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Hi! As you can see, there are about 395748 sections to your right... One for each of my pets. They've all been begging me to make this page. You're all so selfish! Ugh. I mean, I love you all. And you totally deserve this. Anyway, if you're the owner of a pet that I applied for, this is a way to get to know what your pet will be living with. We're all one big happy family surrounded by rainbows and sunshine... In my dreams!

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Camiluna the RB Female Draik

I have always loved the base colour of RB Draiks, and the idea of having a female one to customize appealed immensely to me. I spent ages trying to come up with a name that could be shortened to just "Cami" or "Luna". At some point, I came to the realization that I could simply mash the two nicknames together. To my surprise (and delight), it was untaken! Thus, Camiluna was born.

Merrie gave me her Draik MP, helped me get her Royal PB, and changed her gender!! ♥ Luna is finally beautiful and I absolutely adore dressing her up.

Origin: Created 09/03/2015
+ Morphed 08/05/2017
+ Painted 08/13/2017

with Kadence
the Kadoatie and its Veespa

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Lupessah the Baby Lupe

Ever since I joined Neo, I'd always dreamed of owning a Baby Lupe. Lupessah's former owner was planning on putting her UFA, so I mailed her saying I'd be interested in applying. She replied by asking about plans, and so I told her. Then, she told me that I could simply have her! I was so excited! I received her on the first of September in 2011. From that day on, Lupessah has been one of my most favourite pets. She is so very special to me. ♥

Lupessah doesn't have a permanent customization; she's very free-flowing and will happily prance around in whatever outfit I put her into. With treats, of course. ;)

Origin: Adopted 09/01/2011 (from Keke)

with Zorg
the Zomutt and its Veespa

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MangoDixie the UC Faerie Xweetok

On 05/03/18, the amazing Nory so graciously gifted me her UC Faerie Yurble, so that I could finally achieve my lifelong goal of a UC Faerie Xweetok. I was absolutely ecstatic and I couldn't believe that my ultimate dream was actually within reach!

After a long search, I traded for MangoDixie with the lovely Kate. I am so, so grateful for Kate's endless kindness and patience. I am also eternally indebted to Nory. Without her, I would never have been able to make this dream come true. ♥

After 12 years, Moxie is finally home. ♥

Origin: Traded 05/11/2018 (with the help of Nory and Kate)

with Rory and Tess
the Faerie Wibreth and its Cooty

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Myzoty the Maraquan Draik

Myzoty is a Draik that I applied for back in July of 2013, and lucky me was chosen to adopt her!! ♥ She was originally Water, but I repainted her to be Maraquan. She was of course my very first Draik, and I'm overjoyed that she's home. I absolutely adore her and she is my favourite pet next to Lupessah (what? I never said favourite... *cough*).

Myzoty's character is one that I am extremely proud of, and I love working on her story. I'm currently in the process of re-vamping her Petpage with a brand new layout! c:

Origin: Adopted 09/01/2013 (from Kat)
+ Repainted 08/04/2014

with Gemma
the Kazeriu and its Veespa

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Vurvain the Transparent Aisha

Vurvain was inspired by Vurvane and Missy's very own Virvane. Her name comes from the word "vervain" — the equivalent to vampire poison. V is very special to me as she is a sort of tribute to The Vampire Diaries as well, one of my favourite shows.

I secretly adored Transparent Aishas for a while as popular as they were, and the amazing Missy helped me paint her! Now V is perfect thanks to her. ♥

... V is also the only one who will ever wear wigs... The poor, poor thing. :(

Origin: Created 08/22/2014
+ Painted 08/31/2014 (by Missy)

with Midnight Snack
the Skelly and its Veespa

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Chyrstl the Baby Kacheek

Chyrstl was one of the many pets that I applied for in the late summer of 2011 (August/September). I saw her UFA and immediately loved her. The name, the species; it was all just perfect to go along with her character. I was beyond happy when she came home! She's such a delight to have around, isn't she precious? ♥

For my entire Baby account, I've created a storyline that links each pet. Essentially, each baby has their own superpower and together, they form a team. It's still in the works but I'm very excited!! I've started a bit of her own story on her Petpage.

