So we're finally doing this?

Because people keep asking.
Duude, what happened to you face?
Duuuude, what happened to your sister? She looks like an accident!

As to my face, we'll get to that I guess. As to my sister, I'm not sure which one you're referring to.
If you mean Plum, she's gentle as a lamb. Princess Cozette on the other hand...




I think what Des is trying to say is that we have a lot of weird stuff in the family that might need explaining.
Not all of them are good memories.
But at least we have some, even if the young ones can't remember it all.
There are oceans in those stories and storms and adventures, so maybe it's not for everyone. Your call!
Anyway I found some old pictures in a box, in case you wanna have a look!
I thought it might be a nice idea to collect them somehow. And add new ones. Times passes way to quickly.

One box?

Excuse me, just HOW MANY PICTURES of Cozette do we have? That's not normal!


Well excuse Me, it's not my fault some are more photogenic in this family than others!
OMG the prom picture. Look at my hair, it's gorgeous.
And I can't believe you found that old school picture of me and the girls!!!


I'll go read. Get me when this is over.

Think we should have more readers?
Grab a button!

February 2nd

Dear Ninn

We are ever so excited to have a new cousin in the family.
When we heard about you, I decided to send you a little gift basket with everything a young lady might need.

I'm especially happy about that by the way. Finally a proper girl in the family. I hope.
You can thank the genes we share for the good looks. We both seem to have hit the jackpot.

My sister Plum has caught you some fish from the stream near our tree-house, so you can get to know the local cuisine from where we live.
I hope you like it. They look strange I know. But she means well.

My older sister Lum sends her love from god knows where... try not to take after her when it comes to that.
Always a-roaming around.
My silly brother Desmond seems to think you might, hence all the books.
You know it's always books with him, but maybe you can use them to wrap the fish.

We look forward to meeting you some day.
Just know that you have family here and are always welcome.
We could do our toenails and stuff, how fun...

Hugs, Cozette

October 20th

Look what I found!

Group pic with Mum


Oh my god...


I knew it was around here somewhere, Lum gave it to me before she left back then but I never dug it out.

I never thought of looking for it...

It's incredible how much they look alike. Lum and Mum!


They both look so happy in that picture too. Lum hardly ever laughs like that anymore.


... neither did Mum.

I know.

That's why that picture is so special. It's one of the few memories I even have of her.
That day. That was one of the few days that I recall that had nothing dark about it. Nothing haunting. And if you don't look too closely you might think we're a normal family. A happy mother and her five kids enjoying a day out in the fields.

Like they say

Picture-perfect family.


It's a shame Dad isn't on here.

I know.

But someone had to holdthe camera you know?

I'm not stupid.

Just it's sad we don't have any pictures with all 7 of us.


It's not like we had that much time to take one.

October 18th
spooky contest

The road so far...

... has been long and to be honest a little bit lonely.

I hope things at home are going well and the house is still standing.
I made a stop in Neovia today, to see if I could find some souveniers for you guys ...
Cozette, I know you want one of these hats from Prigpants & Swolthy...
But there's just no way I can afford one of these.

Lum Neovia Pic

I did however pass a sign that said something about a spooky food eating contest and since I had a few hours to kill, I thought I'd have a look...
It's not everyday that I get to see something funny.

I only watched for a while. Most people seemed to be cheering for that red-haired lass, mostly because she was pretty, even with her mouth full of fungus.
You would have hated her Cozette.
Personally she made me feel uneasy, but it's none of my business so I took off after a while.

I stopped by the Gypsy Camp like usual. We travelled many miles together, so it's always great to see them again and hear new stories from around Neopia.

When I got there the whole place was buzzing about something.
Bart wouldn't talk to me because he was busy relocating his cart, fair enough, he's gotta make his living somehow.
Des, he says hi and gave me one of his hats to bring you.
Lyanka and Sidney were fighting over business as usual so I went to see if Saskia had time for a roasted marshmallow and maybe one of her funny masks Plum likes so much.

When I got to her cart I could see what all the fuss had been about.
The whole thing was in ruins, feathers trampled on the ground, torn fabric, parts of the roof caved in or fallen off and Saskia in a really bad mood.

grumpy saskia pic

All she would tell me that some kind of monster had passed through the camp and somehow destroyed her cart on the way.
Now that really confused me because she said it had come from Neovia and I had just been there, so it would litterally have passed me by.
Then again, riding on Hobbs' back, I don't see everything that's going on below.

