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Hullo and welcome to my portfolio! I go by Gromit, I'm in my 20's, and reside by the majestic mountainside with my husband and our mischievous pets. I currently work as an agent and also do pet boarding from home. I'm an introverted night owl who loves animals, nature, sushi, and cold weather. I'm usually reading, writing, or drawing with a cup of tea by my side. I enjoy collecting books, loose leaf teas, and easy to care for plants. My other interests include gaming, lore-based podcasts, watercolor painting, trying out Korean cuisine and recipes, and traveling on a shoestring budget. I adore everything fantasy, horror, and comedy. K-pop has been dominating my playlists as of late.

I started on this site back in 2004 and remain a loyal user due to nostalgia. On neo I'm primarily a character designer, but I also dabble in customization, NC trading, avatar chasing, account improvement, training/battling, beauty contest, and lurking the boards. I'm working towards completing my neofamily and spoiling them endlessly; my pets and their story lines are very dear to my heart. My lovely neofriends and I co-write together as well so that our stories and characters can connect and grow. Thanks for reading!


Blurb WIP, visit button below to see project page in the meantime - My UC Faerie Wocky may not be home yet, but it doesn't mean I can't give you a bit of a sneak peek! I decided to begin the journey of working towards obtaining the hardest of my pet goals first. You can view my current progress on his project page down below.
His character will tie in with Jonkol's, as their stories are both intertwined and quite elaborate. I'm looking forward bringing him to life!

Future Companions
*Hoping for a Royal Naleap*

Jonkol the Spirit of the Wild is an elusive yet mischievous Xwee who resides in the forests of Shenkuu, where she whispers to the trees and protects her home among them. She currently mentors under Kyukyon the Moon Pheonix, to hone her earthen abilities with Ibouroo by her side.
I cannot imagine neopia without my Jo, she was a big longtime goal of mine. She symbolizes my love of nature, and I am quite sentimentally attached. Currently working on her fishing level and updating her content!

the Faerie Kepru
and its Moach

Smores the Gingerbread Baker runs a Bakery/Cafe made entirely of gingerbread, where she dishes out her most creative recipes and uses her dragon fire for baking! She loves nothing more than sitting around a nighttime campfire roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories.
Smores commemorates my sweet tooth and love of camping, and has a forever home with me. Currently working on raising her BD stats (460+ HSD) and updating her closet! While she indeed has a character, she is graciously hosting my portfolio.

the Gingerbread Dandan
and its Lady Blurg



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