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Hello there, guest, and welcome to Ageless Accounts v.3 *The Green Room*. Started on 7 August 2007, this guide has helped countless Neopians regain accounts they thought were lost forever. My name is Wikked, and my owner and I like to browse the Help Chat. The questions there could be about anything, but yet not a single day goes by without at least one person posting about fake birth dates. After the new Case-Sensitive account security measure was put in place by The Neopets Team, a lot of people have been forced to leave their accounts and let them rot. I know all about internet security these days, and why some people lie about birth dates but, as of now with the older accounts, a lot of them have been abandoned because of it. Parents these days continuously tell their kids not to give out their real information on the internet so, as a precaution, they enter in a fake birth date. While this is all well and good, some people didn't write down the information ahead of time, and are now stuck with an account they are locked out of. This part, however, is where my page come in handy. Check out below for what to do, and how to get past this unsightly barrier. If you do spot a mistake or have any further questions then feel free to neomail my owner and I.

Birth Date F.A.Q.

What is COPPA?

COPPA stands for Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. The term "child" means an individual under the age of 13. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) is a United States federal law.

The act, effective April 21, 2000, applies to the online collection of personal information by persons or entities under U.S. jurisdiction from children under 13 years of age. It details what a website operator must include in a privacy policy, when and how to seek verifiable consent from a parent or guardian, and what responsibilities an operator has to protect children's privacy and safety online including restrictions on the marketing to those under 13. While children under 13 can legally give out personal information with their parents' permission, many websites altogether disallow underage children from using their services due to the amount of paperwork involved.

Essentially, this act requires all websites to ask for your birth date to verify that, by COPPA law, no child under the age of 13 shall be chatting or conversing to other persons on the internet (on here by neomail or chat boards) without federal parental consent.

More information about COPPA and this consent can be found in Neopets Privacy Policy.

Where is the "Contact Us" page?

The Contact Us page is at the very bottom of every Neopets page. It is very easy to find, but I have added in a link just to make it easy.

What if I've tried this, but didn't get any response?

It depends. It shouldn't take them more than a week to get back to you, but most people receive some sort of response in a couple of days. If it takes longer than a week for them to respond to you, then you need to send the Report again and then be polite and wait for their answer.

What does "Closed as Duplicate" mean?

As far as I can so far tell, that means you have submitted multiple tickets about the same issue and TNT decides to just close your ticket instead of answering it. I would suggest waiting a few weeks for TNT to answer your ticket.

How do I stop automated responses?

If you are getting an automated response, make sure that under "Any further information you think would help us verify your ownership of the account" you need to type out something close to "I don't appreciate automated NeoMails for this problem, so please contact me through eMail."

What if I don't want to wait that long?

Actually, the process apparently doesn't take as long as it used to; it has been reported that this procedure can take anywhere from two days to two months; however, it usually takes TNT no longer than a week to respond to you, if they do at all. It all depends on how long your account has remained inactive, or how quickly TNT's customer service decides to respond to your report.

Why did TNT say my account has been "inactive

for too long"?

NOTE: Recent results have come forth stating that accounts CAN be accessed after longer than a year. soccerbaby032491 recorded over a year, vivinovember recorded two years or more, and highshooltouch recorded an amazing 5 years.
If your account has been inactive for a year or longer, I'm afraid to say that TNT can no longer pull up your information from the database and, therefore, you can no longer get your account's information back this way. You, unfortunately, will have to use another method, described as the Guessing Game. It takes a lot longer than doing it this way, but you will gain your account back sooner or later if you keep at it.

Why were you able to do this after a year,

but I cannot?

My only guess was that the 1+ year rule wasn't in effect when I requested for my account back, and therefore it didn't apply to me at the time. My guess is that it went into effect a few months after I had gotten mine back.

TNT is asking for more information. What now?

If this response comes back to you, then all you need to do is use the Guessing Game method. It might be slow, but I know of a few people who have regained access to their accounts this way.

When did you last update this guide?

I last updated all the information on July 17, 2010. If you're reading this quite sometime thereafter please don't hesitate to send me a neomail reminding or alerting me of any and all changes to the birth date process. Of course, updates are subject to delays depending on how busy my schedule gets.

