Welcome to my profile! This page is a catchall of information on my activities here on Neopets. This page should satisfy any curiosities you may have on my behalf. My current main account ''fleurare'' was created on January 28, 2013; however I was a user here as a child and returned to the site in my late teens. Both of the aforementioned accounts are gone, the oldest having been purged after years of inactivity & the latter deleted by myself when I decided to rebrand.

       Lately I've been busying myself with improving Myna in any way possible (more on this in her info box), obtaining avatars (focus on kadoatery, Edna, rubbish, my last remaining battleground [thieves] & some other randoms), collecting pretty things like a crow for my gallery, maintaining my names site Abyss (EST. 2014) and my new Baby Aisha Directory & Notable (Kadoatie) Feeders list on Doaties page. I love chatting on the PC

       Off Neopets, I have a beautiful black retriever named Lilith, "Lil" for short, and a unbelievably lovable little border collie named Birdie, "Bird" for short, & they are my constant companions. I have a degree in Anthropology but I've been rethinking my direction. My big dream is to own a plant nursery and fruit orchard & to keep bees and sell raw local honey. I'm a plant enthusiast by nature, I love getting lost in my gardening & being outside on a regular basis.

       I love to read; specifically fantasy, historical & science fiction, and historical & scientific nonfiction. My favorite books are Northern Lights by Philip Pullman, The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, The Beautiful Indifference by Sarah Hall, Hot Milk by Deborah Levy, Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver, We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson, & I adore the poetry of Warsan Shire. Those are my top recommendations, they're all quite different from each other but fantastic in their own right. I'm also a collector of books, specifically Folio Society editions or otherwise unique, high quality collections. I'm a hardback snob and know far too much about the anatomy of a book.

I'm going to leave you now with the bulk of my portfolio. Thanks for your interest & enjoy!

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PETS I CREATED: Doaties, Fleurare



PETS I TRADED FOR: Myna, Aashien, Anei, Lali, whimsikk, Bekkyo, Chocolats



              Misc logs

Wheel of Extravagance
➤ You win 100,001 NP!
➤ Nothing. :(
➤ You win 100,001 NP!
➤ You win 100,001 NP!
➤ Secret Lab Map #3
➤ Silver Brightvale Job Coupon
➤ 50,000 NP
➤ Secret Lab Map #5
➤ Secret Lab Map #6
➤ 25,000 NP
➤ +5 Health
➤ 50,000 NP
➤ 50,000 NP
➤ Pink Job Coupon
➤ nothing. :(
➤ nothing. :(
➤ Copper Nerkmid
➤ nothing. :(
➤ 50,000 NP
➤ 50,000 NP
➤ Secret Lab Map #6
➤ nothing. :(
➤ You win 100,001 NP!
➤ You win 100,001 NP!

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milk and honey - a collection of luxury
Uuuuuuusuki! - my Usuki collection display case

long term efforts :

Pyramids - You can win trophies from this game! Yes, multiple trophies! The first is for being on the normal high score table. This trophy is a little trickier to get, though, because the high score table itself doesn't reset. After three months of not playing a game of Pyramids, a user's score will be reset. So long as they continue playing more games, they will keep their high score.
The Neopian Lottery - Bronze is any amount won up to 499,999 NP
Silver is your share (if others won too besides you) of 500,000 to 999,999 NP
Gold is your share of 1,000,000 or more
Illusen's Glade - Like most things classified as games, Illusen's Glade has a high score table that runs on a monthly basis, with trophies awarded to those with the top scores. Points are earned by completing quests quickly, with a base score of 1000 points for turning in the item and up to 1000 bonus points. You start a quest with 16 minutes and 40 seconds (for a total of 1000 seconds) on the timer, and every second you take to finish the quest will cost you one bonus point.
Since scores in Illusen's Glade are cúmulative, the majority of scores on the board will continually increase throughout the calendar month. If you want to try for a trophy, it's recommended that you start on the first day of the month at Level 1, and complete a quest every twelve hours. Bear in mind that should you fail a quest, you will be removed from the high score board. If you've reached a point at which you're uncertain whether you will be able to complete the next quest, you may want to remain at the current level and hope that those with scores higher than yours fail their own quests.
Quick Tips ;
Complete quests as quickly as possible to earn the maximum number of points.
If Illusen asks for a single-color Neohome item, try looking in the Neohomes Superstore.
Try to start quests during peak hours (around 4:00 p.m. NST), when a good number of users are online_ this makes it more likely that you will be able to reach the owner of a Trading Post lot.
If you think you'll be unable to get a rare item in time, try creating a Trading Post lot or Neoboard post asking for the item in question.

