I have no wings; I fly no more,
I have no freedom, no open doors,
But I still have one thing, one thing grand,
I still have friends who by me stand.
I'm nothing pretty, I'm nothing great,
But I have come to accept my fate,
My life's not perfect, but that's okay--
I wouldn't change it anyway.

Poem by Raile.


Name: Qenu
Species: Zafara
Color: Mutant
Age: 29 years
Apparent Age: 18 years
Place of Birth: Valhalla
Current Residence: Emiliot's Lab
Family: Deceased
Personality: Curious, aloof, talkative.


Qenu is not very different from most mutant zafaras, although there are some unique aspects to his look.

Eyes While once a whitish-blue, his eyes turned red after mutating. And after reaching Emiliot's lab, and after some freaky experiment, he now has a curious iris of two black lines instead of a solid black center. Qenu says he can sometimes see things differently since his eyes changed.

Spine Qenu has three large fin-like bone ridges jutting out of his back. They are bone-white, slightly yellowed with exposure to the air. He has no spikes along his tail.

Chest Unlike most mutant zafaras, his chest is not creamy yellow, but a combination of stripes of pale blue and lighter blue. He thinks it's because when he had fur, his chest had light blue fur, and not creamy white as other blue zafaras might have.

Markings On the back of his shoulders he has a marking like a wing on either side of his spine, indication of where his wings used to be. They never did let them grow back, and with incessant experimentation he doesn't know if they'll ever grow back again. He also has dark spotted markings on his hands, ears thigh and along the back of his tail.


Qenu is a tad on the shy side with people he does not know. Something of a kid still, due to his upbringing, he is slightly naive and is quick to change temperaments.

While certain lab-related things and topics scare him, he is quite friendly and playful with those he comes to trust. Open-minded and curious, after being freed of his cage, he is quick to learn from his surroundings, and loves to be of help.

He doesn't mind doing any type of chores, and finds ways of making them fun and enjoyable. He is most laid back with Emiliot whom he trusts as an older brother.


Most Scientists

Nura was a discovery Qenu made when cleaning out some of the more darker sections of Emiliot's messy lab. The batterfly had made it's home inside some abandoned experiments, and was quite angry when Qenu cleaned out his nest, flying into his face screeching.

It didn't take Qenu too long to calm the petpet by promising a new, better housing, and after pleading Emiliot to let him keep the jittery, hyperactive petpet, he made good his promise.

Nura is easily scared, flying off and screeching at sudden sounds or movements, often attacking whatever moved or made said sound... much to the annoyance of the other Lab inhabitants.

Qenu was born in a large town close to the capital of Valhalla. He was born as an unremarcable blue Angel Zafara, with an unremarcable set of blue wings, and some light splotches of lighter blue on his feet, ears and along his tail. Of course, had he been born in Neopia with those wings, he would have stood out as quite beautiful, but in Valhalla, everyone has wings, so he was just one more of the children in the town.

On his tenth birthday, his family decided they wanted to try their luck in Neopia, where their small magical abilities and wings would be more respected than in the crowded Valhalla, where only those of great magical power could escalate in rank.

But they were unlucky. As the small family made their way down a Neopian road, they were assaulted by bandits, and Qenu's parents were killed for trying to defend themselves. Then they took Qenu, to sell in the black market.

He could have been sold as slave or test subject, but a scientist got to him first. By then his captors had cut and pulled off his larger feathers to leave him incapable of flight, but the scientist that saw him realized what the wings meant... a subject of Valhalla. So he ended up in a lab, where he endured many tests, experiments, shots and rays.

As a valhallian, he showed much more resiliance than neopian test subjects, and he survived anything they put him through. But they were also cruel and cold, and Qenu became depressed and sad. Being rather young when it all began, he never harbored much hope of escape.

When the lab he was in got closed down, Qenu was taken to another, instead of set free or killed. There he met Emiliot for the same time.

The Arrival at the Lab

When he heard talk of the lab being closed, he'd had all kinds of thoughts as to what they'd do with him. Apparently the mad scientist had gone bankrupt, so most of the items in the lab were being sold. Was he one of those items? Would they let him go free? Would they put him... to sleep?

He had just sighed, as he usually did, curling up in a corner of his cage. Either way would be fine, he figured. What else could he care about? He'd suffered a lot already, perhaps eternal sleep wouldn't be so bad after all.

