It's time to play a little game.... and whoever runs out of time is the loser.

By game she means duel. Scourge will gladly spar with any suitable opponent... And by suitable, she means greedy. She is a mighty opponent, battling with simply her magic, a seemingly ordinary deck of cards, and seven very special dice. As a means to make the game more fair (I mean, trouncing everyone would get her no bites to the bait right?), she claims her moves are up to chance. But even with her form and moves subjected to a deck of cards and rolling of dice... Is it really fair? The game is played by her rules, after all. And rule number one is: she never, ever loses.

The idea of winning fabulous, life changing prizes by beating her is tempting you say? And if it's just luck, "What are the odds of her winning?" you say? Woah, buddy. You do not know what you're getting into. But if you're desperate to turn around your life and have nothing left to lose... The least I can do is offer you my wisdom.



  • Age: She's been around awhile...
  • Ethnicity/Species: Fate
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Markings: Purple/Silver that's butterfly wing shaped -- Present only in Violet state.
  • Hair: Strawberry Blonde
  • Eye Color: Gold (Post Prism Lords)
  • Height: 5'5
  • Build: Lithe but Strong
  • Job: Gambler
  • Skills: Nigh unstoppable magic of varying kinds.
  • Incompetence: Magic is very chaotic and hard to control. Very mouthy, often starts more fights than intended.
  • Area of Residence: Varies, and Scourge's Casino moves with her.
  • Self Control: Poor, prone to mood swings.
  • IQ: Genius Level
  • Confidence: Too High
  • Philosophy: Play Fair.
  • Greatest Fear: Losing Bane, SPIDERS.

Colors of the Rainbow

Scourge is very fickle and has likes and dislikes that seems to change with the day of the week. Possibly literally, she has seven different forms that represent not only her mood but her powers as well. Each are listed below, click each colors swatch to find info on each color and form. The primary difference between forms is the color of her clothes, with main exception being Dreaded Violet where she gains markings in the shapes of butterfly wings. These forms are changed by the dice rolls, so it's very important to read up.

So what exactly is she? Scourge is a Fate. She has the power to turn your life on it's 180 really fast. There are other Fates in the world, many of them benevolent. But Scourge... Well, she's a bit more of a rogue than just about any other. She feeds off of the greed in a man's soul. If you're particularly greedy or even think you might have that tendency, don't even bother her. I mean it. She's dangerous. However, if you've an honest and giving heart in you beating her in a duel is no sweat. Why? As I said, she feeds off of greed. Meaning her magic -- especially her battle powers -- are amped up against a particularly greedy opponent. She is astronomically more powerful against someone who is after personal gain especially. She uses these duels to test the worth her spells can have for humanity. It is believed she has traveled across both time and space, testing many a valiant warrior to see if his intentions are truly noble. And that being said, personal gain is never a reason to crash her fun in her book. In some cases, even if you fall to her and must pay your wager, she will take pity on a particularly noble cause and the real bravery shown to her and set you free, prize in hand for showing true strength of heart in the face of adversity. But there have only been witnesses to this... Her other combatant is left with no memory of what aided him whatsoever. So although she is roguish, she does have some kindness dwelling within her when she feels it necessary to bring it out.


  • Powers: Heat and Flame.
  • Likes: Torching just about anything.
  • Dislikes: Wet and Cold.
  • Strength: Putting someone in the hot seat. ;)
  • Weakness: Accuracy.
  • Mood: Excited! Yeah, boy! Notes: This form is practically a free run, she is very, very inaccurate with fire magic. Make the most of it!


  • Powers: Light Magic
  • Likes: The still silence.
  • Dislikes: Insects. Ew.
  • Strength: "Sparkle Bombs
  • Weakness: Mirrors and other smooth, reflective surfaces.
  • Mood: Cool and Calm. This form is a pretty common choice for her first state. Be wary of approaching her head on, she will warp around her arena dropping sparkly masses of energy (Sparkle Bombs) with her smaller cards and those have some bite to them. Watch your footwork!


