AC: Anonymous Compliments is an amazing page where you get to compliment anyone for any reason - even if they're not from the Avatar Chat. To add a little twist and make it even more fun, you get to do it anonymously, so the people that get complimented have to take a guess at who compliments them. Over the three years this page has been running, we've garnered over 2k compliments and are still going strong. Be nice and take a few seconds to compliment some of your friends or a complete stranger. You can submit as many compliments as you want via Neomailing me. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to NM me. : )


Page Started: December, 2010
Last Updated: September 1st, 2014


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AC in General

~I love you all!
~You're all beautiful people! Keep it up! ^_^
~I use to think yal was some poor, dirty, annoyin people desperate for a SuAP but yal are nice to be honest.
~You guys are the best and awesome to chat with~!
~well lol you keep neopets fun sometimes, ngl. thanks for not being totally boring!
~I love you guys. ;D
~A lot of people that lent me items are extremely nice. Thank you for your kindness!
~I wouldn't have made it this far without all of you. Thanks for pushing me towards my dreams.
~Neopets is not a dating site, but ily anyways!
~You guys are so friendly & nice all the time always helpful and oh so purttty. :3
~you smell good.
~you guys are so funny.
~i'm more of a lurker so it's not like i'm always having a conversation with some of you frequenters, but when i do go around looking for lends and such everyone is so nice. i love you all, no mater what!
~you guys are the best, without you, i probably would've quit neo. KEEP IT UP


~Anto, ily, you are the best friend for letting me vent to you all the time~
~Ant, you are one of the best NFs I have, and you've always been nice in general whether to random people or someone who just needed to vent ^^


~You're a wonderful person. Follow your heart for your true happiness! I want you to be happy because you really deserve it.
~You're one of the sweetest girls in the whole world and you deserve everything you've ever wished for. Whether it's big or small, I would do anything to see you smile. You're worth your weight in gold, my friend.
~Even though we don't talk any more, I still really appreciate you. Don't ever stop being wonderful
~You have been a wonderful friend ever since we met and thanks for everything you've done.


~You're the best


~I hope you and your fiancee have a great time. You are a super cool person.
~i loove you


~You, missy, are super awesome and im so glad we're besties on neo~ily!!
~Hey Mel,I bet you'll recognize this as soon as you read it.. Thank you for all the time we spent together and I don't regret meeting you even one bit. Thanks for all the laughs and good times, I just wanted you to know that I love you :$.


~We don't talk anymore, ever, but you were still a really close friend of mine and I appreciate that you were always there for me when I needed to talk. I haven't granted you the same courtesy and that's my fault. We've said a lot of bad things in the past, but I just want you to know that I forgive you for anything and everything.
~April I love you, you're so sweet and gorgeous and yours always there for me when I'm feeling down, love you, from your little sissy c:
~youre amazing. we havent talked alot much recently , but i want you to know you mean the world to me april.


~I'm only just getting to know you, but I can already tell how big of a heart you have. In the few days I've chatted with you, it's so evident that you try to never utter an unkind word (: That's something that's rare, and something I admire! (:


~the kindest ACer I've ever met, and I am eternally grateful to him for all the lends. Keep it up, Ace!


~nice guy
~Miiiike, you're amazing. Such a sweet, caring, funny guy, love you.
~you're a cool kid!!
~ive known you for sometime now. we're close, even if we dont talk all the time. you're a great guy, and im glad i can call you one of my close friends. ;p ~jose
~You are one of the kindest people I have ever met. You have done a lot for me and I love you ofc.


~grow a few more inches and then maybe we can be friends


~Neo brother


~you are the kindest person and you often make me laugh! I've loved getting to know you. Stay amazing for me!


~Rita!!! We just met and yet you gave me the most friendliest welcome on the Avatar Chat board. Stay cool and don't change ;D


~I (L) / 5 |-|
~is an amazing princess who is kind sweet and cares for others I love ashley!


~Jenna, jenna fe fi fo fenna! (clever wasn't it?) You are an awesome friend and a fun person to chat with (:
~I hope you get your account back Jenna !


~a neo sister always knows how to pick me up when I am down
~Kayla I simply love you.
~kayla you're just extremely nice and patient w/ everyone and you're always great to chat with!!
~has always been genuinely nice, and I wouldve quit completely already if it weren't for this chick!
~IT'S GREAT to see that you're still around. tho you're not as active as you used to be, you're still fab ;*


~At first I thought you were kinda weird and maybe a little stuck up and you always posted the strangest things but then I started getting to know you and you're such a sweet girl. It's really funny all the things you do to get rid of your boredom, and all the funny stories you tell. If only you knew how to filter yourself for neopets though And I really admire how you don't seem to care about what anyone thinks! Anyway, I'm glad I got to know you, love you!
~You're such a great friend and soso funny omg haha I love our talks and how we're so similar omg but really girl you're amazing
~youre my favorite and youre the cutest person ive met in my 48 years of life zz
~you, your font, and your personality are perfect.


