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oh hello there

It's freezing," you mutter to yourself through chattering teeth as you power your way through the ever-increasing snowfall. Your only response is the whistle of the wind, which carries with it a stinging cold sensation. You pull your coat even tighter around your body. You've been lost for hours, and the bitter cold only adds to your troubles. What's more, you haven't seen anybody around to ask for help! You nearly give up completely, brushing the snow off of a nearby bench and easing into the frozen seat.

Hello, there!" you hear a voice call. You snap your head towards the noise to find a Snow Wocky smiling at you. You barely saw them through the snow! You manage to reply politely. "You look frozen," the Wocky sighs, approaching you. "Are you lost?" You nod.

He holds out a gloved hand. "Come with me. We have warm blankets and food just inside. We'll be happy to help you over at Frostbite!" Frostbite? You've never heard of this little group, but the prospect of warmth, food, and directions is irresistible. You can accept the Wocky's kindness and meet the group, or continue to sit in the freezing snow.

Well, do you accept?

updates and upcoming events

July 3rd, 2015: The new activity page is up and the member directory has been updated!
June 7th, 2015: Frostbite is open again!


001. Please understand that we are a literate guild. Do not try to confuse us by spking lyk dis. That is not our language, and we will not understand. Smiley faces are all right, of course, just try to not use them all the time.

002. Remember not to spam the chat boards. If it's an accident that's fine, but no more than three posts at a time please. Please also make sure that your posts are at least five words in length.

003. Remind yourself to let us know if you won't be coming back for a long time. Everyone needs the occasional vacation, and we do understand that you have a life outside of Neopets, we all do! We do hope however, that you'll try to be as active as possible- coming to see us a few times a week or more is all we ask. Once we grow a bit larger there will be member sweeps once a month to see who's being active. After joining if you have not posted at least five messages within a week then you will be deleted and will have to reapply.

004. Know that we expect the guild to be drama and bully free. If you are found starting fights with another member or bullying them then you will receive a warning or be banned based on the severity of the actions. If you have an issue with someone then please take it to neomail or message one of the owners.

005. Finally, please abide by all of Neopet's rules, after all we ARE on Neopets. If you do get silenced or frozen then please let one of the owners know so they can invite you on a new account or make note so you do not get deleted from the guild.


The ranks get updated every Monday.

Frozen: You've just joined. You haven't quite made yourself well known yet, but have the potential to do so! Please make sure to post five times within your first week here so we can get to know you!

Icicle: You're moving up! To get here, you must have posted 250 times and made a few friends.

Snowflake: Well look at you! You sure are the social butterfly, aren't you? To get to this rank, you must have posted 500 times! Keep up the great work.

Flurry: My my, you are almost to the highest rank possible in Frostbite! You have posted over 1000 times and have made tons of friends. Keep on going there is only one more rank left!

Blizzard: You have finally done it! By reaching this rank you have posted over 2000 messages, know almost everyone in the guild, and helped the owners out a ton! You are now setting an example for the newer members on how to be dedicated and trustworthy. You will also be able to be trusted enough to be board monitor for the owners while they are not around!

wanna advertise us?

Have you been wanting to make some advertise-ments to recruit some more members? Awesome! First of all, make sure we do not have a current advert board going and then you're good to go!



If you'd like to learn more about advertising effectively, please visit Awakened Advertising!

got an advertise-ment you want to be used?

Then neomail it to Naomi! She would be glad to put it on the website and give you credit.

so you want to be a part of frostbite?

For the moment we require an application to join Frostbite since we are currently private. If you would like to join us then please fill out this form at the bottom and neomail it to Naomi!

Name: your name here or what you would like to be called
Age: your age here. only if you feel comfortable giving it.
Location: where you live. this can be state, country, or as simple as your timezone. you do not have to list this.
Your activeness: How active are you?
How did you find out about Frostbite?: Where did you find out about us? If it was a neoboard then please list who was the current bumper. If it was another member then please list their username!
Why Frostbite?:Why you would like to join us
What can you offer Frostbite?: if you have any special talents, are great at referring members, or just simply that you're a sweetheart then please let us know!
A little about me: Just a little about you and your life on/off neopets

a little about naomi

Oh hi, Naomi here! I am the creator of Frostbite. I am 18 and live in England. I'm currently taking a gap year before I go back to college next year. I love singing, baking, reading, and making you-tube videos. On neopets I am normally playing games, buying wintery items for my pets, or advertising Frostbite! If you want to join the advertising team and invite more people to join this lovely guild then just neomail me!

coming soon

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Neomail Naomi if you're interested in becoming affiliated with Frostbite!

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