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I'm Mel. Gryffindor in Patronus, geek and otaku at heart. Come say hi :3
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Birthday: March 13th
Gender: Witch
Wand: 10⅘ in. Dogwood. Rougarou Hair core. Quite Whippy.
Patronus: Fox;
Animagus: Fluffy White Cat;

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Ancient Runes

Week 2

1. How many runes are in Elder Futhark? There are 24 runes in Elder Futhark.
2. What are the two usages of Elder Futhark? Elder Futhark can be used for divination and for interpreting sounds.
3. What is the name and divinc meaning of the W rune? The W rune is called Wunjo, and it means happiness (what a pretty meaning!)
4. Two of the runes represent Old Norse gods. What are the runes and who are the gods they represent? The runes are Tiwaz (T) and Ingwaz (Ng), and they represent, respectively, Tyr, the god associated with law and heroic glory, and Ing, associated with sacral kingship, prosperity and fertility.
5. If Professor Shannan were to be performing a runic reading and found the N rune, what could that mean? I believe it could mean that professor Shannan would face hardships eventually.

Week 1

1. What are the runic numbers based off of? Runic numbers are based off of their magical creature counterparts;
2. Short answer: What is your favorite runic number and why? My favorite runic number is definitely 1, because I'm the cliche kind of girl who picks unicorns above anything else. Joke aside, it's interesting that they chose the unicorn as the representation of the number ONE simply due to it having one single horn - and I like that such a marvellous creature is representing the simplest and loneliest of numbers.
3. What is the primary runic system that we use called? The primary runic system we use is called the Elder Futhark.
4. What is the encoded symbol for 'L' (ex: 2 left lines, 1 right)? What is the symbol for seven? The encoded symbol for 'L' is three left lines, 5 right lines.
5. Translate the following: Turn to page 394.


Week 1


Week 3

1. What constellation did Carina used to be a part of what did it mean? Carina used to be a part of Argo Navis, which was the representation of the ship of Jason and the Argonauts during their adventure to find the Golden Fleece. Upon dividing the constellation, Carina became the Keel.
2. When was Carina recognised as its ownConstellation? Carina was recognized as a constellation in the early 20th Century;
3. What is Carina most famous for? Carina is most famous for homing Canopis, the second brighest star in the night sky;
4. Name the deep sky object found in Carina and list what it contains You can find the following deep-sky objects in Carina: the Eta Carinae Nebula, The Wishing Well Cluster, NGC3603 AND NGC 2808; Eta Carinae Nebula contains Mystic Mountain, the Homunculus Nebula and the Keyhole Nebula;
5. True or False, Carina is bordered by seven other constellations. True
Short (3-6 lines). Of the objects pictured which are you most drawn to and why? I am mostly drawn to The Wishing Well Cluster. The name makes me think of wishes, dreams, which for me means endless possibilities - something pretty cool to associate with the universe (even if just something that's a part of it). Also, image-wise, the shades of blue and red together caught my attention somehow, and it looks like a glittery, sparkling view - and when I think of wishes and dreams, I think of naive-sparkly-pretty things. It's silly but oh well.

Week 2

1. Where and when is Capricornus visible? Capricornus is visible between 60 and -90 degrees latitudes, in the Northern Hemisphere, during early autumn (that's around september in the Northern Hemisphere, right?).
2. When was Capriconus discovered? This constellation was discovered during the 2nd century, though the actual date wasn't revealed (and I couldn't find it elsewhere either).
3. What is M30? M30 is the only Messier object within Capricornus, and it's a globular star cluster with over a hundred thousand stars (whoa!). It's one of the first objects that the astronomer Charles Messier discovered while compiling his nebulous objects catalogue.
4. Which two stars contained within Capricornus have the same meaning, and why? Algiedi Prima and Algiedi Secunda both have the same meaning, which I guess it's because they form a double star together - they're separated by very little space. (Their actual names are the same, too, only one has "first" and the other "second" next to the name (prima and secunda).)
5. How does Capricornus rank in size, and magnitude amongst the constellations? It doesn't rank very high up there, since it's the second faintest constellation in the sky, with only one star brighter than magnitude 3.
Short (3-6 lines) - Which of the myths associated with Capricornus is your favourite and why? I like the myth about Amalthea. I think a myth about someone saving a god fits the stars (constellations) in general, as they are bright, illuminating things. Stars and constellations are something everyone likes to look up to - most people rejoice the sight of a bright, star-filled sky, and I guess something so pure and beautiful that usually conveys positive feelings should have a kinder myth related to it.

