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A cherry blossom petal slowly floats down in front of you. You pick it up, and instantly find yourself on a cobblestone pathway. You put the petal in your pocket and begin to walk up the path. Soon, the path disappears and you find a plaid blanket spread under a cherry blossom tree. A basket of fruits, some water, a couple of books, and pillows lay on the blanket. It's as if someone was expecting you...


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All of a sudden, a piece of paper flutters to the floor. On it, it reads: Welcome to this most sacred place, where stories come alive in a most pleasant way. Please, feel free to help yourself to some fruits and water, and enjoy. When you are done, go ahead and continue walking down the path. You might just find something special...

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Short Stories

All of a sudden, a piece of paper flutters to the floor. On it, it reads: Welcome to this most sacred place, where stories come alive in a most pleasant way. Please, feel free to help yourself to some fruits and water, and enjoy. When you are done, go ahead and continue walking down the path. You might just find something special...

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Illusen Tales

Ever wonder why Illusen and Jhudora hate each other? Read to find out.

The Abandoned Project

A story about how a group of abandoned pets join to escape the pound.


Jillian's family doesn't celebrate Christmas. Follow Jillian on her quest around Neopia Central while she uncovers the meaning of Christmas.

A Musical Prodigy

Riley has had a hard life. Between juggling school, and taking care of her siblings, she doesn't have that much time to herself. Her 'mom' abandoned the family a while ago so now all the responsibilities are on her. Riley's only escape is music. But will it be enough?

A Lonely Place for a Lonely Faerie

Coming Soon
I was just a young faerie when I found out why. It was just a sunny afternoon in Faerieland. All of the young earth faeries were playing up in the clouds or down below Meridell, but I was different. I was more curious than the others. Ever since we were born, we were told to stay away from the dark faeries. We were told that they were bad. All the other faeries listened, but as I kept watching the dark faeries, especially the little one, about my age. Her name was Jhudora.

She was a funny little faerie. Always trying to cast dark spells on poor neopians, but always ending up doing something good to them. Finally, after two years of watching, I decided to go over and talk to her. I know it's against the rules, but a dark faerie that casts good spells, couldn't be all that bad, right? When I got over there, Jhudora was surprised to see an earth faerie. She started chanting this spell that only made flowers grow. The flowers were really pretty, but us earth faeries could've done better. Jhudora said Why does this always happen? I'm suppose to be casting dark spells! Not spells that bring peace or good into other neopian lives! Is it because of you earth faerie? Did you mess up my spells? I shook my head. I would never mess up another faerie's spell. Besides I'm an earth faerie we are usually really peaceful. I'm not here to do any harm to the dark fairies. I just want to get to know you more!, I explained. Humph!, said Jhudora, and she flew off into the sky.

I followed Jhudora home. The castle that she lived in was dark purple, and black. It was kind of creepy looking, but I kept walking up the path leading to the castle. Jhudora flew up to her room. I followed. Hello Jhudora!, I said. She turned around startled. How did you find me here? You 're not even suppose to be here! If my parents or any other dark faerie finds out, you are so going to be toast! We have to get you out of here quick!, said Jhudora. I shook my head and said, Okay... but the only why I followed you here is because I wanted to get to know you. All the other earth faeries stay away, but I don't want to. I want to be friends! Jhudora just stood there for a moment. Finally she said,Alright then... so what do you want to talk about? After that day, we were the best of friends. in secret of course.

Years have past. I am now 14 years old, a teenager faerie as you might say. Jhudora and I have been friends ever since we were eight years old, and we still are. Until one day, Jhudora flew up to me and said, Illusen! My....my...family, and all the dark faeries decided to end all the earth faeries! You have to come with me! I know a way to save them! We have a long way to go, but we'll make it. We have two weeks worth of time on our hands right now. Hurry up and pack! I was so devastated and worried that I flew home and packed a few things. Then I met Jhudora at Faerieland, and set off on the quest. We traveled to Neopia, and bought 3 supernovas from Kauvara's Magic Shop. Then we went to the Haunted Woods and got some of the brain tree's bark when he was sleeping. Finally we traveled back to faerieland, and into the hidden tower. We needed Fyora's staff so we took it, and flew off to prepare the spell.

Jhudora led me back to her house to perform the spell. She chanted a few magical words. I began to feel something wrap around me then it grew tighter and tighter. I looked down and found myself tied up in strange purple ropes. Jhudora stopped chanting and said,I am sorry my friend, but it appears that you are all tied up. I will now take you to the other dark faeries. Don't worry, we're just going to take away your magic, and nothing more. I struggled to get out. Traitor! You had this planned all along didn't you? Befriending an earth faerie just to get her magic?, I shouted. That does not concern you. Now, if you just come quietly, you will feel less pain, and so will I. Jhudora said quietly.

