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Zapping Your Dream Pets


Zapping Your Dream Pets (ZYDP for short) is a group of kind and friendly Neopians who are dedicated to helping others obtain their Dream Pets. ZYDP has been happily granting wishes since July 2008. ZYDP is not just part of a fad...we're here to stay! And we want to grant your Wish! :)

What we do: ZYDP maintains this public wishlist. We use our lab rays to zap Neopets, and then we give the pet to whoever wished for a pet with that colour/species combination.

Through the years ZYDP has expanded and currently we keep several active pages that help fellow Neopians obtain their dream pets: These are: Adoption Agency, Extra Paint Brush Clothing Page and Magma Custom Page.

ZYDP is also a friendly and active guild open for everyone to join.

To learn more about ZYDP pages, use the menu on the left.

If you want to take a peek at the guild and the special treats we have for our members, use the menu on the right.


Specific rules are given on each page. Please read them before you apply for anything. To make it easier at the first sight, here's a list of general rules:

Everyone can:
List up to 3 dream pets on a public wishlist.
Use the wishlist to rehome their pets.
Adopt a pet from the adoption agency.
Get Paint Brush clothes for their unclothed pets.
Request a magma custom.
Volunteer to dip pets magma for those who don't know their magma time.
Sign up to become official ZYDP Zapper.
Join the guild :)

ZYDP Zappers additionally can:
List their UFA pets at the adoption agency.
Add their spare Paint Brush clothes to Extra PB Clothing page.
Have the wishes they granted recorded (only pets granted through ZYDP public wishlist count) and be ranked up on the Zappers List page.

ZYDP Guild Members additionally can:
Participate in guild activities.
List their dream pets that are not available through labray on the special wishlist page.
Add their np/nc wishlist pages to guild's wishlist page directory.
Chat on the guild's board and have lots of fun :)

ZYDP Wishlist

ZYDP's aim is to help other players achieve their dream pets. To reach that goal, a wishlist page was created. Everyone can list up to 3 dream pets on that page. However, only pets that can be obtained through labray can be listed (no draiks and krawks, sorry). We hope that through this wishlist we can find lovely permanent homes for the pets we zap. Most of the zapped pets are adopted from the pound and re-homed when they get zapped into a desired pet/colour combo.

Everyone can:
List up to 3 dream pets.
Use the wishlist to rehome their pets. (if you do so, please neomail the person who is in charge of wishlist, so she can remove the wish).

Before you submit a wish PLEASE read all the rules written on /~ZYDP page.

Want to see how many dream pets we granted so far? We keep a record of gifted pets on Happy endings page:

Zappers List

Do you also like gifting pets to those who truly wish for them?
Feel you could use the wishlist and/or adoption agency to do so?
You have some spare PB clothes stuck in your closet and would like to transfer them to someone who needs them?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then we were looking for YOU!
Help the ZYDP project running by joining the official ZYDP Zappers List:

ZYDP Zappers can:
List their UFA pets at the adoption agency.
Add their spare Paint Brush clothes to Extra PB Clothing page.
Have the wishes they granted recorded (only pets granted through ZYDP public wishlist count) and be ranked up on the Zappers List page.

Remember: gifting is nice thing to do so, but you are NOT obliged to gift. Do so only if you feel you want. If you like the pet you zapped – keep it. You deserve to get your dream pets too :)

ZYDP Adoption Agency

Sometimes Lab Ray zaps a pet into something lovely, yet not listed on the wish list page. To give those pets loving homes, we created an Adoption Agency.
Everyone who lists their pets can state their own adoption rules. Yet, most fosters at ZYDP tend to have simple sets of rules and creating an application won't take you much time. We encourage fosters to make the application process easy and applicants to act nice and honest.

Everyone can:
Adopt a pet from the adoption agency.

ZYDP Zappers and Guild Members additionally can:
List their UFA pets at the adoption agency.

ZYDP Avatar Lending Program

In effort to provide more for our amazing guild members, the ZYDP leadership decided to open an Avatar Lending Program, which can be found at this page.
There are a few requirements to be able to use this program, such as being at or above the rank of Lab Ray Kicker in ZYDP, and a few others. Check the page for more details.

ZYDP Guild Members can:
Ask to be lent any of the items/pets listed (Note: you are not guaranteed a lend, members can refuse a lend if they deem necessary)

ZYDP Guild members ranked Lab Ray Kicker & higher can:
Sign up to be a lender.
List themselves as requesting a certain lend.