~bff ^_~ ily!


~ARIIIII! You're awesome and fun to talk to, you make my day, grl. :3 SWAG ROCKS ATTACK!
~You're one of my BBF's gurl. I love talking to you!! You are funny, nice, fun, etc. The list goes on and on and on and on....
~ARI. YOU'RE SO GREAT. c: I love your mass collection of kacheeps. And you're just amazing. Love you.
~warrior buddies foreva ^_~ you're so amazing and definitely one of my bestest bestest best friends on this site. I love you ^^
~you're so nice and generous, i love having you as a friend!
~i freaking love you and your obsession of the hunger games! you're supre qt and i love talking to you! #teampeeta


~Your a great friend, Even though you like to taunt me
~Ariperipteri(: I love you. I'll try and get over my hate for Gale/Katniss, and read your story, but it's only because I just freakin' love you! Your goofiness makes me smile time and time again(:


~Ashley, you are an amazing friend and person! (: You are so funny and spontaneous, and talking to you always cheers me up. Don't ever change; stay the Ashley I know and love!


~one of the best people i have ever had the pleasure to know on neopets, you spin my neopia round!


~Such a sweetie ^0^
~you are the best! Ily girl!
~you are the best! you are a great friend that I will never forget (atleast until i'm a old person) ily girl~
~Never change the aishariffic thing, it's so distinct! I like that your specific neo-passion so to speak lool, gives you so much individuality and that the signature is something that's been there for so long. I'm fickle and change my neosig and av frequently, but you know exactly what you like and what you want, and it makes you really stand out and memorable.


~probably the best graphics person i will ever know, you make the greatest layouts and you're the kindest person!


~Even with all of your Canadian silliness, you have the funniest stories and make me laugh so hard everyday!


~ronnie you are so qt and funny and nice and i miss you. i never see you on the AC or anywhere anymore but i know you're around. i love you!


~You are very kind an a great person to talk to. You also work very hard for everything you've got.




~You so kind, sweet and considerate and ilysm. you really deserve mspp over anyone.
~You are amazing!
~I love you Lottie!
~From what little interactions we've had together I can tell that you are an amazingly nice and wonderful person. There are far too few of your type on the ac.
~you're amazing & sweet & funny, and even though i think you may have forgotten me i still ly lottie hehe
~Yay lottie you're the funniest, cutest sweetest person I've ever met on neo! Ilu
~GCSE science exam study buddy : D!~
~Charlotte, you're amaazing and the only person on here I knew that lived half an hour down the road. Plus you think that cannock is a nice town You're just..faaaab! ^-^
~this isn't your main but idc, ily and you are sweet and we have the same mindset and it's pretty cool c: shrug off the haterzzz ~*
~You're so darn sweet! I just adore you. And so smart and interesting too. And I love your hair.


~your fonts are adorable and i love your complete honesty
~i want you to get bgc please because you're amazing
~ehehee, you're sooo funny
~your fonts are amazing, and you're so generous!
~You're very fun to chat with c:


~I missssss youuuu! You're always there to calm me down when I'm being unreasonable or to make me laugh when I need a pick-me-up. Thanks for being so wonderful.
~Your a crazy but your always there to make me smile and pick my day up. Your the bestest


~i like your 6.8 inch snake


~sweetest girl I've ever met on the AC
~You are one of the cool ACers that I know back in the days. I miss your board. It's great a place to hide and have a casual conversation


~You are a total sweetheart. I loveles you, lovely girl!


~I have mad amounts of respect for you. You're funny and mature and one of the few truly good people I've met on Neopets. Keep on keepin' on.
~I miss you! Come back and bring the old crew back w/ you!


~good friend a sweetheart
~She makes me smile


~You are such a QT!


~She is basically the most helpful person i've ever met. She knows everything there is to know and I always look forward to seeing her online_


~um you're a qtpa2t! ilysm and you're awesome and tiny and hehe


~Live long and stay awesome! :3


~You're the most amazing guild leader ever, Jazz! You're part of the reason I've been in the guild for such a long time! You're not like others I've known. You're kind, trustworthy and really nice! You really care about all the members, aren't too strict and you're like one of my best friends! I am so glad I know you and may you never leave the guild.


~You're a wonderful person and I'm so glad I know you. ^^
~You're awesome angela, we have so much in common it's scary, keep being awesome
~i'm so glad i met you angela ! you are one of the sweetest people i've ever met too it's very sweet of you to do this c:
~CHIPPY (: Why are you so nice and sweet? Keep on being amazing !
~You're such a sweet person and a wonderful lender!


