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2018 June 12
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{To Be Continued...}

Here's some silly shorts until I can upload more!

Treasures of the Sea:

Vivi's Photoshoot:

Rock Bottom:

Vivi's Sleep Deprivation:

Blue Hands:

Smug Bug:

A Ghoul's Infatuation:

Vivi & the Fruit Machine:

spread the Word w/ Tenicie:

Vivi Playing Whack-A-Kass:

Dreams and Nightmares:

{To Be Posted}

Vivi and Tenicie:

Tenicie & Naham Then and Now:

Me and My Neopets Behind the Scenes:

Chapter 0

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

NEW Chapter 6

To Be Continued

about me & my art

at a snapshot

  • My name is Ino
  • main Innosently
  • sides side, side, side
  • birthday March 4th '88
  • Zodiac Pisces year of the Earth Dragon
  • country USA

  • Hello everyone~ my name is Ino and I am a 30 year old Pisces who is in love with drawing and words. you'll never see me without my pen, notebook, or laptop. I am often mistaken to to be a lot younger than my age due to my small stature and baby face. I like to create comics and Webtoons with my twin sister, Aria. I draw for fun and am NOT pursuing it as a profession. My mom and sisters are better artists than me... However, I have my own style that I like to portray on Neopets. I am currently writing a book and studying up on my Korean since I'm planning to move to South Korea in the near future. my dream is to publish many books and one day finding my soulmate. Right now, I am working as a freelance writer, getting my English Teaching degree, and working as a Supervisor at a fancy hotel. I live in a cozy home with my identical mirror twin sister, granny, an old shaggy dog named Cinnamon, and our Shiba-Inu Jolie Momo. I adore creating new things! Feel free to get to know me more in the Crayon Guild or by Neomailing me. Take a look at my art updates... They are usually uploaded as spoilers to a next comic I'm working on.

The making of Getting Granny Naham

I don't have any special tools to create my character art. I just use a free sketch pad online and draw with my handy-dandy mouse. I've always wanted to make a Neopet comic strip but never found the time or tools to breathe life into my characters and storyboard. One day I was browsing through the pound and I passed what looked to be a Grey Painted Ogrin. Thankfully it wasn't adopted when I came across it a second time. I adopted the Elderlygirl Ogrin and laughed when I found the gender to actually be male instead of female. The previous owner said that she had zapped Naham_ multiple times, but never had his gender swapped. My thoughts were that maybe Naham_ secretly just wanted to be a girl. Then it hit me. Why not make Granny Naham into a famous thief in Neopia and his master disguise is of an elderly woman? Since I already created a villain, of course I needed a hero. That's where my Robot Neopet Tenicie comes into play. Getting Granny Naham is a fun chase between the famous detective Tenicie along with his slightly crazy partner Moddet and the renowned thief Naham with his pretty partner Egonite. My twin sister, Aria, does the speech bubbles along with dialogue while I do the scenarios, art, and story-line. I'll be adding more fun characters as the comic progresses. Feel free to Neomail me ideas and if they're creative enough, as a reward, I can add one of your Neopets into a portion of my story. Enjoy… or as Granny Naham would say, "Oh, dearie… enjoy the read… 'Cuz if you don't, I'll drown you in Neopia's rocky Ocean and then roll you out and fry you into bloody ghost toast."


Name: Naham
Species: Ogrin
Age: 13years/ 26yrs old in human years
Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Renowned Thief around Neopia
Likes: Fooling others, a pink Usul named Vivihneo, stealing very expensive and rare items, Neopoints, Neocash, diamonds, fried eggs and scallion tortillas, and pretending to be Granny Naham.
Dislikes: Fake gold or diamonds, cheap rings, Tenicie, food below the price of 3000np, and old men hitting on Granny Naham.
Goal: To retire in the Faeries laps of luxury.