ZYDP Extra Paint Brush Clothing Page

If you have a labray, you probably know what it is to have some unneeded Paint Brush clothing stuck in your closet. If you adopted a lovely painted pet from the pound, you might be seeking the Paint Brush clothes that were lost, when the previous owner pounded the pet.
In both cases, there's a solution:

Everyone can:
Get Paint Brush clothes for their unclothed pets (you can only get the clothes that match you pet's colour: ex. Halloween aisha clothes can only be put and transfered back on a Halloween aisha).

ZYDP Zappers additionally can:
Add their spare Paint Brush clothes to Extra PB Clothing page

Magma Custom Page

Magma pets look absolutely cool, don't they?
To obtain a magma pet you need to go here:
And choose which pet you want to paint magma.
It is not as easy as it looks, because there is certain time frame (around 10 minutes) when you are allowed to dip your pet magma. This time frame is different for everyone and totally random. Note: if you pound a magma pet, it'll turn into a basic red colour. However, you can transfer magma pets and they will remain magma.
Unfortunately, some people cannot find their magma time (it might be because it's in the middle of the night, for example). To help them out, there is a Magma Custom page:

Everyone can:
Request a magma custom.
Volunteer to dip pets magma for those who don't know their magma time.


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About the Guild

**We are a public guild, and everyone is welcome to join us!**

The Zapping Your Dream Pets Guild was created to gather people who wish to help others in achieving their dreams. Through years the guild has expanded and now it does not only serve as a chatting place for people with similar interests, but also offers many perks for those who decide to join us.
We have created an active community that helps to keep the ZYDP project running and is always there to support their members in various ways: by sharing tips and advices, motivating each other and giving helpful hand whenever it is needed.

Want to learn more about ZYDP's history? Click here!

What the guild members say about Zapping Your Dream Pets:

I love being a part of a community that is caring, welcoming, hilarious, and all working towards the same goal: to help people receive the pets of their dreams.


I like ZYDP because it is filled with the most selfless, kind-hearted neopian's you will ever meet! Becoming a part of this guild has been one of the best decisions I've ever made on neo!


I like the ZYDP guild because we have a lot of fun while gifting dream pets to deserving people.


I like ZYDP because it is a way of working towards your own dream pets while also helping other Neopians! It is a fun way to meet people!


I absolutely adore ZYDP as a whole, our purpose as well as our dedicated and hard-working members! I've never joined a guild that felt "right" until I found ZYDP :)


ZYDP History

ZYDP has its humble beginnings – it was originally a personal petpage created by Charly in 2008 to keep track of people's dream pets, in the event she got a lucky zap. The page became so popular and utilized by the Neopian community that it became a guild. Brynne took over the page and created Zapping Your Dream Pets, the guild, in October 2010. Shortly thereafter, Star took over ZYDP and was its leader until September 2014, at which point Alix took over. She ran ZYDP until January 2017, when she handed the reins over to Amanda. She now runs the guild and page.
ZYDP grew from a personal petpage to a close-knit community of a few hundred Neopians that has granted thousands of dream pet wishes. Today, we offer much more than the wishlist – we offer an adoption agency, avatar lending agency, extra paint brush clothing list, guild activities, a super-special guild member dream pet list, magma customs, and so much more!

Guild Rules

Okay, so these rules are basically common sense, but they're listed here, just in case you want specific guidelines. :)

  • ZYDP does NOT have a guild shop, nor do we have a guild account. ZYDP does not collect items/NPs from its members. Anyone claiming to do so is lying and should be reported to Amanda or another council member.

  • Important!

  • ZYDP has a zero tolerance policy for bullying/harassment/scammers.
    If another member is bothering you please neomail Amanda immediately so we can address the issue. We are here to help! Remember, you probably aren't the only one being harassed! Reporting any issues helps everyone stay safe and feel welcome in the ZYDP community. We want the guild to have an open, fun environment at all times and for all people.

  • Please follow Neopet's site rules and terms of use. Anyone found breaking TNT's rules can and will be removed from the guild at our discretion.

  • You are in no way obligated to gift your neopets if you do not want to. ZYDP does NOT require or force our members to gift their pets. As it has always been, gifting is optional, never enforced.