Week 1

1. What is the meaning and visibility of Canis Minor? Canis Minor means, literally, little dog, or small dog, and its visibility is between 85 and -75 degrees, from December until April,
2. What are two of the representations of Canis Minor? The two representations of the Canis Minor are the smaller of Orion's two hunting dogs, as well as Maere, Icarius's dog.
3. List the meaning, type of star, and visual magnitude of Procyon and Gomeisa. Procyon means "before the dog", it is a binary star system with a visual magnitude of 0.38. Gomeisa is a blue subgiant star with a magnitude of 2.89, and its name means "the bleary eyed".
4. How does Procyon relate to the brightest star in the sky, Sirius? The relation between Procyon and Sirius is that Procyon rises before the latter;
5. How is Canis Minor usually depicted? Canis Minor is usually depicted as a small dog on top of a unicorn (Monoceros).

Book Club

Week 2

Week 1

Writing Club

Week 2

1. What is the genre, and the title of your book.
The title is Private Infinity (this sounds better in Portuguese but I couldn't come up with one straight in English) and the genre is Romance.
2. What is the setting (place and time) of your book.
It would be set in the present (2018), and in a fictional town in Italy.
3. Describe your main character. Physical and some personality traits.
Camilla is a writer and psychology student that has a knack for adventure and for meeting new people. She has a bad habit of creating stories for every person she meets, and very often mistakes what is true about said person with what she invented - creating awkward situations constantly. However, she is exceptionally good at spotting people's traits and body language, so she very often creates stories that match reality. Her mind is a galaxy of stories and characters, and every new adventure she lives is something new to write about.
She's docile, friendly, very distracted, and sometimes a bit too stubborn. Phisically speaking, her hair is long and dark brown, and she always wears it in a french braid. Her eyes are honey colored and she has tanned skin. She's short - something she has a problem with.
4. Write a short summery of your book or write the beginning (or more) of your new book as a short story. Minimum of 4 sentences.
When Camilla, writer, dreamer, slightly inconvennient girl who just started Psychology in college meets a group of street artists that are completely different from the crowd she's used to, she feels like she hit the creative jackpot. Each of them have such different stories - both real, and created by her in her mind - that she finds out she can't put them together in just one story - even if, in the real story, they blend in perfectly with one another.
Amongst quarrels, fights, awkward moments with college people who really don't like it when Camilla creates stories for them and acts as if they were real, she discovers that there is one story she still needs to work on: her own. The street artists lead her through a path of self discovery - as she goes on adventures and boring meetings with them - and she realizes that her own story lies in the galaxy of lives that come across her own.

PS: I turned the image into an actual book cover (noobish made cause I don't have Photoshop) - it helps me to come up with the rest.

Week 1

What is a book you'd like to see made into a movie? It's not a very famous book because it started off on Wattpad, but it is called Storm and Silence, by Rob Thier. It's a four-book series already and I absolutely love the first three! (The fourth is still incomplete).
Are there any changes you think they'd have to make to have it work well in a movie format? If yes, what? I think they'd cut some scenes with the main character's family because they're long and not all of them are too important for the movie - they'd be the first to go, I think. And maybe they would change some of the historically innacurate facts.
Is there an actor/actress that you think would fit the main character(s)? If yes, who? . This will sound like a cliche, but I think Emma Watson. The main character needs to be an actress that can look like a woman AND a man depending on what they're wearing, and I think Emma's facial features could work for that - also, she has the right hair and eye colors. As for the male, I'd go with Henry Cavill because it has to be a serious, dark and mysterious character.
Does this book have a large fan base that would love to see it as a movie? It has a huge amount of followers on wattpad - it helps that it is free there - and even a bunch who pay for the chapters in advance on Radish. Soo I'll go ahead and say yes.