Edna - Cackle! avatar - Awarded when you complete one of Edna's Quests. (Note: In Editorial 603, TNT suggests that quests where "a few items" are asked for is important. A number of people have reported receiving this avatar after completing a quest where she asks for three items.)
Kadoatery - Mew! - Successful feeders are rewarded a trophy based on how many kads they have fed. If a feeder reaches 75, they are awarded an avatar. Feeding since November 2017

Altador Plot : Resume @ Constellation 2 - The Dreamer


8/7/2018 Slots Big Losers Champion!!!
8/5/2018 Black Pawkeet Slots Champion!!!
8/3/2018 Third place at Black Pawkeet Slots!!
8/3/2018 Third place at Slots Big Losers!!
7/29/2018 Completed the SLM on my main account
7/28/2018 Account Type: Ultimate Riches!
2/13/2018 Gallery Size: 100
2/5/2018 Shop Size: 50
1/15/2018 Gallery Size: 50
1/2/18 Third place at Magma Blaster!!
1/2/18 Third place at Magax: Destroyer ii!!
12/23/17 Third place at Cellblock!!
12/23/17 Runner-up medal at Cellblock!!
12/1/17 Third place at Imperial Exam!!
11/29/2017 fed 25th kad
11/28/2017 Level 5 Games Master 2017
11/21/2017 Pyramid Bonus CHAMPION!!!
11/20/2017 426th to beat Tyrannian Scorchio w/ 578 pts on Magma Blaster
11/9/2017 fed 10th kad
11/4/2017 fed 1st kad
Level 2 Games Master
Charity Corner 2015
Altador Cup IX Rank Level 1
Third place at The Neopian Lottery!!
Splat-A-Sloth CHAMPION!!!
Cheeseroller CHAMPION!!!
Beating Punchbag Bob CHAMPION!!!





neocash TL/WL

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gifts ♥ ;

✶ thank you Kenisha for the Baby Paint Brush (8/21/18)
✶ thank you Alex for the Pretty Pumpkins Foreground (8/21/18)
✶ thank you Jess for the Green Ruki Morphing Potion (8/9/18)
✶ thank you delilah for the Cloud Ruki Morphing Potion (7/22/18)
✶ thank you Ophelia for the Fyora Day Muffin and Pink Negg Tea (2/14/18)
✶ thank you Ophelia for the Aisha Winter Roll and Air Faerie Mug (1/5/18)
✶ thank you Ophelia for the Gingerbread House and Happy Holidays Card (12/25/17)
✶ thank you Cassie for the Ghostly Veil (11/29/17)
✶ thank you Jordie for the Elegant Cup of Tea and Exquisite Cup of Tea (11/25/17)
✶ thank you Ophelia for the Loving Kadoatie (11/24/17)
✶ thank you Anna for the Perfume Mallows , Three Red Roses and Purple Poppies (10/28/17)
✶ thank you amy k for the Baby Winter Sweater (9/14/15)
✶ thank you Ophelia for the Baby Paint Brush ♥ (9/5/15)
✶ thank you Cc for the Dyeworks Purple: Baby Winter Sweater (8/31/15)
✶ thank you Ophelia for the Faerie Ruki Plushie and Bottle of Love ♥ (8/25/15)
✶ thank you Leana for the Baby Knitted Mittens and Moehug ♥ (8/8/15)


