Zapping Your Dream Pets - The Zappers List!


This page lists all of ZYDP's volunteer zappers, and also has instructions for anyone who wants to become a zapper for ZYDP.

If you have the lab ray and would like to help us out, that's great! Sign up to be a zapper, and your name will be added during the next update.

If you have more than one lab ray that you'd like to donate to our cause, that's fantastic! To keep our list more simplified, we only list one account per zapper. However, you may still submit wishes granted from your other rays to your listed username. Just make sure to send all neomails from your listed username when contacting wishers and when sending in info for Happy Endings.

Sign Up to Be a Zapper


07 July 2014 :: Congratulations to Thowra for granting your 10th wish and reaching the rank of Dream Granter!

24 June 2014 :: Congratulations to Cass for granting your 10th wish and reaching the rank of Dream Granter!

14 June 2014 :: Congratulations to Joshy for granting your 10th wish and reaching the rank of Dream Granter!

09 June 2014 :: Congratulations to both Vahri and Carolin for granting your 10th wish and reaching the rank of Dream Granter!

05 May 2014 :: Congratulations to Liz for granting your 10th wish and reaching the rank of Dream Granter!

15 April 2014 :: Congratulations to Lelanya for granting your 10th wish and reaching the rank of Dream Granter!

17 March 2014 :: Congratulations to Leo for granting your 12th wish and reaching the rank of Dream Granter! Sorry I forgot to post when you hit 10!

10 March 2014 :: Congratulations to Elisabeth for granting your 10th wish and reaching the rank of Dream Granter!

Instructions for Zappers

ZYDP doesn't have any specific "requirements" for zappers, but these instructions should give you a general idea about what to do.

1. Neomail Vahri the following information to be listed:

    Please use New Zapper as the subject line!

  • Username - this doesn't have to be the account your lab is on, it should be the account where you would like to be contacted
  • Name/Nickname - optional
  • Are you part of the ZYDP Guild? - you do not have to be part of the guild to be listed, this information is for guild rank purposes; please note if the account you listed is NOT the one in the guild
  • Number of wishes granted - if you've granted wishes from the ZYDP Wishlist before and are already listed on the Happy Endings page

  • If you would like, take a zapper button or ZYDP banner to show off on your userlookup/petpage/shop or wherever you want to put it!

2. Get a Neopet to zap.

  • You can either get a pet from the pound or create one yourself, it doesn't matter.
  • It is best, though not necessary, to choose a well-named (WN) pet. This means that the pet's name does not have any numbers or underscores.
  • You can browse the ZYDP Wishlist to find out which pet species are in high demand.
  • 3. Zap your pet until he/she gets a color/LE zap.

    4. Check the Wishlist to see if anyone has wished for your pet's color/species combination.

      If nobody has wished for your pet, you can
      If one person has wished for your pet, neomail them and ask if they would like to adopt your pet!

      If many people have wished for your pet, you can
      • select one person, and neomail them to ask if they would like to adopt your pet, or
      • neomail everybody and ask for applications.

    5. Once you have sent your pet to its new owner, congratulations on granting a wish!!

      Fill out the form found here and neomail it to Alix so that she can update the wishlist and add you to the Happy Endings page.

      Note: In order for an adoption to count as a Wish Granted, you must send the pet to someone who was already on the Wishlist. If you find someone on the boards who says that your pet is their dreamie, and you give your pet to them, this will not count towards the ZYDP total. Also, you may not tell someone to add their name to the Wishlist AFTER you've given them a pet or set up an adoption.

    6. Repeat Steps 2-5 until there are no more wishes on the Wishlist. =P

    7. Lastly, if your account becomes inactive, we will remove you from the Zapper List. If you come back from a hiatus and would like to be relisted, please follow Step 1.

Granted a new wish?

If you've granted a new wish, be sure to neomail Alix with the following information for the Happy Endings page:

The Happy Endings page is used to rank zappers up each month. You as a zapper are responsible for neomailing in this info. Please neomail Alix from the account you have listed here if you would like to receive credit on the Zapper List.

Error in listing?

