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This petpage is dedicated to making the most NP in the easiest, most carefree method that requires the least amount of effort. This method is really only for serious players, but is a surefire way to make many many millions of NP.

Welcome to DarkelvenSFi's guide to millions of NeoPoints.

Within this petpage, you'll find a fairly wide range of advice on making NeoPoints the easy way. This method has made many people Millionaires, and my own wealth is some testament to how effective the system is.
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There are two general concepts that I decided on when starting this strategy. 1) I was going to play Neopets for a long time, and 2) I wanted to make NP easily. So I worked with what little NP I had at the time, and built slowly into something vast (nearing 1 billion NP). You can do this too, given enough time. It just takes some foresight and initial planning, then you can watch your NP come rolling in. The system works best if used as a whole, but you can take what bits and pieces you like from this and work it however you want. See below for a brief description of what's on offer.

Stock Market

The advice here is straight forward and easy to follow. Within a relatively short period of time, you'll be making a bunch of NP from the stock market.

Retired Items

Retired items are the foundation of making NP easily. If you've got NP sitting about, buying up retired items will make you far more NP than you'd otherwise get in bank interest.

As a rough guess, the stock market has made me 90 million over 8 years. Where retired items has made me 800 million over 7 years.

It does take some initial effort, but it's smooth sailing after that.

Shops and Trades

This section is an aside to retired items. It's a method of using your shop and the trading post to make the most of your investments.

I didn't want to cover restocking here, because that's too much effort (the act of restocking). We want things to be easy, and that's what this section is all about.

Shops and Trades

This is possibly the biggest NP maker in Neopia. But it normally requires you spending hours each and every day restocking from Neopian Shopkeepers. We don't want that sort of thing, but there are a vast array of guides that explain the process if you were interested. This section details how to maintain a shop with little effort for a great profit.

Hopefully you've read the retired item section and have an idea of what's expected there. What we're doing here is selling those items you've (already or hypothetically) accumulated.

Once again, the system here is simple. As you buy your retired items, you place a few in your shop at a large price increase. There are some caveats here, but I usually go for between a 20% increase through to a 10000% increase. This variance in price increase is due to one simple rule; always price higher than 1000np. This way, when the item sells, it'll appear in your shop history. This is important because at least once a week, you'll be checking your shop till for sales, and you need to know what items are selling and at what price.

For example, if you bought 50 Soap Bottles at roughly 100 np each, you'd put 3-8 in your shop at 1000np. It may take some months through to years for the price to go up, but when it does, someone will buy the item, and you'll get an alert in your shop till. Once that happens, you simply retrieve some from your Safety Deposit Box, stick them in your shop, and raise the price to.. maybe 1800np (or any price you're comfortable with). After a couple of years, you'll have increased the price of most of your items several times. Meaning that items you paid 100np for, are now selling for 2,500np each. Items you bought for 2000np are selling for 80,000np each.

And this brings us to our next point; when retired items reach unbuyable status. The system is much the same as with your shop, but you need to post them in the trades. You'll get more responses if you state a price, and most people will try to haggle you down a little. I'm usually ok with this.. mostly because items I'm selling for 800,000np only cost me 5,000np. But you decide what you're happy doing.

You should expect to only make the occasional sale like this, which is why it's very important to buy as large a range of items as you can. Some perform much better than others, and you're goal is to have enough go up in price (and sell) to produce a steady income for you. Personally, I get all my profit and put it straight back into more retired items. This creates a nice cycle of NP in that increases exponentially over time.

Stock Market - Introduction
Stock Menu
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Portfolio Totals
Selling Strategies
Finer Details

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The Stock Market is a game that lets you buy and sell shares in Neopian companies. The companies are themed according to various aspects within Neopia, but share prices have no bearing on Neopian events; it's (for our purposes) entirely random. Which makes it very simple to make the best of the game. The concept with the stock market is to buy low and sell high; simple, right? You bet!

There are really only two rules that matter with the stock market. The first is that you can only buy 1,000 shares each day, the second is that the lowest price you can buy at is 15. This means that the best price you can buy shares at each day (assuming you want the full 1,000 shares) is 15,000np worth of shares.

If you click here, you'll see a list of companies that have shares for sale between 6np and roughly 20-25np each. Bookmark this page for future use. You just need to choose any company that's selling shares for 15np, and buy 1,000 of them. Once you've bought the shares, you'll arrive at a page that displays your stock portfolio. We'll cover this in more detail soon.

There are some important details that you need to know about the stock market.:

  1. You don't lose NP unless you sell at a loss; only sell at a profit (above 15).
  2. It doesn't matter if prices drop, because you're not going to sell at a loss.
  3. The market is random, so eventually all stocks will rise.
  4. 60 is the most commonly accepted 'best' sell point.
  5. If you add buying shares to your daily activities, you'll eventually make more than 1 million NP each month from sales.

Next we'll look at your stock portfolio and what the numbers mean. Read More.

Stock Market - Portfolio
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Finer Details

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Now we're looking at your portfolio.

The picture below displayes a screenshot of a company called Alien Aisha Vending Ltd, with the Ticker "AAVL". The 'Open' is what price the stock was selling for at the start of the day (12am NST). The 'Current Price' is how much it's selling for now, with the 'Chg' being the difference between the Open and Current Price. We only need to pay attention to the Current Price and the Quantity (Qty), which is how many shares you have in the stock.

You may find some value in 'Paid', being what you paid for your shares, and the current Market Value, which is the price you'd get if you sold all of your shares. Make a note of the small triangle on the left which needs to be clicked when it's time to sell shares.

Seasonal Stamp

Next we'll be looking at your portfolio totals. Read More.

Stock Market - Portfolio
Stock Menu
Portfolio Intro
Portfolio Totals
Selling Strategies
Finer Details

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Your portfolio total is a summary of all your stocks.

On the right are some examples. Eg 1 is a new port where someone has being buying for 4 days.

