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Ice Cristal: Bringer of Winter

The myth of the Crystal Horse

In the rough mountains of Terror, when the snowstorms are wild and even the great Snowager hides from the snow, people and children use to sit around the warm fire in their cozy homes and listen to the old stories of the elders. One of those stories is the myth of the Crystal Horse. The Keeper of Snow and Cold. The Bringer of Winter.

People believe that when Neopia was still young, snow and cold didn't exist. Every place was hot and dry. Nothing could grow or live.
The great forces who created Neopia decided that they had to create something that would balance the heat. So they went to the highest point of Neopia where the heat was the least and created the caverns that are now known as the Ice Caves. There, deep under the ground, they created a creature with a heart of snow, eyes of ice crystals, and hooves of pure crystal. They made her skin from the purest white ever seen and gave her a tail and manes of blue ice. They gave her the sign of a snowflake on her both haunches, which represents purity and beauty.
And so the Crystal Horse was created.
Soon after she was created, the cold from her body made that the heat began to lose his power and the little water that was in the air began to condense. It began to rain. First only in the mountains above, but after weeks it rained everywhere. The heat was gone and the once dry air was filled with clouds. Neopia could live.

After all those centuries, people still believe that the Crystal Horse lives. Very few have seen the horse, but everyone knows she exists. On a still evening you can hear her galloping in the sky at sunset, preparing the cold night. When the wind blows softly, you can feel her cold manes stroking you cheeks. Then you know the Crystal Horse is watching over the mountains. And will always do so.

About Ice Cristal

Chapter 1: Alone
She had always been there. From the earliest moments I remember, till that day. But even now I can feel that she will never leave me completely. She will always be there for me. She is part of me now.