Please double check the last-updated date in the right-hand column with the date your wishes were granted. The page may just not have been updated yet!
If there's still an error, then neomail Vahri with the following information from the account listed:

Please use Zapper List Error as subject!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to join the ZYDP guild to be a zapper?
A: No! The wishlist is an open resource that any Neopian can use to find a new home for their lab pets.

Q: Should I list all of my accounts that have lab rays?
A: We only list each zapper once. However, you may submit wishes granted from your other lab rays to your listed username! (Just make sure to neomail in to the Happy Endings page from your listed zapper username.)

Q: What if I zap a pet and I decide that I want to keep it?
A: If you become a zapper, you are NOT obligated to give your pets away!! You can keep, trade, or adopt out your pets to anyone you'd like.

Q: Can I still add my name to the wishlist if I become a zapper?
A: Yes of course! Both pages are open to everyone, just read the rules!

Q: What does the lightning bolt symbol next to some of the zappers mean?
A: That is our way of designating which zappers are also guild members. It helps us quickly find people when doing guild rank ups.

Q: I just granted a wish. Why didn't my "wish granted" count go up?
A: Only wishes that are listed on the Happy Endings page are eligible for increasing your wishes granted count here. Check the "last updated" statistic in right-hand column of this page. If your wish was listed on the Happy Endings page before this date, then please neomail me a Zapper List Error form (found here).

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Neomail Vahri.


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Dream Granters

157 Wishes Granted!!

rampantbunyip - Lillian

53 Wishes Granted!!

darkinvader1981 Katelyn

43 Wishes Granted!!

fernandose Laura

37 Wishes Granted!!

gothicxnerd (zeldeh) Alix

27 Wishes Granted!!

_margarita_ - Amanda

23 Wishes Granted!!

bumblebee_o3 TL

21 Wishes Granted!!

money_yenom - Penny

20 Wishes Granted!!

neko_akanewt Vahri
tb_lover514 Emily

19 Wishes Granted!!

bha288 (ohsilly) Helena
nicolechartrand4687 Nicole

18 Wishes Granted!!

kitty333333333333333 Kitty
underground_sanatori MJV

16 Wishes Granted!!

0123kl (0321kl) Zero
merikayla Michelle
parrot_lover_80 (chalcoptera) Katie/Cat

15 Wishes Granted!!

awiiya Jenn

14 Wishes Granted!!

choopinho Leo
kami582 (bakajaku2) Cass

13 Wishes Granted!!

animalcrazy_2003 (crypticwave) Kate
hxc_underoath_chic - Tori
shirlysue232 Shirly

12 Wishes Granted!!

mynyprincess - Princess
simaron Valley
staronna Star

11 Wishes Granted!!

israellac (nyshida) Joshy
lelanya (etholanya)
loivissa_ Elisabeth
oboeflute4 Amanda
thowra_t Thowra

10 Wishes Granted!!

neo_cant_pwn_cass Cass
rafflesfolbigg Liz
reander - Jen
salrassi Kat
silverft - Jasmin

Mad Scientists

Granted 9 Wishes!

elivae - Caitlin
emrozi/sideofemrozi Emma
jazzkat8911 - Kat
saraheatscheese - Sarah
squirrelfury - Squirrel/Christi
stacy_summers2006 Stacy
xxobumblebee - Bee

Granted 8 wishes!

cannibalicious Sara
daddysgirl_16 Mary
soccer_tennis_chic Jamie

Granted 7 wishes!

moriaprofa (morys_na4) - Mory
siskin - Sze

Granted 6 wishes!

kortnee_mm - Kortnee
mansonfollwr666 Tabby
moldier - Sarah
orange_snowball Luna
silver_pidgeot Silver

Crazy Kookiths

These Zappers have granted 5 wishes:

alice_rabbit Alice
beason755 - Shoyru Lover
bica_denisa - Denisa
fluorescense - Andrea
lilskellington2 - Skell
mouself - Mouse
pennyloafer - Penny
pirate_kit Kit
snarkie_josh Josh
vonblond Kelli
yanmin1200 Starfire