Example Portfolio Totals
Eg 1) Totals: 4,000 62,000 64,000 +3.23%
Eg 2) Totals: 341,000 5,193,000 8,952,000 +72.39%
Eg 3)Totals: 1,730,000 26,104,000 60,949,000 +133.49%

You'll see that they've got 4,000 shares, which is 1,000 for each day. The next number is their total purchase value (which is the amount of NP paid for them). If you've been paying attention, you'll notice that this amount means that some shares were bought at more than 15np a share. This isn't ideal, but occasionally you'll find that there are none available at 15. You decide whether you want to wait for a price change or are willing to spend an extra 1,000 to 2,000np.

The third number is the current value. Meaning that if all the shares were sold, there'd be a profit of 2,000np. The percentage at the end is the difference between the purchase price and current value. It should only be used as a rough gauge of port porformance; it doesn't matter if it's low.

Eg 2 is a port that's been running for more than a year. With a port of this size, you can expect to make roughly 1 million NP each month.

Eg 3 is my portfolio (as of Oct 2010). It's showing a surprisingly high percentage because I've got 31,000 shares in KSON, which is up at 386. There are also two other stocks that are silling shares for 164 and 173.

This brings us to when to sell.. Read More.

Stock Market - Selling Strategies
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Selling Strategies
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When to sell shares is often a personal choice that mostly comes down to whether you need the NP or not.

When talking 'Sell Points' we're referring to the Current Value of individual stocks. Each day we check the stock market to see if any of our stocks have risen to meet our chosen Sell Point; meaning that if the Current Value of a stock is over (eg) 45, then it's time to sell those shares.

A sell point of 30 or 45 can be a good start to get a return on your investments fairly early. This works if you're low on NP, or just want to get something back quickly. But the lower you sell, the smaller your profit margin is. Keep in mind that if you sell at 30, you're not making 30np per share. You've making 15np per share; the other 15np is the NP you spent on the investment.

There are a great variety of selling strategies, but most overcomplicate what should be a simple action. If you visit the Stock Forums, you'll hear most people proclaim a "buy at 15, sell at 60" approach to the stock market. And for the most part I have to agree. This works exceptionally well in producing an average of 1 million NP each month and will result in you having a portfolio size between 300,000 to 400,000 shares in total; depending on the market. This is where you're buying as many shares each month as you're selling.

If you want, you can stop reading here and go with the 'sell all of everything over 60' approach. It makes life easy. But if you wanted more options and details, please keep reading.

One option some people use is a progressive sell point strategy. It's a little more complicated, but simple enough once you understand it. We'd be best served by example here. So, if you're sell point was 45, rather than selling everything at 45, you'd just sell (eg) 2k shares. Then you'd wait and watch. If the price goes up to 50, you can sell another 2k shares. And you can keep this progression all the way until you have no shares left.

Another option is to use a Market Value strategy. This approach centers around the market value of each stock. You pick a value, say 500,000np, and every time a stock you own has its market value exceed that point, you sell enough shares to drop it under that point. This way you can maintain a steady income and monopolise on stocks that perform exceedingly well.

In this next ssection, we're looking at the finer details of the stock market. Read More.

Stock Market - Finer Details
Stock Menu
Portfolio Intro
Portfolio Totals
Selling Strategies
Finer Details

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You might be wondering if a sell point of 60 is really appropriate. You may have seen my comments and my portfolio size and questioned some of the advice. Or you may just be smarter than most others and see more potential than what's already been explained. Whatever the case, this may give you some answers and help you truly expand on your investments.

There are a few key points here:

  1. The market is truly random, and stocks do reach 500+
  2. Given enough time, all stocks can/will reach 500+
  3. Your sell point should also be based on how long you intend to play neopets.

My sell point starts at 250, where I sell 5k shares. I sell another 5k shares at 300, 350, 400, etc until I run out of shares. I may not make any sales for a year or more. But when I do make sales, they start at 1,250,000np for 5k shares. This works for me because I don't intend to stop playing Neopets. So I know that eventually, I'll have hundreds of thousands of shares in each stock, and when they reach 500, I'll sell the lot for many many millions of NP. KSON is close to doing this (at the time of writing this). And two other stocks are also high enough for me to hope.

This method works because I'm getting the most out of my investments. I don't want to make 45np per share (selling at 60). I want to make at least 235np per share, even if it means I have to wait a few years to do so. My rule with playing Neopets is 'time passes whether you make an investment or not'. With the stock market, time passing means more opportunities for stocks to go really high. And as I'm here for the long haul, I'm best served building up my investments and waiting for the spikes.

If you've grasped this concept, you'll see that your sell point should really be based on how long you intend to play neopets. The higher the sell point, the better the profit. But the longer you'll have to wait to enjoy those profits. You can settle for 1 million NP each month with a sell point of 60, and good luck to you. But if you have the intention of playing for life, then do yourself a service, and hike up your sell point to something truly impressive.

Read More.

Retired Items - Introduction
Retired Item Menu
What to Expect
Retired Item System
Choosing an Item
Words of Warning
Retired Item List

Retired items are those items which are no longer being released into Neopia. This results in some ideal investment opportunities.

The 'items no longer entering Neopia' is important. We know that if there's a lot of something, the price drops (because there's less competition for the items, and shops must sell at a lower price to encourage sales). The reverse of this is also true. Less items means more competition, which drives the prices up.

Retired items aren't just 'not entering Neopia', they're leaving it too. Many retired items are usable (and lost after use), but all of them can be lost via random events, lost accounts, or just forgotten about in safety deposit boxes. This further improves the prices of items in shops.

Example Items
Balthazar Plushie Walking Book Seasonal Stamp Snicklebeast Cylara Poster

What we're doing is buying a heap of these items and storing them away until the price goes up. It's an investment, much like the stock market.

What to expect: Read More.

Retired Items - Expectations
Retired Item Menu
What to Expect
Retired Item System
Choosing an Item
Words of Warning
Retired Item List

This method of making NP takes time. Lots of it! It requires a lot of NP too, but the rewards are brilliant.

My argument here is 'time will pass' regardless of whether you make an investment or not. So if you plan on playing for a year or more, try the system and see how things work out for you.

