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Welcome, Mrsgerardway001!

Hello, Cupcake! My name's Jazz, and welcome to my application for the lovely Kushrenada1337. Thank you for taking the time to read through it all, I hope you enjoy it! To get to a certain section on this page, please refer to the navigation links on the left. You may use those or you may simply scroll down as you read. Before I say anything else, I'd like to add a disclaimer...

** Disclaimer **

Cupcake (mrsgerardway001) in no way, shape, or form; asked, encouraged, or forced me to apply through a Petpage application. I chose to make it out of my own free will. Please do not report or freeze either one of us. Thanks!
- Jazz

Notes: I will be referring to Kushrenada1337 as Jaspurr throughout this application.
I will also refer to Jaspurr as a male, since the character I have in mind is based on that.
This app was created using the browser, Chrome, although it should also function properly in Firefox and Safari.

Now that that's out of the way, let's move on, shall we? :)

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All About Jazz and Her Pets

The Applicant


First off, I'd like to introduce myself. As you already know, I'm Jazz, and I've been an avid Neopets player for over ten years (on a previous account). On this site, I have five accounts:

starress (main) | starress_side_1 | starress_side_2 | starress_side_3 | starress_side_4

If I'm not trading NC, you can always find me lurking the PC or working on my pets, which includes giving them characters, lookups, and Petpages (I love to code). A lot of them are still under construction as I recently came back from a hiatus during the school year, but this semester I have many plans to complete the majority of them. ^^ (Currently working on Myzoty!)


Off Neo, I'm a university student studying French and Psychology in hopes of someday becoming a teacher. I like to sing, read and write, play the piano, watch TV, and sometimes make graphics for myself (although I'm not very good at it). I also like to swim and horseback ride. For more information about myself, please click here!

Meet The Family

If you're interested in learning more about Jaspurr's future siblings, please click here! (Although I must warn you — they get a little excited when it comes to new visitors, especially the babies... You may want to bring a treat or two in case you have to bribe them to let you, uh, leave. *cough*)

Now that you know a little bit about me and my pets, let's go on to the wonderful Jaspurr ~



Yes, I actually do have plans that involve more than simply staring at Jaspurr! c: First and foremost, he would be kept on my main account, starress. I do not plan on converting, zapping, nor trading him, which means Jaspurr would definitely be permanent. He would be extra special as he would be my second ever UC pet as well! You do not have to worry about him rotting because he has given me so much inspiration :)

Battledome Training

As I do with all my other pets, I would buy codestones and earn dubloons to train Jaspurr (I am currently working more on Lupessah).
Once he gets strong enough, he will fight!

Raising Intelligence

Books are one of my main priorities. As you can see, I am the kind of person who likes to smarten their pets up for Neoschool — constantly buying books to raise their intelligence. I would do the same for Jaspurr. After all, what would be the use of a pet if their Battledome stats were beyond amazing, but their intelligence was dull?
Here is where you can see that I care about the amount of books my pets read, although you are welcome to look at my other pets as I "feed" them reading material as well.


As I mentioned earlier, I absolutely love trading NC and creating new looks for my pets (click here to view my lookbook). I tend to spoil my pets and Jaspurr would be no exception! As my first UC, I expect dressing him up to be a bit of a challenge, although I look forward to trying something different.

Hover over each image to see an alphabetical list of the items that make up a certain look. For a larger version, simply drag it into your URL bar.
These are just a few of the many customizations Jaspurr will have; I have much more planned for him!

I've already managed to hunt down all of the items needed for Jaspurr's outfits; additional closet items for him can be found here.

Petpet Matching

One of the first things that I would do is make sure that Jaspurr has a Petpet. I would probably match him with a Faerie Tasu. Why that, you may ask? I like to pair up my pets and their Petpets by making sure that the Petpets either help keep things in proportion (in terms of personality), or look somewhat similar to the pet itself. For example, my darling Renovare is a complete devil, and his Petpet is an Angelpuss. Opposites attract, right? c: On the other hand, my RG Peophin, Cyndenia, has a Delfin.
Please click here to see the Tasu I have purchased for Jaspurr (I plan on buying a Faerie Petpet PB later on).


Another thing I have prepared for Jaspurr is a character (information about this can be read in the next section). He'd also get his very own lookup customized to fit him, and a Petpage with his storyline would be created as well. Like I said earlier, I'm still working on my pages but you will see that most of my pets have their lookups done along with personalities and story ideas. That being said, please click here to view the lookup Jaspurr would have.

Character Profile

Jaspurr's character is part of my team made up of babies with hidden superpowers. He has a special relationship with bubbles and is able to create spherical force fields. When he is encased in a bubble himself, he has the ability to levitate and float wherever he so wishes. Within these bubbles, at times Jaspurr can have visions and see into the future.

