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    2. Button by Save the Magic
    3. Button by Evermore

    Welcome to the Original Trash Collector Program!

    Hey there, maraquann! Welcome to the Trash Collector Program! I'm Nessa!

    The basic idea of this site is to lessen trash in the Trading Post, user-shops, the Second-Hand Shoppe and most of all, The Money Tree. To do that, we discard junk, not donate it. "That will never work!" you might say. Maybe it won't. But hey, we want to try.

    Why do we want to clean up Neopia? Well! Why not? Who wants to see junk everywhere? The Money Tree used to be a place where unwanted items went. Not items that nobody wants. So maraquann, what do you think? Will you help us?

    Tips on Cleaning Neopia

    You could try using Shop Wizard to buy junk, then discard it. I like to go to the Money Tree, discard the junk I get and re-donate the good items. You can only get 10 items a day but it's worth it. Same goes for the Second-Hand Shoppe.

    You can also set up your own junk trades! (Also called Project Trades). Set up some trades with some good items such as jellies, omelettes or anything else useful. In the wishlist, put that you want a certain number of items of junk in return. That's it! You could also put a link back button on whatever lookup you'd like and sponser this campaign.

    Do you collect a junk item?

    Items We Consider Junk:

    Bit of Barbed Wire
    Broken Fishing Pole
    Broken Toy Sailboat
    Bucket of Sludge
    Darigan Seaweed
    Giant Bath Plug
    Giant Brown Kelp
    Giant Green Kelp
    Giant Red Kelp
    Grey Sea Fern
    Half Coconut Shell
    Soggy Old Box
    Super Toy Sailboat
    Magic Crystalline Kelp
    Old Boot
    Old Rotten Left Boot
    Old Rotten Right Boot
    Old Rotten Left Sandal
    Old Rotten Right Sandal
    Old Rotten Left Shoe
    Old Rotten Right Shoe
    Packet of Gravel
    Piece of Wool
    Pile of Dung
    Pile of Sludge
    Petrified Bone
    Poisonous Jelly
    Rotting Driftwood
    Rusty Old Can
    Shimmery Seagrass
    Spongy Algae
    Starry Sea Fern
    Tombola Pencil Sharpener
    Tombola Visor
    Toy Sailboat
    Unlabelled Tin Can
    Void Plant
    Volcanic Rock

    sleepingsheep101 collects Pieces of Wool.
    missyjasmine5 collects any junk besides kelp.
    kittlylover5547 collects Broken Fishing Poles.
    dainta collects Toy Sailboats, Super Toy Sailboats and Giant Bath Plugs.
    555_555_555_55_7_7_7 collects Piles of Dung.
    domo_hello_kitty collects Piles of Dung.
    loveylove_ collects Dull Grey Pearl.

    twilighticeprincess collects Old Rotten Right Shoe.

    Do you collect something on this list? Here you can have your name added with the item(s) you collect! Just fill out the form below and Neomail it.
    Linking back is not required but is appreciated.


    Q. Can I still apply to be a Trash Collector Helper?
    A. No, applications are not being accepted right now. Not very many people were keeping up with their trades and there just wasn't much interest in the site.

    Q. Are you going to open that part of the site up again?
    A. Maybe!


    For any questions regarding the Trash Collector Program or if you have any ideas or suggestions, please Neomail Nessa (LoveyLove_).


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