Week 2

Q1: Please list each spell and provide the correct incantation (pronunciation) that relates to them. The spells covered in class were the Sticky Fingers Charm - Furigno (fur-IG-no), and the Releasing Charm, Dimitta (di-MEE-tah).
Q2: Please provide the wand movement for each charm. For Furigno, the wand must move from the center to an upwards slight angle, then back to the center, and to the opposite angle (it forms a V). As for Dimitta, the wand must move from the center to a downwards slight angle, then back to the center, and to the opposite angle - it forms a ^.
Q3: In what ways would this not work as well as a standard anti-theft spell. I'm assuming that "this" is the sticky-fingers spell since its the one used as the anti-theft spell. Though I think it's kinda nonsense to use it, since stucking the object to the thief's body only helps him with his work, right? (I mean, the thief can just counter the jinx once he escapes).
Q4: Other then a counter spell to Furigno what other spells would it counter as well? Finite and Finite Incantatem are both general counterspells, so they should work to counter Furigno.
Long Answer: Please describe a situation/situations where you could use each charm (not mentioned in class) or role-play a scenario using both. I think Furigno could be used to glue objects to another object? So I'd use it on stuff like christmas trees and wall decorations (though maybe it would need to be reused after sometime, so I'm not sure how accurate that is). Also, if I had to throw a rope to help someone up a cliff or something (assuming levitating them wasn't possible or would be too dangerous), I'd use it to glue the rope to them - that way they couldn't fall off. Then, once they were up, I'd use Dimitta.

Week 1

Q1: Please list each spell and provide the correct incantation (pronunciation) that relates to them. We learned about the Amabilis Affectio charm, that can be cast by saying a-MA-bi-lis af-FEK-ti-oh, and about the Decoration Charm, Ornamentius, whose incantation is ORN-amen-TIUS.
Q2: Please provide the wand movement for each charm. For the Amabilis Affectio charm, the caster must move their wand so to make an heart shape in the air - starting from the bottom towards the left, then finishing from the right. As for Ornamentius, the wand movement is the shape of a three-level christmas tree (without the feet).
Q3: What issues can Amabilis Affectio cause? This spell requires that the caster feels happy and thinks happy toughts so it can share it, so I assume that if the caster doesn't feel that way, if the happiness is fake or shallow, the receiver would feel even worse instead of better - which can be potentially dangerous depending on how bad the receiver felt prior to the spell.
Q4: In what way could Ornamentius not be useful when decorating a tree? Here, at home, we decorate our trees with a few ornaments that aren't as fashionably cute as the rest, but have sentimental value - my dad has a christmas ornament that his grandfather gave him when he was a kid, and I have one that I got ten years ago from the street: my dog caught it thinking it was a toy when we were walking on the street, I repaired it and my mom painted it, and now that's a memory from that dog. In our case, that spell wouldn't be useful since it probably wouldn't put said ornaments on the tree. If the tree is already partially decorated, I assume it would also make it weird.
Long Answer: Please describe a situation/situations where you could use each charm (not mentioned in class) or role-play a scenario using both. I can think of Amabilis Affectio as a potentially offensive spell. If it can pass along feelings of happiness to the target (assuming the caster feels so), I guess it can pass the opposite. If I were in a fight and losing, and couldn't cast any actual offensive spells - stupefy and such - Amabilis Affectio could be useful: the one about to lose a battle would probably be feeling scared, sad, angry or a bunch of other negative emotions, whereas the winner would be feeling great: I'd cast Amabilis Affectio if I was loosing so my adversary would lower his/her morale so suddenly that he'd probably lose focus long enough for me to recover.
As for Ornamentius, I think it could be cast in places with little lightning or that look sad - christmas decoration, even if in the wrong time of year, can brighten up and cheer up a place.