These Zappers have granted 4 wishes:

amandaiship - Manda
aobrion Alex
blackbudahfly - Dawn
bluefluffybunny - Nala
carisspiderman Carly
chelsea1955 Saber
emilyfftl - Yasei
kitrinlu - Kit
pet_helper_02 Pet/Lily
ridingstar03 (wishingstar003) - Meggy
silverella_ - Elle
yagmur8 Rain
yijing1234567890260 Quanyails

These Zappers have granted 3 wishes:

angel_saturn85 Angel
animalloveczhou13 - Cindy
autumndandy (yaxley_3) Elise
bex250 - Bex
bubble_bubble04 - Jenn
burninglikeacandle Holly
dachshundlover13 - Kira
dumpling130 (apcd) Yaya
emberflight - Ember/Skye
emmi_eri - Carie
eternus_dragon - Ann
ethereal_dream Mel
flakeon Jess
goldhaeschen - Hannah
lafireaea - Rien
meercatristonhopets3 - Victor
misty_donna - Sophie
moriwen - Moriwen
neopian_traveler - Cindy
ozsheila061 - Jude
painted_dreams87 - Heather
phenylketonuric - Isabella
princessfinalfantasy - Katie
saponified - Robyn
spiritguardian - Spirit
stereodanish - Rikke
sweetestneo Rose
umbrehla - Amy
whereswaldo_x2 - Shelby
xlosarahbo - Kels

Lab Ray Kickers

These Zappers have granted 1 wish:

1mimi290 - Mimi
actonellis Elly
aeaglebabe09 (emeraldroses09) Kayla
aguamentea - Audrey
ammiiee Amy
amoonkitty - Nix
angelkilby - Rachel
angel_shortcake Kim
antipopulace - Anti
aoi_inuzukama (aleu_inuzukama) Cathy
arlekeen - Arle
arnie10 Arnie
atimelady - Cinder
awesomegurl4god - Tiffany
baby_lake - Kate
baracca_fuu - Fuu
beautiful_macabre Salsa
bia_mohr - Bia
boutique - Tracie
bright_hikaru Catharine
bsyalniz - Brandie
butterflyprism Tess
calcite - Pierce
canasta_mom_1976 - Roberta/Bobbie
cardplaya012 - Rhea
celtic_sea_dragon - Fiona
cherryfirez_18 - Lauren
chiisana_chiisana - Rin
chinchoi - Lauren
chuppa_chup_chik144 - Mizuki
cms_girl2002 - Reagan
cocoa_squealer - Wreck
coffee_bean143 Coffee
convergex - Emma
c_yuan - Cindy
dakuli - Alex
deadlyxelegance - Alexis
degrassi_luver8 - Beth
divinedork Tana
drachenring - Kyra
dura900 - Mittens
dystrict - Shaneh
earthbender__ Madeline
eevee0011 Sabre
epicgiggle - Sarah
esprit_imparfait - Esprit
excalibur_joy (upforadoptions_joy) - Joyables
faerie_reeses_pet Pet
flowerdactyl - Di
forthedolphin (fortheskeith) Kira
freebirdlinnet - Linnet
frostycookies Phantom
greentea_leaf Mirage
gunder401 Hannah
gwenddollyn Mariana/Timmy
haly_24 - Brandi
hawkear_shadowclan - Nuri
honda_tohru_onigiri Lilly
iaminaband23456 - Victoria/Tori
imperador222 Christie
jakynar Emma
jhudora1991 Wolfheart
josie390 Josie
kaiter_3 Kaiter
katzam (legandaryzapper) Katz
kiko_20034 - Liis
knubbig - knubbig
labbingpets Saige
lady_in_lilac - Liz
lap_lap_was_froze Sam
libatius - Ria
little_lady_goddess - Chrysila/Chrys
livforpeace - Liv
marciletsdisco - Marci
marianilla07 - Mariana
megan_a_56 - Megan
miss_cinny (cinny_side_up) Cinny/Evie
miss_shelle - Michelle
moo_with_me_5 - Sarah
murtagh_or_eragon - Jade
musher - Zac
mysterymoonbeam (bumble_bee64) - Mystery
naiche_barros - Naiche
neo111186 - Neo
nerdular Quip
nightwolf_rider Rebecca
num1dragonmasters_3 Kuri
omgcharrr - Char
orange_tv - Hermione
pegasus287 - Lauren
perduco - Morris
princessmelody37 - Melody
psesed_by_poogles - Tammy
puniic Rea
qxn - Kel
rebecca17347 - Rebecca
rubdubdub250 - Alison
seashell1989 - Jackie
sharoto - Charli
shinobi_reiko - Rei
shoyru_lover713 Shoy
snowflakerabbithalo - Hayley
solettheflamesbegin - Kat
sour_12345 sour
starjoyflower88 - Gwen
starstruck74 - Lyydia
sugarspit - J
swizlehips Puppy
temiko - Temiko
teulon_girl - Nicole
thatmusiq mitchy
thatpublicplace Kelsey
thedraconiclady (thewyvernlady) Dragon
thegyrumbard - Hannah
tokiohotel384 - Sara
topsecret464 - Rose
totalgirrrl - Samantha
tropical3liss Maz
tstarr765 Tara
urenni0613 Jamie
vanilla_bean06 Kyla
volleyballey08 - Volley
wolfhowlsz - Lexy
xakemii - Kimberley
xdanni Danni
zanazoe - Susana
zappingzoo Paige
_cloudy_sky_pets_ - Mary
_theblackwolf_ - Wolfia