Tue Aug 3 2010
Got a surprise listing at Compendium -- thanks!

Fri Jul 30 2010
Got a surprise listing at Elle's Help Guide -- thanks!

Sat Jul 17 2010
Finally got a personal ticket response from Charlotte K., a TNT representative. For those that used the glitch to regain their own old accounts, congratulations!
Added the new Birth Date Access History section in case people wanted to see what has happened with things like this in the past.

Tue Jul 13 2010
Updated my petpage to include the changes to the new F.A.Q. Still trying to figure out what some new statements from TNT mean.
Got listed at The Addictionary and took the closed listing site "Candy-Coated" off the list.

Tue Jul 6 2010
Found out a new way of getting accounts. Be careful using it, though!

Wed Jun 30 2010
Got reviewed by Luv Reviews -- 479/500
Got a surprise listing at Candy-Coated. Thanks!

Sun Jun 19 2010
Recently found out that hischschooltouch got a positive response from TNT after an impressive five years of being inactive -- still doing research to gain more information.
Added Other Neopians' Stories to the lineup. Hoping to glean more information as facts are brought forward.

Wed Jun 16 2010
Fixed up the response letter from TNT so it was more accurate to the actual letter (thank you to an anonymous HC board member).

Fri Jun 11 2010
Got reviewed by Dragonflies & Dust -- 84/100

Wed Jun 8 2010
Added Lanivia's Scammed Help as an affiliate.
Added Bryca's Guide to Scams as an affiliate.

Tue Jun 8 2010
Finally made myself a banner to go with this new layout. Looks nice~!

Mon Jun 7 2010
Got a surprise listing at Little Black Book. Thanks!
Got reviewed by Sweet Pea Reviews -- 95/100
Got reviewed by Classify -- 94/100

Sun Jun 6 2010
Got reviewed by Sky High Reviews -- 88/100
Got a surprise listing at Lightning Directory. Thanks!

Fri Jun 4 2010
Got reviewed by Rox's Ratings -- 98/100

Thu Jun 3 2010
Got listed at Meepits are Love and Soroptimist Directory.
Made Featured Site on Soroptimist Directory - thanks!

Wed Jun 2 2010
Re-made the old layout both for my own amusement and because I got tired of people complaining about the harsh red.

Mirai's Story

By COPPA law, Neopets has been asking users to enter their birth date when they create a new account since 2000 but it has only been made recent that they've asked for it during log in. Since January of 2006, Neopets has been requiring users to enter their birth dates into the log in information of their accounts if they mess up on their pass or if they haven't been on their account in three months or more.

Unfortunately, this served to annoy or anger several users since they entered a fake birth date when they created the account. However, this was a security measure for TNT to ensure that the correct user would get the account, instead of a problematic scammer.

I used to have an account like that. Back in 2006 my side account, _inu_yasha_78, used to have some stupid, random birth date attached to it. I disappeared from NeoPets for two years because I had found another site that took up all of my internet time. When I came back, I found this new "birth date security" thing on the log in page. I was fine with it, because my Main Account, miraibaby, was my real birth date, but my side was not. I was angry, but then I went "Okay... how do I fix this?"

I spent the better part of three months trying to guess my birth date on that account and, since you can only guess three times a day, it was very nerve-wracking for me. I was browsing the Help Chat boards one day when I stumbled across the first topic I had seen of this problem -- "I don't know what my birthday is!" I entered into the topic and found my exact same problem staring me back in the face. The girl had problems with her account because she had left to do something else over a period of time. I thought "Wow, there are people who are as moronic as I am," and promptly refreshed the topic to see if anyone had any answers for us.

Someone on the topic, who was a little older than my main account, mentioned the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page in one of her posts and suggested that maybe there would be a way to get it back by talking to TNT. This petpage explains the procedure that I went through to get my account back.

The Difficult Steps

These first few steps are always the hardest because -- hey -- how in all bells are you supposed to remember everything that was in your account from two years ago?

The first thing you have to do is go on a manhunt for the "Help" page. It's not that hard to find really; located near the bottom of any Neopets page, even the petpages (provided the petpages aren't hiding the information). I've taken this step out by just giving you a link below.