Common Room

Week 1

Character Actors: OMG my babyyy ♥ He played the young version of Albus Dumbledore
Gambol and Japes: Relic Crown
Famous Witch or Wizard: Galatea Merrythought;
Mermish: Quirinus Quirell;
Potion Identification: Babbling Beverage;

Dark Arts

Mel of Gryffindor
1. What Dark Beings were covered in class today? The dark beings covered in class were Vampires and Hags.
2. How can you tell if someone is a vampire? You can tell if someone is a vampire by their appearance: they look pale and gaunt, and they have sharp fangs.
3. Out of the four Vampires discussed, which one do you find most intriguing and why? Blodwyn Bludd, for sure, is the most intriguing and interesting out of the four in my opinion, because he used one of my biggest passions to make his victims into easier preys: music. I don't think I'd be bored out of my mind by an annoying book, and Carmilla's habit is just disgusting - and I dno't think Lorcan's information is all that interesting. But knowing there was a vampire who used music of all things to attract victims is scary and genious in my opinion.
4. What do Hags eat? Hags are awful creatures and eat Children! That's horrible! They also like raw liver - which is a little less awful when compared to the first option, but horrible nonetheless.
5. What was Leticia Somnolens famous for? Somnolens was famous for tainting a spindle with a Draught of Living Death, then tricking the princess into pricking her finger on it, out of jealousy! I suppose that the Sleeping Beauty tale was born from this story.
Short answer, 3 sentences minimum. What would you do if you were to come into contact with one of these beings? How would you react? Please select one and describe your interaction. If I were to ever come into contact with a Hag, I'd first be a bit spooked - they do look creepy after all - then I'd be angry, assuming that the hag in front of me had already harmed children before. My first instinct would probably be to attack it, but I'm a curious person by nature, so I think I'd try to render it uncapable of moving so I could talk to it, or try to. I always want to know why people or creatures act the way they do, so I'd definitely try to understand why they didn't care about harming children of all things. I know that's naive and silly, but I also know that's just the kind of naivety and sillyness I'd do. After unsuccessfully asking, though, I'd just fight it and knock it unconscious, then take it to the Ministry.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

1. False. It makes them drop whatever they are holding, it won't necessarily fly into your hand.
2. Sometimes the spells for Protego ricochet off the barrier or just dissipate into the air.
3. Impedimenta can't be used on large spiders or creatures with armor.
4. Expelliarmus can also cause other spells to rebound and hit the attacker.
5. I believe Protego is hard to master due to the amount of power and concentration I assume one must have. Spells in general require both, but Protego is a spell one generally wants to use long-term during a fight (to block off various attacks), and one you must use extremely fast. Keeping your mind focused on raising the shielding spell and keeping it there while being attacking - and while planning a counterattack, sounds hard to me, and I assume that's something necessary to successfully master Protego.


Homework 3

1. Which mounts did we cover today? We covered the Mounts of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, the Moon, and the Mount of Mars.
2. What two markings did you find the most fascinating and why. I found the Stars and the Crosses the two most fascinating markings. Stars, because they actualy indicate good things - which I think the word 'stars' represents for most people, and crosses because, although they can have a negative meaning - long-lasting problems - they can also mean something good, meaning positive changes (though they can be negative as well), and I think a balanced meaning has everything to do with a cross.
3. True or False: Upward Lines represents times in which a situation has gotten out of control for the person. False. That's the representation of the Downwards Lines.
4. Which marking is is believed to bring good fortune in threes and the person will be happy, healthy and wealthy in life? Short Answer The Tridents are believed to bring good fortune in threes. It also strenghtens the quality of the lines or mounts it appears on. I guess it makes sense since tridents have three sharp ends.
I want you to look at your own hand again. you need to focus on the opposite hand to your main writing hand. so if you are right handed, look at your left hand and vise versa. Have a look at your mounts and any markings you notice. Are there any that have popped out that you find interesting? What do you see. I looked at my right hand, and I saw one cross and a bunch of grilles. And there's one specific point that can be either a trident, or two crosses touching. That one is the one I find the most interesting since the two symbols are so different, and the marking can look like both depending on the point of view. I also see the Mounts of Apollo, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus, and the mount of Venus is the one I find the most intriguing to have, since I'd never guess a mount that means love and romance would ever be in my palm.

Homework 2

1. Which minor lines did we cover today? The minor lines covered in class were the Apollo Line (Sun Line), the Bracelet Lines (Rascette Lines), the Fate Line (Line of Destiny), the Girdle of Venus, the Health Line (Line of the Liver), the Intuition Line, the Relationship Line (Marriage or Love Line), the Children Lines and the Simian Line.

