• August 26th, 2016

    Teahly won her FIRST GOLD TROPHY in the Beauty Contest!
  • Part One: A Crafty little Vandagyre

    It was gorgeous out. The sun was shining, the weewoos were singing, and all Teahly could think about was getting outside to see if any of her neggs were ready to be picked. She had been working hard on this particular batch of neggs; they were going to be the finest of the year. Months of preparation had gone into the batch. She spent months finding the perfect mix of soils, plant foods, and water combinations.
    These were going to be the neggs that Kari finally accepted, Teahly just knew it. Everyone thought Kari grew her own magical neggs, but Teahly knew that every now and then a Neopet would bring her a batch of some that were so powerful she just couldn't help but scoop them up. After years of trying, perfecting her neggs, Teahly was ready to go see the wonderful Faerie.
    Teahly rushed out of her quint little negg-shaped house and flew into her garden. Landing in the middle of the newest set of neggs planted, she looked around and let out a screech that could be heard on Kreludor.
    Crawling all on her beautiful neggs, the neggs she was planning to take to Kari later that day, where little purple petpetpets eating holes in through all her hard work. Teahly thought these little bugs were gone after the great infestation of Roo Island, but apparently she was wrong. Hearing cackling, Teahly turned towards the shrubs surrounding her garden and home and saw two young little Blumaroos running away, laughing and trading high-fives.
    They just didn't understand her; those vile, witless jesters of Roo Island. They goofed around and played jokes all day, far too many of them ruining her prized Neggs. Teahly wasn't going to put up with it anymore; it was time to take a stand. There were only three Faeries in all of Neopia she could think of who would have the power to help her protect her land and she was going to need all of their help.

    So she flew.
    She flew until she saw a brand new land on the horizon.
    Fluffy purple and blue clouds broke and Teahly saw the new location of a land she hadn't been to since before its devastating fall from the sky. Sitting upon a mountainous rock inside of an incredibly large crater, it was still as beautiful as it had been before. A world full of artfully crafted towers, flowing crystal blue waters, and rich green fields of vibrantly colored flowers; it was like a dream you never had to leave. Teahly wished, not for the first time since she was born, that she lived somewhere other than Roo Island. Somewhere peaceful, beautiful, and magical just like this land she was in now.
    That wasn't her mission though. Her mission was to rid her life of pests, not daydream about other lands. Especially not a land like Faerieland, a land you had to be magical and special to live in, she was just an ordinary little Vandagyre after all.
    So she flew down, hoping to see the one dark faerie she actually liked. The she knew wouldn't try to cause her any mischief.

    Delina, the dark faerie with amazing crafting abilities that had yet to be bested by anyone in Neopia, was the one faerie she knew would be able to help her with some of the pest problems she was having. Traps couldn't be hard for a faerie like Delina after all; she built things much more beautiful and complex on a daily basis. If she could get the faerie to agree, it should be a nice and easy little adventure. Teahly knew that the crafty faerie would be able to help her come up with some nifty little traps to stop the residents of Roo Island from invading her property and destroying her neggs. All she knew was that Delina lived in Faerieland, so once she got there it was going to be a lot of flying around to see if Teahly could spot her.
    Growing tired from her journey, and a little hungry, Teahly decided to stop in at the Healing Springs to see if faerie there could ease any of the pain from her sore wings before she wandered over to Faerie Foods store to try out some of the local delicacies. After looking over everything in the store, Teahly decided to try the Faerieland Gourmet Burger washed down with some Fountain Faerie Fruit Punch. Teahly decided that, perhaps instead of just protecting her land from Blumaroos, she could get the faeries to help her move to Faerieland instead. Hatching a new plan, she took off looking for Delina.

    Teahly walked for hours, saving her wings for her next flight so she didn't tire herself out too much. Just as she was about to give up and think of a different faerie to help her, Teahly saw Delina slip into the Faerieland Bookshop. Running after her, Teahly taps the faerie on the shoulder.
    Delina! I need your help!" She exclaims after finally getting her target to turn around and face her.
    Oh! Hello there Teahly, it is nice to see you!" Delina says, with a lost look on her face. "I'm sorry but I can't help until I can locate another copy of Faerie Spelunking Tips. It seems that Domilla lost mine after I let her borrow it! I will help with anything you need if you can help me find a new one; I need it to make sure I can safely get into this cave I found nearby. It has the most beautiful gems in the walls that would make the most beautiful jewelry in Neopia!
    Teahly thought about if for a second and quickly agreed. After all, how hard could it be to find a single book? Hard, it was very hard. They searched and searched; both taking different sides of the store to look through. Finally they met back up at the front counter, empty-handed. As they were getting ready to leave the store, the Library Faerie came out and asked if she could help them. "Well, you see, we are looking for Faerie Spelunking Tips. You seem to be sold out though." Teahly explained to the kind, if not frazzled looking, faerie.
    Oh I know the book you are talking about! I happen to know just where to find it too!" she said before floating out the room and up a set of stairs they both had missed. Oh course! There was a second level to the bookshop! Running after her, Teahly and Delina finally caught up just as she was pulling the book of the shelf.
    The last copy! Now don't go letting anyone borrow this Delina! I don't know when I will get more in!" the faerie said as she ushered them to the door.
    The pair happily left the book store, laughing and cheering at their stroke of luck, all while wondering how the Library faerie knew that Delina had lent out the first copy of her book. Stopping in at Faerie Foods for a scrumptious dinner of Soup Faerie Soup, Faerie Queen Burritos, and Benyeroberry Parasol Faerie Punch, they talked for hours; making plans and sharing the stories of their lives. Faeries walking past and looking in the window would think the two of them had been best friends for years, instead of just acquaintances that met during the fall of Faerieland and met back up years down the road.
    They left after their meal, and with her book in hand, Delina agreed to help Teahly move her property to Faerieland, "I can make a device that will help us re-locate your house, but I don't have the magic to move your gardens as well. I think for that you are going to need the help of a faerie who has more Earth based magic. I think I know just who to ask if you are willing to take another trip!

    They spent 3 days gather all of the parts and another week building the device that Teahly couldn't quite put a name to. Shaped like a giant mystery capsule with an inner claw to pick up her home and filled with clouds so that it didn't jostle along the journey.
    Delina invited Teahly to spend the time it took to gather and build the device at her home in Faerieland to rest her wings and sent off a mysterious robot Carmariller with a quickly written scroll before bed the very first night only telling Teahly that it was informing a certain faerie to expect her to arrive the next day.

    Finally, after all their work was done and the device was made, Teahly's time with Delina was over, a new friend having been made in the process. After having a tasty meal in the morning, Teahly set off to find the one Earth faerie they both knew for a fact would help them while Delina set off to prepare Teahly's home for transfer.

    Part Two: Earth Faerie Fun

    This won't be submitted until Chapter One gets accepted into the Neopian Times.

    Everyday Customization

    Any item written like this is something I still need.

    NC Items: Glitter Winged Eyes, Tribal Makeup, Curled Updo Wig, Earthy Negg Vine Foreground, Tribal Print Top
    NP Items: Quaint Negg House Background, Shrubbery, Trendy Vandagyre Trousers, Spring Tulip Bouquet

    Advent Customization

    NC Items: Glitter Winged Eyes, Tribal Makeup, Curled Updo Wig, Tribal Print Top
    NP Items: Christmas Vandagyre Caplet, Trendy Vandagyre Scarf, Snowy Cottage Background, Christmas Vandagyre Staff, Advent Calendar Y17 Frame, Trendy Vandagyre Trousers, Christmas Vandagyre Boots, Snow Laden Foreground

    NOTE: Some of these items are the same as the Everyday customization.

    Training and Battle Stats

    Level: 29
    Hit Points: 55
    Attack: 48 (EXCELLENT)
    Defense: 46 (EXCELLENT)
    Agility: 50 (EXCELLENT)
    Intelligence: 345 (ULTIMATE GENIUS)

    Played: 29
    Won: 20
    Lost: 7
    Draw: 2
    Score: 1,381

    Training Stock:
    x48 x29 x2 x7

    Faerie Quests:
    x3 x5 x2 x2
    x1 x4 x3 x1
    x1 x1 x1
    x0 x1

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    Gold Trophy August 19th, 2016

    69 books to read:

    4 Billion Pie Recipes
    Ace Adventures
    Advanced Kreludan Physics
    Alien Aisha Invasion
    Astrophysics for Beginners
    Beam Me Aboard
    Binary Stars and You
    Booktastic Books Value Guide
    Boxes of Bolts
    Build Your Own Telescope
    Derlyn Fonnet: A Biography
    Diary of a Baby Space Fungus
    Do The Moon Bounce
    Easy Decor in Low Gravity Situations
    Galactic Adventures II
    Games on Kreludor
    Get Organised Stay Organised
    Grundos Guide to Brain Washing
    Guide to Orange Furniture
    Guide to the Neocola Machine
    Half Moon Pop-Up Book
    How Purples Got Their Spots
    How to Earn NP the Easy Way
    How To Escape
    Interplanetary Communications
    It Came From Kreludor
    It Came From the Mine
    Know Your Robot Petpet
    Kreludan Architecture
    Kreludan Christmas Carols
    Kreludan Cookie Cookbook
    Kreludan Crosswords
    Kreludan Engineering
    Kreludan Home Decorating
    Kreludor Colouring Book
    Kreludor Mining Corridor Maps
    Kreludor Rainy Day Activity Book
    Kreludor Versus Neopia
    Kreludor: Places of Interest
    Laser Energy
    Lennies in Space
    Low Gravity Rock Collecting
    Made of Stars
    Meteorite Craft Book
    Mining Operations Technical Manual
    Myths and Legends of Alien Aishas
    Nerkmid Values
    Robot Lenny Repair Manual
    Rocket Building for Fun and Profit
    Scenic Kreludan Views
    Scoops of Friendship on the Run
    Secrets of Sloth
    Secrets of the Universe
    Situational Gravity Pranks
    Space Fashions
    Space Station Holidays
    Space Station Schematics
    The Big Book of Intermediate Evil Plots
    The Complete Guide to Dr Sloth
    The Green Grundo Invasion
    The Handy Guide to Neopian Domination
    The Space Ace
    Time Management
    Under the Surface Part I
    Under the Surface Part II
    Usukicon Y17 Diary
    Yesterdays Future
    Zenor Kevix: A Biography

    3100 books to read:

    1,001 Yooyuball Tips
    100 Jelly Recipes
    1001 Alternative Cures for Headaches
    1001 Kabob Recipes
    1001 Recipes for Sand Cake
    1001 Roguish Insults
    1001 Types of Cheese
    1001 Yokes
    1002 Spells For You
    101 Balloon Petpets
    101 Beverage Recipes
    101 Calamari Recipes
    101 Candy Cane Recipes
    101 Cheese Slices
    101 Cures Using Health Food
    101 Fruit Salad Recipes
    101 Leafy Uses
    101 Negg Recipes
    101 Recipes For Courgettes
    101 Recipes for Disaster
    101 Slushie Recipes
    101 Snowman Jokes
    101 String Games
    101 Uni Treats
    101 Uses for Ice
    101 Uses for Old Gears
    101 Uses For Paper
    101 Uses Of Bacon
    101 Ways to Annoy a Uni
    105 Castle Toilets
    1052 Sakhmetian Tales
    109 Cupcake Recipes
    10th Birthday Book
    10th Birthday Book of Usuki Celebrations
    10th Birthday Illusen Birthday Book
    12 Angry Myncies
    2 Much 2 Soon
    200 Puppyblew Tricks
    2nd Annual Neopies Awards Commemorative Program
    3 Bags of Babaa
    300m Peanut Dash Guide Book
    365.25 Borovan Recipes
    381 Dirt Jokes
    99 Acara Hair Tips
    A Bad Day Turned Worse
    A Beginners Guide to Choosing a Seat on the Merry Go Round
    A Beginners Guide to Mixing Transmogrification Potions
    A book enti tled The Founder
    A Bori Alphabet
    A Brief History of Neovia
    A Buzz Faerie Tale
    A Buzz Life
    A Camouflage Scorchios Journal
    A Chia Halloween
    A Chia Story
    A Chias Choice
    A Christmas Quiggle Carol
    A Collection of Gypsy Tales
    A Collection of Shenkuu Novels
    A Collectors Guide to Snowglobes
    A Day At The Races
    A Faerie Beautiful Day
    A Faerie Christmas
    A Fans Guide to the Altador Cup
    A Fir Story
    A Flotsam Christmas
    A Foodies Guide to the Restaurants in Neovia
    A Furry Tale
    A Gamers Guide To Puzzle Adventure
    A Gnorbu Novel
    A Grundo Christmas
    A Guide To Cybunny Culture
    A History of Chias
    A History of Krawks
    A History Of Moehogs
    A History of Royal Scorchios
    A is for Aisha
    A Kau Summer
    A Krawks Grey Day
    A Lenny Apprentice
    A Look at a Robot Kacheek
    A Magazine
    A Magical, Mystical Tour of Roo Island
    A Magmariffic Day
    A Maraquan Menu
    A Neopians Guide to Immaculate Grooming
    A New Day
    A Pink Unis Horn
    A Plague Upon You!
    A Plush Life
    A Quiggles Life
    A Ruki Christmas
    A Seasonal Pea
    A Shoyrus Guide To Neopia On A Budget
    A Snowbunny Tail
    A Special Christmas
    A Squires Life
    A Starry Pteri Night
    A Summer of Borovan
    A Tail Of Two Krawks
    A Tale of Stripes
    A Tale of Tears
    A Tale of Three Bruces
    A Tale of Two Lupes
    A Tale of Two Slorgs
    A Tricky Tale
    A Vandagyre Picnic
    A Very Tiki Holiday
    A Warm Christmas
    A Yurbles True Story
    Abigails Memory Book
    Abominable Snowball Fights
    About Roberta
    Acara Acrostics
    Acara Algebra
    Acara Anatomy Book
    Acara Aquatics
    Acara Battle Book
    Acara Cool
    Acara Facts
    Acara Gormball Tips
    Acara Magic
    Acara Nightmare
    Acara Who Dwell in Darkness
    Acaras in History
    Advanced Basket Weaving
    Advanced Curses
    Advanced Learning
    Advanced Magic
    Advanced NeoHTML
    Advanced Papyrus Making
    Advanced Poetry
    Advanced Swimming
    Advanced Thermodynamics
    Adventure Bound Xweetok
    Adventures in Writing
    Adventures of the Cybunny Detective
    Adventures of Young Hagan
    Adventures on a Faeries Wheel
    Advert Attack Guide Book
    Aerial Shots of Neopia
    Aethias Ultimate Battle Guide
    After the Battle
    Air Faeries of Neopia
    Aisha Begins With An A
    Aisha Book
    Aisha Colouring Book
    Aisha Encyclopedia
    Aisha Lovin It
    Aisha Sea Life
    Aisha Secrets
    Alchemy Lessons
    All About Air Faeries
    All About Buzz
    All About Dark Faeries
    All About Earth Faeries
    All About Electric Gelerts
    All About Fire Faeries
    All About Glass
    All About Juggling
    All About Light Faeries
    All About Neopia
    All About Ogrins
    All About Plushie Acaras
    All About Snow Faeries
    All About Snufflies
    All About the Neggery
    All About Water Faeries
    All In A Days Work
    All is Well
    All You Need to Know About Your JubJub
    Almost Famous: The Tale of Sir Edmund Ogletree
    Altador Altador Cup Media Book
    Altador at a Glance
    Altador Cup Holiday Decorating Tips
    Altador Cup Magazine
    Altador Cup Rule Book
    Altador From Above
    Altador in Summer
    Altador is Lovely in the Spring
    Altador Paperback Book
    Altador Tips from The Neopets Team
    Altador Traffic Guide
    Altador Travel Brochure
    Altadorian Archives
    Altadorian Defences
    Altadorian Holiday Songs Booklet
    Amazing Altador
    Amazing Mesas of the Lost Desert
    An Acara Named Whirr
    An Elderly Acaras Day Off
    An Evil Plan
    An Eyrie Evening
    An Inside Look At A Plushie Meerca
    An Ogrins Wild Life
    An Usul Autumn
    Ancient Alien Aisha Weaponry
    Ancient Arcana
    Ancient Book
    Ancient Hissi Legend Tablet
    Ancient Kung Fu Techniques
    Ancient Negg Scrolls
    Ancient Tales of Horror
    Ancient Tales of Shenkuu
    Angelic Usukis
    Anger Management for Navigators
    Angry Shoyru Friends
    Annoying Chias
    Antique Furniture
    Anubis Toxicology Reports (Abridged)
    Apple Bobbing Bart: A Biography
    Apple Bobbing Manual
    Archaeology - Discovering the World
    Armour Catalogue Tablet
    Around the World in 10 Games
    Arr Through Yarr - A Pirates Dictionary
    ARRRR! A Pirate Scorchios Tale
    Art Designs
    Artichoke Hearts: A Love Story
    Arts and Crafts With Lupes
    Ask Igneot Anything
    Assembling Chaos Rays
    Atlas of Neopia
    Attack of the Giant Space Fungus
    Attack Of The Meercabots
    Attack of the Revenge Game Guide
    Auction Tips and Tricks
    Autumn in the Glade
    Autumnal Decorating
    Avatar Collector Guide
    Avoiding Writers Block
    Awesome Blumaroo Battles
    Awkward Social Functions and YOU!
    Babaa Tales
    Babaas Baba
    Baby Bath Time
    Baby Blumaroos
    Baby Buzz Book
    Baby Buzz Manual
    Baby Chomby Basket Book
    Baby Gelert Pop-Up Book
    Baby Ixi Book
    Baby Kacheeks
    Baby Lenny Book
    Baby Moehog Stories
    Baby Moehogs
    Baby Mynci Book
    Baby Pteri Basket Book
    Baby Ruki Board Book
    Baby Scorchio Nursery Rhymes
    Baby Shoyru Book
    Baby Tonu Book
    Back in the Good Old Days
    Backpacking Across Neopia
    Bacon Guide to Bacon
    Bad Apples
    Bagatelle Joke Book
    Baking Chocolate Korbats
    Baking For Myncies
    Banana Wars
    Bananas the Mynci Way
    Barallus The Brave
    Basic Design
    Basic Healing For Kyriis
    Basic Mathematics
    Basic Potion Brewing
    Basic Spelling Songs
    Basic Survival Ski lls
    Basket Weaving for Beginners
    Bass Line Fun
    Battle Ready!
    Battledome Digest
    Battledome Guide
    Battledome Techniques
    Beach Vacations
    Beak Shining
    Beating Sloth
    Becoming A Spy
    Beginner Magician Rope Tricks
    Beginners Curses
    Beginners Spelling Scroll
    Behind Brexis
    Behind the Booth
    Behind the Ears
    Behind the Frosting: Tales of the Chocolate Xweetok
    Behind the Mask
    Behind the Rusted Door: The True Story of the Meepit Oaks Sanitorium
    Behind the Stripes
    Being a Princess
    Being Bruce
    Being Faerie Queen
    Being Stinky
    Best Friends
    Best Tooth Catalogue
    Best Woods for Chopping
    Better Than You
    Beyond the Locked Door
    Big Book of Big Laughs
    Big Book of Dots
    Big Book of Miracle Curatives
    Big Book of Myncies
    BIG book of Puzzles
    Big Foot the JubJub
    Billy Blue Hat
    Biological Encyclopedia of 14 Basic Neopian Algaes Vol. 12
    Bird Watching
    Birthday Best
    Birthday Clues
    Bitten Book
    Black Granite Tablet
    Blank Sorcerers Scroll
    Blue Koi Underwater Adventures
    Blue Tuskaninny Tales
    Blueprint Basics
    Blumaroo Comedy
    Blumaroo Dance Moves
    Blumaroo Fashion
    Blumaroo Guide To Dancing
    Blumaroo Picture Book
    Blumaroo Stickers
    Blumaroos of Meridell
    Blurtle Adventure
    Boarding Your First Ship
    Bobblehead the Magazine
    Bobbleheads and Neopian Cultures
    Book of Awesome
    Book of Better Gourmet Recipes from Chef Boggles
    Book of Bizarre Tales
    Book of Bones
    Book of Bruce
    Book of Bruno
    Book of Chemical Reactions
    Book of Clams
    Book of Cooperation
    Book of Evil Schemes
    Book of Fake Scratchcards
    Book of Flames
    Book of Gourmet Recipes from Chef Biggles
    Book of Heroes Reprint
    Book of Ice Magic
    Book of Ideas
    Book of Origami Paper
    Book of Pain
    Book Of Peas
    Book of Pretentious Quotes
    Book of Scarabs
    Book of Sea Spells
    Book of Splinters
    Book of Swords
    Book of Symbols
    Book of Tangram Puzzles
    Book of Usuki Pumpkin Carving
    Book of Vision
    Book on Fire
    Boomerang Throwing Techniques
    Bori and the Rainy Day
    Bori Colouring Pages
    Bori of Brightvale
    Bori Photo Album
    Borovan: The Truth Behind the Smell
    Bouncing Blumaroos
    Bound Magic Book
    Brain & Brawn - Working Together
    Brain Freeze - The Story of Too Much Ice Cream
    Brain Tree Solutions
    Brain Trees Brainiac
    Brainy Blumaroos
    Breakfast Treats
    Brians Guide to Winning Gormball
    Briar The Ixi
    Brick Laying for Beginners
    Bridges of Brightvale
    Brightvale Altador Cup Media Book
    Brightvale Architecture
    Brightvale Bi-Weekly
    Brightvale Books Catalogue
    Brightvale Castle
    Brightvale Dungeon Security
    Brightvale Guard Training Manual
    Brightvale Guide to Stained Glass Windows
    Brightvale History
    Brightvale Maps
    Brightvale Potion Manual
    Brightvale the Novel
    Brightvale Travel Brochure
    Brightvale Wisdom
    Brightvale, A Complete History
    Brightvales Brightest
    Bring Back The Book
    Broken Tablet
    Bruce Beauty Tips
    Bruce Blues
    Bruce Bruise
    Bruce Carols
    Bruce Snowball Strategies
    Bruces Guide to Combat Eating
    Bruces Magic Guide
    Brucey B Biography
    Brunos Musings
    Brynn A Biography
    Bubble Power
    Bubble Sculptures
    Budget Shopping Guide
    Building Igloos with Taelia
    Bumper Cars Guide Book
    Buried Scroll
    Burning Leaves
    Burnt Calendar
    Burnt Desert Recipes
    Butterflied Pages
    Buzz Acrobatic Stunts
    Buzz Architecture
    Buzz Boxing Basics
    Buzz Colouring Book
    Buzz Flights
    Buzz for Infants
    Buzz Guide to Magics
    Buzz How To Fly
    Buzz Modern Art
    Buzz Sheet Music
    Buzz Snot
    Buzz Speech 101
    Cake Recipes for All Occasions
    Calculus Basics
    Calendar Planner
    Calendar Scroll
    Camouflage Kougra -disallowed_word- y)
    Cooling the Fires
    Coping with Happiness
    Corn Art
    Corn Colouring Book
    Cosmopolitan Fashion Guide
    Cotton Tales
    Countdown to the Holidays
    Counting Babaas
    Counting Potatoes
    Courgette Collecting
    Courgette Farming
    Court Jester Jokes
    Crafty Mynci Tricks
    Crayon Doodle Book
    Crazy About Quiggles
    Creating a Lucky Zafara
    Creative Holiday Treats
    Crepe Recipes
    Crochet Patterns
    Crossword Puzzle Almanac
    Crude Map of Haunted Houses
    Crumbling Tablet
    Crumpet Mongering
    Crypt Days
    Crystal Tablet
    Cures for Bad Breath
    Curing Kacheeks
    Curious Korbats
    Curse of Foul Odour
    Curse of Ultimate Malison
    Cursed Scroll
    Curses From The Deep
    Curses of Qasala
    Custard Mysteries
    Custom Doll Making
    Cybunny Baby Book
    Cybunny Care
    Cybunny Carols
    Cybunny Colouring Book
    Cybunny Cookie Making
    Cybunny Diary
    Cybunny Down
    Cybunny Financing
    Cybunny Mutations
    Cybunny Rules 101
    Cybunny Secrets
    Cybunny Soap Opera
    Daffodil Diary
    Daily Care for Ukalies
    Daily Dare Through the Years
    Damp Cave Feng Shui
    Dance Away
    Dance Moves For Scorchios
    Dancing Under The Disco Ball
    Dancing with Ghost Meepits
    Dancing Wockys
    Dandelions for the Blue Acara
    Darigan Citadel Altador Cup Media Book
    Darigan Citadel Travel Brochure
    Darigan Skeith Adventures
    Darigan Storytime
    Daring Draiks
    Dark Alleys of Neovia
    Dark Eyes the Aisha
    Dark Faerie Magic
    Dark Faerie Scroll
    Dark Faerie Secrets
    Dark Gelert Rising
    Dark Kougra Tales
    Dark Kyrii Tales
    Dark Tales of Bogshot
    Dark Tales of Neovia
    Dark Waters
    Day In The Life Of King Roo
    De-Slorg Your Farm
    Deciphering Your Dreams
    Decoding a Coded Decoding Book
    Decorating Faerie Cakes
    Decorating with Glitter
    Decorating with Lights
    Decorating With Sand - Winter Quarterly
    Decorating Your Garden
    Decorating Your Hut
    Decorative Towel Folding
    Deep Homes
    Deep Inside the Kreludan Mines
    Deep Sea Explorations
    Deep Underwater
    Defeating the Master
    Defence for Elephantes
    Defence For Unis
    Defence in the Battledome
    Defenders Of Neopia Annual
    Defenders Of Neopia Battle Log
    Defenders of Neopia Fun Book
    Defenders of Neopia Heroes Colouring Book
    Defenders Stand for Justice
    Defending The Castle
    Delicate Papyrus
    Desert Badlands
    Desert Days
    Desert Feasts
    Desert Petpets: A Cautionary Tale
    Desert Scorchio Care Guide
    Desert Survival Guide
    Desert Survival Ski lls for the Dim-Witted
    Desert Tent Zoning Regulations
    Designer Food Book
    Designing a Thatched Roof
    Desk Calendar
    Destruct-O-Match Basics
    Destruct-O-Match Tips
    Deteriorating Scroll
    Diary of a Forgotten Neopian
    Diary of an Ice Cruncher
    Dice of Destiny Rule Book
    Dicearoo for Beginners
    Dieters Diary
    Difficult Equations
    Dig Down, Dig Deep
    Dig it!
    Digging for Knowledge
    Diplomat Guest Scroll
    Directory of Brightvale Potions
    Dirt is Your Friend
    Disappearing Ink Book
    Disappearing Scroll
    Disco Kau
    Disco Moehog Dancing
    Discover Xweetoks
    Discovery of the Magma Pool
    Disturbing Disturbances
    DIY Fashion for Beginners
    Do It Yourself Bobbleheads
    Do-It-Yourself Kites
    Doglefox Colouring Book
    Dont Bug Me
    Dont Call Me Cute
    Dotty Decorations
    Double Tuskaninny Tales
    Doughnutfruit Collectors Guide
    Down the Symol Hole
    Dr Sloth Collectables
    Dr Sloths Dungeon
    Draik Ditties
    Draik Legends
    Draik Magic
    Draik Secrets
    Draik Tales
    Drawing Kiko
    Dream Clouds
    Dreaming of a Floating Christmas
    Dreaming of Candy
    Dress For Success
    Drum Making for Drummers
    Drum Paradiddles
    Dry Flower Decor
    Dr_Deaths Biography
    Dual Duels Part Deux