When she took me to the dark faeries, one of them untied me. That was the time when I made my escape. I summoned all of my earth faerie magic and teleported myself away from that evil place. Now, that bring us here. I have been livng in Meridell ever since. Away from all of those horrible dark faeries. Well, I hope you have enjoyed my little story. See you again soon!

From that day on, Illusen has lived in Meridell to get far away from the dark faeries as possible. The only mystery that still lingers is Illusen and Jhudora's friendship. Some say that Jhudora still holds the guilt of betraying her friend, and that one little thing hurts her more than anything else.

The Abandoned Project

The face of those neopians forever scarred in my mind. I will get revenge for what they did to me and my family. Because of them, I have lost my older brother and my owner. Now all that's left of my family is me, a blue lupe, and my little brother who is a baby lupe. These days, people don't notice or even care about what happens to us pets who are abandoned. We are just shut away in the pound awaiting for a next owner who will soon abandon us.

When you take a walk in Neopia, take a look around and what do you see? Happy pets with their owners, and buying stuff right? Well, that's the image people want you to see. What really lies beneath all of this happiness is desperation, sadness, and loss. We pets feel this way because of the way we have been treated. Now a days, pets just get judged by their names and appearances. If they don't have the right name, they get sent to the pound. Why, I once had a friend who was a mutant Draik, and do you know what happened to him? He was sent into the room at pound where Dr.... I can't even say his name, but my friend was never seen again.

It is time to put my plan into action. This plan will hopefully get us noticed by others, and find loving and caring owners for us abandoned pets. I set to work right away along side my baby brother and friends.

Weeks have passed ever since we started the project. The project that we created is called The Abandoned Project. We will start going out to the neopian world, and try to get noticed by others. The pets left here in the pound deserve better than this. They deserve a good home and a warm bed to come to.

Sneaking out of the pound is going to be tough. Throughout the pound, there are security cameras, electric fences and brick walls. It's kind of like a prison. To get out, we had to dig our way underground. When we got outside, the first thing that we needed to do was to find shelter and food.

After several tedious hours, we came upon an abandoned building. It was a dark grey with some stray marks on paint on the walls, it was probably a colorful place back at the time.

I got an idea on creating each abandoned pet a little portfolio. This way, other pet owners would be able to view how the pet is and their personalities. The portfolios were a success until today. Pets started getting adopted just a few weeks after advertising and we became a well-known adoption agency.

So that brings us until today. My friends and I now live happily in this once abandoned building, which is now filled with life.


Twas the day before Christmas. Neopia's streets are crowded with happy pets and owners eager to get home in time to hang up their stockings. Everyone except for a family living at the very edge of Neopia Central. Christmas has been ruined for their family years ago. Now this is where our tale starts.

Hello! My name is Jillian! I am possibly the only one in my family who still believes in Christmas. /Get on with the story already Jillian!/ Oh that's my little sister Bridget. She just loves stories. So where were we? Oh right, it was the day before Christmas. I was in town when I passed by the bakery. All of the sweet smells drew me in. As I walked in, I saw Christmas for the first time. Oh what a sight that was! Stockings were hung above the old fashioned oven, sugar cookies are set on a table for passing visitors to enjoy. The best thing of all was the Christmas tree! Oh, it's so beautiful!

Excuse me miss, may I help you?, asked the Baker.

Umm... no thank you. I was just admiring your tree. It is absolutely stunning! - I replied.

The baker glanced at the tree. I suppose it is pretty decent for a tree. Have you seen the tree in the Central yet? It is much bigger than this! - the Baker said.

I shook my head. I guess I ought to check it out. But before I go, do you mind telling me what exactly Christmas is about? My family has never celebrated Christmas before. - I said.

The Baker's face softened. He nodded and led me to the back of the room and sat me on a couch. He told me to wait. After a few moments, he came back with some warm cookies and milk. I am sorry miss. I haven't even gotten your name. You can call me Joe. - the baker said.

My name is Jillian, and thank you for the cookies. That is very kind of you Joe. - I replied.

Christmas is all about love and spending time with your family Jillian. It is a day where we can get together and appreciate the little things in life and what we have. It is a time of joy and giving. Families gather together from long distances and greet one another. Often, they hang up stockings above their fireplace and in the morning they wake up to find treats and small toys in them. - explained Joe.

Wow! That sounds really neat! Thank you so much! I think I understand what Christmas is all about now! Thanks again for everything! - I replied.

I walked out the bakery and ran home, and told my owner everything. She explained why we don't celebrate Christmas. It is because before we were adopted, our owner's family members got into a big fight and had never spoken since.

To fix this problem, I got an idea. We called up our relatives to come over for Christmas. We decorated the house and waited for them to come.

