Aaron Watson

 the dancing cook

An Exalting Dance

Playlist :
Life In Color - One Republic
Roar - Katy Perry
Shake it Off - Taylor Swift
Wannabe - Spice Girls

A joyous and enthusiastic Meerca welcomes you,
showing you all the delicious treats they sell right here,
hmm what a wonderful day to stop by and shop at the Crumpet Monger.

Inside the kitchen, twirling on his tail,
here comes the pastry chef, blasting pop music in his earphones,
dancing with a whisker in his hand full of sweet promises,
hmm what a wonderful day to bake some pastries at the Crumpet Monger !


Pseudonym : MaraQuest
Real Name :Aaron Watson
Age : 25 year old
Gender : Male
Neopets Specie : UC Maraquan Gelert
Birthday : September 18th
Height : 1.75m
Weight : 70kg
Family : None.
Hometown : Maraqua
Statut : Alive
Current Location :Neovia
Occupation : Pastry Chef at the Crumpetmonger
Speaks : English
Favorite things : Cupcakes, food in general, cooking and making all kinds of deserts.
Special Traits : A bit snobbish when it comes to pastries but he's really proud of his job. Overall an easy going guy with a short temper at times. Will become a beast if you touch his pastries without permission. (looking at you Baron) Loves to sing loudly to pop songs while cooking, will probably dance around with a whisker too.
Abilities : Can fit 5 whole cupcakes in his mouth. Quite an impressive sight. Has a really strong tail and uses it to fight if he needs to defend himself.

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Likes & Dislikes

  • Making Pastries
  • Swimming
  • Singing loudly to pop song
  • Dancing in the kitchen
  • His uniform
  • Jogging
  • Being inactive
  • Picky Eaters
  • People who don't pay their tab
  • Coffee
  • Maraquan Food
  • Stains on his uniform

  • Here are some of Aaron's favorite items :


    Introduction :

    Vincent (ThePianist)


    Chapter One

    Vincent (ThePianist)



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    by courfeyac


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    Aaron has 4 trophies. Among those, 3 were earned by me.

    Came home 27/01/18 : After getting both an UC Grey Gelert and a Darigan one, I felt like I had to try and complete the set a bit more. I've always like the maraquan ones and, them being more reachable than the adorable plushies, I settled to get one of them. My offer was a VWN UC Grey Kyrii with 300+ HSD (same tiers at the time). I got rejected or ignored by the owners of all the maraquan I offered on at that time. Finally got considered on a BN one and got offered a BN one. Some people in the meantime told me about that gelert named Maraquest that was UFT, but the gelert being on a sideaccount with no contact infos, I had little hopes to see the person login soon. As I accepted the only offer I got, still chatting on my board with my friend Semmy waiting for the person to login, I got offered Maraquest on my board by that person's main ! After a slight heart attack and an apology mail, Maraquest came to me.
    02/11/18 : Maraquest's first goldban !

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