I've had some items go from hundreds into the ten thousands in days, or from thousands into unbuyable within weeks. But those are the rare/extreme cases. Some items increase by 100np each year, others jump up 10 x its original price. On the whole, I expect my total retired item value to double each year. So if today, my total value is 800 million NP, then by this time next year, I expect/hope to have 1.6 billion NP. Some years I've come up a little short, some years I've tripled my total worth.

The message I'm trying to get across is; item price increases vary by a large amount. Buy a wide range of items to increase your chances of buying the ones that go up quickly.

The system: Read More.

Retired Items - The System
Retired Item Menu
What to Expect
Retired Item System
Choosing an Item
Words of Warning
Retired Item List

What you're looking to do is buy at least 100 of each of the items you decide to buy. This way, you can make some sales over time, to get some income back, and still have enough of them handy for when they reach unbuyable status.

I usually end up buying between 100 and 1000 of each item. Once I've chosen an item for purchase, I'll check the shop wiz and decide on an upper price limit. I'll buy all the items below that limit. This in itself pushes the prices up. For items I like, I'll check back every few days/weeks and buy up any more that have gone on sale for less than that limit. All but a few of the items get stored away in my SDB. You may choose to use this system, or find one that works for you. But I'll always put a few into my shop for sale at a decent profit (above that price limit). See the Shops section of this petpage for details on why I'm doing this (but make sure you check back here).

I don't like the idea of boasting, but I like to explain to people what I've got, so they have some idea of how well this system can work. The retired items I've got are worth between 10np through to 1 million NP each. A single set of (the same type of) items can be worth 20,000,000 NP or more. It's even more impressive when you understand that those same items cost me less than 80,000np for the lot. But know that this is a rare example and I've stored them away for 5 years to produce this value. Out of over 350 unique retired items, only 6 have reached unbuyable status and only 2 past 1 million NP each; all bought at less than 10,000np each, some at only 100np each.

The choice: Read More.

Retired Items - The Choice
Retired Item Menu
What to Expect
Retired Item System
Choosing an Item
Words of Warning
Retired Item List

Ok, so you're interested. Great. But you want details on what to buy. Sure, read on.

Where you start depends largely on how much NP you have. The stock market should be your first port of call for making NP. It's more likely to give you a quick return. But retired items are more likely to provide you with a much better return if you have the NP spare. But I'd recommend doing both. Below is a list of items and my views on why the work and don't work. From this, you can decide where you want to invest, based on your NP and the items within your price range.

Foods Battledome Clothing / Furniture
Foods are good investments within reason. The prices do go up if they're fairly low to start with, but past a certain point people stop spending NP on them. "Why spend a lot of NP of something when you can get something cheaper that does the same job?". Only choose food items if there's some high appearance value in it. If it looks like a dogs breakfast, leave it be. Battledome items can be good investments if they are one use, and disappear after that use. But they will not go up in price much beyond it's ability in the battledome; as in if the weapon does 5 icons of damage, it wont rise in price much beyond other normal items that also do 5 icons of damage. Clothing and Furniture are good so long as they wearable. Here appearance value makes a big impact on how quickly the prices rise. People also tend to buy them, stick them in their closed or SDB and forget about them. And the more people that do that, the higher the prices go. A good selection.
Stamps / Collection Petpets Books
Stamps and other one use collectable items are great purchases. Among by favourites. You've got the benefit of many/most of them being useful in obtaining avatars, along with them having some inherent value to people completing their collections. I've always seen a good price increase in stamps, but that also means they're expensive buy up. Petpets are a mixed bag. You really have to do some extra research here. Is it the petpet that's retired, the colour of petpet, or the paintbrush that paints that colour that's retired? Respectively, the value is high through to low in terms of investment potential. Books are right up there in terms of my favourite retired items. They've consistently shown nice increases despite the type of book or how it looks. Pay extra attention for retired books that are part of collections or needed for avatars. All books serve to increase intelligence, which some Neopians will pay a lot for.
Paintbrushes Toys Goodie Bags
Retired paintbrushes are rare. Normally they're for colours that Neopians have decided they don't like/want. So the now useless paintbrush becomes more of a keepsake than anything else. Occasionally a paintbrush actually becomes retired but still works. This is where you'll make a lot of NP. Keep an eye out for Hidden Tower paintbrushes that stop being sold. Leave these be, for the most part. I've had some luck with these when there's a high appearance value involved. But for the most part, there's little benefit here that cannot be gained quicker elsewhere. These can be good, but usually only rise in price according to the types of items they contain. If there's a chance of an expensive item (eg a paintbrush) then the prices can go decently high, but in general terms, the price only goes up a little when people foolishly try their luck with them.
Avatar Items Advent Calendar Items Event / Game Items
Finding a retired item that's needed for an Avatar is your true goal. This is where you can become a millionaire overnight. Or a billionaire if you're already a millionaire. I've had items jump up from 250np each, right upto unbuyable status within hours. Some items go into the high millions within days. This means it's neigh impossible to buy large quantities of these items. You just have to be lucky enough to already have those items in your hoard when an item is chosen as being needed for an avatar; and then you'd better hope it's a one use item sorta deal. This is instant true and utter wealth (which hasn't happened to me yet). This is the starting place for many new investors. Advent Calendar items are available in great numbers, which means that they can be obtained relatively cheaply. But it also means a much slower price increase. The majority of my items are Advent Calendar items, and I still double my NP each year with them. Ideally, you'd target non-Advent Calendar items, but those can be pretty expensive. Event, Quest, and Game items are generally 'limited edition', or released only during the event. Like Advent Calendar items, they're not truly 'retired' but they serve the same purpose most of the time. These are hard to get into, partly because there's not often many available, and the price increases can be slow, because not many people know about them, or want them.

Some words of caution: Read More.

Retired Items - Words of Warning
Retired Item Menu
What to Expect
Retired Item System
Choosing an Item
Words of Warning
Retired Item List

There are some things you need to be wary of.

TNT take offense to people taking advantage of others. While investing like we've been covering here is fair game, you need to know that working as a group is against the rules. This is why I wont explain to you that you should buy X item or Y item. I will detail what makes a good investment, and list all the items I know of, but aside from that, you're on your own.

