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.[ a whisper in the dark ].

Be safe, Illusen says as you leave her house. You have just finished your very first quest for her and your reward was handsome: two yummy Cream Cookies! You walk along the path, one cookie in each hand and grinning from ear to ear. Ahh this is the life! you think as you take a bite. As you walk along the path in the Meridellian forest it slowly gets darker. You thought for sure you'd have enough time to complete that quest before dark . . .

These are unsafe times to be walking around after dark: The relation between Darigan and Meridell is unstable again. The two neighboring lands are on the brink of another war. Lord Darigan has been sending his troops slowly into Meridellian land. People have been disappearing; travelers have been robbed; houses have been ransacked. King Skarl is trying to keep peace between the two countries, but a war seems inevitable . . .

As you walk, the darkness slowly encroaches all around you. A distant howl of a Lupe sends panic through your body. The wind picks up and rustles through the trees. You stop for a moment to bring your jacket closer around you. The wind continues to blow as you walk on. What was that?! You stop again to listen. Voices, it seems like . . . Coming from the wind; coming from all around you.

An echo of hoof beats starts to sound. Your heart beats faster and faster. Run! You take off in a sprint blindly running through the pitch black forest. Unable to see through the darkness you stumble over a tree root and somersault down a hill. As you fall your head hits a rock.

All is black . . .

.[ king of the forest ].

When you finally come to, all you see is green and brown around you. As you start making sense of your surroundings you realize that you are lying on your back on some sort of velvety mat looking up at tree branches.

Ah! I see your back with us in this world, you hear a voice say.

Startled, you sit up a (little too quickly) and look around for the voice. A large male Ixi is walking toward you. His pelt is of a deep green and dark brown; large antlers protrude regally from his head.

I hope you are feeling better. You took quite a fall there! His voice is deep with an English accent, making him seem even more kingly.

You know, these are dangerous times to be walking around at night . . . Illusen alerted me that you'd be out. I'm glad she did, or else you might have been taken by one of Lord Darigan's soldiers.

You sit up and lean back against the tree truck trying to figure out where you are. As you look around, you realize that you are not on the ground as you thought, but rather on some sort of a platform high up in the trees! The platform is made from wood, ornately carved with leaves and branches and painted a dark green. You look around to see various items that suggest that this is the Ixi's home.

The buck sees you looking around. I'm sorry, I haven't formally introduced myself. You must be wondering who I am and where you are. My name is Mossy and this is my home. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. . .

. . : : [ Basic Stats ] : : . .
. [Full Name] Moss_Covered_Ixi
. [Alias] Mossy
. [Gender] Male
. [Age] Immortal
. [Species] Ixi
. [Brush] Green
. [Element] Plant
. [Love] Forever Sheryl
. [Caregiver] Ani
. . : : [ Appearance Etc. ] : : . .
. [Pelt] Dark Green
. [Undercoat] Mahogany Brown
. [Hooves] Mahogany Brown
. [Horns] Mahogany Brown
. [Eyes] Sparkling Orange
. [Accent] English
. [Extras] Gold Earring
. [Markings] Light Green: tipped ears; 3 dots above each eye; 'M' shape on left flank

* * *

. . : : [ Customization Items ] : : . .
. [Enchanted Woods Background]
. [Ixi Forest Cape]
. [Ixi Forest Hood]
. [Annoyingly Hard Tree Stump]
. [Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver]
. [Green Leaf String Lights]
. [Christmas Ixi Tail Wreath]
. [Floating Illusen Doll]
. [Wooden Tree Sword]

. . : : [ In My Closet ] : : . .
. [Round Paper Lantern String Lights]
. [Raspberry Patch Background]
. [Asparagus Scarf]
. [Branched Antlers]
. [Christmas Ixi Ear Wreaths]
. [Cold Winter Night Background]
. [Christmas Ixi Ear Wreaths]
. [Simple Fur Lined Cape]

. . : : [ NP Wishlist ] : : . .


Snow Ixi Collar

Strawberry Ixi Collar
. . : : [ NC Mall Wishlist ] : : . .

Faerie Dust Shower

Burning Red Eyes

Pumpkin String Lights

I'd love to be able to complete Mossy's customization that matches his character with these items! If you have a few spare NPs, please donate? Also, I can't buy NeoCash, so if you happen to have a gift box and one of these items I would forever love you. (send to this account. ;D)

. . : : [ Thank Yous ] : : . .
. Thank you multiphobic for the Enchanted Wood Background!
. Thank you desert_foxy for the Floating Illusen Doll!
. Thank you hzoo_26 for the Wooden Tree Sword!
. Thank you miihaia for the Ixi Forest Cape!
. Thank you miihaia for the Ixi Forest Hood!
. Thank you hzoo_26 for the Green Leaf String Lights!
. Thank you cody_lover_7 for the Christmas Paint Brush!
. Thank you hzoo_26 for the Cold Winter Night Background!
. Thank you hzoo_26 for the Simple Fur Lined Cape!

* * *

. . : : [ Likes ] : : . .
. [Family]
. [Xariiah]
. [Sheryl]
. [Chocolate]
. [Nature & Trees]
. [Illusen]
. . : : [ Loathes ] : : . .
. [Fire]
. [Open Water]
. [Lord Darigan]
. [Thieves]
. [Slackers]
. [Pepperoni Omelets]

. . : : [ Favorites ] : : . .
. [Color] Green
. [Number] Three
. [Food] Chocolate
. [World] Meridell
. [Faerie] Illusen
. [Holiday] St. Patrick's Day

. . : : [ Did You Know? ] : : . .
Mossy can't swim!

.[ a forest spirit he became ].

You feel more at ease now that you know a bit more about your rescuer. But the information he shared with you only makes you more curious about the handsome Ixi.

There is a bookshelf next to you. Mossy pulls out a large book from it. Its bound in brown leather with leaf designs imprinted in it.

Why don't you read that while I go make us some tea? It will make things clearer to you I hope. Mossy disappeared behind a strange curtain hanging from one of the branches.

You opened the book and began to read:

Part One:

. . : : [ Chapter I: A New Addition ] : : . .
In a world so far away / At the end of a closing day
A little child was born and raised / Deep in the forest on a hidden place

❝He's beautiful...❞ a sweet, feminine voice whispered. Her voice sounded strained and rightfully should. Kensa had just given birth to a strong buck, who was cuddled up next to his mother, happily.

They sat in a clearing deep in the Meridellian woods. Here was the residency of the Woodland Elf Ixi, which the fawn was newly apart of.

His pelt was a deep shade of green--almost the same hue as his father's. The new fawn blinked his large orange eyes and looked up at the great buck, who was watching over them.

❝He'll make a great addition to the tribe❞ the buck noted, nodding a bit. He looked his new son up and down: the green pelt and a brown undercoat, which resembled neither parent. Light green tipped the fawns ears and, in the same hue, three dots above each eye. These most likely came from his father, who bore a crown of them upon his forehead. A birth mark that resembled an "M" was on his left flank.

❝Why, he looks as though he's covered in moss!❞ he said with a booming laugh. The fawn, who had put his head back down, jerked it back up, startled at the noise.

❝What a great idea for a name. What do you think, love?❞ the fawn's mother inquired.

❝Mossy! That's fabulous!❞ His father grinned.

❝Welcome to the world, Mossy...❞ his mother said, snuggling him close.

. . : : [ Chapter II: Gifts ] : : . .
He found shelter under the trees / He grew up in their company
They became his family

❝C'mon! Hurry up! We're going to be late for my party!❞

Shouts of laughter and excitement were heard through the forest as two young Ixi galloped, winding in and out of the trees. Their hoof beats echoed through the wood as they ran on.

The two soon came to a large clearing. In the middle was a large, magnificent tree that seemed to stretch up to the heavens forever. Gathered all around this colossal tree, and the whole clearing, was a large group of Ixi. They were chatting and mingling about each other waiting for something -- or someone.

As soon as the two Ixi, who still were fawns, burst through into the clearing, it got very quiet. All heads turned to look at them.

❝Happy Birthday, Mossy!!❞ they all called out joyfully. Mossy and his friend, Thistle, walked among them making their way to the large tree, where their mothers and fathers were waiting. ❝Thanks!❞ the handsome fawn answered every now and then.

When they reached the four noble Ixi, Mossy cried out happily, ❝Mum! Dad!❞

❝Happy Birthday, son,❞ Udaewood said as his mother, Kensa nuzzled him.

