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We know that Neopets always has something new going on and we like to include that too. However, we have some creative writers in this guild and we invite you to step forward and share your stories or secrets to getting avatars. Do you love writing about your Neopet? Share your story with the rest of the guild and maybe even get some feedback! I, Saronnia, will be running and hosting this page! Neomail me if you're interested and I'll keep a space for you in next week's Monthly News. Every member is welcomed to join the team, to contribute articles/guides or whatever we're in need of, or just to be a simple reader who will enjoy this page. Last Updated: September 5th
September 3rd-5th - was the Finding her event and the results are being greatly anticipated!

The Chasing the stars event has ended and we reached our goal of 30,000 Wisteroids! Congratulations to all the members that hit 1500 posts and maxed out during the event. Be sure to pick up all your shiny new stamps and add them to the cabinet.

Our Guild Clubs have been running for a while and there is lot's to do!! Don't worry though it's not too late to join, so hurry up and get to earning those stamps! The Guild Clubs are located Here

So as you all know by now, a new Guild Event has begun! It is called the Chasing the Stars event and it is all centrally focused on chatting it up on the boards. Throughout August, you will be known and called by Wistars. For those who wonder, Wistars are in charge of collecting Wisteroids all around Neopia. Go ahead, check it out, and read all about it Here

So dothawaave123, who you all know as Katie maxed out pretty much every day (300 posts) since the Chasing the Stars event started and she has already hit the 1500 posts she needed to for the event. So let's all congratulate Katie...and cry over the fact that we aren't her.

As our time of recruiting has come to and end...we say farewell to the few members that decided Wistful just wasn't right for them, but we continue to warmly welcome and interact with our newest Wisties and make new friendships with some great new people. A big welcome to all!

August 19th - Hi guys! I, Sosu, finally arrived to the UK and I can say I'm officially settled. It took longer than expected, I know, but I had some troubles with my adapters since all my stuff has a different plugging shape. Luckily I've got enough of them now and everything, including my laptop, are back and running. It's still weird making graphics with this computer but I'm getting the hang of it. Here's another space-y related layout to remember you all our Chasing The Stars event is still going on. We cannot express how happy we are to see the guild this active! We are so glad things worked as expected. In just a week, we have gotten about 17,000 messages! Thanks a lot for participating. Neomails about the event will be replied soon! Expect the guild pages be updated throughout what's left of this month. Thanks once again for sticking with us!

Chasing The Stars, our new guild event, is finally up and running! Amelia will be sending a quick Guild Mailer today, so make sure to check out your inbox (the neomail notification won't show) The event will end on August 31st! Sosu apologises for all his inactivity. He's moving to UK today and he won't be around for two or three days. He's been working really hard backstage, though. We wish him a very safe trip and he says he will be back and active as usual once he gets settled there. Thank you guys for being so patient as always. We love you all!

Since the Monthly News Page has been revamped, we will be gathering all the news and updates our wonderful guild council posts in each of the guild layouts at the Guild Home, just in case any of you guys missed it. I'll simply copy and paste what they wrote and share them here.

A new Guild Mailer has been finally sent! It's full of updates as we didn't have time to send out one last month, so hope you guys take some time to read it. Neomail us if you have any questions! As for the Guild Clubs and the rest of the Guild Pages that are left to revamp, this is the last week we'll be working on them so hopefully by the end of this week everything will have been revamped and updated. Thanks a lot for being so patient! Everything else about what has been going on the guild was explained in the mailer so make sure to check it out.

Lastly, our Guild Activities are finally up and ready! Thanks a lot for waiting and I know it took longer than expected, but hope you guys enjoy them. You will have time until October to participate in them. Do not forget feed the kads!

Our current Guild Revamp is half way done, guys! Hope you are enjoying the Guild Pages that have been revamped already. On the other hand, we are also having a Member Sweep to keep the guild fresh, clean and active! Bear with us for a few more days until the guild is fully functionable and back. Expect all the new Guild Pages have a new look, two new upcoming guild pages and our great Guild Clubs!

We are almost done, guys! Thanks a lot for being so patient! We promise that all the wait is going to be worth it. We'll start recruiting tomorrow Tuesday and so we will be doing it for over a month, which is unusual for us. Expect to see new members joining our family! On the other hand, we'll be announce the Guild Clubs on the board subject so stay tuned. Lastly, Sosu has neomailed all of you with some updates about his current situation! If you missed it, check the neomail here

On Thursday, May 29th, Wistful had a CloneEpidemic! Ever read about the stamp that you earn when you have the same avatar and font as another member on the boards? Well Wistful members Brooke and Saronnia took it a little further and created an epidemic of members all having the same avatar, title, and signature!

The past days since the AC games have started, all the talk on the boards have been about what rank people are. People exchange their strategies and how they plan to rank up to All-Star so maybe stick around the boards someday and devise your own strategy if you haven't already. You'll also notice that many members are quite spirited for their teams as they change their fonts and update their ranks in their siggies. Perhaps you should join your fellow Wisties in what's becoming the thing to do on the boards lately.

The Guild Activities are expected to be refreshed very soon this month. Many members are eagerly waiting for the new activities so they have the chance to earn more stamps and points! Remember, points can be redeemed for awesome layouts made by Sosu, so get to them! I mean…unless you don't like super awesome layouts.