TNT will freeze you if they determine that you've been working with other people to hoard items. This includes asking others to buy a heap of them and sell them to you in bulk. And it includes having you and several friends choose the same items to hoard in an effort to push the prices up. TNT have said that one person working alone can do this, so long as they're not targeting specific sections in the shop wiz (such as the list of shops starting with 'D' when their username also starts with 'D'.

Don't use scripts or autobuyers, or anything that makes buying easier. TNT have some fancy ways of determining this, and they're always updating their security. Any gain you get will be temporary.

Onto the retired item list: Read More.

Retired Items - Retired Item List
Retired Item Menu
What to Expect
Retired Item System
Choosing an Item
Words of Warning
Retired Item List

1002 Yooyuball Tips 1/2 Turkey and Cranberry Pizza 1/3 Turkey and Cranberry Pizza 2/3 Turkey and Cranberry Pizza 5/6 Turkey and Cranberry Pizza
A Faerie Christmas Acara Goodie Bag Air Faeries Fan Aisha Myriad Aisha Totem
Almost-Real Aisha Totem Altador Cup Altador Cup Altador Keyring Altador Cup Brightvale Keyring Altador Cup Darigan Citadel Keyring
Altador Cup Faerieland Keyring Altador Cup Fan Jersey Altador Cup Fanatic Bobblehead Altador Cup Haunted Woods Keyring Altador Cup Kiko Lake Keyring
Altador Cup Krawk Island Keyring Altador Cup Kreludor Keyring Altador Cup Lost Desert Keyring Altador Cup Maraqua Keyring Altador Cup Meridell Keyring
Altador Cup Mystery Island Keyring Altador Cup Play Set Altador Cup Practice Team Play Set Altador Cup Referee Plushie Altador Cup Roo Island Keyring
Altador Cup Shenkuu Keyring Altador Cup Team Background - Altador Altador Cup Team Background - Brightvale Altador Cup Team Background - Darigan Citadel Altador Cup Team Background - Faerieland
Altador Cup Team Background - Haunted Woods Altador Cup Team Background - Kiko Lake Altador Cup Team Background - Krawk Island Altador Cup Team Background - Lost Desert Altador Cup Team Background - Maraqua
Altador Cup Team Background - Meridell Altador Cup Team Background - Mystery Island Altador Cup Team Background - Roo Island Altador Cup Team Background - Shenkuu Altador Cup Team Background - Terror Mountain
Altador Cup Team Background - Tyrannia Altador Cup Team Background - Virtupets Altador Cup Terror Mountain Keyring Altador Cup Tyrannia Keyring Altador Cup Virtupets Keyring
Altador Team Beanie Altador Team Hand Altador Team Jersey Altador Team Megaphone Altador Team Pennant
Altador Team Pompoms Altador Team Poster Altador Team Seat Cushion Altador Team Water Bottle Amazing Kiko Cracker
Anchorfish Anchovies Ancient Book Angry Blue Usul Keyring Angry Green Usul Keyring
Angry Techo Fist Angry Techo Garden Gnome Angry Techo Plushie Anubis Toxicology Reports (Abridged) Apple Jelly Helmet
Apron of the Muffin Man Aquatic Gem Artichoke Bomb Asparagus and Butter Hot Dog Asparagus Dagger
Asparagus Gateaux Assorted Coconut Balls Babaa Wardrobe Bad Toadstool Balloon Birthday Goodie Bag
Balloon Print Birthday Balloon Balthazar Claw Balthazar Plushie Banana Baraga
Bargella Root Bargil Surprise Bargjelly Sundae Basic Mathematics Bat Boy
Battle JubJub Cake Battle Slices Beanbagchairfish Bendy Yellow Pencil Bent Fork
Big Bag of Sweets Bird Watching Biscuit Assortment Bitten Book Black Currant Gummy Kiko
Black Currant Year Six Cake Black Cyodrake Black Furwitch Black Goldy Black Goulblee
Black Roses Black Snicklebeast Black Trumpadon Blackened Banana Blackened Hot Pepper
Blackened Pineapple Blackened Potato Blackened Strawberries Blackened Watermelon Blended Lemaniac
Blended Merryberry Bloatershroom Blood Mushroom BLT sandwich Blue Aisha Keyring
Blue Birthday Balloon Blue Birthday Crown Blue Birthday Whistle Blue Blumaroo Keyring Blue Cyodrake
Blue Daisy Hair Clip Blue Flizzardo Blue Fungree Blue Furwitch Blue Goulblee
Blue Gremble Blue Gulper Blue Healthshroom Blue JubJub Balloon Blue Juppie Pizza
Blue Meowclops Blue Neopets 6th Birthday Blue Neopets 6th Birthday Blower Blue Neopets 6th Birthday Hard Candy Blue Pwerko
Blue Skeith Keyring Blue Snowbunny Blue Turdle Blue Tuskaninny Keyring Blue Usul Keyring
Blueberry Year Six Cake BluePepper Boiled Sea Serpent Bombaberry Bag Bomberry Birthday Cupcake
Book of Bizarre Tales Book of Bones Book of Ice Magic Book of Pain Book of Sea Spells
Book of Splinters Book of Symbols Book of Vision Bori Snowglobe Botago Plant
Bound Magic Book Box of Clockwork Grundos Bread Brightvale Flag Brightvale Team Beanie
Brightvale Team Hand Brightvale Team Jersey Brightvale Team Megaphone Brightvale Team Pennant Brightvale Team Pompoms
