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The Faerie Mall, established early in 2013, is one of Neopia's newest but fastest growing malls, consisting of five individual branches:

The Kari Branch
The Mira Branch
The Naia Branch
The Soup Kitchen
And the Ilere Branch!

Each branch offers a variety of shops to browse through, as well as an individual webbie and banner.

Faerie Mall branches are dedicated to the less typical faeries of Neopia, so you will have no luck finding your typical fire - or light faerie branch.

What we offer:

- Constantly expanding mall and branches!
- Friendly staff and colleagues!
- Tons of opportunities to bring your ideas to the table!
- Increased number of customers, meaning more profit for you!
- Mall Guild to chat and discuss!
- Professional graphics!
- Individual banners. (check out one of our shops for an example)
- Automatic advertising on the Ad Board!
- Help with stock and upgrading!
The Kari Branch, as it is now called, was originally the first and only branch of the Faerie Mall! Equipped with a cheap banner, a premade webbie and nothing but good will, we found our first members and soon after that branched out for the first time.

With the 1st new branching behind us, we finally decided on a theme, had a look around and found ourselves in the middle of the Festival of Neggs. Thus the Kari Branch was founded.

The Kari webbie was once run by Cupcake, the original mall leader. For a while Karen was taking care of the branch. Today, it is lead by Kassi, who's also branch leader of the Soup Kitchen. Ideally we'll find someone else to take over Kari, so Kassi doesn't have to do double duty! Contact her with your applications and anything else concerning the Kari Branch!


- Petpets
- Food & Drink
- Books & Scrolls
- Medicine & Potions
- Bakery
- Candy
- Wearables
- Toys & Plushies
- Grooming
- Brushes & Neggs
- General Store
- Collectables

The banner and branch specific details (like openings) can be found on the branch webbie!


Link back to the Kari Branch:
When the time came for the first new branch, in the middle of April 2013, a lot of thought was given as to what faerie to choose, who to make branch leader and what categories to offer... (These are so beyond 1st world problems, I don't know what to call that...)
We eventually decided on the rare and mysterious Mira as the new branch's patron faerie, simply because she shares the (at that time) branch leader's hairstyle and love for Sci-Fi. That would be the lovely Meg, who was also known as mall co-leader, graphics & coding person and event manager!
One week later, the webbie went online and the recruiting started. With the new categories came a few special shops like the mall's first Music Shop and Seasonal Shop!

Due to the above mentioned various things that kep Meg pretty busy we see a change in leadership exactly one year later in April 2014! With this change we also see new, exciting categories that may seem kind of alien...

Since then the Mira branch has been run by Sassy, who made the branch her own and also took the time to run our mall newspaper (previously run by Sam). Today, the Mira branch is run by the lovely Saphira. She began her life with the Faerie Mall in our trainee branch, Naia Sisterhood - and now she's come all the way to branch leader as well as mall leader!


- Final Frontier
- Holodeck
- Logic Library
- Replicator
- Alien Lifeforms
- Cosmic Coffee
- Galactic Delights
- Space Faerietastic
- Cosmic Symphony
- Other Galaxies
- Animatronic Keys
- Spacey Lifestyles

Branch specific details can be found on the branch webbie (and an explanation concerning those category names can be found here)!


Link back to the Mira Branch:
...And finally in April 2013 the Naia branch came to life.
We had originally planned to branch out sometime around June but things went a lot faster than expected and the Faerie Mall was already in need of it's third branch!

Three times' the charm and so this is our most magical branch yet, dedicated to the beloved Fountain Faerie Naia, who's quests are the most coveted of them all! Wouldn't we all just love to have the opportunity to take our pets for a dip in her Rainbow Fountain to enjoy its magical powers?

Responsible for the Naia branch and its accompanying webbie was the person who's just in her element in the water: Amy. Today Saphira is temporarily running the branch and taking applications, looking for the next person willing to hold the mantle of the Naia branch.
It actually didn't turn out to be that person. Instead, once again Amy has taken over as branchleader of Naia! :)

The categories of the Naia branch's shops reflect the generous and caring nature of the faeries, offering you refreshments, fun and guidance!
But of course everyone knows, as gentle as faeries are you should never get them cross because then the fun's definitely over and you'll witness their might in battle firsthand and certainly won't enjoy it.
The Battledome shop will make sure you can go to battle like a faerie!