Origin: Adopted 10/01/2011 (from Sam)

with Starla
the Ona and its Veespa

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Mirablisse the Baby Draik

I'd been after a Baby Draik for a while now, but (as always) unsure of what name to choose! After seeing Mirablisse UFQA on the PC, I had to send in a quick mail — the name was just so cute and fitting! Mira came home that very day, on the first of August 2017.

I was kindly gifted her Pirate Draik MP by a wonderful user. A few weeks later, I coincidentally got her PB just a mere hour before the new pet slot arrived!!! I immediately moved Mira over to be with the rest of the babies, and morphed/painted her afterwards. My Baby account is now officially complete! ♥

Origin: Adopted 08/01/2017 (from Janelle)
+ Morphed and Painted 10/18/2017

with Risa
the Feloreena and its Veespa

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Renovare the Baby Gelert

Like most of my other pets, Renovare was adopted but what makes him extra special is that he was the very first pet I ever applied for! I absolutely love his name, and I won't ever let go of this cutie.

Reno is a sneaky little rogue thief, so keep your treasured antiques locked away! Along with the rest of my babies, he's a part of the team that has hidden superpowers. As mischievous as he is, at the end of the day when he's finished with his antics, all he wants to do is snuggle up next to you and get some love. Not so tough, are you now, Reno? ♥

Origin: Adopted 10/04/2011 (from Vixien)

with Delta
the Angelpuss and its Veespa

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Tegies the Baby Korbat

In hopes of of expanding my Baby account, Tegies was gifted to me by a kind Neopian who saw my board on the PC. Baby Korbats are just so adorable and I knew she would be a wonderful addition as soon as I saw her.

Tegies is my little matchmaker, who is obsessed with romance and shooting people with arrows of love. She really thinks she's Cupid! *facepalm* But I love her still. *squishes*

Origin: Gifted 11/01/2011 (by Lennie)

with Binkie
the Pink Barbat and its Veespa

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Zosumi the Baby Aisha

I had been wanting a Baby Aisha for a long time but I didn't want to settle for just any name. After all, this little guy would be completing my Baby account! When I first found Zosu UFA, I fell in love with his name and applied. However, the owner decided to keep him, so I kept searching.

Zosu's name really stuck with me, and I loved it so much that I spent weeks trying to think of something similar. Eventually, I thought of "Zosumi" and it immediately clicked. I was absolutely smitten with it and overjoyed when I learned it was untaken. Finally, I created Zosumi and painted him just hours later. I adore him so much!! ♥

Origin: Created + Painted 08/03/2014

with Clone #2505
the Blue Kookith and its Veespa

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Bellaryna the Shadow Kacheek

Ever since I saw one, I've wanted a Shadow Kacheek to play dress-up with. They're just so fun and easy to customize! I also love that they're not as popular as White Kacheeks — if Bella ever needs a sister, she's got one!

Anyway, I'd been holding on to her name for a while, hoping to save it for a Baby Draik. However, I realized how well it would fit a Kacheek and couldn't resist creating her. I don't think Bella will have much of a character other than having the theme of an ice princess, but she is very sweet and light-hearted. :)

Origin: Created 08/01/2014
+ Painted 08/09/2014

with Snowflake
the Wherfy and its Veespa

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Cyndenia the RG Peophin

Cyndenia was a name I created when I found that it was untaken. I've always loved its elegance and beauty; it is without a doubt the perfect name for a RG Peo. Luckily for me, I adore those too! The base colour is just stunning and I love customizing with it. After trying to trade the name for a while with no luck, I decided to keep her for myself and painted her Royal, thanks to Tany. :)

Cyndenia does not have a solid character yet, but she is a queen and expects nothing less. As powerful as she is however, she is a kind ruler and treats her subjects with respect. Her reign is unprecedented, especially in the kingdom of Narth.