Brightvale Team Poster Brightvale Team Seat Cushion Brightvale Team Water Bottle Broken Neo Hits Volume One Brown Pwerko
Brown Snowbunny Bubbles Butterlicious Bun Candy Cane Pen Candychan Stamp
Caparas Battledeck Caramel Birthday Nova Carburnup Pepper Caring for Eyries Caring For Your Neopet 1
Caring For Your Neopet 2 Caring For Your Neopet 3 Caring For Your Neopet 4 Caring For Your Neopet 5 Carnapepper
Carrotblade Cement Mixer Chained Book Cheese and Onion Crisps Cheese Skeith
Cheesy Cod and Tofu Burger Cheesy Neos Chezzoom Chia Flour Chia Print Chair
Chia Totem Chicken Chocolate Birthday Cupcake Chocolate Chia Treat Chocolate Christmas Scorchio
Chocolate Doughnutfruit Chocolate Ghostkersword Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Roll Chocolate Smothered Peach
Chocolate Tree Chokato Chia Balloon Chokato Year Six Cake Christmas Brucicle Christmas Frogarott
Christmas Fungree Christmas Meowclops Christmas Shoyru Plushie Christmas Uni Plushie Christmas Vira Plushie
Christmas Wocky Plushie Clam Chops Clampfish Clay Flizzardo Clockwork Quiggle
Clockwork Yooyu Clompkin Cloud Meowclops Cloud Rod Cloud Snicklebeast
Cobblestone Bridge Coconut Shy Quiggle Plushie Codcombfish Colourful Cybunny Cookie Colourful Year Six Balloon
Coral Beef Coral Salad Coral Sponge Cake Cotton Tales Crabby
Cranberry Gummy Slorg Cranberry Jelly Cranberry Sauce Crunchy Snot Birthday Cupcake Crystal Boomerang
Crystal Pop Curious Korbats Custard Goldy Custard Snowbunny Cybunny Cracker
Cybunny Goodie Bag Cylara Poster Cyodrake Danish Bacon Dargil Meat
Darigan Citadel Team Beanie Darigan Citadel Team Hand Darigan Citadel Team Jersey Darigan Citadel Team Megaphone Darigan Citadel Team Pennant
Darigan Citadel Team Pompoms Darigan Citadel Team Poster Darigan Citadel Team Seat Cushion Darigan Citadel Team Water Bottle Darigan Yooyu
Dark Shroom Decorated Tree Defence For Unis Defenders Of Neopia Annual Deluxe Candy Cane
Deluxe Chomby Cracker Deluxe Cybunny Cracker Deluxe Holly Wreath Deluxe Ixi Cracker Deluxe Krawk Cracker
Deluxe Kyrii Cracker Deluxe Popstar in a Box Deluxe Pteri Cracker Deluxe Scorchio Cracker Deluxe Tonu Cracker
Deluxe Zafara Cracker Dieter Action Figure Discballfish Double Ended Pencil Double Hot Dog
Downsize Power Plus Dr Sloth Pinata Drackonack Plushie Draik Transmogrification Potion Dr_Death Plushie
Dung Bath Tub Dung Bubbles Dung Catapult Dung Chair Dung Fireplace
DZ-849 Implosion Device E-Z See Crystal Ball Earth Stone Gem El Picklesaur Plushie Electric Blue Paint Brush
Elephante Totem Emerald Queen Usuki Poster Eraser of the Dark Faerie Escargot Eustabee
Extra Sugary Birthday Cupcake Eyeball Eyrie Goodie Bag Faerie Acorns Faerie Chezzoom
Faerie Clompkin Faerie JubJub Balloon Faerie Lunch Box Faerie Paint Brush Faerie Snowbunny
Faerie Totem Faerieland Team Beanie Faerieland Team Hand Faerieland Team Jersey Faerieland Team Megaphone
Faerieland Team Pennant Faerieland Team Pompoms Faerieland Team Poster Faerieland Team Seat Cushion Faerieland Team Water Bottle
Fair Maiden Usuki Poster Fake Lord Kass Toy Sword Fake von Roo Fangs Fanfish Felrum Jelly Cube
Fiery Faerie Chicken Nuggets Fiery Princess Usuki Poster Filled Cookie Jar Fire Bomb Fire Cyodrake
Fire Goldy Fire Gulper Fire Mask Fire Snicklebeast Fire Snorlkin
Fire Stone Gem Fire Whip Fire Yooyu Plushie Fireplace Fish Eggs
Fish Negg Fishy Nibbles Fizzy Koi Seapop Fizzy Quiggle Drink Flakyshroom
Flaming Bomberry Flaming Oven Gloves Flippy Flizzardo Floatyshroom
Flotsams Fluffy Mynci Ball Foozette Foreman Cudgel Foreman Plushie
Forest Cloak Forest Hat Forest Sling Fountainpenfish Fresh Shark Fin
Frogarott Frozen Fish Gel FruitMallow Full Moon Fever Fungi Fruit
Fungree Furwitch Futonfish Fyoras Looking Glass Gammon Dinner
Gelatinous Non-Cube Plushie Geography Set Ghost Clompkin Ghost Cyodrake Ghost Goldy
Ghost Gremble Ghost Meowclops Ghost Sharky Ghost Snowbunny Ghostkersword
Giant Bar Of Chocolate Gingerbread Grundo Gingerbread House Gingerbread Mynci Gingerbread Wocky
Glass Paint Brush Globlin Gloves of the Muffin Man Glow In The Dark Eyrie Plushie Glowing Desk
Gold Chocolate Coins Golden Butter Knife Golden Carrot Golden Mr Irgo Stamp Golden Paint Brush
Golden Shoyru Book Goldy Golfclubfish Goodbye Mel Gooseberries
Goulblee Grapes Grarrl Commentator Action Figure Grarrls Are Great Greater Orb of the Fire Faerie
Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie Green Aisha Keyring Green Birthday Crown Green Blumaroo Keyring Green Cyodrake
Green Fungree Green Goulblee Green Gremble Green Grundo Keyring Green Healthshroom
Green Kiko Keyring Green Koi Keyring Green Korbat Keyring Green Meowclops Green Neopets Balloon