Turns out that Scarlet gal from the contest... suddenly grew some hooves and horns and went bersek on the whole town. I knew there was something fishy about her.

I thought of going to Sophie or Ilere, maybe one of em knew what to do and especially Ilere has her eyes and ears everywhere.
It's a shame you have no way of reaching me because I'm sure Des would come up with something.
Halfway through the woods, on foot this time, I heard voices. Bickering actually like little girls, only in not so girly voices. Kinda reminded me of you two.

All I heard was potion and monster so I thought it wouldn't hurt to go after em and see what they were up to.
I followed them back to Neovia and to the food eating contest which by now was in ruins just like Saskia's cart... Rotten soup everywhere, the smell of it was like Des' sock drawer back when he was a kid. I had so hoped that would never happen to me again.

One thing is for sure. While everyone was panicking and clueless, these two definitely knew what was going on.
They were examining and mumbling a lot, with the occasional bickering here and there, and they didn't seem that surprised at all.
They had that whole fake-ID, fake-names-thing down like they do it every day.

That weird Chomby guy who'd been hosting the contest was close to being institutionalized. My guess is he lives with his old Chomby mum in a Norman Bates kind of way.
I thought he was going to faint when they approached him and wanted his assistance with an experiment.

Suddenly one of em guys, Kell, comes up to me and thanks me for volunteering.
My first thought was to turn him down but the way he talked to me made me think that he was sincere.
There was something about him that made the whole tough-act likeable.
Also I think he was kinda cute. (Now Cozette I know you're ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh-ing right now. Stop it! You actually would have liked him too. All leather jacket and awesome hair.)
It's just that I know that look. Of someone who's seen way to many things in his life.
Takes one to know one.

They had a plan all mapped out. They told me the monster could be controlled by music, that it could be put to sleep with the right melody.
They made the host-dude give them a key to his (mother-free) basement and set up a small workshop.

kell and flowers pic

To someone who is as sleep-deprived as I am, this experiment was heaven. While arranging the melody I kept dozing off, simply because of the effect of those magic flowers. Not the most refreshing kind of sleep, but better than nothing. Also I now have a few goodies to bring home to you.

The only question is when that will be.
I know I promised to be home by All Hallow's Eve but it looks like maybe I won't be able to make it.
Kell's brother Corbin has tracked the monster to what he thought were catacombs below the city. I never even knew there were any.
The host (by the way his name is Tippens) pointed us towards a fellow called Baffington who lives by the canal.
He's an odd one. All goggles and no eyes. But the guys seem to know him from way back, or rather the other way around.
Anyway he seems to know a bit more of the town's history and told us about a rich family who used to live there a long time ago.
Apparently their manor was burned to the ground but there are chambers and treasure still existing beneath it.
If this is where the monster has fled to, we'll have to go after it.
Baffington spoke of dark magic and traps and I don't know what we'll find.
I will let you know as soon as I know more.
Please don't worry about me, this is not as bad as it sounds. I hope.
I'll write to you again as soon as I can!
And don't fight too much.


October 11th
Cozette Screenie


I knew it! I knew it!


And that is the only thing you do know...
You're like a Pekinese running for best in show!

Excuse me?

Well I'm not someone's showdog. I'm my own person.


That's not what it says in the picture.
It says OWNED! You so are!

Stop it you two!

What is it this time?


I know...

They annoy me too...


What it IS, is that Des is a jealous little barbat!


Don't make me laugh! If I wanna see something noteable, you're the last person I'll go find.


Nobody cares Des. Obviously you're the only one who is in denial about my obvious beauty. And now I have proof!


The 100st loveletter?


I have at least 500. From last year alone.
How many do you have bro?


As is I care...


That's what I thought.

Congrats Coz!

Well I guess being listed as noteable is something you can be proud of...


If you look at it from very far away...




She's gonna be unbearable from now on...

August 25th

So... What has Meg been up to?

Does anybody know? She seems awfully busy lately.

I might have a suggestion...

Maybe she's finally doing something with those hair of hers... Long due if you ask me. Those bangs...

Probably not!

If I'd have to guess, I'd say she's working on Masquerade.
I guess none of us knew the website would eat up that much time.