    Dusty Harmless Looking Scroll
    D_y _f Gi_i_g: A Cliffhanger Holiday Tale
    Earth Spell Book
    Easy Knitting Projects for Any Occasion
    Easy Origami Flowers
    Easy Peophin Recipes
    Eat Or Be Eaten
    Edible Guide to Jelly World
    Eerie Sutekh Scroll
    Effective Confetti Clean Up
    Elegant Desert Scroll
    Elegant Elephante
    Elementary Magnetism
    Elephante and the Peanut
    Elephante Dreams
    Elephante Fossils
    Eliv Thade Peek a Boo Book
    Eliv Thades Guide to Anagrams
    Elkies Secret Message
    Elusive Shenkuu Guide
    Embroidery Made Easy
    Emo Poetry
    Empower Your Tail
    Enchanted Butterfly Book
    Encyclopedia Neopia
    Encyclopedia of Scholars
    Escape From Meridell Castle
    Esophagor Pop-Up Book
    Every Shoyrus Handbook
    Everyday Smiles
    Everything Eyrie
    Evil Plots For Beginners
    Evil Spells
    Experiment Notes: Hour 1
    Experimental Physics
    Experts Guide to Slushie Slinging Book
    Extinct Neopian Languages
    Extraordinary Ice Cream Cookbook
    Extreme Arbourism
    Extreme Ixi
    Extreme Shenkuu
    Eye Of The Grarrl
    Eye of the Scarab
    Eyrie Diary
    Eyrie Scrapbook
    Eyrie Style
    Faerie Activities Book
    Faerie Architecture
    Faerie Berry Recipes
    Faerie Bubbles
    Faerie Candy Making
    Faerie Chombies
    Faerie Cloud Racers Colouring Book
    Faerie Cloud Racing
    Faerie Colouring Book
    Faerie Colourpedia
    Faerie Crossword Book
    Faerie Fire
    Faerie Folk
    Faerie Foods Book
    Faerie Gardens
    Faerie Glitter Crafts
    Faerie Guide to Interior Design
    Faerie Imprisonment for Fun and Profit
    Faerie Kau Handbook
    Faerie Krawk Touch-N-Feel Book
    Faerie Music Book
    Faerie Music Making
    Faerie Music Sing-Along
    Faerie Paper Dolls Anthology
    Faerie Party Planning Book
    Faerie Poetry
    Faerie Rock Touch-N-Feel Book
    Faerie Rules
    Faerie Secrets
    Faerie Spelunking Tips
    Faerie Stencils Collection
    Faerie Sticker Album
    Faerie Sticker Book
    Faerie Table Settings
    Faerie Tales
    Faerie Tales of Escape
    Faerie Tales: Cloud Nine
    Faerie Tracing Book
    Faerie Usukis
    Faerie Vacana Touch-N-Feel Book
    Faerieland Altador Cup Media Book
    Faerieland Clouds
    Faerieland Colouring Book
    Faerieland Gazette
    Faerieland Sunsets
    Faerieland Travel Brochure
    Faerieland: A History
    Faeries from Paradise
    Faeries of Winter
    Fake Chocoball Invite
    Fall Destinations
    Fall Leaves Book
    Falling Leaves
    Famous Aisha Magicians
    Famous Chias
    Famous Flotsams
    Famous Kois
    Famous Lennies
    Famous Moehogs
    Famous Neopians Map
    Famous Paintings
    Famous Sculptures
    Famous Tonu Ghosts
    Fancy Certificate
    Fancy Free Uni
    Fancy Fyora
    Fans of Shenkuu
    Fantastic Jhudora Stories
    Fashion Design 101
    Fashion For Krawks
    Fashion with Denim
    Favourite Elephante Recipes
    Favourite Faerieland Secrets
    Fearless Finnigans Guide to Haunted Eateries
    Fearless Finnigans Guide to Haunted Graveyards
    Fearless Finnigans Guide to Haunted Lodgings
    Fearless Finnigans Guide to Haunted Theatres
    Feathered Friends
    Feed Koi
    Feeding Frenzy
    Feeding Lupes
    Feeding Your Elephante
    Feepit Pop-Up Book
    Field Guide to Sand Dunes
    Fighting Fire with Fire
    Finding Cyodrakes Gaze
    Finding Illusen
    Finding That Bargain
    Finding the Best Ugly Sweater
    Fire Faerie Magic
    Fire Pet Guide
    Fire Stones
    Fireplace Tales
    First Aid for the Molten
    First Flight
    Fishing For Techos
    Fishing For Zafaras
    Fishing Made Easy
    Five Minute Chokato Treats
    Flames of the Scorchio
    Flaming Scroll
    Flight of the Battle Faerie
    Flight of the Fire Faerie
    Flotsam Anatomy
    Flotsam Arts
    Flotsam Colour Time
    Flotsam Fables
    Flotsam Facts
    Flotsam Food
    Flotsam Legend
    Flotsam Party Ideas
    Flotsam Style
    Flotsam Swimming Lessons
    Flotsam Treasure Seeking
    Flotsam Wok Recipes
    Flotsams in Rock
    Flute Playing for Beginners
    Flying For Eyries
    Flying Without Wings - A Warriors Tale
    Follow That Pink Koi!
    Food for Thought
    Footsteps in the Night
    Forbidden Pteri Tales
    Forbidden Zafara
    Forever Ferny
    Forgotten Tome
    Fountain Faerie Quest How To Guide
    Fountain of Youth
    Four Leaf Clovers - Fact or Fiction?
    Framed Certificate
    Framing Art
    Friends Forever
    From Beyond: A Guide to Ghostly Gifting
    From Egg to Feathers
    Frozen Foods with Taelia
    Fuhnah: Fire of the Heart
    Full Moon Fever
    Fun Activities for Bored Siblings
    Fun Games
    Fun Lava Facts
    Fun Salads
    Fun Tree Facts
    Fun With Flotsams
    Fun with Macrame
    Functional Goggle Design
    Furry Faerie Friends
    Fyora Spring Song Book
    Fyoras Favourite Foods
    Fyoras Favourite Summer Recipes
    Fyoras Hair Care
    Fyoras Pumpkin Recipes
    Fyoras Royal Address Book
    Fyoras Rule
    Gallant Gallions Comic
    Gallery Of Toast
    Gallion Dot to Dot
    Galloping into a New Year
    Game Manual: Pterattack
    Garden Tea Party Ideas
    Gardening For Gelerts
    Gardening on Mystery Island
    Gardens of Neopia
    Garon the Great
    Garoo Elite Patrol Handbook
    Gathering Food Effectively
    Gear Box Book Box
    Gears and Cogs
    Gelert A to Z
    Gelert Anatomy
    Gelert Bravery
    Gelert Day Party Ideas
    Gelert Dental Care
    Gelert Night Vision
    Gelert On Treasure Island
    Gelert Paw Reading
    Gelert Rock and Roll
    Gelert Sporting Records
    Geometry Level 1
    Geometry Level 2
    Geometry Level 3
    Geraptiku Digging Sites
    Geraptiku Recipes
    Geraptiku Tourist Brochure
    Get A Job
    Get Geared
    Get Into Gear! The Novel
    Getting Better
    Ghost Lupe Spooky Stories
    Ghost Stories
    Ghost Techo Tales
    Ghosts of the Desert
    Ghoul Catchers: The Quest Continues
    Giant Book of Crosswords
    Gifts for your Enemies
    Giving Not Gifting
    Glamour Day Magazine
    Glitter 101
    Glitter Fashions
    Glitter Postcards
    Glory Years
    Glowing Book
    Gluten-Free Potion Composites Cookbook
    Gnomes and their Kin
    Gnomes Facts and Legends
    Gnorbu Explorers
    Gnorbu Fashions
    Gnorbu Grooming Tips
    Gnorbu Knitting
    Gnorbu Mane Care
    Go Fly A Kite!
    Go Home Moehog!
    GoGoGo Handbook
    Gold JubJub Spiral Bound Book
    Golden Book of Spelling
    Golden Eye
    Golden Scamander Scroll
    Golden Shoyru Book
    Golden Wing
    Gone Fishing
    Good Sportsmanship
    Goodbye Mel
    Goodnight, Pink Blumaroo!
    Gormball Heroes Annual
    Gormball Plays
    Gormball Skins
    Gormball Tips and Tricks
    Gourmet Bowl Tips
    Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet
    Grammar On The Go
    Grand Master
    Grandfather Koi
    Grarrg The Great
    Grarrl Bitten Gazette
    Grarrl Comics
    Grarrl Keno
    Grarrl Mythology
    Grarrl Picture Book
    Grarrl Power
    Grarrls Are Great
    Grave Digging Manual
    Great Grarrl Adventures
    Great Reefs of Neopia
    Green Grundo Gallery
    Green Thumb Guide
    Greenest Grass Techniques
    Grey in the Shade
    Grey Tonu Tales
    Greyed Expectations
    Grimoire of Affluence
    Grimoire of Prosperity
    Grimoire of the First Order
    Gripping Tales of Volcanic Ash
    Grooming Habits
    Growing a Vine Yard
    Growing Chokato
    Growing Exotic Plants
    Growing Flower Crystals
    Growling For Beginners
    Grundo Ballet
    Grundo Cafe Recipes
    Grundo Food
    Grundo Potions
    Grundo Surf Manual
    Grundo Tales
    Gruslen Grooming
    Gruslens Galore
    Guide for Stowaways
    Guide to Ancient Structures
    Guide to Better Thieving
    Guide to Bruces
    Guide to Brucicles
    Guide to Buzz
    Guide to Catching Spooky Furniture
    Guide to Collecting Altador Cup Gear
    Guide to Dilapidated Homes
    Guide to Faerie Instruments
    Guide to Faerie Weapons
    Guide to Holiday Tackling
    Guide to House Cleaning
    Guide to Knighthood
    Guide to Light Refraction and Water
    Guide to Lupes
    Guide to Maraquan Krawks
    Guide to Maraquan Myncies
    Guide to Neopian Snowflakes
    Guide to Petpets
    Guide to Rare Mechanical Flowers
    Guide to Restoring Roo Island
    Guide to Snot Sculptures
    Guide to Snow Rolling
    Guide to Tuskaninny Plushies
    Guide to Wild Petpets
    Guide To Your Health
    Guitarists Guide
    Gummy Dice and Other Candies You Can Make at Home
    Gym Membership Advert
    Gypsy Colouring Book
    Gypsy Dances
    Gypsy Maps
    Gypsy Music
    Gypsy Secrets
    Hagans Secrets
    Half-eaten Book
    Halloween Acara Tales
    Halloween Defender
    Halloween Ruki Tales
    Halloween Safety Procedures
    Hand Wheels of Moltara
    Hand-crafted Wool Paper
    Handbell Sheet Music
    Handmade Yooyu Book
    Hanging Out
    Hannah and the Pirate Caves
    Hansos Guide to Escaping Dungeons
    Happiness and the Money Tree
    Happy Feet
    Happy Happy Peanuts
    Happy Meerca Stories
    Happy Memories
    Happy Times with Rainbow Blumaroo
    Happy Wocky Tails
    Harmful Faerie Artefacts
    Harquins Day
    Harris Tales
    Hatching a Bruce Egg
    Hatching A Draik Egg
    Haunted Diary
    Haunted Locations of Mystery Island
    Haunted Mynci
    Haunted Tablet
    Haunted Tyrannian Tar Pits
    Haunted Woods Altador Cup Media Book
    Haunted Woods Graveyard Reference, 57N1064 through R51-8AHS
    Haunted Woods Inhabitants
    Haunted Woods Reader
    Haunted Woods Travel Brochure
    Healing Koi
    Healthy Kyrii Treats
    Heirloom Courgettes
    Heists that Jump
    Herb Hero
    Heroic Hissi
    Heroic Pteri Tales
    Hidden Among Clouds
    Hidden Tower Secrets
    Hiding Valuables
    Hilarious Chia Jokes
    Hissi 101
    Hissi Alphabet
    Hissi Exercise
    Hissi History
    Hissi Mazes
    Hissi Secrets
    Hissi Stories
    History of Count von Roo
    History of Dirt
    History of Disclaimers
    History of Neopian Wheels
    History of the Altador Cup Book (Limited Edition)
    History of the Brightvale Book Shop
    History of the Desert Draik
    History Of The Lost Desert
    History of the Magical Bookshop
    History of the Meerca Boomerang
    History of the Sakhmet Dynasty Vol. 3
    History of the Ski Lodge v1
    History of the Ski Lodge v2
    History of the Ski Lodge v3
    History of the Strength Potion
    History of Unwise Neopians
    History of Whirlpools
    History of Wise Neopians
    History Textbook
    Hobans Map Book
    Hocus Focus
    Hold Your Breath
    Holiday Activity Book
    Holiday Colouring Book
    Holiday Connect the Dots
    Holiday Decorating Hints
    Holiday Fashion
    Holiday Naughty List
    Holiday Nice List
    Holiday Traditions Around the World
    Holidays in Altador
    Holidays in Brightvale
    Home Surgery for Jetsams
    Homemade Valentines Day Card
    Honour in Conduct
    Hook Line and Sinker
    Hooked on Fishing
    Hoppers Hayday
    Hopping Pink
    Hot Dog Recipes
    How I Lost Me Leg
    How its Dung
    How Many Books?
    How Not to Topple
    How Now Brown Kau
    How The Hissi Got Wings
    How To Archive Mail
    How to Avoid Holiday Parties
    How to Avoid The Holiday Rush
    How to be a Gaming Champ
    How To Be A Gormball Champ
    How to be a Model
    How to be Antiquated
    How to be Roothless
    How to Break Codes and Influence Plot Events
    How to Build a Pyramid
    How to Build a Snowball
    How to Build an Abominable Snowball
    How to Care for Asparagus Chias
    How to Carve Sandstone
    How To Catch A Cybunny
    How To Cheat At Bagatelle
    How to Clean with Steam
    How to Code for Artists
    How to Creatively Stop Kitchen Fires
    How to Deal with Strange Looks
    How to Draw a Raindorf
    How To Draw Flip Book
    How to Draw for Programmers
    How to Draw Guide
    How to Eat Ice Blocks
    How to Entertain the Undead
    How to Fold Paper to Make It Look Like Stuff
    How to Frost Cookies
    How to Get Past the Guard
    How to Give Gifts
    How to Grow Anything
    How to Identify Poisons
    How To Keep Korbats Happy
    How to Keep Your Concentration
    How To Keep Your Spikes Bright!
    How to Knit
    How to Knit Petpets
    How to Line a Tunnel with Spikes
    How to Look Scholarly
    How to Make a Bonfire
    How to Make A Pteri Plush Doll
    How to Make Faerie Dust
    How to Make Math Jewellery
    How To Make Mud Sculptures
    How to make Origami Creatures
    How to Make Papyrus
    How to Make Stationery
    How to Make Your Own Slide
    How to Maths
    How to Pick Flowers
    How to Play the Viola
    How To Play Zurroball
    How to Ride a Bike
    How to Roll Cheese
    How to Serve Meepits
    How to Spot a Gormball
    How to Stay Fit
    How to Sti tch
    How to Survive
    How to Talk to TDMBGPOP
    How To Tie A Scroll Using Some Rope And Other Handy Tips
    How to Win Staring Contests
    How to Wrap Oddly Shaped Gifts
    How to Write a Faerie Tale
    How Will the World End?
    Howling For Fun
    Hubrids Book of Death
    Hula De Ruki
    Hunting The Meerca Way
    I HATE Carrots!
    I Heart Striped Blumaroo!
    I Love Games
    I Love Moo-cee
    I, Moehog
    Ice Cream Factory Game Guide
    Ice Cream Machine Game Guide
    Ice Fanatics Monthly Issue 5
    Ice Sculpting Tips and Tricks
    Iced Again, Tale of an Ice Caves Explorer
    Illusen Connect-the-Dots
    Illusen on Physics
    Illusens Book of Charm
    Illusens Diary
    Illusens Guide to Gardening
    Illusens Ixi
    Illusens Journey
    Illusens Leaf
    Illusens Scroll
    Illusens Sword Techniques
    Illusens Twigs
    Illusions Illusion
    Im Not A Gift! A Christmas Kookiths Tale
    Im Not Angry
    Im Too Full! The Dieter Story
    Imperial Exam Scroll
    Impossible Treasure
    Impressive-looking Certificate
    Improving Your Hut
    In The Clouds
    In the Dark
    Infamous Xweetok Guide
    Insanely Huge Scroll
    Inside a Haunted Tomb
    Inside The Mind Of A Blue Yurble
    Inside the Mind of a Lupe
    Inside the Mind of Bob
    Inspiring Potential
    Interesting Dungeons
    Interesting Ixi
    Interior Decorating with Rocks and Cogs
    Intermediate Curses
    Into the Forest
    Into the Ice Caves
    Intro To Altadorian Verbage
    Iron Skeith
    Iscas Great Seashell Collection
    Island Cybunny Guide
    Island JubJub Style
    Its Aisha Time
    Its All About the Hairdo
    Its All About The Moehog
    Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like the Month of Celebrating
    Its Not Easy Being Royal
    Ixi A-Z
    Ixi Glade
    Ixi Heroes
    Ixi Island
    Ixi Pop-Up Book
    Ixis Ruff
    Jar of Archived Books
    Jazan and Nabiles Memory Book
    Jazzmosis Biography
