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User Accounts

Q: I'm planning on moving accounts. How do I move from one account to the other safely?

A: Before you switch accounts stop doing any dailies, selling things in your shop, collecting bank interest, playing games and empty out any stocks you have. To be safe you should stop doing any of these things for at least a few days on your old account before you start doing them again on your new account.
You may also wish to put up a note on your lookup saying you've moved, this is not required but will help let any neofriends know what's going on.
Do not switch accounts too often or you may get in trouble, especially if you're switching back and forth between the same accounts. Ideally your new account should be permanent or at least your main account for a few years.

Q: What are the rules for Side Accounts?

A: Your side account cannot be used to gain any money or items. This means that you are not allowed to do any dailies, play any games, collect any bank interest or sell anything in your shop. You should also try to avoid buying any items from your side account, instead buy them on your main and then transfer them over.
Things you can use your side account for are holding more pets, hosting a gallery or joining a guild.

Q: How many accounts can I have?

A: You are allowed a maximum of 5 accounts. Only one account is allowed to be used as your main and earn items/money, the other four must be used as side accounts.

Q: My account has been frozen for something I didn't do! Can I get it back?

A: You can send TNT a ticket; click 'Help' at the bottom of any neopets page, then click 'Submit a Ticket' and select 'Frozen Accounts' from the drop down menu. If you have a side account you can send the ticket from there, however if you don't have another account you can still send in a ticket without being logged in and you will still be emailed with any response.
You'll need to include as much information as possible about your frozen account. Things TNT ask you for are your Birthday, previous secret words, previous emails, a list of your Neofriends, any rare item codes you've redeemed, any warnings you've received, pets you've created, any items in your closet or equipped to your pets and the reason why you feel your account should be unfrozen.
Remember to be polite and patient. If you're rude TNT are less likely to take you seriously. It often takes a few months for accounts to be unfrozen.

Q: When I signed up I made a mistake entering my Birthday and now I can't remember it! How can I find out what it is?

A: Unfortunately there is no easy way to find out your Birthday. It's going to take a lot of time and may even be impossible if you've set your age to not display.
If you have your settings set to display your Birthday to every neofriend then from a side account neofriend the account and keep checking your neofriends list every few days to see if the age changes. When the age changes, you have your Birthday. If you've set it to display for VIPs only then contact one of your VIP neofriends and ask them to watch the age for you.
You could also try sending in a ticket to TNT and explaining your issue. You will need to provide them with a lot of information about your account just as you would when trying to recover a frozen account; previous secret words, previous emails, a list of your Neofriends, any rare item codes you've redeemed, any warnings you've received, pets you've created, any items in your closet or equipped to your pets.
However it is not guaranteed that TNT will help resolve the issue.

Q: How many times can I transfer pets between accounts?

A: The number of transfers you get depends on the age of your account.
• 0 - 23 months - 1 transfer in and 1 transfer out
• 24 - 47 months - 2 transfers in and 2 transfers out
• 48 - 71 months - 3 transfers in and 3 transfers out
• 72 - 95 months - 4 transfers in and 4 transfers out
• 96 - 119 months - 5 transfers in and 5 transfers out
• 120+ months - 6 transfers in and 6 transfers out

Q: What are the perks you get for having an older account?

A: There are a variety of perks you gain as your account ages. There's a nice list of them on this Loyal User Perks petpage.

Q: I sent a ticket in to TNT, how long do they take to reply?

A: Reply times can vary a lot. Hopefully they should reply within a month or two, however be prepared to wait longer. In some cases you'll get a reply within a few days, but in others you may be left waiting several months.


Premium Accounts

Q: What extra things do I get by being premium?