2. What two minor lines did you find the most fasinating and why. I found the Intuition Line the most fascinating among all of them, because I didn't expect us to have it at all, and the idea that the ability of a person to read others, to feel a deeper connection to what surrounds them - the energies and more - just intrigues me in a positive way. The second one that fascinates me is the Fate Line, because it's really interesting to have a way of knowing how certain aspects of our lives - people, events, whatnot - can affect us just by reading the palm of our hands.
3. True or False: A person generally has three bracelete lines. True
4. Which minor line is considered very rare and can replace a person's head and heart line, as a conjoined line? The Simian line is the rarest and replaces the heart and head line.
Short Answer I want you to look at your own hand again. you need to focus on the opposite hand to your main writing hand. so if you are right handed, look at your left hand and vise versa. Have a look for the minor lines we discussed and tell me what you see if any and/or what you've noticed. Are these lines true of yourself? I looked at my right hand (I'm left handed). I actually only have two bracelet lines, and the first one is broken, the second one is defined - but I'm still waiting on that financial prosperity - and I don't have a third one, I swear! there's only a huge gap between the first and the second. My fate line is thin and continous, and my girdle of Venus is broken in the middle, which completely matches me regarding "a person with deep sensivities" and with the part about needing to keep the temper in check. My health line breaks in the middle by a perpendicular line, but I don't know whether I might be ill or it means the ones that have come and gone. I can see three relationship lines, but all short and well defined - which TOTALLY matches me since I am terrified of commitments (and, apparently, my hand knew it all along). Curiously, I don't have any children lines, which also makes sense since I don't want to have children.

Week 1

1. What is Palmistry? Palmistry is the art of studying one's hands and fingers in order to reveal its individual personality and character traits. You do so by studying the shape, size and lines of hand/fingers.
2. What are the two divisions of Palmistry and what do they deal with? The first division is Chiromancy, which deals with the lines on the palm, and the second is Chirognomy, which studies the shape and color of hands, as well as shape and texture of palm, fingers and thumb.
3. True or False: If I am right handed, then my right hand will determine my character traits, personality and destiny. False.
4. Which Major line is considered important in Chinese Palmistry? The Head Line is considered very important in Chinese Palmistry.
Short Answer I want you to look at your own hand. You need to focus on the opposite hand to your main writing hand. So If you are right handed, look at your left hand and vise versa. Have a look at your Head line, does it start at or on your life line? Do you have a forked head line? Tell me what you see. Make mention if it coincides with what you've read about Head lines in class. I'm left handed, so I looked at my right hand. My head line starts at the same place as my life line, but it's not forked. It seems to intertwine with one bifurcation of the life line at a point, though.

Dueling Club

Week 1

Name: Mel
House: Gryffindor
Round Number: 1
Score: 1216

Dumbledore's Army

Week 1

Name: Joslin
House: Ravenclaw
Team: Hungarian Horntail
Opponent: -

Emily's Office

Week 1

Mirror of Erised
Oreo Cookies.

Lokhart's Memory 1 and 3.
Pimply Myrtle I pin her nose.
Knock, Knock Person A: I am going to bed;
Person B: Can I Slytherin?

Fashion Club

Week 1

Name: Mel
House: Gryffindor
Pet You'll Be Customizing: Luspinda (she's on a side account).
Summer Heatwave:


Week 1

1. What is one thing spells can be used for in Herbology? We can use spells in Herbology to protect ourselves from dangerous and aggressive plants.
2. What spell did we go over today? Today we went over the Incendio spell;
3. What is the wand movement and incantation for the spell? The wand movement is the shape of a flame. The spell's incantation is in-SEN-dee-o!
4. What plant did we discuss today? What is it's physical appearance? Today we discussed Spiky Bushes (which I'm definitely using on Dumbledore's Army if I take it back up eventually, so thanks! :D), which look basically like bushes with huge spikes all over them.
5. How would you get rid of one of these plants and what do you need to watch for when doing so? Before even trying to get rid of one, I need to watch out for the distance between me and said plant: standing too close is dangerous because, as it's attacked, it will surely fight back - and I do not want to be hit by its spikes. Once I position myself in a far enough distance - but still close enough for the spell to work, I'd get rid of it by casting Incendio and watching them burn.

