» Tekyre the Faerie Xweetok «

I praise my immortality, and curse the gods who did make me

In a thousand mountains, the flight of birds is not seen;
On ten thousand paths, human footprints have vanished.
On a lonely boat, in straw cloak and bamboo hat, an old man,
Fishing alone, in the cold river snow.

» River Snow, 江雪, by 柳宗元 (Liu Zongyuan) «


Big Faerie Xweetok by Becca
Poem is River Snow, 江雪, by 柳宗元 (Liǔ Zōngyuán), translated by eastasiastudent.net
Background from Mariposa
CSS by Floral

Okay, so way back when, in 2011, I was a little girl on a much more active site, scrolling through petpages to adopt pets with nice colors. That was when I came across Xoria's orphanage, and saw a lovely faerie xweetok names Tekyre UFA. Now, you see where this is going? Anyway, I used my then-non-existent CSS abilities to create a petpage application, and looking back on the code, it wasn't the greatest. There were probably going to be better applicants than me, right? But out of all the applicants, I got chosen: and suffice to say, I brushed up on my coding abilities and now I look back on Tekyre with pride: My first adopted neopet, and seriously, she is the reminder of my younger self playing neopets.

Thank you Marjo, for without you, I wouldn't have such a beautiful faerie xweetok to adore c:

in what once was a human life

It felt so sad to her, how the leaves fell in autumn.
Discarded, useless, murdered for the greater good, the tree preparing for the harsh winter to come.
She picked up a leaf, and delicately held it in her hand.

If I was a leaf
and doomed to the same fate
as all of the rest
would I be able to accept it too?

When it came to winter, she felt sad at the loss of colour from the landscape. Everything had been bleached a blinding white, and it blinded her eyes if she looked too long.

If they say that white is the colour
of purity and innocence
how can it be that
it hurts my eyes in this way?

Eventually, it was spring, and it melted away the blinding snow. In its place, multitudes of flowers came into bloom, unleashing an explosion of colour.
However, she could not see them in their true beauty, as every so often when she went outside, her eyes would water from their pollen, and blur her view.

Why torture me
by creating something so beautiful
and not allowing me
to gaze at it adoringly?

Finally, the summer came to her fields, and eventually her crops withered away and became dust, for the sun was harsh. She grabbed a handful of dust, and watched it blow away on the arid wind.

Why does the sun
who works so hard in the sky
choose to murder these plants
who have caused it no trouble?

imprisoned for a crime not committed

The world was cruel. Or perhaps not, she had no idea which was the truth now. If the world was truly benevolent, she would not have been alive. Yes, yes. If the world was truly benevolent, she would have never had to contend with people, or ideas, or things. She could be a nobody, in a nothing-world with no time to measure the length of her suffering.

There were chains. There were chains on her soul, on her mind, on her existence. But, perhaps, if the world was truly benevolent, no-one else would have existed. Only her, and only her. Yes, if that had happened she wouldn't have been stuck here, in this forsaken place. She could free herself whenever she wanted.

She knew she was never born a leaf, perhaps a seed, inside a fruit, destined to become another tree, making the same choices. It was sealed, the moment she was part of the aristocracy, part of the upper class, part of the only truly blessed people in this earth. But perhaps it was those things that had landed her where she was now.

I let go of those leaves for the greater good. Wasn't that why I am here? But that would be incredibly sad... And I do not allow myself to remember the purpose for their deaths. Such a wretched choice, this.

She told herself lies, white lies, black lies, true lies. Anything to forget and to keep forgetting.

In the darkness of those chains, she coiled both tighter and tighter around her with each passing day, until even the rulers in hell, with their all-seeing eyes, could not see her anymore.

When the day came to free her, the rulers unlocked the chains, and found she had disappeared in the blink of an eye. So desperate, they remarked.

And when she sunk her hand into the cool, muddy earth, she felt blessed for the first time, despite those chains, and the horrors, and the darkness slumbering inside her.

Only those born in a cage may experience true freedom, as they have nothing to compare it with.

In her new life, she only had one wish, and it was for others to be free as well. Her friends have been long dead: none had survived as long as she. The sky was a different colour now, and she could feel that she was a different existence now. An ether, a spirit on the breeze, ascended to the stars. There were new humans now, a newer age. They called themselves the Fells, after fallen angels of old. She, herself, could sympathise with their plight, and loved them as their own.

In her past life, she had been Tekyre, the fallen angel, and this much was true. When she had dared to speak out against the gods, the gods struck back at her, banishing her existence. But one by one, the gods died out, and she was freed.

In her new life, she was Tek, Loneliness, patron of the Fels, who too were abandoned by their own kind. She felt a new purpose in life, and chose to devote her time to the Fels, who she could sympathise with.

life as a mortal diviner

She had been in the freezing mountains to the far south once before, and she remembered glorious snow-capped mountains basking in the cloudlight. although it was grey there, she had adored the complete absence of colour that normally dominated the fields in the Vast Wilderness.