These Zappers haven't granted any wishes yet:

11emokitten11 - Katie
12jet12 - Jenny/Jenna
16th_avanue_fan - Savannah
4tora14 - Tori
7birdie14 - Birdie
818tessa - Tessa
adonia_rose - Rose
aishagirlkaylee - Kaylee
ajaemily - Kathy
akatora - Lexx
akhara_wolf - Autumn
aleathiel Sara
alexalasley - Alexa
alex_bubbly - Alex
allisterallister - T.A.D.
almawoods - Sharon
altered_humanoid - Maggie
alyxmydear - Alyx
ambee156 - Ambee
amlane_2007 - Alyssa
amongtheimposters - Blair
Amyliz9900 - Amy
angelhugs_158 - Kara
annikarose - Annika
arctic_wolf___ - Yii
asilent_love - Toby
aural_rhapsody - Hana
avvesome - Sid
aznnerd09 - Kayla
baby_kougra_rox - Alana
bananapassdude - Erika
barbya - Barbya
bemine_4ever - Bri
bencarnacion - Marilyn
beyond - B
bigg1791 Alex
bigsistonoah10 Shellie
biodamped - Lily
bisquet - Leona
bizzer_72 - Izzy
blonde_hammie_lover - Haley
blueberryjiggles Kayla
blueberrypiegirl - Lorena
bookworm14 Butterfly
boombot1 - Aldana
brianadvanced64 - Brian
brittners8 - Bri
broken_angel_98 Zarriah
bsrb777 - Lauren
bubblegum77__ - Ashley
cal_chetty - Callie
camelle__16 - Lissa
capriiii Capri
caracatita - Cara
carmen_lee123 - Cammy
carnifex_ - Courtney
carson cutie - Re
catglove - Kat
cathie_lin - Cathie
catluverdog33 Macie
catz4lyfe4567 - Brittany
cat_salad - Charley
cchasityisdumb - Oboe
ceremonium RS
chateau009 - Scott
chat_room_freak - Frizzy
cheetah_123_4 - September
chellcampbell - Michelle
chibichiichan - April
chili19 - Caroline
chomzloh - C.J.
chuckie001 - Charles
cinderella1234567 Alex
clarinet_galz - Regina
Clarky_carrot - Charlotte
Clover_132004 - Lexi
coastermaster392 - Jamie
coelophysis_bauri - Bauri
colorxmexrainbow - Elise
crashmaster2005 - Bret
crazycoolkatie - Katie
creole_creamery - Kip
cruxious - Amy
cujocookie Syrena
curezephyr - Erin
customheroes - Simone
cyndra_1_1 - Cyndra
cyndy3 - Luana
daintydaisygirl - Daisy
dalilavalkyrie - Dalila
darkandlost_9 dark
darkniela66 - Daniela
dawns_safe_haven - Dawn
dawsons_lab - Jordan
degrim Amber
demo2002 - Debbie
denu_23 - Denu
dermatologically Dino
detectiveberry - Jackson
devilsangel0727 - Kipcha
dexypoo (_carny) - dex
de_lara Lara
dhahzz - Stefanie
diablita9 - Amy
dizzylovestechno - Dizzy
Dollsgomeow - Maureen
dragonan - Dragon
dragonclaudz - Claudz
dragonstarrygrl - Sara
dragon_18_lv - Becca
dragon_elemental056 - Annette
dream_creator_ Cherry
drowenharper - K9/Tess
dysphere - Eva
easycompany506 - Kristy
elina_karina - Elina
elleyayaya - Ellé
ellyj Ellen
emily_gajewski - Emily
emnut2k1 - Emma
emo_angel48 (royalgirl47) - Emma
erato_ - Elise
evb14 - Evb
exyoriea Julie
faeylinne - Faey