Green Nimmo Plushie Green Pwerko Green Quiguki Rug Green Skeith Keyring Green Snowbunny
Green Thumb Guide Green Toadstool Green Toy Car Green Turdle Green Tuskaninny Keyring
Gremble Grey Cyodrake Grey Faerie Snowglobe Grey Snowbunny Gruish Melon
Grundo Communication Helmet Grundox 4000 Gulper Gummy Amoeba Gummy Star
Gwermal Half Eaten Cranberry Jelly Halloween Flizzardo Halloween Fungree Halloween Goodie Bag
Halloween Meowclops Halloween Snowbunny Hammerfish Hand Bell Hand Knitted Jumper
Handy Spike Pit Hat of the Muffin Man Haunted Woods Team Beanie Haunted Woods Team Hand Haunted Woods Team Jersey
Haunted Woods Team Megaphone Haunted Woods Team Pennant Haunted Woods Team Pompoms Haunted Woods Team Poster Haunted Woods Team Seat Cushion
Haunted Woods Team Water Bottle Hawk Bracelet Hewn Stone Desk Hewn Stone Sofa Hobans Hat
Hobans Leftovers Hobans Map Book Holly Football Holly Kaleidoscope Holly Stained Glass Window
Holly Wreath Homemade Buggy Hot Dog Sundae How to Play the Viola Hubrids Odial Sphere
Hula Usukicon 4 Poster I Love Mince Pies T-Shirt I Love Sloth Bean Bag I Love Sloth Cushion I Love Sloth Lamp
I Love Sloth Poster I Love Sloth Rug I Love Sloth Stein I Love Sloth T-shirt Ice Aisha Totem
Ice Cybunny Totem Ice Dice Ice Grundo Totem Ice Usul Totem Ice Wocky Totem
Iced Borovan Cake Iced Christmas Cake Iced Techo Cupcake Icy Negg Illusens Neopets 6th Birthday Cake
Invisible Gulper Invisible Paint Brush Island Acara Stamp Island Cyodrake Island Lighter
Island Snowbunny Island Turdle Ixi Commentator Action Figure Jade Scorchstone Jazzmosis Seasonal Album
Jazzmosis Seasonal Candy Cane Jazzmosis Seasonal Greeting Jazzmosis Xmas Special Ticket Jelly Bean Stocking Jelly Bed
Jetsams Jhudoras Battle Claw Jhudoras Wand JubJub Totem Judge Hog Action Figure
Jump Into the Future Kabuggles Kacheek Cracker Kacheek Totem Kaloras Battledeck
Kauvara Usukicon Y6 Poster Kelp Kelp Samosa Kickin Kikos Kiko Cracker
Kiko Lake Team Beanie Kiko Lake Team Hand Kiko Lake Team Jersey Kiko Lake Team Megaphone Kiko Lake Team Pennant
Kiko Lake Team Pompoms Kiko Lake Team Poster Kiko Lake Team Seat Cushion Kiko Lake Team Water Bottle Kiko Shield
Knifefish Koi Defensive Goggles Koyle Krawk Battle Shield Krawk Goodie Bag
Krawk Island Team Beanie Krawk Island Team Hand Krawk Island Team Jersey Krawk Island Team Megaphone Krawk Island Team Pennant
Krawk Island Team Pompoms Krawk Island Team Poster Krawk Island Team Seat Cushion Krawk Island Team Water Bottle Kreludan Christmas Carols
Kreludor Team Hand Kreludor Team Jersey Kreludor Team Pennant Kreludor Team Water Bottle Kyrii Bouncy Boots
Lampfish Large Slice of Neopets 5th Birthday Cake Lava lamp Layton Vickles Action Figure Lemaniac
Lemon Curd Lesser Attack Chive Level 2 Bubble Beam Level Up Shroom Life Behind the Bow tie
Lime Starfish Limited Edition Guitar Little Book Of Big Volcanos Little Sorceress Usuki Poster Little Timmys Slingshot
Lobsterclaw Salad Locked Book Lost Desert Paint Brush Lost Desert Team Beanie Lost Desert Team Hand
Lost Desert Team Jersey Lost Desert Team Megaphone Lost Desert Team Pennant Lost Desert Team Pompoms Lost Desert Team Poster
Lost Desert Team Seat Cushion Lost Desert Team Water Bottle Lovely Lennys Lupe Cracker Lupe Goodie Bag
Mad Clock Mad Hat Mad Umbrella Magic Key Magical Blue Wocky Plushie
Magical Hair Usukicon 4 Poster Magical Yellow Koi Plushie Make Some Noise Noisemaker Making the Finals: Darigan Citadel Mantahatfish
Maraqua Team Beanie Maraqua Team Hand Maraqua Team Jersey Maraqua Team Megaphone Maraqua Team Pennant
Maraqua Team Pompoms Maraqua Team Poster Maraqua Team Seat Cushion Maraqua Team Water Bottle Maraquan Meowclops
Meerca Cracker Meerca Whoopee Cushion Mega Power Plusshroom Melow Meowclops
Meridell Team Beanie Meridell Team Hand Meridell Team Jersey Meridell Team Megaphone Meridell Team Pennant
Meridell Team Pompoms Meridell Team Poster Meridell Team Seat Cushion Meridell Team Water Bottle Merry Christmas Card
Merry Christmas Quiguki Merryberry Mika and Carassa Mug Milk Chocolate Birthday Nova Milk Chocolate Cherry Cordials
Milk Chocolate Snowbunny Milk Chocolate Uni Mini Blueberry Birthday Cake Mini Chocolate Birthday Cake Mini Lemon and Lime Birthday Cake
Mini Raspberry Birthday Cake Mint Chocolate Birthday Nova Mint Chocolate Techo Mint Chocolate Tree Minty Shrimp
Mistletoe Plant Mistletoe Wreath Monoceraptors Claw Mop and Bucket Morguss Spell Book
Mote Magic Mulled Fruit Juice Mutant Bubbles Mutant Cyodrake Mutant Turdle
My First Chia Book My Zafara and Me Mysterious Book Mystery Island Team Beanie Mystery Island Team Hand
Mystery Island Team Jersey Mystery Island Team Megaphone Mystery Island Team Pennant Mystery Island Team Pompoms Mystery Island Team Poster
