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Here at Essentials, we offer a buffet-style way of reviewing. You get to pick what you want in your review and we will provide it for you.

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First Impression

This section includes a critique on how your page looks when a visitor first sees it and comments on your layout.


This section includes comments on how well your page is organized and any suggestions for improving your organization.


This section includes remarks on your content quality as well as suggestions for improving your content.


This section includes a discussion of grammar and spelling errors in your site.

Link Checks

This section includes a check of broken links and links to closed sites found in your site.

Recommendation and Revisit

This section is includes a statement of whether or not I would recommend your site and an explanation why, as well as if I would revisit your site or not.


This section includes a list of positive things about your site.


This section will include a list of things you could improve upon in your site.


This section includes general suggestions I would make for your site.


You can include any questions you have in this section and I will try our best to answer them.


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