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Welcome to Majestic Malls graphics page. I'm Jenny and I currently manage this section of Majestic Malls.
If you scroll down you will be able to see current mall banners, shop banners, shop layouts, buttons as well as past banners and graphics that members of majestic can use freely.
There is only 1 rule when using these graphics: You MUST be a Majestic Malls member
Otherwise have fun browsing, if you have any concerns please contact me.
NOTE: The size shown is not the actual size when you put your code in eg, shop layout it will be the full size. Certain graphics currently linked to creator.
WARNING: Image heavy. Please wait a few minutes for loading

Suggest a graphic

Would you like to suggest a graphic? Maybe more variety of category banners or different styles of SOTM banners. Let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.
Suggestions are always opened and welcomed
These are current suggestions they are done in no specific order, striked means it has been completed.
Category Banner (grooming)

Request a graphic

  • Please be patient.
  • Link back to majestic
  • Need a graphic? Send a form and we will make it for you!

    Current Mall Banners

    These banners are no clickable to view the clickable banners please head here
    The code is not present, to copy your branches code head over to the members page.

    NB AD Banners

    Neoboard fonts

  • These fonts are optional
  • First textbox is for NeoHTML second box is for NeoSignature
  • Amethyst





    Majestic Academy

  • Neoboard pen required

  • Main mall

  • Neoboard pen required

  • Shop Banners

  • All banners can be used anywhere.
  • If you would like the graphic to lead to your shop, insert your username where it says YOURUSERNAMEGOESHERE
  • Faerie Quest

    Garage Sale


    Mall Refers

    Shop of the month

    Category Banners

    Shop Layouts

  • Shop layouts are optional
  • Image Shown is the header of the shop layout

  • Created by Jenny and Joy



    These buttons are best to be left linked to the Majestic Malls home page

    Feel free to choose where you would like this set to link to

    Central hub site headers

    Past/Retired Graphics

    let's take a trip back in time. Below are the graphics that are retired. These are only the ones that we were able to recover if you have located one that is not featured please neomail me so that I can add it in
    Graphics range are in no specific order.

    Home Page Layouts

    Majestic Pages

    Branch pages

    NB ADS

    Mall Banners

    Used from: November 15 2013 – September 3 2014
    Created by Jenny

    Used from: November 1-15 2013
    Created by Jenny

    Used from: March up to October 2013
    Created by Kairi
    Used from: September 2012 to March 2013
    Created by Stacy


    Created by Stacy

    Created by Joyables

    Created by Jenny


    Sitely & Credits




    Layout and image in header from Tracery
    PNGS in banners from Aroma & Details
    To the top resource and request status from Bedazzled
    Request speed and textarea background from TLB