On Christmas day, our family made truce with all of our relatives. After that, we went to Neopia Central and gathered around the giant Christmas tree and took pictures. When we got home, we had a fantastic Christmas dinner and opened presents. This is the best Christmas ever!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the story! Happy Holidays! /Jillian come play with me! I need someone to help me with my new bike!/

A Musical Prodigy

Middle C, E, G, F, Middle C... This was all I thought as my fingers glided along the black and white keys of the old schoolhouse's piano. I let myself loose as I played the composition from memory. The sound of music flowed through and as if by instinct, I ended the song with one final note.

I took a deep breath before opening my eyes, and was met by an applause. A feeling of rushed joy coursed through me. I have never been happier in my life. This was what I lived for. I lived for music - composing and playing it.

The cold wind blew in my face once I exit the schoolhouse. Walking home was not something I looked forward to everyday. A flood of memories started to invade my mind. Memories that I have tried so hard to hide for so long came rushing back to me. I blinked back the tears as I recalled the night my father walked out. After that day, nothing in my family was ever the same. My Mom turned bitter and resentful towards my brothers and sisters and I.

Making my way through the busy streets of Neopia Central, I saw happy families heading home and hanging out with their kids. Why can't my family be like that? I thought to myself.

I'm home! I shouted right when I walked into the house. I quickly took off my coat and got started on dinner. My owner (who I considered as my Mom), wasn't home. Which was pretty normal considering the fact that she never is. She's always out working, so she never has time to spend time with us. I was fine with that as long as there was some money every week so that I can go to the market to buy some supplies.

After dinner, I called my siblings downstairs. Now go wash up all of you, and come straight to the dinner table when you're done. I told them. They all nodded and rushed off to the bathroom.

I quickly set the table, and by the time they were done, dinner was served.

Riley! Riley! Please play something for us! My little sister Cynthia exclaimed as she gestured to the grand piano in the living room.

I looked around and saw that my other siblings were looking at me with expectant eyes. I turned back to Cynthia and met her pleading gave with my clam one. Okay. I said and ruffled her hair with a smile.

She cheered and ran to sit between my two brothers Jacob and Jacque. I sat on the bench in front of the piano and took a deep breath when I lifted the piano cover.

Very slowly I started playing the piece that I had in mind, and let my fingers glide over the black and white keys instinctively. I decided in an upbeat song so I thought about all of the good times that I shared with my family. Slowly the tempo of the tune got faster and faster, and soon I was leaning forward and moving my fingers across the keys to match the pace of the tune. The house was filled with the upbeat tune of the piece and my siblings were now dancing along. Nearing the end of the piece, I started to slow down and ended in a loud final note.

Right when I was down, my siblings burst out in a thunderous applause. That was amazing!!! Cynthia hurled herself at me and crushed me in a bone crushing hug.

You're really talented sis. My two brothers said that the same time.

Thank you guys! I said and pulled them all in for a hug. Now you need to go to bed. I said. With a few whining here and there, they finally went off to sleep.

I looked back at the door and sighed. I guess mom is not coming home tonight.

The next day, I headed off to school. During the recital after school, little did I know that there was a scout in the class looking for potential candidates. So like I said, with out knowing that there was a scout in the class, I sat down at the piano once again and played my heart out. I poured my heart and soul into this particular piece that I have been writing for over two months.

All of my sadness, emotions, and hurt are all wrapped up into this single piece of music. I let my fingers glide over the keys and let my emotions take control. I used the pedal when the song was sad or moody, and the low keys to express my anger. The ever changing tempo of the piece ended with a sad soft note representing the mood sadness.

I looked up after the playing the piece and met a pair of familiar blue eyes. My mother's blue eyes. What really surprised me most was not because she even bothered to come to the recital at all, but the fact that her icy blue eyes had tears in them instead of her usual cold look.

I was met with an applause when I stood up and bowed to the crowd.

Hello! My name is Philip, and I'm a scout from the Neopian Academy of Performing Arts and we are interested in you. A Skeith walked up to me after the performance. You have been granted a full scholarship including dorms, meals, and books. What do you say?

I stared at him in shock not knowing what to say. A full scholarship? This is amazing!

I say yes! Absolutely! But... Realization dawned on me. What about my family?

Don't worry about that. He replied. The other scouts are right over there informing them. I looked to where he pointed and found two people there talking to my family.

Can I er- May I perhaps have some time to think about this with my family? I asked.

The Skeith smiled gently. Of course my dear. The car will come to take you to the school in week, so here's my card, and tell me your answer. I nodded in response, and shook his hand before he walked away.

I can't believe that just happened. The Neopian Academy of Performing Arts... That't the most prestigious Arts school out there! I was too wrapped up in my thoughts to notice Cynthia waving at me from Mom's arms.

I smiled at her and walked over right when the other scout said goodbye. The walk home between my mom and I was mostly silent. My siblings were running ahead.

You did I good job tonight. My Mom broke the silence. Congratulations.

Thank you. I replied. Another silence fell upon us. I played with my fingers to calm down my nerves. I haven's had a conversation with my mom in who knows how long.

