If you or your pet is a lab rat and is interested in being in the directory, you should send me your name and how long you've been a lab rat for and I'll add you to my directory. Just send the information to my owner, Garfmaj by neomail. Also, please try to update me if the pet has given up on being a lab rat. We'll miss them!

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Last Updated: Feb 19, 2013

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Special thanks to ChickVW and Stararan for bits of information I was missing.

Hey garfmaj! Welcome to my guide to being a lab rat! My name's Tytherion and I'm... well.. a lab rat! There's no better name for it. Every day I visit the evil lab scorchio who fires a gigantic electric bolt towards me that randomly changes one thing about me. It can change my color, species, strength, hit points, defense or even level. My guide is about being a lab rat, not the actual lab, but if you want to know more, I found this great guide here.

Having been over 30 species and 40 colors, it seems like every other day I have to deal with new hooves, fins, or the sudden inability to fly! It certainly took me a while to get a hang of it but eventually I did and now I've been at it for over 8 years now. I thought I'd put all my experience into writing so that younger neopets and their caring owners all over Neopia could learn from my first-hand experience. I sure wish I had known when I first became a labbie! First I'll share my set of tips & tricks, and then let you know all about lab rat related avatars and petpets. Then of course, frequently asked questions. And finally, introductions to other lab rats just like me and a little bit about my own experience with the lab.

Clothing & Your Closet: This has always been one of my the hardest things to learn to get used too. Have you ever tried to fit a shirt fit for a Korbat on a Chomby? It just won't happen! Not to mention that a little pink bow looks adorable on a white Cybunny but downright horrible on a snot poogle! (Though in honesty, not much looks good on a snot Poogle.) My suggestion is to buy as much as you can! The more you have, the more you have to choose from, and the less you have to run the clothing store right after a zap. And, just in case, I've suggested a few things that will fit any species. You never know when you're going to need it!

Shown below: Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack, Giant Moach Costume, Ghostkerscarf

Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack: It's ultra-fashionable right?Giant Moach Costume: No one can see that your a snot poogle!Ghostkerscarf: One of my favorites! Looks good on anything and it's cheap!

Pet Days: Pet days are awesome! Unfortunately it's hard to keep track of the what day it is when your species keeps changing. If your lucky you might get more than 1 pet day a year. Or, it seems you'll more often end up with none. But you want to take advantage of every opportunity! Make sure you write down the calendar every month, or visit Pet Central to find out what the pet day is for your species whenever you find yourself in a new shape. No one should pass up free training!

Paint Brush Clothing: This is one of the best parts of being a lab rat! Free clothes! The only downside is they are species specific. You should always keep these. Even though it seems silly to have usul bows as a jetsam, you never know when you'll be an usul again. I have 12 sets of usul bows and headbands! Too bad none of my siblings are usuls.

Gender Swap: Another downside of being the lab. Being a girl. Or I suppose, if you were of the female persuasion, being a boy. Dealing with being a different gender is hard. However if you not intimidated by that crazy scorchio, you can challenge the 'Lab Ray Scientist' in the battledome and he'll change your gender even if you lose!

Battledome: The battledome can be a lot of fun. And over time, the lab will prepare you (sort of) for battling. The lab will increase your strength and health more often than decrease it. The lab, however, likes to drop your defense and level. I would suggest training to keep your level over 20, as it's rumored that a level of 40 (though some claim as high as 60) will keep the lab from reducing your level to 1 in one zap! However it's hard to train once you become a lab rat, as to train any stat besides level, your level must be greater than half of your greatest stat. A result of the lab, my health is 60 x my level!

I'm not an expert on battling, but I know I like to use weapons that utilize my strength since it's so much better than my defense. Plus, the lab likes to increase hit points, which means a lab pet can take a lot of un-defended damage. Here's some weapons I would suggest to any lab rat. Keep in mind, you can use up to two weapons at once.

Seen Below: Scarab Ring (low NP), Golden Compass (mid NP), Ylanas Blaster (high NP)

Another thing not to forget is species specific items. For example, I always have a Gelert Healing Remedy (heals %50 of your hp once per battle) or Kacheek Life Potion (heals 33%-100% of health) handy. Especially handy for large hp lab rats! You can only have one healing item equipped at time, but that shouldn't be a problem. After all your there's only a few extreme cases when you would switch species during the battle, and it wouldn't be the lab's doing!