    Jelly Mysteries
    Jelly Processing Tips
    Jelly World Travel Brochure
    Jeran My Hero
    Jeran the Lupe
    Jetsam Art
    Jetsam Style
    Jetsam Tall Tails
    Jetsam Teeth Maintenance
    Jetsam Warrior
    Jhudora and the Evil Eyes
    Jhudora: Terms of Service
    Jhudoras Book of Recipes
    Jhudoras Quests
    Jhudoras Secret
    Job Coupon Handbook
    Jokes and Riddles
    Jokes To Make Skarl Laugh
    Journey Through the Ice: A Tuskaninnys Tale
    Journey to the Skies
    Joy of Fruit
    Joy of Jelly Kaus
    Jubble Bubble Game Guide
    JubJub Day Ideas
    JubJub Hair Styling
    JubJub Jokes
    JubJub Journal
    JubJub Know How
    JubJub Manual
    JubJub Natives
    JubJub Pop-Up Book
    JubJub Roll!
    JubJubs Day
    Jump Into the Future
    Jumping Fences
    Jungle Kyrii Tales
    Jungle Survival Tips
    Just Like Clockwork
    Just Rolling Along
    Just the Corn Facts
    Kacheek Book
    Kacheek Exercise
    Kacheek History
    Kacheek Horror
    Kacheek Magic
    Kacheek Relaxing Tips and Tricks
    Kacheek Secrets
    Kacheek Week
    Kacheekers Strategy Guide
    Kacheeks Are Cool
    Kacheeks Going Island
    Kadoatie Dot to Dot
    Kari and Topsi - The Whole Story
    Kasuki Lu Biography
    Kau Battle Tactics
    Kau Chronicles
    Kau Comics
    Kau Defence
    Kau Faerie Tales
    Kau Pastures
    Kau Pies
    Kaus Guide to Better Grazing
    Kaylas Spellbook
    Keeping Peophin
    Keeping The Peace
    Keeping Your Krawk Happy
    Ketchup Cookbook
    Kickin Kikos
    Kiko - Fu
    Kiko Boo Boos
    Kiko Care
    Kiko Christmas Story
    Kiko Encyclopedia
    Kiko Food
    Kiko Food Guide
    Kiko Komics
    Kiko Lake Altador Cup Media Book
    Kiko Lake Happenings
    Kiko Lake Paperback Book
    Kiko Lake Travel Brochure
    Kiko Pop-Up Book
    Kiko Treasure Island
    Kiko: Emperor of the Desert
    Kikos Darkside
    King Hagan
    King Hagans Biography
    King Kacheek
    King of the Island
    King Roos Dice
    King Skarl the I
    Kitchen Quest Cookbook
    Kite Care
    Kite Races
    Knights Of Meridell
    Knitting Your Own Hat
    Knock on Wood
    Know Your Collectable Cards
    Know Your Motes
    Know Your Neggs Book
    Know Your Seeds
    Know Your Signs
    Knowing Moehogs
    Knowledge and Honour
    Knowledge of the Ages
    Koi Beauty Tips
    Koi Collector
    Koi Fashion and Accessories
    Koi Owners Manual
    Koi Scales
    Koi Tales
    Kookith Infestation Guide
    Korbat Calculus
    Korbat Games
    Korbat Halloween
    Korbat Origami Book
    Korbats Lab Secrets
    Kougra Adventures
    Kougra Classics
    Kougra Plushie Catalogue
    Kougra Quotes
    Kougra Tales
    Kougras of Tyrannia
    Koya Korbat Huntress
    Krawk Anthology
    Krawk Dental Care
    Krawk Fighting Techniques
    Krawk Island Altador Cup Media Book
    Krawk Island Altador Cup Play Book
    Krawk Island Chronicles
    Krawk Island Myths
    Krawk Island Travel Brochure
    Krawk Karnage
    Krawk of Dawn
    Krawk Pot Recipes
    Krawks I Have Known
    Krazy Krawks
    Kreludor Travel Brochure
    Kyrii ABCs
    Kyrii Country
    Kyrii Faerie Tales
    Kyrii Hair Styles
    Kyrii Magic Tricks
    Kyrii Shopping Guide
    Kyrii Tales
    Lair of the Tuskaninny
    Language Flash Cards
    Language Textbook
    Large Book of Geometry
    Last Years Negg
    Last Years Resolutions
    Lava Art Projects
    Laws of the Land
    Lawyerbot Collectors Guide
    Lawyerbot Poetry Vol. 1
    Le Blu
    Leaf Mosaics and You!
    Leafy Scroll
    Leaps and Bounds
    Learn Social Ski lls
    Learn to Fly
    Learn To Play Jazz
    Learn to Swim
    Learned Royalty
    Learning To Sing Notes
    Learning Your ABCs and 123s
    Leaves of Autumn
    Legend of the Alabriss
    Legend Of The Quiggle Runner
    Legendary Pteris
    Legendary Skeiths
    Lengthy Quotations
    Lennies Who Lie
    Lenny Adventures
    Lenny Comics
    Lenny Cookbook
    Lenny Feathers
    Lenny Fitness
    Lenny Language
    Lenny Magic
    Lenny Microbiology
    Lenny Witchcraft
    Lets Play Deckball
    Library Tales
    Life After Cheat
    Life Among the Dunes
    Life as a Yellow Xweetok
    Life Behind the Bow tie
    Life In the Citadel
    Life Is Good
    Life of a Clone
    Lifestyles of the Royal and the Uni
    Light Faerie News
    Light Faerie Spells
    Light of Day
    Lighter and Lighter
    Lighting the Lamps
    Line Design
    Lisha Of Meridell
    Little Book Of Big Volcanos
    Little book of puzzles
    Little Techo Book
    Little Timmys Story
    Little Wings Big Feet
    Little-known Towel Facts
    Living a Healthy Neopian Life
    Locating Iron
    Locked Book
    Long Neck Lucy
    Look At Me! Tales of an Adorable Baby Bruce
    Looking Like A Moehog
    Loose-leaf Faerie Journal
    Lost Cybunny
    Lost Desert Altador Cup Media Book
    Lost Desert Colouring Book
    Lost Desert Fashion Pictorial
    Lost Desert Home Decorating Guide
    Lost Desert Map Scroll
    Lost Desert Pop-Up Book
    Lost Desert Travel Brochure
    Lost Desert Weather Guide
    Lost in the Dark
    Lost Scroll of Lost Scrolls
    Lost Spells of Neopia
    Love Poems for the Lovelorn
    Love to Learn!
    Lovely Lennys
    Loyal Lupes
    Lucky Stars
    Lunar Temple Wisdom
    Lunch Box Collector Book
    Lunch Box Treats
    Lupe Digest
    Lupe Legends
    Lupe Meat Dishes
    Lupe Mysteries
    Lupes in Fashion
    Lutari Battle Strategies
    Lutari Claw Care
    Lutari Dental Hygiene
    Lutari Furred Tails
    Lutari Painting
    Lutari Photography
    Lutari Totems
    M*YNCI Fan Book
    Mage Spells
    Maggie the Meerca
    Magic for Beginners
    Magic Moments
    Magic Spells
    Magical Island Recipes
    Magma Pool Miracle
    Mainly Mane Care
    Make Your Own Faerie Gift Baskets
    Making Chores Fun
    Making Faerie Friends
    Making Homemade Greeting Cards
    Making Ice Sculptures
    Making Kau Plushies
    Making Paper Dolls
    Making Rock Candy
    Making the Finals: Darigan Citadel
    Malediction for Beginners
    Malkus Vile Book
    Managing Anger
    Managing Irrational Fears
    Maniacal Meercas
    Manual for Raiding Tombs
    Map Reading
    Mapping a Mystery
    Maps of Neopia
    Maraqua Altador Cup Media Book
    Maraqua Travel Brochure
    Maraquan Chombies: Secrets from the Deep
    Maraquan JubJub Adventures
    Maraquan Kau Poetry
    Maraquan Kougra Stories
    Maraquan Messenger
    Maraquan Pop-Up Book
    Maraquan Skeith Book
    Maraquan Spring Cleaning
    Maraquan Study Guide
    Marble Tablet
    Marshmallow Invasion
    Mask Making
    Masks of Mystery Island
    Math Flash Cards
    Math Puzzles
    Math Textbook
    Math Workbook
    Mathematical Cooking
    Maths Nightmare Tips
    Mazzew Grooming
    Meals in Season
    Mechanical Winners - A Virtupets Story
    Medieval Dictionary
    Medieval Petpets
    Meepit Carols
    Meerca Chase II Game Guide
    Meerca Day Recipes
    Meerca Fashion Season 1
    Meerca Friends
    Meerca in the Clouds
    Meerca Paint Guide
    Meerca Practical Joke Guide
    Meerca Rodeo
    Meercas In Love
    Meercas On Parade
    Memoirs of an Aisha
    Memoirs of Colonel Custard
    Meowclops Dietary Guidelines
    Mercenaries for Hire
    Meridell Altador Cup Media Book
    Meridell Herald
    Meridell Travel Brochure
    Meruth The True Story
    Message in a Bottle
    Mingling With Moehogs
    Mini Wocky Joke Book
    Miniature Altador Cup Story
    Mining for Fish
    Miras Travels Through Space: An Autobiography
    Miss Prissy Kacheek Halloween Tales
    Model Building
    Modern Drum Methods
    Modern Lupe Magazine
    Modern Shenkuu
    Modern Spells
    Moehawk History Book
    Moehog Colouring Book
    Moehog Comic
    Moehog Decorating Tips
    Moehog Masterpieces
    Moehog Matching
    Moehog News
    Moehog Poetry
    Moehog Than You Can Handle
    Moehug Visits Altador
    Mollusk Magazine
    Moltara Metallurgy
    Moltara Town Hall Records
    Moltara Travel Brochure
    Moltaran Technology: Steamy Secrets
    Monsters of the Deep
    Monstrous Makeovers
    Moon Dust Scroll
    Moon Pop-Up Book
    Mop and Chop
    Mop Beautiful
    Mops Throughout the Ages
    More Than Carrot Cake
    Morguss Spell Book
    Mortog Music
    Mote Magic
    Moulding Magma
    Mouldy Tome
    Mounted Certificate
    Mounted Certificate of Grand Mastery
    Mounted Certificate of Mastery
    Mr Irgo Explained
    Mr X
    Mr. Sloth - The Tale of Dr. Sloth Senior - A Biography
    Mud Pies Dirt Cakes
    Muffin Baking Book
    Mumbo Pango Approved Recipes
    Mummified Ruki History
    Mummified Scroll
    Mummy Bone Scroll
    Murky Waters
    Music for the Kings Ears
    Musical Math
    Mutant Musings
    Mutations in Kacheeks
    My 1st Shovel
    My Best Friend
    My Eyrie Friend
    My Favourite Food
    My Favourite Things
    My First Book
    My First Chia Book
    My First Faerie
    My First Mazzew
    My First Slorg Book
    My Garden Book
    My Hobby Book
    My Life As A Lenny
    My Life As A Sponge
    My Life as Queen
    My Life At Sea
    My Little Mynci Book
    My Neighbour the Zombie
    My Neohome
    My Sweet Scorchio
    My Weekend With Lennies
    My Zafara and Me
    Mynci Banana Book
    Mynci Book of World Records
    Mynci Colouring Book
    Mynci Dance
    Mynci Day Cook Book
    Mynci Defence
    Mynci Defender Book
    Mynci Horror
    Mynci in the Jungle
    Mynci Law
    Mynci Pop-Up Holiday Card
    Mynci Tails
    Mynci Wiggling Eyes Book
    Mysterious Book
    Mysterious Wadjet Scroll
    Mystery Island Altador Cup Media Book
    Mystery Island Dot to Dot
    Mystery Island Jungle Lore
    Mystery Island Monthly
    Mystery Island Paperback Book
    Mystery Island Pop-Up Book
    Mystery Island Tour Guide
    Mystery Island Travel Brochure
    Mystery Of Halloween
    Mystic Neggs Book
    Mythical Kyriis
    Nasty Lenny
    National Neopian Log
    Native Nimmos
    Natural Wonders of Neopia: Shenkuu
    Naughty or Nice
    Naughty Slorg!
    Negg Crafts
    Negg Crafts Volume II
    Negg Power - Delicious Alternative Energy
    Negg Scroll
    Negg Trivia
    Neggative Times
    Neggery Notes
    Neggs Through the Seasons
    Neggtastic Recipes
    Neogarden Nimmo
    Neohome Plumbing Guide
    Neohomes and Gardens
    Neopet Trading for Beginners
    Neopets Puzzles and Games
    Neopia Central Travel Brochure
    Neopia Fashion Trends Magazine
    Neopia In Under 18NP A Day
    Neopia on 500 Neopoints a Day
    Neopia Weekly
    Neopian Atlas
    Neopian Autumns
    Neopian Bureaucracy
    Neopian Carol Book
    Neopian Chandeliers
    Neopian Culture
    Neopian Culture Flash Cards
    Neopian Encyclopedia A - E
    Neopian Encyclopedia F - J
    Neopian Encyclopedia K - O
    Neopian Encyclopedia P - T
    Neopian Encyclopedia U - Z
    Neopian Heroes
    Neopian Knitting Patterns
    Neopian Lakes
    Neopian Music
    Neopian Postcards
    Neopian Statistics
    Neopian Structural Engineering
    Neopian Sunrises
    Neopian Times Issue 14
    Neopian Times Issue 37
    Neopian Times Issue 5
    Neopian Times Issue 81
    Neopian Times Year 6 Annual
    Neopias Past
    Neopolitan Magazine
    Neovian Business
    Neovian Carols
    Neovian Darkfall
    Neovian Fashion History
    Neovian Fine Dining Customs
    Neovian Genealogy
    Neovian Town Guide
    Nereid: Healing with Water
    Nerkmid Mania
    Nest Builders Manual
    Never Ending Faerie Tales
    Neverending Noil Day
    News... in... SPACE!
    Nightmares and Dreams
    Nimmo - Now and Zen
    Nimmo Anger Management
    Nimmo Battle Cry
    Nimmo Colouring Book
    Nimmo Combat Guide
    Nimmo Explorations
    Nimmo Faerie Tales
    Nimmo Genealogy
    Nimmo Gift Ideas
    Nimmo Joe Book
    Nimmo Meditation
    Nimmo Yoga
    Nimmos Pond Guide Book
    No Bones About It
    No Longer Stranded in the Desert
    No Need to be Rood
    No Sleep Til Brightvale
    No Sleep Til Brightvale... Part 2
    No To Crokabek
    Noil Colouring Book
    Noise-Making Practice Manual
    Nomi the Grey Faerie
    Non-Illuminated Menuscript
    Noodles for ALL
    Not Quite Red
    Not-So-Disgusting Dung Uses
    Notable Neopians
    Notable Nimmos
    Now You Can Fry Anything
    Nutty The Turdle
    Nutz N Bolts
    Obnoxious Nimmo
    Obsidian Tablet
    Of Leaves and Lutari
    Offensive Mopping
    Official Usukicon Y6 Guide Book
    Ogrin Cross-Sti tch Book
    Ogrin Deluxe Book
    Ogrin Grooming
    Ogrin Mountain Climber
    Ogrin Survivor
    Oh, What a Negg!
    Old Geartooth
    Olde Zafara
    On Gelert Pond
    On Illusens Wings
    On The Trot
    On the Wing of a Silver Shoyrus
    On the Wings of a Purple Eyrie
    On the Wings of a Striped Scorchio
    On Tour with Chomby and the Fungus Ba lls
    Ona Starry Tales
    Once Upon A Chia
    One Step Forward
    Only the Best!
    Ooga Book
    Oopsy Daisy
    Optimal Care for Chariot Alabrisses
    Orange Aisha Tales
    Orange Kougras
    Orange Mylife Journal
    Organic Recipes
    Organisation is Easy
    Origami Pets 101
    Origami Pop-Up Book
    Osiris Pottery Catalogue
    Our Neighbor Qasala
    Out of Cash - The Tombola Story
    Ownow Petting Techniques
    P is for Peophin
    Packing Plans
    Painting Poogles
    Painting the Ruki Way
    Painting Zafaras
    Paper Book of Paper Toys
    Paper Cutting Secrets
    Parachuting for Polarchucks
    Patter Feet
    Paw in Paw
    Pazo the Lonely Aisha
    Peaceful Sleep
    Peopatras Story
    Peophin Babies
    Peophin Legends
    Peophin MD
    Peophin Power!
    Peophins on Parade
    Pete the Polarchuck
    Petpet Biology
    Petpet Park
    Petpetpet Growth Patterns
    Phases of the Moon
    Photo Collage Making
    Picking Better Berries
    Picking The Perfect Carrot
    Pile of Usukicon Y14 Product Advertise ments
    Pink Usul: A Backwards Tale
    Pirate Ixi 101
    Pirates vs. Ninjas: The Novel
    Pizza on the Ceiling
    Places to Visit During the Altador Cup
    Playing with Fire
    Playing with Snow and Fire
    Playtime for the Baby Gelert
    Plumpy Care How To
    Plushie Adventures
    Plushie Collector
    Poems of Brightvale
    Poems to Rot Your Heart
    Poetry Balloon
    Poetry For Peophins
    Ponderings for the Holidays
    Poogle Day Ideas
    Poogle Mysteries
    Poogle Pages
    Poogle Paw Prints
    Poogle Performers
    Poogle Plushie Catalogue
    Poogle Poetry
    Poogle Profile
    Poogle Races
    Poogles in Camouflage
    Pop Quiz Preparedness
    Pop-Up Skeith
    Pop-Up Zafara Book
    Popular Destinations
    Popular Draik Names
    Popular Games Guidebook
    Popular Neopian Stories
    Popup Tome
    Potato Counting For Beginners
    Potato Sack Fashions
    Potions of Brightvale
    Pottery Invoice
    Pox Curse
    Practical Jokes
