The Faerie Mall, established on 28th January 2013, is one of Neopia's longest running malls, consisting of five individual branches:

- The Kari Branch
- The Mira Branch
- The Naia Branch
- The Soup Kitchen Branch
- The Ilere Branch

Each branch offers a variety of shops to browse through, as well as an individual webbie and banner.

Faerie Mall branches are dedicated to the less typical faeries of neopia, so you will have no luck finding your typical fire - or light faerie branch.

What we offer:

- Friendly staff and colleagues
- Tons of opportunities to bring your ideas to the table
- Increased number of customers, meaning more profit for you
- Mall guild to chat and discuss
- Professional graphics
- Individual banners (check out one of our shops for an example)
- Automatic advertising on the ad board
- Help with stock and upgrading

The Kari Branch, as it is now called, was originally the first and only branch of the Faerie Mall! Equipped with a cheap banner, a premade webbie and nothing but good will, we found our first members and soon after that branched out for the first time.

With the 1st new branching behind us, we finally decided on a theme, had a look around and found ourselves in the middle of the Festival of Neggs. Thus the Kari Branch was founded.

The Kari webbie and organization was first run by Cupcake, the original mall leader. For a while Karen was taking care of the branch. Then, it was led by Kassi, who is currently branch leader of Mira, Soup Kitchen and Ilere (she's basically superwoman!).

And now...

Now Cupcake has returned after an 18 month hiatus to take the lead of Kari branch once again. Contact her with your applications and anything else concerning the Kari branch, news page or mall hub.


- Petpets
- Food & Drink
- Books & Scrolls
- Medicine & Potions
- Bakery
- Candy
- Wearables
- Toys & Plushies
- Grooming
- Brushes & Neggs
- General Store
- Collectables

The banner and branch specific details (like openings) can be found on the branch webbie.

Link back to the Kari Branch:


When the time came for the first new branch in the middle of April 2013, a lot of thought was given as to what faerie to choose, who to make branch leader and what categories to offer... (These are so beyond 1st world problems, I don't know what to call that...). We eventually decided on the rare and mysterious Mira as the new branch's patron faerie, simply because she shares the (at that time) branch leader's hairstyle and love for sci-fi. That would be the lovely Meg, who was also known as mall co-leader, graphics and coding person and event manager! One week later, the webbie went online and the recruiting started. With the new categories came a few special shops like the mall's first music shop and seasonal shop.

Due to the above mentioned various things that kept Meg pretty busy we saw a change in leadership exactly one year later in April 2014. With this change we also saw new, exciting categories that may seem kind of alien...

Then the Mira branch was run by Sassy, who made the branch her own and also took the time to run our mall newspaper (previously run by Sam). Then, the Mira branch was run by the lovely Saphira. She began her life with the Faerie Mall in our trainee branch, Naia's Sisterhood, then she went all the way to branch leader, and then to mall leader.

And now...

Saph seems to be busy at the moment but we have high hopes that she'll return very soon and take her rightful place back as the leader of Mira. In the meantime though, superwoman Kassi has taken the branch on alongside her other responsibilities, so she's the one to contact should you need to know anything Mira-related.


- Final Frontier
- Holodeck
- Logic Library
- Replicator
- Alien Lifeforms
- Cosmic Coffee
- Galactic Delights
- Space Faerietastic
- Cosmic Symphony
- Other Galaxies
- Animatronic Keys
- Spacey Lifestyles

Branch specific details can be found on the branch webbie.

Link back to the Mira Branch:


In April 2013 the Naia branch came to life. We had originally planned to branch out sometime around June but things went a lot faster than expected and the Faerie Mall was already in need of it's third branch.

Three times' the charm and so this is our most magical branch yet, dedicated to the beloved Fountain Faerie Naia, who's quests are the most coveted of them all! Wouldn't we all just love to have the opportunity to take our pets for a dip in her Rainbow Fountain to enjoy its magical powers?

And now...