Then one day they'd taken his cage (they never talked to him... it was one of the things that made him so depressed) and put it on a van. It was a bumpy trip, and Qenu wondered what awaited at the end of the journey.

The van opened and he looked out of the bars of the cage, eyes opening wide as he saw the doors to another facility... another lab. He groaned, tail curling around his feet as he buried his head in his knees.

The box was moved into the new lab...

Emiliot's ears perked up when the mail call sounded through the lab. It was more of a buzzer than anything else, but it was sufficiently annoying to distract him from his work. Work which, at the moment, consisted of trying to make a giant spring divide into two small ones. He was SURE extramatter cloning would work. He bounded from one end of the lab to the other, passing the massive circular tank without glancing at the finned Aisha inside who made a gesture that might have been the finger...or would have if the specimen had had fingers.

Mail. As best as Emiliot could tell, it was descended from the kind of mail knights wore, but even he couldn't see much correlation between the two meanings. A..very large box! How interesting. And it had airholes. Living cargo! Most excellent! He circled it several times, barbed tail bobbing. He finally turned away, rifling through a huge pile of tools, most of them inventions in their own right. He knew he had a "large-three-dimensional-quadrangular-container-opener" somewhere...

Qenu sat quite still inside the box, glancing furtively out the holes at the lab... and the bounding... was that a Zafara? Blinking a few times in surprise, he crawled closer to a hole, red eye looking out at the other, who was looking though some tools, back turned to him.

Yes... it was a Zafara! In fact... a mutant one! Qenu sat back in shock. This other neopet was wearing a lab coat, just like those scientists in the other lab. But he looked like *he* was an experiment subject too with the look of his barbed tail and dirty lab coat. What did all this mean? He felt confused... this guy looked... like a scientist... but he moved way too happily for one. As far as his experience dictated, scientists were serious, and formal and scary.

Gathering up his courage, he looked back through the hole, to take another look at this strange neopet.

Emiliot finally emerged from his pile holding an alien device aloft as though in victory. He looked very satisfied with himself. It looked like a crowbar or three with about two trillian wires and springs attached. He leapt back over to the box. "Okay, let's see...c'mon, baby, work for papa." There was a clanking as he presumably attached the device to the crate, then a grinding sound as he....wound it up. "Stand back," he warned, then amended, "Oh, that's right, you can't." He cackled, but the sound was interrupted by a massive cracking and a thunderous boom as the compnent walls of the prison bunckled and collapsed, dropping the top on Qenu.

Qenu meeped softly as Emiliot approached his crate, scurrying away to the farther corner. He yelped in surprise and fright as the crate shook and went boom curling up in fright, the top hitting his head. He sat quivering, not daring to move, and utterly horrified that this guy had just broken open his crate like that. Not very professionally, and leaving... him... free? He peeked one eye from his shielding arms at the lab that was now clearly seen around him, except where the top still lay on top of him and to one side.

Was this guy crazy?

Before him stood a scaly-looking and scruffy Zafara, clad only in what was quite possibly the rattiest, stained lab coat in existence. His hands and arms were covered in small burns and scars, as were his pendulous ears. He had bright, gleaming red eyes and a very self-satisfied smile. "She works!" he declared, plucking the large-three-dimensional-quadrangular-container-opener from the rubble with pride. "She worked once and she works again as well! Truly a victory!" He turned to Qenu with a rather frightening smile. "Oh, and hello."

Definetly crazy. So he *could* be a scientist.... he thought. Qenu looked quite frightened as he shyly pushed the top off him, still slouched over and trembling, as he eyed Emiliot dubiously.

"H...hello." He ventured finally, ears quite flat against his head as he regarded the... scientist. "A..are you ... my new owner?" He asked fearfully.

"Owner?" Emiliot cackled over the sound of splashing in the tank. "Owner? No, I wouldn't call myself your new OWNER..." he half-leered, raising an eyebrow at the mutant. He advanced sideways, as though it somehow made him stealthy. "I'd be your new MASTER." He threw his head back and laughed like a lunatic. He did manage to recover fairly quickly, wiping a tear of mirth from his eye. Oh, he loved saying that. The splashing from the tank increased, and he turned around. "Theranova, is there something WRONGGGG?" He stretched the word out to ridiculous lengths. "KYRII got your tongue!?" The mutant threw his head back again, drowning out the sound of the Aisha's cursing with his enthusiasm.