Why?" I asked myself, "Why did she have to leave me?" It had been the most horriful day of my life. It all started when Mother took me to some place one morning. She didn't tell me where we were going or why, she just woke me and said "Remember when I told you that all beings have a purpose and destiny when they are born?" I nodded. "Well today you will find out what your destiny is." While she said that she didn't smile, she wasn't sad nor excided, it was as if she had no emotions. She just left our cave and flew away, assuming that I would automaticly follow. So I lifted myself up as fast as my stiff limbs would let me, left our cave, spread my wings and flew away. It was difficult to catch up with her, because my wings were stiff aswell. She didn't slow down for me, nor looked behind to see if I followed. But at last I had caught up with her and looked at her. Still no single sign of emotion on her face. Or wait; was the shimmer I just saw on her cheek, a tear? She looked aside and when she turned again the shimmer was gone. Maybe I had just imagined it.
The whole road long we didn't say a word. I had spent enough years with my mother to know that if she didn't intended to let me know where we were going, she would bring me to a place that would learn me something important. And it wouldn't help asking what or where it was, she would just give me a single, mysterious smile and that was it. But that day it was different. She didn't smile. She even did as if I didn't exist. It was as if she had put up an invisible wall that shielded her from the rest of the world, as if she was afraid that something would break or hurt her.
At last we arrived at our destination: the Ice Caves. Mother leaded us through a labyrinth of tunnels that didn't seem to have an end and seemed to lead deeper and deeper into the earth. It became colder and colder, and at the end even I could feel the cold, though I had never, ever!, felt cold before. At last we arrived at what seemed to be an immense sort of hall, but entirely made of ice. It was REALLY cold in here; I even had to trample my hooves constantly to prevent them from freezing to the ground! I looked around and was surprised by the bright light in the cave. In the middle of the hall was some sort of an altar. It was round and low, and it was decorated with what seemed to be diamonds, crystals and snowflakes.
Mother seemed to wait for something. After 10 minutes of silence I couldn't bear it anymore. "Mother" I began, but the echo in the hall was so surprisingly loud that I stopped for a moment. But it had a good effect on Mother; it seemed as if she woke up from a deep dream. Confused she looked around and then turned to me. She seemed to have found her balance again when she answered "Yes, my dear, what is it?" "What exactly are we doing here that will show me my destiny?" "Your destiny?" she asked confused again. "Yes, like you said earlier, remember?" "Oh, uh, yes, ofcourse..." It was silent for a moment; it seemed as if Mother tried to remember what had happened. But as quickly as her confusion had come, as quickly she seemed to relax again. "You don't need to worry, the only thing you have to do here is to listen carefully." "To who?" "To the Great Forces who once created Neopia." I stared at her. "You... you mean... that I am actually going to... meet them?" I asked astonished. "Yes, you will meet them. But you will not see them as they cannot be seen by any mortal eye. They will simply talk to you and explain what you have to do." I was just baffled... But her calm words calmed me a little.
This is the place where I was born" she said suddenly. Surprised I looked at her and then suddenly realized that I knew very little of her and my family. I had asked about my dad before but she had refused to answer my questions about him. I wondered how many more surprised she would have for me.
Suddenly there was an eye-blinding flash of blue, green and yellow light above the altar. The ground rumbled and I could hear mumbling and whispering voices all around me. The light above the altar turned soft yellow and the ground stopped rumbling. I could hear a whispering voice "Come closer, daughter of the Keeper of Snow and Cold." I didn't move or speak, I was too astonished to do anything. Mum gave me a soft push with her nose and I did 2 steps forward. I turned my head to her, my eyes scared and full of questions. But she gave me a loving and reassuring little smile. I turned again and did some more unsure steps forward.
I wondered if they expected something from me. Did I need to bow now or something? I looked up to the yellow light and the voice spoke again "Today you will learn your destiny, daughter of the Crystal Horse. It is a difficult task and contains much responsibility, the life of thousands depends on it. Are you willing to accept and complete your destiny?" I turned again to Mum and she gave a short nod with her head. I turned again and said "I… Ye… Yes… I do" "Then we will explain your task" the voice spoke. The light turned light blue and surrounded me, and suddenly I wasn't in the cave anymore.
I was on a dry, hot place, no trees or bushes or snow, I could only see volcano's and hot rocks around me. It was terribly hot here, my hooves felt as if they would melt and I had the feeling I would choke if I stayed any longer here. Suddenly I heard the voice again "This was how Neopia looked like before we decided to change it. It was too hot for anything to grow or live and we decided we had to make something to create a balance between cold and heat." Again there was a blinding blue light and I was back in the Ice Caves, in the room with the altar. But this time Mum wasn't there and for one moment I panicked. Then I looked at the altar and the blue, yellow and green lights were back. A vague, white light was in the middle of it and the white light turned into a vague shape. Slowly it turned into a creature, a white, pure creature. It was Mum.
With big eyes I kept looking, and there she was. Younger, more beautiful and with restless eyes, but there was no doubt that it was Mum. And suddenly I realized how much I looked like her. "We created the Crystal Horse, a perfect balance for the heat. We explained why she was created and she accepted the task we gave her. The cold from her body made that the heat went away and that everything could live. We gave her the responsibility to make sure Terror Mountain was a place of snow and cold and that every year the snow would spread to the rest of Neopia for 3 months." Again the blue light made everything around me bright and I was back in the room with my mother.
This all happened a long time ago" the voice spoke "She would have fulfilled this responsibility till Neopia itself would have ceased to exist, but some years ago she made a decision that made her no longer suited for this task." I looked at her. Nothing on her face revealed how she felt. Was she sad? Angry? Relieved? I couldn't tell.
So it was decided" the voice continued "that her daughter would continue to do this task when she turned 3 years old." I gasped. Today was that day, the day I turned 3 years old. "Are you still willing to do this task?" the voice asked. "But what will happen to Mother then?" I asked back. I was still scared, but a fear for what would happen to my Mother made that I ignored all other fears. It was silent for a moment. I began to have an uncomfortable feeling about this. "She will have to face the consequences for her decision" the voice answered "and she willingly does so." My mother placed herself beside me. "I do" she added with a clear and firm voice.
It is decided then" the voice continued "As soon as your mother leaves you, you will take over her task." "But how will I know how to fullfill my task? I never learnt anything about it." "You will know what to do." The lights began to dim and I could hear the mumbling and whispering voices again. For one moment I thought I heard a voice whispering "do not disappoint us" but it could have been just my imagination.
The room was empty now. Without saying a single word I followed my mother out of the room, back through the cold tunnels and after some time back into the fresh air. The sun was already beginning to set. I bursted out to her.
Why didn't you tell me before?! You never told me you had such an important job to do! How could you hide something like that from me?! "I felt betrayed. She looked at me with that wise and calm look of her and now I understood why she had that look. She was probably centuries old. "I didn't hide it from you. You just weren't ready to know and I didn't want you to feel too important or too different from other animals. I didn't want you to feel troubled on such a young age." "But I am different from the rest!" I said bitterly "You can't hide the truth from me." "That is true" she responded "but I just wanted you to be happy. You are the most important gift I ever received." She smiled at me. I couldn't help but to smile back, I just couldn't stay angry at her.
But what will happen to you when I take your task over? What did they mean when they said 'when she leaves you'?" And again that uncomfortable silence. Then she spoke "What will happen is simply this: I will stop living in this body." Bang! Those words made me feel as if my heart was shot. I knew that it would probably be something like that, but actually hearing them was more painful than anything I ever felt before. "You… you mean… you will… die?" I asked with a broken voice and with tears in my eyes.
No, I won't die. I will simply stop living in this body and part of my spirit will continue to live in you, to guide and help you. But you won't see me in the flesh anymore, if that is what you mean." She was incredibly calm, no tears or desperation in her eyes, unlike me. She had had the time to think this all over and she accepted the circumstances as they were.
I shook my head. "But why?" I whispered. She looked at the sunset while she explained "There are things that are more important than your own life." "What do you mean?" She looked at me. "You will understand when the time is ripe. But for now it is enough for you to know that everything I did, I did out of love. And I have no regret from it, except that I have to leave you now." "You mean now, this day?!" I asked in panic. "As soon as the sun goes under" she responded. I quickly looked at the sun and saw that it was almost completely hidden by the mountains. Only a little glowing red stripe was still visible.
She moved her head to me and hugged me. Tears were flooding down my cheeks. When she teared herself loose from me I could see that she began to fade. "Farewell, my daughter. I love you." With big, crying eyes I saw her fading more and more, and the moment the sun was completely hidden, she vanished too. "Farewell mother, I love you too" I whispered to the air.