~hobokins! i love you. together we troll like a pair of troll with me forever? love juu xx
~angel you light up my world i luff you sooo much you mean the world to me


~anne, you're so sweet and you always look out for me on here. ilysm!
~I LOVE YOU. You're awesome(: But, your *ninjaflip* is still revoked until you find your sanity, again.
~HAI. ANNE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Even though you're on Team Gale...Your *ninjaflip* is still evoked.
~you are so nice and i love chatting with you and fangirling over graceland!! i wish you'd stop traveling the world so you can catch up on season 1 already.
~you're such a sweetheart!! you're one of the nicest people i've ever met, anne!
~Sweet and considerate person


~I like it when you talk to me and your soap is top notch.


~a;lsdkjf, coolest, funniest, best ~*~Estonian~*~ EVER. I love you Anneli, keep being awesome
~I honestly love this girl sooo much!
~MAKES ME WISH I WAS AN ~*~ESTONIANAN~*~, goodluck with the dung factory
~ily anne, you always know how to make me laugh~ less than three
~just thought you should have some more love
~i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you


~ohi, sweetheart =) Luv you
~heyhey annisa! you're amazingly nice and I love talking to you. you're so sweet and one of my best neo biffles (: ily
~Anna You've helped me realize that it's okay to be myself in the time I've known you. Your fonts are of the highest caliber and you have a wonderful personality. Stay wonderful.


~Even the snowager would want to give you hugs
~Jennyyy, you're my twinnie and we have this telepathic connection yo. And you always say you're gonna quit, but you never do it and I love you for it. :3 You're an awesome sweet person and I love you so much! ? One more thing: OKEUUJ! c:


~you're sweet, an amazing fontmaker, and great at customization!
~i looove your sense of creativity and i adore your fonts!
~I dont really know you that well, but you're always sweet. Congrats on your pretty Kacheek!


~You're awesome, kind, and I love this idea. 'nuff said.
~Thank you for your dedication on keeping the petpage running. Your petpage has made a positive impact on the AC. You're such a sweetie pea. Bless your heart.
~this is actually a neat idea! no matter what the stupid people on the AC say (: its cool to see what kinds of things people send in. i enjoyed your page.
~thank you sooo much for doing this
~Very nice of you to do such a nice thing C: I love reading the nice things everyone writes about each other !
~Thanks for doing this~ What a good idea! :)
~I love you for doing this, because it's nice to see AC being... well, nice. AND IT'S ALL THANKS TO YOU. Thanks so much for this.
~I think its awesome your doing this page x3
~thank you jess for doing this. c: it's so nice.
~hi tis is a compliment for u
~Thank you for creating such a cute page and being so dedicated! AC's too shy so we've gotta show our love anonymously ^___^
~You have a beautiful soul.
~I think it's really sweet, and can probably really brighten someone's day. ^__^
~I love your page! Awesome job. C:
~*high fives* Go you!
~Thanks for this page, it's meaningful and lovely. c: You've got to be a beautiful person, inside out. Keep the faith!
~Smells OK
~I want to compliment you! you are such a great person for making this service! Even though nobody loves me enough to compliment me, I still love seeing compliments to others
~I Like Your Hair. =D
~My compliment is to you, for bringing a lovely and positive energy to the boards. I have enjoyed reading every last compliment, that users have sent to you, and appreciated every last drop of happiness they exude.
~Thank you soooo much for making the petpage. Its got a good mojo vibe and a positive reminder that everyone is loved! Thank you so much!
~you have amazing taste in music. THAT IS ALL
~hehe youre awesome for making this page EVEN THO YOU LEFT FOR A WHILE its ok im happy to see it back ^_^__^!!
~thank you so much for doing this ^_^ you're great!
~wow, this is a wonderful idea! thank you for doing this, and giving everyone a chance to spread their love.
~you are so sweet for doing this!
~Your page isbeautiful and shows the beauty of the AC.
~I think it was a beautiful gesture to start up this petpage which allows others to share kind words about one another. I applaud you and thank you for bringing something so positive to Neopets. Stay humble.
~you made an awesome page, gj
~Thank you for this page. It's beautiful C:
~Jess tysm for this wonderful page, it brings back so many memories! I seriously love you for doing this and thanks for coming back! ^__^
~thanks for providing this service
~I'd like to compliment you too for doing something like this!
~I just wanted to thank YOU. I saw an old bookmark and came back to this and was scrolling and was hoping it was still going. Then I saw your last update and... I'm just filled with happy glitter that you've kept this going. Thank you!!(:
~Your compliments page is awesome and sweet. It's also a good way to let your friends know you care about them.
~This girl speaks the wisest words ^_^
~i love this page it makes me smile
~Hi! I think it's really cool what you're doing It's something that I'm sure has brought a lot of positivity to a lot of people.
~Although we recently got acquainted today, I appreciate what you did for the acers. Your page of dedication actual shows the sweet side of AC. When you are gone, I promise you that will be missed, especially by me. (I don't care if my username is there or not). I think you, yourself, deserve to have a compliment as well
~Thank you for keeping this page updated and thank you for being a dutch personality on this dull website ^____^