Basic Facts

Full Name: Thelonius Jaspurr Azuparne
Pronunciation: Thuh-Low-Nee-Yiss • Jass-Perr • A-Zoo-Parn
Nickname(s): Jaspurr • Jax • Theo
Pronunciation: Jass-Perr • Jaxx • Thee-Yo
Gender: Male
Birth Date: July 11th
Age: 6 years
Height: 68 cms
Weight: 119 lbs (just going with the stats on his lookup for now)

Since Jaspurr is young, he's still learning how to control and manage his powers properly. No harm can come to him while he is trapped inside his bubble, although he is working on projecting this force field outwards to include others and protect them as well. He is also in training to learn how to create bubbles that will allow others to levitate. With a lot of practice and determination, Jaspurr has the potential to shield his siblings from danger.

Jaspurr expends a lot of energy when playing around with his bubbles. In order to heal properly, he regularly visits the magical Bubbling Fountain to restore his powers. Not much is known about this fountain as of now, except that it only works for Jaspurr. Anyone else who visits the fountain is simply covered in bubbles without any special effect.

As for his visions, he sees them in flashes that resemble movie reels. They appear randomly and only when Jaspurr is quiet and concentrated. He is still learning how to prolong these visions in order to retrieve intellect on missions he must complete.

Another interesting characteristic about Jaspurr is that something unusual occurs when he purrs. Although he is currently unaware, he is actually able to manipulate emotions around him. For example, within seconds he can calm down an angry crowd or take away pain when someone is feeling it.

Physical Appearance

Eye Colour: Golden yellow, black, white
Body Colour: Golden yellow, brown stripes, pink paws
Tail Colour: Golden yellow, brown stripes, light yellow tip


Mother: Renée
Father: Nathan
Sibling(s): Chyrstl, Renovare, Tegies, Zosumi
Friend(s): Lizzie, Nala (his Tasu)








Wind (this blows his bubbles away!)



Loud Noises

Being Alone


Below you will find a little blurb for each of Jaspurr's acquaintances; simply click the image to visit their lookup!


Lupessah is a shapeshifter, and she leads the team. She normally collects the case files and decides which mission they'll complete next, and devises a plan of action for each member according to their strengths and weaknesses. She's snarky and confident, but rightfully so since she is rarely ever wrong. Even if she comes across as bossy, she means business. You don't want to cross her... Unless you have gingerbread treats to bribe her, of course.


Chyrstl is my sweet little darling who is able to control dreams! Day or night, she's the one who can save you from your nightmares, or make you dream of nothing but teddy bears and cookies. She's the youngest so she's still learning what's more important — defeating the bad guys or subtly asking for dessert before dinner while you're trying to nap.


The sneakiest of them all, Reno is a rogue thief who can swipe anything even when you're looking! He has thousands of tricks up his sleeve and you can never guess which one he'll pull next. Albeit sly, he can sometimes be a bit clumsy, so he has to be extra careful to avoid error of any sort. Even thieves have good hearts though, and Reno only does what his best for his team.
... Technically, stealing dangerous weapons to save the world isn't a bad thing, right?


Nimble and swift, Tegies can shoot a bow and arrow with the precision of a hawk. She never misses — only when she wants to. She usually helps the team navigate by flying high in the sky and overseeing the whole operation. As young as she is though, she is easily distracted, especially by anything (and everything) related to romance. Tegies, focus on the task at hand! *facepalm*


This little rascal is mischievous and loves to confuse people. With the ability to clone himself, Zosumi likes to pretend and continuously discover his long-lost twin, times a thousand. This is particularly difficult to deal with when he doesn't get his way, and you have to discipline all eight of him at once just to get your point across. *rolls eyes*

Story Summary

Due to a glitch in the code where quotation marks do not appear at the beginning nor end of sentences, bold text will be used to represent dialogue and italics will represent thoughts. To access the summary, simply scroll inside the box as you read.
Jaspurr, wook! Dey have vawentines foh sale! Wet's go see dem! Jaspurr sighed as his baby sister dragged him off to stare at boring old cards. Valentine's Day wasn't even coming for another four months! Not that it mattered to Tegies. She was in love with everything, even the mere thought of romance. Little sisters could be so annoying. I wish I was on a mission instead of watching my lovey-dovey sister squeal over Valentines at the mall, he groaned. Suddenly, his ear twitched and his collar started to vibrate. Tegies' bow was buzzing too. Goodie! Saved by the collar, he thought happily to himself. He scanned the area around him, searching for a blinking green light. He turned to his sister.