That all happened about a year ago. I still miss her very much. But I find comfort in the thought that she will never be completely gone. She continues to live in me and in my thoughts. And the Forces were right when they said I would know how to fullfill my task. As soon as Mother had gone, I automatically felt a change in me. I can't exactly describe how it felt, but it was as if something had been added to me. And it gave me the ability to control incredible powers. Since then, I can control whatever is cold, transform other things into ice and I also got the ability to hear other animals when they are in trouble. It's a very demanding job I got, but I learned to find sattisfaction in it. And as I travel a lot, I have the chance to meet a lot of other persons and to make new friends. But still I often find more pleasure in being alone than in company. It gives me the chance to be alone with my thoughts. And to think of my mother. I often think of what could be the reason why she had to go away. I am almost certain that it has to do something with my father. I just don't know what. And as long as I won't get answers on all my questions, I won't find peace.
If only I could find my father to ask him.

Chapter 2: A companion
A month has passed now and in that time I found a very special friend. His name is Aquivallo, an alabriss. I met him when I brought winter in Altador. Well, met him... I actually saved him. I'll tell you what happened.

Most of the time I try to keep out of sight when I travel to somewhere, but this time I wanted to take a closer look at the city of Altador. I flew over the mighty walls of the city and landed on top of the walls of the immense Colloseum. From that point I had an amazing view over the city.

It was still morning but already the whole city was buzzing of activity. Everywhere I could see people walking, running, shouting and talking. Some were extolling their products and others were slowly walking past the stalls while thinking what they would buy. Children were playing or making mischief. In the Colloseum, Team Altador was training new thricks and passes. Everything and everyone was busy. But still everything was so clean and peaceful. Although Altador was one of Neopia's busiest places because of the commerce and because of the yearly Altador Cup, it was also one of the most clean and green cities you'll ever see.
I flew a bit further over one of the aquaducts and landed on a purple roof with a big golden aisha head on it.