  • Please enable Guild Mailings! To do so, go here and check the box next to "Enable Guild Mailings." This allows the ZYDP council to send Neomails to all members of the guild at the same time. (If you don't have this enabled, you'll miss out on the Neomails!) Sometimes important information is sent by Neomail. However, if you forget to enable guild mail, you can always find the most important news on guild's front page. :)

  • We would appreciate if you would use proper English. No Chat Speak: when you talk lik dis somtims it hardd to understand. (:

  • Please do not pound surf within the guild. However, feel free to pound surf on our advertising board on the PC.

  • You are more than welcome to join the guild on a side account, as well as more than one account.

  • When advertising for ZYDP, remember to be polite and respectful to everyone that you talk to. Your attitude can reflect on the ZYDP guild as a whole. And we want everyone to like us. ;)

  • ZYDP is a no-begging zone! We would love to help you adopt your dream pet, but please do not beg for anything.

  • Individual members of the guild may choose to donate to your (insert-what-you're-saving-for-here) fund. But as a whole, "Zapping Your Dream Pets: the Guild" does not provide Neopoints or Items to its members.

  • Have fun! (Yes, having fun is a RULE. We command it! XD)


Here are the criteria for each of the ranks. Please check and make sure that you have been assigned the correct rank! (note: Council reserves the right to rank ANY member differently as we see it's needed)

#1: Lucky Lab Lint You've just joined the guild. Sign up to be on the Zappers List and introduce yourself on the boards!

#2: Lab Ray Kicker Granted 0-1 wishes or 25 posts within the guild

#3: Crazy Kookith Granted 2-5 wishes

#4: Mad Scientist Granted 6-9 wishes

#5: Dream Granter Granted 10 or more wishes

The Council


Bio: Hey there, my name is Amanda! I have been playing Neo for 12 years, and my favorite part about Neo is having the chance to help people and ZYDP gives me the chance to do just that. I am a big fan of Kadoaties, coffee, and Aishas! You can usually find me on the PC advertising board or on the NC chat; wherever I am, don't be afraid to say hi or send me a mail!

ZYDP Position: Leader
Amanda is in charge of keeping track of all the Happy Endings we help create. She now runs our Wishlist as well! She's the one to talk to if you want to add your name to the wishlist, edit, or remove a wish. Amanda also runs our Guild Member NC/NP Wishlist page, where members can link to their Neopoint and NeoCash item wishlists, as well as list any items they mass collect.


Bio: I am Ducky, co-leader of ZYDP and long time Neopets player that adores kaus and gnorbus. Got my first lab 2014 and not long after that stumbled across ZYDP. You can find me bumping the advertising board on PC or poundsurfing trying to find dreampets (also Pound Surf boards). Besides all that, I also run the Extra Paint Brush Clothing (link here) site for ZYDP. If you ever have questions about anything, feel free to NM me! I also have bookmarked loads of stuck WN pets, so if you want some names, please NM me!

ZYDP Position: Co-Leader
Ducky runs the ZYDP Extra Paint Brush Clothing page, where zappers and guild members alike can list the spare PB clothing they are offering to the public.


Bio: Hello! My name is Vanessa. I joined ZYDP because helping other people find their dream pets was some of the most fun that I've had on Neopets. I spend most of my time on Neopets either playing in the Altador Cup or counting down the days until it starts. I'm online every day, so don't hesitate to send me a neomail.

ZYDP Position: Zappers List Host
Vanessa runs our Zappers List, the page where we keep track of all the kind users who have helped us grant wishes from our Wishlist. She is also head of our Welcome Committee and is responsible for welcoming our new members and answering any questions they may have!


Bio: My name is Sparky and I have been playing Neo for more than a decade. Although I joined ZYDP in 2015, I have been zap happy for years. I most enjoy zapping lab only colors. I am a big fan of Kaus, Robots, and Ice creatures! I mainly lurk the boards but you may see me lending my avatar pets from my now defunct lending service. My neomail is always open. I'm online daily but often play on my phone so it make take me a day or two to respond.

ZYDP Position: Event Planner
Sparky is the one who comes up with and hosts our guild's Events! She also runs the Magma Customs page, where users volunteer to dip pets in the magma pool for other neopians who do not know their magma time.


Bio: I'm Penny, although older members may remember me as Bob. I'm online daily to zap my pets but real life situations make me very poofy. My neomail is always open if you have questions or need help though, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

ZYDP Position: Penny
Penny is the wonderful neopian who has created our last two guild layouts!