She began talking again when we entered the house, and kids have gone to bed. I'm so sorry for neglecting you and the kids. She sobbed and clung onto me in a tight hug. W-watching you tonight make me realize how lucky I am to have such a great f-family. She sniffed. W-will you ever forgive me?

I was shocked for the second time today. Why did you leave? I asked quietly.

It was getting too difficult. A-after your father left, I couldn't take care of you all by myself. She paused to wipe her face with a tissue, and my heart clenched. I figured that your life would be easier without me in it so I gave all the responsibilities to you while I took care of the bills and made sure to send you money every week.

I opened my mouth to say something, but she cut me off. But now... Now I know better. Seeing you today, I realized how wrong I was to just leave you. You have grown up so much, and I was so proud watching you perform up there. That's why... That's why I want you to go to that performing arts school. You deserve it. She pulled back and gave me a watery smile.

Feeling relieved and happy, I pulled her in for another hug. I don't know if I will ever be able to forgive you Mom, but I will try. It will take some time, but I will try. I pulled back and looked into her eyes seriously. You have to promise me something. Promise me when I'm off to school, you will stay. You won't leave the others here to fend for themselves. You will be home every night, make dinner, and be there to tuck them in at night.

Mom nodded and gave me a smile. Thank you for understanding Riley. I will try my best. Then she held my face in her hands. I am so proud of you she whispered. She gave me a peck on the cheek. Now go upstairs and pack for school next week.

I gave her a smile, and headed upstairs to do just that. When I laid, in bed, a thought crossed my mind. Maybe life is turning around after all. And hopefully for the better. And with that, I went to sleep with a smile on my face.

Series Stories

All of a sudden, a piece of paper flutters to the floor. On it, it reads: Welcome to this most sacred place, where stories come alive in a most pleasant way. Please, feel free to help yourself to some fruits and water, and enjoy. When you are done, go ahead and continue walking down the path. You might just find something special...

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A New Beginning

Desert Wanders

A New Beginning


Blake and her best friend, Kara are inseparable. They are both Cybunnies and have been friends ever since they were little bunnies. However, during these hard times in Meridell, will their friendship stay strong on the quest King Skarl set for them? Blake has big dreams of becoming a knight along with her best friend, but when she meets a young Ixi can she keep herself from falling for him?

A New Beginning: Part 1

A New Beginning: Part 2

A New Beginning: Part 3

A New Beginning: Part 1

A small feather lands at my feet. I pick it up and take a look at it. It is a white feather. Probably from a passing weewoo.

Doesn't a white feather usually stand for peace? - I mutter to myself.

We are currently in the midst of war here in Meridell. Believe it or not, Meridell and Brightvale were not always at peace. Times are hard these days. Families struggle to find enough food for their family and loved ones. As I walk through the marketplace in Meridell, I can't help but notice how hard things are. Owners and their pets walk around scrounging for food. Prices in neopoints have gone up over the last few months of war. It hurts me to see Meridell like this. This place is my home after all.

Blake! Wait up! - my best friend the cybunny calls.

What is it Kara? - I ask a bit annoyed. I mean, I love Kara but sometimes she can be a bit... dramatic.

She finally caught up to me and breathlessly say - The king would like to see the both of us Blake. I don't know why, but all he said was to come and find you. Come on Blake! Let's get to the castle.

The K-king wants to see me? Is he joking? - I ask bewildered.

Kara raises her left eyebrow and eyes me. Since when does King Skarl joke? - She asks.

We stare at each other for a few moments until we couldn't take it anymore. We burst out laughing at the same time. Oh Fyora... I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard.

Okay, let's go. - I say. Then we both started walking to the castle.

A New Beginning: Part 2

While walking to the king's castle, we talked about random things such as cheese, places that we want to go, and occasionally Kara would tell a ridiculous joke about dung. I really can't remember the last time I have had a really conversation with someone that doesn't involve the war.

Okay okay Blake. How come people rather stand near a dragon than dung? - Kara asks laughing.

I don't know Kara. Why? - I ask.

Because the dragon's breath actually smells better that the dung! - She says between giggles.

I just stood there glaring at her. That has got to be one of the lamest jokes in the Kara's history of joke telling.

Kara stops laughing, but still with a smile on her face says - Oh stop it with that look. You know you loved the joke.

If I did, how come I'm not laughing? - I say still glaring at her, with a smile tugging on my lips.

You know Blake, you should really tone down the intensity of that glare of yours. You can destroy villages with it. - Kara says with a mock of seriousness on her face.

I immediately burst out laughing alongside with Kara. This girl can always make me laugh.

Oh look! There's the castle! - Kara and I say at the same time.

We both walk up to the castle gate and are stopped by the guards.

A New Beginning: Part 3

No one is allowed on the castle grounds with the war going on. I am sorry, but I'm afraid I'll have to ask you two to leave. - the blue Skeith guarding the door says.

We are here upon the King's request sir. - I say politely.