❝You're what, fifteen now?❞ the other elderly buck joked.

❝No, Emperor Kapp. Five!❞ Mossy said smiling.

Mossy's family was very close to the royal family. Udaewood was the captain of the Watchriders, who protected the herd. Thistle, the Emperor's granddaughter, and Mossy were the same age and spent most of their time together playing in the woods.

❝Did you have a good time with Thistle this afternoon?" the other doe, Zainelle, the Empress said.

Mossy nodded. ❝How about some presents then?❞ She winked.

The birthday boy sat eagerly by the tree as every Ixi ceremonially gave him a gift. Some gave him rare food and chocolate, other gave him gifts that they made.

Finally, Thistle came to give him his gift.

❝Here you go, Mossy,❞ she said shyly.

Thistle presented him with a necklace of a gold moon.

❝This is great, Thistle!❞

His fawn friend blushed. Thistle took the leather band in her mouth and as Mossy bent his head, she gently put it around his neck. The gold moon lay magnificently on the brown fur of his chest. Mossy looked down at it proudly.

❝Happy Birthday, Mossy. Happy Birthday...❞ she whispered.

. . : : [ Chapter III: An Early Arrival ] : : . .
Keep holdin' on / Cause you know we'll make it through
Just, stay strong / Cause you know I'm here for you

❝Mossy!❞ a young Ixi called as she sprinted through the woods, ❝Mossy!❞ She darted in and out of the closely packed trees, branches cutting into her beautiful pale yellow fur. She panted, her bright blue eyes dotted with gold flecks darted this way and that, looking slightly worried.

❝Ah-ha!❞ she muttered to herself and increased her speed as something ahead caught her eye.

The doe burst through the trees into a clearing. Mossy, who was pulling a rope with logs attached to it, looked up.

❝Hello, Thistle!❞ he said and smiled. A woman with brown and green hair poked he head out of a cottage slightly in back of Mossy.

❝Thistle! What a pleasure to see you again!" Illusen stepped out of her hut and walked over to the two Ixi.

Thistle bowed her head in respect for the Earth Faerie. Breathing heavily she turned to her friend and said, ❝Moss, you must come quick! your mother is going to have the baby!❞

❝But it's much too soon!❞ Illusen said with a concerned look on her face.

❝Father said she wouldn't be due for a while. Does this mean somethings wrong?❞ The nine-year-old Ixi looked at Illusen with hope that she'd say everything would be alright.

❝Come,❞ was all that was uttered from her mouth as she waved her staff in the air and green sparkles fell over them.

* * *

They appeared by the same enormous tree that Mossy had had received his necklace four years earlier. The moon still shone brightly from his chest as sunlight hit it from between the leaves.

Illusen, Mossy, and Thistle all hurried over to where a large group of the Woodland Elf Ixi had gathered. Kensa, who was with child, lay in the middle of them with a strained look on her face. She saw Illusen and whispered, ❝Please... h-help me...❞

Illusen looked fiercely around. ❝All of you leave!❞ she commanded, ❝Only The Emperor, Empress and Udaewood may stay.❞

❝But--❞ Mossy started and looked at his mother. Their eyes met and Mossy saw the pain and almost madness in her eyes.

❝Go.❞ Illusen said sternly, but with kindness in her eyes.

Mossy and Thistle both went toward Mossy's favorite spot by the big tree.

❝It'll be OK, Moss...❞ Thistle said looking at her friend sitting next to her. Mossy gazed out over the clearing. He could just barely make out Illusen's large, green wings.

All through the night everyone waited. Kensa's screams could be heard frequently, as sharp as a dagger, they pierced the night.

Finally with one long, loud wail, her screams stopped. Mossy picked up his head, which had been lying on his front legs and gazed over to where his mother lay. He got up and slowly made his way over to Illusen and the now growing crowd around his mother. Thistle followed her friend timidly.

❝Mama?❞ Mossy asked keeping his head low and ears back afraid of what he'd see.

A few older Ixi parted to let him through. He walked up to her slowly and touched her nose with his. The golden-pelted doe breathed heavily and opened her tired eyes to look at her eldest son. She smiled. ❝Hello, my darling,❞ she said in a whisper, ❝take a look at your new baby sister...❞ Kensa lifted her head upward to Illusen who was kneeling by Kensa in the middle of the surrounding Woodland Elf Ixi.

Illusen carefully lowered the abnormally small fawn who was wrapped in a soft, light green blanket in Illusen arms. Mossy poked his nose at the strange little thing, who opened her lids to reveal soft, milky gray eyes. Mauve-purple bands wrapped around her ears and light blue streaks down her cheeks made her look forever sad. A sky-blue splotch of fur hit right between her eyes. Her bubble-gum pink fur was damp and tiny pale yellow wings barely poked out from under her back. Her green-blue underbelly resembled nothing like that of her family. The fawn's tiny little legs were marked with apple-green streaks of fur and as the fan curled over toward Illusen, Mossy noticed a strange curly marking in the same hue as her wings. Two large sky-blue spots of fur that wrapped around her back. Mossy observed his new sister carefully.

❝What do you think, Mossy?❞ Udaewood asked, standing behind Mossy. He has been observing his new daughter with Mossy. Illusen stood up and adjusted the blanket back over the fawn.

❝She's pretty,❞ Mossy said with a shy smile.

Illusen, Udaewood and a few other listening Ixi laughed. The new Ixi turned her head around every which way, surprised at this new noise. Illusen smiled and looked down at her. The fawn, wide-eyes, seemed to stare back at her. With a small gasp, that only Mossy heard, Illusen stroked the little fawns eyes shut.

❝Kensa,❞ she said suddenly.

The doe opened one eye, exhausted. ❝Yes?❞ she replied.

❝Why don't I take care of your child for a while? You need your rest and Udaewood is busy protecting the herd.❞

❝That would be nice...❞ Kensa said softly, too tired to even open her eyes.

Udaewood nodded his thanks and walked over to his new daughter. He looked down upon her.

❝You need a name, little one,❞ he whispered kindly, a grin across his face.

The buck pondered for a moment. ❝Xariiah,❞ he said softly, the more loudly, "What do you think of 'Xariiah' for a name, dear?" He turned his head and smiled as he saw his tired mate mumble ❝Mmhmm...❞ sleepily.

. . : : [ Chapter IV: Growing Up ] : : . .
You're not alone / Together we stand
I'll be by your side / You know I'll take your hand

The next couple years were hard for the little buck. Mossy was growing into a fine young stag just like his father and with growing up he faced more and more challenges.

Being twelve years old now, Mossy was due to start showing his potential for helping the tribe. But the only problem was he hadn't developed his powers yet.

❝I think mum and dad are getting mad at me again.❞ He turned to glance at Thistle as they took a walk through their favorite part of the woods. They were headed to their secret hideout -- a large, hollowed-out tree by the river. They had been going there since they were fawns.

❝C'mon, Moss, it's not that bad.❞ Thistle had turned into an elegant young doe, just like her mother -- or so that's what her grandparents said. Thistle didn't really remember her mother too well since she died in a battle with rouge Lupes when she was two.

❝Yes it is!❞ He stopped and glared at the ground. Thistle turned around to face her frustrated friend. She looked at him with concern in her eyes. ❝You already have your powers! So do all the other Woodland Elf Ixi our age and some younger than us! Why can't I have mine now? I overheard Father saying most of us get our powers between nine and eleven. I'm already twelve!❞

❝Mossy,❞ Thistle said rubbing her snout against his face, ❝Please. It'll be alright. I promise. You're be the bravest Ixi I know.❞

Mossy looked into her eyes. She was awfully beautiful. This was the first time that he had thought of her more than just a friend.

Thistle stood up. ❝Hey! Lets go see if we can catch some faeries for good luck!❞ She gave him a toothy grin, turned around and leaped through the bushes with Mossy not far behind.

* * *

When the two friends got back from their adventure Mossy walked slowly toward his mother, who was lying alone near the edge of the clearing.

❝How are you today, Mum?❞ Mossy said cautiously.

❝Fine, my dear. Did anything new and exciting happen today?❞ Kensa asked.

Mossy knew what she meant: ❝No, mum, I didn't get my powers today.❞ Mossy looked down ashamed.

Kensa turned suddenly cold toward her son. ❝Alright then. Take your sister away from me and watch her. I need to rest.❞

❝Yes, Mother.❞ Mossy walked over to his sister and nudged her to follow him. The little fawn walked closely beside her big brother.

