to our Guild Mailer, starting with this one YAY

First of all, we want to welcome to all the 22 new guild members we have got in the last two weeks of recruiting. I hope you all enjoy your stay in the guild! I'm Bubblez, for those who don't know me, and I send out these informative, very in-depth guild mailers to explain the guild what has been going on. We understand we have so many things to do and to look at, but don't panic! Take all the time you need. A council member will be soon sending you all a neomail regarding some things you should know, but nothing to worry about. I hope you guys like Wistful and see you around (:

- Guild Revamp: Yes, it took forever, but it has finally come to an end *throws confetti* Go delight yourself with all the new guild pages we've got, the new page style we made and all the updates the guild has got during June and July! All members who host at least one Guild Page/Club have been neomailed about a few things; Wistie, Portfolio, Gallery, Neopet, Compliment of the month have been chosen too. We have so many new things for you, guys. GO CHECK THE PAGES NOW XO On the other hand, Sosu has replied all the neomails he got. He apologises for the inactivity one again but he's so happy to say that the guild is finally done and 100% functionable. Our new Guild Portal, which now is called Wistful Pages, is up-to-date with our current Guild Pages.

- Guild Stamps: We've got a bunch of new Guild Stamps. Most of them were suggested through the Suggestion Box at the Extras Stamps Page. We'll list them next: 38 Stamps for the Monthly News Page; 27 for Wistter; and there are over 100 stamps you will be able to earn from all the Guild Clubs we have. If you check the Questions section, you will see we have updated the Total Stamps table! There will soon be over 1,000 Guild Stamps to collect! Woooo.

- Guild Clubs: Better later than never, the Guild Clubs have been finally released. Check out the Guild Clubs Page to see the all the information about them. Find below a quick list to all of them:

- Fonts and Avatars: http://www.neopets.com/~baeblade
- Atelier (Graphics/Art): http://www.neopets.com/~azibii
- Key Quest Tournament: http://www.neopets.com/~trendie
- Battledome: http://www.neopets.com/~luxeai
- Bookworms (Book/Reading): TBA
- Customizers (NC/Customization): TBA
- Movie Night: http://www.neopets.com/~Buati
- Gamers (Games/Trophies): http://www.neopets.com/~Weezer
- Habitarium: http://www.neopets.com/~_florcita_08_17

The Customizers and Bookworms Clubs will be up and running shortly. Remember that all clubs will be up and running until September 21, but some Club Hosters may extend the deadline according to their time availability. If you are into stamp collecting, make sure to get some time and sign up! The clubs are awaiting.

- Wistter: One of the most popular social medias has taken place in the guild. Let us introduce you our Wistter Page (pun there). Share all the great and funny things your fellow Wisties say in the Guild Board and have some good time reading through all the Wists other Wisttiers have submitted. Do you like any of them? Go favorite the ones you like most! The page explains how this is going to work and we hope you enjoy our most recent addition to the guild. Be aware the guild will be also taking part, so if you guys want to submit something from the "Wistful says" account, just neomail me and tell me so it stays anonymous. We might introduce Wist of the Month depending on how popular this page gets.

- Wispies: See the Oscars? We have /secretly/ stolen the awards ceremony and made it completely for Wistful. That's right, just like the stie event Neopets runs every year which is known as Neopies, now we are going to have our very own Guild Awards, which we will be calling Wispies. The oh so wanted pink stamps will be now available for everyone to get! The Wispies count with about 40 categories you will be able to nominate your fellow Wisties. Nomination Stage will go from August 1st to November 30th; Voting Time during the month of December; And the Results will be up in January. We have plenty of time to nominate and even if new people join the guild, the will be able to participate as well. Check out the page for more information!

- Suggestion Box: Charlie has kindly worked on this page where you guys now can submit your ideas and suggestions for future Guild Pages and activities. You can also put your two cents and share your opinions about current pages and features.

- Guild Event: Our upcoming Guild Event, which we named Chasing The Stars, will be released next week. It'll be all about posting and chatting in our Guild Board, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, why don't you get a bit nostalgic and check out the new Guild Events Page? It's still under construction but it will soon have information about all the events the guild has had.

- Guild Activities: All neomails regarding our activities have been replied and the page has been updated as well. Why don't you participate in some of them? Start earning Guild Points now and save them to get a nice custom graphic!