As if I haven't heard that before miss. Peasants like you are always kissing up to the king. Now leave! - the guard says impatiently.

I was just about to tell Kara to forget about the King's request and to come back another time, but then she had to open her big mouth...

Ummm... Excuse me??? Do you know who we are, Mr.Blue-I-Am-In-Charge-Of-You-Guard? - Kara says in a mocking outraged tone.

I stare at her as if she was insane. We are absolutely not suppose to talk to a guard like that. Kara quickly winks telling me to play along.

Oh right! You must be ashamed of yourself! We are a part of the royal family my dear sir! The King specifically invited us to the castle. - I begin to say with confidence in my voice. I just hope the guard didn't notice the slight shake in my voice towards the end.

Well, do you have the royal invitations? I will need to take a look at them to ensure you're not telling lies. - the guard says smugly.

This guy is really starting to get on my nerves. Glancing at Kara, I knew she was trying to hold back a remark.

Are you actually asking us this? I will call the guards right now to discuss your rude behavior. You will surely get punished for this. Insulting the royal family! How rude! GUARDS! - I shout. This will surely get us pass the castle gates.

I-I'm sorry miss. Please forgive me. D-don't call the guards. You may pass. - the guard stutters.

Though so. - I say with a smirk on my face.

That was AMAZING Blake! I always knew you think fast, but that was utterly amazing! The way you spoke with confidence, just wow! - Kara rattles on.

Please Kara... That was all your idea. Now lets go to the King's throne room. - I say.

As soon as we arrive in the throne room we hear a gruff voice that belongs to no other than the King.

About time you two got here. - the King mutters.

Grumpy as always huh? - Kara says nudging me.

I'll say. - I say.

Now, let's discuss your assignment for me Ms.Blake and Kara. - the King says.

The Desert Wanders Series


A young Lupe named Cole got separated from his family in the Lost Desert. He is now lost and is trying to find his way home. Out of everything that this young pet is going through, will he acquire a friend along the way? Also, what about the mysterious girl Lupe he meets when he is at his desperate point? Will he able to find his family and reunite with them?

Desert Wanders: Part 1

The Desert Wanders Series Part 1

The harsh desert storm in the Lost Desert can be pretty rough at times, but this one is the worst one yet. I held onto my owner's hand tightly while her other hand is holding onto my sister as we tried to make our way to shelter, but it was no use. Her grip is weakening, and before I know it, I couldn't feel her hand anymore.

I open my eyes to the hot desert sun beating against my back. I was covered from my neck all the way down with sand. At least the storm spared my head, otherwise I would've been suffocating under the sand. I roll over shaking the sand off and rub the grains out of my eyes.

Where am I? Am I still in the desert? - I mutter to myself.

I take a look around hoping to find... Well... I don't know actually. Hoping to find something that will... wait... where is my owner and family? So last night wasn't just some horrible dream? Quickly standing up, I look around for my owner.

Cynthia? Molly? - I call out both my Owner's and Sister's name.

Great, they must be miles away by now. I sit down feeling lonely and sad. What am I going to do? Should I just stay here and wait for my owner to just come and find me? I doubt it. The desert is huge. I'm pretty sure I'll be all dried up by the time anyone ever finds me.

Oh Fyora am I thirsty... - I mutter to myself. I then remember that I have a water bottle in the bag hanging from my side. I pull it out and take a short sip from it. That should keep me going for the rest of the day until I find more water.

After sitting around for a few hours I decided to set off to look for my family. Forget about the safety stuff we learned at school. They only work in small places with people around anyway. And from the looks of it, no one is currently around at the moment. So I start off on my long walk across The Lost Desert.

After wandering around aimlessly all day, I somehow came upon an oasis. Exhausted from hours before, I decide to stay the night. I walk over to the small pond of water and took a sip of water and washed my face. I then begin to fill up my water bottle.

Who are you? - a voice says from behind me. I immediately froze.


After helping yourself to some fruits and reading stories, you make your way down the path, and come across a podium with a quill in an ink bottle, and a sheet of paper. While gazing at it, you see writing on it...

You may use the story that I wrote for anything you want, but just remember to give credit. All requests will be neo-related, unless specified otherwise. Click the next button to proceed to the pick-up page.


+ Please credit me for the story. I worked hard writing it for you. Either a button or text link is fine.

+ You may edit the story in any way, but please do not change the theme or aspect of the story.

+ I will redo your story, but please keep in mind that it might take a while.

+ You can use the story for anything. Feel free to put it on your userlookup, site, application, anything. If you read the rules, please mention 'flower :*' in your form.

+ If you are going to request, please use the story and fill out the form completely. I will not choose a theme for you. Please be specific in your request, as I don't want to write anything you won't like.


You decide to sign your name on the paper after reading it. After that, the paper disappears, and in it's place is a book with your name on it. It appears to be your very own story!