- Collectables
- Fast Food
- Health Food
- Book Shop
- Avatar Help
- Battledome
- Quest Help
- Faerie Items
- Plushies & Toys
- Juice Bar
- Wearables & Grooming
- Magic & Cures

The banner and branch specific details (like openings) can be found on the branch webbie!


Link back to the Naia Branch:
And then we launched our 4th branch, The Soup Kitchen in around June 2013!

Not only was the mall growing immensely fast but also our shop owners showed an amount of dedication that makes us feel comfortable with entrusting a new branch to one of them. Who knows, the next one might be you!
Responsible for the Soup Kitchen was our former News lady Sam, a lovely girl and mother of two! Eventually, due to her being a young mum Sam had to take a neopets break, and our amazing Grace stepped up to the role and began looking after the Soup Kitchen! But, exam period rolled around and took up Grace's time so that she also had to step down, leaving the branch to Lila. Today the branch is lead by Kassi. Kassi had to leave for a while, but she's now back and taking carea of the Soup Kitchen again! In the mean time we've recruited Liz and she'll be helping out from now on! :)

The Soup Kitchen's shop list is probably our most playful one so far, so have fun guessing the categories behind the names!


- Soup Kitchen
- Thrift Shop
- Faerie Quests
- The Refreshing Fountain
- Natural Beauty
- Cosmic Fashions
- The Enchanted Library
- Gift Shop
- Flower Shop
- Faerie-tasic
- Faeries Zoo
- Faerie Furnishings

The banner and branch specific details (like openings) can be found on the branch webbie!


Link back to the Soup Kitchen Branch:
As you may already have noticed, things were happening a lot faster in the Faerie Mall than anyone expected, including us. But in a way this only seems logical, don't we have the faeries' vast magic on our side? We all knew eventually expansion was called for, we just thought we would have to wait for rustling leaves, bare trees and fog that thickens the air... autumn, I mean. As things were going so fast, the opening of the new branch was pulled forward to August 2013.It was time to unveil the mystery and present to the world: the fifth branch of the Faerie Mall!

Not all faeries are good.
Neither are all dark faeries evil.
Which side will this wicked faerie choose...
Is the world ever truly black or white?

Confused? Good. That's just the way Ilere prefers it. Making her home in the Haunted Woods she's just as likely to help travelers who got lost in her woods on their right way, towards the safety of their homes as to confuse them further with fen fires and lead them astray, never to be seen again...

As you know, every branch leader can choose the faerie they like best to dedicate their branch to and Bea had chosen the Dark Earth Faerie to pay tribute to. About time for some gloom in the Faerie Mall! For some while after Sab had been running Ilere, but eventually she left the mall. Today, the Ilere branch is lead by Reagan.


- Cards & Collectables
- Spooky Shop
- Battle Supply
- Books & Scrolls
- Food & Kad Supply
- Potions & Cures
- Petpets & Brushes
- Tea & Coffee Shop
- Toys & Gifts
- Plushies & Avatars
- Grooming & Wearables
- Random Odds and Ends

The banner and branch specific details (like openings) can be found on the branch webbie!


Link back to the Ilere Branch:
As you probably know the Faerie Mall has certain shop requirements for people to be able to join us (or if you don't know, you probably should read the rules). For some people they're just too high, even though they'd love to give malling a try! This is where our trainee mall comes in.

Welcome to Naia Sisterhood! The Sisterhood is a subsidiary of the Naia Branch that is targeted especially at small shops. Our goal is to help newbies (or really everyone who is new to shop keeping!) to get familiar with Neopia's business world. Here's the place to ask silly questions and advice, tips & tricks etc will be offered to the members. In addition to that, one also gets to experience what it's like to be in a mall, as that's vastly different from being an individual shop who's got to struggle on it's own.
We'd be lying to say we don't hope the Sisterhood members will one day decide to "grow up" and join one of the Faerie Mall's branches, but that's NOT a must and is completely optional!