Once again, thanks a lot for all the support! We know things go a little bit crazy when the guild goes under a revamp, but as you can see, things are pretty much done and updated. We look forward to do a bit more of recruiting, and once we are done, we will stop doing it so we can get to know all the great new people who have recently joined us. Any questions, ideas, suggestions, ANYTHING, you are more than free to neomail our wonderful council. Farewell ~

Hello everyone! And welcome to July's guild mailer. Sorry it is so late. So much has been happening. How time flies. I hope you're all enjoying your Summer Break (or Winter Break if you're Sosu). There are a few things to catch up on this month, so please hold on tight, and we'll try and update you as much as possible.

First of all, the stamps. Now you all know to update your stamp cabinets regularly and send updates to one of the Guild Council, correct? Well, there are some new stamps for you to collect, and fill up your albums. First things first, the Monthly News now has 2 new stamps. The Compliments page has 21 new stamps, and all the stamps for the Guild AC event 2014 have been updated. So remember to go refresh your stamp cabinets. Mine needs to be dusted off as well...

If stamp images don't show, please neomail Sosu. As it means he needs to upload them. You'll be doing everyone in the guild a huge favour if you do.

New Rank Requirements:
50 stamps - 200 messages (Desire) // 100 stamps - 1500 messages (Glance) 200 - 4000 messages (Melody) // 350 stamps - 9000 messages (Insight). Members will be ranked down in August if they don't meet the requirements.

Now, onto the AC Event. Did you all enjoy the AC? I know I did. (Even though Lost Desert didn't win *sighs*) Anyhoo, not showing any favouritism in the guild mailer. The Guild AC Events points have been moved to your Member Bio in the Members Page. So please make sure to check how many points you have now. The more points you have the more things you can request, neat huh?

Speaking of points, the Guilds Points page has been updated, with the guild requests done. Please make sure to check the graphics makers status before requesting. If anyone feels they're good at making graphics, or would like to contribute a few of them to the guild, then please Neomail Sosu. That way others can request from you. If you are unsure then make sure to discuss with one of the council members. I'm sure they will be happy to help you.

Our oldest and loyal members have been asked to send in their testimonial for the guild and they have been added in our website. If you feel you want to share with others what you like about the guild, neomail sosu with your comments. We treasure all our members, new and old after all, and we would love to hear your ideas. Even if you have a delightful story or memory to share of your time in the guild, that would be delightful.

Guild pages link changed:
Adoption Agency: /~Kytn to /~BoomLightning (This page is now being hosted by -no_passing_of_links_via_a_link- /~Desate
Newbie Guide: /~Vulen to /~Kytn
Hillary (chunky12316) will be taking over the Wishing Well (/~Braun)
The Weekly News page will be changed to Monthly to make things easier. stay tuned for what we're preparing for you!

Congratulations to Justin and Fire for winning Wistie and Portfolio of the Month respectively. They both deserve it and are both wonderful members. Well done guys *applauds*

From the beginning of July, we've been having a Member Sweep. A total of 15 members have been removed from the guild after they were neomailed about their inactivity. We do need regular posts to the guild. Now I understand it's Summer, and a lot of you may be away, or enjoying the sun. (Really? You're not under your covers hissing at everyone that comes within 20 feet? What's wrong with you?) But please neomail one of the council members if you're going to have a spell of inactivity, don't worry about it. They're always understanding, and that way you're not going to get swept by accident while you're enjoying your time sunbathing and listening to Bubblez singing on repeat (You have good taste in music if you are)

You'll need to improve your activity anyway for the new event that is coming soon, as it is all about activity. Sosu hasn't told me much about the new event, but I know the name is Chasing the Stars. So start practising, as like with all events, this is going to be fun. There will be a page for the event coming soon with far more details about it.

Sorry for the hold up, but Guild Clubs are coming soon. (Keep checking the description for notifications on when they arrive) Plan on what you're hosting and how you're going to host it, and those that aren't hosting, join as many as you can! (Mainly mine *wink wink, nudge nudge*) Sosu has been making the layouts, and he's been slightly preoccupied with certain things. But don't worry, they're on their way, so keep your eyes peeled. They shall run until September, and there are going to be plenty of stamps available from them.
There will be a page explaining all of the guild clubs, and who they are run by and when they were last updated. So there will be no need to flick through all the pages to decide who you want to join.