Other Helpful Members:


ZYDP Rank: Dream Granter
Alix runs the Wishlist Monitoring Page & Super Special Guild Member Dream Pet Wishlist where members can list up to three dream pets that cannot be created by the lab ray. She also hosts the Guild Webbie (the page you are currently visiting!) Alix is also temporarily hosting the Avatar Lending page, where guild members can both lend and borrow pets and items to achieve avatars. She also hosts the guild's Advertising Page.
Feel free to contact her if you have any ZYDP related questions!


ZYDP Rank: Dream Granter
Wendy runs our Guild Adoption Agency, where guild members and zappers can list all the pets they have up for adoption.

Guild Activities

ZYDP is not an activity-based guild, yet we provide some entertainment for those who don't get enough thrill from zapping pets. Instead of a bunch of small and frequently changing activities, which might be hard to follow, we focus on preparing large guild events. These usually focus on one aspect of the neopets community at a time, for example: customizing, writing, collecting avatars and so on.
Keep in mind these events never include a reward in neopoints or items, as it is against the rules. But the amount of satisfaction you get from participating = priceless :)
Every member is welcome to join an ongoing event. We try to provide enough time for both signing up and completing given tasks, so that you won't miss it, even if you can't log in daily. We are always open for suggestions on the next event's theme. More than that, if you feel extra active and creative, you can help in organizing the next event.
Layout or graphic makers, experienced players, artists, gamers, writers – you are always welcome to share your abilities and knowledge!
When a new event is up, you will find a link to the event page on the guild's main site.

More than once a month the guild poll is being changed and you get the opportunity to answer the important, interesting or inspiring questions and see how others have voted. If you miss a poll – don't worry, you can still see the results below news&updates section in the guild.

Remember to keep checking the Guild Event Calendar to see what interesting events are coming up. Don't forget to list your Birthday (or other day that is important to you) to celebrate that special day with the guild.

Special Wishlists

Dreams are beautiful things to have and most of our guild members are still trying to achieve theirs. ZYDP has created special places where our members can share their neo-related goals with others.

The Super Special Guild Member Wishlist is a page where you can list dream pets that cannot be wished for on the public wishlist (/~ZYDP). That includes draiks, plushies, UCs and generally all the colour/species combos which cannot be produced by the labray itself.

Note: In order to be listed you must be a Lab Ray Kicker rank or above.

There is also a directory of personal wishlist pages. If you have a petpage on which you keep your NP/NC goals, you can list them there. If you're a mass collector of a particular item, don't forget to mention that too ;)

Note: the purpose of both pages is to allow guild members to show their goals (both current and achieved ones). It has nothing to do with giveaways and it's not to promote begging in any form.


In order to record more wishes, grant more dream pets, find new zappers and promote ZYDP we need to constantly advertise it, to keep possible largest number of players informed about our projects.

Advertising is something everyone can do. One way is to link to ZYDP: on your lookup, petpage, in your signature or wherever you feel like adding a link (or banner). The other is to create advertising topics and keep them up.

Most commonly we advertise on the Pound Chat, since it gathers both people who seek pets and those who want to find new home for their foster pets. You will find the link to the ongoing advertising topic in the title of messages on the guild board. The advertising topics are also a place for ZYDP members and zappers to gather and chat.
Occasionally topics on other boards appear, depending which ZYDP page is being advertised.

A separate page dedicated to advertising has been created. You will learn all the details there, find examples of topic titles and intro posts, the advertising schedule and cool buttons and banners to put on your lookup or other page.

Trophies for Advertising

If you helped to keep an advertising topic alive... please continue doing so ;) For your effort you can pick a trophy and display it on your lookup (or wherever you want). The number given below each trophy means how many boards you created OR helped to keep up.

1 board

5 boards

10 or more boards

1 board

5 boards

10 or more boards

Wishlist Monitoring Crew

ZYDP wishlist is currently the biggest wishlist page on the site. It happens that people forget to neomail back when they achieve their dream pet or when they change their mind and no longer want the pet they submitted. With over 200 usernames listed that is too much for one person to handle both adding new/removing granted wishes and checking if the remaining ones are up to date. For this reason a Wishlist Monitoring Crew has been formed. If you want to help keeping the wishlist up to date, check it out:

Quick links: Labray Petpet labray Pound Stuck pets Pound Chat Guild board

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