Origin: Created 08/03/2012
+ Painted 08/20/2014

with Adaline
the Delfin and its Veespa

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Maiaara the Faerie Poogle

I got super lucky for Maiaara! Several years ago, I was given a DN Magma Poogle from a board and quickly traded him for her. At the time it was a dream come true, as Faerie Poogles had always been one of my goals. Now that I have Mai, she's here to stay. :)

Mai can sometimes be a bit high-maintenance. I try to dress her up in sparkly, purple/Faerieland-related outfits since she always wants to be in the spotlight. She will never be seen without her trusty sidekick, her Moehug — thank you for giving me her adorable little buddy! ♥

Origin: Traded for 09/02/2011

with Stella
the Bowla and its Veespa

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Safiene the Striped Cybunny

I'd been after a Striped Cybunny since I lost one years ago. After not being able to find a suitable name, I waited until Cybunny Day to create Cyradessa. Unfortunately, her name didn't stick either.

One day, I decided to give Merelot, my (former) Jelly Cy, to Tany because she was just rotting. In return, I got Safiene, who was supposed to be permanent for Tany but she knew I loved her name. :) I eventually fell in love with her and caved, painting her Striped, and she is now my little baker who owns a pastry shop called Saffy's Goodies.

Origin: Gifted 08/22/2014 (by Tany)
+ Repainted 08/31/2014

with ?
the Birthday ?? and its Veespa

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Aurovei the Gold Draik

Windy and I really wanted to hatch a pair of Draiks together as twins so we could create intertwining stories and such. We spent a long time deciding what colour combo to choose — shadow/white, RB/RG, fire/water, etc. We ended up going with silver/gold. We hatched them together on the first of January 2015, in celebration of the New Year. I can't wait to work on and develop their characters and storylines!! :)

Also, many thanks to Tany for coming up with her stunning customization. ♥

Origin: Created 01/01/2014
+ Painted 08/31/2014

with Reign
the Gold Mauket and its Veespa

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Cocolotte the Chocolate Draik

Cocolotte's name is one of my favourites, and was inspired by another pet that I saw on the PC. I had been waffling (haha, get it?) about getting a Chocolate Draik for the longest time, but now that accounts are allowed more pet slots, I couldn't resist!

The fact that I used to ride a horse named Coco at my barn makes her even more special, as a tribute of sorts to that gentle mare. The wondeful Nory helped me morph and paint my darling Draik, and she is now as sweet as she sounds! ♥

As of right now, I am unsure whether Coco will have a character or just sit and look pretty. More to come!

Origin: Created 10/15/2017
+ Morphed and Painted 12/22/2017 (by Nory)

with Kad World
the Birthday Kadoatie and its D.N.

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Xyke the Wraith Gelert

I traded for Xyke, who was a Baby Aisha at the time, with a Pirate Shoyru custom (250k) on my 4L (Fyzy). I simply adore his name!!! ♥

I originally had plans to morph Xyke into a Halloween Poogle, but wanted a darker, spookier look to go with his name. This led me to morph him into a Wraith Gelert.

Xyke is one of my dearest pets, and I have so much fun working on his character — a Hellhound. I am most proud of his customizations, as expensive as it was to complete. :')

Origin: Traded for 09/01/2014
+ Morphed 08/31/2014

with Cerberus Jr.
the Tyrannian Bearog and its Veespa

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__UhKnown__ the UC Mutant Lupe

I tried so very hard to not want a UC Mutant Lupe for a really long time, but was of course unsuccessful — how could anyone escape that sinister smirk?! After applying for a couple Lupes that were UFA, I was slightly discouraged but knew I had to bring my wolf home. Seeing __UhKnown__ be put up for adoption sparked something in me, and I just connected with him and his name instantly.

My baby came home on the first of October 2017. Look at how handsome he is!!! *squishes* I applied for Kol through an elaborate Petpage application and was so fortunate to be chosen as his new owner. I am in so in love with him! ♥ He is my very first UC pet, and I couldn't be happier!

Origin: Adopted 10/01/2017 (from Tiffany)

with Inferno
the Magma Werhond and its Veespa

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