Responsible for the Naia branch and its accompanying webbie is the person who's just in her element in the water: Amy. Amy is the original leader of Naia and although she had a bit of a break along the way, I'm very happy to say she's still with us after all this time.

The categories of the Naia branch's shops reflect the generous and caring nature of the faeries, offering you refreshments, fun and guidance. But of course everyone knows, as gentle as faeries are you should never get them cross because then the fun's definitely over and you'll witness their might in battle firsthand and certainly won't enjoy it. The battledome shop will make sure you can go to battle like a faerie.


- Collectables
- Fast Food
- Health Food
- Book Shop
- Avatar Help
- Battledome
- Quest Help
- Faerie Items
- Plushies & Toys
- Juice Bar
- Wearables & Grooming
- Magic & Cures

The banner and branch specific details (like openings) can be found on the branch webbie.

Link back to the Naia Branch:


We launched our 4th branch, the Soup Kitchen, around June 2013.

Not only was the mall growing immensely fast but also our shop owners showed an amount of dedication that made us feel comfortable with entrusting a new branch to one of them. Responsible for the Soup Kitchen was our former news lady Sam, a lovely girl and mother of two. Eventually, due to her being a young mum Sam had to take a neopets break, and our amazing Grace stepped up to the role and began looking after the Soup Kitchen. But, exam period rolled around and took up Grace's time so that she also had to step down, leaving the branch to Lila.

And now...

Today the branch is led by Kassi. Kassi had to leave for a while, but she's now back and taking care of the soup kitchen again.

The Soup Kitchen's shop list is probably our most playful one so far, so have fun guessing the categories behind the names!


- Soup Kitchen
- Thrift Shop
- Faerie Quests
- The Refreshing Fountain
- Natural Beauty
- Cosmic Fashions
- The Enchanted Library
- Gift Shop
- Flower Shop
- Faerie-tasic
- Faeries Zoo
- Faerie Furnishings

The banner and branch specific details (like openings) can be found on the branch webbie.

Link back to the Soup Kitchen Branch:


As you may already have noticed, things were happening a lot faster in the Faerie Mall than anyone expected, including us. But in a way this only seems logical, don't we have the faeries' vast magic on our side? We all knew eventually expansion was called for, we just thought we would have to wait for rustling leaves, bare trees and fog that thickens the air... autumn, I mean. As things were going so fast, the opening of the new branch was pulled forward to August 2013. It was time to unveil the mystery and present to the world: the fifth branch of the Faerie Mall!

Not all faeries are good.
Neither are all dark faeries evil.
Which side will this wicked faerie choose...
Is the world ever truly black or white?

Confused? Good. That's just the way Ilere prefers it. Making her home in the Haunted Woods she's just as likely to help travelers who got lost in her woods on their right way towards the safety of their homes as to confuse them further with fen fires and lead them astray, never to be seen again...

As you know, every founding branch leader can choose the faerie they like best to dedicate their branch to and Bea had chosen the Dark Earth Faerie to pay tribute to. About time for some gloom in the Faerie Mall! For some while after Sab had been running Ilere, but eventually she left the mall. Then, the Ilere branch was led by Reagan.

And now...

Now, the Ilere branch is run by Kassi, who is quite possibly the busiest mall member we've ever had.


- Cards & Collectables
- Spooky Shop
- Battle Supply
- Books & Scrolls
- Food & Kad Supply
- Potions & Cures
- Petpets & Brushes
- Tea & Coffee Shop
- Toys & Gifts
- Plushies & Avatars
- Grooming & Wearables
- Random Odds and Ends

The banner and branch specific details (like openings) can be found on the branch webbie!

Link back to the Ilere Branch:


As you probably know the Faerie Mall has certain shop requirements for people to be able to join us (or if you don't know, you probably should read the rules). For some people they're just too high, even though they'd love to give malling a try! This is where our trainee mall comes in.