Mystery Island Team Seat Cushion Mystery Island Team Water Bottle Nabile Plushie Nachos Neo Hits Volume One
NeoFashion Neopets 5th Birthday Goodie Bag Neopets 6th Birthday Neopets 6th Birthday Goodie Bag Neopets 7th Birthday Goodie Bag
Neopets Checkered Birthday Balloon Neopian Times Year 6 Annual Nimmo Faerie Tales Nimmo Joe Book Nimmo Totem
Noil Gem Number Six Plushie Nuria Statue Bobblehead Official Usukicon Y6 Guide Book Olive Bush
Onion Rings Orange Birthday Goodie Bag Orange Chocolate Gelert Orange Gulper Orange Snow Puff
Organic Carrot Ornamental Cannon Padded Cybunny Sword Pango Chute Pass For Usukicon Y5
Peach Peach Birthday Cupcake Peachpa Peophin MD Pheppacorn
Pickulsaur Pillowfish Pink Aisha Plushie Pink Birthday Balloon Pink Cyodrake
Pink Gremble Pink Gulper Pink Neopets 6th Birthday Cake Pink Neopets 6th Birthday Hard Candy Pink Petpet Paint Brush
Pink Snorlkin Pink Snowbunny Pink Toadstool Pink Turdle Pirate Captain Usukicon Y6 Poster
Pirate Meowclops Pirate Notebook Pirate Snicklebeast Pirate Snowbunny Pirate Trumpadon
Pizzacutterfish Plastic Fir Plate of Cookies Plierfish Plurby Bush
Plushie Draik Morphing Potion Plushie Goldy Plushie Kau Plushie Plushie Meowclops Plushie Snicklebeast
Plushie Snowbunny Poisonous Mushroom Poogle Cracker Pooka Pop Art Usukicon 4 Poster
Popstar in a Box Poptart Plushie Popular Neopian Stories Pork Sausage Pork Steak
Postula Pot Of Peanuts Potion of Purest Red Pretzel Propellorshroom
Pull Along Gelert Puntec Pie Purple Birthday Crown Purple Fungree Purple Juppie
Purple Neopets 6th Birthday Blower Purple Petpet Paint Brush Purple Sardplant Purple Spotted Shroom Purple Sticky Hand
Purple Trumpadon Purple Turdle Purplum Pwerko Quiggle Goodie Bag
Quiggle Helmet Radioactive Muffin Rahketmelon Rainbow Bubbles Rainbow Cyodrake
Rainbow Doughnutfruit Plushie Rainbow Meowclops Rainbow Snorlkin Rainbow Snowball Rainbow Snowbunny
Rainbow Year Six Balloon RainbowBerry Raspberry Birthday Cupcake Raspberry Usuki Gumballs Razul Plushie with Real Fire Action!
Rebuild Maraqua Poster Red Aisha Keyring Red Birthday Crown Red Birthday Whistle Red Blumaroo Keyring
Red Cyodrake Red Flizzardo Red Furwitch Red Juppie Red Kiko Keyring
Red Meowclops Red Sardplant Red Snomorg Red Snorlkin Reflectozap 2000
Regal Prince Usuki Set Ring of Sloth Stamp Ring of the Lost Robo Meerca Robot Bubbles
Robot Cyodrake Robot Fungree Robot Meowclops Robot Snowbunny Robot Turdle
Rod of Dark Nova Rod of Nova Rod of Supernova Roo Island Team Beanie Roo Island Team Hand
Roo Island Team Jersey Roo Island Team Megaphone Roo Island Team Pennant Roo Island Team Pompoms Roo Island Team Poster
Roo Island Team Seat Cushion Roo Island Team Water Bottle Royal Boy Bruce Balloon Royal Wedding Ring Sardplant
Sawfish Scabu Scaled Magic Book Scary Dark Potion Scoop Chops
Scorchio Cracker Scorchio Referee Bobblehead Scrampi Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush Sea Pineapple
Seasonal Battle Duck Seasonal CATFB Mug Seasonal Evil Coconut Seasonal Faerie Tales Seasonal Gift Box
Seasonal Jazzmosis Figure Seasonal Jazzmosis Hat Seasonal Kiko Balloon Seasonal Pudding Seasonal Quiguki
Seasonal Shoyru Gnome Seasonal Stamp Seasonal Yoyo Seaweed Sandwich Secrets of Dirigible Construction
Shadow Ixi Morphing Potion Shadow Usul Ice Lolly Sharklight Sharky Shenkuu Team Beanie
Shenkuu Team Megaphone Shenkuu Team Pompoms Shenkuu Team Poster Shenkuu Team Seat Cushion Shield of Soaring
Shoehornfish Short Fuse Shovelfish Shoyru Totem Shrunken Skull Marbles
Silver and Gold Chocolate Coins Silver Birthday Whistle Silver Year Six Balloon Sinsis Crown Sketch Meowclops
Sketch Snicklebeast Sketch Turdle Slice of Neopets Birthday Cake Slice Of New Year Cake Slidefish
Sliding Candychan Puzzle Slushie Slinger Drinking Cap Slushie Slinging For Novices Small Slice of Neopets 5th Birthday Cake Smellyshroom
Smiley Snarkie Answers to Stupid Questions Snicklebeast Snomorg Snorlkin
Snow Bruce Sculpture Snow Chia Plushie Snow Chia Sculpture Snow Covered Tree Snow Cyodrake
Snow Gremble Snow Kookith Snow Meowclops Snow Snowbunny Snow Turdle
Snow Wars Collectable Card Snowager Ice Lolly Snowager Sculpture Snowball Bean Bag Snowball Fight Usuki Doll
Snowberries Snowberry Slushie Snowbunny Snowbunny Chair Snowglobe Pencil
Snowman Soleslipperfish Solid Steel Book Sore Throat Remedies Sourmelon
Space Faerie Snowglobe Space Map (set) Space Usuki Spaghetti Soup Sparkling Apple Juice
Sparkling Grape Juice Sparkling Neopets 6th Birthday Cake Sparkling Raspberry Juice Sparkling Seasonal Stocking Sparkly Green Paint
Sparkly Wocky Ball Speckled Paint Brush Spectres Battledeck Spike Pit Play Set Spindly Mushrooms