    Preparing For Spring
    Preserving Berries
    Pretty Peophins
    Pretty Pink Yurbles
    Princely Proclamations
    Princess Amiras Journal
    Princess in Pink
    Princess Vyssas Diary
    Professional Curses
    Professional Sock Collections
    Professor Hugo Fairweathers Guide to Petpetpets
    Programming For Grundos
    Proof of Jelly Worlds Existence
    Pterattack Game Guide
    Pteri Battle Manual
    Pteri Bust Out
    Pteri Feather Book
    Pteri Games
    Pteri Poetry
    Pteri Pop-Up Book
    Purple Chia Book
    Purple Lupe Photo Album
    Purple Power
    Puzzle Magazine
    Puzzles of Space
    Puzzling Actions: A Story of Action Puzzle Games
    Pyjama Patterns
    Pyramid Painting Vol. 7: Faux Finishes
    Qasala Tourist Brochure
    Qasalan Etiquette
    Qasalan Healing Techniques
    Qasalan Laws
    Qasalan Royal Lineage
    Quality Time
    Quantum Physics
    Quarry Life
    Quest Spells
    Quick Reference Dictionary
    Quiggle Adventures
    Quiggle Art Book
    Quiggle Bedtime Stories
    Quiggle Classics
    Quiggle Coifs
    Quiggle Facts
    Quiggle Food Guide
    Quiggle Health and Fitness
    Quiggle Joke Book
    Quiggle Pet Guide
    Quiggle Poetry
    Quiggle Quotes
    Quiggle Stunt Book
    Quiggle Swimming Guide
    Quiggle Work Out
    Quilting for Quiggles
    Quilting Made Easy
    Quivering Quiggles
    Radio Active Pteri Part 1
    Rags to Asparagus: a Heartwarming Tale
    Rainbow Bridge Scroll
    Rainbow Faerie Tales
    Rainbow Flotsam Stories
    Rainbow Fountain Secrets
    Rainbow Painting
    Rainbow Wocky Adventures
    Raindorf Dances
    Rainy Day
    Rainy Day Activities
    Rainy Day Activities for Koi
    Raising Baby Grundo
    Raising Grundos
    Raising Young Kau
    Raking Techniques
    Rare and Retired Items
    Rare Stamps
    Rare Treasure Maps
    Reading Flash Cards
    Ready, Set, Aim!
    Realm of the Water Faeries
    Rebuilding Faerieland: A Journey
    Recycled Metal Projects
    Recycling Tips
    Red Acara Tales
    Red Carpet Dos & Donts
    Red Usuki Pictures
    Regurgitation Cook Book
    Repairing Your Petpets
    Revenge of All Hallows Eve
    Rial the Red
    Riding Rivers
    Ripped Calendar
    Riverboards and You
    Roars and Grrrs
    Robin Lupe
    Robot Days
    Robot Kougra Maintenance
    Robot Mynci Mechanical Guide
    Robots Rule
    Rocky Relationships
    Rocky Times News Journal
    Roller Coaster Design
    Romantic Shenkuu
    Roo Island Altador Cup Media Book
    Roo Island Carousel
    Roo Island Magazine
    Roo Island Paperback Book
    Roo Island Travel Brochure
    Roos to Live By
    Roots of Success
    Rope-bound Tablet
    Round About Yurbles
    Royal Ixi 101
    Royal Proclamations of Coltzan Vol. 13
    Royal Qasalan Scroll
    Royal Scorchios
    Royal To-Do List Scroll
    Rubber Mallard Collecting
    Ruffled Feathers
    Ruki Adventures
    Ruki Legends
    Ruki Population Survey Vol. 5
    Ruki Recipes
    Ruki Sand Sculpture
    Ruki Survival Tips
    Ruki the Explorer
    Ruki-Style Traveling Guide
    Rukis in History
    Rules to Rule By
    Ruling Faerieland
    Ruling The Universe
    Sad Peophin Stories
    Sakhmet Natives
    Sakhmet Petpets
    Sakhmet Tales
    Sand Cuisine for Elephantes
    Sand Drawings
    Sand Dune Sunsets
    Sand Sculpture Strategies
    Sand-Worn Tablet
    Sandrock Sculpture
    Sarahs Guide To Neopia
    Saving Your Neopoints
    Scaled Magic Book
    Scarab Secrets from the Lost Desert
    Scarab Tablet
    Scaredy Acara
    Scary Korbat Tales
    Scary Neopian Stories
    Scary Peophin Tales
    Scary Sloth Stories
    Scents Of The Skeith
    Science is Fun!
    Science Textbook
    Scientific Flash Cards
    Scorch E O
    Scorchio ABCs
    Scorchio Book
    Scorchio Cook Book
    Scorchio Cooks
    Scorchio Defence
    Scorchio Dreams
    Scorchio Scrapbook
    Scorchio Sketch Book
    Scorchio Spring
    Scorchio Studying Tips
    Scorchio Summer
    Scorchio Talk
    Scorchios in the Spring
    Scouting For Korbats
    Scratchcard Secrets
    Scroll of Broken Seals
    Scroll of Curses
    Scroll of Desert Winds
    Scroll of Forgetfulness
    Scroll of Friendship
    Scroll of Hunger
    Scroll of Serpents
    Scroll of the Ancients
    Scroll of the Lost King
    Scroll of the More Ancient Ancients
    Scroll of the Oasis
    Scroll of the Scholar
    Scroll of the Warrior
    Sculpting Clay
    Sculpting Food Holiday Edition
    Sculpting with Metal
    Sculpting with Molten Rock
    Searing Scroll of Light
    Season Greetings
    Seasonal Faerie Tales
    Seasonal Zen for the Angry Petpet
    Second Annual Neopies - Whos Who
    Secret Acara Halloween Recipes
    Secret Art of Dish Washing
    Secret Bruce Journal
    Secret Faerie Diary
    Secret Lenny Book
    Secret of the Bogberries
    Secret of the Hidden Oasis
    Secret of the Stones
    Secret Recipes of Mystery Island
    Secrets of Dirigible Construction
    Secrets of Goparokko
    Secrets of Maraqua
    Secrets of the Chocofactory
    Secrets of the Desert Paint Brush
    Secrets of the Disco Elephante
    Secrets of the Hidden Negg Society
    Secrets Of The Money Tree
    Secrets of Tombola
    Sediment Striped Tablet
    Seeing Stars
    Senator Barca Book
    Sentimental Sediments
    Serious Sadness
    Setting A Table Quickly
    Shadow Tome
    Shadow Usul Stories
    Shell Crafts
    Shell Hunters Guide Book
    Shell Poetry
    Shell Values
    Shenkuu Altador Cup Media Book
    Shenkuu Art
    Shenkuu Bulletin
    Shenkuu Cooking
    Shenkuu Export Manifest
    Shenkuu Floral Arrangement
    Shenkuu Hiking
    Shenkuu Landscapes
    Shenkuu Travel Brochure
    Shiny Scales
    Shock Humour
    Shocking Pranks
    Shootout Showdown: Getting Past the Goalie
    Shop Wizard Tips
    Short Stories from Brightvale
    Shoyru Heroes
    Shoyru Mysteries
    Shoyru Secrets
    Shoyru Shenanigans
    Shoyru Songs
    Shoyru Summer
    Shoyru Surprise
    Sick Kyrii
    Sick of Spots
    Sightseeing on the Virtupets Space Station
    Silly Green Kacheeks
    Silly Slorg!
    Silver Aisha Book
    Silver Horn
    Simmer Scents For the Holidays
    Simple Assembly Instructions
    Simple Certificate
    Simple Exercises that Speed Up Digestion
    Simple Spells
    Sinister Skeith
    Sinsi: An Autobiography
    Sinsis Puzzle Book
    Skeith Defender Comics
    Skeith Flying
    Skeith Magic
    Skeith Prints
    Skeith Tails
    Skies Above Tyrannia
    Skull Scroll
    Skyward an Eyries Guide to Flying
    Sleep Well, A Holiday Tale
    Sleepy Time
    Slorg & Steady
    Sloth Hair Tips
    Slugawoo Adventures
    Slugawoo Art
    Slushie Slinging For Novices
    Smooth Jazz Tunes
    Snarkie Answers to Stupid Questions
    Sneaking Past
    Snicklebeast Adventures
    Snicklebeast Poems
    Snot Knots
    Snot My Fault
    Snow Almanac Y12-Y15
    Snow Architecture
    Snow Days
    Snow Faerie Book
    Snow Sculpting for Beginners
    Snowager Collectors Guide
    Snowager Saga
    Snows of Neopia
    Snowstorms in Terror Mountain
    Snowy - A White Kougra Story
    Soap Making
    Solid Steel Book
    Something Fishy
    Something Pretentious
    Songs For Your Pan Flute
    Songs of the Faeries
    Sophie, A Biography
    Sophies Cookbook
    Sophies Leave Me Alone Notice
    Sore Throat Remedies
    Soup Faerie Book
    Space and Magic
    Space Exploration Guide
    Space Faerie Notebook
    Space Faerie Tales
    Space Faerie vs. Dr. Sloth - The Novel
    Space Mynci
    Speak Grundo Vol 1
    Speckled Acara Diary
    Spiky Tales
    Splatter or Splotch?
    Spooking the Competi tion
    Spooky Buzz Tales
    Spooky Food Eating Contest: The True Story
    Spooky Food Ideas
    Spooky Jetsam Stories
    Spooky Kau Story
    Spooky Korbat Stories
    Spooky Skeith Adventures
    Spooky Stories
    Spooky Stories About the Beyond
    Spooky Stories From the Beyond
    Spooky Usul Stories
    Spot The Aisha!
    Spots-n-Dots Fashion
    Spotting Seaw eed
    Spring Soiree
    Springtime Defence
    Springy Gelert Book
    Spying The Dark Faerie Way
    Square Book of Rainy Day Activities
    Square Puzzles
    Square Roots-n-More
    Squares in Nature
    Squeaky Elephante Book
    Stained Glass Repair Guide
    Stampede Tips
    Standard Meridell Farmers Contract
    Star Chronicles
    Star Gazing
    Starry Kougra Dreams
    Starry Uni Diary
    Starting Spells
    Stealing Through the Holidays
    Steam Containment Manual
    Steam Engineering
    Steam for Fun and Profit
    Steam of Life
    Stellar Stellar Guide
    Sticker Album
    Sticker Collection Book
    Still With the Times
    Storage Ideas
    Stories from Beyond
    Stories from Inside the Lost Desert Pyramids
    Strange Behaviors
    Strangely Etched Tablet
    String of Toy Books
    Stripe, the Strange Skeith
    Striped Elephante Pop-Up Book
    Striped Kacheek Book of Sketches
    Striped Lupe Pop-Up Book
    Striped Usul Tales
    Sugar Rush
    Summer Postcards
    Summertime Connect-the-Dots
    Sun Pop-Up Book
    Sunglasses Book
    Sunny Faerie Days
    Sunset On Mystery Island
    Sunshine in Neopia
    Super Fashion Playmate Handbook
    Super Lupe Comics
    Super Roo - The Comic
    Super Secret Guide to the Defenders of Neopia Headquarters
    Super-Cool Toy Magazine
    Surfing with Scorchio
    Surprise! Its Striped Ixi
    Sushi Rolling 101
    Tablet of Fire Runes
    Tablet of Horrific Curses
    Tablet of Jazan
    Tablet of Kings
    Tablet of Tablets
    Tablet of the Ancients
    Tablet of The Mummy
    Tablet of the Mysterious Mallard
    Tablet of the Vampire
    Tablet of the Zombie
    Tablet of Zombie Defence Tactics
    Taelias Tips
    Tail Tales
    Tails of a Spotted Cybunny
    Taking the Offensive
    Tale of Woe
    Tale of Woe: The Untold Story - by Reginald (Autographed Copy)
    Tales From Inside the Volcano
    Tales from the Camp
    Tales from the Deep
    Tales from the Heart
    Tales From the Left Wing
    Tales From The Lost Desert
    Tales Of A Blue Shoyru
    Tales of a Green Kau
    Tales of a Pink Kacheek
    Tales Of A Red Tuskaninny
    Tales of a Shiny Silver Cybunny
    Tales Of A Yellow Kougra
    Tales of Autumn
    Tales of Bravery
    Tales of Gnorbu Tails
    Tales of Soft Foot The Plushie JubJub
    Tales of the Desert Draik
    Tales of the Red Symol
    Tales of the Tail
    Talk Like A Pirate
    Talk Tuska
    Talons and Tails
    Taming The Hair
    Tangors Autobiography
    Tarlas Mysterious Travels
    TDMBGPOP in Legends and Myths
    Team Krawk Island: Journey to the Top
    Tear Jerkers
    Techo Battle Tactics
    Techo Cooking Recipes
    Techo Dance
    Techo Fun Art
    Techo Guide to Weapons
    Techo Master Tactics
    Techo Mountain
    Techo Says - The Book
    Techo Secret Journal
    Techo Style
    Techo Yoga
    Techos Guide for Altador Cup Fanatics
    Teeth Sharpening Techniques
    Tell Me Why
    Terrific Acaras
    Terrific Tales of Terror
    Terror Mountain Altador Cup Media Book
    Terror Mountain Colouring Book
    Terror Mountain Tales
    Terror Mountain Travel Brochure
    Texture Design
    That Is Like Such A Boring Book
    The 12th Chime
    The Abandoned Acara
    The Adventures of Armin
    The Adventures of Gilly
    The Adventures of Sir Snots-A-Lot
    The Adventures of Ylana Skyfire
    The Adventurous Yellow Kacheek
    The Agatha Prim Guide to Decking the Halls
    The Age of Knowledge
    The Altador Cup Encyclopedia
    The Angry Chomby
    The Angry Grundo
    The Angry Kau
    The Angry Nuk
    The Angry Orange Bruce
    The Angry Rainbow Xweetok
    The Annals of Insanity
    The Apple Loving Purple Elephante
    The Armoury
    The Art of Avoiding Mines
    The Art of Being a Fan
    The Art Of Cybunnies
    The Art of Faerie Napkin Folding
    The Art of Food Sculpting
    The Art of Grundo Diplomacy
    The Art of Making Lavaba lls
    The Art of Paper Hat Folding
    The Art of Shaking Hands
    The Art of Surfing in Moltara
    The Art of Sword Fighting
    The Art of Yooyuball
    The Babaa Who Jumped Over the Moon
    The Baby Blue Snorkle
    The Backwards Ways of the Gold Kyrii
    The Bad Skeith
    The Bat Wielding Jelly Poogle
    The Battle of Shenkuu
    The Battles of Jeran
    The Beautiful Shoyru
    The Best of Neopian Ice
    The Big Blue Blumaroo Book
    The Big Book of Blue
    The Big Book of Boochi
    The Big Book of Faerie Spells
    The Big Book of Hate and Anger
    The Big Book of Karma
    The Big Book of Rafts
    The Big Book of Verb Conjugation
    The Big Red Bruce Tied Up With A Big Red Bow
    The Biggest Noil of All
    The Biographies of Mostly Important Neopians
    The Blue Chomby
    The Blue Elephante
    The Blue Lutari Tail
    The Blue Shoyru Takes Flight!
    The Blue Tiki Sands of Time
    The Book of Ice
    The Book of Paper Cuts
    The Bori Handbook
    The Brown Uni
    The Bruce Book
    The Bucket Book
    The Buzz Lair
    The Case of the Missing Grey Faerie
    The Chemical Properties of Sand
    The Chocolate Chia Book
    The Chocolate Scorchio Recipe Book
    The Chomby Champion
    The Chomby Fight
    The Chomby Secret
    The Cloud Uni
    The Cloud Wocky With His Head in the Clouds
    The Cog of Time
    The Cogmire
    The Comma Faerie
    The Complaint of Peophins
    The Complete History of Wockies
    The Complete Nail-Care Guide
    The Confused Mynci
    The Cooty Avenger
    The Cowardly Tuskaninny
    The Coy Rainbow Xweetok
    The Coy Royal Girl Quiggle
    The Crumpetmongers Secret Recipes
    The Curious Cloud Kougra
    The Curious Quiggle
    The Curious Speckled Scorchio
    The Curse Of The Pirate Aisha
    The Dark Peophin
    The Day Defence Was Lost
    The Daydreaming Green Acara
    The Definitive Snowglobe Guide
    The Draconian Scroll
    The Draik
    The Ears Have It!
    The Electric Cybunny
    The Electric Shoyru
    The Electric Wocky
    The Elephante Encyclopedia
    The End of the Tunnel
    The Eve of the Eve
    The Evil Dr. Sloth
    The Evil Slorg
    The Excitable Yellow JubJub
    The Exotic White Elephante
    The Eye of the Quiggle
    The Eyes Have It
    The Eyrie Guard
    The Faerie Acara
    The Faerie Aisha
    The Faerie Ixi
    The Female Nimmo Ranger
    The Ferocious Orange Lupe
    The Festival of Neggs Cybunny
    The Final Sunset
    The Fire Breathing Blue Scorchio
    The Fire Shoyru
    The Fire Within
    The First Decade
    The Flotsam Raiders
    The Future of Fire
    The Fuzzy Orange JubJub
    The Gelert Diaries
    The Geraptiku Recipe Book
    The Giggling Quiggle
    The Giggly Cloud Elephante
    The Giggly Starry Flotsam
    The Goalie
    The Golden Aisha
    The Golden Journal Vol. 1
    The Golden Symol
    The Grand Usul Adventure
    The Grarrl Who Crushed Tyrannia