A: Once you sign up for premium you'll earn the following things:
• No Ads! All advertisements on neopets will be removed.
• Monthly Neopoints! On the 1st of each month you'll receive 5,000 NPs.
• Notification Bar! This appears at the bottom of your screen and gives you access to various features.
• Weekly Scratchcards! Every Friday you'll get a premium scratchcard you can use via your Notification Bar.
• Monthly Premium Collectable Cards! Each month of continued membership you'll gain a card in your album.
• The Super Shop Wizard! Accessed via your notification bar, the SSW will give you the lowest price every time.
• Premium Featured Game! In addition to the regular featured game, you'll now have a premium featured game that will award double Neopoints.
• Lucky Space Faerie Charm! Added as a Site Feature Trophy to your userlookup, this lucky little charm has the chance to randomly double your neopoints gained from playing a game.
• Premium Something Has Happened! In addition to the regular SHH events you can now also get premium SHH events while browsing the site.
• Space Faerie Avatar! Added to the bottom of your default avatar list.
• Premium site theme! Available through your preferences.
• Premium Neoboards! Access to special premium boards.
• A 5th Neopet Slot! As a premium member you can now own five neopets.

Q: What are the premium Neoboards?

A: There are three main premium boards;
» Help - If you need help or are a new Premium Member with questions, this is your board!
» Main Hall - Hang out with other Premium members and discuss the finer points of Neopian life. Indeed. Top drawer.
» Spotlights and Games - Get some input on your gallery spotlight entry or get help on that tough game avatar. Your spotlight and game banter goes here.

There are also three 'Charter' boards. These are boards you can only access once you've been a premium member for 4+ months.
» Charter: Main - A board for longtime Premium Members. If you can see this board, that's you! You're a longtime Premium member! *high five*
» Charter: NC Mall - Hats, dresses, trousers, wigs, cookies, OH MY! Discuss NC Mall-related topics with NC Mall-related fellows here.
» Charter: Trading/Auctions - For Premium members who fear the main trading/auction board... we don't blame you.

Q: How do I get my premium scratchcard?

A: Click the space faerie icon in your notification bar. You'll get a scratchcard each Friday. If you joined premium on a Friday you will have to wait until next week for your first scratchcard.

Q: How do I turn stealth on and off?

A: In the navigation bar go to My Account - Preferences. Checking the box will turn stealth mode on, un-checking it will turn stealth mode off.

Q: How do I get my monthly premium neopoints?

A: On the 1st of each month 5,000 NPs will automatically be added to your on hand balance.

Q: I just got a Mysterious Token! What do I do with it? A: You can use your token at the Space Faerie Vending Machine.

Q: Where has my portal gone?

A: Portal has been removed with the new version of premium. It's been replaced with the notification bar down at the bottom of your screen.

Q: Can I turn off my notification bar?

A: You can toggle the bar on and off through My Account - Preferences.
It's the last check box in the list, labeled Premium Notification Bar. Un-checking the box will turn your notification bar on, checking it will turn your notification bar off.

Q: Can I keep my 5th pet if I leave premium?

A: No, you can not keep your 5th pet after leaving premium.
Once your premium has expired you will need to choose a pet to either transfer to another account or abandon to the pound.
If you select to abandon your pet it will not go directly to the pound. TNT will hold it for 90 days and if you decide to return to premium within that time the pet will be returned to your account.
WARNING: some people have reported that this is currently buggy and your pet is delivered straight into the pound. To avoid this make sure you send your fith pet to another account for safe keeping before your subscription runs out!

Q: My Super Shop Wizard won't let me search for paint brushes!

A: Some items are restricted on the SSW. If you search for a restricted item it will give you a message saying you are not allowed to search for that item.
I'm afraid you'll need to use the regular shop wiz or the trading post to purchase these items.

Q: Why haven't I got any Premium Something has Happened events?

A: Just as with normal SHH events, these are completely random! You may go through a stage of not getting any, then suddenly find yourself getting a lot. Just keep browsing and I'm sure you'll see one soon; the more pages you load the more chances you'll have.

Q: Where is the space faerie avatar?

A: It's at the bottom of your default avatars, just above where your secret avatars start.
You get this avatar automatically when you join premium.

Q: Can I still get the neomail avatar from premium?

A: Unfortunately not.

Q: How do I refer users to premium?

A: You can no longer refer people to Premium Neopets.

Q: How do I set up my side as an alias account?

A: I'm afraid the alias feature is no longer available.

Q: How do I cancel premium?

A: To cancel premium go here, log in if needed and fill out the simple form.


Pets, Petpets & Petpetpets

Q: My Neopet is sick! How do I cure them?

A: The cheapest way to cure your pet is to visit the Healing Springs.
You can visit once every half hour. It may take a few days but it's completely free!
If you don't want to wait then here is a handy guide listing the cheapest ways to cure your pet.