Welcome to Naia's Sisterhood! The Sisterhood is a subsidiary of the Naia Branch that is targeted especially at small shops. Our goal is to help newbies (or really everyone who is new to shop keeping) to get familiar with Neopia's business world. Here's the place to ask silly questions and advice, tips and tricks etc will be offered to the members. In addition to that, one also gets to experience what it's like to be in a mall, as that's vastly different from being an individual shop who's got to struggle on it's own. We'd be lying to say we don't hope the Sisterhood members will one day decide to "grow up" and join one of the Faerie Mall's branches, but that's NOT a must and is completely optional.

- No shop size minimum (maximum: size 49)
- Help, help and more help!
- Chance for a spot in the mall, if you apply we will put in a good word for you

Responsible for the Sisterhood as founder and leader was Amy, who's of course also the leader of the Naia Branch and well known in the Faerie Mall. During Summer 2014 Tiff become co-owner of the Sisterhood and began hosting it on one of her petpages. Then, Tiff became the leader of the Sisterhood as Amy stepped down to focus on Naia's main mall branch

And now...

Today, Naia's Sisterhood is run by Flame. Further assistants and coaches for the Sisterhood are always welcome though!

To learn even more about Naia's Sisterhood visit the webbie!

Link back to Naia's Sisterhood:

YES, we've got a guild for the Faerie Mall! And no, it's not compulsory for you to join there, you can also use the shop ad board for chatting and the individual webbies as well as the mall newspaper to get all your mall news.

But in a nutshell, here's what you can expect from the Faerie Mall guild:

- a place to chat and other shenanigans
- opportunity to brainstorm about things we'd like to improve with the mall
- news concerning the mall
- and more I couldn't think of right now I'm sure!

Stop by and find out for yourself! (Here's a handy button for you to click.)

The vacancy list has moved! All the currently available openings we've got within the whole mall can now be found in our mall newspaper (as well as in the individual branch webbies, like always).

View the list!

If you see an opening that interests you, please have a look at the rules (and maybe the FAQs) in the sidebar and send us an application!

If your desired category is already filled or reserved, feel free to apply anyway or ask about the details.
You can then be added to our waiting list if you want and we will inform you if your spot opens up!
If you'd like to join the Faerie Mall but we don't have a vacancy in your desired category at the moment you can ask to be put on our waiting list and we will contact you when a spot opens.

Contact either one of the branch leaders or write directly to Hub Maintenance.
send neomail

Waiting for a spot to open up:

No one right now!
So you've decided to join our mall. Good for you, and for us!

Before you continue, please make sure you've read the rules carefully and maybe also check out the FAQ section in the sidebar.

Now you can apply by following a few steps:

1) Decide which branch and category you want to apply for.
2) Make sure your shop fulfills the requirements. (See: Rules)
3) If your shop doesn't yet meet the standards, but you want the spot reserved for you, please say so in your form.

4. Send the following info to your branch-leader of choice:

- Your name
- Your branch and category
- Your shop size
- A confirmation that you accept the mall rules
- Something about yourself
(We get a lot of one-liners and have a hard time figuring out who we are dealing with. After all we are not only a mall but also a community and, most of all, friends.)

Kari Branch

Mira Branch

Naia Branch

Soup Kitchen

Ilere Branch

Sadly, no mall can work without a few basic rules. While a few facts vary, for the most part our branches work under the same principles.

Please make sure to read those, before applying:

- Your shop must meet our shop size requirement to join:
Mira & Soup Kitchen: 50+
Ilere: 75+
Kari & Naia: 100+

- You must meet the minimum stock requirement for each branch:
Soup Kitchen: 1+ pages
Kari, Mira, Naia & Ilere: 2+ pages

- You must display your shop banner in your shop at all times and make sure to keep it updated.

- 90% of your stock must be from your own category. Stock that is not from your category should be priced to sell quickly.

- While your pricing is mostly up to you, we ask that you do not overprice dramatically.