    The Great Chomby
    The Great Chomby Caper
    The Great Coconut
    The Great Cybunny Theft
    The Great Defender Returns
    The Great Kau Caper
    The Great King Altador
    The Great Koi Caper
    The Great Negg Hunt
    The Great Slugawoo Mystery
    The Great Teeth Contest
    The Great Tiki Attack!
    The Great Vacation
    The Green Book
    The Grizzly Gruslen
    The Groovy Disco Grundo
    The Grouchiest Neopian
    The Grumpy Acara
    The Grumpy Grundo
    The Guide to Facial Hair
    The Guide to Neggspotting
    The Guide to Tonu Armour
    The Happiest Air Faerie
    The Happiest Day
    The Happiest Negg
    The Happy Blumaroo
    The Happy Buzz
    The Happy Little Yellow Cybunny
    The Happy Valley Report
    The Happy-Go-Lucky Disco Kiko
    The Happy-Go-Lucky Red Pteri
    The Happy-Go-Lucky Yellow Meerca
    The Haunted Bell Tower
    The Haunted Cave
    The Healing Springs
    The Hidden Temple
    The Hidden Tower
    The High Flying Adventures Of The Cloud Flotsam
    The Hissi Stare
    The History Of Meridell
    The History of the Origami Warf
    The History of Tonu Day
    The Holiday Sand
    The Hot Dog Book
    The Hot Scorchio Cook Book
    The Humble Semicolon
    The Hungry Grarrl
    The Hungry Techo
    The Hunt For The Red Gelert
    The Inside Secret
    The Irony of Iron
    The Island Bruce
    The Island Of Kacheeks
    The Ixi Adventure
    The Ixi Book
    The Ixi Ghost Legend
    The Jetsam Ace
    The Jolly Pink JubJub
    The Journal of Jazan
    The Jovial Jetsam
    The Joy of Burnt Desert Food
    The Joy Of Metal Work
    The Joy of Scratching
    The Joys of Cooking with Magma
    The Joys of Fried Foods
    The Joys Of Shearing
    The JubJub Club
    The JubJubs Secret
    The Kau Cookbook
    The Kau Files
    The Key to being an Altadorian
    The King of the Desert
    The Kings Decree
    The Korbat From Krawk Island
    The Korbat Researcher
    The Korbat Who Couldnt Hang
    The Kou-Jong Strategy
    The Kyrii Dancer
    The Last Kau
    The Legend of Count von Roo
    The Legend of Ishtar
    The Legend of Scordrax
    The Legendary Sutek Scroll
    The Life of a Double Crosser
    The Life of a Hot Dog
    The Life of Cylara
    The Little Blue Shoyru
    The Little Book Of Bruce
    The Little Book of Cheese
    The Little Faellie with the Biggest Heart
    The Little Kacheek Book
    The Little Scorchio
    The Littlest Baby Aisha
    The Littlest Elephante
    The Littlest Mazzew
    The Littlest Snorkle
    The Lone Quiggle
    The Lone Ruki
    The Loneliest Draik
    The Loneliest Xweetok
    The Lonely Elephante
    The Lonely Grundo
    The Lonely JubJub
    The Long History of Isca
    The Looming Winter
    The Lost Art of Avoiding Meetings
    The Lost Desert Dictionary
    The Lost Desert Expose
    The Lost Grundo
    The Lost Kau
    The Lost Lost Desert Journals
    The Lost Naalala
    The Lucky Paw
    The Lupe Pack
    The Macho Kyrii
    The Magic Apple Tree
    The Magic of The Healing Springs
    The Magic Paw
    The Magic Staff
    The Magic Whirlpool
    The Magma Cure
    The Mane Event
    The Many Adventures of Halloween JubJub
    The Many Adventures of Ylana Skyfire
    The Many Colours Of A Disco Chomby
    The Marriage of Prince Jazan
    The Meek Kacheek
    The Meerca Encyclopedia
    The Meerca Spy
    The Meercas Bad Day
    The Meridellian Pteri
    The Midnight Moehog
    The Mighty Blumaroo
    The Mighty Royal Uni
    The Misadventures Of Yellow Usul
    The Mischevious Mutant Tonu
    The Mischievous Silver Lupe
    The Missing King
    The Month of Eating
    The Mote Encyclopedia
    The Mover
    The Musical Gold Scorchio
    The Mutant Kougras Exile
    The Mysterious Case of the Merchandise Hunt Neggs
    The Natural Decorator
    The Naughty Skeith
    The Negg Collection
    The Negg Faerie Diaries
    The Negg Strategy
    The Neovian Chronicle
    The Newest Book
    The Night Before the Night Before the Night Before the Day of Giving
    The Nimmo Ranger
    The Nimmo Who Loved to Read
    The Nose Knows
    The Nox Memoirs
    The Ogrin Hunter
    The Old Mynci and the Sea
    The Orange Meerca
    The Patient Xweetok
    The Pea From Outer Space
    The Peophin That Couldnt Swim
    The Perfect Pink Fur
    The Pineapple Chia
    The Pink Elephantes Trunk
    The Pink Kacheek
    The Pink Quiggle
    The Pink Shoyru Pop-Up Book
    The Plight of the Pea Chia Gnome
    The Plushie Coffee Table Book
    The Plushie Krawk Book
    The Plushie Skeith
    The Polarchuck and the Snow Storm
    The Popularity Book
    The Presence of Presents
    The Pretty Chocolate Usul
    The Problems With Polka Dots
    The Pteri Champion
    The Pterrible Pteri
    The Purple Bruce
    The Purple Scorchio
    The Pyramid Tablets
    The Qasalan Royal History
    The Quiggle Diet
    The Quiggle Knight
    The Racing Red Poogle
    The Rainbow Cybunny Tale
    The Rainbow Fountain
    The Rainbow Gelert
    The Rainbow Pool
    The Red Kiko
    The Red Paw
    The Red Wocky Cook Book
    The Relaxing Wain
    The Rich Gelert
    The Ring of Noodles Book
    The Rock Pool and You: Your guide to Mystery Island Petpets
    The Royal Book of Colouring
    The Royal Treasure Collection
    The Sad Shoyru
    The Sad Wocky
    The Saddest Noil
    The Safety Deposit Box Guide
    The Sands of Time
    The Scaredy Yurble
    The Scribing Royal Boy Quiggle
    The Scroll of Scrolls
    The Secret Altadorian Spring
    The Secret Behind The Jewel
    The Secret Chomby
    The Secret Journal of Agent A
    The Secret Life of Shadow Shoyru
    The Secret of Tagobo
    The Secret of the Jewel
    The Secret Past of Albert the Kacheek
    The Shadow Usul
    The Shadowy Shoyru
    The Shoy
    The Shy Blue Wocky
    The Shy Cloud Chomby
    The Shy Purple Kiko
    The Shy Purple Ona
    The Silver Gelert
    The Silver Poogle Set On Revenge
    The Sinking Neopoint
    The Skipping Red Kacheek
    The Slippery Silver Grundo
    The Slorg and I
    The Sly Little Mazzew
    The Smiling Pink Chomby
    The Sneaky Purple Bruce
    The Sneaky Schnelly
    The Snow Aisha Adventure
    The Snow Faeries Promise
    The Snowbunny Burrows Into Spring!
    The Solutions to Polka Dots
    The Speckled Bruce
    The Speckled Elephante Flautist
    The Speckled Uni
    The Spectre Legacy
    The Spirit of Giving
    The Split Flotsam
    The Spotted Flotsam
    The Spotted Kau
    The Starry Elephante
    The Story of the Acara Acrobat
    The Story of the Cloud Acara
    The Story of the Elusive Strawberry Fields
    The Story of the Ghoul Catchers
    The Story of the Purple Acara
    The Strawberry JubJub
    The Strawberry Poogle
    The Strawberry Usul
    The Strengths of Faerie Magic
    The Striped Xweetok
    The Sun Loving Purple Noil
    The Sweet Strawberry Shoyru
    The Tale of a Plushie Wocky
    The Taste of Tears
    The Technical Mind of the Robot JubJub
    The Techo Adept
    The Techo Cookbook
    The Techos Echo
    The Thief Handbook
    The Tie Tie-in
    The Timid Silver Shoyru
    The Tiny Pink Korbat
    The Tooth Story
    The Tournament Handbook
    The Trail of Slime
    The Tricky Ixi
    The Twenty Four Carat Gold Blumaroo
    The Ultimate Drum Practice Book
    The Ultimate Field Guide to Neopets
    The Ultimate Guide to Lucky Charms
    The Ultimate Guide to Placing Garden Gnomes
    The Ultimate Sticker Book
    The Ummagine Juggler
    The Un-Lost Desert
    The Underdog Story
    The Uni That Couldnt Fly
    The Uni Trilogy
    The Unlucky Blumaroo
    The Uppity Gold Usul
    The Usuls Almanac
    The Usuls Witching Halloween
    The Vandagyre Nightmare
    The Velveteen Draik
    The Vicious Orange Wocky
    The View From Virtupets
    The Voodoo Techo
    The Water Mote
    The Way of the Draik
    The Way Windmills Work
    The Wayward Flotsam
    The Wheels of Fate
    The Wicked Little Uni
    The Winding Winter Path
    The Wise Cybunny
    The Wonder Of Toast
    The Wonders of Rock
    The Wonders of Water
    The Wonky Eyed Camouflage Wocky
    The Wrath of Scorchio
    The Yellow Kougra
    The Yellow Lutari
    The Yellow Yurble
    The Yooyu
    The Yurble Spy
    The Zombie Chomby
    There Are Stars Up There And Stuff
    Thieving Guide for Coleopterans
    This Is Nuts
    Time For Xweetok Talk
    Time To Fly
    Time Travel
    Time Tunnel Game Guide
    Tips for the Beginning Acara Battler
    Tis Be Harvesting Time
    Tissue Dispenser Book
    To Beak or Not to Beak
    Toast Tasting
    Toast Treats
    Tomb Map
    Tombstone Rubbings
    Tome of Enlightenment
    Tome of Memories
    Tome of Tonu
    Tonu Battle Tips
    Tonu Comic Annual
    Tonu Steps
    Tonu Tails
    Tonu Talk
    Tonu Trivia
    Tonu Tusk Polishing
    Too Hot
    Too Much Island Sun
    Tooth Faerie Book
    Tooth Faerie Cupcake Recipe
    Tooth Faerie Dental Care
    Tooth Secret
    Top Hat Fashions
    Top Secret Skeith Stuff
    Top Tuskaninnys
    Tourists Guide to Altador During the Cup
    Tracking Desert Petpets
    Trade Route Guide Map
    Train Koi
    Training School Myths
    Training Your Flotsam
    Training Your Moehog
    Treasure Hunting for Pirates
    Trectse fo Thade
    Tree Climbing for Beginners
    Tree Magic
    Tree Species Native to the Haunted Woods
    Trick-or-Treat Tips
    Trigonometry Hyperbolics
    Tropical Flora and Fauna
    Tropical Sunsets
    Tropical Tales From Mystery Island
    Trumpet Lessons
    Try Not To Beg
    Tubular Kiko Racing Game Guide
    Tugging for War
    Turmac Snacks
    Turning Your Day Around
    Tusk Care For Moehogs
    Tuskaninny Bedtime Stories
    Tuskaninny Chef Recipes
    Twisted Tales Of The Mutant Ruki
    Two Tuskaninnies
    Tying Your Bow
    Tyragh the Terrible
    Tyrannia Altador Cup Media Book
    Tyrannia Travel Brochure
    Tyrannia Travels
    Tyrannian Adventure
    Tyrannian Music Guide
    Tyrannian Time Travel
    Tyrannian Winters
    Ugga Ugg Times
    Ukali Poetry Journal
    Ultimate Neopets Tips!
    Ultimate Sand Castle Guide
    Ultimate Space Chronicles Set
    Ultimate Wocky Manual
    Ummagine Dreams
    Unabridged Dictionary
    Underground Explorations
    Understanding Forest Fires
    Underwater Chef Biography
    Underwater Fish Recipes
    Undiscovered Treasure
    Unexplained Disappearances
    Unhappy Tails
    Uni and the Uniocto
    Uni Battle!
    Uni Beauty Manual
    Uni Care
    Uni Cycles
    Uni Days
    Uni in Wonderland
    Uni Myths
    Uni Shoe Tales
    Unique Style
    Unique Unis
    Uniquely Uni
    Unleashed - The Great Lupe Escape
    Unlocking the Bat: A Masters Guide
    Unlucky Holidays
    Unlucky Zap
    Unofficial Usukicon Y6 Guide Book
    Untold Pteri Tales
    Unusual Buzz Recipes
    Unwanted Grey
    Users Guide to Underwater Pools
    Uses of Obsidian
    Usuki Collectors Guide
    Usuki Comic Sampler
    Usuki Doll Disco
    Usuki Style
    Usuki Summer Journal
    Usuki Value Guide
    Usukicon Y11 Comic Book
    Usukicon Y12: A Dozen Years
    Usukicon Y13 Event Guide
    Usukicon Y13 Pile of Adverts
    Usukicon Y7 Guide Book
    Usukicon Y8 Colouring Book
    Usukicon Y8 Guide Book
    Usukicon Y9 Comic Sampler
    Usukicon Y9 Guide
    Usul Bedtime Stories
    Usul Health
    Usul Investigations
    Usul Skiing Tips
    Usul Stories for Rainy Days
    Valentines Day in Shenkuu
    Variations on a Gormball
    Veggies Made Easy
    Vengeful Scroll
    Vicious Attack Book
    Vile Curse of Pestilence
    Vile Scroll of Possession
    Viras Revenge
    Virtupets Altador Cup Media Book
    Virtupets Space Station Travel Brochure
    Visiting Kreludor
    Volcano Diagrams
    Volcano Run Game Guide
    Volleyball Strategy Plays
    Volsan, A Biography
    Von Roo Collectable Catalogue Booklet
    Waiting for Midnight
    Waking the Draik
    Walking Book
    Wanna Play a Game?
    Warped Book
    Watch Out!
    Water Faerie Wishes
    Water Faeries of Neopia
    Watercolours and You
    Way To Go Green Grundo!
    We dont need stinkin apostrophes!
    We Like it Hot
    Webs of Death
    Week of the Kacheek
    Weight Lifting for Jetsams
    What A Wonderful Day
    What Me Cheat
    What to Do with Old Cards
    Wheel of Knowledge Book
    When All Else Fails...
    When Bruces Fly
    When Bugs Go Splat
    When Faeries Attack
    When Gelerts Go Bad
    When Gummy Dice Attack
    When Kyrii Predict
    When the Wind Blows
    When to have Goals Early
    When you are Blue
    When Your Meercas Hurt
    Where is Bonju
    Where Neggs Grow
    Where The Elephantes Roam
    Wheres My Mummy
    Wheres the Green Acara?
    Which Brush?
    Which Colour?
    Which is Mightier?
    Whinny Meadows
    Whirlpool Colouring Book
    White Kougra Diary
    Who is Number Two?
    Who Is The Nightsteed
    Who Is Your Secret Admirer?
    Whoopie Cushions
    Why Red Molti te Rocks
    Why the Fairground was Deserted
    Wings of a Ghost
    Wings of Steel
    Wings Over the World
    Winter in Faerieland
    Winter in Mystery Island
    Winter is Here!
    Winter Usul Wear
    Wisdom of the Elders
    Wisdom of the Wise
    Wise Quotations
    Wishing Well Wishes
    Witch Hunting Techniques
    Witchcraft Spells
    Wock Around the Clock
    Wock the Wok
    Wocky Cookies
    Wocky Hide and Seek Book
    Wocky Jewellery
    Wocky Long Jumping
    Wocky Lullaby
    Wocky Magic
    Wocky Secrets
    Wocky Tails
    Wocky Will
    Wonder Koi
    Wonderful World of Gardening
    Word Problems
    Workshop Safety Procedures
    Worst. Poetry. Ever.
    Writers Tips
    Xweetok Cut N Paste Book
    Xweetok Grooming
    Xweetok Guide to Flying
    Xweetok Happy Times
    Xweetok Heads Up
    Xweetok Ice Breakers
    Y11 Illustrated Altador Cup Program
    Ye Old Meridellian Vocabulary Workbook
    Year 3 Calendar
    Year of the Snowbunny
    Yellow Tuskaninny Book
    Ylana Skyfire Saves Halloween
    Ylana Skyfire: Protector of Spring
    Ylana Skyfires Valentines Day
    Ylanas Summer Adventure Tales
    Yooyuball from the Staffs View
    Yooyuball Scorecard
    You and Your Faerie Korbat
    You Can Be Happy
    You Will Get Verrucas!
    Your Coal is Now Diamonds
    Your Organic Garden
    Your Semidemiquaver & You
    Youve Been Hexed!
    Yurble Adventures
    Yurble Feelings
    Yurble Hairstyles
    Yurble Manual
    Yurble Paper Dolls
    Yurble Skirmishes
    Yurble Style
    Yurble Tales
    Z Is For Zafara
    Zafara Art
    Zafara Crossword Puzzles
    Zafara Detective
    Zafara Keep Fit
    Zafara Lore
    Zafara Music
    Zafara Mystery Collection
    Zafara Quests
    Zafara Trivia
    Zafara War
    Zafaras Rainy Day
    Zap the Robot Aisha
    Zombie Grarrl Alert Bulletin
    Zombie Grave Book
    Zombie Handbook
    Zombie Legends
    Zombie Unis