  • Powers: Earth Magic
  • Likes: Floral Scents
  • Dislikes: Fire and High Winds
  • Strength: "Bramble" Magic.
  • Weakness: Can't penetrate steel armor.
  • Mood: Cheery, as if nothings gone wrong. This is generally the first choice if you come in seemingly unarmed. Be aware of face cards, those all have some form of Bramble magic, a spell that allows her to overgrow the arena and possibly trap you in what is basically a big jumble of plants. Funny enough, if you're a more frilly type then floral cologne can supposedly increase the amount you can cut from her deck in this state. No real confirmation on this though.


  • Powers: Generosity? LOLz
  • Likes: Sparkleh stuffs.
  • Dislikes: The Greedy Ones
  • Strength: Sniffing out greedy peeps and cheaters
  • Weakness: No offensive presence what so ever.
  • Mood: Suspiciously jolly. THIS is generally how she sniffs out the greedy ones. She has no offensive powers here, none. But she will throw around real gold and gemstones like they're candy to a hoard of children. These gemstones are meant to pick up power for her other three states, and the rolls will get really, really rigged after this. DO NOT PICK ANYTHING SHE DROPS UP.


  • Powers: High Octane Star Magic
  • Likes: The Darkness
  • Dislikes: Light Sources.
  • Strength: Illusions that scare you silly.
  • Weakness: Her own fears.
  • Mood: Playful. If you call that playing. Welcome to the first of three forms you never wish to see! Can we get a round of applause for the Star Magician? If you were really powerful (or really lucky) you will never have to deal with this form. It's possible to make her deck out before then. Not easy. Just possible. This form plays to your fears, meaning if you both are afraid of something, then it's possible to turn her own magic against her here.


  • Powers: Light bending.
  • Likes: Warmth.
  • Dislikes: Getting the cold shoulder.
  • Strength: Invisibility. I kid you not.
  • Weakness: Invisibility. Explanation below.
  • Mood: Contrary. Her Invisibility here would seem like her biggest threat. But in order for her to do this, she must mill her own cards. Meaning she generally won't stay invisible long and it is very, perfectly possible for her to be distracted by you and Deck Out on her own. This form wins the award for the most overrated one on her part from my knowledge. Unless you's not good at blocking, this form is a cakewalk compared to the Star Magician.

Dreaded Violet

  • Powers: Shadow Magic
  • Likes: Punishing Cheaters
  • Dislikes: Sunlight.
  • Strength: If Invincibility isn't good enough for you, she's not using her battle cards here to determine what happens. This is raw power.
  • Weakness: The fist light of dawn.
  • Mood: WAY too happy for the circumstances. It matters not if you actually cheated in your opinion, this is what happens to the cheaters. No cards. No dice. Just a lot power packed in a tiny, scary frame. I highly suggest seeing the next section for info on what to do if you make it this far. Trying to defeat her is pointless here. You MUST make it till dawn with your prize -- and you -- still safe and secure.

What's in a Name?

Scourge's name isn't actually Scourge, Scourge is a title given to her by places where she has freed them from the grip of a particularly greedy individual who was making life relatively difficult for the locals. Formally, she is referenced as The Scourge of Greed, and lives up to her title (especially after that whole Gem Fate fiasco). Although she is a fate, she is a tad more powerful than most... Never do you want her to have to seek the person causing trouble. Her casino's always appear where they are needed, they move to go wherever Scourge is going, and Scourge is generally where she is needed.

Heart of Obsidian

Scourge also has a bit of a secret. Although not technically a Gemstone, she is often considered one of the Gemstone fates since Earth does not have a Gem of it's own. This state is frighteningly powerful, even more so than her Dreaded Violet state! But she has to be weary about donning it, she is too powerful in this state and may get stuck like this until she can burn off some energy.

As you can see, it is in this state that Scourge has the notable lack of humanity the Fates are known for. This state often confused for Dreaded Violet -- do remember they are not the same, her skin and hair are a ghostly white in this state, and her eyes near black. It is rumored that she may assume in this state in lieu of Dreaded Violet, but no confirmation of this exists as of yet.