One of the coolest pages we have, and quite unique among the pages we have is the Wistiepets page that is dedicated to people's real life pets. It seems like there are only so few on the page though and with 90 players, not everyone can possibly live in a household that doesn't have any pets or an apartment that doesn't permit them. Your real pets are the best companions you can have during times of when you need a cuddly friend so share your pets and share their stories with the rest of the guild! Many members will appreciate each other's beautiful and happy pets. But don't try to actually paint your pet!

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Sosu Sosu helped to code and organize the Monthly News Page. He will be also contributing content when needed, specially for guild polls and about Wistful's latest news!

New Wistie About them/What they think about the guild
New Wistie Introduction Here!
New Wistie About them/What they think about the guild
New Wistie Introduction Here!
New Wistie Introduction Here!
New Wistie Introduction Here!

This is a list of the members who joined Wistful during the month of September 2014

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Neopets News

Remember, if you are interested in writing a story or have a story you would like to share with the rest of the guild, neomail Saronnia at ANY time. We would very much appreciate it! Stories are neo-related and not ridiculously long. Remember, you can save your energy for some sequals! Here are our story submissions of the week!

Submitted by Title and Content
September 2014
From Neo Times
Neopets: Your Online Language Teacher
I would be lying to you guys if I say that learning new and foreign languages is an easy task. It's already even hard to know how to properly speak your own language so most people tend to stick with what they know, rather than expanding their wisdom and knowledge. With this article I want to talk to you guys about my own experience about learning and speaking a foreign language for about 4 years now. If you were looking for that motivation and support towards the same thing, you better keep reading! Nevertheless, hope you enjoy this and I also hope you find what you were looking for here. Learning new languages is something you will never regret.
Over the years Neopets has been my very own teacher when it comes to foreign languages. To start with, Neopets already gives you the option to easily switch languages if wanted, from English to Spanish to Portuguese and even to Chinese. Whoever says that Neopets is not a globalized site, then they should reconsider it. Sadly, I'm not going to teach you any new language in this article. I just want to show you the fantastic things this site has brought me throughout so many years!
I've been playing Neopets in English since 2009. I'm someone whose mother language is Spanish. I've been always that kind of person who would self-teach himself just to get to know about new stuff. I'm an avid foreign language learner and lover and Neopets brought me the last spark I was in need of to get into languages more deeply. When I first set English as the main spoken language, I was kind of lost but as I already knew some of the basic vocabulary, I started to improve my knowledge as days went by.
The best thing about learning a new language here at Neopets is basically the chance to meet new people. Each language holds a completely different world... sort of. Isn't it amazing to see people from all over the world and even to be able to get to know them? I haven't played the site in Spanish for a few years now. Not that I don't want to, but you get used to it at some point.
To put it simply, when you get a new phone you practically know how to use it. After a few months you're already pro and you know every little secret it may hide, the question is: would you be able to use it if you switch the language? The answer is YES. Same thing happens here at Neopets. Some of us spend way too much time here and believes Neopets it's their second home. If you are addicted to this site, you may know everything about it by now, but have you ever tried to play the site in a different language? The tombola, fruit machine, neoboards, even your inventory will always stay in the same way, with the only difference that it's just written in a different language. Take two minutes and try it! Go and switch language and tell me if you're still capable of playing the site.
That's how I basically became a lover of foreign languages. Neopets grants you the facility of meeting new people who are willing to chat with you and chatting with people whose native language is the one you are learning, is the BEST way to learn it. It may be hard the first times, but people know that and understand that!
I majored in this language and got my degree in English last year. It wasn't difficult at all and when I see all the progress of my learning, I'm still amazed about how much I've learned. From the vocabulary, which is basically the hardest thing to learn *slaps prepositions* to all the slang, acronyms and ways to speak every single person has. Neopets indeed is my online language teacher. That's why I will always recommend you to have any online translator bookmarked in your favorites. Believe me, you'll always find new and unknown words.
Now-a-days, I run my own guild and site here at Neopets and guess what language they were made in? English, yes! Confidence is the first thing you'll get when you see how much you know about the language. It took me about a year to finally decide to do something for my fellow Neopian friends, and I was still hesitant whether or not I should make both my site and my guild in English. Unfortunately, the Spanish boards are not as active as the English ones so I'd rather work hard and try this out but then in the end I'd be able to see how much both of them would success because of all the people who may visit them, rather than making something easy and in my own language, but then see how my work wouldn't be as appreciated as I was expecting. Then again guys, I keep tell you: It's just practice! "Practice makes perfect" should be your motto from now on!
If you believe in yourself, then people would too. The key is understand what you're typing. If you're a bit of hesitant when typing something in a foreign language, re-write it and try to make it understandable. Sometimes it's better when you don't write in the way you speak your mother language. In my case it happens a lot. I'm a native Spanish speaker, as I previously said, and the way we express ourselves and the way we write sentences are way different in English; they literally are flipped. That's why you have to look up for some grammar guides if you feel you're not understanding what you're saying. To put it simple, If you don't understand yourself, people won't understand you either, even if they make some effort to.
Thank you Neopets and The Neopets Team for offering so many things in so many fantastic ways. Undoubtedly, Neopets can be appreciated in some many ways. From all the variety of things they offer to the chance of switching languages whenever we want to! In my case, Neopets has taken over my influence and appreciation for foreign languages and culture, and I can't wait to keep studying and majoring in what I love the most. (:

The Monthly Guides can be a guide written by a member of the guild. If they have a page dedicated to it, here we would briefly describe it and then link them to the guide. The guides can be on games, avatars, trading pets, whatever. If no guides are submitted in that month, one can just be found somewhere on Neopets and shared with the rest of the guild, kind of like the site spotlight, but just for guides. In this page you will also find Articles written by members. If you have ever submitted articles or guides to the NT but they never got in, this is the right place to share them all with your fellow Wisties! Neomail Saronnia!

Submitted by Title and Content
September 2014

Neopet of the Month (September 2014) - Alexandruz


Alexandruz is a purple and black Draik. Or should we say, a wraith Draik. He used to be a pirate Draik, but something caused his transformation. When he was little, his parents took a vacation for 3 months but they never came back. Alexandruz was sad and lonely. He always waited for them but they never came. He turned evil and all his anger turned him purple.
Members Winning Month Year
Saronnia May 2014
Katie June 2014
Ellen July 2014
Kaie August 2014
Golda September 2014

Aquarius – Maraquan Uni
(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Remember the past but also remember it's not wise to dwell on it. It happened , it happened so move on! If something isn't working for you right now, get rid of it and focus on the future. Cleansing yourself of the past is what you do best, but at times it may be hard. Remember to stay strong and believe in yourself!

Pisces – Maraquan Kacheek
(Feb. 19-March 20)

Keep your money (or neopoints) close and spend wisely! It'll pay off in the future since you never know when you might stumble upon a good investment! You're a team player who is perceptive and responsive so don't be afraid to make those important connections.

Aries – Desert Ixi
(March 21-April 19)

You're very passionate about what you do and people see it! Don't hesitate to ask for advice or admit your wrongs, you take constructive criticism very well! This week will be a particularly good week. Due to your approach to situations you will come across an individual who will be able to contribuate as much as you even deepining your learning in the process.

Taurus - Camouflage Kau
(April 20-May 20)

A discussion with a close friend could be immensly important this week. Don't be shy and find the answers you've been looking for. Everyone knows you mean well including that one person. Your a good friend and always there when someone needs a shoulder.

Gemini – Mutant Hissi
(May 21-June 20)

You've been overworking yourself lately so it's time to take a breather and relax. You've deserved a break so don't be too tough on yourself for taking some time off. Maybe you should try a new hobby to de-stress or even catch up with some old friends (or write the horoscopes for next week ;))

Cancer - Maraquan Buzz
(June 21-July 22)

This is your month! Step up to any challenges and you're sure to succeed. You are strongly creative and unique so if there is anything you want to do that would make you stand out.. go for it! The stars are aligned in your favor!

Leo – Royalboy Kougra
(July 23-Aug. 22)

This week is going to be your week! You've been working hard at something and it's finally going to be recognized. But remember, be humble about any recognition you get and don't forget to acknowledge all the help you may have gotten from your loved ones.

Virgo – UC Faerie Draik
(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

You've been taking it easy for the past few days but it's time to get to work! You have a drive in you that pushes you to succeed and now that you've rested up you should be good to go! Any past problems are history as this is a brand new week and it's crunch time.

Libra – Desert Yurble
(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Your a strong person but every strong person needs a good foundation, never forget that. Remember your roots and keep your goals in focus, what you wish is definetly achievable. Don't be afraid to dream big.

Scorpio – Maraquan Ogrin
(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Your creative vibes are on FIRE this week! Start on a new project, think up a new story or start drawing. Even go shopping and create a new wardrobe, you're bound to think up something fabulous.

Sagittarius – Brown Uni
(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Don't forget to drink some water! You've been doing some questionable things lately (like eating unhealthy ;)) and it's time to let your body reenergize! Remember you only have one body so nows the time to take care of it. Make a food plan for the week isntead of eating out, or stay in for a few nights to get some well deserved sleep.

Capricorn – UC Faerie Ixi
(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Your a snow child but summer doesn't mean you have to stay inside in fear of the sun! Get out there and enjoy it. The beach is waiting for you and it won't be here forever! Before you know it it'll be winter so enjoy the warm weather and sun while it lasts.

Now we know that the guild have new polls all the time, but this is our chance to have more polls with I guess a little bit of less meaning, but we're curious to hear what you have to say. Neomail Saronnia if you have a poll you want to see in next week's entry. They will be up for one month, then we will change all of them! Remember that we will only display two polls a month. If you vote in the polls, you can earn wonderful stamps!

What do you like most about Wistful?
Submitted by Sosu (sosudude)
The graphics omgggg
The beautiful close-knit atmosphere!
The Activities like brb crying
0 votes
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2 votes
What browser do you use?
Submitted by Katie (dothawaave123)
Internet Explorer (lol)
2 votes
0 votes
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0 votes

The current Guild Polls will be available for until August 30th, 2014

For those who wish to become a Guild Writer, you simply need to Neomail Saronnia and tell her what position in our Monthly News you would like to take. Then you will be added and listed on this page along with a brief explanation of what you do/did here and what you help with. Make sure to include your favorite pen in your neomail!