Q: My pet is sad/crying. How do I cheer them up?

A: If you click on your pets picture in your sidebar you'll be taken to the status page. Here you can see what's wrong with your pet. If it's ill then read the question above, if your pet is hungry then you'll need to find it some food and if your pet is sad then find a toy for it to play with.

Q: How do I level up my Neopet?

A: To level your Neopets you'll need to take it to either The Academy or the Training School.
Between midnight and 1am NST you can play Deadly Dice with Count von Roo. Depending on your roll your neopet can either gain or loose a level.
If you're lucky your pet might also get a level up from visiting Coltzan's Shrine.

Q: Can I change my pet's gender?

A: You can change your pets gender either through a lucky lab zap (careful, this can also change your pets species/colour!) or by battling the Lab Ray Scientist in the Battledome. The only way to get the Lab Ray Scientist as a battledome challenger is to complete the Secret Laboratory Map, he can then be found through a random event on this page.
When battling the Scientist your pets gender will be changed if he uses a Strange Potion to attack you with. This may not always happen so you might need to battle him more then once.
You can also buy a Strange Potion to use on your pet, however this is rather expensive.

Q: I don't want my pet anymore. Can I sell it?

A: No, selling pets for items/neopoints is against TNTs rules.
If you want to get rid of your pet you could either abandon it, give it to another user or trade it for another pet.

Q: How does trading pets work?

A: First you need to find someone who'd like to trade with you.
The best place to look is the Neopian Pound neoboard. For an approximate guide on your pets value and what you could trade it for visit Emily's Pet Value Guide.
Once you've found someone to trade with, and you both have transfers free for the month, you can transfer your pet to them through the pound (linked under the Customisation tab) and they should transfer their pet to you. It's best to confirm the transfer through neomail beforehand for security reasons.

Q: Help! My pet just turned baby/invisible/red/blue! What happened and can I undo it?

A: I'm sorry; unfortunately there is no way to undo this for free. You'll have to buy a paintbrush/morphing potion to get your pet back to the way it was. If your pet was turned baby/invisible and you'd rather have it as a basic colour then the cheapest thing to do is buy a 'Turnip Tonic', this is an item that when used will turn your pet into a random basic colour (red, blue, yellow or green).
These are random events that can happen while browsing the site. It's best to keep a pet you wouldn't mind being changed as your active in case one of these events occurs. In addition make sure you keep your pets happy (to avoid the red and blue event) as this can affect any of your pets, not just your active!

Q: Why won't my pet won't read this book / take this petpet / eat this food?

A: This is something that can happen sometimes and is based on your neopets name. If your pet refuses something you can change the language (this option is down at the bottom of each neopets page), give the item to your pet and then change your language back to normal.

Q: How do I attach a petpetpet (P3)?

A: Attaching a P3 can take a little time. You need to put the P3 in your inventory (along with some junk items to act as a buffer from random events) and keep refreshing the page until your P3 has attached. Careful though, the petpet it attaches to is random so if you want it on a specific petpet make sure you remove any other petpet's from your neopets before refreshing!
Once your P3 has attached to a petpet it shouldn't be removed, as once removed it will disapear.

Q: Why won't it let me adopt this pet?

A: If your neopets account is under 4 months old then there are certain restrictions on the pets you are allowed to adopt. Certain colours, limited species and pets over level 2 can only be adopted by 4 month+ accounts.
For a list of the colours you can adopt visit the WCAPPT petpage.


Games and Dailies

Q: Can you link me to a good dailies page?

A: JubbyJubJack's Guide is a very helpful daily links page.

Q: How many times a day can I play ____?

A: Wheel of Knowledge: once a day
Wheel of Excitement: once every 2 hours
Wheel of Monotony: once a day
Wheel of Mediocrity: once every 40 minutes
Wheel of Misfortune: once every 2 hours
Wheel of Extravagance: once a day
Qasalan Expellibox: once every 8 hours

Q: What is the Habitarium? How do I play it?

A: Here is a great Habitarium Guide full of useful information.

Q: I'm on a Brain Tree quest and need to know when and where ____ died!