Rules of the Game

  • Rule 1: Scourge will always win the game -- meaning even if you beat her you WILL taste more than her cards and dice.
  • Rule 2: Dice rolls will determine Scourge's forms, and you will always have the first roll.

    ...I wish this was that simple, in order for your roll to be applied you must roll one symbol and 6 numbers -- easier said than done -- or she will point out that you made a "blank" draw, and will re-roll herself.

    Dice Rolls will happen intermittently, do not try to intervene a roll, this makes her magic go wonky and can be VERY dangerous!
  • Rule 3: Damage is determined by the large clock on the back walls.

    As you walk into her casino, you will notice these clocks, you can't miss 'em. Once your clock hits "0" you lose. Time counts down slowly until a spell of hers connects, then it will gradually increase in speed.
  • Rule 4: The Duel is over when your time runs out or when Scourge "decks out" -- meaning she is out of battle cards and can no longer continue.

    Battle cards are the weapon Scourge will use during the duel, however if you beat her you will be subject to far stronger magic than that. The cards themselves are just like playing cards, with number cards 2-10 being basic attacks and the face cards of Ace-King being her most powerful strikes.

    If in the event you beat here, here's my personal addition: Survive until dawn. Scourge will recede into the shadows at daybreak and will always grant you your reward prior to her *cough* tantrum. Make it to morning with you and your prize intact and consider yourself champion for that night.

Who's This?

Sitting of in the corner is a little girl with snow white hair, she beckons you stating: Follow me. There's more...


Scourge is also the lorekeeper regarding the tales leading up to how Essie came to be freed. You can find their starters below.

Keys to Fantasia

One thousand years ago, the Apocalypse unleashed its fury upon the face of the earth. The sun, entering a state of supernova, erupts with a mystical force that shatters and scatters the earth -- as well as its neighboring planets -- across the expanse of the space surrounding.

However…. This was not the end. The air surrounding the planets becomes a strange breathable mist and all though much is broken and destroyed (even the planet itself to some degree) very few are injured. Over the course of the next century mysterious changes begin to occur. First with the discovery of strange, wonderful creatures, many of which thought to not exist such as dragons and unicorns and the like. Shortly thereafter, the discovery of magic and telekinetic power is made, over time evolution would invoke a good number of changes in the humans themselves, and as they would adapt the world would slowly become more peaceful than it had ever been. In a short 100 years, Earth would be a mere shadow of the tumultuous self it once was.

But all does not remain as well as it would seem. Although this peace did reign for nearly 500 years, from the corners of the universe would attack two strange races. The first was a crude race born of the darkness with control over the dead and many other terrible powers over those who have past; the second a shimmering, gleaming race with the power to revoke the life force of creatures and even transfer their souls into objects and other creatures with many other unspeakable powers over the living. The citizens of Earth can only cry out for help as their home is taken from them, and they are slowly destroyed.

Centuries would pass with no answer.

But, on the eve of the millennia in passing since the apocalypse, a young woman would make a prophecy. Each of Earth's sisters would send their aid. Those closest to the sun -- Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter -- would send an Aeon. And those furthest -- Saturn, Neptune, Hermes, and Pluto -- would send a Fate. To four youths a power. To each power an Aeon. And to each Aeon a Fate. When these are combined Earth would be free.

Upon the arrival of these creatures across the plane, a massive uprising would begin and now she must set out to find the others, battle the enemies of the Shimmering Light and Crude Darkness and reclaim their home… Or risk its destruction altogether.

Read the rest?

Doors to Nowhere

5 years had passed since the unlocking of Fantasia. Earth, now charged with more energy than ever before, had become an impenetrable stronghold safe from further threats from the outside. Each member has returned to their own home -- but duly keeping in touch to monitor a new wave of unease across the great planes.

Although Guramarasu and Kiramekimasu are nowhere to be found, the population of Shimmer and Glamour monsters has continued to increase. They are leaderless, restless, and the lot of them itching for a fight. And what's worse, it appears fusion is not a capability native only to their leaders, and they are inadvertently binding with each other to create creatures unlike anything the world could imagine.