Everything was pretty the same here, except that it was a bit quieter. But the peace whas soon disturbed by a yell and cracking noises, as from vases that fall to the ground. The noises came from the building under me and as I looked down I saw a blue yurble running out of the building while chasing an alabriss. "Come here, you little troublemaker!" the Yurble shouted. I flew down and landed just before the little alabriss and, surprised, it stood still. That gave the yurble the time to catch him and as she was struggling to keep him under control she said: "Thank you, my dear. Without you, he would have run of, and who knows in what kinda trouble he would put himself this time in." "No problem" I responded "I'm glad I could help." And looking to the alabriss I said "You're a strong and wayward little thing, aren't you?" The alabriss looked angry and sniffed. "He sure is" answered the yurble "Since the moment he came to my petpet shop two days ago, he's been nothing but trouble! And nobody wants a petpet that's so difficult to handle. It's a shame though; every petpet should deserve a loving owner." "I'm sure he'll find a loving owner some day, he probably just needs to get used to all the people around him." "Let's hope so" she answered with a sigh. "I'll leave you now, there are customers waiting for me." "Ok, I'll leave you to it. It was nice to meet you" "Likewise" she smiled. "And it was nice to meet you too, little fella" I said to the alabriss. The alabriss still looked angry to me and snorted. I set of to fly away. "Thanks again" the yurble shouted as she was waving me goodbye. I waved back and continued my way through the city.

I had to think a lot of that little alabriss the next days. He had seemed so lonely and scared, eventhough he looked angry. Feeling what other persons feel was something I was good at. I felt really sorry for that little petpet. I filled my days with bringing snow and frost to Altador. But while I was flying over the docks of Altador one day, while freezing the sea, I heard a shrill, panicking neigh. I looked down and noticed a gap in the frozen sea. Something was splashing in the cold water of that gap. Quickly I flew down and then I saw it was the alabriss from the petpet shop. He probably had run of again. The ice was too thin to carry me so I kept hanging above him. "Grasp my tail!" I shouted to him. But the poor thing was too much terrified to hear me. So with the power of all my strength I leaned my neck as far as I could towards the alabriss and tried to grasp him by the manes. But he was so in panic that he tried to grasp my muzzle with his hooves, while splashing cold water in my eyes. That shocked me for a moment and before I knew it I fell down. The thin ice cracked immediatly to peaces and I fell into the cold water. For other uni's that would be terrible as uni's can't fly when their wings are soaked, but I had wings that were slightly magical and that couldn't be soaked. But it was till hard for me to grasp the terrified spartling alabriss and trying to get us out of the water. But at last I could get us out it and I flew back to shore. The alabriss was calm, now it was out of the water. But he shivered wildly. I putted him on the snow to look at him, but I could see no injury of any kind. "Pfew, it's ok now, little fella, you're safe now." The alabriss looked up at me, but as soon as he recognised me he snorted and gave me that angry look again. I giggled. "So you remember me?" He snorted again but then gave a little sneeze. He still shivered violently. "You poor thing, you've probably got a cold from all that water. Come, I'll take you to the petpet shop again." The alabriss protested greatly but it was no use. I grabbed him by his manes with my mouth and carried him through the sky. We arrived at the petpet shop, but it was closed. It had already grown dark, so the yurble was probably already home. "What am I going to do now?" I thought. The alabriss had fallen asleep while flying through the air. He coughed repeatedly in his sleep. He had to go somewhere warm, and fast too. I flew back through the sky and then I saw a dim light coming from the magic shop.