In the three years since we have seen little Mossy, many changes happened in the family. Illusen took care of his sister, Xariiah, for a few months after she was born. The earth faerie discovered at her birth that she was blind. Hoping to help the little Ixi to survive, and to buy her time on how to tell Kensa and Udaewood, Illusen kept her in her cottage in the wood. Mossy (and subsequently, Thistle) were the only ones of the family that came and saw her . . . in secret of course. When Illusen finally told the parents about their daughter, Kensa wept; how could her daughter ever survive in the woods if she could not see?

Kensa cared for Xariiah nonetheless, but she grew increasingly more distant from her children. Two miscarriages had left her bitter about her mothering abilities and now her little Mossy was failing her too.

Mossy, Xarriah, and Thistle walked off to play in the woods together. Kensa was left alone at the edge of the woods.

. . : : [ Chapter V: The Fire ] : : . .
No response on any level / Red-alert this vessel's under siege.
Total overload all systems down they've got control.
There's no way out. / We are surrounded.

A few weeks later, one lovely evening, Mossy, Thistle, and Xariiah were relaxing by the stream.

Xariiah and Thistle were sitting together by the water. Thistle, who had discovered her powers were telekinesis was dropping raspberries into the young fawns mouth with her powers. Xariiah ate the berries happily. The little pink Ixi had a bandage wrapped around her eyes. Illusen had said that it would make others more comfortable around her.

Mossy was lying on his back looking up at the trees above him. ❝What do you think my powers will be?❞ he said for possibly the hundredth time that week.

Thistle sighed. ❝I don't know, Mossy.❞ She had run out of ideas to suggest to him.

❝You're going to be a stuperhero-flier!!❞ Xarriah suggested enthusiastically and flapped her little wings. She hadn't quite gotten the hang of flying yet. Her wings seemed to be too small.

Mossy got up and gave his little sister a kiss on her forehead. ❝Thanks, Sis.❞

❝Something smells funny,❞ Xariiah said suddenly. Being blind, her other senses had increased. She could smell, hear, taste, and feel better than any of them.

Thistle and Mossy looked up, sniffing the air.

❝I don't smell anything,❞ Mossy said. He and Thistle lowered their heads. Mossy walked over to the raspberries and began munching on a few off the branch.

Xariiah grew uncomfortable and fidgety. ❝Mossy,❞ she said, ❝I smell something really funny.❞

Mossy came and laid down next her so that she was in between him and Thistle.

❝I promise,❞ Mossy said whispering into her ear, ❝that I won't let anything bad happen to you, okay?❞

❝Okay, Mossy,❞ Xariiah answered snuggling close to him.

❝Have we ever let you down?❞ Thistle added. When ever Mossy couldn't be there to watch his sister, Thistle had always come and played with her. She was like a sister to Xariiah.

A few moments later though, Mossy did smell something. He stood up, sniffing the air.

❝Now that you mention it, that smell is odd. I know I've smelt it before, but I can't place it,❞ he said.

Thistle and Xariiah both stood up. Thistle looked around and Xarriah moved closer to her bother.

The Woodland Elf Ixi knew what fire was. They didn't need it to keep warm--their thick fur coats took care of that--but they knew the villagers in Meridell used it to stay warm and to cook their food. The occasionally a lightening strike caused fires in the Elvan Wood, and the Ixi were prepared to contain small ones such as them.

Smoke steadily gathered around the three Ixi. Xarriah started coughing; Mossy and Thistle's eyes were watering. Their instincts kicked in: ❝FIRE!❞ cried Thistle.

❝Run.❞ Mossy said. He motioned for her to go ahead, then picked up Xariiah by the scruff of her neck in his mouth and followed Thistle.

Birds screeched above them and pets and forest animals ran wildly through the forest, trying to escape their burning home. The forest was so loud with all the noise from the fire; trees fell, animals cried out in desperation, and the fire crackled all around them.

The smoke was getting thicker and thicker all around them. Mossy could barely make out Thistle running a head of him. Her silhouette in the smoke drifted in and out of sight. Finally, Mossy lost her all together.

Even though he couldn't find his best friend, Mossy kept running, to save himself and his sister. The smoke was starting to make his eyes water and he was having trouble breathing. He wanted to cough, but it was impossible to while carrying Xariiah.

Desperately trying to get out, Mossy's running became more frantic and uncontrolled. He bumped into trees and ran into bushes. Once, he got caught on the branch of a bush. He tugged and pulled and eventually broke free. As Mossy ran off, something shiny was left on the ground: his golden moon necklace.

Mossy kept running, but through this confusion, he didn't see a tree root that was sticking out of the ground.

Xarriah flew out of her brother's mouth as he fell. Unharmed, but emotionally shaken, Xar started to cry. She tried to sniff out her brother with her heightened sense of smell, but the smoke was masking it. Blind, to everything now, the little faun wandered off trying to find her brother.

Unknown to the little Ixi, Mossy lay passed out on the ground behind her. Blood dripped from the green Ixi's head; a glimmer of it shone on a stone sticking up form the ground. Mossy was knocked out.

The fire raged on.

. . : : [ Chapter VI: Recovery ] : : . .
Ancient spirits of the forest / Made him king of elves and trees
Who lived in harmony / In perfect harmony

*not finished*

. . : : [ List of Friends & Family ] : : . .
A quick guide to Mossy's early relations.

Mossy [MAWS - see] / (buck) -- Main character.

Kensa [KEHN - suh] / (doe) -- Mossy's mother. Can create gold at will.

Udaewood [yoo - DAY - wood] / (buck) -- His father. Captain of the WatchRiders and close friend to Emperor Kapp. Has strength like no other and has unmatchable speed.

Thistle [THIS - uhl] / (doe) -- Mossy's closest childhood friend. Gave him a golden moon necklace on his fifth birthday. Grand daughter of the Emperor and Empress. Pale yellow fur and has telekinetic powers.

Emperor Kapp [KAHP] / (buck) -- Leader of the Woodland Elf Ixi. Close friend to Mossy's family. Grandfather of Thistle.

Empress Zainelle [zehn - EHL] / (doe) -- Wife to Kapp and Grandmother of Thistle.

Xariiah [ZAHR - ee - uh] / (doe) -- Mossy's blind little sister.

.[ woodland elf ixi ].

Once you finish reading Mossy's story you put the lovely book back on the shelf next to you. Mossy appears at your side again, this time baring a tray carefully balanced between his antlers. Two teacups and a plate of biscuits are on the tray. Mossy bends down and you take the tray from him.

While our tea cools, let me tell you a little bit more about the Woodland Elf Ixi tribe I was apart of.

You take a biscuit and sit back against the tree trunk to listen.

The Woodland Elf Ixi were one of the first breed of Ixi to ever have extraordinary powers. The Ancient Ones were a mischievous group. They used their powers to steal, torment, and play cruel jokes on the local townspeople in Meridell. The Woodland Elf Ixi were never caught doing their wicked deeds; they always sought refuge in the surrounding forests and trees. One day two young Woodland Elf Ixi decided that a crystal ball would be nice for their collection. An old wizard lived in town and the two Ixi snuck off one night to try and nick the magician's crystal ball. This was a mistake... The wizard foresaw the two Woodland Elf Ixi coming and he was ready. As soon as they tried to take it he cast a spell on all the Woodland Elf Ixi. The spell prevented them from using their powers for evil and forced them to use their powers to help the citizens of Meridell. Many generations later, the old wizard died, lifting the spell on the Woodland Elf Ixi... Strangely, though, the new generations of the Woodland Elf Ixi, did not go back to their ancestor's ways. Instead they continued to do good--fighting for Meridell in wars, helping the poor, and committing anonymous random acts of kindness. Meridellian folklore says that whenever something fortunate happens a Woodland Elf Ixi is close by.

When a male Woodland Elf Ixi turns thirteen, he can start his training to become a WatchRider. The WatchRider protect the herd and also Meridell if there was an attack. They would be equivalent to a police force, for instance. The female Woodland Elf Ixi gather food for the poor, and help out people around town. They are also the caretakers of the fawns and injured pets that wander into the forest.

.[ the guardian ixi ].

As Mossy continues to tell you about his past, you start to sip on your tea. Its the perfect temperature--it warms your whole body as you drink it. The tea makes your feel better on the chilly, dark night.