Determined to find an answer, the group bands together at the encouragement of the gemstone fates to meet them and discuss the nature of the problem. The Gems are in agreeance that these creatures function as a collective being… And have realized they made a grave error in recruiting the four young women.

Their powers were not meant to be spread between the girls as they did. A fifth gem -- Obsidian -- had told them that although she had no key to offer, she had an important piece that was not to be missed: Essentia, a fifth comrade that was left behind due to the gems naivety of the nature of her power. This fifth comrade was a fusion of the fates of the darkened realms, Scourge and Bane, and the Gems feared that Obsidian having some influence on both monster types that she may try to pull out of the interests of Earth and towards these creatures. By choosing the Earth's own Moon and Sun born tandem -- renowned for their control of the Shimmer and Glamour beasts -- would tip the tides against the native beings of the plane. They were wrong, and because of their lack of sensibility with the other gem risked destruction of their own for their crimes to existence.

Concerned, the girls were warned by the gems of Scourge's Chaotic might and Bane's sheer force of Destruction. These demi-godly beings needed their power -- and was not afraid to acquire them by force.

But… They did not encourage them to surrender their powers, leaving doubts and concerns rolling through their minds. Deciding to stick together as the Fates returned to their homes to help calm the unrest resulting from their actions, things did not seem right. In three days they were approached, battled and quickly locked down by Scourge.

But Scourge did not wish their destruction. But more for them to lend her their ear. Chaotic and Destructive they're power may be…. But Bringers of the End they are not. And so, she offered to present to them cards her cards of fate, to prove her point to them.

They accepted the offer, and Scourge presented them with a hand of cards. She instructed them to study their cards, but know when she flips them back their knowledge would be lost with not but their instincts to guide them.. Each girl did as instructed and what they gained from the hand of cards was astounding, a representation of the world had the power fallen in the correct hands with things that their imaginations could not have mustered and the realization that Scourge's words were too true. Scourge discarded their cards, and the exact knowledge of what they saw was lost but the essence remained. The world, although they may never know again exactly what was meant to be, was not as orderly as believed. Frustrated by the unknown, but knowing that things did not work as meant, the girls vow to aid Scourge in finding the culprits of such wrongdoing… But not while suspicious of why the world was not the glory their eyes did behold.

The tables were turning -- and even a lead to this glory may trail down a path of nothing. And the only ones with the final answers were slinked away in a corner of the darkened realms: Kiramekimasu and Guramarasu themselves. It would not be long before it was made known who the real enemies are, for gems may be beautiful to the eye with promises of greatness to be the one to bear them… But they will never stop being hardened and cold to the skins touch.

Read the rest?

Halls to Infinity

The time had come. In order for the fate of Earth's remains to be sealed in peace and harmony Scourge and Bane now needed to seek out the Wayward Spirits. Partnered with the might of Kiramekimasu and Guramarasu, as well as the elemental alliance of those who unlocked Fantasia, the girls set to their task.

But little did they know of the driving force behind the now destroyed gems, and the danger these creatures posed. Confronted by the mighty Archdjinni, Shutten, who was unleashed from its prison, it offered not a fight... But a warning. For there were three others of its kind. It at least was an ally, so long as Kira and Gura trusted them. But the three others would likely need to be swayed... Including the mighty Essentia, who summoned the gems to begin with.

Now more than ever, attaining Essentia's aid was necessary... But was she an ally? And who were the other two and who were their summoning partners? Or maybe... Archdjinni need not be summoned at all, and still exist within the plane? Their appearance did coincide with the unlocking of Fantasia.

Much questions plagued the group, but only time would tell, even if the wait seemed infinite with the new troubles to plague the world.

Read the rest?


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My character inspiration can be found all over, simply pick up a book or many mangas, play a fantasy video game, or watch a movie, show or anime or research a piece of mythology containing fantastic things to see more of what my world provides.

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