For Naomi @ Frostbite

Wanting to get out the cold, you brush yourself off the bench and agree to follow the Wocky. The Wocky smiles at your response and leads you towards a snow covered path lit by the soft glow of lampposts. There was a moment of silence as you trailed behind the Wocky. You are curious. There's no doubt about it. In your mind you wonder, What is this Frostbite about?

Soon, you come across a clearing with trees surrounding a grey log cabin. The bright warm light emitting from the cabin causes a surge of relief to wash over you. The Snow Wocky turns back and gestures for you to follow him.

Just a little further. - He says gently.

You quicken your pace to catch up with him treading through the snowy path. Now that you're standing in front of the cabin, your heavy breathing slows. You walk in the cabin once the Wocky opens the brown door for you.

You are immediately greeted with a cozy room filled with mismatched furniture and a fireplace. You smile at the laid back atmosphere in the room.

Please have a seat! - the Wocky cheerfully announces.

You nod and walk towards the table where he is setting two mugs of hot chocolate on. Grabbing a chocolate chip cookie, you turn your attention to the Wocky.

He smiles and sets down his cup of hot chocolate. I trust that you have plenty of questions about Frostbite? - He asks calmly.

You nod your head and take a sip of your hot chocolate savoring the warmth that is now running through your body. Contented, you begin asking your questions.

Your story is finally finished! I hope you like it! Here's the story coding:


After signing your name on the paper at the podium and retrieving your gift, you decide to continue walking up the path. At the very end, there is a small gazebo. You walk inside and find...

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Rita @ Eternity


A cool autumn wind blows your hair back as you continue your stroll down the park. Everywhere the leaves are turning from green to vibrant colors such as orange and a golden yellow. While looking around, you see a single leaf. It's bright orange color and encrusted golden border makes it stand out from the others. You walk on over to pick it up and notice that the leaf gives off a soft glow when your shadow covers it. All of a sudden, golden writing starts appearing on the leaf - as if someone was writing the letters. Bewildered, you decide to read the writing....

Hello there. You seem a bit lost. Perhaps you are seeking a bit of advice? Now look to your left. You will see a small boat. After you get on it, you will be taken on a journey of self discovery. Perhaps, you will even find exactly what you've been needing to hear.

You look to your left, and find that there was indeed a boat sitting on the small river. The boat was small and brown. Kind of like a rowboat except it didn't have any paddles. You walk over and carefully step in the boat to sit down. After that, you look back at the leaf to find some more writing on it.

Let the journey begin...


The boat didn't seem to be going anywhere so you decide to glance back down at the leaf only to find more writing. Before we take off, please read these guidelines. Then the writing disappeared, and in it's place was a list of rules...

Review Types

After reading the rules, the boat starts to move as if by magic. The boat starts to cruise down the river until you arrive under a stone bridge. Each stone seems to have pictures carved on it such as a maple leaf and pine cone. You look down at the leaf for more information. This is where you select the type of advice you need. Just put your hand on the stone to select the type of advice.


You place your hand on a stone. After that, the boat continues to glide down the river. Everywhere you look there are trees changing colors, and animals stocking up for winter.

The Reviews

The boat comes to a stop at a giant oak tree. Writing starts to appear on the leaf. This is where you will receive your advice. Just walk up to the tree, and the first leaf that falls on your hands is yours. You walk on up, and see a leaf slowly glide towards you. The leaf is red/orange with a hint of frost on the edges. What surprises you is that the frost doesn't melt at your touch. You look down at your leaf and see silver writing...

The Hall of Fall

The boat continues to cruise down the river as you read your leaf. It then comes to a stop at an even bigger oak tree than before. You look down at the orange leaf to see why we stopped here. This is where all the past advice leafs go. You can't see the advice on it, but you can see how the leaf looked. Try to find yours. You take a closer look at the tree and see a familiar leaf forming at the very top.


You soon come to a stop at a carnival at the park. You get off the boat to look around.


The boat comes to a stop at the place you were at before you set off. You take one last look at the leaf. Your journey has come to an end. And with that note, the leaf slowly dissolves leaving behind a fresh autumn breeze.

James @ Coax


I'm here after a thousand years. I'm here to get you back. - a voice says in Morcio's head.

He tries to shake it off. No, this can't be happening. - he says in his head while swimming to his little village under kiko lake. I have to get there in time. Just to see them one last time. - he mutters in between pants.

When he reaches the village, he sees a family of kikos desperately trying to wake someone. He makes his way to his home at the very end of the village. Once there, he runs over to his sick parents. As he looks at them wholeheartedly, he sees a mix of emotions in their eyes. As if for the last time, and it is, his parents eyes are full of love and hope even though they knew it was hopeless. They close their eyes for one last time as Morico whispers an I love you to his parents. Watching them intently, they let out their last breath was a smile and that was enough for him to know that they will always love him no matter what.