Mossy laps up his tea as it cools on the floor of his tree home. He looks up at you and says, As you read in the book, I am also the Guardian Ixi of Plants. Let me tell you a bit more about the history of the Guardian Ixi.

Long ago, when the world was younger--much younger than you or I--there was the terrible War of the Elements that swept all throughout Neopia. The Faerie Queen wanted to end all the destruction from the war, so she declared that ten Guardians would be chosen by special faerie. The Ixi who were purest of heart and soul were then chosen to become the Ten Guardian Ixi. They were entrusted with the secrets of each Element. The Guardian Ixi stopped the War of the Elements and their lives passed on. Back in our current time, the Guardian Ixi have been woken again, to prepare for another war to sweep Neopia.

Mossy pulls out another book from the shelf. This one looks older, more tattered--a travelers journal.

On my journeys I have discovered a diary of one of the other Guardian Ixi. He opens the journal to where a torn out page from another book is lying. Hopefully, this excerpt will help you understand better:

Dear Diary,

. . .

Faerie: Hello, little fighter. I am Aqueram, one of the Sacred Faeries of Elements. You, little fighter, are the new Elemental Guardian of the Sea. I'll grand you with several magical abilities, but you mustn't abuse these powers. One day, you'll really need to use these powers to save Neopia with nine other Ixi. Go to the island and you'll find a flute. You will also find your older brother there. Now go, Waves Fighter . . .

Mossy turns the page. On it, looks like handwritten lists of names. You bend over the book to look at it closer.

These are the names of the Ten Guardian Ixi:

. . : : [ The Guardian Ixi ] : : . .

Ancient Name

On the opposite page was various old newspaper clippings. You pick one up and see that it is from the funnies section. An illustration and "Guardian Ixi" is printed on the one you have.

There was also a comic in The Neopian Times started by RJ and Draik about the Guardian Ixi.

Issue 137 || Issue 139 || Issue 142 || Issue 145 || Issue 147 || Issue 150 Special

. . : : [ Did You Know? ] : : . .
While on vacation, I saw Giving and Waves' page. I noticed the Plant Guardian Ixi spot was not filled and thought Mossy would be good for it! Not wanting to be rude, I didn't bother Draik or RJ, but the next day, RJ mailed me saying Mossy would be perfect for the Plant Guardian Ixi! I was ecstatic!

.[ abilities ].

You turn the page of the old notebook. On the next page is a list of names. Mossy begins explaining to you what they mean.

As you now know, I am a Guardian Ixi. Every Guardian Ixi is blessed with certain powers to help them on their quest. Some of our abilities have yet to be discovered though. Here are the lists of the different Guardian Ixi powers I was given.

Mossy explains each item on the lists as you read through them.

. . : : [ Plant Abilities ] : : . .

. [Vine Attack] This ability was discovered while I was out exploring with a friend in Faerieland. At my command, vines shoot up out of the ground and are at my disposal. I can use them to wrap around a villain and trap them. I can also use them as an attack weapon.

. [Sap Trap] When I place my hooves on something I can produce a sticky sap. The sap can surround the object and when I take my hooves off it will harden. This is another great method to trap an escaping foe.

. [Leaf Blade] With this ability I can call up the trees to my aid; they let me use the leaves from their branches. The leaves turn razor sharp and I can then direct them at my opponent.

. [Growth] The Growth ability makes me be alble to control the trees and plants. I can make them grow at a faster rate than they would normally. When I use this power, a green aura appears around me.


. . : : [ Earth Abilities ] : : . .

. [Sleep Dust] A special powder is produced by the fur and it will make anyone near (with the exception of me obviously), fall asleep.

. [Earthquake] This one is mostly self-explanatory--I can make the ground itself move, shift, and shake.

. [Seed Launch] A large seed pod is produced in the air between my horns. They are produced and shot at an enemy at a rapid pace. The seeds explode with they come in contact with anything.

. [EarthFlex] Somewhat similar to my Earthquake ablitiy. I can manipulate the earth at will. I am able to create new boulders, tear large crevices in the earth and such.


Once you are both are done talking about the Guardian Ixi powers, you turn the page of the little journal only to find that there is nothing written in the last few pages of the book. You look up at the buck and he smiles at you. Mossy begins to speak again.

I also have powers that are special only to me because I am a Woodland Elf Ixi. I was born with these powers. If you read my history completely, you will know that my special ability is to talk to the trees. Now, you may not think that trees have anything interesting to say, but believe me, you can really get caught up in a conversation with them! Sometimes, if you get them angry enough, they can even shift--the whole forest can pick up and move!

The trees are the ones who took me in when I was trying to find my sister. I've protected the forest and its creatures through the two wars in Meridell. To them, I am their king. I am the Tree Speaker, the Woodland Spirit, the Guardian of the Forest.

.[ do i know you? ].

Mossy closes the journal that he had kept from his Guardian Ixi adventures. On top of the bookshelf you notice an array of framed photographs. Some of them are formal, some are silly family pictures.

The buck motions to each one with his nose as he tells you about each of the members in the photos.


This is my little sister, Xar. She is the only other survivor of the Great Fire that destroyed the Woodland Elf Ixi. She is the only blood relation I have left. I love my little sister so much and have been taking care of her since she was a fawn. She is blind, but has used her telepathic powers to "see" in people's minds. Xariiah has grown up into a lovely doe.


Yalup is a kind and caring Kyrii. I used to hang out with him a lot, before my duties called me elsewhere. He is the older brother of Zinger and Zairjaii (all three of them are Zafyriis). Yalup is the Battle Master at Makfar's Institute of Gifted Youngsters and uses his Telekinetic powers to teach others how to control their abilities. He's truly an extraordinary teacher!


Zinger is Yalup's little sister. She is a student at The Makfar Institute where he teaches. She double trains there as a Harper and a Battler. Zinger has the most wonderful voice I have heard (she's pretty artistically talented too!). Her powers include Fire and Flight. She has worked her way up in the student ranks at Makfar's, soon she will be a Master herself!


Osa is not one I like to be around. She is cold and cruel to most people she meets. She's a Dragon Kau and lives in Terror Mountain, so we don't wee much of her anyways. Osa guards the Crystal Cave, where Ani gets special minerals to make the BC Jedi and Sith Lightsabers. She is very protective of the family though, which I like about her . . . I think she might be a softie on the inside!

Next to all the pictures on top of the book shelf is beautiful wooden box. Intricate patters of vines and leaves are embedded with different colors and types of wood. Its smooth and varnished; the box shines in the moonlight. Carefully, you open the box.

The inside is lined with a beautiful dark green velvet. There is nothing inside save a small scroll. You take the scroll out of the box and unroll it. A note is written:

Dear Mossy,

Even though we don't see eye to eye. I hope ye will have no anger in ye heart against me, and me family. Please accept this gift as a token of my gratitude, for helping to protect the forests of our homeland.


The Forest Mage of Merridell, Gaurdian of the Merridell Woods,
Proud Thief, and Former Apprentice to Illusen

This box held a beautiful sword that the Ixi, Rita, gave me.

He motions his head to the right of you. Leaning on the trunk of the tree is a beautiful wooden sword. The blade is shiny and sharp. It looks as lethal as any that was made of metal. The handle is beautifully carved with intertwining vines.

I sometimes run into Rita when I am out in the woods. Both of us are sworn protectors of these woods. Although, I can't say I agree to her methods, it is nice to know she is there.

. . : : [ Did You Know? ] : : . .
Mossy was created the same day as Crem, my friend's Ixi. I was at her house and I though the green Ixi looked as though they were covered in moss! She didn't like the name Moss_Covered_Ixi for her Ixi, so I created him!

.[ dust&sunlight ].

Next to the wooden box you see a picture in a ornate frame. The picture is of Mossy and and a beautiful pink Ixi on a beach. They are looking straight at each other with the most loving look in their eyes. Carved into the wooden frame are what looks like word. You tilt your head and read them:

Lovers in the long grass / Look above them
Only they can see / Where the clouds are going
Only to discover / Dust and sunlight
Ever make the sky so blue

My one true love will forever be Sheryl. Now that I have become a spirit of the woods she and I can be reunited for good! When we first met, I knew her as Cheryltanii. We we so young... we had barely begun to really get to know each other. One day, we were lying on the beach and suddenly she was taken by Jhudora! Purple clouds swirled everywhere and I couldn't stop her from being taken into the vortex. And she was gone. She apparently was a slave of Jhudora's until one day she broke free... and Jhudora killed her. I had always thought I had seen her at times when I would be walking around Neopia Central with my sister... It turns out she was watching over us as an angel. I'm so glad I have finally found my dear Sheryl once more.