It now takes you to the Neopets Support Center, where a lot of words and links are located. What you want to do here is simply find the wonderful "ticket" button on the right-hand side. TNT luckily makes the first few parts very easy for us -- however, the next parts are used to test your memory.

Now, information, information... You've got to fill this part out pretty much on your own, but I will help you with the parts that seem to be a bit confusing.

Contact Information:

Simple enough. Fill out the contact information you want TNT to use to get back to you about your ticket.

Issue Type

The issue type you want is called Secretword / Account Access Help

Reguarding Username:

Well, this one's a no-brainer. Simply enter the username that you have lost access to.

What information are you requesting?

Click on the dropdown box and select "Birthday".

Previously used secretword(s):

Easy enough, once more. Just enter all of the old secret words you can remember using for the account.

Previously used email(s):

TNT specifically states that if you use your eMail, TNT will NOT be able to respond to you. Everything after this step is done straight through eMail, as TNT will NOT contact you through NeoPets at all. You MUST use an eMail address that is current and that is valid. You cannot tell them to "please NeoMail me," or they will NOT process your request.

Your Birthday:

-giggles- Well, you're trying to gain this information back, so don't enter anything here. You might want to enter your actual birth date, though, so TNT can change your account correctly.

Who are your Neofriends?:

Well, THIS one should be easy (or maybe not). Enter in as many Neofriends as you can possibly remember from that account. Don't leave out any username, unless you can't remember the whole name; you have to make sure that you don't put in ANY nicknames in this field.

Neocash Purchased:

If you can remember of any Neocash you purchased to use on your lost account, enter that here. If your account hasn't been accessed after 17 July 2007, you do not need to worry about this field.

Rare Item Codes Redeemed:

NOTE: Make sure you type in ONLY what you received for an "RIC" on your lost account and on none of your others!
If you've ever gone out to buy a real Neopets plushie with a Rare Item Code, and then redeemed it at the Grundo Warehouse, try and type in this field what item you received for the code.

Warnings received:

People sometimes don't like talking about their warnings, especially not with high-authority like TNT, but you've got to put all of your warnings and suspensions you may have gotten for your lost account, as every warning and suspension with any account is always kept on-file. If you're a goody two shoes instead, leave this field blank.

Pets you have created, abandoned or transferred:

A while ago, I used to have two pets on my lost account, and Lyfling01, a pet that I used to have, was a Green Acara that I had made myself, so I put her name in there.

Items in your closet or equipped to pets (please specify):

Any items that are being worn by your pets or that are in your closet, place them here. If your account hasn't been accessed after 17 July 2007, you do not need to worry about this field.

Further explanation, additional details:

In this field goes all of the "extra stuff" that's not included in the information that you provided above. In this field is where I noted what was in my shop from that account and also I typed in the fact that the eMail that was attached to that account was invalid.

It has recently been clarified by fasty1245 that you can also use your original Authorization Code for account access. He has stated that, while he did not actually have any information regarding his account, he was still able to regain an old account by way of specifying the code. In his report to me, he stated that all he knew was his username, email and secretword .... everything else was a complete blank to him. So, by theory (if he is correct), using your original account Authorization Code could greatly improve your chances of regaining an account.

Hit finish and then give TNT some time to respond. I cannot stress upon this part the most. Once you send in the submission form you MUST wait until TNT gives you some kind of recognition back, be it an automated message or an eMail. You can easily check your ticket inquiry by using the "My Support" tag in the Neopets Support Center.

For me, it took a staff member about one month to respond to my Report.

NOTE: I have gotten Neomails and reports that the process takes way less time now -- Reports confirm that it can take as little as two days for a response.

When TNT got around to my report, I got this response by eMail from one of the team:

Thanks for writing in. It appears your account has been inactive for quite some time! We have several policies in place designed to protect our users' privacy and safety. If an account has been inactive for a significant period of time, we would certainly like to be able to tell you the birth date registered to this account. Given the fact that this account has been inactive for so long, we must be particularly stringent in verifying your account information. Please reply from the original email address on the account and include what the birth date should be and either 3 Neofriends listed on the account, items that may be in your Inventory/Safety Deposit Box, or details from your Neocash purchasing history. If you can provide this information from the original email address, we will be happy to tell you the registered birth date.