History of Magic

Week 1

Ministry of Magic
1. When did the Wizards' Council become the British Ministry of Magic, and why? The Wizards' Council became the British Ministry of Magic in 1707, because the demand for a body that could regulate all aspects of magical life increased after the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy came into effect, and in order for it to be possible, and the Ministry could encompass all of that.
2. Who was the first Minister for Magic? The first Minister of Magic was Ulick Gamp.
3. Describe the historical relationship between the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts. Before it became the Ministry, when it was still the Wizards Council, Hogwarts was not under its influence, and just cooperated with it regarding cases of extremely illicit activities. However, the Ministry forced the school to submit to its jurisdiction and influence, which was the most noticeable when, under the power invested on her by the Minister of Magic, Dolores Umbridge joined Hogwarts as DADA teacher and eventually even started firing professors.
4. Which Minister for Magic mentioned in our lesson interests you the most, and why? Long Answer
Damocles Rowle, because I researched the story on the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy and I learned that many wizards and witches objected to the idea of having any contact with muggles, and as such, the USA are an example that forbid it. I read that the British Ministry wasn't as harsh and didn't assume that a Minister would have radical thoughts on the subject even after the Statute was established.
Hogwarts 1. When was Hogwarts founded, and by whom? Hogwarts was founded around 990AD, by Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin.
2. Briefly recount the history of the legend of the Chamber of Secrets. Legend spread that Slytherin had create a secret chamber and sealed it briefly before he left the school. People thought that the Chamber contained a monster that would purge the school of the 'unworthy'.
3. Which magical artefact mentioned this week interests you the most, and why? Long Answer Definitely the Pensieve! The idea that one single object contains thousands of years worth' of memories is astonishing! The power such an object has - not only magical power to hold the huge amount of memories, but the knowledge kind of power too, can be as dangerous as it is intriguing.

Hospital Wing

Week 1

Ingredient Help: Horn of Bicorn can be used in the Polyjuice Potion;
Spell Help: Spell Name: Fox Sight Spell. Incantation: Miratsu (Mi-RAAH-tsu). Wand movement: the shape of a tail. The spell acts as if it were a fox consuming the disease (painlessly, though).

Patient File Help: Ron Weasley;
Neopet Medicine Help: They have Lumps, which can be treated with Medicinal Mud Bath.

Kayla's Office

Week 1

Ravenclaw Ready You're a pencil lead.

Obscure Trivia
Lyall Lupin

Keia's Office

Week 1

Defense Training: I believe the first thing one should know about boggarts is the spell to get rid of them: Riddikkulus, along with concentrating on a funny thing they might turn into - Boggarts don't do well with being laughed at, which I guess is the second thing one should know. Finally, they take the shape of the thing you fear the most, so it takes a lot of focus and willpower to not freeze and remember how to defend against them.
Name That Wizard: Mundungus Fletcher

Kim's Office

Week 2

Kreacher's Kit
Ragdoll Cat: Is Keia's patronus;
Fox: Is my Patronus;
Badger: Is Joslin's Patronus
Quick Quotes Quill Sirius Black said that.
Armoury 3!
Fantastic Beasts: Red Cap

Mara's Study

Week 1

Mystery Character Mad EYe Moody!
Boggart Boggle
1. Solar
2. What
3. Allow ;
4. Crow;
5. Glow;
6. Goal;
7. Goals;
8. Roll;
9. Halo;
10. Hall;
Remus's Riddles Gnome;
Lost I'd bring WARM FUR-LINED DRESS, WARM WINTER SCARF - both of them to keep me warm, and a Magic WAND So I could use magic to get whatever else I needed.



Miscellaneous Work Here

Second Task Activities

Water Nymphs
Turner (pirateluffy437); Julian (man_on_fire23); Josi (alissiee); Shannan (luckyfluke); Lydia (rs_rbn)
1. underwater charms
2. Scuba Spell;
3. Bubblehead Charm;
Staffing Issue:
The member is Kim! Distract the Giant Squid:
I'll take option number 1.

Yule Ball

Merry Christmas...