. . : : [ Did You Know? ] : : . .
Cheryltanii and Sheryltnaii where once owned by my friend Aishie. We used to RP our Ixis when we both were first starting out neo almost 7ish years ago! Her account was hacked, Cheryl was lost and a reincarnation was made as "Sheryltanii". After Aishie left, I took Sheryl so that her and Mossy's stroy could go on.

.[ all about trees ].

When Mossy finishes telling you about his family and friends, he tells you to pick out another book out of the shelf. This one is a simple paperback journal. The cover is light brown and the pages inside are sewn to the cover. It looks like a scientific notebook used for outdoor observations of nature.

I have one more thing I want to show you from the book shelf. Over the years, I have conversed with many types of trees in Neopia. I want to share that knowledge with you.

. . : : [ Wearables ] : : . .

. [Name] Annoyingly Hard Tree Stump
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] This tree stump is uncomfortable to sit on and just cant be damaged.
. [Name] Festive Mini Holiday Tree
. [Rarity] r500 (NC Mall)
. [Desc.] The best kind of tree is one you dont have to decorate yourself. This was given out with the Stocking Stufftacular Y11!
. [Name] Ficus Tree
. [Rarity] r83 (Uncommon)
. [Desc.] This tree is great for hiding behind or decorating your Neohome.
. [Name] Golden Negg Tree
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] This golden tree has a special fruit of golden chocolate neggs.
. [Name] Haunted Trees Background
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] Ooooh, it is spooky in here! This Haunted Trees Background is only available if you have a virtual prize code from BURGER KING(R) in Canada!
. [Name] Lighted Palm Tree
. [Rarity] r500 (NC Mall)
. [Desc.] It isnt a proper celebration on Mystery Island without a lighted palm tree.
. [Name] Money Tree Background
. [Rarity] r500 (NC Mall)
. [Desc.] If the Money Tree could talk, we are sure its saying," LA LA LA LA LA LA.
. [Name] Negg Tree Garland
. [Rarity] r500 (NC Mall)
. [Desc.] Oh.... look at the hidden neggs.
. [Name] Potted Easter Negg Tree
. [Rarity] r500 (NC Mall)
. [Desc.] It looks like beautiful painted Neggs have been tied to this tree with bows!
. [Name] Scenic Fallen Tree
. [Rarity] r78 (Uncommon)
. [Desc.] This beautiful tree will help your pet feel right at home in the woods!
. [Name] Stately Tree
. [Rarity] r65
. [Desc.] This looks like a nice shady spot to look faaabulous!
. [Name] Valentines Tree of Lights
. [Rarity] r500 (NC Mall)
. [Desc.] This pretty tree is filled with lights and sweet smelling flowers.
. [Name] Valentines Day Tree
. [Rarity] r78 (Uncommon)
. [Desc.] This beautiful tree has leaves that look like hearts!

. . : : [ Books ] : : . .

. [Name] Brain Tree Solutions
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] This book claims to have all the answers to the Brain Trees answers...
. [Name] Brain Trees Brainiac
. [Rarity] r99 (Super Rare)
. [Desc.] A bumper edition of the Brain Trees riddles that will keep your Neopet entertained for hours!
. [Name] Fun Tree Facts
. [Rarity] r88 (Rare)
. [Desc.] Learn why some leaves change colors in the fall, how old that tree in your backyard is, and more!
. [Name] Secrets of the Money Tree
. [Rarity] r80 (Uncommon)
. [Desc.] A classic book for all Neopians.
. [Name] Tree Homes
. [Rarity] r70
. [Desc.] If you cant afford a Neohome, here are some great tips for finding shelter in the local woodlands.
. [Name] Tree Magic
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] Basic Earth Faerie spells for beginners....

. . : : [ Gardening & Neohome ] : : . .