    I got my counter at Jellyneo.net!

    1330 foods to eat:

    14 Karat Baked Potato
    Acara Cabbage Cake
    Acara Ice Cream Surprise
    Agueena Smoothie
    Air Faerie Mug
    Air Faerie Munparaberries
    Air Faerie Mushroom
    Aisha Winter Roll
    Altador Sunny Eggs
    Altadorian Pasti tsio
    Angelic Ice Lolly
    Angry Candy
    Angry Cinnamon Roll
    Angry Marshmallows
    Ants on Ants
    Apple and Custard Drops
    Apple Hot Dog
    Apple Juice Sippy Cup
    Apple Lantern
    Apple Moquot Lollypop
    Apple Rigamaroll
    Apple Tree Broccoli
    Appriberry Brucicle
    Army of Undead Cupcakes
    Artichoke and Feta Pie
    Artichoke Cupcake
    Artichoke Fondue
    Asparagus Ba lls
    Asparagus Borovan Lasagne
    Asparagus Chocolate Cupcake
    Asparagus Pie
    Asparagus Wrap
    Assorted Brightvale Fruit Basket
    Assorted Vandagyre Approved Nuts
    Asteroid Zeenana Split
    Aubergine Casserole
    Aubergine Salad
    Autumn Herbal Tea
    Babaa Cake
    Baby Bloater
    Baby Cabbage Jelly Beans
    Baby Cabbage with Gravy
    Baby Elephante Milk Bottle
    Bacon Belly Buster
    Bacon Taco
    Bag of Space Dust
    Baked Apple with Snowberries
    Baked Avocado with Curried Sauce
    Banana Achyfi
    Banana Grub
    Banana Jelly Flotsam
    Banana Split Chia Pop
    Banana Split Swiss Roll
    Banango Toffee Apple
    Bangers and Mash
    Barbed Wire Black Licorice
    Barnacle Bills Belt Busting Burger
    Bat Kebab
    Battle Duck Negg
    Beans and Tuna Jacket Potato
    Beef Wellington
    Belonthiss Roll
    Berry Blend Slushie
    Berry Joy Fun Pop
    Berry Melon Spinach Leek Smoothie
    Big Beefy Hot Dog
    Big Gulp Neocola
    Bilge Rat Madeira
    Biscuit Kiko Taffy
    Black Caviar
    Black Currant Jelly Hot Dog
    Black Currant Juice
    Blackberry Eyrie Cookie
    Blazing Edible Snowflakes
    Blood Mole Plant
    BLT Croissant
    Blue Bomberry Kiko Candy Floss
    Blue Bomberry Slushie
    Blue Cocofizz
    Blue Cybunny Negg
    Blue Doughnutfruit
    Blue Draik Egg
    Blue Moon Sundae
    Blue Paint Brush Cookie
    Blue Pepper Pizza
    Blue Picnic Hamper
    Blue Rambus
    Blue Tongue Slushie
    Blue Toobers
    Blueberry and Oyster Ice Cream
    Blueberry Deluxe Cake
    Blueberry Gummy Slorg
    Blueberry Gummy Stamp
    Blueberry Krawksicle
    Blueberry Nova Pop
    Blueberry-Smothered French Toast
    Blumaroo Cookie
    Blumaroo Cotton Candy
    Blumaroo Tail Salad Extravaganza
    Bluna Burger
    Boiled Lizard Stew
    Boingari Smoothie
    Bomberry Grog
    Borovan Cupcake
    Borovan Layered Cake
    Borovan Service
    Brain Kebab
    Braku Berry Juice
    Bread Wreath
    Breakfast Cake
    Breakfast Hot Dog
    Brie Cheese Platter
    Brightvale Berry Pudding
    Brightvale Celebratory Fruit Basket
    Broccoli and Mustard Sandwich
    Broccoli Kebab
    Broccoli with Sprinkles
    Bubbling Kraku Thickshake
    Bullseye Pizza
    Burning Hot Dog
    Butter Gears
    Butter with Roll
    Buttered Juppie Waffle
    Buzz Bread Salad
    Buzz Chocolate Bar
    Buzz Dung Cone
    Buzz Sandwich
    Buzz Sushi
    Cabbage Cupcake
    Cabbage Momo
    Cadaverous Cola
    Caesar Salad
    Cake Batter Slushie
    Calamari Pita Wrap
    Candy Cane Chocolate Advent Calendar
    Candy Corn Latte
    Candy Floss Carrot
    Candy Fyora Staff
    Candy Pirate Earrings
    Candy Whistle
    Cannibalistic Pumpkin
    Cannon Fodder
    Capn Threelegs Cutlass Crusade
    Caramel and Custard Drops
    Caramel Chia Parfait
    Caramel Cream Puff
    Caramel Poogle Biscuit
    Caramel Skeith Surprise
    Carrot Crown
    Carrot Shoyru Muffin
    Carved Cantaloupe
    Carved Watermelon
    Cauliflower Lolly
    Cauliflower Shake
    Cauliflower Soup
    Caviar Hot Dog
    Charcoal Jelly Beans
    Checkered Doughnutfruit
    Cheddar Kacheek Cheese
    Cheese and Pickle Packed Lunch
    Cheese Momo
    Cheese Plate Slushie
    Cheese Rigamaroll
    Cheese Slushie
    Cheeseburger Slushie
    Cheesy Apple Stick
    Cheesy Asparagus
    Cheesy Broccoli Bite
    Cheesy Carrot Chunks
    Cheesy Carrots
    Cheesy Chocoshake
    Cheesy Chokato Pie
    Cheesy Kois
    Cheesy Krawk Dip
    Cheesy Strawberry Slice
    Cheops Soup
    Cherry Aboogala Lolly
    Cherry Lemonade Slushie
    Cherry Meerca Gobstopper
    Cherry Mootix Lollypop
    Cherry Pop
    Chia Cake
    Chilled Borovan with Frozen Asparagus
    Chilled Eyes with Clam Sauce
    Chilli Salmon Souffle
    Chip Butty Pizza
    Choccy Chip Skeith Biscuit
    Choco Spray
    Chococherry Blumaroo Ears
    Chocolate Achyfi Lollypop
    Chocolate Advent Calendar
    Chocolate Balthazar
    Chocolate Bearog Claw
    Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
    Chocolate Chia Pancakes
    Chocolate Chia Waffles
    Chocolate Chip Eyrie Cookie
    Chocolate Chip Nerkmid Biscuit
    Chocolate Chip Quiggle Cookie
    Chocolate Chip Yurble Gnome Cookie
    Chocolate Coated Blue Cheese
    Chocolate Coated Cheese
    Chocolate Coated Cheese Strings
    Chocolate Coated Eye
    Chocolate Coated Holey Cheese
    Chocolate Coated Tangy Cheese
    Chocolate Coconut Bars
    Chocolate Covered Toffee
    Chocolate Cowry Shell
    Chocolate Cream Biscuit
    Chocolate Crown of Sinsi
    Chocolate Crown of the Faeries
    Chocolate Cybunny Negg
    Chocolate Dipped Madeleines
    Chocolate Dr Sloth
    Chocolate Duck Rump
    Chocolate Elephante Ear
    Chocolate Fish
    Chocolate Grarrl Peti t Fours
    Chocolate Gum
    Chocolate Jeran
    Chocolate Joy Fun Pop
    Chocolate Kau Milk
    Chocolate Kaussant
    Chocolate King Skarl
    Chocolate Krawk Cake
    Chocolate Kyrii Ice Cream
    Chocolate Lipstick
    Chocolate Maracti te Coins
    Chocolate Meerca Roll
    Chocolate Moltenore
    Chocolate Murex Shell
    Chocolate Orange Easter Negg
    Chocolate Orange Ganache Cake
    Chocolate Orange Volcano
    Chocolate Peach
    Chocolate Peanuts With Peas
    Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Cake
    Chocolate Ruki Kit
    Chocolate Sandwich
    Chocolate Scallop Shell
    Chocolate Shoyru Meatball
    Chocolate Shoyru Muffin
    Chocolate Starfish
    Chocolate Stuffed Orange
    Chocolate Stuffed Pastry
    Chocolate Taquitos
    Chocolately Cheese Wedges
    Chokato Crepe
    Chokato Deluxe Aisha Cake
    Chokato Kau Cream Cake
    Chokato Neggnog
    Chokato Skeith Iced Bun
    Chokato Swirl Pretzel
    Chokato Toffee Apple
    Chomby Sushi
    Christmas Pattern Negg
    Christmas Pudding
    Cinnamon Eyrie Cookie
    Cinnamon Oatmeal
    Clam and Meatball Pizza
    Clam Chowder Ice Lolly
    Cloned Corn
    Cloud Muffin
    Clover Cream Coffee
    Coco Pumpkin
    Cocoa Juppie Mocha
    Coconut Fruit Cup
    Coconut Juice Bowl
    Coconut Ketchup Stew
    Codestone Truffle
    Coffee of the Dead
    Coffee Service
    Cog Crunchies
    Cog Stew
    Cole Slaughter
    Compass Cake
    Completely Non-lethal Sandwich
    Cone-Shaped Cherry
    Cone-Shaped Lemon
    Cone-Shaped Orange
    Cone-Shaped Strawberry
    Cone-Shaped Watermelon
    Container of Purple Liquid
    Continuous Meat
    Cookie Negg
    Corn Pyramid
    Cosmic Stars Sandwich
    Cranky Croissant
    Creamy Choccywhip
    Creamy Chocolate Pie
    Creme Brulee Slushie
    Crunchy Bone Sandwich
    Crunchy Chocolate Grarrl
    Crunchy Snotball
    Crusty Clam Surprise
    Crying Corn
    Cryogenically Frozen Negg
    Crypt Crisps
    Crystal Burger
    Crystal Cookies
    Crystal Crunch
    Crystal Taco
    Crystal Turkey
    Cube-Shaped Cherry
    Cube-Shaped Lemon
    Cube-Shaped Orange
    Cube-Shaped Strawberry
    Cuc umber Salad
    Cursed Qasalan Pancakes
    Custard Doughnut
    Cybunny Carrot Burger
    Cybunny Carrot Stew
    Cybunny Day Canape
    Cyodrake Roll
    Danderlice Surprise
    Dargil Meat Mince Pie
    Darigan Draik Egg
    Dark Chocolate Covered Toffee
    Dark Chocolate Lutari
    Dark Chocolate Poogle
    Dark Chocolate Scorchio
    Dark Chocolate Shoyru
    Dark Chocolate Skeith
    Dark Chocolate Tuskaninny
    Dark Chocolate Zafara
    Dark Faerie Mushroom
    Dark Faerie Plums
    Dark Nova Pop
    Dark Tea
    Deceptive Soup
    Deep Fried Ghosts
    Deep-Fried Galactic... Food Mass
    Dehydrated Spaghetti
    Deluxe Acara Sundae
    Deluxe Burger Dog
    Deluxe Chia Cake
    Deluxe Elephante Cake
    Deluxe Fyora Day Cake
    Deluxe Jacket Potato
    Deluxe Peophin Burger
    Deluxe Strawberry Toffee Chokato
    Deluxe Strawberry Usul Cake
    Deluxe Water Pizza
    Depressed Potato
    Desert Blumaroo Honey
    Desert Dessert
    Desert Kau Honey
    Desert Kiko Dried Fruit Bowl
    Desert Lupe Honey
    Dessert Hot Dog
    Destruct-O Chocolate Squares
    Deviled Eggs
    Diamond Hot Dog
    Dice Escape Coffee Cake
    Diet Big Gulp Neocola
    Dipping Apples
    Disgruntled Candy Corn
    Doglefox Bread Creature
    Doglefox Jelly
    Double Chocolate Jelly Beans
    Double Chocolate Surprise
    Double Cream Vanilla Sponge
    Double Stuffed Guppy
    Dr. Backwash
    Dragon Roll
    Draik Sugar Skull
    Dried Blusops
    Dried Lava Crisps
    Dried Ummagine
    Droolik Surprise
    Dung Slushie
    Earth Faerie Breath Mints
    Earth Faerie Cupcake
    Earth Faerie Mug
    Earth Faerie Mushroom
    Edible Magenorb Bouquet
    Edible Tar Pizza
    Eerie Eggs
    Egg and Tomato Sandwich
    Egg Salad Packed Lunch
    Electric Nachos
    Electric Taco
    Elegant Cup of Tea
    Elegant Tea Service
    ErgyFruit Grog
    ErgyFruit Jelly Beans
    Evil Blancmange
    Evil Pinanna
    Evil Popcorn
    Exotic Plant
    Exquisite Cup of Tea
    Extra Cheesy Cheddar Crisps
    Extra Fancy Cr ackers
    Extra Gherkin Hot Dog
    Extra Meaty Sausage Roll
    Eyrie Meringue
    Faellie Christmas Cookie
    Faerie Apple Pie
    Faerie Block Mallows
    Faerie Chocodrop
    Faerie Dreamwich
    Faerie Festival Cake
    Faerie Flotsam Fricassee
    Faerie Fruit Salad
    Faerie Grundo Sugar Cookie
    Faerie Hot Dog
    Faerie Kale
    Faerie Orange
    Faerie Sparklecake
    Faerieland Borovan
    Faerieland Gourmet Burger
    Fall Leaf Salad
    Fancy Altadorian Mustard
    Fancy Rack of Lamb
    Fancy Rack of Lamb with Fruit
    Fern Salad
    Festive Faerie Fizz
    Fiery Doughnutfruit
    Fire Apple
    Fire Carrot
    Fire Faerie Mushroom
    Fire Faerie Red Pepper
    Fish and Rhubarb Burgers
    Fish Doughnutfruit
    Fish Flavour Ice Cream
    Fish Negg Stew
    Fishy Delight Grarrl Gobstopper
    Flaming Blooble Fruit
    Flaming Super Hot Pasty
    Flaming Tuskaninny Ice Cream
    Flatfruit Bubble Tea
    Flied Rice
    Flotsam Fin Soup
    Flower Nectar
    Fluff N Stuff Grarrl Gobstopper
    Fluffy Faerie Hot Cakes
    Forbidden Plunder
    Four Dirt Pizza Block
    Four Layer Carrot Cake
    Franks and Cheesy Pasta
    Freeze Dried Fruit Platter
    Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwich
    French Toast PB&J Sandwich
    Fresh Fruit Goblet
    Fresh Lobster Tail
    Fresh Strawberry Doughnut
    Fresh Sushi Cone
    Fresh Sushi Roll
    Fresh Tomato Smoothie
    Fresh-Squeezed Florange Juice
    Freshly Cut Grass Slushie
    Fried Altadorian Cheese Plate
    Fried Negg Sandwich
    Fried Something Something
    Fried Suwek
    Fright Pop
    Frog Leg Pizza
    Frosted Babaa Cookies
    Frozen Blackberries and Cream
    Frozen Cybunny Treat
    Frozen Fruit Popsicle
    Frozen Negg
    Frozen Prawn Delight
    Frozen Strawberries and Cream
    Frozen Veggie Delight
    Fruit Cake
    Fruit Juice Sack
    Fruit Tart
    Fruit Wings Candy
    Fruity Brucicle
    Fruity Faerie Lolly
    Fruity Swirl Souffle
    Fun Icy Cheese Pop
    Funnydew Neggnog
    Fyora Apple
    Fyora Cookies
    Fyora Day Cupcakes
    Fyora Day Fizz
    Fyora Day Muffin
    Galactic Protein Shake
    Galactic Water
    Galaxy Cupcake
    Galaxy Energy Drink
    Gargaraptor Arm
    Garlic Kiko Taffy
    Garlicy Mushrooms
    Gelert Cupcake
    Ghost Marshmallows
    Ghost Puff
    Ghostkercreme Puff
    Giant Shish Kabob
    Ginger Green Tea
    Glowing Apple
    Glowing Asparagus
    Glowing Pre-Sliced Mushrooms
    Gnome Shroom
    Gnorbu Gum
    Gnorbu Lollipop
    Gold Gem Negg
    Golden Caviar
    Golden Doughnutfruit
    Golden Juppie
    Gooey Green Shake
    Gooseberry Crepe
    Gooseberry Jam Packed Lunch
    Goparokko Fish Surprise
    Goparokko Island Fruit
    Gorgroggle Soup
    Gr ape Blobcicle
    Gr ape Gummy Slorg
    Gr ape Jelly Brucicle
    Gr ape Juice Sippy Cup
    Gr ape Pop
    Gr ape Slurpship
    Gr apeade
    Gr apefruit Cake
    Green Apple Aisha Lollypop
    Green Chyrsaberry
    Green Doughnutfruit
    Green Draik Egg
    Green Gem Negg
    Green Ham
    Green Picnic Hamper
    Green Scorchipepper
    Greengage Breeze
    Grey Eggs and Bacon
    Grey Faerie Mushroom
    Grey Grundo Muffin
    Grey Toast
    Grey Waffles
    Grilled Cheese Chomby Sandwich
    Grilled Ummagine Slushie
    Grilled Veggie Platter
    Grobleen Salad
    Grobleen Sandwich
    Grog Light
    Ground Beef Smores
    Grundo Goo Sundae
    Grundo Orange
    Grundo Space Grub Platter
    Grundo Toe Lint
    Grundos House Special
    Grundos Luxury Kebab
    Grunion Fruit Krawk Cake
    Guacamole Injected Hot Dog
    Gummy Bait Worms
    Gummy Fyora Wings
    Gwontek Melon
    Haiku Dessert
    Hair Stuffed Maggot
    Halloween Candy Cane
    Ham and Turkey Feast
    Hamarama Ice Lolly
    Hanging Fruit Basket
    Happiness Faerie Dog
    Happy Anniversary Negg
    Happy Birthday Pizza
    Harffel Fruit Oatmeal
    Hasee Puff Cereal
    Haunted Milk
    Hazelnut Banana Crepe
    Hazelnut Whirl
    Headless Horsefish
    Healthy Grass Hot Dog
    Heart Shaped Negg
    Hermiteese Salad
    Hibiscus Tea
    Hidden Treasure Pasta
    Hieroglyphic Cake
    Holiday Bell Chocolate Advent Calendar
    Holiday Borovan Service
    Holiday Flowering Tea Pot
    Holiday Wocky Cake
    Honey and Bacon Burger
    Honey Basted Turkey Leg
    Honey Bearog
    Honey Blossom
    Honey Coated Hot Dog
    Honey Pastry
    Honey Toast
    Honey Vandagyre
    Honey Yurble
    Horror Doeuvres
    Hostile Quiche
    Hot and Sour Soup
    Hot Dog with Everything
    Hot Fudge Sundae
    Hot Tyrannian Pepper
    Hotdog with Embellish
    Huberts Special Hot Dog
    Hut of Mashed Potatoes
    Ice Apple
    Ice Cream Dumplings
    Ice Draik Egg
    Ice Ice Cream
    Iced Caramel Coffee
    Iced Clover Cream Coffee
    Iced Illusen Tea
    Iced Nerkmid Biscuit
    Iced Tuskaninny Cake
    Icy Doughnutfruit
    Icy Jelly Steak
    Illusen Negg
    Illusen Waffle
    Illusens Family Recipe Cake
    Intergalactic Orange Sorbet
    Intesteen Casserole
    Intestines and Marinara
    Invisible Cookie
    Irate Zafara Claw
    Island Draik Egg
    Island Meatloaf
    Ixi-like Potato Pile
    Jalapeno Kacheek Cheese
    Jasmine Tea
    Jelly Banana
    Jelly Bean Pizza
    Jelly Corn
    Jelly Covered Greycorn
    Jelly Doughnut Jelly
    Jelly Finger
    Jelly Fries
    Jelly Fruit Ring