As she was walking through the cotton field, hand holding a paper fan to chase away the heat, she could only think that this was a sad imitation of those mountains. The white was mixed with earth stalks, yellowed and dried, quite incomplete in comparison to the bright red colour of the farmer's house. It was obviously painted to match the red apples of the apple tree in the courtyard, even if it was chipped here and there.

Miss, what do the plants tell you?

She didn't even need her divine energy to figure out what the cause of such an abysmal yield was.

Yin from the sun, unbalanced Yang from the earth. Mix 5 parts soil to 1 part excretement of any animal or yourselves, and place around the base of the next crop every week.

Thank you, miss.

The farmer hesitated, and asked: Would you like payment?

No need, I will be back next year to see how the harvest goes. Although, would you happen to be able to give this one some fruit from that tree?

With a hat full of fruit, she walked into a small rural town close to that farm. It was market day, it seems, and there was a lot of hubbub and chatter. Should she trade the apples?

Four apples for half a catty of dried meat.
Two apples for a bottle of cheap wine, seems to have been diluted.
One to a beggar on the streetside.

Which left two apples for herself, and she sat on a street corner munching on one of the apples. After finishing, she pocketed the apple seeds and threw the core into the drainage, wiped her hands on her skirt, and used her divine power to assess her surroundings.

A well maintained garden, a few stray cats, another garden with dying magnolias, a couple of gardens without water, a small crowd gathered around a prized horse, pure bred destrier (so the war's reached here? I should leave…), and aha!

She walked around to the wealthier area of town, and knocked on a firm maple door twice. Patting down her skirt, she heard the sound of footsteps along a marble corridor, quite surprising.

Lady, you seem to not be from these parts, may I ask your name and business?

I am a mere diviner (his eyebrows creased, certainly this household does not believe in such things), is the madam of this household 9 months with child?

The butler stares, and considers my words. Are you here to inflict danger upon her? Yes, they must certainly hate those of my profession.

I would like to help her give birth safely. All I ask in return are a few seeds from your lotus plants, they have stopped blooming, yes?

The door is unceremoniously slammed in my face, and I sigh. Perhaps a more direct approach would have suited me better.

However, I feel that the butler has not moved from behind the door, perhaps pondering my words. I knock again.

Lady, I am quite sorry but our Bei household has been scammed before, how can I be sure that your words are not simply gleaned from the townsfolk, but are the words of a true diviner?

Indeed, anyone on the street could hear the gossip that Bei household's madam was pregnant, or that the lotus garden was diminishing.

I have been blessed by a Small God of the Earth, it is within my ability to divine anything related to living beings. The master of this house has Chrysantheums and Peach blossom leaves in an arrangement on his desk, and the madam is pregnant with a boy, a blessing indeed. Would this be enough?

As the butler, he had hand picked the flowers for the madam to arrange, and Chrysantheums and Peach blossom leaves had been available for her to use. However….

I will ask the master if you may be permitted entrance.

The baby was chubby, with eyes of coal and his soft dimples rosy with the innocence of childhood. The Master and Madam of the Bei household were delighted: while the birth did take some time, in the end both mother and child were safe and happy.

Lady, here are the lotus seeds you requested. Are you sure they are all you need?

Pondering for a moment, she added: If you could spread some good words about me, that would be great.

The butler laughed heartily, and then remembered: What do they call you?

But she was already on her way, waving her paper fan about. She should get it painted soon, perhaps with chrysanthemum flowers, and an edge of yellow gold.

After travelling for a week, the next town was near a river, so at night she went bathing, and cleaned herself of the filth from the road. Digging through the mud, she found a knife, an abandoned barrel, a few trinkets, and a few household bowls and cups. The barrel was filled with river water, and when the moon was readying to sleep, set up a shop outside, on the main road.

She used her divine energy to grow the seeds, and when the sun woke up, she started selling her wares. Lotus flowers! Lotus flowers!

The passersby were intrigued, such fine lotus flowers, but such a… pitiful stall? Business was slow, but steady, as she was willing to trade for flowers for things other than coins.

Lady, can I have that pink one, with a few whitish petals? I aint got the coin, but I have a half jade ring here.

The ring was mostly cheap bronze, with a small chip of jade inlaid in the center. (my wares do not come so cheap, but they are gifts from the earth, after all.)

I have paint, earth green, made from the grass over yonder at Shimeng pass. (good for my fan, perhaps a bush or tree instead?)

I-I'm an aspriring w-wr-writer. A copy o-of my p-poems? (....)

She weighed her bag of coins, and mused about visiting a painter. They were getting close to the capital city, only a few nights away, and she could see the famed gardens of the gods.

Next year, she came back, holding a parasol painted with cherry blossoms.

How did the harvest go?

Miss! The farmer hurried and ran to her, puffing.

The harvest was good, I take it?

Very good! I will keep your words in mind, would you like your payment?

Yes, send me off with the harvest, and I will ask the merchant to produce a dress for me out of it.


by candyfied!

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