- You have to be a frequent player, meaning that you are online often and easy to reach via neomail. The branch leaders or other members might wish to contact you, trade with you or send you items, so please make sure to read and reply as often as you can.

- Members are asked to check their webbie for updates as often as they are on neopets.

- We ask that you inform your branch leader of any changes you wish to undertake. (Such as changing your category, your branch or leaving the mall.)

- Members are required to upgrade their shop every month as follows:
Kari Branch & Naia Branch: upgrades are optional.
Soup Kitchen Branch: +2 sizes
Mira Branch & Ilere Branch: +5 sizes

- Members who are offline and not reachable via neomail for over two weeks without notice might be removed from the mall, so we ask that you let us know if you need to take some time off. However we do understand that sometimes life gets in the way and makes it impossible to give notice (our very own leader, Cupcake, disappeared for almost a month in Summer '13 when she moved house and had some kerfuffle with internet providers!), and if this is the case we ask that you let us know what happened when you return, and if you return to find yourself removed from the mall, feel free to contact us to see if you can be re-added. Unless the spot has been snatched up by someone else we will be happy to do this in most cases.

- Also, while it's not a rule as such, we ask that you interact with your fellow mall members and keep the shop ad board lively and help us not only to advertise but show people what they could gain from joining the Faerie Mall. Also frequent the guild if you're part of it (it's optional after all) and last but certainly not least: partake in our special holiday events, it's a lot of work to organize them and really no fun at all if only a handful people join!

What if I don't meet the requirements?

If you wish to join the mall, but your shop is not yet the right size or you don't stock the right category of things, we can reserve the position for you for up to 7 days. After that, we will open it to other applicants again. Alternatively, if you think it's going to take longer to reach requirements, you can apply for the Sisterhood!

If you need help getting started, ask your branch leader for help and advice.
In our mall we like to help each other out and there are a few ways in which you can contribute:

1) Trading

Obviously, you will always have tons of items that do not belong in your category. You can of course put those up for trade or auction, or even donate them, but a helpful solution is to trade with another mall member. Simply contact the other member personally or through the guild or shop ads board, and let them know you have a trade waiting for them. In order to avoid conflict, we ask of course that you trade fairly.
┬╗To the Trading Post!trading post

2) Helping each other

Every now and then, be it because of real life distractions or in game money shortage, everybody hits a rough patch and has trouble restocking. In situations like these, the rest of the mall will help you out. Please contact your branch leader if you require any help, or ask other members on the ad board or in the guild. Of course we ask that you do not abuse this. Everybody works hard for their profit and the system only works if we are honest with each other. Anybody abusing donations will be removed from the mall.

3) Recruiting

Did you know that you as a mall member can help your branch and mall grow by recruiting new members yourself? Get involved and encourage others to join our mall! The best way to do this would be to post regularly in the Faerie Mall thread on the shop ads board, keeping it bumped and helping out any potential members who stop by with questions. Also, if you spot someone on the shop ads board who says they're looking for a mall to join, reach out to them!

4) Donations

Here at Faerie Mall we like to put on fun events for the mall members (and sometimes the general public). However, some of these events are quite costly to host and we rely on donations to help the organisers make the event the best it could possibly be. Donations are completely optional of course, but are greatly appreciated.

Donate 1,000NP

Donate 10,000NP

Donate 100,000NP
Didn't find an ad thread on the shop ads board for the Faerie Mall when you were looking to bump it? Or maybe pages are disappearing from the beginning of the current thread? In any case, you'd like to open a new ad board but are not sure how to go about this?

Here's some standard texts for you to use:
(A "---" separates the posts to indicate how much you can fit into one single post.)

Short Version: Faerie Mall Board:
(Ideal for chat boards!)

Long Version: Faerie Mall Board:

Alternatively you can also write your text for an ad board. If you do this please make sure to include:

- *faeriepb* to create our trademark faeriebrush symbol and include Faerie Mall, [Faerie Mall] or for short [FM] somewhere in your title to make it recognizable
- an introduction, what this board is about
- a link to the mall hub (all information can also be found here)

And you're ready to make your own ad board!!