Background Items: Backgrounds aren't as hard to find as clothing as they don't have to fit. Just make sure you have them in many colors. I'd suggest black, blue, and white as they go with anything. Here's a few of my favorite backgrounds. I do like to indulge on NC backgrounds when I can convince Garfmaj to buy them.

Seen Below: Moon and Stars Background, Terror Mountain Igloo Background, Sparkling Waterfall Background (NC), and Neovian Twilight Background (NC)

Being Ugly: There's always those species you can't tolerate. I for example, hate being a Buzz. My wings make this buzzing sound all the time and my eyesight is all funny. Not to mention I just look like a giant bug. You know what's a lot nicer than a Buzz? A Uni! And there's a simple (and cheap) solution for that!

Seen Below: Green Uni Morphing Potion, Orange Kougra Morphing Potion

Being Mistaken for a Younger Neopet: There's not much I can do here except warn you! For some reason Neopians seem to think when they see a normal colored (green, blue, yellow or red) neopet that it means the pet is young, poor, or forgotten! This simply isn't true. Just watch out for those that make those faulty assumptions and don't let it bother you too much. After all, you've probably been around just as long as they have!

Eating your Items/Petpets: Unfortunately, different species of Neopets have different eating habits. Grarrls and Skeiths for example like to eat petpets. It's a horrible habit, I know. But when you are one it seems like the most natural thing in the world. If you're worried, I'd suggest having your owner remove all their valuable items from their inventory, less you get a little hungry and eat something important!

Being grey: Being grey doesn't mean you have to be sad. Despite the color, grey Neopets can be just as happy or happier than other colored Neopets. After all, grey is a pretty neat color!

Learning to Fly, Walk, & Swim: Depending what you grew up as, you might be required to learn to fly, walk or swim. Just keep at it and see if your owner can introduce you to other Neopets of your species. Soon enough all of these skills will be as easy as pie! And remember, make sure you know how to land before you take to the skies!

Petpets & Avatars: These two items get their own section! Just look below.

Lab Ray Colors: There are a few colors that you can only become if you use the lab ray! These colors are MSP, Garlic, Clay, Ice, Robot, Usuki & Sponge. Even though they are rare, getting a chance to be some of these limits colors is a really exhilarating experience! Then for once, everyone knows what you are (or once were).

Unfortunately, there are colors the lab won't be able to turn you. These colors include Baby, Plushie, Royal, Quiguki, and Pirate. So if you really want to be one of these things (and can give up the joys of being a lab rat) then I'd suggest buying a paint brush!

At least there's a lot more colors you can be than one's you can't!

Lab Ray Avatars
There are two lab ray specific avatars. One is for the petpet Lab Ray (a cheap addition to the lab ray which I will briefly explain later).

Pwned by the Lab
Your owner can receive this avatar the first time you change color using the lab ray! It makes that first species change even more exciting.

Petpet Laboratory
Your owner can receive this avatar the first time a petpet gets turned into a Pile of Soot.

Battledome Avatars
With enough patience, you'll become one of the best battlers around. I know I'm the one that fights all the battles in my family. With lab-enhanced abilities I can easily beat many 1-player challengers, and therefore receive avatars for beating them. I've received 9 such avatars all by myself.

Here's a few (but not all) of the the avatars you can win for battling.

Meuka - snot
For beating Meuka in 1-player battle.

Black Pteri
For beating the Black Pteri in 1-player battle.

Space Faerie
This is one of the hardest battledome avatars. Beat the Space Faerie in 1-player battle.

Being Me Avatars
This is what I call avatars that I get just for being me. This is especially handy if your owner doesn't have any more room on their account for Neopets. Certain Species/Color combinations can give you avatars and the more Species/Color options you are, the more likely to get them you will be. Just make sure to visit your lookup to receive it! I've been able to get 11 such avatars for my owner.

Here's a few (but not all) of the avatars you can only get a certain species.

Bless You, Shoyru
If you become a Shoyru, and you see a Bottled Faerie free you can gain this avatar.

Grey Wocky - *sigh*
View your lookup if you are a grey pet of any species.

Feed Me
If you are a Skeith, eat any item with the word 'Skeith' in it.

PetPet Avatars
With the Petpet lab, you can still get avatars for when your petpets turn into certain species. The best part is your petpet can age as any species, and then get zapped into any of a certain petpet species and receive the avatar for that petpet!

Here's a few (but not all) of the examples.