Facts about the Sisterhood in a nutshell:
- No shop size minimum (maximum: size 49)
- Help, help and more help!
- Chance for a spot in the mall, if you apply we will put in a good word for you!

Responsible for the Sisterhood as founder and leader was Amy, who was also the leader of the Naia Branch and well known in the Faerie Mall.
During Summer 2014 Tiff become co-owner of the Sisterhood and began hosting it on one of her petpages. Since then, Tiff became the leader of the Sisterhood as Amy stepped down to focus on Naia's main mall branch. Today, the Naia's Sisterhood is lead by Flame. Further assistants & coaches for the Sisterhood are always welcome though!

To learn even more about Naia's Sisterhood visit the webbie!


Link back to Naia's Sisterhood:
Faerie Mall - Naia's Sisterhood
YES, we've got a guild for the Faerie Mall! And no, it's not compulsory for you to join there, you can also use the shop ad board for chatting and the individual webbies as well as the mall newspaper to get all your mall news!

But in a nutshell, here's what you can expect from the Faerie Mall guild:

- a place to chat & other shenanigans
- opportunity to brainstorm about things we'd like to improve with the mall
- news concerning the mall

& more I couldn't think of right now, I'm sure!

Stop by and find out for yourself! (Here's a handy button for you to click!)

Faerie Mall - Guild
The vacancy list has moved! All the currently available openings we've got within the whole mall can now be found in our mall newspaper (as well as in the individual branch webbies, like always).

View the list!

If you see an opening that interests you, please have a look at the rules (and maybe the FAQs) in the sidebar and send us an application!

If your desired category is already filled or reserved, feel free to apply anyway or ask about the details.
You can then be added to our waiting list if you want and we will inform you if your spot opens up!
If you'd like to join the Faerie Mall but we don't have a vacancy in your desired category at the moment you can ask to be put on our waiting list and we will contact you when a spot opens.

Contact either one of the branch leaders or write directly to Hub Maintenance.
send neomail

Waiting for a spot to open up:

Laura: _princesslaura Any Branch. Collectables

Nicole: edmaddict Any Branch. Food
So you've decided to join our mall! Good for you, and for us!

Before you continue, please make sure you've read the rules carefully and maybe also check out the FAQ section in the sidebar!

Now you can apply by following a few steps:

1) Decide which branch and category you want to apply for.
2) Make sure your shop fulfills the requirements. (See: Rules)
3) If your shop doesn't yet meet the standards, but you want the spot reserved for you, please say so in your form.

4. Send the following info to your branch-leader of choice:

- Your name
- Your category and branch
- Your shop size
- A confirmation that you accept the mall rules
- Something about yourself
(We get a lot of one-liners and have a hard time figuring out who we are dealing with. After all we are not only a mall but also a community and, most of all, friends.)

Neomail Kassi
Kari Branch
Neomail Saph
Mira Branch
Neomail Amy
Naia Branch
Neomail Kassi
Soup Kitchen
Neomail Reagan
Ilere Branch
Neomail Flame
Sadly, no mall can work without a few basic rules. While a few facts vary, for the most part our branches work under the same principles.

Please make sure to read those, before applying:

- Your shop must meet our shop size requirement to join:
Mira Branch & Soup Kitchen: 50+
Ilere: 75+
Kari & Naia: 100+

- You must meet the minimum stock requirement for each branch:
Soup Kitchen: 1+ pages
Kari, Mira Naia & Ilere: 2+ pages

- You must display your shop banner in your shop at all times and make sure to keep it updated.

- 90% of your stock must be from your own category.

- While your pricing is mostly up to you, we ask that you do not overprice dramatically.

- You have to be a frequent player, meaning that you are online often and easy to reach via neomail.
The branch leaders or other members might wish to contact you, trade with you or send you items, so please make sure to read and reply as often as you can.

- Members are asked to check their webbie for updates as often as they are on neopets.