Guild Jobs Description
Neopets News Read the regular Neo News? No not the Neopian Times, the Neo News as in this page here. Got anything to say about some of the news announced this week like new pet colors, new items, or customization contest entries? Well here is your chance to have a little say or give further explanation as to what is going on in Neopia these days.
Guild News Do you find yourself on the boards a lot or looking forward to guild mailers and new events in the guild? If you are so obsessed with everything that is going on with the guild, you should write about it and share what you know with the rest of the guild for those who don't hear about everything you do. So come on, tell us some secrets about the guild maybe.
Story Teller Do you like creative writing? Have you ever been told that you are good at telling stories? Well this is the section for you in the newspaper that you are just meant to be a part of! Write about anything, anything you want at all, but try to keep it NR since we are a NR guild after all. Your stories can even have sequels and keep readers in suspense until the next issue.
Guide Specialist Do you find yourself to be knowledgeable in one of the following: coding (css and html), avatars, games, pets, neopoints, account improvement, graphic making? Well we want to hear what led you to such a great success. Write up a guide on your strategy in a game or how you save so many neopoints. Or…share the guide you learned what you know from!
Neo-Horoscoper With new horoscopes every week, maybe it'd be cool to have different people come up with different horoscopes. The current format of them are kept the same, but it is up to you to write people's fortunes of the week for each of the zodiac signs.
Poll Writer Open to anyone who wants an opinion on something related to them, anything to do with the guild, or events going on in Neopia. We need 4 polls a week and we'd like 4 polls from 4 different people, but one person can write 2 if they'd like.
Editor Are you a perfectionist of sorts? Everyone makes mistakes so you definitely have to be the last one to read the page before it's published and add those final touches that tie everything together. Catch the mistakes or spelling errors. Throw a picture here and there. Make a true work of art! Okay we don't have to go crazy, but a second set of eyes never hurts when the Monthly news reaches its finalizing stage.

We decided it'd be amazing if we can keep all the things we have created and shared with you guys. That's why we added this section to hoard all the Previous Issues our Monthly News Page has had. That is, we are going to let you check all the Monthly Stories and Guides we have got during previous months, if you happen to have missed them. So, if you want to submit your stories, don't worry about them getting lost once the month is over! We'll guarantee you we will keep them here for other people to read them.

Submitted by Title and Content
June 2014
Keep it Positive
Stay with people who are positive and motivating in your life. If you hang out with negative Neopians. you are going to be brought down to a negative state. Never look to be kept down. Always look to move up. Keep moving forward, never turn back. There is nothing back there for you; the past and walking back to the past is pointless. It's what's ahead of you that counts. If you hang out with positive Neopians you are going to be uplifted to a better you. Only you can be you, but you are affected by the ones you hang around with. Don't hand around with that Moehog that gets into trouble all the time. If you continue to do so, you are going to be that Moehog some day. Don't have that "friend" that is always asking for Neopoints or favors. If you continue to do so, you are going to be doing what THEY want all your life. Don't let others take advantage of you all the time. If you continue to do so, then you have already accepted that you are just settling to be the way you are as if you're happy with yourself right now.

Getting pushed around and told to do things...how could you be happy with that. You don't have to please anyone, but many do just because many of us in Neopia are just kind and have big hearts. There is a line though, a line where you can be too kind because one of your friends are just too needy. One of your friends saw how nice you are and took advantage of you. Don't let it reach the point that this "friend" is always asking for favors and you are ALWAYS saying yes to them. Plus all they do when you have a conversation with them is talk about how they lost in that game Pawkeet Slots or that their owner doesn't give them enough stuff. Do you even wonder to yourself why you are still friends with them or is this thought just occurring to you now that you are reading my story? I feel like we have all had a friend like this or we at least had a time where a friend did try to take advantage of us. At some point all of us learn this lesson of standing strong against people who use you, but many Neopians don't really learn that lesson for a long time. Neopians like me. I had a friend once "Oh can you lend me some Neopoints for lunch today." I was fine with it, I was going to see them the next day and they promised to pay me back. A few days go by and I ask them when they were going to pay me back and I see that they are buying others lunches and they were just like "I hope you don't mind it might be a few days." Before that I even let them borrow a few more neopoints and they were just using me for my money! The next time they came up to me to ask for more, I just walked away and I never even tried to bother with them paying me back. Honestly, it wasn't worth the time and effort to get paid back from someone that just took advantage of me.

