Renaissance Fairytale

Neopian owners, reborn.

It's time for you to shine!

April.15.2010- Added the "we're listed at" section. Thanks to all the directories!
+ Added 2 new members today! Welcome Fleur and Autumn!
April.11.2010- Since I've been doing so much, I thought it would be good to just keep track of progress! So I made an update section.
+ Added 5 new members today! Welcome Tay, Blue, Lela, Elisse and Liz :)

If you've read everything in the main area about our cause and such, then you must be here because you're ready to become a true representative of Renaissance Fairytale?
Well that's fantastic! The more representatives the better :)

The list starts here -

Creator - *Skyy: blossomsky15
Advertiser - *Shade: mucka33
Advertiser - *Taylor: tayamarch21
Advertiser- *Lela: Nintendogs170
Elite Advertiser- *Elisse: horselvr565
Member - *Blue: blue_magic
Member - *Tay: batyoshi
Member - *Fleur: fleurdust
Member- *Liz: hi_hello_hi_3
Member - *Autumn: saphirathedragon1988
Member - *GG: New_Swim_Fan

End of list

Want to be a part of this?

(Just so you know, we're seeking "staff" who will help advertise the site and get more people involved in the campaign! :)

Add your name here! All you have to do is mail me the form below.

*Note : By giving me your username you are, by default, letting me put up a link to your userlookup here. If you don't want this, just tell me so :P

Dear Skyy, I read all about Renaissance Fairytale and I'd like to join in. I think I am an owner worthy of being on the list.
Who's our host?
Will you link back?
Thanks for you time! :*

You got all that? Good! Well, now it's time to mail me then!

As a side note - I will take a peek at your account(s) and make sure that your pets are all happy ;)
Also, I have the right to take down anyone from the list as I see fit.

We're listed at:

The road starts here...

A note before we start.

Please just know, I'm not trying to impose nor force you to join or even believe in what I say here. I'm not trying to force you to keep your pets happy!! I understand some people disagree and I understand that you have the RIGHT to play neopets how you want to. Neopets ARE pixels. I realize that. But treating them like they're NOT pixels is what I find fun. You can play how you want to play, I'm just showing you here, on this page, how you CAN play if you WANT to. You don't HAVE to! Feel free to flame, be mean, criticize or think whatever you'd like about this site. It's you opinion, but surely not mine. You can share your opinion with me by neomail, but you don't need to share it all over the boards. Thanks for your time and enjoy the page! :)

Welcome, a chat with your HOST, Qweasie!

I'm Qweasie, I run this place. You can refer to me as "chief". No, no, I'm just kidding! I'll just be your tour guide today, or host if you want to call it that. Make sure you listen up though, because this is a cause you want to be a part of!

The cause all started when I saw NETN, who runs their campaign somewhat like we do. They really inspired us to create this site and help neopian owners reach their full potential.
Qweasie is a host here, because I adopted her through a brief petpage application awhile back. And I do truly care for her, but the plans I'd promised to fulfill just withered. And since I just couldn't come to fulfill the plans, I started neglecting her. I didn't feed her for awhile. She was rotting on an account. Then suddenly Renaissance Fairytale was born. Renaissance Fairytale is all about treating your neopets right.

Note from Skyy

Recently, I changed ideas and I want all of you to know to mail me ONLY at lunaphoenix15 from now on. Thanks for your patience and time and commitment to this great cause! :)

The name

Renaissance means "rebirth" and we chose that as part of the name because we're trying to recreate and rebirth great owners who love and care about their pets deeply.
Fairytale was added to the name because we're trying to create that fairytale neopia where everyone cares about their pets.

Our campaign

We firmly believe everyone can make a difference. We're trying to brighten the future of neopets one pet at a time. We want to see happy faces on pets, not sad ones. Just think about it though. This is neoPETS not neoCHAT or neoTRADE or neoMISTREAT XD The site is centered around PETS and people are mistreating them! All it takes is an open heart and some tender loving care :)

What are they saying!?

Yeah, that's right, people seem to say But neopets don't have feelings or They're just pixels! One person even told me proudly that all of their pets are sad. It's not a cool thing to have or say! |:(
If you're saying that, then you obviously don't care about your pets enough. So why even keep them? It's really not all that difficult to pop them in the neolodge! Honestly, you may as well just pound them. I'm sure there are tons of other users who would love to give your pet love and care.

We believe in treating neopets right! It's not too hard, like we said, so why not just try it! Cherishing your pets is so much more productive and positive that mistreating your pets, leaving them hungry and miserable.

A few things just as key points to bear in mind that are a part of our cause are..

1) Treating pets as though they are real. *Note: This does not mean take your computer on a nightly walk. I mean just feeding them would be cool XD I'm not FORCING you though.
2) Feeding pets. The neolodge will suffice :)
3) Cherishing them. Even a premade pet lookup just gives them something personal and meaningful. I know loving your pets is FANTASTIC! And that's, of course, what we're aiming for. But to go that extra step, you might want to add special personal touches to your neopets. Customization is good too.
4) Spread the word! The time of good owners has come and we need to rise to it!



Do you trade? Was that a yes? Oh, well, *ahem* so do I. It doesn't mean we still can't make a difference! Trading is fine, as long as we're still taking great care of our current pets that is! We, here at Renaissance, are NOT against trading, we just want to raise awareness of taking care of THEIR OWN PERSONAL, CURRENT pets. Capiche? Good :D

How to help

So you want to help? Well that's just music to my ears! :P What I mean is, that's great and I'm excited! The first thing to do is LINK BACK! Not only are the buttons cool, but it'll help other people find this site and join the cause! We're trying to have more people treat their neopets right... with love and care! We don't want to see sad faces, so just link back, 'kay? A simple button on your userlookup would be great ;)
The other thing you can do is submit a suggestion to TNT, suggesting gently to raise awareness of how neopians are treating their pets. Or perhaps suggesting to send out neomails to people who have all of their pets sad. Or maybe they should add benefits for people whose pets are all happy. Make sure to be GENTLE and KIND to TNT because this is their site that we all get to enjoy.

Another thing you can do to help is: If you're pounding a pet, why not make a board to advertise and then try to CHOSE an owner that you think is best suited for your pet, then mail them the time. I know it's a hassle, but it'll give your pets a better chance at a great home!

What the people have said

So you're probably wondering what everyone is saying about the cause. So I created a section where I'll post fanmail, quotes, comments and whatever else people send or tell me!
- Pixels take time to make, you know. TNT must feel a little hurt. I know I would feel a bit offended. ~~~ Elisse (on calling neopets "just pixels".)
- Neopets is a fun virtual PET site. You can create your own Neopets (up to a maximum of 4), feed them, groom them, look after them, customise them and watch them grow. You can also communicate on the Neoboards, play games, create your own Web pages, send Neomail, and lots more. ~~~ Direct quote from neopets.com (TNT)

Contact me

Comment? Suggestion? Just want to talk?
I'm friendly, I won't bite and I'm always up for a good ol' neomail.

Link back?

Our buttons

These are the buttons that I, Skyy, created using buttons bases form Button Crave.
Feel free to take these buttons to advertise us and spread the word of the cause.
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These buttons are solely for people on the list :)

Renaissance Fairytale!

Renaissance Fairytale!

Renaissance Fairytale!

Renaissance Fairytale!

Renaissance Fairytale!

Renaissance Fairytale!


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