Shhh… I am an Ogrin disguised as an old woman
Why is that?" you may ask.
Well then take a seat and I'll tell you my story.
So if you have got some butter toffee popcorn,
then chew is slowly for I'm about to unfold the story of my secret identity.
At first glance, you'd believe I'm a lovely, innocent, old Ogrin.
Alas! I'm a MAN in disguise, of a sincere dear elderly lady;
Scheming and plotting disaster is what I love to do most passionately,
so I weaseled my way into a clueless Neopet family.
I am a well-known thief all over Neopia;
And my favorite foods are simply Fried Eggs and Scallion Tortillas.
The closest to ever catch me is an irritating Robot Gelert detective
by the name of Tenicie.
He just won't let me be... it's so infuriating.
Anyways, you can call me Granny Naham.
Doesn't that sound as sweet as a Yellow Cybunny Frosted Graham?
I'm planning to leave this clueless household,
That is, after the Defenders of Neopia give up in my pursuit.
This may take a while since I've stolen more loot
than the Snowager's cave of treasures,
Though this job leaves me little leisure…
I wouldn't give it up for World of Neopia!
Since you now know who I am… I've got an idea…
Maybe you can hide this pricey book called A History of Chias.

Name: Tenicie
Species: Gelert
Age: Year 7 on second lifespan./ 28yrs old in human years
Sign: Aries
Occupation: Secret Detective
Likes: Playing the Violin, watching beauty contestant winners with hologram sunglasses, Petpet Watson, and smelling mini baby hot dogs since they were once his favorite food back when he was a normal Neopet.
Dislikes: Boredom, bad violin playing, every form of bubble teas, liars, and injustice acts.
Goal: To catch Naham and marry Egonite.

I am not a hero
I am not even a good robo,
I just play the violin, refusing
Speech for day on end,
I am an addict without a fix,
And am waiting to
Short-circuit or explode,
Desperately in need of my
Next high note.
I don't have friends, Watson
I am just a lonely Gelert brought back
From the dead who'd rather solve a case
With you than the fake who I am
I'm a Neopet, in faith,
Despite what I've said
I don't have friends, Watson
(I have you instead.)

Name: Egonite
Species: Lupe
Age: 10years/ 20yrs in human years
Sign: Libra
Occupation: On the go secretary for Granny Naham
Likes: Doing anything and everything for Naham, reading sad books, watching black and white classic films, earl grey teas, ice cream, and misleading Neopian Defenders in their mission in getting "Granny Naham."
Dislikes: Robots, grey eggs and bacon, and not being of any use to Naham.
Goal: To always be by Naham's side.

Be near me now,
My tormentor, my lover, be near me—
At every hour when you're on the run
And I feel my unrequited love for you around my paw,
Its blue-gray anklets of pain clinking with every step,
Like my love, I'll hide you from your pursuers.
Though your greed for Neopoints consumes your heart,
I'd rather be near you than ever apart.
For now and always even disguised
As my old and dear grandmother
Be with me,
My tormentor, my lover, be near me—
Now and forever.

Name: Vivihneo or "Vivi"
Species: Usul
Age: 9years/ 18yrs in human years
Sign: Scorpio
Occupation: Intern Journalist and Wannabe-Freelance-Reporter for the Neopian Times. (They have denied her job application on multiple occasions.)
Likes: Expensive merchandise, her servant Barby, digging up juicy gossip especially about Detective Tenecie's missions and the well sought after Thief "N", and anything sweet.
Dislikes: Granny Naham... And old Neopets in general since her adoptive Gran Gran is such a pest.
Goal: To be a well-known reporter and to be the wife of the famous Detective Tenicie.

This Pink Usul sets herself on a pedestal of a throne
A pen and notebook paper frenzies her pink face.
And though her ears may seem outgrown,
She carries them with pride and grace.
She's always cross and quick to cry
Still, she can never lie.
Sometimes her tongue can be mean and sharp,
Then there's her sweet side like a magical floor harp.
She encourages Neopets to bare their soul.
For her goal is to be the best Neopian Times writer…
However, she'll lift a spirit when they're feeling low.
And if a Neopet happens to stumble and miss their goal,
Expect her to say, "No way! I told you so.