That's when I learned my lesson though. You don't deserve to be doing every single thing someone asks of you. You deserve to have friends who do things for you without asking and they appreciate what you do for them when YOU choose to. A positive life is surrounded by positive people, not the ones putting shackles on your ankles. Listen to me! Stop letting others walk all over you, you aren't a welcome mat. We are all equal with everyone around us and many forget that. You see, the key is to keep company with the ones that uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best. If you hang around with positive Neopians, you are going to be brought up to a positive state.
May 2014
Cloelie, the Wood Nymph
Cloelie the Wood Nymph – Chapter 1 There is not much that is sadder than a wood nymph who finds herself without a forest. That was something Cloelie's mother had once told her, as she huddled up close to her in their cozy nest, her mother blissfully ignorant of what was to become of her own offspring. The only thing Clolie's mother didn't tell her was that at a very young age she lost a cousin. They tried to find her for days, searching every nest and asking every creature in the forest, no one had seen or heard anything. After days turned into months, months into years the family gave up hope and decided they needed to focus on training their other children to become the best possible protectors of the forest. Ah, those innocent days long since passed. Yes, she had had a forest once. It had not been very large, but it had been just the right size for her. She had had trees to live in and burrows to explore. She would climb up high in the mornings and see all of her home, greet the birds that made the tops of the trees their homes. It had been hers and so she had treasured all of it as she soared high above it.

She had lived on what the forest grew for her, the dew and sweet sap in the spring, the fruits and berries that came during the summer and the mushrooms and roots that came in the fall. During the winter she had mostly slept, hibernating with some of her favorite woodland friends. Sometimes she slept with the hedgehogs, sometimes curling up with the squirrels in their holes and sometimes she had nested with the rabbits in their burrows or even with the kind, old badger that lived under the maple tree. That had been a good life, but not completely without troubles. Though they were part of her domain and though she should view all animals equally, she still found it hard when the fox or cats came and ate some of her friends. She had accepted it though, as being part of the circle of life, but it still made her sad to see anyone die. Anyone. When all was said and done she had also felt saddened when the fox returned one day, very sick and then eventually dying under the vast canopy of the old oak tree, the very tree she'd been born in.

It was the place where her mother had been born before her and her mother before her. It had been the birthplace of generations of wood nymphs and it welcomed the body of the poor fox, it took it inside itself so that its energies would be recycled and reused in some way.As the energies warmed the trees roots the air brought a sweet sent to Cloelie's nose. This was something new that she had never noticed before, it was as if the tree was trying to tell her something. She followed the smell interyntly, searching her brain, trying to figure out what this meant. As she wandered farther into the depts of the forest she got wooried. The moss started chaning to a deep purple color, the trees black with branches that reached out like arms, and the dew changed to mist. Cloelie had never verntured this far into the wilderness before, she was scared and alone. As she neared a clearing Cloelie could hear singing. It was as if this song had been her reason for wandering so far all alone. The sound touched her ears like a silk cloth, it was soothing, comforting even. She peered into the clearing and she saw a wonderous bird! There had never been anything like her in all the world and Cloelie was hypnotized by her radiance. As Cloelie came to the entrance of the clearing she was tackled. You do not want to go any farther, if she sees you she will corrupt you and mutate you into a hideous monster. She is a Siren and a very vicious one at that. Go home now and never speak of this day!" Cloelie looked her brother in the eye but said nothing. They started their march back to the leafy forest floors and the chipper creatures of the glade. She was curious though and decided that she would return again.
May 2014
Tyrannian Victory Day
~"Hurry up Brielle!

My heart was racing as I tried to keep up. It was hard to see anything underground. It was moist and humid underneath. I hated it. Gabe stopped his running just under a light source when I almost plowed into him.

~"Okay, Bri, listen to me. Our forces are losing up there and we gotta do something or we'll be forced to live under that blasted Grarrl for who knows how long."

I looked down at my battered sword.

~"I know, but what?" I said, hesitantly.

~"I don't know, but what I do know is that they're nothing without their leader. We have to take him out. I think he's in the Obelisk right now. Right above us."

What Gabe announced took a little time to settle in my mind. I knew it had to be done. We were already living in poverty and I was sure willing to risk what I had to not fall farther down the scale.

~"Okay," I started. "Go up first and create a disturbance. I'll wait a couple seconds before running off to find the leader."

Gabe's eyes widened.

~"Are you sure? It's kind of dangerous for you."

~"I'm willing to risk it," I said, gesturing for him to initiate his part of the plan.

He nodded and pulled himself into the light. I listened. After a couple of steps, he walked faster and broke into a sprint at the guards. As soon I heard shouting and fighting, I pulled myself up into the light.

The first thing I saw was a huge group quarreling in the front of the Obelisk. Probably Gabe. He was one tough guy. I looked around until the staircase on the side of the main room caught my attention. That had to be it.

I ran quickly up the stairs, trying not to draw too much attention to myself. When I was halfway up, I looked down and saw Gabe fall to the floor and a couple of guards started to surround him. I swallowed to get rid of the knot that was forming in my throat and kept running.

Luckily, there was a single room on the second floor of the Obelisk, and the door was slightly ajar. Before going in, I stopped before the door frame and slightly peered in. The leader was sitting there by himself looking at what appeared to be maps of Tyrannia.

I drew my sword and breathed quietly. There was just one thing.
Tyrannia would never be his.
May 2014
Tunicia, the Fairy Queen
Princess Tunicia is my name, and while growing up in the beautiful palace above the clouds, where bumping into trouble was about as likely as losing my wings, something terrible happened. It started on the day of my lovely younger sister's fifth birthday.