A council search is happening in August! So those that are interested in being members of Council/Sub- Council get your applications ready. Me, as Bubblez. Is always here to help look over them and correct/give criticism if need be. You're all worthy of council in my opinion. But sadly it's up to the council, and not me. Anyway, good luck to all that apply. You'll be amazing council members if you do. For those that don't, we can just go have a dance party over here and ignore those council people.

For those who don't know, the guild has two revamps a year. Our first one was in January so we were in dire need of a fresh look for our guild pages. During the guild revamp every single guild page has been updated and revamped. Everything should be up-to-date now. The information is at the top, with an easy to navigate page, beautiful simple style (I feel like I'm an art critic, eesh) The portal to other pages is located at the bottom, so it is a lot easier to navigate to the page you want. Remember you can always bookmark certain pages to come back to when you need to. Very helpful.

There are two new pages coming up. Wistter and Wispies. Wistter is kind of like a little blue bird that limits your word count by a certain amount. You can send quotes, jokes, quote things people said on the guild board. You earn stamps for submitting things to Wistter, so please check it out.

Since 2013 we wanted to make a guild awards celebration. Wispies will be just like the Neopies, we're going to have different categories where people will be nominated their fellow members on. The voting and results will come in 2015.

In depth explanations of these new pages will be found on their respective pages. Please try and take part, and make the guild more active.

Amelia would like a list of people willing to make petpages for clubs. You should neomail Amelia or any of the other council members about it.

Charlie has started a Suggestions Box for Wistful. You can view it here. Have some opinions on how Wistful is currently being run? Have some ideas for the future? Anything you want to see happen? Please send them to Charlie , to be put in the box.

The guild is looking for help! Just anything in general, anything you can offer, tell Amelia about it. Our council is currently very very busy so we're looking for as much help as we can get.
Message from Sosu: Hi guys! I've been meaning to send this to all of you personally but I haven't neither got around to it nor got time to do it so. I apologise for my inactivity during the last two weeks! My life did a complete 180 turn this month. I've been thinking about travelling and moving this year, but things just took a different road and I'll be doing both things in August. I can't talk much about it but you will be astonished! Say that I'll be sharing most of you guys' seasons. On the other hand, not the brightest thing but I had to quit college because of this. I had to take several decisions to make this trip work as well as I'm expecting. A lot of great things are going to happen. I wish I could tell you more but aaagh I can't. I'm dying to but I cannot. Let's just say that I'm on a indefinite break as of now, so I'm still working on the guild as usual. As Bubblez mentioned, we'll have a council search next month, because I feel it'd be handy to fill our council spots. However, more further, in-depth information about it will be found on the page once it comes around. I just want to thank you guys for being so patient and understanding! I promise once things get sorted, you will just find me in the guild as much as usual. Love you all!

Hello everyone! And welcome to June's guild mailer. We have a lot of catching up to do this month, so please be patient with me. I'm glad you all take the time to read through this, and I know it is a lot to take in at once. So if you have any questions about any of the topics, feel free to neomail Bubblez or Sosu with questions. And we'll happily answer them.
Anyway, onwards to the mailer! Now, most important thing to touch upon, the guild stamps. These are very important. When the stamp count gets higher, the rank requirements will get higher. Please please please remember to count how many stamps you have, and put that number somewhere on your cabinet. It takes a lot of time for council members to go through everyones stamp page, and count how many you have. Send in your stamp count once a week if it changes regularly, or just whenever it updates. That way it is easier to keep track of. Thank you for your time.

Also, stamps are being updated again. So check the page if you want to collect more stamps. I know I'll keep going on about it, but there will be stamps on everything, from new activities, to pages. Take part and collect as much as you can. Our past Guild Layouts have been moved to a different petpage, in case you were wondering. Be careful, that page takes years to load.

Did you guys know our Guild Compliments Page reached 150 compliments? You should all take some time to write about the wonderful people you have met in the guild, and once you get to know more you can keep doing it. Stamps for being complimented are currently being made as well, so expect more stamps to collect. Just so you know, one of our upcoming guild events will be involving this page (; *hints* The page is hosted by Amelia, so all neomails must be addressed to her!