fairydiva999 - Wei Ting
fairygold Julie
fairy_cristle - Chocolismores
faith502 - Faith
faith_hope_love1 - Rhonda
fallendarkseraphim - Fallen
faramirsquality - Fara
fattcattt9 - Mary
feezoca233 - Fernanda
ferit_00 - Louise
fireinoureyes - Kira
fire_pheonix910 (meepit_for_president) - Meepit
fleur_garden - Kat
fleur_ish_flower - Fleur
fluffical - Haille/Edge
fluffy_bumbkin - Spiral
forbeshouse - Sarah
foxsoju - Stef
frodowood Alice
frogluverjkr - Froggie
frostygrunt Justin
fruit_smoothie_gurl - Claire/Clairely
frymuppet - Rita
fufu50 Dash
funky_monkey_246 - Hannah
fungirl1998 Chloe
galadriels_lab Galadriel
geethisishard2 - Jess
gemmagood - Gemmaa
ghostez - Bea
ging_bob - Zaito
glamfierceness - Kayla
glowingluna gloria
gravitymage601 - Felice
greypoppy - Lexi
grumpynuts_2 - Tana
guineapiglover_8_8 - Amithyst (Ami)
gummydonut - Synthia
gutter_baby - Aloisia
gwennach - Kirstin
gworusk - Sarah
hail3yfaith Hailey
halibutbunny - Heather
halo_in_the_skys - Halo
haylostarr - Hayley
heike_vandt - Josephine
hellobetsy - Betsy
hellovodo - Miran
hello_kittyx - Jess
heslanders - Stephanie
hiddenpride - Jesse
hiedis - Naomi
hirere24 - Dominique
hixbridge - Hix
hollypaw_610 - Tobi
horselover02006 - Alex
hoshihikara Hoshi
hotchic943 - Hillary
howdyhooch Hooch
hummingbird1110 - Mari
ianeai - Reese
idarker - Elaina
illusionsong - June
inatae - Ina
inopig99 - Rachel
ixaicplaysrugby - Redsea
jabendrak1234 - Robert
jagveress - Josie
jalhyis - Daisy
jeanawei1234 - Jeana
jenntropy - Jennifer
jenroks Jen
jes_sick_ah - Jessica
jmas_15 - Jordi
jobiehanna - Jobie/Johannah
johnnydeppluver1222 - Mikki
jpcrusader1 - JP
Juliapookie90 - Julia
junipersa Sammie
justnthyme Ashley
just_a_fantasyviii - CY
jylim83 - Kyle
k3l26 (slytherin_girl_1212) - Kellian
kaboootski - Amanda
Kagome_kimi1 Sakura
kanadiansnowbunny - Dana
karasuda_ai Matsuko
karma105 - Caroline
karmakitten17 - karma
katiegagliardi1 - Kayde
kawtredhaunted Michelle
kayjay_96 - Kay
kaylaneorose002 - Shadow
kaylathehedgehog2012 Rachel
kb_clarkson - Ashleigh
kell0021 - Kelly
kiddlito - Sharkly
kittenz747 - Ayin
kitten980 - Rosen
kit_katz_lyk_2_purr - Tayla
kizunah - Waffles
kjrider1 - KJ
koalaharrislover - Amy
koimeteria - Koi
kongx1 - Alain
kookii_kat - Kat
kootchaloo Navarda
korfin10 - Korfin
kristin_collision07x - Kristin
kylekity - Kyle
kyra_05 - Kyra
ladymagnetic - Otis
ladyvader26 - Lady
latiasxeevee - Jay
lauracat6 - Laura
lax_eagle15 - Emily
Lava_lamp_1 - Stephanie
lcea2 - Lana
leafpaw_leapardstar - Envi
leafpool888 Mackenzie
lechat_2003 - Jess
lickipunk - Megan
lil_cute_angel1887 - Kristen
lil_gotika9 - Finduilas