Cia, Cia!! I heard little Princess Anibel calling. Ah, a little bit about my lively younger sister: she was indeed the light of my family. Her bright, wide, and toothy grins would make anyone unconsciously smile as well, and as I heard little Ani calling my name, of course I turned around and smiled.
What day is it today, Cia? Of course, I knew it was Ani's birthday, but I did love to play with her.
I don't know, Ani.. what is it? I asked, a smile playing on my lips. I knew I shouldn't smile. As the heir to Father's throne, I was supposed to be serious and logical. Playing wasn't an option. But it was just Ani...
It's my birthday, Cia! I'm finally turning five! Five! Five! Five was Ani's favorite number. I smiled and played with her a bit before returning to my room, where I practiced queenly duties. Upon smelling the sharp scent of roses combined with mint in my room, I knew Mother had been here. Looking for me, perhaps. So after completing my daily, required chores, I slipped into my garden gown and went to the rose garden, Mother's favorite room in the palace.

The rose garden was lovely. Every available orifice was covered in the beautiful flowers. White, pale pink, snowy blue, bright yellow, sweet lilac... the colors and sizes and beauty of it all was astonishing. Mother? I called, tentatively. The bushes rustled. I tensed. Mother was very elegant. She flew, she didn't walk. Why was she walking today? And why would she risk getting one of her gowns dirty by walking through a rose bush? Finally, an unfamiliar voice grumbled. Before I could turn around, a silver net was cast around me, and I felt myself being pushed to the ground. Air. I needed air, I was going to choke. The ribbon around my neck tightened. I coughed, laying still to preserve as much air as possible. With much jostling, sheer panic and pain and terror... I felt my eyes drooping heavily as someone I couldn't recognize lugged me away.

Water. That was the first thing I remember. Wavy seagrass curling in wild but beautiful patterns. Sunlight streamed through, rippling into shiny bits as it reached closer to me. I struggled to move. I couldn't move. Why can't I move? I thought. Panic surged through me as the obvious answer came to me as fast as a lightning bolt. I'm trapped.
July 2014
Guide to Switching Languages
I'm sure that switching languages may have crossed your mind at some point when playing Neopets and you may have been wondering about all the people you can see when doing it so because from the site boards to the Neopian Times and even guilds can be found in all the different languages Neopets offer you to switch when needed. As a foreign English speaker and learner, I can tell you that you can easily learn a new language if you set it as your goal. We all know that we have been playing here for years and that sometimes we do not read the content we find in most of the pages because we already know them and that's great if you may ask me! Wondering why? Simply because when you switch to a different language, each Neopets page will have its content translated to said language and so you can learn about it. This is how the site itself helped me to improve my speaking and expanded my vocabulary as far as it currently is today.

With this guide I'm hoping to teach you some tips and little things you guys should keep in mind when switching languages whether it's just for fun or to actually learn a new language. I hope this guide helps you go through the most important things to have in mind and remember that there are plenty of people doing the same thing now-a-days so don't feel alone! We have all gone through the same though time when learning a foreign language and it's just a phase we all must face and deal with in order to become fluent.

Basic information
Many people always ask me the same thing: If you switch to a different language, can I go back and pick mine again later? Let me tell you that you indeed can. You just need to select your language from the dropdown menu you can find at the bottom of the page. Once you pick it and press 'Go!' it would just take a few seconds/minutes to fully turn the page to its original language.

There sure are people who have never tried to play Neopets in a different language in their lives, which is perfectly understable because they are not forced to do it or maybe they are just not interested in doing it so. In case you did not know, Neopets allows you to switch to a total of 11 different languages.

If you are wondering which is the most used language, I'd definitely say English, as the owners and creators of the site are all natives of United States. Hence why English is the most active language when you go to the boards. I've tried this in different languages and the boards happen to be more active in English than in any other language.

With no further ado, do not feel yourself afraid and worry! Try switching languages and see how things go! As I previously explained, all you have to do is go to the bottom of the page and look where it says "Select language" and there you just select the one you want to switch to.

Being bilingual or knowing a second language is what most people in the world do today. Not only for work/personal interest, but also because the society and the world itself ask you to do it at some point. Wouldn't it be great to visit any place in the world and be able to communicate with people and understand them? Let me tell you that as a person who is currently learning his third language, that is one of the greatest feelings you could ever have. Being able to talk to people and have conversations no matter the place you are is just wonderful.

Neopets has made many people love foreign languages and I know of a lot of people whose mother tongue isn't English and yet they are perfectly able to communicate with people; They even seem to talk better than native speakers! At first it's such a hard thing to learn but it is not impossible, not at all. It will just take you some time before getting used to it. One of all these good benefits I have found out is that as the world is divided by timezones, it is most likely good for you to switch to other languages because it will allow you to get to meet people who may be playing Neopets just in the same moment as you. I know a lot of people who are fifteen or more hours ahead of the Neopian Standard Time (NST) and it's so hard for them to find people online at the same time and so when you switch languages, you will pretty much find more people to talk to!

I think one of the best benefits you can get from switching languages at Neopets is the enormous vocabulary you will start to acquire over time. You can understand and use different words over and over again, and so you will improve what you have already learned in the past. From my own experience, Neopets is the place that let me learn and earn all the vocabulary and knowledge I use when talking now-a-days.

Even though there are several benefits about switching languages, I have also found a few disadvantages I didn't want to pass over without mentioning them here. I do not want you to come across something when I could have let you know beforehand in this guide.