. [Name] All Seeing Tree
. [Rarity] r99 (Super Rare)
. [Desc.] The perfect look out for any garden.
. [Name] Autumn Birch Tree
. [Rarity] r65
. [Desc.] This happy tree retains an autumn colour all year round.
. [Name] Bent Tree
. [Rarity] r91 (Very Rare)
. [Desc.] Between the winds and the drought this tree didnt really stand a chance.
. [Name] Candy Corn Potted Tree
. [Rarity] r500 (NC Mall)
. [Desc.] What a pretty way to decorate a tree!
. [Name] Candy Floss Tree
. [Rarity] r89 (Rare)
. [Desc.] Not only does this look lovely, but it tastes great too!
. [Name] Cherry Blossom Tree
. [Rarity] r500 (NC Mall)
. [Desc.] The petals fall and the breeze smells of sweet flowers.
. [Name] Chestnut Tree
. [Rarity] r55
. [Desc.] Start a whole grove!
. [Name] Chocolate Ice Cream Tree
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] Chias LOVE to sit under this tree and catch drops of melted ice cream :)
. [Name] Chocolate Tree House
. [Rarity] r86 (Rare)
. [Desc.] Just be sure you dont live in a sunny area.
. [Name] Cookie Tree
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] A total freak of nature, but tasty nonetheless.
. [Name] Coral Tree
. [Rarity] r180 (Retired)
. [Desc.] A perfect indoor plant... underwater.... This was given out by the advent calendar in Y7.
. [Name] Corn Tree
. [Rarity] r90 (Very Rare)
. [Desc.] This tree is known for its bright yellow and orange hues.
. [Name] Dark Island Palm Tree
. [Rarity] r87 (Rare)
. [Desc.] This palm has unusually dark bark and thus its name.
. [Name] Dark Nova Christmas Tree
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] Ahh... what a tempting tree. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y11.
. [Name] Dead Pine Tree
. [Rarity] r88 (Rare)
. [Desc.] Poor, poor tree... it just didnt last the winter.
. [Name] Decorated Tree
. [Rarity] r180 (Retired)
. [Desc.] Make your Neohome jolly and bright with this great decorated tree. This was an Advent Calendar prize in year 4.
. [Name] Decorative Negg Tree
. [Rarity] r500 (NC Mall)
. [Desc.] A tree to hang neggs on is a great spring decoration.
. [Name] Disco Decorated Tree
. [Rarity] r89 (Rare)
. [Desc.] Have a very funky seasonal festival with this groovy tree!
. [Name] Dwarf Tree
. [Rarity] r60
. [Desc.] Create a spectacular fence with these miniscule trees.
. [Name] Elegant Christmas Tree
. [Rarity] r500 (NC Mall)
. [Desc.] An elegant tree that will sparkle and shine.
. [Name] Faux Brain Tree
. [Rarity] r89 (Uncommon)
. [Desc.] This tree is great for fooling your friends and siblings.
. [Name] Ficus Tree
. [Rarity] r83 (Uncommon)
. [Desc.] This tree is great for hiding behind or decorating your Neohome.
. [Name] Gigantic Decorated Christmas Tree
. [Rarity] r180 (Retired)
. [Desc.] The most spectacular tree for your Neohome. This was given out by the advent calendar in Y7.
. [Name] Gothic Christmas Tree
. [Rarity] r92 (Very Rare)
. [Desc.] This tree is all the rage, at least with those that love black.
. [Name] Grarrl Tree Sculpture
. [Rarity] r89 (Rare)
. [Desc.] This ferocious looking tree will make trespassers think twice about entering your garden.
. [Name] Grundo Tree Sculpture
. [Rarity] r88 (Rare)
. [Desc.] How cute this tree has been trimmed to look like a Grundo.
. [Name] Haunted Woods Tree Lamp
. [Rarity] r500 (NC Mall)
. [Desc.] Gives your Neohome that eerie glow youve always wanted.
. [Name] Heart Fruit Tree
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] Add a wonderful chocolate scent to your garden with this fragrant Heart Fruit Tree.
. [Name] Holiday Tiki Tree
. [Rarity] r81 (Uncommon)
. [Desc.] Decorated with some tiki flair!
. [Name] Ice Cube Tree
. [Rarity] r87 (Rare)
. [Desc.] Who needs a fridge when you can grow as many ice cubes as you want?
. [Name] Icy Decorated Tree
. [Rarity] r91 (Very Rare)
. [Desc.] The whole tree is made from ice!
. [Name] Illusen's Glade Tree House
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] Now you can have a replica of Illusens Glade in your own backyard!
. [Name] Jelly Tree
. [Rarity] r98 (Ultra Rare)
. [Desc.] This tree sways in the wind but doesnt rustle.
. [Name] Jelly Bean Tree
. [Rarity] r99 (Super Rare)
. [Desc.] The jellybean tree is a very tasty tree, but it only grows jelly beans every ten years.
. [Name] Kacheek Tree Sculpture
. [Rarity] r84 (Uncommon)
. [Desc.] This tree has been trimmed to look like a lovable Kacheek.
. [Name] Kau Tree Sculpture
. [Rarity] r90 (Very Rare)
. [Desc.] As if by magic this bush will never become over grown or require trimming again.
. [Name] Leaning Tree
. [Rarity] r72
. [Desc.] The perfect tree on which to hang a tire, perhaps?
. [Name] Lost Desert Palm Tree
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] Bring some of the Lost Desert to your Neogarden with this palm tree.
. [Name] Meepie Tree
. [Rarity] r179 (Uncommon)
. [Desc.] A fragrant interesting plant that will bring a sweet smell to any garden.
. [Name] Metalic Holiday Tree
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] This metallic tree will last, and last, and last... This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y10.
. [Name] Modern Christmas Tree
. [Rarity] r90 (Very Rare)
. [Desc.] The sleek lines and pretty ornaments on this tree make it very modern looking.
. [Name] Moltera Christmas Tree
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] This is a unique Christmas tree! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y11.
. [Name] Money Tree Jr.
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] No, Neopoints and items do not just appear under this tree. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y10.
. [Name] Money Tree Neopia Central Lamp
. [Rarity] r500 (NC Mall)
. [Desc.] Brighten your room with this lovely Money Tree lamp.
. [Name] Mynci Tree Sculpture
. [Rarity] r85 (Rare)
. [Desc.] A curious mynci is trimmed into this tree.
. [Name] Negg Tree
. [Rarity] r94 (Very Rare)
. [Desc.] What Meerca wouldnt love a negg tree in their garden?
. [Name] Pastel Snowflake Tree
. [Rarity] r88 (Rare)
. [Desc.] What a pretty little tree, I wonder if it blooms all year round?
. [Name] Pathetic Christmas Tree
. [Rarity] r88 (Rare)
. [Desc.] Awwww... what a pathetic Christmas tree.
. [Name] Pink Bonsai Tree
. [Rarity] r90 (Very Rare)
. [Desc.] An unusual mini tree that will never grow too big for your garden.
. [Name] Poogle Tree Sculpture
. [Rarity] r91 (Very Rare)
. [Desc.] This fuzzy bush has been lovingly trimmed into the shape of a Poogle.
. [Name] Purple Christmas Tree
. [Rarity] r86 (Rare)
. [Desc.] Purple is a beautiful colour, but maybe put this in a room that isnt already purple?
. [Name] Quiggle Tree Sculpture
. [Rarity] r86 (Rare)
. [Desc.] Your visitors might this this Quiggle will jump right out at them!
. [Name] Rainbow Fruit Tree
. [Rarity] r97 (Rare)
. [Desc.] The fruit off of this tree will brighten any meal.
. [Name] Rock Tree
. [Rarity] r60
. [Desc.] This tree is great for first time gardeners as it requires virtually no care at all.
. [Name] Rose Tree
. [Rarity] r85 (Rare)
. [Desc.] The enormous flowers produce a beautiful scent that will leave your garden smelling of roses.
. [Name] Sandwich Tree
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] A giant sandwich growing out of the ground is a common sight in Neopia.
. [Name] Scary House Tree
. [Rarity] r68
. [Desc.] It looks like someone let this tree die... but is it really dead?
. [Name] Screaming Tree
. [Rarity] r89 (Rare)
. [Desc.] Dont go near this tree if you value your life...
. [Name] Shedding Tree
. [Rarity] r86 (Rare)
. [Desc.] So called for the large amount of leaves it sheds each day.
. [Name] Shoyru Tree Sculpture
. [Rarity] r87 (Rare)
. [Desc.] This cheerful tree will make your guests feel right at home.
. [Name] Slimy Tree
. [Rarity] r99 (Super Rare)
. [Desc.] This rather scary looking tree constantly oozes foul smelling slime.
. [Name] Smoking Tree
. [Rarity] r90 (Very Rare)
. [Desc.] Something hit this tree.... maybe some lightning or a laser beam.
. [Name] Snot Holiday Tree
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] Ewww... this really is very disgusting. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y9.
. [Name] Snow Covered Decorated Tree
. [Rarity] r99 (Very Rare)
. [Desc.] The snow will never melt no matter how cosy your Neohome gets..
. [Name] Snow Covered Tree
. [Rarity] r80 (Retired)
. [Desc.] This tree will add a little seasonal joy to your garden. This was given out by the advent calendar in year 5..
. [Name] Sparkly Decorated Tree
. [Rarity] r88 (Rare)
. [Desc.] This tree comes already decorated so you just have to carry it home.
. [Name] Spring Birch Tree
. [Rarity] r63
. [Desc.] This healthy birch tree seems to keep green leaves all year round.
. [Name] Star Tree
. [Rarity] r99 (Super Rare)
. [Desc.] This little tree remains a perfect star shape with no pruning.
. [Name] Striped Holiday Tree
. [Rarity] r180 (Retired)
. [Desc.] WARNING: Do not use decorations on your Neopet. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y8.
. [Name] Tongue Tree
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] GROSS!!
. [Name] Tree Stump
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] This tree stump is sure to add some whimsy to any Neohomes yard.
. [Name] Tree Weed
. [Rarity] r81 (Common)
. [Desc.] This symbiotic nightmare is the pest of gardeners everywhere. It grows on the side of trees and sucks up all their food and water! Tastes lovely though :)
. [Name] Tree With Changing Leaves
. [Rarity] r500 (NC Mall)
. [Desc.] Oh.... the leaves change colours?)
. [Name] Upsidown Tree
. [Rarity] r101 (Special)
. [Desc.] Make sure you sprinkle this tree with plenty of water and dirt.
. [Name] Wither Tree
. [Rarity] r86 (Rare)
. [Desc.] Even healthy Wither Trees look like they are sick and dying.
. [Name] Workshop Christmas Tree
. [Rarity] r500 (NC Mall)
. [Desc.] A tree any craftsman can admire.
. [Name] Yellow Eesa Tree
. [Rarity] r80 (Uncommon)
. [Desc.] This spectacular bloom will add colour to the any garden.

.[ toybox ].

You close the little notebook once you and Mossy are finished learning about the Neopian Trees.

Mossy gets up and walks across the platform to a wooden box. It is nestled up against the low wall that runs around the perimeter of the tree house. The box is, like most other things in his house, made of wood, with intricate carvings on them. Maybe the carvings tell a story? You ponder what they could mean when Mossy begins to speak.

This is my box of treasures I have collected over the years! he says excitedly. There are even some here for you to take! Have a look!

You kneel down next to the box and open it to see what lies inside.

. . : : [ Waiting List ] : : . .
1. Xariiah
2. Caniith
3. kyla_desmond
4. Yukai__**
5. ---
open / closed / trades only
. . : : [ Rules ] : : . .
1. Don't enter in any contests.
2. Link back to this page
3. Don't remove my username
4. Don't edit them yourself
5. Have fun!

** Waiting for my half of the trade. Please make sure you get these done promptly for your name won't be removed until I get your half!

. . : : [ Retired ] : : . .

. . : : [ Look-A-Likes ] : : . .
Count: 63 (not with broken adopts)

.[ golden leaf award ].

Once you collect all your goodies, Mossy shows you something special. On a stand next to the toybox is a small collection of golden leaves, carefully arranged on a velvet cushion.

This is the Golden Leaf Award. It is given to only the most prestigious of pets. The award is a little pin that can be worn or put on a display board.

If you think you are deserving of my award, please send Ani a neomail.

. . : : [ The Golden Leaf Award ] : : . .

redoing the award

.[ trophy cabinet ].

Next to the toybox is another short shelf. Instead of holding books, like the ones you were looking at earlier, this one is holding lots of shiny trophies! They are of all different colors and sizes. He seems to have quite a few of them.

These are the awards I've earned. Aren't they nice? Have a look around. . . but please be careful! I don't want any to break!

. . : : [ Free Awards ] : : . .