litomisskelly - Kelly
llama_shock - Kathy
loe17 Seldon
lonibee06 Dana
lorlurin - Ming
lostarrows Lotte
loveisfearlessxx Vania
luckylulu423 - Lulu
lucyjuicy363 - Lucy
Luperia_moon - Sam
lunate - Vala
makani - Shelly
malice_2010 Missy
malingchaobff - Rachel/Rach
malkshake - Malk
mama_bunny1994 - Brittany
mandi_m3 angel
mandy_wong Mandy
maramaaike - Maaike
marcelarenoldi - Marcela
marvalicity - Tsu
matsutoyo - Gyarados
mclaren - Nova
memoriesofmayhem - Memories
mesmerizemo - Glowstick
mess_with_me_ Aurelia
metorz (_friends_account_45) Chelsea
michael802045 Melody
millye_12 - Carol
mini_mayberry - Lilly
mirakami - Raz
miseryy_ - Ashe
missellenbarbara - Elle
misstaejl - Tanae
missynom Mel
miss_courtney1994 - Courtney
mocha397 - Ali
moghile - Gabriel
moibontutu302 - Sterling
mollycrownmolly - Tegan
monabaka - Nienke
monodonmonoceros - Danielle
mp_burelle - Marie-Pier
mrsblunto Kiz
mrs_sherlock (Blackveilz) - Estefania
mukuro Fiya
mumtup - Kristi
munewhisker - Briezy
mybabymissa - Missa
myrinea Hannah
myrrhx - Laura
mythicalcanadian Emily
mythical_832 Myth
mytragicworld - Beka
namejumper - jay
nanoukske - Newt
nebrine - Nebrine
neila_nuruodo Neila
neko_aijin - Luna
neopiaexplorerneo - Helen
neo_spectrum - Rain
neo_trans_neo Shari
ngf57 - Dreamer
nighters - Nighty
ninjaxcarl Carl
ninja_shootingstar - Ninja
nj119 - Nora
noil_lion44 - Laura
nullaby - Chanel
numuh_1 Sarah
nun_with_a_machete - Taylor
nyiath Vera
nyinanearthquake Kezzie
o0_canadiangurl_0o Robin
ohemgrace - Grace
oikakete Tara
ok_maybe_theyll_stop - Jake
ollune - Jess
oompha - oompha
origifan - Sam
orilla7 Aurelia
osssr3 Osssr
pamemooloo - Pam
panamoo - Kit
pandaluff - Luff
pandorasiohma - Sinn
pandura Chelsea
panick - Panick
paranoidor Ciaran
party_animal2350 Mel
peacenwar__49 - Kaitlyn
peppercorn2008 - Shelby
petgal2011 - Nicole
phawks2 - winona
photic - Tim
pineapplelumps - Hannah
pinkladie711 Natalie
plushen - Leonie
poisonousxkisses - Jess/JJ
polaroidofapolarbear - Meredith
pompurr2 Megan
poololeopard - Krissy
poundpetrescuer - Camille
pretty_sad sam
princess_tigerlillie - Becca
princess_zelda9 (ireturned) Patience
princessyoshii - Harley
prisimatic Sweet
punchups - Melody
purple_dragon16 - Kylee
qm3reidsbaby - Rachel
qtsunshine - Ella
quippery - Quip
ratherBrilliantDani (wolfriderstarwalker) Dani
razberrypup Raz
rebecca948576 - Rebecca
redcolby25 - Elaine
redgeisha - Sakura
republicdc1 - Denise
reveirie - Reve
rgory01 - Chell
rhaenia rhaenia
riah_123neo - Riah
rio_rio3 - Rio
ripplecloud - Eris
rochhelle - Rochelle
rocketmail105 - Xiaomi
rodent_girl911 - Willow
romeroholic - Katie