Well it's about fashion.
Fashion deserves time.
Something some people still don't seem to be aware of...

We are more than aware!

Which is why you and I don't share a bathroom, or I'd never wash.

Don't make me laugh

Do you? I mean wash?

Shut up you two

I just saw she made a sub-page about us on Masquerade!



Us, Cozette...

... Not you!

Look at me!

Look at how gorgeous I look in that picture!


It's your regular picture Coz!


That's exactly the point!
Do you think she'll let me enter the new Disney Spotlight she's holding?


You know she can't!

But but but



And princes! We know!

You're just jealous...

... No princess will ever look at you!
Oh how I wish one of those princes would come looking for me and take me away on a white Peophin! *.*


... A prince who actually IS a Peophin is out of the question?


... If he's a ROYAL Peophin, maybe!


I only thought, then you would be some place below the ocean, that should take care of some things around here...


Now you've done it

Great, you made her cry!
Can't you two ever get along?


I didn't start that!
Cozette stop being a baby and come back!

And you wonder...

... Why I'm away so much!

Are you kidding?

I moved to a cave! Tell me about it!

I guess it makes sense!

People DO ask a lot of questions, Des is right about that!

My name is LumCheng, you know that much, and I am the oldest.

Being the oldest, that means I was here for everything.
I was here to see Desmond and Cozette being born, fighting from the first second and as different as night and day.
I was here for Plumberry's first day in this world and I watched how eagerly she took her first steps to see the fields beyond the safety of our treehouse.
I built the treehouse, mind you, I was even here for that.

I also remember Jefferson's childhood, I can see it so clearly and to me he will always be that baby with those huge eyes he tries so hard to hide these days.
He was always difficult, different from the rest of the young ones, but I also always knew he would go far.
We only never knew how far exactly.

Then came a time that was mostly characterized by the many tantrums and hair-changes of Cozette, which eventually ended with Des moving out of the house.
It was a bit sad but I don't think he actually hates her.
Deep down they love each other dearly, it's just their way of showing it, that sometimes gives me headaches.
Mostly I think he just wanted to have some peace and quiet to get on with his studies.
Oh how Plum loved to watch him work!
I remember them sitting at home for hours on end, Desmond reading and Plum just sitting and watching him, as if it were some kind of science... which it probably was actually.

If I had known, I would never have let her go into that cave on her own. Never.


It's okay hun :)

From that day things changed.
Des was never quite the same, and as the change grew more apparent, it started to affect all of us.
It took a while before we found a new way of dealing.

The kids grew older so fast...
I had to go away a lot more than before just to keep us all fed and then the Tyrannian war came, Jeff took off and I had to leave for a very long time.

I promised I would bring him back home, but I never did.
As uncool as Plumberry's accident was, at least she was still with us.
This was different!

I've seen a lot of the world in my years and I know how to handle a fight so it was on me to go and get him back.
Because I am the oldest, that's what that means! I'm responsible.

It has been many years and I can't even count the times I have left and come back home.
All those oceans I crossed, I honestly don't know.
All the battles.

I bring them back something every time I return, and I keep telling them: Soon!
Sometimes I actually believe it myself.
It gets lonely on the road.
If I didn't have Hobbes to keep me company, I would probably have gone mad a long time ago!
I have the ground to sleep on during the summer, and the stars to use as a blanket.
During the colder months, I usually take the wagon with me, but I can't always.
You never know what awaits you.


Alright, alright!

Yeah so Lum has told me that it should be me who talks about Des, something about how it would do us some good to say nice things for a change.
How lame!


Yeah yeah, I'm doing it, okay?

So Des war born like 5 minutes before me, a fact he keeps rubbing in my face for some reason. AND HE ALWAYS WAS WEIRD!
What? I'm just saying it like it is.

I remember when we were really small kids, he was pestering Lum for hours on end so she would teach him how to read and write.
She was only a teenager herself and had enough to do with suddenly taking care of us without any parents, but she did it.
And Des has been doing nothing else but read ever since.
Oh, except blowing things up of course!

It's no secret that we don't get along that well most of the time, but yes, he is my brother, so of course I care about him.
Not only is he my brother, he is my twin, and that means that, unfortunately, our bond is stronger than that of most siblings.

And as surprising that may sound to hear that from me, but I do know he has a good heart.
I saw how it hit him what he did to Plum, even though we all told him it wasn't his fault.
He's always loved her so very much, and so do I, but it was hardest on him of course.