All mall related news and updates, as well as new vacancies and awards can be found on a separate petpage now. You'll find information about the whole mall there - not only the news and updates concerning your own branch which you can also find on the individual webbies.

This is the brainchild of Sam, but due to her having a lovely baby girl she no longer has the time for it (understandably!). For some time our Naia leader, Amy, was taking care of the news page, but besides all her other duties for the mall she didn't have time to update the news page so had to give it up again. Then Sassy came to the rescue, and officially took over the news page. Finally we had mall news again! Unfortunately she also had to step down as it simply became too much for her. Then Tiff took care of delivering the mall news and did a wonderful job too. Then, our writing lady was Sab. After Sab, Whisp volunteered to take over the mall newspaper and gave it a complete overhaul. Then Kassi became our resident journalist.

And now...

Now the news page is run by Cupcake, the Kari branch leader and original mall leader. Make sure to check back there every so often and see what you can find!

Link back to the News Page:
Meet the current Faerie Mall Staff:

iamnotacupcake (Cupcake/Sammy, UK)
previously thislittlecupcake
Mall founder and leader, Kari Branch leader, News lady
send neomail
Cupcake does not only share her name with a delicious treat but is a very lovely girl herself. A bit shy at first maybe, but it's worth the time to wait for her to start to trust you. She's the one who came up with the idea for the Faerie Mall and started it - all on her own with no one to help her!

Without her, nothing we have today would be reality and most of us wouldn't even know each other. What a terrible fate! Thanks to Cupcake this didn't happen and she gave us all an amazing mall to be part of. So she wouldn't have to do it all on her own she recruited Meg as co-leader so she would have someone to rule with her together and help bring the Faerie Mall onwards to glorious days!

akuma_no_amy (Amy, Austria)
Naia Branch leader, Naia's Sisterhood founder
send neomail
Amy is our queen of hearts because from the day she joined the mall she has had an open ear for everybody who needed help. She's usually the first one to greet the new mall members and the one who will make you feel at home. With that same spirit she runs her branch and the Naia Branch. If you ever need a shoulder or an ear, she has plenty to spare (please don't imagine that literally) and will gladly watch out for you. In the little free time the mall left her, she also founded "Naia's Sisterhood", an unofficial mini-branch of the Faerie Mall, where she helped new Neopians and advice-hungry shopkeepers get started!

Sonnenscheinchn (Bea, Germany)
Ilere Branch leader
send neomail
Bea is proof that Meg's graphics work very well - she was drawn in by them and was hypnotised into joining immediately very eager to join a mall with such a pleasant environment! As she hit it off with the branch leader she applied to immediately (that would be Amy) Bea didn't have to do much convincing to get accepted and soon become a valued new member. Her collectables store is one to drool over!

She also was there for the Faerie Mall in a time of crisis: Cupcake, our mall leader, was left MIA for some time and she stepped in to save the day and became stand-in branch leader for the Kari Branch!

This experience as stand-in branch leader inspired Bea and she became the leader of the fifth Faerie Mall branch, dedicated to Ilere!

And let's not forget the past staff!

cornflowerblues (Meg, Germany)
Mall co-leader, Mira Branch leader, Graphics & Coding person, Event Manager
send neomail
Meg - a girl about whom novels could be filled about, but I will try to keep it to the essentials here! She was the Faerie Malls co-leader, which means she was the go-to person (besides Cupcake) for decisions & questions about changing something in the mall. People should take her staff button into account and also make sure she feels appreciated for all the great work she's done for the Faerie Mall!
Just like without Cupcake coming up with the idea for and then founding it, the mall wouldn't be as amazing as it is today without Megs gorgeous graphics and ideas! Yes, she was the one responsible for making sure the Faerie Mall's a real eyecatcher and draws in many people. She designed and made all our webbie layouts and shop banners - every single one of them. (Yes, of course also the hub layout.) We can't thank her enough for it :) Luckily she was very lovely too and didn't lord over us - but don't be fooled, she could get pretty serious too if need be!
Meg left us in the Spring of 2014 because she was being kept very busy by her work and some tight deadlines. However, even now that Meg is no longer involved on a day to day basis with us, we still use her graphics and so her hard work is still recognised and used throughout the mall.