I responded back by telling him some information about my shop, just giving off names of some of the things that I vaguely remembered being in my shop the last time I was on Neopets.

I got this response back from him about three weeks later:

I was able to gain access to your account, and I have now reset your birth date back to what it was. Please go to your account and verify that it works, then come back to me and respond.

I checked my account and - lo and behold - it worked~! I was very happy that I thanked him right away.

The Guessing Game

If the above letter from TNT does not match up with the one you received, you might have gotten this one:

You could still log in to your account if you had your information. However, because your account has been inactive for so long, I cannot safely give out any information about it to anyone for security reasons. While the account still exists, I'm afraid I won't be able to help you. However, if you happen to find your account information later, you will still be able to log in!

There is a method that I like to call the "Guessing Game" out there, for those of you who have not been able to regain their account information the way that I have described above. It is simply called the Guessing Game because you do just that. Guess your birth date.

There are two reasons why you would use this method. One, either you've requested TNT's help the way I've described above and they haven't helped you, or two, TNT has gotten back to you and told you they can no longer access your information because your lost account has been inactive for too long (longer then a year).

If this is truly your case, then this method is for you. Your first step is probably the hardest one. First off, you have to find out what the "age" you've selected for your old account is. Either do that by looking on your own Neofriends for the number under the "AGE" column, or, if you don't have your lost account as one of your Neofriends, find someone who is friends with your Lost Account and then have them tell you what the "age" is listed in their Neofriends list. Sadly, you can't Neofriend the account yourself, as you cannot view what the age is going to be on your lost account until it's accepted (it appears as "???" if you try).

After this, you have a maximum of 366 possibilities to work with. Unfortunately, Neopets only lets you guess your birth date 3 times a day, but if you do it this way, you will eventually get your old account back.


Week 441

In a recent editorial in Week 441, this very issue was addressed by an unknown user. I hope that whoever wrote this found their way to my page!

*gives cookies* It seems as though, on one of my older accounts, I put in the wrong birthday. I now have no idea what it is, so I can't get in! I know my secret word and I still have the email address, so is there any way I can get my account back without knowing the birthday? Please remove my username. ~username removed
You'll have to write in to support to recover your account. We know having to enter birthdays is a pain, but it does help keep all accounts safe. Previously there were issues with people guessing simplistic 'words of old accounts and gaining access to them. By adding the birth date question for accounts that have not been visited in a long time we can be assured that the proper owner is the one returning.

Week 300

In an older editorial, Week 300, the issue about changing birth dates was addressed, as well as an bit of an explanation as to what COPPA is.

I know people can just lie about their age on Neopets and that you've said in the past that, if there is proof that they are lying, then you will change their age on the site. However, is there a way for people to change their age on their own? Not, like, a child who wants access to all the site features and decides to change their age to 13 after their account it created, but more like someone who accidentally put in the wrong age when making their account and wishes to change it to their real age afterwards. Or, do you think it even matters what age someone is (or says they are) on Neopets? I think I'm a little confused about this topic.... ~g_and_frends
Alas, we can't risk players under 13 altering their age, even if we ask them not to. On Neopets, as long as you are 13 or older, it doesn't matter much what your age is unless you are deliberately trying to trick people into thinking you are a different age for some nefarious purpose. You can always state your true age on your UL if you like, as long as you don't include your birth date, which would be bad. :X Please remember that not allowing those under 13 without permission to post is not just a Neopets rule, it's also part of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (aka COPPA). We get lots of mail asking why we don't allow players under 13 to post, and this is why – it's the law!

Birth Date Access History

Just thought I'd put this section up for those who were interested in the different things that have happened throughout the Neopets' site history.

NOTE: These ways NO LONGER WORK. Neomailing and asking me about them is a waste of my time and yours. Sorry.

Drag this up to your address bar to see what the ticket consisted of.

As according to Charlotte K. here, our accounts are ours to keep.

Congratulations to those who got their accounts back, and have fun out in Neopia!


As of a little past 8:30pm NST on 8 Jul 2010, I found out that this new way of doing things no longer works. If you try, it simply reverts you back to the regular log in page.