Firstly, I'd say that even though you are ready to learn a new language, getting used to the way people express themselves in that language is going to be completely different than yours. When you learn a new language you can't just translate what you want to say to said language, you need to find the right way to express what you want to say and sometimes the way you speak in your native language is completely different than the one you are currently learning it. This is something that only practice will grant you to achieve but you ought to practice and talk to friends as often as possible. Otherwise it's going to take you forever to do it and if you are not able to communicate on an online site, then it's going to be much harder when you talk to someone face to face.

Also, the way you express and write sentences will pretty much let people understand what you mean. There's a clear example when people want to talk sarcastically. We know we love to have some laugthers from time to time and that being sarcasm it helps at some point. However, if you do not express what you want to say in a sarcastic way, then you are going to be saying something with the wrong meaning and so people would get you wrong as well. That's why you need to be careful and be one hundred percent sure about what you are going to say before posting it either on the boards, neomails or guilds. I can't tell you that it took me a lot to understand sarcasm and different slangs people use to talk to others. I mean, it did take me time, but it was not impossible to achieve and now I can tell you that I can talk just like they do. Many times I've laughed at something that was not even meant to be funny and sometimes that didn't allow me to finish a conversation because of that person. So make sure that you always keep in mind the context of things as they occur in the moment of speaking, so you can prevent yourself from encountering situations you may not be able to leave properly.

New Language
Learning a whole new language does not happen overnight, it can take months or even years! But as you know, practice makes perfect. My native language is Spanish and in less than two years and could communicate with everyone in English and so that time prepared me to this point of my neo-life in which you can find me writing down guides! Whenever I get on here, I simply play on English to get to see my friends and I hardly ever switch back to my own language. Learning a new language is incredible helpful and useful. It fills you with so many good feelings as well as it opens you doors for many things like jobs, meeting people, travelling, etc.

One of the best things about Neopets allowing you to switch languages is that when you find boards a bit die and inactive, you can simply switch to another and see more people online_ During Summer/Winter break, for instance, is when people tend to do this. If you didn't know, people like me who live in the Southern Hemisphere are in the opposite season as you are now; they are just flipped!

My advice is to never give up and never stop learning something new! Neopets is a site that, aside from providing fun, games, plots and everything they delight us with, gives you the opportunity to learn new languages and for free, because you do not need to pay a teacher or institute. You can learn by yourself at your own time phase. Make sure to always have a dictionary near you because you will need it. Remember that the more ways to express yourself you find, the easier it will become for you to communicate. Do not stick to the same thing, try to improve yourself by exploring new ways and manners to talk to others.
August 2014
Story Jae wrote for NT
Runaway: Part I
That was a great battle, Toren!" a sandy-haired boy who appeared to be about ten or eleven exclaimed. "You were all bam – bam – bam! –" here he punctuated each 'bam' with punches made awkward by the large trophy in his arms "— and the other guy just went down!"

Thanks, Mike," Toren the Stealthy Lutari replied.

He walked a few paces behind his owner. Hanging off one arm was a duffle bag that contained all of his battle equipment as well as his helmet, which he usually preferred to keep off. Trotting at his side was his Petpet, May the Doglefox. May never went into the Battledome with him, but she was his good luck charm nonetheless.

Toren was happy about the victory, but he was also tired and sore. Mike seemed too enthusiastic to notice, but at least he had thought ahead by booking a room in the AstroVilla for the three of them for after the match. The idea of heading all the way back to their Neohome in Shenkuu was daunting to the Lutari, and he had not even lost his match.

I can't wait until the next tournament! We're gonna keep training hard, Toren, just like we always do." Mike nodded emphatically at his own statement. "But now, I'm hungry so you must be starving, so let's go to the AstroVilla and grab some dinner!"

Lutari, Petpet, and owner strolled through the throng of people in Neopia Central. It really was a bustling place; Toren rarely got to see it unless he and Mike were in town for a Battledome tournament. Some people offered congratulations as they saw Mike's trophy, others seemed more interested in running to whichever shop they felt would be about to stock something valuable.

Toren was quietly taking in the sights. They were approaching a large, gavel-shaped building: the Neopian Auction House. It seemed even busier than all the other shops, though that did not stop Mike from walking past it. People pushed in and out of the building with reckless abandon. The auctioneer's voice could be heard from the open door. Toren craned his neck in curiosity to see what item was being auctioned at the moment.

A human girl who looked a few years older than Mike strode from inside the auction house while clutching a large, glass bottle carefully, but Toren noticed the impending collision too late.





Toren spluttered as he felt something wet cover his head and trickle down his shirt. His skin began to crawl, even in places where the liquid had not touched him. May yipped nervously as she circled his feet.

You idiot! Look what you did! Do you know how much that cost me?!"

You're the idiot, idiot. Maybe if you had been watching where you were walking, you wouldn't have bumped into me."

The crawling intensified. It felt as if he were covered in Petpetpets. Just what had been in that bottle?!

Just because you have a strong battle pet doesn't mean you can do and say whatever you want!"