    Jelly Guacamole
    Jelly Ham
    Jelly Jelly Jar
    Jelly Nachos
    Jelly Negg
    Jelly Oyster
    Jelly Spider Eyeball
    Jelly Taco
    Jelly Tomato
    Jelly Ultranova
    Jellyfish Sundae
    Jetsam Witchdoctor Cake
    Jetsam Witchdoctor Cupcake
    Jhudora Jelly
    Jhudoras Swirling Cocktail
    Jhudoras Toffee Rolls
    Jolly Green Jiggling Jelly
    JubJub Coconut Juice
    Jug of Fresh Lemoranade
    Juicy Melon
    Juppiemint Bar
    Kacheek Baby Cabbage Sandwiches
    Kacheek Fruit Salad Sandwich
    Kacheek Harffel Fruit Sandwich
    Kacheek Ombus Fruit Sandwich
    Kadoatie Biscuits
    Kau Ice Lolly
    Kau Sundae
    Kau Waffles
    Keel Haul
    Kiko Christmas Hot Chocolate Mug
    Kiko Day Cake
    Kiko Paw Cake
    Kiwi-Mango Smoothie
    Koi Dumplings And Chokato
    Korbat Grave Cake
    Korbat Wing Soup
    Kougra Sugar Skull
    Kougra Sushi
    Krakuberry Cove
    Krakuberry Grog
    Kreludan Borovan
    Kreludan Candy Floss
    Kreludan Grunpop
    Kreludan Ice Cream Sundae
    Kyrii Cream Parfait
    Land Lubber
    Large Chia Cake
    Large Melon Berry Spinach Leek Smoothie
    Large Sand Smoothie
    Large Swirly Chocolate Cybunny
    Large White Chocolate Cybunny
    Lava Chilaquiles
    Lava Latte
    Lavender Mint Tea
    Lawyerbot Bento Box
    Lawyerbot Bowl
    Lawyerbot Degreaser
    Le Sausage
    Leaf Taco
    Leaf Wraps
    Leafy Noodle Soup
    Leftover Shortcrust Pastry
    Lemon and Lime Easter Negg
    Lemon Bumbluz Lolly
    Lemon Cupcake
    Lemon Faerie Mousse
    Lemon Nova Pop
    Lemon Pinchit Lollypop
    Lemon Pop
    Lemon Sherbert Jelly Beans
    Lenny Fruit Tiramisu
    Lenny Salad
    Lenny Tea Set
    Lentil Cake
    Light Faerie Mushroom
    Lime Chomby Cake
    Lime Jelly Eyeball
    Lime Nova Pop
    Lime Skidget Lolly
    Lime Tart
    Linked Hot Dogs
    Loaf Of Pea Bread
    Loaf of Sand
    Loaf of Tablet Bread
    Lobster Berry Surprise
    Loretta Fontaines Perfect Pizza
    Lost City Lanes Lime Gobstopper
    Lost Desert Draik Egg
    Lunar Grunpop
    Lunch Hot Dog
    Lupe Bone Cake
    Lutari Fizz
    Luxury Cabbage Cake
    Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg
    Mad Meepit Mocha
    Magenorb Juice
    Magical Agueena Chia Pop
    Magical Apple Chia Pop
    Magical Asparagus Chia Pop
    Magical Aubergine Chia Pop
    Magical Avocado Chia Pop
    Magical Blueberry Chia Pop
    Magical Carrot Chia Pop
    Magical Chokato Chia Pop
    Magical Durian Chia Pop
    Magical Gooseberry Chia Pop
    Magical Gr ape Chia Pop
    Magical Lemon Chia Pop
    Magical Lime Chia Pop
    Magical Orange Chia Pop
    Magical Pea Chia Pop
    Magical Peach Chia Pop
    Magical Pear Chia Pop
    Magical Pepper Chia Pop
    Magical Pineapple Chia Pop
    Magical Plum Chia Pop
    Magical Red Starry Slushie
    Magical Strawberry Chia Pop
    Magical Thornberry Chia Pop
    Magical Tomato Chia Pop
    Magical Ummagine Chia Pop
    Man O War
    Mango Crab Salad
    Maple Syrup Negg
    Maracti te Hot Dog
    Maracti te Ice Lolly
    Marshmallow Plumpy
    Marshmallows with Gravy
    Mayonnaise Doughnut
    Meat and fruit Kebab
    Meat Pastry
    Meatier Asparagus Dish
    Mecha Hot Dog
    Meepit Juice Break Marshmallow
    Meepit Muffins
    Meerca Apertif
    Meerca Bolognese
    Meerca Pie
    Meerca Sushi
    Mega Honeyplume Smoothie
    Mega Lemon Blitz Smoothie
    Mega Manoroot Sandwich
    Mega Pipper Sandwich
    Mega Salmon Sherbert Smoothie
    Mega Sandwich
    Mega Tuna Sandwich
    Megachilli Hot Dog
    Meriberry Dressing
    Meridellian Style Mashed Potatoes
    Mighty Steakwich
    Mild Burnumup
    Milkyway Shake
    Millipede Lollypop
    Mini Baby Hot Dogs
    Miniature Chocolate Chocolate Factory
    Minimalist Cake
    Mint Chocolate Blumaroo
    Mint Chocolate Chia
    Mint Chocolate Easter Negg
    Mint Chocolate Kacheek
    Mint Chocolate Lupe
    Mint Chocolate Peophin
    Mint Chocolate Tuskaninny
    Mint Jelly Sandwich
    Mint Kyrii Ice Cream
    Minty Choccywhip
    Minty Eyrie Cookie
    Minty Meerca Mini Cake
    Mocha Joy Fun Pop
    Moehog Lollypop
    Moehog Rice Cakes
    Moehog Sparkler Cake
    Moehog Sundae
    Moehog Surprise
    Moltaran Bak Lava
    Molten Candy Apple
    Molten Frosting Cake Slice
    Molten Root Casserole
    Mosaic Negg
    Moulded Jelly Dessert
    Mouldy Cheese
    Mouldy Gruncheese
    Mozzarella Basil Hot Dog
    Mud Lollipop
    Mummified Ettaphant Loaf
    Mummified Hot Dog
    Murky Green
    Mustard and Tofu Hot Dog
    Mutated Negg
    Mynci Brain Sandwich
    Mynci Fruit Kebab
    Mynci Surprise Ice Cream
    Myncibean Punch
    Natural Hot Dog
    Natural Springabee Honey
    Neocola Slushie
    Nettle Tea
    Neverending Jar of Jellybeans
    Nimmo Day Fruit Cake
    Nimmo Pastry Plate
    Noil Candy Floss
    Nutritional Block
    Octopus Ice Cream Platter
    Odorra Pod
    Olive Marshmallow Taco
    Omelette Turkey
    Orange and Gr ape Cone
    Orange Chia Cake
    Orange Chocolate Pyramid
    Orange Chocolate Scorchio
    Orange Chocolate Tuskaninny
    Orange Grundo Sherbet
    Orange Gummy Slorg
    Orange Gummy Stamp
    Orange Jelly Ice Cream
    Orange Krawk Cake
    Orange Lightmite Lollypop
    Orange Scoach Lolly
    Organic Pecan
    Organic Spinach Salad
    Organic Walnut
    Origami Rice Ba lls
    Origami Sushi
    Ornate Bowl of Oranges
    Our Famous Krawk Pie
    Oyster Obsession
    Pan Galactic Gargle Slushie
    Parmesan Herb Bread
    Parsnip Pie
    Parts on a Pizza
    Patrapiller and Honey
    Peach Jelly
    Peachpa Stuffed Potato
    Peachy Pizza
    Peanut and Chocolate Slushie
    Peanut Butter Gormball Truffle
    Peanut Dash Stir Fry
    Pear and Suet Pudding
    Peas and Corn Pizza
    Peophin Chocolate Medallion
    Peophin-shaped Souffle
    Peppered Kersla Bug
    Peppered Salmon Dish
    Petpet Cr ackers
    Pickled Cauliflower
    Pinanna Paradise
    Pinanna Plus
    Pine Cone Cake
    Pine Needle Ice Lolly
    Pineapple Breeze
    Pineapple Jelly
    Pineapple Muffin
    Pineapple Rice Bowl
    Pink Apple Lantern
    Pink Chokato
    Pink Negg Tea
    Pink Peachpa Cooler
    Pink Spooky Floss
    Pink Spooky Ice Cream
    Pink Spooky Popcorn
    Pirate Draik Egg
    Pirate Negg
    Pirate Pizza
    Pizza Sandwich
    Plain Nerkmid Biscuit
    Planetary Pizza Ring
    Plate of Unidentifiable Meat
    Plate of Warm Holiday Cookies
    Platinum Silver Hot Dog
    Pluburb Pie
    Polka Carrot
    Polka Dot Hot Dog
    Poogle Biscuit
    Popcorn Cupcake
    Potato Ice Cream
    Pound Cake and Frosting Sandwich
    Pretty Pink Easter Negg
    Pretty Purple Princess Negg
    Prickly Merato
    Prime Beef and Chicken Meatba lls
    Primordial Stew
    Protein on the Go
    Psimouse Cake
    Pteri Seed Cake
    Pteri Soup
    Pumpkin Bread
    Pumpkin Pancakes
    Pumpkin Scoopings
    Pumpkin Smoothie
    Pumpkin Soup
    Pumpkin Spice Coffee
    Punk Rocker Hot Dog
    Puntec Cupcake
    Puntec Fruit
    Puntec Parcel
    Purblare Fruit Bowl
    Purple Carrot
    Purple Doughnutfruit
    Purple Felberry Kiko Candy Floss
    Purple Grundo Lunar Plum
    Purple Juppie Slurpbowl
    Purple Picnic Hamper
    Puzzle Fruit
    Pyramid Banana
    Pyramid Pear
    Pyramid Potato Skins
    Pyramid Purpple
    Pyramid Strawberry
    Qanfire Fruit
    Qasalan Falafel
    Quadruple Scoop of Sorbet
    Queela Torte
    Quiggle Pie
    Radish and Cheese
    Radish Meringue
    Radish Pie
    Rainbow Apple
    Rainbow Candy Floss
    Rainbow Carrot
    Rainbow Cybunny Negg
    Rainbow Doughnutfruit
    Rainbow Gelert Day Pancakes
    Rainbow Hot Dog
    Rainbow Melt Pizza
    Rainbow Negg
    Rainbow Neggnog
    Rambus Hot Dog
    Raptraphant Leg
    Raspberry and Vanilla Nova
    Raspberry Chocolate Tuskaninny
    Raspberry Ghostkerchief Jelly
    Raspberry Iced Tea
    Raspberry Jam
    Raspberry Jelly Muffin
    Raspberry Pop
    Raspberry Sundae
    Raspberry Toffee Apple
    Red Buzz Lolly
    Red Draik Egg
    Red Molti te Popsicle
    Red Octopepper
    Red Paint Brush Cookie
    Red Picnic Hamper
    Refreshing Oasis Water
    Reject Marshmallow Grundo
    Relaxation Tea
    Rest in Pea Soup
    Rest in Peace of Chicken
    Rhubarb and Custard Pretzel
    Roast Chestnut Neggnog
    Roast Lizard Eggs
    Roast Pork
    Roast Ummagine Pastry Roll
    Rock Negg
    Roe Sushi
    Rose Slushie
    Rosemary Mushroom Tea
    Royal Ice Lolly
    Ruki Salad
    Runny Snot
    Sakhmet Palace Cake
    Salt Water Hot Dog
    Sandy Geb Cakes
    Scamander Cookies
    Scoop of Meteor Ice Cream
    Screlon Juice
    Seafarers Hot Dog
    Seafood Pasta Salad
    Seared Turnip Steak
    Seasoned Curly Chips
    Seaw eed Flotsam Burger
    Seaw eed Krawk Cake
    Seaw eed Tentacle Kimchee
    Secret Sloth Slushie
    Sentient Stew
    Sesame Pistachio Cake
    Seven Layer Mousse
    Shell Lollypop
    Shenkuu Fried Wrap
    Shenkuu Pumpkin Cake
    Shiver Me Shrimp
    Shrimp on Ice
    Shrimp Salad Hot Dog
    Silver Doughnutfruit
    Simple Fyora Cake
    Skeith Ice Cream Cake
    Slice Of Pea Pie
    Slithering Snake Taco
    Slithering Squid Surprise
    Slorg Biscuits
    Slorg Meatloaf
    Slorg Potatoes
    Sloth Cone
    Sloth Dog
    Sloth Pudding Cup
    Sloth Spaghetti
    Sloth Wrap
    Smelly Sardine Wrap
    Smiley Pizza
    Snacking Bread
    Snailcorn Parfait
    Sniddberry Meerca Gobstopper
    Snorkle Pudding
    Snot Dog
    Snot Fries
    Snot Kiko Taffy
    Snow Bagel
    Snow Broccoli
    Snow Burrito
    Snow Kabob
    Snowberry Ice Lolly
    Snowberry Quiggle Cake
    Snowflake Chocolate Advent Calendar
    Snowy Pancakes
    Soup Faerie Mushroom
    Souper Bowl
    Sour Uni Cake
    Space Faerie Cereal
    Space Faerie Mushroom
    Space Floss
    Space Fungus Sundae
    Space Kabob
    Space Quesadilla
    Space Rock Soup
    Space Slushie
    Spaghetti and Brains
    Sparkle Berry Kiko Candy Floss
    Sparkleberry and Cream
    Sparkleberry Pie
    Sparkling Ice Lolly
    Spicy Juppie Pasty
    Spicy Kau Burger
    Spicy Purblare Juice
    Sponge Doughnutfruit
    Spooky Flying Doughnut
    Spooky Ghostbeef
    Spooky Handwich
    Spoooky Muffin
    Sporkle Leg
    Spotted Easter Negg
    Spotted Pudding with Custard
    Spring Burger
    Spyder Eggs
    Spyder Muffins
    Spyven Leg Soup
    Square Meat
    Squibble Berry Sandwich
    Squid Delight Pizza
    Squid on a Stick
    Squid Sauce
    Squirming Squid Pasty
    Stack It High Cake
    Star Shaped Cheeseburger
    Starfish Pizza
    Starry Cupcake
    Starry Scorchipepper
    Steak Negg
    Steak Surprise
    Stealthy Hot Dog
    Steamed Fish
    Steamed Gorgroggles
    Steamed Vegetable Dumplings
    Steaming Root Salad
    Stick of Butter
    Stone Hot Dog
    Strange Pinanna
    Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg
    Strawberry and Orange Blend
    Strawberry Chia Pop
    Strawberry Flavoured Hot Dog
    Strawberry Grarrl Pet it Fours
    Strawberry JubJub Sundae
    Strawberry Kiko Taffy
    Strawberry Kiwi Tea
    Strawberry Koi Cupcake
    Strawberry Milk Packet
    Strawberry Poogle Biscuit
    Strawberry Salmon
    Strawberry Shimmer Cake
    Strawberry Skeith Biscuit
    Strawberry Slushie
    Strawberry Taco
    Strawberry Tonu Foot Shortcake
    Strong Berry
    Stuffed Chokatos
    Stuffed Olive Salad
    Stuffed Penupe
    Sugar Coated Leaf
    Sugar Moehog Skull
    Sugar Nerkmid Biscuit
    Sugar Tonu Skull
    Sugary Sausage Roll
    Super Deluxe Maraquan Victory Cake
    Super Frosty Ice Shake
    Super Icy Custard
    Super Spicy Jelly Beans
    Sushi Boat
    Sushi Hot Dog
    Sushi Platter
    Sweet Necklace
    Sweet Potato Fizzy Drink
    Swirly Chocolate Milk
    Taco Hot Dog
    Tall Stack of Mutant Pancakes
    Tar Slushie
    Tartan Chia Pop
    Tasty Guacamole
    Tchea Fruit Bowl
    Tchea Fruit Pasty
    Tchea Grog
    Tchea Toffee Apple
    Techo Jelly Surprise
    Tentacle Burger
    Terry Berry
    Tetraberry Chia Pop
    That Fruit Basket You Forgot About
    The Stuff
    Thistleberry Crepe
    Thistleberry Pie
    Thistleberry Sandwich
    Thorn on the Cob
    Thornberry Candy Gavel
    Tiered Neopets 8th Birthday Cake
    Tiger Orange Slushie
    Tigerbuggle Pizza
    Tigerbuggle Scorchio Cookie
    Tigerfruit Toffee Apple
    Tigersquash Blumaroo Biscuit
    Tigersquash Crepe
    Tigersquash Custard
    Tigersquash Pretzel
    Tigersquash Spectacular
    Toast A La King
    Toast With Au Jus
    Toast With Cheese
    Toffee Dubloon
    Toffeed Brain
    Tofu Space Slug Soup
    Tomato Basil Salad
    Tomato Cannon Ball
    Tomato Cheesecake
    Tomato Dipped Chocolate Bar
    Tomato Kebab
    Tomato Stuffed Doughnut
    Toxic Sloth Slushie
    Traditional Altadorian Gyro
    Traditional Mochi
    Transparaberry Hot Cross Buns
    Transparaberry Slushie
    Triple Choco-Strawberry Cake
    Tropical Breeze
    Turkey Dinner
    Turkey Drumstick Dinner
    Turkey Monster
    Turtum Shell Salad
    Tuskaninny Sundae
    Twice-Baked Spiked Potato
    Twin Salad
    Tyrannian Everything Omelette
    Tyrannian Rock Salad
    Tyrannian Water Negg
    Ugly Pinanna
    Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich
    Ultra Deluxe Faeriepop
    Ultra Nova Pop
    Ultra Strong Coffee
    Ultranova Sponge Cake
    Ummagine Candy Cane
    Unguberry Kiko Candy Floss
    Uni Salad
    Uni Sugar Skull
    Unripe Puntec Wrap
    Upside Down Ice Cream
    Vanilla Drum Cake
    Vanilla Kiko Fudge
    Vanilla Neocola
    Vanilla Orange Biscuits
    Vegetarian Sloth Wrap
    Veggie Burger
    Veggie Deluxe Stuffed Pepper
    Veggie Faerie Burger
    Vein Cabbage
    Vionanna Mince Pie
    Voidberry Slushie
    Waffle Burger
    Waffle Sandwich
    Walk The Plank
    Walking Carpet Cotton Candy
    Water Faerie Blueberries
    Water Faerie Cupcake
    Water Faerie Mushroom
    Water Pizza
    Watermelon Jetsam
    Watermelon Maraquan Shoyru
    Watermelon Roll
    Week Old Glass of Milk
    Weeping Broccoli
    Well-Aged Hot Dog
    Welsh Rarebit
    White Chocolate Asparagus Souffle
    White Chocolate Covered Toffee
    White Chocolate Lutari
    White Chocolate Nova
    Whole Anchovy Pizza
    Whole Cauliflower and Lentil Pizza
    Whole Cheeseburger Pizza
    Whole Cheesesteak Pizza
    Whole Chilli Cheese Pizza
    Whole Chilli Deluxe Pizza
    Whole Garden Fresh Pizza
    Whole Jelly Pie
    Whole Pepperoni and Mushroom Pesto Pizza
    Whole Steak and Egg Pizza
    Whole Sushi Pizza
    Whole White Pizza
    Whole Yummy Cloud Pizza
    Wicker Fruit Cornucopia
    Wing of Korbat
    Wocky Plum Pudding
    Wocky Steak
    Wocky Tacos
    Wormy Slushie
    Yellow Doughnutfruit
    Yellow Draik Egg
    Yummy Drops
    Zafara Cherry Strudel
    Zeenana Split
    Zeenana Toffee Apple
    Zero Gravity Cheese Poofs
    Zombie Draik Egg
    Zonutuk Fruit

    I need all onion foods too but for some reason the filters won't let me post them.

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