After the accident he was never quite the same.
He had always spent a lot of time in his cave, but now he hardly ever came out at all.
It was few weeks before we found out what he was actually doing in there, and when we did, I thought he'd gone completely mad.

Turns out he was trying to fix her.
We should have seen it coming.
But there are things even Des can not do.

And because he would never experiment on her, he simply experimented on himself.
You can all see what happened.
Not that I ever particularly liked his brown fluffy fur, but still... all those stitches and transformations, and still he could never figure out how to change her back.

I might be wrong but he's been even more annoying since then. Maybe that's one of the side effects of cutting your face off, who knows.

Still... it breaks my heart to see how he sometimes suffers when they play together.
We've all long accepted her for how she is now, but they deserve to be siblings the way they should have been, the way we were... bickering and making up and bickering again. Some things aren't meant to happen.

Buuuut, okay enough with the sad talk.
What else can I say? Well I can never be quite sure but I'm pretty certain he's the reason we stay so healthy and also that the treehouse seems so much bigger on the inside than from the outside,...
He has developed some quite extraordinary potions and spells over the years, even though he never made me that pimple-be-gone I asked him for.
But he did make Cleo!
Hatched her from an egg, and even I know that's not normal for a Nedler.
But then again, lot's of things about Cleo aren't normal.
The way she purrs is kinda... off.

He's also a pretty shy guy. Guess I got all the glamour while he is hiding in his bat-cave.
Probably still recovering from the time he saw that bathing Blumaroo girl...


So I've been told...

... This would be good for us.

Don't whine, I did yours too!

I saw!

Okay, so here goes...

My little sister is very blonde, very sparkly, very special and very exhausting to be around.
But yes, we still like her.

Every since I can remember, she's spent more time in front of the mirror than anything else, and the older she grew, the more clothes and brushes and hats started piling up, but I guess that's just who she is.
I honestly never thought she was stupid, she just has a huge talent for not using her potential, or her brain.


Are you gonna let me do this or not?

Since she's related to me, I'm sure there must be wits there somewhere, and when I see the many ways she's found to insult me, I know she has some talents at least.

Cozette has one thing going for her however, and that is that she can be very gentle when she has to. She has always been very sweet with Plum and usually lends a hand whenever someone needs comfort. Unless it's me.
Well sometimes even if it's me.

So say what you like, when I was down after the accident, she was there for me along with everyone else. The difference is, she is my twin sister and that means something, whether we want it or not.
She has a way of knowing what I feel and think, even if she mostly uses it to annoy me.
I wouldn't have gotten over it all without her and without the way she looked after Plum while I was unavailable.



I remember the teenage years. And I won't forget the endless rambling about this guy and that guy and the girls hanging around our house all the time. I mean her friends were nice and all but I never even got the chance to be Cozette's cool older brother who's got the crazy smarts going because she told them all beforehand that I was weird.
And the giggling.
Sometimes I still imagine I hear it through my wall at night.
I like Panda though, Cleo likes to play with her like with a ball of yarn!


I guess we'll do this together.

Plum has no way to speak for herself, so we will do it for her.

I recall when she was born, Des had just started with his magic and Cozette was in her first complicated phase lol, but we were all there and we loved her from the first moment.

It was always clear however that Des and Plum had a special connection.
From the day she learned to walk she followed him around wherever he went. And even before that, she just lay there and stared up at him like he was the sun.
Nobody knew why, but it was incredibly sweet to watch.

When she got a little older, she used to hang around his cave almost all day, and he read to her and told her stories.
At night they would sit outside on the roof of the treehouse and Des would explain the constellations to her.
She was such a bright kid. She could have done anything in life!

And she was beautiful too.

Obviously because she looked like me, that is.

It is true

She looked like a smaller version of Cozette with that purple fur and huge violet eyes of hers!

Remember the dress?

I had just bought that dress for my birthday party and I LOVED it, it was a designer piece and everything and I saved for ages to buy it.
I remember she waddled in on her tiny paws and I could literally see the hearts blinking in her eyes when she saw it.
So she came over and she sniffed it and looked so adorable that I allowed her to try it on.
It was wayyy to large for her of course and she fell over the hem a few times, but it was really sweet.


I still think it was a big gesture to give her that dress.