Qenu was usually scared. Scientists, to his best knowledge, were scary, cruel beings who liked making him cry out in pain, put him through terrible experiments that were painful, and actually seemed to enjoy it when he whimpered. This new... master.. seemed to be shaping up to be the same, albeit perhaps even more insane.

He whimpered, and looked increasingly scared at Emiliot's outbursts, until he could take it no longer. As he was no longer in a cage of any type, he ran. He scurried away from Emiliot on all fours, as he tried to keep a low profile, eyes darting wide-eyed for some place to hide, or an exit.

Emiliot stopped laughing then. "...oops," he said, more to himself than anything else. He hadn't meant to be SCARY. He rose up and sprang after Qenu, still holding the fearsome large-three-dimensional-quadrangular-container-opener in his right claw. "Hold on!" he called, desperately. "I'm not done yet!"

"RUN, you fool!" the Aisha yelled, adding to the chaos. "RUN IF YOU ENJOY HAVING FINGERS!"

Qenu looked back and saw Emiliot following him with the... weird contraption that had made his box go BOOM... and ran even faster. He scurried under tables, and around machines of all types, until he finally saw a metal door, running towards it, skidding to a stop, and finally impacting it, as he scrambled to try and open it.

Emiliot dove into another pile of "toys," abandoning the crowbar device and snatching up somthing that looked like a...Nerf gun. He aimed frecklessly, shooting carelessly, and a compact capsule shot out, exploding over Qenu and draping a net over the fleeing Zafara. "HA!" He crowed. "Now you HAVE to listen!"

Qenu yelped in terror as the net encapsuled him, dropping to the ground moaning piteously as he curled up again. Now he was in for trouble... he thought. He'd be punished for trying to escape, of course... but, it hadn't been his fault! This scientist had just let him stand there free of his cell! Of course he had to try and break free... He whimpered as he looked frightened at Emiliot.

"Hey, hey!" Emiliot said, bounding to catch up. Geez, he'd forgotten how hard it was to catch up with others of his species. Most of his inventions were pretty stationary, this was absurd. "Be cool, Peggy Hayama," he cooed in an attempt to be soothing. "I'm not gonna hit you with a Kau prod or anything."

Qenu flinched as Emiliot came up to him, still quivering as the other spoke. He looked up tentatively, "Y..you aren't?" He whimpered. "M..my name's Qenu... not Peggy Hayama..." He ventured, "...master?" he added, hoping the larger zafara really wasn't gonna hit him.

"Oh, Qenu? It's not as pretty, but okay." The scaly Zafara's barbed tail bobbed up and down as he thought about the name. "And you can just call me Emiliot, it gets too creepy if you call me that." He nodded. The Aisha wasn't screaming at them anymore, he'd sunk to the bottom of the cage and was blowing bubbles morosely. Emiliot puffed heavily, out of breath. He wasn't used to that kind of extreme physical exertion. Or at least it was extreme to him.

Qenu nodded quickly. His eyes darted around, as he played with the net. "Uh... you really... are a scientist then?" He asked shyly. He regarded the puffing zafara. This guy was really out of shape... he was usually secluded in a small cage, but wasn't as tired after that scramble! He shifted against the door, looking down sadly, "You... you're gonna experiment on me too?"

"A scientist!" The mutant drew himself up to his full height. "I am indeed!" He tried to look dignified, but he just looked crazy instead. "I am Emiliot, the greatest genius in Neopia!" He leaned forward. "You may not have heard of me, but that's okay. This IS Virtupets, we don't go...down much." He studied the other Zafara with interest. He much preferred electronics to other pets, mostly because electronics could be predicted, but... he glanced at the Aisha. "Eventually," he admitted grudgingly, "I guess I'll think of something. I always do." He seemed proud of that fact. "In the meantime, make yourself...at...home." He looked surprised at his own mess. "Oh my."

"V...Virtupets?" Qenu's eyes were wide, he wasn't on Neopia anymore?? He looked around at the messy lab, the metal walls and gadgets all over the place, then at the aisha in the tank. He supposed there wasn't much escape if he was on the satellite... "You... are you keeping me in a cage?" He asked, as he looked around for other test subjects, cages or the like, as he'd seen in the other labs he'd been to. "They've always kept me in one..." He muttered, still confused at the wacky scientist he'd been handed over to.

"Well, I can if you want." Emiliot furrowed his brow in confusion. "I have one...somewhere..."