Spooking the Competition Spooky Jelly Brains Spooky Slime Spoonfish Spotted Birthday Whistle
Spotted Meowclops Spotted Snowbunny Springy Shoyru Toy Squeaky Rubber Bruce Toy Squeaky Tonu Toy
Squid Squidtoothbrushfish Starberry Starchairfish Starry Hair Brush
Starry Meowclops Starting Spells Sticky Snowflake Stone Carpet Stone Hourglass
Stone Paint Brush Stone Side Table Stone Typists Chair Straw Table Strawberry Cake Birthday Balloon
Strawberry Year Six Cake Streaky Bacon Strength Shroom Striped Balloons Striped Birthday Balloon
Striped Birthday Goodie Bag Striped Eyrie Plushie Striped Hammer Striped Hat Striped Ornamental Water Jug
Striped Year Six Balloon Stripey Urchin Stuffed Fish Head Stuffed Sea Cucumber Stylish Scroll Rack
Sunflower Seeds Super Fast Shroom Super Gelupepper Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop Card Sweet
Swill Pudding Tactis Taelia Poster Tagobo Plant Tealshroom
Techo Clock Techo Cracker Terror Mountain Team Beanie Terror Mountain Team Hand Terror Mountain Team Jersey
Terror Mountain Team Megaphone Terror Mountain Team Pennant Terror Mountain Team Pompoms Terror Mountain Team Poster Terror Mountain Team Seat Cushion
Terror Mountain Team Water Bottle The Abandoned Acara The Annals of Insanity The Storyteller The Underdog Story
Thistleberry Thistleberry Fruit Salad Thistleberry Shake Ticklegum Tigersquash Mega
Tiki Bomb Bag Tiki Tack Usukicon Y6 Poster Time Travel Toolboxfish Tornado Ring
Toxic Shroom Toyfish Transparaberry Tree Shaped Cookies Tree Shaped Crackers and Cheese
Triangle Ringing Cybunny Trick Or Treat Bag Trumpadon Turdle Turkey and Cranberry Omelette
Turkey and Cranberry Pasty Turkey and Cranberry Pizza Turkey and Cranberry Pizza Slice Turkey Packed Lunch Twirly Fruit
Tyrannia Team Beanie Tyrannia Team Hand Tyrannia Team Jersey Tyrannia Team Megaphone Tyrannia Team Pennant
Tyrannia Team Pompoms Tyrannia Team Poster Tyrannia Team Seat Cushion Tyrannia Team Water Bottle Tyrannian Meowclops
Tyrannian Snowbunny Ubikiberry Bag Ugly Mushroom Ultra Attack Chive Ultra Fire Gem
Ummagine Stamp Underwater Map Piece Uni Cracker Uni Parfait Uni Races Usuki Set
Unofficial Usukicon Y6 Guide Book Useful Crystal Usuki Faerieland Play Set Usuki Music Box Usuki Pen
UsukiCon Bride Poster UsukiCon Cheerleader Poster UsukiCon Flares Poster UsukiCon Magic Hair Poster UsukiCon Prom Poster
Usukicon Souvenir Bow UsukiCon Welsh Poster Usukicon Y5 Badge Usukicon Y5 Celebration Poster Usukicon Y5 Goodie Bag
Usukicon Y5 Leaflets Usukicon Y5 Limited Edition Poster Usukicon Y5 Lunch Box Usukicon Y5 Pastel Poster Usukicon Y5 Shiny Poster
Usukicon Y5 Showcase Poster Usukicon Y6 Eraser Usukicon Y6 Goodie Bag Usukicon Y6 Keyring Usukicon Y6 Notebook
Usukicon Y6 Pen Usukicon Y6 Squeaky Toy Usukicon Y7 ball Usukicon Y7 Gift Bag Usukicon Y7 Guide Book
Usukicon Y7 Guide Book Usukicon Y7 Hair Clip Usukicon Y7 Plushie Usukicon Y8 Attendee Badge Usukicon Y8 Colouring Book
Usukicon Y8 Costume Boa Usukicon Y8 Gift Bag Usukicon Y8 Guide Book Usukicon Y8 Magical Hair Brush Usukicon Y8 Poster
Usukicon Y8 Rainbow Drops Usukicon Y8 Snowglobe Vacuumfish Vegetarian Sausage Roll Vegetarian Sea Taco
Violet Seeds Vionanna Virtupets Team Beanie Virtupets Team Hand Virtupets Team Jersey
Virtupets Team Megaphone Virtupets Team Pennant Virtupets Team Pompoms Virtupets Team Poster Virtupets Team Seat Cushion
Virtupets Team Water Bottle Walking Book Wand of Flamebolt Warped Book Water Faerie Eraser
Western Usukicon 4 Poster Whack A Kass Puppet White Chocolate Birthday Nova White Chocolate Igloo White Chocolate Mince Pie
White Chocolate Orange White Daffodil White Elephante Plushie White Goldy White Gulper
White Kougra Plushie White Meowclops White Ona White Snomorg White Turdle
Whomp Berries Wind Up Asparagus Chia Wind Up Wocky Wocky Cracker Wocky Painting
Wooden Marble Woolly JubJub Hat Wrenchfish Wriggling Grub Year 5 Stamp
Year 5 Usuki Year 7 Gnome Year 7 Plushie Year Six Lupe Gnome Year Six Quiguki
Yellow Aisha Keyring Yellow Birthday Goodie Bag Yellow Bubbles Yellow Cyodrake Yellow Daffodil
Yellow Flizzardo Yellow Furwitch Yellow Gremble Yellow Gulper Yellow Healthshroom
Yellow Kiko Balloon Yellow Neopets 6th Birthday Yellow Neopets 6th Birthday Blower Yellow Neopets 6th Birthday Cake Yellow Neopets 6th Birthday Hard Candy
Yellow Sharky Yellow Snomorg Yellow Snowbunny Yellow Turdle Yolk Beans
Yooyu Yooyu Celebration Stamp Yooyuball Field Yooyuball Keepers Chest Guard Yooyuball Player Sling
Zaptwig Zeenana Ice Lolly . . .


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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
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