. . : : [ Special Awards ] : : . .
Count: 11 (not with broken awards)

Thanks Xaiiro! Thanks Cheryl and moofyness!
Thanks Qupi! A tried, tested and proven petpage conducted by the judges of The Gold Corin Award!
Rawr. Thanks Aumaye! Congratulations Mossy, you have won the Golden Oyster Award!!! The.Golden.SkyeLarke.Award

Awesome Page

. . : : [ Broken Awards ] : : . .


. . : : [ BC Trophies ] : : . .
(oldest to newest)


.[ worth 1000 words ].

After you are finished looking at all of Mossy's wonderful trophies, you go back over to the mat an sit down. You head still hurts from that nasty fall. Your tea is finished, so you eat another biscuit from the bottomless plate.

You look around the small home and notice something you hadn't before: little framed pictures are handing up among the tree branches. The pictures are small, and framed in beautiful onyx colored frames. They hang from the branches from velvet greet ribbon. The light from his glowing lanterns reflects off of the metal.

These are all the wonderful pieces of art that Ani and my friends have drawn for me. I've collected quite a few from my travels over the years. Do you want to take a closer look?

Using Mossy for support, you get up and walk around with him to look at all the pictures. He tells you a bit about each one as you look at it.

. . : : [ Art by Ani ] : : . .
(newest to oldest)

Ani did the outlines on her laptop touchpad while she was in class. It was done on a website she found through stumbleupon.

A wonderful picture of me all grown up! I'm a forest spirit now. And look at my antlers!

A lovely picture of my and Sheryl together! We look great!

I was so sad when Sheryl left me.

Ani drew me crying because Sheryl was gone.

I look very happy in this picture!

TNT used to not let people enter the BC on their side accounts, so poor Xar couldn't get a trophy! This was a protest against that.

Drawn when Ani first heard the song "Perfect Harmony" by Within Temptation. I think it looks like a woodcarving! Very suiting!

I think I look very grown up in this picture!

And in this one I look very young. Element week in the BC.

This is what happened when Sheryl disappeared…

A nice traditional sketch if me… I think I'm looking at a cute female Ixi… heh.

A close encounter with Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. Not the nicest plant to talk to.

This was actually a winter scene in an old petpage of mine. I won my fist BC trophy with this picture!

Valentine's Day theme for the BC! I got struck by cupid's arrow!

Caught under the mistletoe with Cheryl!

Influenced by a recent piece of fanart I got . Ani wanted to try reflections too!

A beautiful picture of me and Cheryl. The lyrics are "Flora's Secret" by Enya.

Ani was trying out a new style. I look so furry!

Getting blessed by an earth faerie!

Me from the family portrait Ani did. I was nervous for my close up!

Moxie and I! Digitally colored this time.

A digitally colored version. I always liked this one!

The first picture of me and Moxie together!

Ani drew this while she was on vacation at her grandparents.

What a pretty butterfly. I guess I was having so much fun then that Ani decided to draw me.

This was a new petpage layout for me. Something springy and happy!

Ani was trying out a new style of drawing on me. What do you think? I like the green outlines.

For my lookup circle. Who remembers those good old days??

The first picture Ani did of me on her new digital art program, Corel Painter.

The first layout picture for me for my petpage!

One of the first pictures EVER of me!

. . : : [ Art by Others ] : : . .
(newest to oldest relatively)

Whoa! I'm a SLUGMA! :o Thanks for turning me into a Pokemon! (:

From: Elyssa
For: Request

This is a simply beautiful picture of me and Sheryl. I love it so much!

From: Razrroth
For: Fanart!

A great one of me! I look like I am in the midst of battle!

From: Sarah
For: Fanart!

This one was done my Ani's friend IRL. She has it hanging up next to her desk! Moxie look so cute.

From: Plien
For: Fanart!

Me as a human! Imagine that! Doesn't it look interesting?

From: Emma
For: Request

A great pic of me by Aangie! I love her for drawing me so many times!

From: Aangie
For: Fanart!

This was a Christmas gift done by Ani's friend Akiu! Its very cute.

From: akiu2028 @ dA
For: Fanart!

A lovely picture by Ani's friend. The song is "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls. She felt it fit me perfectly!

From: Rose
For: Fanart!

A participation award that Ani got from a contest that her friend held. Look, I'm cute and pixilated!

From: Rose
For: Fanart!

Aw a cute little chibi of me. I love this! Thank you.

From: Banana
For: Fanart!

Haha this is a crazy one! My name was similar to Moosey's so she drew me a picture!

From: HumorMooseyPlease @ dA
For: Fanart!

This is a beautiful, soft picture of me. Its one of my favorites!

From: Maria
For: Fanart!

This is a great traditionally drawn picture of me! Its also one of my faves. Thanks Morghie!

From: Morghie
For: Fanart!

Moxie and I looks amazing in this picture!

From: Twix
For: Fanart!

A great picture of me in the woods done my Ani's friend Aangie.

From: Aangie
For: Fanart!

Oooo I look stunning, don't you think? Look at that handsome grin!

From: Biz
For: Trade

I looks so cute like this! I wonder what I'm looking at. . .

From: Fiona
For: Fanart!

A birthday present for dear Ani. Aangie is too kind!

From: Aangie
For: Fanart!

A Christmas present. Moxie and I are decorating a tree in the forest!

From: Aangie
For: Fanart!

Another favorite of mine. This picture is wonderful! Nicole did a great job capturing me.

From: Nicole
For: Request

A kind of anthro version of me. Very cool!

From: Neru
For: Fanart!

This one is especially nice! I love the reflection.

From: Kairiko
For: Trade

I was so sad when Sheryl left me. . .

From: Aangie
For: Trade

This icon is so cute! Look at me jump!

From: Biz
For: Fanart!

I wonder why I am so confused…?!

From: Xy
For: Trade

More butterflies! They are wonderful.

From: ???
For: Fanart!

Moxie and I look great together in this picture! Thanks so much!

From: Auto
For: Fanart!

Me and Xar! We are having fun with the butterflies! Xariiah sure loves them.

From: Aangie
For: Fanart!

This was the first picture Aangie gave to me. I love it! Moxie is so cute.

From: Aangie
For: Fanart!

Ah! This is absolutely one of my favorites! I look so strong.

From: MK
For: Trade

I love seeing pictures of me and my little sister together! Ani's good friend, Fairy, did a great job on this!

From: FMC
For: Fanart!

A very handsome picture of me. I quite like this!

From: Dra
For: Fanart!

Ani can't remember who did this picture, but we both like it!

From: ???
For: Trade

I look so regal in this picture. Thanks so much!

From: CK
For: Trade

Ah! I am so happy! I must have been near Cammy in this picture.

From: Sari
For: Fanart!

I love this one. It's a scene from an adventure Dark and I had!

From: Sakii
For: Fanart!

Cheryl and I! Don't we look dashing together? I loved her so much. I'm so glad I found Sheryl once again.

From: Aishie
For: Fanart!

This head shot is so cool. I have an amazing full head of hair!

From: Atyva
For: Fanart!

Another of my favorites! I looks so happy.

From: Fox
For: Trade

Aishie's first picture of me. I had just met Cheryl then.

From: Aishie
For: Fanart!

My very first piece of fanart! I love it!!

From: Youkai
For: Fanart!

.[ they stole it from us ].

You start to feel tired from all the walking around and decide its best that you sit down again.

Mossy leads you over to the mat again and helps you sit down. He pulls out something else from the bookcase next to you. It looks like a folder with various papers.

Now, this is my record book. I've noticed a lot of people trying to take things from my lovely home. Please don't steal from me. Its such a horrible thing to do!

He hands you the folder so you can look through it.

. [Username] desert_foxy / primevalpwns
. [Pet] GrassyGreenIxi / Mosslo
. [Offense] Mainly, lied about being 2 separate people when Sunny and I found evidence to the contrary. There were also, name similarities, a little bits of design and text theft.
. [Also Stole From] Isdari, Suta-Raito, Poughkipsei, Myalona (Ixidex)
. [Status] reported
. [Note] Things that were stolen were minor (for the most part), and I was going to let it go, but i can't stand the complete lying to my face.

* * *

. [Username] _dragon_colecter_
. [Pet] _dead_spirit_
. [Offense] Took coding from the "Gurdian Ixi" section and changed the name to "Elementals." Also had "Spirit Names" which is taken from GI's Ancient Names. Had nine Ixi each guarding an element with similar ones including, Plants, Hearts, and Ground.
. [Also Stole From] Lamb_Of_Giving, Waves_Fighter
. [Status] inactive
. [Note] Neomailed asking for an adoptable/RP and admitted to me "giving her the idea" for it. Removed from petpage.