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updates ⅋ diary

       » 11.3.18 11PM NST - Said goodbye to a pet I've had for a very long time to trade for Allione the UC Faerie Peo. I was hesitant at first but the pet had been sitting collecting dust for some time so, I figured why not trade? + + Finally moved Dreamland over to my main (I love her so much *^*) + + Considering whippin up a new layout. + + RL is....stressful.
to do list; ~paint StLucy white ~morph/paint Sloana into a mara uni ~rehome Aubbry?? ~morph/paint Princesse ~enter Princesse into BC ~move Khaya to milklotus ~finish customizations ;^;

       » 10.17.18 7PM NST - Started up a new gallery collection on my Usul side account (*Uuuuuuusuki!*) + + Joined a guild, The Kindness Project! + + Applied for a beautifully-named pet + + rl is very stressful at the moment ;-;

       » 9.29.18 12AM NST - A few hours ago I traded for my ultimate dream pet! I'm completely over the moon ♥ Going to be rearranging a lot of stuff & spiffing up all my pages. also thinking of doing something special to spread the happy around. have to do some planning!

       » 9.27.18 9PM NST - Traded 4L multi-language super common RW with 600+HSD e/t Cvvc for whimsikk the UC Baby Kougra + + sent in an application for an awesome RW + + I've now spun the Wheel of Extravagance 24 times, still no avatar D: help. + + this month has got away from me so quick. hopefully I can get my pets moved around where I want them with whatever transfers remain this month plus when the month rolls over to October; then get their customizations & lookups together. tbh i do not really enjoy the NCC anymore, it's really overwhelming for me so that prospect is a bit daunting.

       » 9.25.18 6PM NST - I found a VWN (foreign.. RW? or RN? idk) T1 UC stuck in the pound two days ago! Words can't express how excited I was! I sent in a ticket to cover any/all bases since there's so much paranoia about, so waiting to hear back from tnt before I put him UFT ^^ + + I'm working on a Stuck Pets List site. Thus far I've just been throwing what I find on Fiance's petpage but I found a nice premade & linked all the names I had to list & moved everything over to Khaya's petpage + + I've been sizing down so I can better focus on permies & end goals.

       » 8.19.18 6PM NST - Recently traded a 4L Spanish RW for a cute 6L RN MS, which I then traded for Pomelina (who I found stuck in the pound) + a White Aisha custom on her. Tonight I gave Pomelina a Delfin & painted it Royal. + + I gave Lovebugs a Miamouse & painted it Invisible. + + I am primarily working on Pomelina's Character at the moment + + To buy: Green Ruki Morphing Potion, Yellow Cybunny Morphing Potion, Faerie PPPB, 2 Baby PBs, Moach

       » 8.14.18 7PM NST - purchased a Mutant Bearog for Princesse. It's one of my most favorite Petpets. I've had it in my mind to get one/paint one for someone? for quite some time. This is the absolute perfect fit in my opinion. I named it Mops; after Marie Antoinette's dear dog.

       » 8.9.18 7PM NST - I was chosen to adopt Princesse! I'm not sure yet what my plans for her are. ; I also found Lovebugs stuck in the pound! She is definitely destined to become my baby ruki ♥ ; changed the structure of my 'meet my pets' section & added a calendar + pet records section ; upgraded Slots Big Losers to gold! ; added 42 stamps to my albums & 4 cards to my neodeck

       » 8.7.18 2PM NST - clean slate cleared old updates. some august updates; I've got an adorable new link back button featuring a springabee made by the lovely Nav @ Goddess ; I adopted out my second Alien Aisha Imiaya, & Sond- my 4L I've held on to far too long without any sort of plans. I have one more pet that's to be rehomed, Nasal, but choosing a new owner is proving more challenging than expected ; I traded for Aashien, my lovely UC Desert Aisha! ; I've added 2 shiny new trophies to my lookup, I'm hoping to upgrade Slots Big Losers to gold before the end of the month! some august goals; I'd like to reach 300 stamps (279/300), 300 neodeck cards (271/300), upgrade my shop to size 75 (60/75) ; purchase a black pppb, a faerie pppb, & a strale ; new pet lookups with art for each ; & I'm considering making a new site for petpet matching!

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