I flew down and knocked on the door. I softly putted the alabriss on the ground and waited. A few moments later I heard footsteps and a yellow chia in a weird tunic opened the door. "Yes?" he asked." I have an ill and cold alabriss here. He fell into the sea and I think he catched a cold." The chia picked the sleeping alabriss up. "He feels very cold, that's not a good sign. Come in please." He took the alabriss with him and I followed. He closed the door behind me and said "This way" while leading the way. We came in a nicely decorated living room and the chia laid the alabriss on the cushion of a divan. "I'll make him a potion that will help him, but I can't promise you that he'll be better. He's got it bad." "I have to say that I don't have any money with me, if that's a problem." "No, not at all, I'm glad to help." He walked away into another room. I looked down at the alabriss. He was shivering all over his body and gave loud coughs that went through marrow and bone. I was really worried about him. I knieled down and putted my head beside him. "Please don't give up, little troublemaker. I promise you that if you get better, I'll give you a home and I'll take care of you. You'll never need to be alone again." The chia walked back in. He carried a vial with an orange potion in it. He knieled down by the alabriss as well, and helped the alabriss to drink the potion. The alabriss coughed again and fell back to sleep. "That's the only thing I can do for him. If he wants to live, he'll come through, but if not..." He chook his head. "You can stay here for the night if you want to. Tomorrow morning we'll know more." "Thank you, I would like to stay here with him." "There's a blanket in the cupboard if you need it. I'm going to bed now. Let me know if there is any change." I nodded gratefully. The whole night I coudn't sleep. I was too worried about him. But by the time it was morning I finally was tired enough to fall asleep. It was past midday when I woke up. A sniffing sound in my ear was the cause of it. Tiredly I opened my eyes and the next moment I looked into the curious eyes of the alabriss. Immediatly I was wide awake and excited I quickly lifted my head. The alabriss jumped aside and snorted indignantly. "You're better!" I shouted. The chia came walking in with some hot soup. "Ah, you're awake. I already thought you would sleep the whole day" "He's better!" I said full of joy. "He sure is. When I came in this morning he was still asleep and he didn't seem any better, but after about an hour he suddenly woke up and started walking around the room as if nothing happened. He's a special little thing." I looked down at him. "He is."

After I was sure he was fully recovered I took him with me on my travels through Neopia. He got used to me and the cold, and I found out that he was a very loyal petpet. He knows that I will take care of him and protect him. He still has that angry look in his eyes, but sometimes, in his sleep, while he's close to me and feeling safe...
I can see him smiling.

Chapter 3: A change of view
An Island not far from Krawk Island and Maraqua was next to bring the cold to. You don't have to expect a spectacular drop in temperature though. There, winter means the monsoon. It can rain for days and days without ending. Sometimes great storms terrorise the island in the monsoon, and sometimes they even grow out into hurricanes. Because it is dangerous, I left Aquivallo at home, where Taellia takes care of him. She's a good friend and very helpful, I owe her a great deal.

A few days ago I met a young stallion, named Mystery. He was playing volleyball on the beach with a few friends. It was storming, so I warned them that they would better go inside as the sea was very wild and dangerous. But he laughed at me and said that I shouldn't be so afraid of a bit of water. He could perfectly look after himself and didn't need anyone to warn him. "My mother does that enough, I don't need another mare to whine about what I choose to do." The others had laughed with that. I felt so angry and embarrased. I only wanted to help them, so were did he got the guts to say something like that?! "Well how could I know you were still getting commanded by your mother, I thought you looked enough grown-up for that" I answered "But indeed on second thought... you're far from it." The others did 'ooooooh' about that and someone shouted provocative "Are you going to let that mare tell you what to do, Mystery?" "Ofcourse, not" he laughed "And I'm glad my mother loves me enough to warn me, because you're also here, in great 'danger'. Didn't your mother love you enough to warn you?" Tears sprung into my eyes. It was as if someone had ripped an old wound open. I ran. I spread my wings and flew away as fast as I could. I didn't know where I was flying and I didn't care either. Higher and higher I flew. Through my tears I could see that I was flying right into the storm, but I didn't stop. I was blinded by pain. Lightnings were cracking all around me. But through the deafening cracks of thunder I suddenly heard a scream. Confused I looked around to see where it had come from and when I looked down to the sea, I saw someone splashing in the raging waves. Immediatly I forgot my emotional pain and flew as fast as I could back down again. When I made it to the splashing I was stunned for a moment. The person in destress was that uni from a moment ago. The person that had hurted me so much. The only person in the world I had felt a hate for. But now he needed my help. And fast. I saw that he was getting tired and he wouldn't last for much longer. So I flew a little more up and turned my head away from the coast. Then, with powerfull slashes of my wings, I transformed the wild sea into ice. From the point where I was (and that was about 1km from the coast) untill the shore, I had given the sea an ice layer of 1m thick. Mystery didn't spartle anymore. He was stuck between the ice. I flew to him and made the water around him fluid again. I helped him to crawle out of the water."We have to get as fast as we can to the shore" I sad hastily " The wild waves will break the ice into pieces." He simply nodded, he was too exhausted and astonished to answer. "Are you able to walk?" "I... don't know" he said difficult. "I don't think so" I answered in his place "I'll have to make some sort of a carriage." I blew cold air out of my lungs and transformed some ice into a small cariage. "Lay on it" I commanded. With the effort of all his strength he placed himself on the carriage. "How could you do all this?" he asked weakly. "That doesn't matter now." I placed myself behind the carriage and pushed it forward towards the coast. The ice behind me had already begun to crack and the rain smelted the ice. I kept pushing with all my strength. "Hold on, it's not far anymore" I shouted. And then, at last, we arrived at the beach. Exhausted I fell on the sand. I smelted the ice of the carriage and Mystery dropped himself beside me. "Thank you" he said after a while. He had said that with so much convinction, that I looked aside. He seemed to have cooled down from that fight with the waves. But I still remembered what he had said about my mother. I would never forgive him that. "If I said 'you're welcome', I would lie" I said grimly. I didn't look at him. I didn't care for him anymore. He had needed my help and I had given it to him, but now he could walk to the pant devil. I raised myself and intended to walk away. "Wait!" he said. "What is it?" I asked more angrily than concerned while looking over my shoulder. With great difficulty he raised himself and looked at me. "I wanted to appologise. I didn't know it touched you such a great deal about what I said about your mother. I didn't mean to upset you." "I know very well that it was your intention to upset me. Don't make it any worse by coming with lame excuses and false appologies." I didn't wait for the answer. I just walked away, leaving him.