badbadgirl001 (Sam, US)
Soup Kitchen Branch leader
send neomail
Sam! Where to get started?
She was like the sweet girl next door, always friendly and willing to help. This was true from the very first day she joined the Faerie Mall, she immediately tried her best to not only be a standard member but a contributing part of the mall too. Sam also came up with the idea for the News and Games page, so all mall related news could be collected in one place and also a bit of additional fun could be added to the mall! It became pretty obvious that she was just prime potential for a branch leader and reflecting her kind and nurturing nature she dedicated her branch to the Soup Faerie. A very fitting choice!
Sam left us temporarily when she had a new baby in September '13 which took up all her time, and after attempting to re-join the mall later on, she discovered she was expecting again! (Spoiler: she's had another little girl), and because of this has decided to leave the mall permanently to raise her family.

sassy_scamp (Sassy, US)
Newspaper Journalist, Mira Branch leader
send neomail
When Sassy joined the mall she threw herself in head first, asking just about everyone what she could do to help out and expand. She breathed new air into the mall newspaper, which before had gone quiet just because there was no one else to keep it running and up to date. Sassy dedicated a lot of time and hard work into the newspaper, and when Mira was in need of a new leader she decided to step up to that too! She completely made it her own, changing the categories to fit a spacey theme, it is a branch named after the space faerie after all! As well as all this, you could see Sassy on a daily basis chatting with everyone on the mall boards and making new friends

Unfortunately Sassy had to step back from both the paper and Mira branch eventually, due to health issues (get well soon Sassy!)

gracejiau (Grace, US)
Soup Kitchen Branch leader
send neomail
Our very own "Amazing Grace" was part of Ilere, and quietly made herself a valid part of the Faerie Mall. I say quietly because Grace wasn't known for being chatty. ;) Quite on the contrary, but if you needed something from her or wanted to get in touch she was always fast to respond and stepped forward to help and do her part for the mall. The best example was her standing in for Sam and taking care of the Soup Kitchen while the Sam was concentrating on her babies, job and education, later becoming the official branch leader when Sam decided not to return.

Maybe Grace was also simply a bit on the quiet side because she was such a multi-tasker, besides running the Soup Kitchen she's also got her own shop directory Archways, an adoptables page Penciled, and a graphics site Esquire. Wow! That's a lot, isn't it?

Grace had to leave us in the beginning of Summer 2015 in order to focus on her studies and exams.
Meg, our previous graphics person, used to offer custom graphics to mall members. This is no longer the case, as she has been inactive on neopets for quite a while. If or when she will return, we don't know, but I have left the page here for referencing anyway. And if for some reason she does return and offer this service again, you'll be the first to know. :)

To the Graphics page!
Keep an eye open for seasonal Faerie Mall events! We're quite the festive crowd and enjoy our holidays probably more than the next person.

If what you are looking for isn't here, double check with the news and games page

Current events:

Faerie Mall turns 5!

Faerie Mall celebrates it's 5th birthday on 28th January, so let's celebrate! Cupcake has put together a little quiz to test your Faerie knowledge - how well can you do? Neomail Cupcake your answers!