Oh it was nothing

It fits her better than me anyway and by now it's really out of style!
Anyway we played dress-up a lot after that, and I was actually a little worried because I always thought that one day she'd be much prettier than me.
And with that wind-chime-like voice of hers...

Well things change

I remember I was just getting firewood and Cozette was preparing the meat when Des said he couldn't find Plum anywhere. We went looking, but we were too late.
It seems she'd gone into the cave by herself and somehow must have spilled a couple of potions. Whatever it was, the mix did something to her, and when we found her she was... well she was the way she is now.


Oh don't be sad honey, you still have the prettiest fur I've ever seen!


And we're just glad you're okay

When we came to the cave we found her huddled in a corner and at first we couldn't even see what had happened because of all the smoke.

I should never have left those bottles unattended!

It's all my fault.

It's not!

You did everything you could to make it right.


She should have been a normal girl, with friends, like she was before. The girls she knew from kindergarten who used to stay over all the time, ogling me? And thanks to me she lost all that, she even lost her voice.

But she is still Plum

And that's all that matters!

Afterwards, when it was clear that there was nothing we could do, Des cast a spell on Widget, her favourite plushie, and made it come to life, so she would never be alone.

And anyway...

She will NEVER be alone. She has all of us. And she still has so many talents. I've never seen anyone as good at fishing as she is. Those claws come in handy sometimes. And even though her voice may be gone, she has her way of communication, you just need to listen in a different way!


How do we do this?

I don't really know what to say here, and I'm pretty sure Cozette feels the same way...

Honestly? I don't know either!

But we have to say something, I'll do it, it's fine.

Are you sure Lum?

Yes I'm sure!

Okay. This is actually a very long story and it's not even through yet because I refuse to accept that it might be.

I'm still sure that one day, somehow, I will find him again and I will bring him home.

When he was a kid, Jeff was quiet, and he was always a little awkward around the others. He was born last, so naturally the four of us already had a modus with each other. Plum never had trouble fitting in as a kid, but Jeff had a hard time somehow.

He mostly was weird with the petpets too, it worried me that he treated them the way he did. That's also why he never had one of his own.
I remember when I caught him trying to set fire to Cleo's bed.
As he grew up he became even quieter and he spent a lot of time alone. Not the way Des does, but different. Like he didn't want us around. But we accepted that, what can you do.

I always figure he would become an explorer or something, with all the time he spent venturing around the area, but I never knew...

It's alright Lum...

I know it will be...

He started reading up on the training techniques of Shenkuu in our old books and decided he wanted to become a master. It was alright at first, I actually thought he came a little after me and I liked it.
He decided to train blindfolded from now on, so he could train his senses and after a while he refused to take the blindfold off at all.

When the war broke out, he was determined to join the fight and nothing I said, nothing any of us said, could change his mind.
I would have been a hypocrite to tell him not to go, after all I'd been to many battles myself.

It was many weeks before we even heard from him. I was so glad he was alright but then we found out that apparently one of his friends he had met on the battlefield had been lost and that Jeff was not only inconsolable, but had taken revenge.

I took off a few hours later and I promised the others that I would make it right. I really thought I would.

When I found him, he was already held captive and I only managed to sneak in when the guards changed. I tried to talk him into coming home but he wouldn't listen. He was beside himself, I'd never seen him like that. In the end I had to accept that my only choice was between letting him go and leaving him with his enemies, so I decided to help him escape.
I have not seen him since.

It has been years. And I would have given him all the time in the world, if it weren't for the fact that I hear all kinds of horrible stories about his adventures, about the people he has hurt and the things he has done. I am worried, we all are. We don't care what he did, we only want our brother back. And in a way I know I am responsible for setting him lose on the world.

That's not true

You couldn't have known. You just meant to let him cool off, that was the right thing to do in that situation. And what should you have done, leave him there?

Sometimes I wonder..


I'm sorry!

I have followed his path as best as I could but all I find is destruction and and sorrow. I guess he has become a master after all. And also it seems he is no longer alone...

plumbaby scared

cozette carnival

des carnival

coz and jeff beach

plum treehouse

lum bees

wagon prep

lum and hobbes


des and cleo


cozette and panda

cozettes room

plum stargazing

plum fishing

baby jeff

jeff shenkuu






saskia and her cart

Kell and the flowers

Group pic with Mum
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