rose_of_hades - Memaw
rosilie - Rosilie
roxanne_ruby Taliska
rykiran - Kira
sainthubbins lydia
sai_dancing_to_sum41 - Sai
sallythedark123 - Sally
sandy4555225 - Sandy
save_abandoned_pets7 - Save
scenechickxxxcore - Natalia/Holly
schattenjaegerin - Lara
scorpiogrl62 - Lea
seahorse_girl111 - Rachel
selabk - Kaylee
sequano - Rachel
serpenstia - Sylver
sevekka - El
shannonli0236 - Shannon
sharnee_sparkle Anni
sharpiepwns - Erin
shigure_shomaxx - Lyn
shortymodel (krystaline_dreams) Kyra
shutupdude1331 Dyson
sidekick_9_9 - Jeanette
silvernightingale - Silver
silverpurpledust (moduvator) - Jacky
silverrose7591 - Julia
silver_stez - Silver
skittlesrainbowpride Skitz
skydreamer511 - Sky
sloorgish - Alexa
smyhls Ivy
snormunch Munchlax
sourpuss0809 - Kiki
sparklstar - Melody
sportyalexroxs - Alex
spottedstar_12345 Sammy
starclaw96 - Mouse
starlight_adoptions - James
starwarsphreak - Bear
star_kisu Emily/Emi
steampunk_clockwork - Kate
stillwater_taffy - Lydia
still_onthe_hill - Gray
stunningfox - Katt
sugarsweet2008 Char
sunny_spider - Paige
supperduperd Dorien
syn_tippie - Syn
tadiepurr - Tadie
tainted__soul_ - Addy
taleweaver Sam
tantios_12 Ivan
tashatoxic1 Tasha
tegea - Tegea
temptesque - Christina
theodore_chipmunk - Maryanne
the_bandit_gang - Gang
the_christmas_killer - Emmy
the_mystical_elf - Rebekah
theangelicbeing Kelsey
thecookiepirate - Megan
thumparr - Vi
tiffany10_griesbach Tiffany
tiger_girl9 - Paige
tjking62 - TJ
toverstaf2000 - Katherine
toyboxescapecool - Katie
trill_aliena - Trill
tt_ivy - Nell
tukaito - Tuk
tuxedoh - Jae
unforgottendream - Amy
uranile - Martin
vampire_knightz - Alice
vasudha - Vasudha
venus_guy_trap - Sarah
vincent7577 - Vince
wailers - Sara
wazza257 - Scott
whatacatchjessi - Jessica
whitepowerup - Shera
wildberry090 - Emma
wildquach - Hoku
wimpykid00 - Illya
witchtara - Dae
woccawoccawocca - Emily
wolfira979797 - Sara
wwxywwxy - Misty
wyndslash - Stef
xaquizzle - Rachel
xephias - Xephias
xhalf_heartx - Kelsey
xox_mandy2 - Mandy
xtra_cheez_plz - Amanda
xxmadelynnexx - Maddy
xxx_lindsay_xxx - Lindsay
xxx_whitewolf_xxx - Becca
xx___amy___xx - Amy
x_od - Kristle
x_walnut_tree_x - Nikki
x_x_sugarsweet_x_x - Chloe
x__yeaboi - Savvy
x__zomutt__x Melanie
zanymyzo - Myzo
zeeness - Colin
zim_and_moga - Moga
zooelie - Zoo
zozane_knucker - Zozane/Zoe
zo_1997 Zoe
_cwv2_ - Kat
_icreatemyself - Shawna
_lupe_xa_33 - Katie
_neonaria - Ki
_serena_moonstone_ Ren
_shiro_yuki_ - Yuki
_tiger_nose - Kari
xcstar1436 Bethany
_xxbvbxx_ - Kassidii
_yuki_mouse_ - Yuuki
__brittaney__ - Brittaney
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