After the site of loosing his parents, he couldn't take it anymore and decides to leave the small village. After walking aimlessly for days he comes upon a small house. And the same voice that whispered in his head before his parents passed away is back.

Come in Morico... I assure you I mean no harm.... now... - the voice whispers.

Walking in the house, the door immediately closes behind him. I have taken what you love so now I am going to return it to you. Just like the old saying goes.... An eye for an eye... Now follow my voice. - the voice gently tells Morico.


He follows the haunting voice to a room. In there, dusty bookshelves line the wall, and in the middle of the room is two pieces of papers and a quill next to a black ink bottle lay on the brown desk. My offer to you right now is to create you a new home. Now just have a look at the requirements, browse through the books, and fill out the form on the desk for me to create your home. - the voice whispers.


Morico waits around for a while after he filled out the form. Ahhh.... here is where you will be staying. - the voice shows Morico a picture by making it appear in his hand. Just say the word take me there when you are ready to leave. - the voice says.


Feel free to explore this old house. You might just find hmmm... something entertaining... - the voice says with a hint of mischief.


After walking around the entire house, Morico is ready to leave. Take me there. - he whispers softy to the paper the voice has given him. He soon was transported out of the creepy old house, and into a bright place under Kiko Lake. Soon, Morico learns to let go of his past and moves on with his life, but he will never forget what has happened to him.

Rebecca @ Stardust

A shooting star quickly streaks across the night sky. Then more pass by within the minute. When the stars stop shooting, you see dust falling down. No not the brown dust, but silver and sparkly. A bit lands on your hand. Using your other hand, you reach into your pocket and pull out a small blue velvet pouch and pour the dust in it. You seal your bag and begin your walk home.

On your way home, a rustling sound catches your attention. You quickly turn to the direction of the sound, but no one was there. You then continue your walk home nervously. Wait - a voice says. Startled, you turn around.

Wh-who is there? Where are you? - you manage to stutter out.

I am but the voice all around you. I am here, I am there. No one ever sees me but I am here. I am the reason why dreams open up in little children, and the source of light that allows them to imagine. - the voice answers.

You think on the response for a few moments. Why are you here? - you ask.

Hmmm... what fun... amusing really. You really don't know? I have watched you for quite a while. You have a good heart and for that you deserve a reward. - the voice chuckles.

You stand there confused. The dust. The stardust that is. With my help, I will transform it into something pretty for you. Now look into your little pouch. You will find a set of instructions on how to request an award from me. Once you are done, look up to the night sky and make a wish on a shooting star. Within time, you will receive your award. - the voice explains.

You wait around for a few moments to see if the voice is still lingering in the air. You then walk over to a bench, sit down, and pull out the pouch containing the stardust, and read the instructions in it.

Rose @ Whisper

A gust of wind picks up at your feet, but then stops. That was strange - you think to yourself. Right after that thought, you feel the wind around your feet again, but this time you saw it. Wait, no. You hear something. A very faint whisper.

Follow the wind... - it seems to be saying. Um... okay... I must be hallucinating! I am standing here trying to listen to a whisper when no one is around! - you think to yourself. Nonetheless, you decide to follow the wind.

It's not that hard to do actually. The wind is kind of misty, but it is visible too. The gust of wind eventually leads you to the Whispering Woods. Legend has it that some people go in here in search of it's secrets and mysteries, but sadly no one has ever returned. The woods are thought to be magical. You take a step inside and shiver.

You take a look around. There is snow everywhere! The trees are covered with a thin layer of frost, and fuzzy little animals are just getting ready to hibernate. You glance behind you but the entrance into the woods are gone. I guess there's only one way out then. - you sigh.

While continuing through the woods, you notice the constant changes of the seasons. Just a moment ago it was Winter, but now it is Fall. You see the beautiful bright orange and red leaves fall to the ground, but as you continue on, you see them turning back to green. Summer - you thought.

In Summer, you see little animals running around and playing with each other in the fields. A curious little chipmunk runs up to you, and hops on your shoe. It then gets shy and runs back to join it's friends. Just one season left. Hopefully something at the end is pleasant. - you think to yourself.

On the way out of Summer, you begin to see flowers blooming again and again. Tree's sprouting from the ground and animals just waking up to get a feel of the new season. At the very end of the woods you spot a woman. She has straight silky black hair, with keen brown eyes. She wears an elegant white dress, and in her hand. A book? With your name on it? Strange.

Hello. Welcome to the Whispering Woods. - the lady says.

Her face seems timeless. As if she is time herself. Why am I here? What is this place? - you ask.

Why! This is the wonderful Whispering Woods my dear! I am sure you have heard about the events that we host here? If you haven't well, let me explain. This book here has your name on it right? It is the key to entering the competitions we hold here. - the lady replies.

Here? Where is here? - you ask. The town of Whisper Wonderland of course! Now here take this book and go on and have fun! There are many things for you to see and do here. - the lady says.