Name: Nereyde / Ne-Ne AKA Gran-Gran
Species: Acara
Age: 15years/ 75yrs in human years
Sign: Gemini
Occupation: Retired... or is she...?
Likes: New things, her granddaughter Vivi, borrowing Vivi's stylish Red Purse, visiting new places, the soup faerie kitchen, meeting new Neopets, Tenecie's high tech sunglasses, and attractive male Neopets.
Dislikes: Losing things, getting lost, the snowager, and impolite Neopets.
Goal: To live a happy life with Vivi.

Name: Moddet & Cloques/Clocks
Species: Shoyru
Age: Year 7 on seventh lifespan/ 49yrs in human years
Sign: Virgo
Occupation: Professional Computer Hacker, Bomb Maker, and Pizza Deliverer
Likes: Eating every type of Neopian Pizza, bubbly fruit juice, going fishing, being useful, toy sailboats, making bon-bombs, chocolate cherry bombs, illusens cream cookies bombs, under and overripe avocado bombs, and calling everyone including his petpet "Steve."
Dislikes: Fire Faeries, Neopet and petpet-nappers, not being able to eat pizza or bubbly fruit juice, and not being able to catch a fish.
Goal: To one day own a ship.

I l-l-l *glitch*--LIKE IT!
Hand me that
I gotta make

Characters Still To Be Introduced

Name: Phierron/Ronnie
Species: Buzz
Age: 9yrs/ 18yrs old in human years
Sign: Taurus
Occupation: secretary for a buzzy business.
Likes: Having tea or coffee with Egonite, repeating herself, talking about depressing things, crying in public, complaining about work, gossip, being overworked, walking underneath the cherry blossoms, reading romance novels, watching the news, and reading the daily times.
Dislikes: Missing a day of work, not being busy, unrequited love, and nasty cold weather.
Goal: To one day be her own boss and fire the one she currently has.

Name: Aloola
Species: Moehog
Age: Unknown 9yrs/ 18yrs old in human years when she died and turned into a Zombie, but acts a lot older than her age.
Sign: Cancer
Occupation: hit woman
Likes: Dukey her PetPet, classy and highly expensive merchandise, rotting food, receiving dead flowers, when plans go her way, fire, traveling, meeting new and interesting Neopets.
Dislikes: Being used, anything sweet, being called a zombie, and cold objects.
Goal: To one day open up her own hat or perfume shop.

Name: Raurell (Rara)
Species: Shoyru
Age: 16yrs/32yrs in human years
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Stealthy Ninja disguised as a singer
Likes: Big02 her bodyguard and dear friend, singing, power, love, getting things her way, flirting, acting, fighting, and helping the winning team.
Dislikes: every type of Neopian Pizza, bubbly fruit juice, going fishing, toy sailboats, bombs, Moddet, unrequited love, Neopets' hiding behind fake masks, and Fire Faeries.
Goal: To find her long lost father.

Name: Detective Pinecone
Species: Kacheek
Age: 12yrs/ 24yrs old in human years
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Detective
Likes: competing against fellow Detective Tenicie, stealing Detective Tenicie's cases, Shenkuu take out, eating food in front of his rival Tenicie, his petpet Sir Diddlemus.
Dislikes: Tenicie (he thinks he's nothing but a big rusty bucket of bolts with a few screws loose), criminals like Naham who is known to be the most notorious thief in Neopia.
Goal: To be the best Detective.

Welcome to Ino's Progress Chart

Random Pick For May 2017:

Art Piece of Naham stealing Vivi's delicious syrup and stacked up pancakes. Can you guess the word I picked?

Random Pick For Dec. 2016:

Art Piece of Naham trying to capture Vivi by trapping her in a Snowman. Can you guess the word I picked?

Perspective Art:

Art Piece of Tenicie lounging around and drinking his Watson tea.

July Carnival Event

Art Piece of Tenicie having his oil tea w/ Watson

Art Piece of Vivi on the Roller-coaster

June 2016 Costume Challenge

Art Piece of my Detective Char on Vacation Tenicie & Watson

May 2016 Costume Challenge

Art Piece of my Character Egonite

May 2016 Art Prompt: Shapes

Random Pick Activity

I picked the word "Minty"! Did my homework and actually researched the cool mint toothpaste in Jellyneo's item database.