- We ask that you inform your branch leader of any changes you wish to undertake. (Such as changing your category, your branch or leaving the mall)

- Members are required to upgrade their shop every month as follows:
Kari Branch & Naia Branch: upgrades are optional.
Soup Kitchen Branch: +2 sizes
Mira Branch & Ilere Branch: +5 sizes

- Members who are offline and not reachable via neomail for over a week without notice might be removed from the mall, so we ask that you let us know if you need to take some time off.
However we do understand that sometimes life gets in the way and makes it impossible to give notice (our very own past leader, Cupcake, disappeared for almost a month in Summer '13 when she moved house and had some kerfuffle with internet providers!), and if this is the case we ask that you let us know what happened when you return, and if you return to find yourself removed from the mall, feel free to contact us to see if you can be re-added. Unless the spot has been snatched up by someone else we will be happy to do this in most cases.

If you wish to join the mall, but your shop is not yet the right size or you don't stock the right category of things, we can reserve the position for you for up to 7 days. After that, we will open it to other applicants again.
Alternatively, if you think it's going to take longer to reach requirements, you can apply for the Sisterhood!

If you need help getting started, ask your branch-leader for help and advice.

Also, while it's not a rule as such, we ask that you interact with your fellow mall members and keep the shop ad board lively and help us not only to advertise but show people what they could gain from joining the Faerie Mall. Also frequent the guild if you're part of it (it's optional after all) and last but certainly not least: partake in our special holiday events, it's a lot of work to organize them and really no fun at all if only a handful people join!
In our mall we have a way of helping each other out and there are a few ways in which you can contribute:

1) Trading

Obviously, you will always have tons of items that do not belong in your category.
You can of course put those up for trade or auction, or even donate them, but a helpful solution is to trade with another mall member.
Simply contact the other member personally or through the guild or shop ads board, and let them know you have a trade waiting for them.
In order to avoid conflict, we ask of course, that you trade fairly.
┬╗To the Trading Post! trading post

2) Helping each other

Every now and then, be it because of real life distractions or in game money shortage, everybody hits a rough patch and has trouble restocking.
In situations like these, the rest of the mall will help you out.
Please contact your branch leader if you require any help, or ask other members via neomail or on the guild board.
Of course we ask that you do not abuse this.
Everybody works hard for their profit and the system only works if we are honest with each other!
Anybody abusing donations will be removed from the mall!
Didn't find an ad thread on the shop ads board for the Faerie Mall when you were looking to bump it? Or maybe pages are disappearing from the beginning of the current thread? In any case, you'd like to open a new ad board but are not sure how to go about this?

Here's some standard texts for you to use:
Three breaks seperate the posts to indicate how much you can fit into one single post.

Short Version: General Faerie Mall Board:
(Ideal for chat boards!)

Long Version: General Faerie Mall Board:

Alternatively you can also write your text for an ad-board, in that case please make sure to include: - *faeriepb* to create our trademark faeriebrush symbol and include Faerie Mall, [Faerie Mall] or for short [FM] somewhere in your title to make it recognizable

- an introduction, what this board is about

- a link to the mall hub (all information can also be found here)

And you're ready to make your own ad board!!

Our general news page has moved to a new place!
All mall related news and updates, as well as new vacancies and awards can be found on a seperate petpage now. You'll find information about the whole mall there - not only the news & updates concerning your own branch which you can also find on the individual webbies.

This is Sams brainchild, but due to her having a lovely new baby girl she doesn't have the time for it at the moment (understandably!)

For some time our Naia leader, Amy was taking care of the news page for her, but besides all her other duties for the mall she doesn't have time to update the news page really.. so had to give it up again.

BUT! Sassy came to the rescue, and officially took over the news-page! Finally we had mall news again! Unfortunately she also had to step down as it simply became too much for her. Then Tiff took care of delivering the mall news and did a wonderful job too!

Newspapers change and so do the journalists, our current latest writing lady was Sab!

Fear not, the show must go on and Whisp has volunteered as tribute to take over the mall newspaper and give it a complete overhaul!! Be excited what the future will bring! :)

!!! The news business is a fast moving one and so we have yet another new reporter for the mall! Kassi is now our resident journalist.

Make sure to check back there every so often and see what you can find!

News and Games

Link back to the News Page:

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