All I want for Christimas Is You
Parody All I want for Christmas Is...
I played with the song imagining a number of characters singing this, each one pitching in on one verse.
(Hagrid: )

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree

I just want a little dragon
More than Norbert will ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas
Is a dragon, yeah


I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
And I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I don't need to hang my stocking
There upon the fireplace
Dumbledore won't make me happy
With a praise on Christmas Day

I just want Lily for my own More than she could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is Lily
Lily Evans, baby

Oh, I won't ask for much this Christmas
I won't even wish for socks
And I'm just gonna keep on singing
Here by the kitchen stove

I won't make a list and send it
To the Weasleys cozy house
I won't even stay awake to
Hear those owls bringing my blouse
Cause I just want Ginny here tonight
Holding on to me so tight
What more can I do?
Baby, all I want for Christmas is Ginny
Ginny, baby
Oh, all the lights are shining
So brightly everywhere
And the sound of student's
Laughter fills the air
(Molly and Amos Diggory)

And everyone is singing
I hear those sleigh bells ringing
Santa, won't you bring me the one I really need?
Won't you please bring my baby back to me?
Oh, I don't want a lot for Christmas
This is all I'm asking for
I just want to see my Fred
Standing right outside my door
(Draco - in the mirror, to himself)

Oh, I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Glad my wish is true
Baby, all I want for Christmas is
You, you, baby

All I want for Christmas is Mione, baby

All I want for Christmas is Ron, baby

All I want for Christmas is mom, baby

a All I want for Christmas is Hogwarts, baby

Santa Claus is Coming to Town
You better dance right
You better not trip
Better yet twirl
I'm telling you why
Yule Ball is coming to town
We're getting prepared;
And practicing twice;
Gonna find out Who's partner-free and who's taken
Cause' Yule Ball is coming to town

Joy to The World
Joy to the school
Potter has come
Let Hogwarts receive her Chosen One
Let every house prepare Him room
And Weasley and Granger sing
And Malfoy and Snape cringe
And Weasley and Weasley and Granger sing
Joy to the school
Ron Weasley has come
Let Gryffindor receive her King
Let every house elf prepare him food
And Granger and Potter sing
And Malfoy and Snape cringe
And Granger and Brown and Potter sing
Joy to the school
Gryffindor reigns
Let twins their pranks employ
While Ravies and Griffies
Snakes, Huffies and Professors,
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat, repeat the sounding joy
Joy to the school
All the houses and staff
Joy to the students everywhere you see
Joy to you and me
Joy to the prefects
All the houses and staff
Joy to the students everywhere you see
Joy to you and me
Kayla rules the school
With kindness and grace
And makes the students test
The graphics of her makings
And classes of her staff
And clubs of her guild
And wonders, wonders of Patronus
Joy to the school
All the houses and staff
Joy to the students everywhere you see
Joy to you and me

Pieter's Study

Week 2

Who Da Best? Cho Chang because you gave me three annoying characters to chose from and she is the most annoying one out of the three, so, in the 'annoying' department, she is the best. She's also the most useful one because the relationship with her taught Harry what not to do when he's into a girl and exactly what kind of girl he didn't want.
2. Random Listing Activity
Rats (I mean, not exclusively from HP universe, but Ron and the whole plot of PoA might argue that such creature has its importance. Also, Sirius fed on rats on GoF, so they've earned their place on the list).