1) What are the names of Jhudora's bodyguards?
A) Friend and Growler
B) Vanity and Spite
C) Teacup and Cupcake
D) Sarah and Daisy

2) Where can Illusens Bottled Magic be purchased?
A) Darigan Citadel
B) Faerieland
C) Meridell
D) Brightvale

3) Where does the Negg Faerie live?
A) Brightvale
B) Neopia Central
C) Terror Mountain
D) Roo Island

4) Illusen the Earth Faerie has a rivalry with:
A) Fyora the Faerie Queen
B) Ilere the Earth Faerie
C) Jhudora the Dark Faerie
D) Psellia the Air Faerie

5) Which darts can be bought at the Faerie Weapon Shop?
A) Accurate Flotsam Darts
B) Aisha Acorn Darts
C) Cherry Tomato Darts
D) Dark Faerie Darts

6) Illusens Cream Cookie Bombs look pretty similar to:
A) Negg Faerie Negg Bomb
B) Orb of the Earth Faerie
C) Earth Faerie Darts
D) Earth Faerie Autumn Leaf Shield

7) The book Faerie Usukis, which is a complete listing of all the faerie Usukis in Neopia, has a rarity of:
A) 70
B) 80
C) 90
D) 100

8) Queen Fyora relies on this Kougra to be captain of her guard:
A) Commander Gormos
B) Captain Brynneth
C) Aldric Beign
D) Commodore Rigney Birkin

9) What element is the faerie who runs Faerieland Petpets?
A) Light
B) Air
C) Earth
D) Fire

10) The item Ilere Crayons contains only crayons in this colour:
A) Grey
B) Brown
C) Green
D) Purple

Invited: Faerie Mall members
Starting: Monday 22nd January 2018
Ending: Sunday 4th February 2018

Make sure to skim through before you neomail us, we get tons of messages containing these questions every day, and we like our mall members to be literate.

Q: Why join a mall? I'm a rebellious free spirit!
A: Well, that's really great. But still, you could profit from being part of a mall. By uniting our shops we have a broader presence, get more customers, thus more profit and new people to chat to. Win/Win for everyone. And maybe one day we'll rule the world! Together.

Q: Okay, you convinced me, I want to join! But I'm such a newbie, you surely won't want me?
A: It doesn't matter to us how long you played neopets, when you fulfill all the requirements to join the mall and show us that you'd make a great new addition.

Q: Wait, requirements?
A: Yes! Your shop needs to be size 50 minimum for you to be able to join the branches with the lowest requirements. Other branches require at least a size 75 or 100. (See: rules) This is pretty much as low as it gets anyway. If you're willing to upgrade your shop to the required size within a week we can reserve the position for you for that time. Alternatively, you can apply to the Sisterhood, which is especially for shops below size 50 who want to improve and grow.

Q: I've a confession to make... I don't really now how this restocking thing works.
A: To which we say: Fear not, it's not rocket science! Basically, you buy your stock from various neopian shops or the shop wizard. The second is good to use for price comparison anyway, because some neopian shops price WAY above what it actually goes for. So always check that and don't forget to haggle and you should be good to go! Depending on what you want you could probably also get it at the Trading Post or through an Auction.

Q: Can I sell my stuff for whatever I like? Being a free spirit, and all.
A: Basically: Yes. Indirect: No. You can of course choose your own prices, but if they are way out of proportion (like 1NP items for 10,000NP or more) people won't buy it. Of course you'll want to make some profit, but within reason.

Q: I got bored of my category after a while... what now? Can I change?
A: You can, if the new category you want is still open. Otherwise it might be possible to transfer to another branch with that open category. But: before you change anything let your branch leader know, so you can talk this out and alert people to the change! Change can be quite unsettling if it hits you unprepared, you know?

Q: I am happy with my category, but find it very hard to have three full pages of stock. There's simply not much variety in my category! What now?
A: First: We believe there's enough variety in each and every category for you to achieve three pages of stock easily. But if you really have trouble stock more of one item to make up for the difference. Certain categories do have more stock than others (for example, food has more items the paint brushes) and if you're really struggling have a word with your branch leader and they'll give you some advice or possibly even make an exception.

Q: Do I need to join the guild if I'm part of the mall?
A: No of course not, it's completely voluntary.