She then walks up to the trees and tells you to enter. When you opened your eyes, you see a festival! You then continue to see what activities to participate in.

Lisa @ Honey

A small bee flies up to you, and for a moment it seems that it is trying to get your attention. You take a closer look at it and see that it has a small gem on it. Barely noticeable, but yes a gem all the same. The bee shakes a little and the gem falls to the ground. While falling, the gem instantly turns into a honeysuckle flower.

Surprised, you look at the bee. It seems to be silently willing you to follow it. With the flower in hand, you begin to follow the little bee. It leads you into a beautiful garden filled of flowers, and tables sweet smelling treats on them. The funny thing is, all of the flowers are honeysuckles!

I see you have come to admire my garden? - a voice says.

You turn around startled. Um... the bee led me here. - you reply.

After you heard yourself say it, you realize how odd it must have been to hear it. A bee led you here? The lady must have thought you were crazy!

Ah... yes... my little pet... well not everyone comes here. Let me tell you about these flowers. They represent the person that picks it out. Each flower will become a new one after it is well... crafted. I will show you what I mean. I will create you a special item that represents you out of the flowers. Go ahead and explore the garden, and feel free to sit down and have some tea while you are at it. Enjoy your stay here. - the lady says.

Justine @ Starry Sparkles

Home Page

You gaze up on the sky, and wonder what makes the stars twinkle. They are so pretty, yet mysterious. You have read a book once on why people think stars are so magical. It is because they represent dreams, and fantasy.

While looking up at the stars, you find that you have lost track of time. You turn around and run home. At night, before you go to bed, you walk up to your window and make a wish. After that, you walk to your bed and fall into a deep sleep.

Why, hello there! - a gentle voice says.

Your eyes flutter open, and you find yourself floating? No not floating. It is more like you are standing on a thin piece of cloud. Wh-Where am I? - You ask.

You, my dear are in the land of dreams. You have made a wish no? Well, I am here to grant you one. Follow me. - the girl replies.

As she is walking, you study her a bit more closely. She has dark wavy hair. As dark as the night sky. She has a gentle face and warm eyes, with a glint of mischief in them. W-wh-who are you? What is your name? - You ask nervously.

My name is Justine. Ahh... here we are. - Justine says.

You follow her gaze, and find four glowing orbs, or are those stars? It is hard to tell from afar.

Rules/Request Page

These are your wish choices. I will make little star trinkets out of the unique powers these stars have to offer.They are a symbol of luck, and magic. Now go ahead and pick one. All you have to do is walk up to one of them and you will be able to tell what unique properties it has to offer. - Justine explains.

You nod and walk up. Before you could get any further, you hear Justine's voice. Oh, I forgot to tell you, before you pick what you want, you have better read these requirements or else the magic won't work. After that you can take a look at the stars. - Justine says.

You nod and read the requirements. After that you picked out your star and show Justine. That is a good one. Alright, just wait a few moments. Just follow the path to the waiting room to receive your wish. - explains Justine.

Pick-up Page

While you wait in the waiting room, you take a look at wishes that have already been prepared. They look fantastic! A few minutes pass, and Justine appears in the room. She hands you your wish. Oh, it is so pretty!

I hope you like it. Now to get home, just keep following the path, until you find the exit. Also, don't be afraid to stop by at the local shops and galleries. You might just find something that interests you. Until next time, I bid you farewell! - explains Justine.

Portfolio Page

After a few minutes, you find yourself in a room full of twinkling stars. These must be the past wishes. - You think to yourself.

Extras Page

Up the path, you notice a small marketplace. You decide to walk around to see what it offers.


After the marketplace, see a gate at the end of the trail. A man is standing at the end seeing people leave. You walk up to him. Leaving eh? Alright here's a little trinket for you take home. It will guide you here anytime you want, but it only works at night. Now just stand at the edge of the gate and imagine your room. - He says.

You do as you are told, and when you open your eyes, you find yourself at home. You let out a sigh of relief thinking that was just all a dream. Before you close your eyes, you see something twinkling by your pillow. You look at it and find that it is the gift you requested.

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The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score. - Bill Copeland

All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them. - Walt Disney

It is never too late to be what you might have been. - George Eliot

Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country. - John F. Kennedy

I haven't failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas Edison

It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up. - Vince Lombardi

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. - Albert Einstein

Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today. - Benjamin Franklin

Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em. - William Shakespeare

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. - Franklin D. Roosevelt

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. - Albert Einstein

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. - Mark Twain

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. - Apple Computers

I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. - Michael Jordan

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An Unexplained Disappearance
A United Evil
Played by the Odds
That Summer Away
That Power of Greed


As you walk out of the gazebo, you find a small treasure box at the exit. You open the treasure box and find an assortment of cherry blossom flowers. You pick your favorite and all of the others in the treasure box disappeared, and in their place was an engraving. It reads: You may use this cherry blossom flower to come back here anytime, and please take this box as a gift.

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