Have a slorg (zapped or not) that's over 101 days old.

Have a snowbunny (zapped or not) that's over 364 days old.

There's only one kind of petpet that really matches 'any' lab rat's color, and that's a labbed petpet! You can get the petpet lab fairly cheaply if you own the lab. If you want to know more about the petpet lab, Princessacrow has provided a guide right here.
All you really need to know is that the evil lab Scorchio fires the same bolt at your petpet. But instead it changes either level, species/color, or name. And it can also turn your petpet into a pile of soot or destroy it!
As I mentioned in the avatar section, the petpet lab can be a great place to get avatars. If you are really interested in gaining petpet avatars, you can wait until your petpet reaches around 100 days before beginning to lab him/her. Then you'll have a better chance of getting a good zap before something bad happens to your poor petpet.

Matches right? The pile of sand is me after a very unfair plot (Lost Desert) step.

Have some questions for me? Feel free to neomail them to my owner!

Q. What was the first species you were?
A. A gelert! I think I was blue, but it's been so long!

Q. What's your favorite species?
A. I don't know! I love being able to fly. So maybe a Uni. Or an Eyrie. Do I really have to choose? Also, Tuskaninnies are a lot of fun!

Q. What's your least favorite species?
A. Buzz! I mentioned this earlier in my guide, but I just hate being a Buzz. They are just like giant bugs. Everyone gives you funny looks and their eyesight is so different from what I'm used to!

Q. What's your favorite color?
A. Faerie. It seems like every pet has a new interesting version of it. And of course, the lovely wings are always a perk!

Q. What's your least favorite color?
A. Pink. Even though there's an avatar for it, it doesn't seem like a good color.

Q. What happens if you turn into a chia and your best friends a Lupe?
A. Start running. I've never been a Chia and I hope I never will be!

Q. Have you ever been jelly?
A. Jelly? Are you sure that exists?

Q. Why did you decide to be a lab rat?
A. Well my owner likes to have 4 pets and she wanted to take the lab. So she convinced me to put up with the daily torture. Now I'm glad I am one though!

Q. So... Are you a boy or a girl?
A. I hate this question! I'm male (actually Male) of course.

Q. What do you dislike most about the lab?
A. Well, I've always wanted to try being a Draik! And the lab just doesn't do draiks.

Q. Did you try the NC Mall Lab Fortune Cookie?
I did manage to convince my owner to buy me one. Though it doesn't do nearly as good when your owner forgets to take you every day. It was neat to go more than once a day though. It would have been cool to be three species in one day. Unfortunately I had no such luck.

Used with permission

Meet some of my lab rat friends! The time they've been labbed since is next to their names in case you were curious.

I've been a lab rat for a very long time, and because of that you can really see the effects of the lab in my life! Here's a few bits about me in case you want to see how the lab has influenced my life. And there are Neopets out there who have been labbed longer than me!

Full Name: Tytherion
Nick Name: Tyth
Labbed for: 8 years ( hours)
Birthday: Around March 31, 2004
Began as: Blue Gelert
# of species I've been: 38/54
# of colors: 43/98
Petpet: A pile of soot with an odd name.
Hit Points: 500/983
Level: 13
Strength: 242
Movement: 130
Defense: 29

Here's all the species I've ever been. A few of them are a result of a morphing potion. Especially the green Uni's! *wink* Oldest Neopets first. In case you were wondering why the first half of the images are older Neopets pictures, it's because I started life before Neopet's customization even existed!

Before the pink avatar of course! :P
Ok. Garfy cheated on this one for the avi.

Don't I look drunk or something?
Back to a nimmo!

haha, weird lab. I wasn't only faerie once, but it turned me faerie AGAIN.Morphed so my grarrl didn't eat my friends weapons!There was a purple or split flotsam before this....

And finally, here are the avatar's I've earned over the years. Some are due to the lab. Though to be honest there's a few that any of my siblings could have earned as well. Feel free to ask me any questions if you need help with beginning battling!

For Being Me

Battle Avatars

Petpet Avatars

That's the end of my guide. Thanks so much for reading garfmaj. I hope you found it useful and now are more knowledgeable on just what it means to be a lab rat and if you've recently decided to be a lab rat (or already were) and would like to be in the directory just let me know. If you have any questions for me or my owner send them to garfmaj. If they are good questions, they might just end up in the FAQ!

Thanks so much,
The Lab Rat

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