Katie is the one in charge of our Guild Avatar Lending Page If you guys are interested in being lent an avatar, check that page out. We lend nearly every pet/petpet and some items as well. If you have an item/pet you want to lend, Neomail Katie to put it up, as well as your requirements on lending.
You get stamps for being lent, as well as becoming a Guild Lender. So make sure to check it out.

One of our newest pages is also looking for pets. Your real life pets!
Do you have a Parrot who loves to sing? Cat who can tap dance? No? Neither do I. Artemis isn't that impressive. However, if you have an animal you would like to show off, please send a picture/description to Brooke And she will put the information on our Wistiepets Page. We want to know about all your pets, and what makes them special. Unlike my cat Artemis, who isn't special and finds new ways to stop me leaving the house every day.
You can share stories, talk to fellow members about animal care, the whole lot! We want to know about your darlings. And of course, you can earn stamps by doing this!

Another of our new pages is our Weekly News Page. Thank you to Saronnia for managing it. She will be updating and adding news and content every Sunday, so keep checking that page regularly.
Remember to neomail her if you want to add your own news stories, guides or even a comic or two. We're always looking for writers, artists, poets, you name it. New stamps will be added for this page soon. So take part, and get that ink flowing (or those fingers typing).

Our Guild Wishing Well has finally reached over 1,000 granted wishes! That is amazing.
For those that have granted a wish, we're happy to inform you that you have earned a new stamp for your cabinet. Keep it up everyone
The guild has secret common goals, which mean when members work together to achieve them, all members will be rewarded.
Send in your wishlists to keep this page updated. Nee hosts the Wishing well page, and she only updates it during the weekends. So send your wishlists to her

Wistie and Portfolio of the Month (WOTM and POTM respectively, check the guild description) Will be chosen soon. Remember, if you are interested in being picked, you need to follow certain guidelines. You can find these on the members page. You can find a section about both WOTM and POTM, both are very detailed. As for POTM, we consider portfolios that are updated on a regular basis, which would be at least 3 times a week.
It wouldn't be fair to use portfolios that haven't been updated. Stay tuned to see who wins in June. Abi's interview has been posted and can be found on the members page.

Make sure to check our activities page for new activities. The Kads need feeding, the games need playing, and over all there is a lot of fun to be had.
Each game will reward you with fancy guild stamps for your cabinet. Can you help feed the Kads? If you didn't know already, 65 wistie kads have been fed. As well as that, 15 wishes have been granted through them! So you'll have to check them out.
The current activites will be up until the 20th of June, so you still have plenty of time to complete it.
However, the design it activity is different. 2 more submissions are needed. If Sosu doesn't recieve those submissions, he will let people who participated in the first round (Abi, Owlie, Elaina, Lei and Hannah) do it as well, so we can have 5 layouts we can vote for once the poll is done. We're having two challenges in every update because we want to be fair, and let other members participate in the activity. This is one of the activities where you can earn guild stamps! So make sure to check it out.
Speaking of activities, the AC event is up. Check out that page for up to date info. Also, good luck to your teams! And hope we have a wonderful year. I'm not bragging or anything, but we all know Lost Desert will win ;). No, I kid, I kid. I wish all teams the very best of luck, and hope you guys have fun.

The Summer Holidays are almost here. Well for those at school...for us who have full time jobs it's nothing special (though a week off in June is nothing to be sniffed at)
Anyway, enough about Bubblez. The Guild will be turning 17 months soon. Can you believe it? 17 months...that's like 1 year 5 months old...wowie.

And we have some wonderful members to thank. There are the loyal ones, that have been with us from the beginning, as well as all you new members, who have been getting to know and make friends with all of us. We know that it is hard to stay active during the year. Especially when people are working on school, or work, or just life in general becomes tough. And we do have some high expectations about being active.
During the Summer however, we would like to see you more often. However, again we understand that families want to go on holidays, some of you are still working and don't get time off, and some of you may well be taking Summer classes. So don't feel stressed about becoming more active than you already are.

For those of you that were in the guild during the Summer Holidays last year, you would remember the Guild Clubs. These are clubs that people hosted during the Summer that they probably couldn't keep active during school time. I myself hosted a movie club, which will definitely be making a come back this year.

So if you have a good idea, or a hobby you'd like to get more people invtested in, then send your ideas to any of the council members about hosting a club. Themes include Key Quest, Avatars and Fonts, Customization, NC Mall, Gamers and Trophies, Graphics and Art, Battledome, Habitaruim, Books and Reading, Trading and Adoptions, Collectors (stamps, neodeck and gallery) and many more.

