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Hello guest, welcome to my Hannah and the Pirate Caves Guide! The main purpose of this guide is to help you get the Hannah and the Pirate caves avatar by level 9. This guide includes the basics, which walks you through everything you will see in the game, movements, which shows you the different movements of the game, a point count-up, which tells you exactly how many points you'll need at the end of each level to get the avatar by level 9, and a step-by-step walk-through of the first 5 levels of the game.


This guide was designed with a certain method of usage in mind. It is suggested to read through the Basics and Movements, and play through all six tutorial levels. Then open up the game in a new window and set it over this page so that you can still read the walk-through and see most of the screen shot. This way, you can read as you go and don't have to keep referring back. Check the point count-up before exiting each level. Click the skull at the bottom of each section to go back to the top.

The Story
(As written by Neopets.com)

Hannah the Usul always wanted a life of danger. Unfortunately, working in a tavern on Krawk Island was both boring and badly-paid. One day she was reading an old book that spoke of ancient caves, built by pirates many years ago - a place where they could hide their loot, but unfortunately guarded by traps and monsters. Hannah couldn't wait - this was exactly the thing she'd been looking for.

The Basics

Hannah the Usul
Guide Hannah through the corridors and traps of the pirate caves using the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump.

Tutorial Arrows
You will only encounter these in the first (six) tutorial levels. Following them and reading the tips as you go along will lead you to the end. (Doing the tutorial levels is highly recommended.)

Quite simply, the ground, walls and ceilings. There are four different colors of terrain, but each serves the same purpose. You cannot walk or fall through terrain unless it contains a secret area (which is basically just walls you can walk through).

Wooden Crates
You can break through wooden crates by walking, jumping, or falling into or onto them. When you jump onto a crate, it causes you to bounce up in the air as it breaks. This can be used as a way to cross large gaps. If a wooden crate falls on you, it will not harm you, it will immediately break. (Breaking a wooden crate earns you 15 points.)

Pirate Treasure Chests
Collect treasure chests by walking, falling, jumping, or swimming into them. You must collect all the treasure chests in a level to continue to the next. (Each treasure chest is worth 55 points.)

Wooden Platforms
You can jump or swim up through the bottom of these platforms and land safely on top of them, but you cannot crouch and fall through them. Pushing boulders and causing them to fall on platforms will break them.

The correct terms are "stalactites" and "stalagmites". Stalactites are the ones on top, which you can remember because they cling "tite" to the ceiling, and the ones on the bottom are "stalagmites", which you can remember 'cause you "mite" trip over them. Hitting either of these will cause you to lose a life and start the level over.

Climb up ladders by walking or jumping onto them and pressing the up arrow on your keyboard. Pushing a boulder onto a ladder will not cause the bolder to fall nor the ladder to break. It will simply sit atop the ladder until pushed further. Shooting an arrow into a ladder, however, will cause the section of the ladder that is hit to break away.

Closed Door
The door is your exit point from the level. It will remain closed until you collect all the treasure chests in a level.

Open Door
Once the door is opened by collecting all of the treasure, you can exit the level and move on to the next.

Breaking a crate containing an arrow will cause the arrow to shoot in the direction which it is pointing. (An arrow pointing left will shoot left, and arrow points down will shoot down, ect.) You can use arrows to break through crates, set off dynamite, or set off other arrows. If you are hit by an arrow, it will cause you to lose a life and begin the level over. Avoid arrows by jumping over them or ducking under them, depending on the situation. (Shooting off an arrow earns you 45 points.)

Steel Crates
Steel crates cannot be broken by touching them. They can only be broken with an arrow or dynamite. If a steel crate falls on you, it will not break, it will cause you to lose a life and start the level over.

You can push boulders by walking or crawling into them. You cannot push more than one bounder at once. Pushing a boulder off a ledge into a wooden platform will cause the platform to break. Boulders can also break through spikes, clearing a safe path for you to walk. If a boulder falls on you, it will cause you to lose a life and start the level over.

To set off a crate of dynamite, simply walk, jump, or fall into it. The dynamite will fly away from you if you walk into it. (If you hit it from the left, it will fly to the right.) Landing on directly top of a crate of dynamite will cause it to fly up and into you. Hitting dynamite from directly under it will cause the dynamite to fly up and then come falling down where you are standing (unless you move out of the way, of course). Dynamite can be used to set off arrows and other dynamite or break crates and platforms. Dynamite in steel crates can only be broken with arrows or other dynamite crates. If dynamite explodes too close to you, it will cause you to lose a life and start the level over.

Water Hazards
You can swim through the water as long as you have enough air. How much air you have is determined by the number of bubbles there are in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Return to the top of the water to take another breath of air and refill the amount of air you have. It is best to take a breath of air as soon as you see the chance, instead of waiting until you're almost completely out of air. The same things can make you lose a life and start over underwater as they do on land. If you stay underwater too long and you run out of air, you will lose a life and start the level over.