Do you see it, Tegies? She shook her head, peering around an ATM machine. Then, out of the corner of his eye, the clever Baby Kougra spotted it. Grabbing Tegies, he pointed. There, he whispered. Behind the plant! The Korbat looked around frantically, and relaxed as soon as she saw it.

Meet you der, she murmured, and flew off towards the light. Jaspurr nodded and walked calmly around the mall until he was close enough to the plant. He didn't want to attract attention to the secret entrance even though the light was invisible to the other shoppers, and he most certainly didn't want anyone to see him just disappear, especially into a plant. After making sure no one was looking, he dove into the pot and started to slide down into a tunnel. He counted down the seconds until his fall through the chute. Three, two, one, he braced himself as he was launched into a chair. Looking around, he saw that Lupessah was already there with Chyrstl, Zosumi, and Tegies, but Reno was nowhere to be found. He opened his mouth to ask but Lupessah answered his question.

We're just waiting on him, then we'll start. My guess is three seconds. Suddenly, a yellow blur flew past their eyes and Renovare was flopped in a chair.

Spot on, sis! The pup sat himself up and licked his bone. Sorry I'm late, I really wanted to grab myself one of these before I headed out, he mumbled while gnawing on it. Lupessah waved him off.

I have an even bigger issue than your meal times, she said, handing out files to everyone. Dr. Sloth is planning to transform Neopia into a mutant wonderland, and he wants to be king!

Jaspurr frowned. If everyone is mutant, we'll all be the same — monsters! There will be no uniqueness, no way to tell us apart!

Lupessah nodded. We'll have to act fast to stop him. Chyrstl, go get the antidote from the lab. Tegies, call the Director. Reno, to the weapon area. Zo, I need you to multiply yourself and station your clones outside every shop in Neopia. We're not sure where he'll attack first, better safe than sorry. And as for you, Jaspurr, we're going to need your bubbles to trap the drones and fly them far, far away from the city.

The Kougra grinned. I hate to burst your bubble, but I'm one step ahead of you. I've already sent each of Zo's clones off with their own bubble gun. And with that, he ran off to do his part. Dr. Sloth may have minions, but they're no match for Jaspurr and his bubbles.

Please note that this is only a small excerpt from Jaspurr's story. I of course plan to elaborate on it and add extra chapters that contain more about him such as his history and future (i.e: adventures/quests he will be trying to complete with his team, his progress with training his abilities). His Petpet's role comes in later on.

Why Kushrenada1337?

Why did I choose Kushrenada1337 over any other pet? What makes him so special?

Having always been a huge fan of Kougras due to their close resemblance to lions (one of my favourite animals), I have admired the UC Baby Kougra for a long time. I'm a huge fan of babies, and I even have an entire Baby account dedicated to them! To me, the design of the converted Baby Kougra is a bit strange; the eyes and head are far too large for its body, and in general it just looks out of proportion. The UC Kougra however has this angelic look which I adore, making it look cute and innocent (who could resist it?!). Its position — which does pose quite a challenge when it comes to customization — is unlike any other and inspired me to incorporate it into his personality/abilities. The converted art just doesn't do these Baby Kougras justice, and Jaspurr is simply perfect for the character I have in mind.

Secondly, I really love Kushrenada1337's name! I know nowadays people can be extremely picky, but I don't mind the numbers at all. I think his name is special and quirky, and adds to his character.

Not to mention, Jaspurr reminds me so much of one of my most favourite childhood movies, The Lion King. I have always wanted a Kougra that looks as innocent (yet powerful) as Simba's younger self, although I have never come across any that I liked enough until now.

The majority of my pets have been adopted out to me, if not created and painted/morphed myself. I have never once gotten tired of them, even those that I have had for over six years now, such as Lupessah, Chyrstl, or Renovare. I still adore them as much as the day they first came home, if not more so. I have no doubt that Jaspurr would have a very fulfilling, permanent home with me.

If for whatever reason at some point I could no longer keep Jaspurr for myself, I would of course return him to you. I have done this before in the past, and in the event that the owner decided they had no interest in keeping the pet either, I proceeded to adopt them out — I don't believe in using adopted pets as trading fodder; it's simply not right.


Well, that's it! My application has finally come to an end. I apologize for it being so long, but hopefully it was interesting! I want to thank you, Cupcake, for reading through everything and giving me the opportunity to apply for Kushrenada1337. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to mail me! I really hope you enjoyed reading my app as much as I had fun making it, and will consider me as a future owner for him! ♥ I know that even if you don't choose me, Kushrenada1337 will go to a loving home. Best of luck adopting him out! :)



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