Welcome to Buttons Galore, a button request site by crittercraz. I have run this site since January 1st, 2009, and still strive to offer everyone beautiful buttons that represent their site - so when filling out your request mail, don't hold back when prompted with "anything extra"!

Buttons Galore is one of the last few request sites in which requesting options are still offered. Many sites these days just tell you to mail them with hazy guidelines and then make your button. It may be beautiful, but did you really get any say in the making of it? I find that I make better buttons when given direction - and I love when my requesters are able to say they had a part in making their new button!

{Site log}

Monday, August 27th:
Buttons completed: 0/0
Requests are: Closed
I've made the decision to close BG, rather than leave it on an indefinite hiatus. The page will remain up, but I don't see myself coming back to it.
Why? As you may know, I went to two summer Bible camps recently, almost back to back, and wasn't able to make a button for about three weeks. While I was there, especially during the second week, I was able to see that there were things taking time away from God and my relationship with Him - and one of those things was button-making. It really cuts into my day, and though I enjoy it extremely (and became extremely good at it, if I do say so myself), I value time with God more than time on the computer. And the hours (days, months) I wasted sitting in front of it is time I'm not going to get back. I only wish I'd made the decision sooner, and hadn't tried to bring my site back from its hiatus. I also will not be on Neopets anymore. I'll just leave everything the way it is, because I would love to come back sometime wayyy in the future when it could be a side project that doesn't take up so much of my time - but I don't know. Best of luck to all in the site world, and any reading this message!

Monday, August 13th:
Buttons completed: 3/3
Requests are: Closed
Whee! Buttons Galore is now affiliated with Saranghae! Sandy makes some extremely good-looking buttons.
I'm going to attempt to replace a few link-back buttons, both new and old, before requests open again.

Sunday, August 12th:
Buttons completed: 1/5
Requests are: Closed
I'm back from camp! The concert was awesome, by the way, despite the fact that we were so far away it felt like we were watching it on TV and I don't remember much of it. And I got a sweeeet T-shirt. :)
Don't worry requesters; I have four buttons left! I'm so sorry to leave them all waiting, but my schedule couldn't be helped. These next two weeks I might not open requests again, because I have (believe it or not) ANOTHER camp to go to next week. And I have tons of adventurous stuff to do this week (including mountain biking, jamming, and dying jeans). We'll just have to see what happens.

August 4th-11th:
Requests are: Closed
I'm away at Bible camp for a week, and can't reply to any mail or fill any requests. I'll see you when I get back!




Step One Choose your font (include the text for the button).

Step two Choose animation yes/no; if yes, include which one.


Step three Choose your border.

Step four Choose whether you would like a Neopets image or non-Neopets image.
I will choose the actual image.

Step five Include the link to your site.

Step six Fill out and send!



This month's button count: 4
Since opening: 256

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^The first button request I ever made. Look how far I've come!

There were also more than a hundred buttons made during Buttons Galore's first year, but I chose to delete them because they weren't much to look at. Really. They were terrible, but I was actually the most sought-after button-maker of that time because the standards were set very differently. Button-making was really a different sport back then. When I came back after one of my long hiatuses, it had somehow shifted into a whole new era with (to me) stupendous quality. I wasn't sure how to compete with that, and as you can see above, at first I couldn't. I got discouraged along the way. I often hated the buttons I made. But persistence really paid off and I've learned a ton since then. Especially since GIMP, too. ;)


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Neopets images from Neopets.

Thanks to the random button tutorials who helped to educate me on GIMP. ;) Especially you, Cass - the GIMP Guide!

All buttons, editing, layout and coding created by me, crittercraz. I don't know why anyone would want to steal something from this page (honestly, what's to steal?), but if you feel like taking something, just do me a favor and mail me and I'll work something out with you.

As of March 15, 2011

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