A: Brain Tree quest answers are random and no-one will be able to give you the correct answer. The only way for you to find out the correct date and place is to complete two Esophagor quests. The first quest will give you the date (make a note of it!) and the second quest will give you the location.
If the Esophagor's quest costs over 5,000 NPs then it generally isn't worth it to complete the quest.

Q: What is Neoquest/Neoquest II?

A: Neoquest (NQI) and Neoquest II (NQII) are both browser-based Role Playing Games that you can find in neopets games room.
Both games can take quite a while to complete. You gain experience and level up by killing monsters, and as you level you're awarded skill points which you can spend on various skills to gain new abilities. Both games save your progress automatically; you can close the game at any time without loosing any progress.
NQI is bound to your active neopet, so set the same pet active each time you go to play. NQII is bound to your account.
NQ has it's own neoboard that you can visit to chat with others as you play, or ask for help and advice.

Q: Are there any Neoquest/Neoquest II guides?

A: Yes, there are many different NQ guides. Here's a NQ directory listing maps and guides.


Neoboards & Avatars

Q: What does that mean?

A: When first venturing onto the neoboards you may be confused by all the different acronyms used. Here is a handy Neoboard Acronyms page to help explain them all.

Q: How do I change my font/avatar?

A: You can change your font and avatar through the Neoboard Preferences. This page can be found by visiting the neoboards (linked under community) and then clicking the preferences link at the top of the page.

Q: How do I make a font?

A: Here are a couple of handy font guides: FontHelp, Oasiah.
If you'd like to match your font colours to your avatar check out this font colour chart.
And for a list of symbols you can use in your font take a look at the symbols page.

Q: Where can I get premade fonts?

A: Here are a few premade font sites: Mo's Fonts, Magnet, The Font Barista.

Q: I see people using smilies that aren't listed on TNTs smilies page, how do I make them?

A: There are some secret smilies that TNT don't list. For a complete list of smilies visit Anarch's Neoboard Smilies guide.

Q: How do I get ____ avatar?

A: Here is are a couple of handy guides that explains how to get each avatar: one, two.

Q: Would you lend me based on my account?

A: How likely you are to be lent depends on the avatar item you wish to borrow. If it's a cheap item then chances are you'll find someone willing to lend you even if your account isn't that great. However for the expensive items unless you have full collat lenders will be looking at your account. The following is a list of things you can do to help improve your chances:
• Get some trophies! Any game trophies are good, but harder to get trophies, or things that take dedication to get, such as Neoquest or Plushie Tycoon, show you spend time on your account.
• Get as many avatars as you can! Lenders will want to see that you care about collecting avatars. Before searching for the very expensive avatar lends you should try and get a bare minimum of 200 avatars, more is always better!
• Start a Habitarium! Getting your Habitarium to max level (currently level 50) shows you put time and care into your account.
• Start a gallery. If you have a nice collection of items in your gallery it helps show off your interests and prove you've spent time and money on your account.
• Paint, customize or give life to your pets! Spend some time making your pets look pretty, or write up a nice description for them. It'll help show that you care about your pets and your account.


Items and Treasure Maps

Q: What's the cheapest paint brush/morphing potion?

A: Here is a helpful paint brush guide listing the prices of different pet and petpet paint brushes.

Q: I can't find the item I want on the shop wizard! How can I get it?

A: If the item costs 100,000 NPs or more then it can't be sold via the SW. For these items you will need to search in the Trading Post or the Auction House.

Q: How much does the ____ map cost?

A: Here's a handy map price guide.

Q: How do I use the Petpet Laboratory Map?

A: Before you can gain access to the Petpet Laboratory Map you will need to complete the Secret Laboratory Map.
If you already have access to the Secret Laboratory then put all of your Petpet Lab Map pieces in your inventory and go to the Treasure Maps game to turn them in.

Q: I have all the pieces of ____ map, now what?

A: All treasure map pieces can be turned in at the Treasure Maps game.
First make sure all the map pieces are in your inventory, then visit Treasure Maps page and click on the appropriate tab.
List of treasure maps: Original Treasure Map, Spooky Treasure Map, Space Map, Underwater Map, Forgotten Shore, Secret Laboratory Map, Petpet Laboratory Map.


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