3. How Was School? I am not very fond of libraries, so chances of me kicking myself out are high, but that's not what happened the last time. Last time, I had to help Eddie Newcromb, second year student, with his Potions research and went with him to the library. See, I love books and I even like studying - a little bit - but libraries are so dull. I love a place with many books, but where I can also talk and be noisy, because the amount of concentration it takes for me to be silent is so much that it's tiresome.
Anyway, rambling aside, Eddie decided that he wanted to write about different author's views on the impact that the Hairless Hairy Conoction would have on a bald man. That meant going through seven heavy and boring books, and I couldn't even leave the kid because - as previously stated, I had to help, or he would tell the headmaster that he'd seen me... nevermind. I had to stay, and so we went through two books before I decided enough was enough, and, when he wasn't looking, uncorked his black ink bottle. Then, I put my own bottle next to it, so close to the edge that one wrong move would make it fall on the floor.
Poor Eddie didn't see such a simple thing coming, and when he closed his book, the slight vibration on the table made the bottle on the edge fall. The sound made the other students turn to look at us, and the librarian came closer looking very angry.
Eddie apologized and quickly handed me his bottle as a peace-offering, but he didn't count on it being open, and black ink spilled all over the library books.
Need I say what the poor angry librarian did once she saw the mess the kid made? I even tried to defend him - which made her send the bottle after me while he and I rushed out of the library, hearing her orders that we were never to return there unless we had a signed authorization.
That was the first time the librarian had to kick me out - though, truthfully, I had wanted her to. That way, Eddie couldn't blame me or tell anyone that he had seen me... ah, nevermind, that's another day's story.

Quidditch Club

Week 1

Shannan's Office

Week 2

Magical Chalice Gold
Character Confusion
Errol; - Dobby; - Aurora Sinistra; - Penelope Clearwater; - Gilderoy Lockhart;
Aparecium The characters are Professors McGonnagal and Slughorn;

Pursuit of Knowledge According to her, he kiled three muggles.


Homework 1

1. What can the avifors spell transform an object into?
a) A Bird
b) A Flock of Birds
c) A Flock of Bats
d) All of the Above
2. Which charm is avifors similar to? Avifors is similar to the Avis spell, but whereas one transfigures an object into birds, the other one actually conjures birds.
3. How long does it take for two objects to swap places when using the Switching Spell? The swapping occurss instantly, so there's no time gap between casting the spell and its effect (if done correctly, I guess).
4. Which two objects did Professor Joslin use the Switching Spell on during her class demonstration? Professor Joslin used the Switching Spell on a quill and a textbook.
5. What color light is emitted from one's wand when casting both avifors and the switching spell? When one casts Avifors correctly, it emits a vivid flash of blue light, whereas when casting the Switching Spell correctly, the color should be white.


Witch Weekly

Week 1


Wizarding World Fashion Week (a.k.a. Patronus Yule Ball)
Wizarding World Fashion Week (a.k.a. Patronus Yule Ball)
It's the beginning of a new term in Patronus, and as the host of the Quadriwizard Tournament, the guild is also throwing its very own Yule Ball - as everyone should be aware of by now.
It was a given that it would be an exciting and activity-packed event, and that students would definitely have a blast all through the night, but what no one could predict was the excellency of the fashion choices students made. The outfits and gowns were so amazing that the event could easily be renamed as Wizarding World Fashion Week!
Hands down the students favorite couple, Kayla and Pieter chose to show their brightness by matching his yellow suit to her yellow-flower corsage, and to top the style, she also added a yellow bow tie to her plain black dress, making a normally simple outfit look fantastic - be it by her date's side, be it when they got separated by a multitude of students who wanted the same spot on the dance floor.
Other students didn't fall behind, either. Forming a truly champion couple, Raine and Erik marched into the room - or rather glided - looking marvellous and powerful. Her, with a dress fit for a lady of high society and a shiny tiara, him, with a dignified vest, both looking like they belong to royalty! Students from both Ravenclaw and Slytherin were proud to say that those two belonged to their houses.
Not to be outdone, champions Mel and Jae - along with their partners - brought their best styling abilities and fashion sense to the night, each pulling out a marvellous outfit.
Fact is that from fancy shiny dresses and matching corsages to theme-matching couples (has anyone seen just how magnificently delicate Kim looked in that butterfly-styled dress? It truly enhanced her green hair and eyes, bringing her traces to a whole new level of adorableness), the ballroom is glittering with glamour and style. It is definitely a marvellous sight to behold, and it makes one wonder what's to come next, especially since the guild has its very own Fashion Club now, hosted by fashionista Liz, who will definitely work to bring the students fashion sense to a whole new level of wonderfulness. Let us just hope that everyone manages to stay balanced after drinking all those free butterbeers, we wouldn't want any drinks spilling in the outfits, would we? Cameras can often be faster than cleaning spells - and they could make readers see an event of fashion divinity as one of fashion disaster.

 Trophies ♥

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