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My name is Katie and I come from the United Kingdom
I enjoy surfing the pound and NC boards, sometime I even venture on the avatar boards.
I have a twin sister (faded_glow/Kelly) whom also plays on here and you may have seen her around.
If you feel I can help you in any way please do not hesitate to drop me neomail.
I adore Disney music or films which leads me to being a big kid at heart.
Enough about me, be safe and have fun, after all this is only a game so treat others how you wish to be treated.


10.12.2018 Tisa completed 1000 Faerie Jobs

08.11.2018 Painted Kita Desert

01.08.2018 Traded for Adora

11.12.2018 Traded for Emyau


Train Tisa to max level Obtain Golden Shell for avatar Trade for a WN UC Faerie Tonu Get booktastic for Kita & Adora Trade for my NC Dream items


Traded for Adora Traded for Emyau Got PMC


dream items

These items below are my dream items and most wanted

If you have any of the following above my TL is located here:

my pets

Tisa Baby Kacheek

the Faerie Alkenore
and it's Strale

Kita Desert Aisha

the Biscuit Kadoatie
and it's Ditrey

Adora Baby Eyrie

the Petpetpet Comb
and it's Skidget

Emyau Baby Kougra

the Plushie Faellie
and it's Breebly

Dream Uc Goal

Art Done for me

Link Me

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