You may wonder why the clubs are special. Since they are seasonal, special limited edition stamps appear that you can collect. The more clubs you take part in, the more stamps you'll earn! We would love to spend time getting to know you all however. We're always here for you, always trying to come up with new ideas, and great events. We just want you to have a good time. If you have any problems. Neomail any of the council. If you have any great ideas for plots, or events we can host, neomail the council. They're always happy to listen to your ideas, even if you just need someone to bounce them off of.

From all of us at Wistful, we hope you have a wonderful Summer, and hope to see more of you in the months that follow.

Hello Wisties And its May already, what a surprise. Is this year going by quickly? Or is it just me? Anyway, time for your (semi) regular updates. As always there is a lot to go through, so please neomail me when you have read it all. You do get stamps for replying to my neomail. Those that do not reply to my neomail shall be looked at, and their activity shall be considered. Remember, this is a large part of why people are swept. And since we had a large member sweep recently, we wouldn't want to lose any more of our cherished members. If you do not want to take part in the guild mailer, please tell me. I'm more than happy to take you off the list.
Remember, we love you all. Also, welcome to all the new members that have joined! Glad you could be part of our ever growing family. For all new members, please check out this page for an up to date guide and advice page on what to do when you first join. And please please please post and keep active on the boards. This guild is known for it's activeness after all.

First things first, all the guild pages have been updated to new, easy to use layouts. Sosu keeps saying it's the last he'll update the pages, but we all know it's a lie. Be sure to check them all out, as they're really nice, and easy to use. You'll have access to all the pages from here so make sure to check them all. This revamp was huge, and a large part of April. And I for one love the pages

Second, and most important thing. There is a large member sweep going on from April 28th to May 11th ,so please don't panic if you happen to see our member count drop. This is to make sure we are keeping active and up to date. That's one of the things that makes Wistful such a good guild. All members who are under consideration for the sweep have been neomailed. Remember, it is all fine and good being active from April 28th to May 11th, then disappearing again. But you are going to be watched for longer than that. If there are reasons you can't get on, exams, work, illness, whatever, then neomail Sosu. Tell him what has happened, you don't need to go into detail. Just say that you wont be able to be on for a certain amount of time, and he wont sweep you. But you have to tell him, Sosu is not a mind reader (though to be honest that would be handy). All inactive members have been neomailed about their position in the guild. If they want to stay, or if they want to leave. To stay, you need to be active. Wistful is a very active guild, and if you're gone for weeks at a time, you're going to miss a lot. Even if you can only get on for five minutes a day to say hello. That's fine, you're trying. New members who joined in the first 15 days of April that haven't met our 150 post count requirement have been neomailed also. This is vital, and important that you do, to stay active in the guild, and not be swept. We know it's a rather strict rule, but Wistful is a rather active guild. So we need to make sure all new members that joined are active.
Again, sorry for going on about this, but it is important to understand that we're trying to keep the guild from having inactive members, and we want everyone to know about it, and no one to be out of the Lupe (see what I did there? Bubblez, you're so funny). So yes, that's all I'm going to say on that matter.

New stamps have been added. Check out Wistful Stamps for all the up to date, latest stamps. Also remember to make a Stamp Cabinet to keep track of all your stamps. It is vital if you want to rank up in the guild. And it is easy to earn stamps.
The Special Stamps page is still accepting requests for Guild Alibi stamps. So if you want your Guild Alibi to be created, then please check out that page. It's all for fun remember. And you can request anything you want. So please check it out.

The Easter event is over. For those that participated please check out the Cabinegg Updates page, as that will have all the information of the event, and all your points earned/scores. Thank you to all who participated and we hope you had a lovely Easter.
Speaking of events, Disney theme week runs from April 28th to May 7th with two main themes. The chosen themes are Frozen and Brave both pages have the activities you can take part in, and remember to have fun.
Just a reminder also, our activities will still be up until the end of June! The Design it! activity will now be updated twice during the month, allowing you guys to participate more often. We're only accepting 5 layouts due the fact the poll only accept five options, we decided that once the first poll is over, the Design it! activity will be re-uploaded with a new challenge for those who didn't get a chance to participate in the first one. Therefore, those who participated in the first challenge won't be able to take part in the second challenge. This is mainly done for those who collect stamps, because you can earn stamps when participating in any of the activities labelled under Creativity
We're also going to be having an Altador Cup event in the guild. Please keep an eye on the boards for updates on that. For those that were part of the guild last year, it is going to be the same type of event.