Q: How will I know when to update my shop banner?
A: Check your branch's webbie frequently and check the News section of your branch, it will tell you when to update.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask the branch leaders or other members!
Here you will find questions about the organization of the Faerie Mall. This will be a bit different and more detailed concerning the internal runnings of the mall than the FAQ covering the pro and cons of mall life, what you should and shouldn't do to join and what we ask of you. For that, please check the other FAQ.

Here you will find questions we got asked frequently by applicants and new members alike about how we actually run the mall. We got them so often we thought it would be good to have a FAQ section for them as well.

Q: How come some of the branch leaders are members in one branch and branch leaders of another?
A: Reason #1: You join in one branch and when you become branch leader yourself you've grown attached to it and don't want to go and leave that branch with an open spot.
Reason #2: No Anarchy! By being member in one branch and branch leader in another you're not only supervising others, but are also supervised by another.

Q: How is a new branch leader chosen? How does one become branch leader?
A: Members of the Faerie Mall qualify for a future branch leader job if they a) are very active within the mall and b) get to know one (or more) of the staff members well, so that we can judge if you'd be up to the responsibility. When we need a new branch the Faerie Mall staff discuss it and vote on it. However, if you are asked to be a leader you are under no obligation to accept and can always turn it down. Sometimes, if there isn't one person who stands out as an obvious leader to us, we will open the role to applicants and you will see this advertised in the guild and shop ads board. If this happens, you'll have to follow the instructions given there and we will pick the person from the applicants who we think would be best for the job.

Q: We have more questions!!! We want more answers!!!
A: That's actually not a question, but a demand. New Q&As will be added from time to time. Just mail Cupcake or another branch leader your question and we'll be happy to answer it.
The Faerie Mall is not only the place where the magic happens but also the one where dreams DO come true! As to popular demand we now proudly present our mall shop directory, where all the shops from the five individual branches are gathered, listed and linked to in one place.

This will be both an opportunity to see what kind of amazing shops the Faerie Mall has all together, as well as a place for the individual shops to introduce themselves a bit with a clever catchphrase. (Similar to what we've got for the members of Naia's Sisterhood, but not quite the same of course!)

So, whether you're a person wanting to shop at the Faerie Mall or a member looking for an overview of your colleagues all in one place (as opposed to the individual webbies), this is the place to go!

Link back to the Faerie Mall Shop Directory:

On a faerie quest? The logical place to look for your items is the Faerie Mall of course! Many of our shops are full of quest items. Find a complete list of all mall shops at our directory.

Below you'll find stock catalogues for you to use in case of a quest, listing all the various quest items available in Faerie Mall shops. Simply go to the page, use CTRL + F to search for the item you're looking for and click on it to be taken to the shop. Buy it and head to Faerieland to redeem your quest!

Air Faerie Quest
Coming soon!

Dark Faerie Quest
Coming soon!

Earth Faerie Quest
Coming soon!

Fire Faerie Quest
Coming soon!

Light Faerie Quest
Coming soon!

Water Faerie Quest
Coming soon!

Whether you're a member of the Faerie Mall or not, it would be awesome if you linked to us on one of your pages. If you do that and let us know, we will link back to you in our "affiliates" section.

Also, if you're a shop directory we're enlisted at, here's where you can grab our button for your directory.

Faerie Mall button

Here you can find all the directories that Faerie Mall is listed at. You're welcome to use them for reference if you're thinking about enlisting your shop somewhere. If you own a directory we're not enlisted at (yet) feel free to drop us a neomail - we might want to enlist at your directory too!

None yet!
We're not picky about what kind of site you are, as long as you place a Faerie Mall button somewhere on your mall page, directory, guide, customization site, layout help site, rating site, whatever, we are happy to link back to you from here.

However, we will not accept just anyone either - being affiliates means that we each like the other's work enough to advertise for the other's page. So, if we choose you as affiliate you bear Faerie Mall's "Stamp of Approval"!

Get in contact with Hub Maintenance to get affiliated.

Faerie Mall Services:

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