HOWEVER, we still have no word from TNT. I have heard, by word-of-mouth, of some people being frozen for talking and spreading word about this issue, but nothing yet has been definitively confirmed.


I am struggling to figure out more information about this, but I have heard as word-of-mouth that people have been frozen for using this technique. I have no clue if this is true or not, but am currently trying to gain information.

I have submitted an "inquiry ticket" on Jul 6 2010 @ 12:27:43pm NST to TNT about this issue, but as of Jul 7 2010 @ 6:15pm NST I have yet to receive a response.

Please proceed at your own risk!

A New Way

So -- I've stuck this at the VERY top of my page *just* in case. I have NO clue how long this way of regaining access to your accounts will be around, so it will be up here as long as this way of doing things is active (and "allowed "!). As far as I've been able to glean, some people think this is a Glitch, and some think it was a mistake (to me, a glitch is a mistake -- a break in the coding), PLEASE use at at your own risk!

8 Jul 2010: Found out a little past 8:30pm NST that this no longer works. Still no official word from TNT.
7 Jul 2010: People are still regaining their accounts as of this afternoon. Still no official word from TNT.
6 Jul 2010: I KNOW this still works. I just used it on one of my old accounts!
4 Jul 2010: The first report was made that this could be used to regain old birth dates.
2 Jul 2010: The new Neopets F.A.Q. page came out.


Simply log out of whatever account you're on right now.

Then, click on "help" at the bottom of any page (

Third, go to "My Support.

From there, log in using that username + word fields that pop up on that page. It'll bypass the birth date issue and allow you to get into your account.

PLEASE, if it does not work for you, let me know! If this was an accident let out by TNT, they'll probably fix it soon enough. I want to remove this as soon as it stops working for a group of people.

What's the Issue?

A lot of people believe that, by using this new technique, we could potentially be abusing a glitch. If so, TNT will take action against us and remove the accounts in-question.

They did this once before when an accidental coding slip that came out during a Neopets Mobile update provided Neopians with a chance to regain old accounts that they had lost access to (what this was I cannot say -- I was never a part of Neopets Mobile and did not care in the slightest what happened to it). The accounts that were regained using this way were under debate for quite a while with TNT, as some of them were suspect to being captured by scammers.

To avoid any other accounts being captured this way, TNT shut down that coding and immediately froze every single account that was regained in this manner. I am not sure if any other accounts not associated with the Neopets Mobile glitch (accounts that had pets/items/NPs transferred to them from recovered accounts) were frozen or not.

If TNT decides to take the same action here as they did in the Neopets Mobile, it will be safe to say that the accounts accessed using this method will be frozen. No one yet has word and I've been keeping an eye on everything I can.

Other Neopians' Stories

This is the section I've created to retell stories of those Neopians who have taken their time out just for me. Thank you for allowing me to hear them!
Username: highschooltouch
[added Sat Jun 19 2010]

Hi! So the other day I was thinking how much I'd like to have my second ever Neopets account back, and decided to mail TNT because I could not remember the birthday I had put in. Although I had already tried to get that account back in November of 2009 and received the reply that my account had not been accessed within a certain amount of time so it was impossible to get any information from it, I was shocked when this time I received a mail back asking for more information. Below is the original mail that I sent to TNT. I have whited out personal information, and have put pink marks over the information that I had remembered about my account (please excuse how poorly I wrote it haha).

Below that I added additional information, including my secret word which I thankfully remembered.

A few days later I received this response:

I then sent a response with more information I remembered to TNT from the e-mail that is attached to the account, and am still awaiting a response as of 6/19/10.

Story Here.

Neomail Praise

Congratulations to these fine people who have used my petpage to regain their account! Good Luck in Neopia!

Thank you for the praise and, if you found this page helpful, please neomail me!

Site Credits

Ageless Accounts © MiraiBaby 2007-2010
I wish to give thanks to fasty1245 for informing me that it is possible to get your accounts back with the authorization code listed to your account originally.
Thank you to iwishyouthebest for recently clarifying how long it takes to get a response from TNT. (May 23 2010)
Thank you to Amber's Pixels for the bullets {} and the Earth Faerie Mushroom pixel.
Thank you to 7nitedragons for clarifying how long it takes nowadays to retrieve a lost account.

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