The bubbles in the lower left-hand corner of the game screen represent how much air you have left and how much longer you can stay underwater. There are ten air bubbles in total and each bubble gives you about one second of time underwater. You can also last a little less than a second under water with no bubbles left.

Air Pockets
Air pockets are places underwater where you take a breath of air. Be sure to take the chance for air, even if you don't think you need it. You never know if you'll find another air pocket ahead or not.

Rising Water
In some levels, the water will rise. You can see the stream of water trickling down and the water will spill over ledges and fill up gaps.

At the beginning of each level, you will be presented with a map of the area. The bright green spot represents the starting point of the level. The tan area is the terrain, and the dark brown area is the area in which you can move (empty space). The dark gray spot represents the door, the yellow represents treasure, the brown represents wooden crates, arrows, and platforms, the silver represents metal crates, and the pink represents extra lives. Enemies, water levels, gems, and secret areas are not shown. It is wise to take a look at the map before starting so you have an idea of where you're going. If you keep getting stuck on a level, it is wise to look at the map and plan out where you think you are going to go.

Birds, monkeys, skulls, ghouls, and zombies will try to protect the treasure of the Pirate Caves. Even touching any one of these will cause you to lose a life and start the level over. The only way to get rid of these is to shoot them with an arrow or push a boulder over on them, both of which are very difficult to accomplish and usually happen by accident, if at all. It's best to avoid them by jumping over or ducking under them.

Heart Crates
Heart crates give you an extra life. They are only in wooden containers and you collect them by walking, crawling, jumping, falling, or swimming into them. (Each heart crate is worth 555 points!)

Gem Crates
Gem crates give you an extra 85 points and there is one hidden in each level, even in the Tutorials! Some are easier to find and get to while others.. Not so much. (Below is a walk-through of the first five level of the game, including how to get the gems.) (Each gem crate is worth 85 points.)


The starting position for every level is standing. This is also what happens when you are not pressing any keys on your keyboard.

There is no way to "walk" in Hannah and the Pirate caves, it's really all running. Run by pressing the left or right arrow key on your keyboard.

Running In Place
There really is no point to this, it's just kind of funny. Run in place while holding both the left and right arrow keys at the same time.

Jump by pressing the space bar. You can jump three units high (i.e. Three crates, three boulders, ect).

Crawl by holding the down arrow key and either the left or right arrow keys. If you're crawling through a tunnel, you don't need to hold the down arrow.

Crawling In Place
Crawl in place by pressing the down arrow key and both the right and left arrow keys at the same time. There's really no point to it...

You can fall from any height and not get hurt, as long as you do not land on spikes or enemies.

Walk or jump up to a ladder and press the up arrow key to climb up, or the down arrow key to climb down. Pressing the left or right arrow keys will make you scoot sideways. Useful for moving to a ladder next to you.

When in water, press any of the arrow keys to move. Pressing the space bar will cause you to move upwards.

Point Count-Up

Here's the amount of points you should have at the end of each level (before exiting) up to nine to get the avatar. (Note: To achieve this, you must do every tutorial level, break every crate, shoot every arrow, and set off every crate of dynamite that you can, no matter how pointless it seems.) This point count-up gives you about 10,000 more points than needed, so don't stress too much over a couple missed points. If the points show a gem or heart next to them, it means you must get the gem or heart in that level to get that score. If the points show a green dot next to them, it means that I know how to get the gem in that level, but you don't have to get that score.
Tutorial 1
(Basic Training)
1,390 �
Tutorial 2
11,680 �
Tutorial 3
Tutorial 4
23,340 �
Tutorial 5
(Water 1)
29,840 �
Tutorial 6
(Water 2)
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7 128,320
(If you got the 5 Treasure Chests in the Tutorial Levels, you should have 153,225 points at the beginning of this level. Enough for the avatar.)
Level 8
At the beginning of Level 9, you will have 162,205 points. Enough for the avatar!

Walk Through

Level One

Welcome to Level One. This is a rising-water level, so be prepared to move rather quickly. In the beginning of this level, you drop down between an open gap and a few spikes. Most would jump down the open gap, but if you want to get that avatar by Level Nine, jump over the spikes and keep holding the left arrow. You will find a secret area in the wall! Pretty cool huh? So, now that you've found the area, run to your right and keep running until you hit the box with a green gem inside of it. After successfully obtaining this gem, climb up the ladder and crawl slightly to your left. DON'T DROP DOWN though, if you do, you are very likely to land on the bird down there, so stop when you get to the edge and you will be able to look down to see the bird. Once it is out of the way, fall down and head back towards the left again. As you will be able to see by now, the water is slowly rising and it should be up to the point where you can reach the treasure chests above you. Once you obtain those, swim back and jump up onto the ledge to collect your treasure. Jump across the gap and collect the treasure there and head to your right past the door to get the last treasure chest.