Qenu blinked, if he wanted? He shook his head, "I.. don't really like cages... they're stuffy and cold." He said, his voice marignally firmer than at first. "You don't seem as cruel as the others..." He finally admitted, sitting up slightly, "They've always been eager to try stuff out on me, because I'm more resistant than Neopians..."

"Oh, you are? That's why your head didn't fall off when the lid fell on you then." Emiliot nodded, thinking. "Lucky you." He actually didn't seem very interested in Qenu's resilience. It was nice, ye, but not really that pertinent to his experiments. An invention was no good if no one in Neopia could withstand it.

Qenu noticed the lack of interest perking up slightly. He grabbed at the net, trying to see if he could get out from it's tangled mass. "Why did they send me to you then? If you don't need test subjects?"

"No idea. I ASKED for more Q-type wires." He seemed peeved. "But since I really doubt you have an elevated ability to conduct electricity, I'm gonna have to resend the request." He nodded to himself. "I have Theranova if I need help." Eiliot turned and indicated the Aisha. "He volunteered himself, you see." There was a bubbly reply that sounded rather like 'sod off.'

Qenu finally found a way to untangle himself, throwing the net off him. "I uh... could be an assistant?" He ventured, "I've been around scientists for almost twenty years, I've picked up a bit of knowledge..."

Emiliot narrowed his bloodhsot eyes. "Oh, really? So, theoretically, you could have mailed yourself here to steal my SECRETS!" His barbed tail went up like a scorpion's and he stepped forward menacingly. "You're not here to do THAT, are you?"Re: Qenu's Arrival

Qenu shrinked as he took a step back, hitting the metallic door behind him. "N...no...I... I wouldn't... I don't... know *that* much about stuff, and... I wouldn't..." He babbled on looking fearfully at Emiliot, wide red eyes looking at him fixedly.Re: Qenu's Arrival

Emiliot smiled, relaxing and wiping his claws on his lab coat. "Oh, okay," he said, apparently content with a simple 'no.' "I don't like thieves."Re: Qenu's Arrival

Qenu slid along the wall as he plopped into a sitting position, sighing in relief. "I'm... not a thief." He ventured. "Wouldn't know what to steal or what to do with it anyways, as I've been living in a cage for twenty years." He said sourly.Re: Qenu's Arrival

"True," Emiliot nodded, convinced. "Sorry, then, or something." He turned to look at the Aisha, who was glaring back with furious eyes. He smiled benignly and waved lightly. He took a couple steps back to his current workstation, then paused and turned. "Coming, yes/no?"Re: Qenu's Arrival

Qenu still wasn't quite sure what was awaiting for him in this new lab, but he decided he'd finally had a bit of luck. He nodded quickly as he scrambled to his feet, following the purple Mutant silently. He cast the aquatic Aisha a glance, also waving in salute.Re: Qenu's Arrival

The Aisha turned his back on him, apparently angry with both of them. The mutant scientest seemed unperturbed by this behaviour. "Anyway, we are on virtupets, so there's not much place to go," he said, picking up a strand of conversation they'd abandoned several minutes ago. "It's also bloody hard to get materials up here, unfortunately." He seemed peeved, and he paused by a monitor to click a few times, resubmitting his request for Q-Type wires...whatever the hell those were.

Emiliot: A fellow mutant zafara, although purple in color, Emi is a brilliant scientist with a rather odd, crazy personality. He loves inventing gadgets with very long names, and prefers machinery to chemistry. Qenu arrived at his lab as an experiment pet, but after deciding he didn't need one, (although did mention that he might "eventually"), they settled for a rather weird relationship, with Qenu as Emi's assistant.

Theranova: Once upon a time Nova was a kyrii scientist that rivaled Emiliot in brightness. But then (or so Qenu found out) Theranova stole the plans of an experiment from Emiliot and took the credit for himself. While Emi didn't retaliate directly, the kyrii soon became a lab pet himself, and is now confined to an aquarium as a maraquan Aisha with stubby hands. He's a very obnoxious and loud member of the Virtupets lab.

Siphon: A few months after Qenu arrived at the lab, Emiliot managed to create his most brilliant experiment yet, a sentient organic machine, that they would later call Siphon. Siphon has the ability to absorb magic from his surroundings or from spells cast at him and either store it or reflect it at the caster. He is rather lacking in the emotional department, and has a very logical mind.






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