The next days I didn't see him anymore. Partly I was glad by that. But a little part in my mind kept saying that maybe he wasn't lying, and that I shouldn't have run away like that. But I pushed that feeling away. He was a popular uni, and like a lot of other popular persons, he was selfish, rude and a complete macho.

But the day I saw him again, made that I changed my opinion. It was early in the morning when I heard the scream of a petpet in destress. I immediatly flew towards the noises. I judged that the distance between me and the petpet was about 7 kms, so it would take me at least 5 minutes to arrive there. It could be too late by then. I flew as fast as I could and when I arrived, I saw a big, wild hissi attacking an alabriss. But the alabriss wasn't alone. Mystery was standing in front of the hissi, defending the little petpet. I hid behind the bushes to see what would happen. If anything went wrong, I would help. But I wanted to see what that selfish macho was worth. He sure had strength in those muscles of him. He kicked to the hissi with powerfull shots of his hooves and legs. He was one glowing ball of fury and rage. Never before I had seen a being with so much energy. The hissi soon gave up; a nice meal wasn't worth a kick of those sharp hooves. He slid away into the bushes and didn't return. Mystery turned towards the alabriss. "What did you think you were doing?!" he shouted. "I told you not to go that far into the jungle, you know how dangerous it is!" The alabriss still wasn't completely restored from the shock and didn't do anything. It was very sad to see him so small and shivering in a corner. Mystery's eyes softened a bit. He sighed. "What am I to do with you?" he asked with a soft voice. He walked to the alabriss and gave him a little push with his nose. "Are you ok?" he whispered. The alabriss looked at him with fearfull eyes and then immediatly looked back to the place the hissi had vanished. "He won't come back, I promise" Mystery comforted him. "Come, let's get out of here." Mystery picked the alabriss up, putted him on his back and flew away. I didn't move untill he was out of sight and then also flew away. I was impressed. I had never thought that someone who at first sight looked to be a macho could be so warm and tender at heart. And he wasn't selfish at all; he risked his life for his petpet. One bite of that hissi and he would have been history. How a first sight could make you so blind...