April 2016 Art Prompt: Time

Random Pick Activity: Dailies

I picked the Word "Opera"

I picked the Word "King Hagan" The Medieval Wise King

Feb. Art Prompt: Art Styles

I copied the Art Style of Pablo Picasso of my Neopet Egonite...

Valentine's Day Special Short Comic

Jan.2016: New Year Newsletter Comic

Random Pick Activity Jan.2016: Fireworks

Random Pick Activity Dec.2015: Salmon

Ino's December Prompt: Emotions

2015 Dec. Newsletter Comic

Pickup/My Art

Quick Doodle Art of Henedia drawn by me! As you can tell, I am not the best at horse drawings. /crumbles and disappears in shame

Quick Design Art of Junoa drawn by me! I got her angry ego in there too. I missed drawing Usuls!

Quick Design Art of Farfelue drawn by me! Hope you like him!

Art of Alsyanee drawn by me! Hope you like her!

Art of Dale drawn by me! Hope you like her!

Art of Eva for Sanamm. Quad art isn't quite my forte, but I had fun challenging myself with this UC Aisha! I am sure you'll get her for sure!

Art of Defuel for seluker406/Anna. I'm not that best at humans, so sorry I couldn't draw his full body!

Speed Art of Druhid for Bunny/Rabbit. I hope you like him!

Speed Art of Eleanor for nick_and_nickette. I hope you like her!

Speed Art w/ Special Effects of Beverly Ann for CourtlyOddity. I hope you like her!

Speed Art of meowclopsia for muggledude. I hope you like her!

Speed Art of setets for Mucka33. I hope you like it!

Speed Art of lillooh for petitehirondelline. I hope you like it!

Speed Art of Fallsea for kenken024. I hope you like it!

Speed Art of Connor for Red. I hope you like him!

Speed Art of Inspect for Lovelyboy1. I hope you like him!

Speed Art of Nukkenite for Shellshocks. I hope you like!

Art of Tenicie December Ugly Sweater Kekeke

Art of Vivi December Ugly Sweater.

Art of Boomerrang

Art of Deannie

Art of Shadowshock

Art Trade... Here's a human-like version of Quidero

Sketch request of Anniette

Sketch for Missy G of Cynscia

Sketch for Xmas of Hankenstein

Sketch for Xmas of Buzztifer Jones

Art for Xmas of InsanityClause

Art for Xmas of InsanityClause

Art Trade for Laura of luanolu

Art Request of Krupp

Art Trade of Xilphyr

Art Piece of my Thief Char on Vacation Naham

Art Piece of Rabbit's characters Janet & Natia (My secret Ship) Haha

Art Piece of Rabbit's character Janet

Art Piece of Nova's Neopet cloudrush

Art Piece of my Neopet Granny Naham

Art Piece of my twin sister Aria's Neopet Moddet

Art Piece of Elena's Neopet Lilusiak

Art Piece of my dog Jolie Momo

Art Piece of Ember's Neopet Doggy082001

Art Piece of Gridiron's Neopet Harleq

Art Piece of Lost's Neopet Snugz

Art Piece of Merlot's Neopet Zootey

Art Piece of Merlot's Neopet Ozimov

Art Piece of Kira's Neopet Zome

Art Piece of my pet Vivi

Art Piece of my pet Egonite in the Art Style of Pable Picasso

Art Piece for Mr. Will

Art Piece for pet Awkword

Art Piece for Tama

Art Piece for Gloria

Art Piece for Liquid

Fan Art/Adoptables

Vivi Fan Art

Secret Santa Gift of Vivi with her PetPet S'Cream done by: Lily ~ thank you for this wonderful Art piece! Vivi and I are thrilled that you made her look taller, and we adore the snow effect!

A perfect sketch capture of Vivi's true-self Done By the talented: Nova!

Chibi Art of Vivi! Adorable art Done By the talented: Mel!

A wonderful sticker-like style of Vivi Done By the Fantabulous: Steph! Thank you so much!

A cute Art Piece Done By: Cammy of Vivi!