Also the Portfolio of the Month and Wistie of the Month for May have been chosen. Check the Members page! Congrats Joaquin and Abi respectively. Also, our first Guild Interview has been posted on that page as well. We'll be interviewing each Wistie of the Month and said interview will be posted in the following month.

Finally, we are a guild for the members, if you have a plot or event you would like to run, or if you have a special day your country celebrates that you would like to teach to the guild, please share it with the council. They are more than happy to accept any and all ideas. If you want something changed, or don't like a certain thing, also neomail the council. Remember this is your guild as well. So we're more than happy to take ideas and requests, and put them into play. Even if you have an idea, but want to brain storm it, talk to the council. They wont bite (much). Don't constantly neomail Sosu. He has a lot to do as well. We have all members of council for a reason. To find out a full list, please check the website for a full list of council members.

Hi Wisties,
I wish you all a wonderful start of the month. April is already here and time is flying by! Remember to always stay active and chatty and awesome as usual

I hope you all have enjoyed our April's Fool Day prank of this year, where Amelia unexpectedly changed the layout Sosu made to a new one. With that, a special and short event came as well. All members were given a random name and they have to be called by them during last week when chatting in the boards. It was quite hilarious! Sosu also missed his churrobro and told everyone some weird stories about him. It seems he's now flying all over the space trying to catch some nutella (I don't get it either, but there is nutella involved, so smile and nod). Anyways, thanks for taking part and don't forget to claim the stamps!

This week (from the 7th to the 14th) Will be recruiting week for the guild. So lurk on the boards, and chat. We will be playing lots of board games (which can earn you stamps) And certain board related activities. Recruiting boards are always fun to visit, and if we keep them active, we'll get lots of new friends that are eager to join Wistful!

The guild revamp is pretty much over with just a few pages left. Sosu couldn't be happier with the new council and sub-council being so helpful. They have shared the workload and they are giving each other different tasks. If the guild was once strong, now it's 200% stronger.

Expect a special Easter event coming in the last two weeks of the month. Are you ready to eat chocolate while you go on a egg hunt? Also, below the guild map shall be descriptions and updates that the new pages have gone through. (Because the guild pages have changed url, you will need to update fonts or graphics on lookups/petpages/portfolios )

Guild Portal - Our portal has been finally reorganized and remade. We are now fancily showcasing all our guild pages in this kind of slideshow page. Use the arrows to get to each page and hover over the banners to get a description about said page, who is currently hosting it and when it was last updated. To access to the page, you have to click on each header (IE users - simply click on the banner)

Guild Website - Our website is back and running in our old URL, which surpringly was still being visited by people so hopefully this will help us get more people interested. Check out the rank system to see the new requirements to rank up,

Guild Members - The page has been rearranged a lot. We have combined the member biographies with a link to their portfolios and stamps cabinets as well as stated the number of stamps and guild points they have earned. This should be easier for you guys when you want to find your points or other people's cabinets. We have introduced two new features: Wistie of the Month and Interviews. Let's all congratulate Jae for being an amazing and dedicated member during March. She's always there to cheer you up and share all her knowledge about pretty much everything! On the other hand, Amelia has won the Portfolio of the Month for having worked hard on it even though she had to do it on a tablet. You need to go check her portfolio and get to know how wonderful this girl is. As for the interviews, Nee has been chosen and will be interviewed in May, so stay tuned to see her interview up in the page sometime this week. Lastly, send Sosu your favorite NP/NC background so you can have your profile image updated.

Guild Activities - From April 1st to June 25th, you will be able to participate in our general activities which have been updated. We have deleted a few but added new ones as well. The points awarded per activity has changed too so make sure to check that out!

Guild Points - We have remade this page as well. We're going to list the members who have spent points and requested graphics. Also, Guild requests are currently closed until further notice. Why don't you go do some activities and hoard points to requests the graphics you always wanted?

Guild Stamps - We are proud to tell you guys our Guild Stamps are back and running. After two long weeks, Sosu has organized the stamps and separated them into different categories. You can either make your cabinet look like this page or just keep the same organization you have been using. He just did this for a better and easier navigation. The offers over 800 stamps!!