* * *

. [Username] Grumps
. [Pet] Zeau
. [Offense] Stole and edited Mossy's lookup HTML/code and used it for Ixi and two of her other pets.
. [Also Stole From] n/a
. [Status] inactive
. [Note] All lookups were cleared

* * *

. [Username] Nierozei
. [Pet] Poughkipsi_
. [Offense] Stole all of Mossy's story (exact text) and edited the names (Xariiah became Haiirax). Also stole the "Woodland Elf Ixi" text exactly and changed it to "Foxixi" (which is also stolen).
. [Also Stole From] Poughkipsei, Xaiiro, Cheryltanii, Plushiemon, plus numerous adopts that were edited and claimed as own art.
. [Status] FROZEN
. [Note] Abandoned the Ixi, but was caught stealing art, coding, & content on her other pages and was frozen. Thanks to Biz and Aangie for alerting Ani.

* * *

. [Username] vixenaishide
. [Pet] Kaeydryn
. [Offense] Stole and edited the background from Ani's shop. Claims to be the "Forest Deity" of the "Nine Deities." This is taken from the Guardian Ixi; the way she lists the "Deities" is stolen HTML coding from my "Guardian Ixi" section. (Also has an award called "The Golden Leaf Award.")
. [Also Stole From] AerisGainsboroughFF7
. [Status] inactive

* * *

. [Username] firepixy_
. [Pet] Kyildraeyn
. [Offense] The Ixi claimed to be a "Forest Elvaan Ixi" and her page was "Kyildraeyn's Forest Haven." She also stole exact text from this page in my "Woodland Elf Ixi" section. Her Ixi's design was similar to mine.
. [Also Stole From] Ximaku, Xaiiro, Arkwen, and Shimmer_Swirls
. [Status] FROZEN! (new account)

I used to be obsessed with finding thieves who stole Mossy's character, but I'm not so much anymore. I know that he is not the only "Forest Ixi" out there. I also know there are many people who are influenced by him to create their own Ixi. I keep my Wall of Shame up as a warning: Do not take anything from this page. Do not steal my exact coding, content, or art. If I find you I will ask you to take it down. If you don't, I will report you and you will be added to the Wall of Shame.

.[ music box ].

You put the folder back in the shelf once you are finished (and thoroughly disgusted). As you do so, you notice small wooden box next to the books on the shelf.

You carefully take the box out to look at it. When you open the box a beautiful song emerges. You pause to listen to it. It seems to be in a language you've never heard before.

This is my music box. There is a paper inside there with the lyrics on it. They are in the Woodland Elf Ixi's native tongue, so I've also included a translation for you.

. . : : [ Lyrics ] : : . .

Evenstar - Howard Shore (ft. Isabel Bayrakdarian)
from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

(solo) - Sindarin [elvish]

Ú i vethed nâ i onnad_ Si boe ú-dhanna. Ae ú-esteli, esteliach nad.

Estelio han, estelio han, estelio, estelio han, estelio veleth.

(chorus) - Sindarin [elvish]

Ú i vethed nâ i onnad_ Nâ boe ú i. [Es]teliach nad, estelio han.

Translation - English

This is not the is the beginning.
You cannot falter now.
If you don't trust [this], trust nothing else.

Trust this, trust this, trust,
Trust this, trust love.

This is not the is the beginning.
You should not do this.
If you trust anything, trust this.

. . : : [ Soundtrack ] : : . .
1. Concerning Hobbits - Howard Shore
2. Flora's Secret - Enya
3. In Perfect Harmony - Within Temptation
4. You're Beautiful - James Blunt
5. Evenstar - Howard Shore (ft. Isabel Bayrakdarian)
6. All I Want is You - Barry Louis Polistar
7. Keep Holding On - Avril Lavigne
8. Hey, Soul Sister - Train
9. The Walk - Imogen Heap
10. Hallucinations - Angels & Airwaves
11. Drops of Jupiter - Train
12. In Memory of Trees - Enya
13. Brendan and the Secret of Kells - Bruno Coulais
14. The First of Autumn - Enya

.[ ask or hold your peace ].

Mossy looks you straight in the eye.

Now. This is the time where you can ask me anything and everything. Go ahead. I'll answer to the best of my abilities.

Q. Can my pet be friends with you?

A. The only way to be friends is through Role Play. Unfortunately, Ani doesn't have time at the moment for that. So, the answer is No.

* * *

Q. Can I draw you fanart?

A. Of course! I love getting new pictures to hang on my walls.

* * *

Q. Can I trade my pet, ____ for you?

A. I will never be Up For Trade (UFT) or Up For Adoption (UFA).

* * *

Q. Can I use the pictures on your petpage?

A. Please don't take the images on here without asking Ani first. The exception is if we made a custom adoptable for your pet. But don't take an adoptable that wasn't made for you!

* * *

Q. Can I have a forest Ixi too?

A. Of course! I am obviously not the only Ixi that lives in the woods. But just please don't copy my story, design etc.

* * *

Q. Can we do a link trade?

A. Sure! Just neomail Ani and we can arrange it!

* * *

Q. Green is boring. Are you ever going to get painted?

A. No silly! It would ruin my name!!

* * *

.[ take a patch ].

It seems to be growing lighter in the tree. You and Mossy have been talking for a long time. The sun hasn't risen yet, but you anticipate it will in a few hours time.

Mossy seems to notice the time too. He takes you over to a small box by the wall of the tree house. In it are beautifully sewn squares that seem to sparkle.

These are magical quilt patches. If you touch them and say my name three times you will be led straight here! Please, take one!



.[ portals ].

You go and sit down again on your little mat to admire one of the patches you took.

Mossy pulls out a large, colorful blanket from a box next to you.

This is a quilt I made from patches I have collected. I have been many places and met many people and I wish to share them with you.

. . : : [ Family Links ] : : . .
.:Mossy's Woodland Haven:. .{Sheryl}. . . . Isdari Stroke of Midnight

. . : : [ Ixi Quilt ] : : . .
...? Garden.of.Everwood Swamp.Garden Arrows fly true! Darkest melody Omoigoosh click me :D! Come to SpOngeIxi's World! .:Not.all.endings.are.happy:.. A midsummer's Puck LeTs JaZz iT Up! .hello,sugar. Follow the Dark... Poughkipsei, the Foxixi. Edelheid ashes to ashes // dust to dust Enchanted's Forest Follow the sound of the falling waters... Kyoras-Haven A drop of water changes everything... ...Does anybody feel the way I do?... .turn.around. PURPLE Can you handle it? That's Hot. ::Silence is Golden:: ::Resistance is Futile:: Lord Sloth wants you to... ^.- .:Princess of the Elements:.

. . : : [ Other Portals ] : : . .
Kirby's Petpage And still insists he sees the ghost... Emsohl loves you! THYSMAL! D: ... Salve! Faellie Fields
I am Rio. Hear me ROAR! Link_Troggops Scellestio Tibbun

i waz jes bord

.[ where credit is due ].

Once you are all snuggled up in the quilt that Mossy gave you, you start to feel drowsy.

One more thing, before you drift to dream land. He hands you a little piece of paper. These are the people that helped me.

. All art, context, coding, and text are (c) antonia22301 Do not use without permission.
. Stock image background by valkiria-stock @ dA and edited by me.
. Stock Celtic brushes by falln-stock @ dA
. Tree item help from jellyneo

.[ farewell ].

As you curl up under the quilt, your eyes start to feel heavy. You feel so peaceful and safe, so you don't fight the sleep.

* * *

Hours later, you open your eyes. The sun is brightly shining down on you through tree branches and leaves. You feel the warmth of the midday heat on your skin. You yawn and sit up, prepared to see the green buck again.

You realize then, that you are not on the wooden platform that you were last night. Instead, you are lying under a single tree in the middle of a field and sitting on the hard ground instead of the soft mat.

You stand up and wonder if last night was all a dream. Surely, you just finished Illusen's quest and then decided to sleep under that tree until morning. There! You can see Meridell in the distance!

You start to walk toward the town. You put your hands in your pocket as you stroll, only to reveal there is something in it. You take it out and see it is a small scroll with only two words written on it:

Thank you.

Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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