A cute Art Piece Done By: Iggy of Vivi!

A cute Art Piece Done By: Missy G of Vivi!

Sassy Art Piece Done By: Uffie of Vivi! I just love how Uffie captured Vivi's petite stature and persona. Isn't she just so adorable? thank you so much for this magnificent art piece of Vivi!

A beautiful Art Piece Done By: phoelia of human version of Vivi!

A cute Art Piece Done By: Lily of Vivi!

Cute Art Piece Done By: Tama of Vivi

Adorable Art Piece Done By: renardadd1 of Vivi

Lovely Art Piece Done By: Ayeun of Vivi!

Delightful Art Piece Done By: Sunny of Vivi

Adorable Scribble Art Piece Done By: JJ of Vivi

Pretty little Art Piece Done By: Charlie of Vivi

Magical Art Piece Done By: Light of Vivi!

Sassy Art Piece Done By: Clem of Vivi! Didn't he capture her big personality perfectly? Thank you for this beautiful art piece of Vivi!

Tenicie Fan Art

Hot Diggity-Dog Art Done By: Rover of Tenicie and his hot dog fetish.
Rover did such a fantastic job with Tenicie! I absolutely adore the hot dog theme going on in the background and the reflection inside his sunglasses... it's just SO Tenicie! Thank you so much, Rover, for capturing him, gadgets and all! I feel like I got an early Christmas present!

Absolutely magnificent Art Done By: Lost of Tenicie and lil Watson...
I love how well Lost captured Tenicie's handsome appearance and essence. He looks as if he's already solved his next case, and Watson, with his lil round body and all, is pouncing at the opportunity to solve their next mystery.

Absolutely On Key Art Done By: K of Tenicie playing his violin.

Naham Fan Art

Naham the notorious thief Art Piece Done By: Parker of Naham...
I like how Park captured Naham's persona and true self. Isn't he just so evil and handsome?
/huggles Naham, only to get thrown aside

Sly Sketch Art Piece Done By: Opal of Naham... I like how Opal captured Naham's Greedy grin while counting his NP "earnings."

Egonite Fan Art

Beautiful Art Piece Done By: Hemo of Egonite... This is an absolutely on-point piece of Egonite. Hemo captured Egonite's essence, the way she holds herself, all the way down to her fondness of tea. I can't express how much I adore this art.

Wonderful Art Piece Done By: Liquid of Egonite... Liquid was my 2016 Secret Santa and drew this absolutely spot-on art piece of my character Egonite. He captured her unrequited love emotions, did he not? Thank you so much and I was literally thrilled to find you as my Secret Santa, Liquid!

Bootiful Art Piece Done By: Merlot of Egonite... Merlot captured Egonite's damsel in distress persona, and I am loving it! I love how ladylike Egonite holds herself like a high-class lady with her delicate little purse.

Sassy Sketch Art Piece Done By: Britt of Egonite! I love how her evil persona is captured in this piece. Thank you so much!

Beautiful Sketch Piece Done By: Naru of Egonite... Naru totally got Egonite's pose and attitude down in this simple, but elegant colored sketch! ^^

Art Piece Done By: Matthias of a sad Egonite

Art Piece Done By: Twillie of a sad Egonite

Eye Catching Art Piece Done By: Onyx of Egonite... I love how Onyx drew Egonite with her big brown eyes! It's rare to see both eyes present since Egonite tends to cover half of her face with her long blonde hair. (Truth is, I'm too lazy to draw the other eye... so I admire artists that take time to draw both eyes.) Thank you, Onyx, for this gorgeous art piece of my Egonite!

Speedy & on-key Art Piece Done By: vormeeren of Egonite

Art Piece Done By: Rose of a Grey Egonite

Human Sketch Art Piece Done By: Frankie of Egonite

Aloola Fan Art

Bangin' Art Piece Done By: Merlot of Aloola

Moddet Fan Art


Character Adoptables:

 photo egonite_zpsw0iyqptr.png Oooh, sparkly!

The Crayon's Club

Guild Sticker Collection


Currently collecting sitely Buttons


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