Extras Stamps - We have moved the retired stamps, which are mostly and mainly the stamps from guild events. You can also find our three new stamp frames: Purple, stamps exclusively made to represent guild mailers; Orange, seasonal stamps; Spacial, guild alibis that resemble each member. Make sure to request these if you are missing them. We have also added a suggesion box for those who want to see new stamps.

Guild Vault - Our guild vault that contains guild memories, screenshots of our previous guild events and all the activities submissions done by members for our activities.

Guild Compliments - It's time to compliment all the wonderful people in the guild. You can now earn a lot of stamps while you make your fellow Wisties happy!

Wistiepets - Have you ever wanted to share how awesome your real life pets are? We have this new brand page for you guys to share pictures of your pets, their names and even the story about how you got them.

Adoption Agency - Trade and/or adopt out pets within the guild, for members only. List your UFT and UFA pets as well as your dream pets. Help others to reach their favorite neopets or give advice to those who are applying.

Wishing Well - Back in Christmas 2013, in just one month, we all have granted over 900 wishes. The Wishing Well is back in action and it has reorganized as well. Submit your NP and NC wishlists, our top wishes of both wishlists and become the Top Wishes Granter of the month.

Avatar Lending - Get let item avatars or avatar pets/petpets through our avatar lending page. We are also lending expensive items such as FQD, ZDAP and even Meowclops. If you can lend items or pets, why don't you join and become a guild lender?

Guild Graphics - All graphics have been remade and the old ones have been removed. Check out our graphics page and start displaying them everywhere so people can see the amazing guild you belong to! We're looking for petpage contributions so, if you have time and know how to make graphics, feel free to help us!

Wistie Guide - Our Wistie Guide, formerly now as newbie guide, is back and running. This guide must be introduced to all people who are new to the guild so they get to know about how things work here.

Hello everyone,
And this is April's guild mailer. April already, can you believe it? This year is going real quick already, wouldn't you say? Anyway, here is your news and updates for this month. A lot has happened since the last guild mailer. So be prepared to catch up with the latest news.

First and foremost, the guild pages have moved back to their old url's. The guild pages are currently being revamped, so they will be easier to navigate, and are anchored. They have been split into sections as well, to help find things more easily. So no more getting lost :* (The guild pages with the wistful in their url are: website, activities, points, graphics, stamps, pages (which is the portal), events and vault) Visit the new Guild Portal.

New Guild Activities start from the 1st of April, to the 25th of June. We have added lots of new activities for you to get involved in, and the points for each activity have been increased, giving you the chance to earn almost 47k points! I know, plenty to go around. It is possible if you do every single activity, so remember to take part in them all, if you want to keep collecting those points.

Because of the Guild Points increasing however, the price of graphics/requests will increase as well. But don't worry, it's not going to be impossible to get custom graphics and requests. And to those that have sent forums with the old points, don't worry either, you will not have to earn any more to get your requests.

New Guild Stamps have been made, and some of the old ones have been removed/replaced. Remember to check the stamps page to update your stamps cabinets. The updated/removed stamps will need to be removed from your cabinets also, which shouldn't be a problem, as you should be updating your cabinets as often as you can already.

The Pot of Gold event is now over, and the stamps have been moved to our Extras Stamps Page. This new page will contain all our retired stamps from past events/contests. However, two new stamp frames have been released, guild alibis, which you will notice has a special frame to match the stamp. Also, the guild members frame, which is purple. So feel free to check those out, and as always, update your stamp cabinets as necessary. If you have any problems or confusion, feel free to ask Sosu, or any of our other council members.

Speaking of council members, the Council Search is over if you all haven't noticed. Thanks to all who voted. Our new council members are Amelia and Katie, and our sub council members are Diana, Bubblez and Elaina. So please feel free to ask them any questions of concerns you may have, and they'll be sure to help you out,

A new feature is coming to the guild. Wistie of the month, which will start in April. As well as this, guild interviews will also start in April and both can be found at the Guild Members Page. So keep your eyes peeled for those features, coming soon.

Thank you for sticking with us for this long, and continue having a wonderful year. Hope to see you around the Guild. As there are still a lot of events and plots being created.


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I want to stay on Neopets,
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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
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I want to stay on Neopets,
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