The next day I decided to make my appologies to Mystery. It wasn't difficult to find him, the beach was his permanent spot, he was more there than anywhere else. I asked if I could speak to him alone and, leaving his friends with their game of volleyball, we walked to a quiet spot under one of the piers. "What is it?" Mystery asked, not without concern. "Mystery," I begon, "I treated you unfairly. I didn't gave you the chance to explain anything and I didn't even accepted your appologies, eventhough I'm sure that they weren't lied. So... I'm offering you my applogies." He seemed relieved because of my words. It appeared he had really felt bad because of it. "Ah, let's forget about it. I totally understand you, I was just such an idiot to you." He looked closer to me. "But... May I ask why you..." "Overreacted?" I finished his sentence. "Well... yeah?" "It's just that..." Don't break, don't break!, I said to myself. "It's just that my mother... passed away only a year ago..." "Oh..." He seemed not to know what to say. "I'm sorry, I really am. You must be missing her a lot..." Now he did it! That was too much for me to handle. I bursted out in crying again. I felt embarrased, I didn't want to cry, I wanted to be strong. But I just couldn't. I didn't dare to look at him; he probably thought I was a big baby, overreacting and weak. But suddenly I felt a wing on my back. I looked up and our eyes met. His eyes were full of compassion and symphanty. It gave me the courage to stop crying. I wiped my tears away with my wings. "I'm sorry. I'm just such a softy..." "You shouldn't say such a thing. People often think crying is for the weak, but nothing is less true. People who dare to cry often have a strong will and come stronger out of their problems." His words were calm and comforting, but they were also spoken with conviction. It did me well. I had never spoken about my mother with anyone. It was good to know that at least someone understood me. "Can I ask you something?" he suddenly said. "Yes, of course." "What is your name?" With all these circumstances I had forgotten to tell him my name. I was surprised of myself that I could have forgotten something like that. "My name is Ice Cristal." "That's a pretty name." "Thank you." He still had his wing on my back. But he didn't seem uncomfortable by it. "So uhm, what brings you here?" he asked "You seem to have come from far." "That is indeed so, my home is on Terror Mountain." He wistled. "That's a long way. You came all this way for just a little vacation? You sure picked a bad period to come here, storms are everyday events now." "I didn't exactly come here to have a vacation. I'm actually here because of the monsoon. You see... without me, there wouldn't even be one." You could see the surprise written all over his face. I had to chuckle a little; I was amused I could discomfit such an assured young stallion. "You are actually the Crystal Horse?!" he asked astonished. "Well, not exactly, the Crystal Horse is my mother." But then I realised. "Was my mother..." He seemed to have relaxed now. "That's a though job you inherited." "Yes, it is. But I can handle it. It doesn't claim my constant presence or attention, so I have the time to relax sometimes." "Cool." "You couldn't have said it any better!" We both laughed. It felt good. I couldn't even remember the last time I'd really laughed. Mystery made me feel like I hadn't feel in a long time. I felt happy. We arranged to see eachother the next day again. And the day after. And the day after after. We actually saw eachother every day. And the more I saw him, the more I was sure that something had changed. It was a good thing that had changed. And one evening, while we were hiding from a storm in a cave, he told me he loved me. I had felt it before, but still those words made me feel happier than I'd ever been. So I said I loved him too. I will always treasure the look on his face when I said those words. It felt like nothing could ever destroy our happiness.

I was wrong.

Chapter 4: The heart-breaking truth

Facts about Ice Cristal

Ice Cristal was my very first neopet, she is as old as this account, has never left it and will never do so.
She was created as a blue uni on the 25th of September 2006.
On the 1st of April 2008 (no, this is not a joke :P) I hand-painted her spotted.
I loved the way she looked for a few years, but later I came to the conclusion that her name didn't suit her color. I searched through all the uni colors and I really loved the color Faerie.
But. There was one problem. I knew that it would take ages to save enough money for the paint brush, considered how slow I was at that.
So, on the 18th of February 2010 I decided to zap my precious Ice Cristal, hoping on a faerie zap.
Nothing important happened (except for a few gender changes, needless to say she didn't like that) untill the 1st of March 2010. The ray is fired at Ice Cristal... And she changes color to...
Oh well, at least it wasn't a Snot zap.
But then finally on the 9th of March 2010: The ray is fired at Ice Cristal.... And she changes color to FAERIE!!!!
Only 20 days after our first use of the lab, she was changed into her beautiful self, as she now is.
On the 11th of January 2011 I gave her her Ice wings, as those pink wings didn't really suit her. She will forever stay this way, and by my side. *hugs*


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Custom Adoptables

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Mail me for a custom here.

Ice Cristal






Custom Adoptables of _Ice_Cristal

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