Toren gasped as he felt two appendages burst from his back. His gasp masked the sound of fabric tearing. It hadn't hurt, but he could tell the back of his shirt was in tatters. Was that a Morphing Potion of some kind?! Oh no... Toren pulled his gloves off quickly. His paws were light blue. Toren's mouth hung open in horror as he tried to imagine what the rest of his body looked like.

Mike bent over to pick up the trophy he had dropped in the collision. "Fine, I'm sorry. Are you happy now?" he snapped.

No, I am not happy! Flasks of Rainbow Fountain Water don't come cheap, you know! I saved up for weeks to get that one for my gallery! I demand that you buy me a new one!"

Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water?!" Mike repeated. He looked over at Toren, who was still standing still, staring at his paws with his eyes wide and his mouth agape. "Are you kidding me? Faerie? I don't want a Faerie 'pet! You should be the one paying me back for painting my 'pet without my permission!"

Serves you right for not watching where you're walking. He would still be Stealthy if you had been more careful. I don't care what you do with him, but you still owe me for that potion you wasted." She bent in and read his name off the engraved trophy. "Don't worry, I won't let you forget, Mike. Don't take too long."

Without waiting to see Mike's reaction, the girl stalked off and was soon lost in the crowd of shoppers. For a few seconds, both Mike and Toren were silent.

I can't believe this. Why'd you have to go and get painted Faerie, of all things? No one will take you seriously anymore. You don't look cool at all!"

If I wear my Stealthy stuff, maybe no one'll notice?" Toren supplied lamely.

Mike laughed derisively. "Yeah, you think no one'll notice those stupid wings sticking out of your back? A Neopet with Blurry Vision could see those things!"

Toren hung his head. Even though he knew in the back of his mind that it wasn't his fault, he still felt bad for the way he looked now. He hated that look of disappointment and anger in Mike's eyes.

I seriously cannot believe she expects me to pay her back and buy you another Stealth Paint Brush. Why couldn't you have gotten out of the way?"

Toren's shame burned harder. He couldn't even find it in himself to remind Mike that he had not even bought the first Stealth Paint Brush; he had won it from the Alien Aisha Vending Machine.

I didn't think she would throw it on me, whatever it was. I didn't notice until it was too late. I'm sorry, Mike."

Sorry' doesn't change the fact that you look like a girl. A girly-girl 'pet for a girly-girl owner." He snorted derisively. "Take that shirt off; it just looks dumb on you now."

Glumly, Toren did as he was told. It was a bit difficult to get out of the shirt with his new wings in the way, but eventually the black fabric pooled at his feet and he was able to get a better look at himself. His fur was now the same light blue as his paws and it was adorned with pale green swirls.

You can't be seen in the Battledome like this – I can't be seen with you anywhere like this. And I can't afford a ten million Neopoint Paint Brush on top of the one million Neopoints I'll have to spend on a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water for that dumb girl."

Mike grabbed Toren by the free paw and marched through the crowd. Toren gulped as they passed the AstroVilla. His heart began to race. May ran around their feet, barking up at them. Where was Mike taking him?

S-sure you can afford it, Mike," the Lutari supplied as he let himself get dragged behind his owner. "I win lots of stuff from battling each day; we'll just keep that up and sell everything. And we'll enter lots of tournaments and win prizes and we can sell those too. I – I bet you'll have enough money for it all by the end of the month. And then this'll all just be a funny memory. Yeah, we'll be able to look back on this day and laugh, right, Mike?"

Mike was silent as he kept walking. Toren saw a wooden building in the distance. His heart leapt in fear. Mike wasn't taking him there... was he? He wouldn't do that...

Toren began to tug against Mike a bit. "Come on, Mike. You're tired. We had a long day today. Why don't we just go to the hotel and relax? You're hungry, so we can get some food. And... I know we still have that Blue Paint Brush at home, so we can use that to get rid of the stupid Faerie color and wings. Then I can wear my Stealthy clothes and no one will know what happened."

The Pound was drawing nearer and nearer. Mike was still silent, but Toren could not deny any longer that his owner was making a beeline for the dreaded building. He began to try to pull his paw loose harder. He didn't put all his strength into it – he didn't want to hurt Mike, especially if it turned out that he was just being irrational.

Come on, we don't need to be making any big decisions today," the Lutari pled, his voice rising.

I can't be seen with an embarrassing Faerie pet," Mike said with surprising calmness.

Toren knew he had to act when his owner strode right up to the Pound and began to push at the door. He wrenched his arm free and backed away, his eyes wide. "I'm not going in there, Mike!" he yelled. A crowd of onlookers was beginning to gather because of their commotion.

Mike looked at the crowd uneasily. His dislike at being seen with the Faerie Lutari was apparent. "Yes, you are. As of now, you are my 'pet and I don't want you anymore, so I am abandoning you. Now come on," he hissed as he grabbed Toren's wrist again.

I won't! the Lutari roared.

He jerked himself out of Mike's grip, sending the boy sprawling into the dirt. Toren hardly noticed. He paused only to scoop up May and drop the duffle bag full of heavy battle equipment before sprinting away. He shoved aside numerous passersby in his haste to flee from the Pound and Mike. Only once the sun had started to sink below the horizon and Neopia Central was a speck in the distance did Toren stop and realize that he had no clue where to go.

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