Level Two

Welcome to Level Two. Level One was a piece of cake, huh? Well, so is Level Two. This is a water level so hold your breath and plunge in! When you start, you see a wooden platform above you and spike-filled water to your right. Well, guess where you're going? That's right, to the right! so, you carefully drop into the water, but wait! Another secret area is here! There is a small ditch under the water after you swim a bit. Go down into that, but be careful of the spikes! Stay towards the left side and go into the wall. Run down to the end of the chamber and back into the water on the other side. Collect your gem and swim back into the safety of the tunnel. Run back, jump up into the water and swim up to get a breath of air. Once at the surface of the water, you can stand on the half-submerged ledge that you see. Jump up the two wooden platforms and hit the arrow. Keep running forward and jump onto the second lower platform you see. Hit the arrow there and jump back in the water. Now you can swim down and collect your treasure, but WAIT! While you are down there, break all the boxes and then go up for a BIG gulp of air. Swim back down, past where the boxes were and down the tunnel to the extra life. This is risky, but very rewarding. Quickly swim back up and fill your lungs. You will normally only have two or sometimes only one bubble just before you reach the top. Jump up the rocks and onto the wooden platform. Carefully collect your treasure chests and exit through the door.

Level Three

Welcome to Level Three. Another rising-water level, so be careful! To start, climb partially up the ladder and jump off to your right to collect the treasure there. Jump back on the ladder and climb the rest of the way up. Head towards your right and you will see another ladder, instead of continuing on, climb up that ladder. Watch out for that bird! Hit the arrow to break the metal box and cause another arrow box to fall. Look out for that bird again and hit the second arrow to cause boulders to fall. Crouch down into crawling position and watch the boulders fall. Once they are all there, fall down and collect the one treasure chest that falls. Push the stray boulder that's on the top to the left and let it crush the spikes for you. Walk on top of it and fall down into the tunnel on the other side. Falling... falling... Okay, you've landed. Run over to the right and collect the gem, now run back and right after where the ladder is, there is a little barely-visible place to jump up. Take that, and watch out for the spikes! Swim up and head to the right once you've gotten to the top of the ladder. Crawl through the series of gaps past the other ladder and grab a breath of air. Swim up to hit the arrow, then quickly get back to the air pocket and let the boulders fall. Swim up and jump on the ladder. It's very laid out from there, so climb and crawl, and WATCH THAT BIRD! Then, run to the door.

Level Four

Welcome to level four. If you thought Level Three was tough, you are in for a big surprise... Level Four is EASY! OK, so, you start on the right-hand side of the screen. Run over to the left where there is a ledge. On top of this ledge is a monkey running back and forth. Being aware of him, jump onto the ledge and make your way across. Collect the treasure chests and make your way over to the arrow. Hit that and wait for the boulders to fall and break the wooden platform. An arrow will fall on top these boulders, so you must swim down and hit this arrow, but be careful not to be shot! To avoid death, swim down near the arrow and land on the rocks beside it and walk into it from the side. You do not need to grab a breath of air, but if you would like to, you can, and swim, or walk, over to your right and wait until you see a boulder fall (it shouldn't be long). Depending on which side of the boulder the monkey is on, it should be easy to jump strait up onto land. Push the boulder once over to your left and jump on top of it. Hit the arrow above you and head to the left more. Go all the way to the gap where you are able to go into the water and wait until four boulders fall on the other side. Once they do, jump across the gap, on top of the boulders, and up to the top to collect your gem. Fall back down and finish off the level by going back towards the right, on top the metal boxes, collect your treasure, and head out.

Level Five

Welcome to Level Five. Level Four was a piece of cake, right? Well, Level Five isn't. To start, you head to the right and jump up onto the ledge, remember, this level is timed due to the rising water. Keep going up, all the way to the top. once you get there, push the boulder to the right and down past the door, but you only go down a little past the bird. On your way up, you may have noticed a heart box floating above some spikes, from the wooden platform above, run off the edge, hit the box, and keep holding the right key and you will go into the wall for the secret area. Fall down, get the gem, ect, ect. Then head to the left to get back up. You will see the opening at the end of the tunnel, but be careful when you go up out of it, there are spikes on the ceiling. After taking a breath, keep your head above water long enough so that the water can get high enough to reach the boulder. Once it is, being conscious of the monkey there, push the boulder off that last ledge and follow it down. After it breaks the wooden platform, carefully collect your treasure and go up for a breath of air and finish your journey back up to the door.


Now that you have read the tutorial and hopefully collected all of the gems I have shown you, it's time for you to do some exploring of your own. There is one gem in every level, including the tutorials! See if you can find them all! Collecting the gem in the first six levels and then continuing on will get you enough points for that spiffy avatar by level nine! Good luck!
To The Game!


Screenshots, Text, Background, & Layout
(aka middle_rose)

Game, Characters, & Story

Programs & Sites Used
Microsoft Paint
Cavemaker version 1.0

Special thanks

The amazing people on the Help Boards

And everyone else who helped out!

This guide was completed 07/15/07

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