~you're always there for help and advice, and always there to talk to! I hope you get lent BGC soon!
~Your face is a pretty flower. :3
~amazing person. you're so sweet, kind, and funny. keep that amazing guild running


~I love you so much! Such a sweetie.
~I love you Claire! You are so funny and nice and you're one of my best friends on neo!
~Im so lucky to know you Claire, you're awesome! ^^
~Omg you are the most amazing friend a girl could ever have! so helpful and confident. i dont know where I would be without your kindness and support! I LOVE YOU
~ive seen you around the ac before and i can honestly say you are one of the nicest people i have ever met. ^_^
~You're so nice, all the time. You rock!
~CLAIRE ! omg i'm so glad i met you ~*~* tbh, i dont even really know how xD but i'm glad i did, you are so nice and sweet
~hi you are so gorgeous and funny and adorable and ilysm. you're my neobestie and we can always talk and youre so fun to talk to and i feel comfortable around you hehe this sounds really stalkerish doesnt it but ANYWHO were writing paragraphs for each other and i dont wanna write a book over here so lets just CUT TO THE CHASE I LOVE YOU!!
~Thank you for helping me bump, for being a friend and well it's hard to put the rest into words.
~what i'm saying -- CLAIRECLAIRECLAIRE. My best friend in thaa whole wide worldddd. soooo knock knock who's there it's ME SILLY x3 anyway i just want to say that i love you with all of my sparkling spleen and that i love being your friend. you're always so nice and so sweet and i've honestly never seen you be mean to ANYONE. (so shuttttittt about being mean mmkay?) SOOO even if you know who this is it's still ~anonymous~ so MUAHAHA YOU'LL NEVER KNOW. loool i'm rambling but that's okay, it's all for youuuuu. xoxo foreverrr




~Jesse you're such a trouble maker but it's so much fun talking to you ^___^


~Ariel you rock and you are the best Slushie Slinger in Neopia!!


~you're just the most adorable little girl ever. so sweet and i love being friends with you.
~I love that people recognize our clique and make sure the whole AC knows we're a TEAM, and everything we do must be done together, even hating people. ^__^ Idk what I'd do without you and our fab clique, gurl!!
~Talking to you is so much fun. I like it when you make me feel smart ahaha. :3


~ariel, we clicked right at the start of our friendship. you kind of remind of taylor yeah. i love you and you're super funny!!!
~omg ariel you are just so cute, you always make me smile so much and your bubbly personality is adorable ^__^


~~omg ur gr8~


~You are insanely funny and I just love talking to you. You're like my long lost twin we both enjoy the same things and our lives are oddly similar. But anyways, you're my best friend and I'm so glad I met you, and I hope we can remain friends because honestly, just talking to you every day is amazing enough. Ily
~i haven't known you s00per d00per long but seriously you're like one of my favorite people on here ever and i just love talking to you and you always cheer me up etc etc and you are a great story teller ok i love you
~I just saw you, but you seem super cool. Love you pets!
~i think you are a genius, probably because we're on the same mindset and this school focusing on comfort is just brilliant. urinals only and you have to pee in front of your peers. trust me, it'll make everyone closer.
~You're so cool and cute, glad you're on the AC.
~awh you are such a nice person it's so fun talking to you always so funny & nice kid stay fresh xoxo
~you and may are a creepy couple, but it's cute nonetheless.
~Ohi Isaac =)Besties for ever.
~isaac, we recently met, but i can tell were gonna be friend for forever ;D we like to stalk each other on the boards, but thats ok c:


~you've been always a VERY NICE person, and i like how you kad with me !


~your bears are absolutely lovely, you are super generous + talented and i cannot wait for you to learn how to draw owls


~Rae rae rae is the best best best theres no contest test test.


~Dearest Lu ~ You are one of the sweetest and most thoughtful Neopian I have ever met! You're funny, ambitious, creative, and down right adorable! You've worked so hard on your account and pets, and you deserve each and every bit of it. I'm so glad I got to know you and I hope you know that I think pretty highly of you! NEOPEN PALS FOR LIFE!


~vicky/alora you are so sweet and talented!




~you are amazing! :*
~CALLIE LUFF, I love ya bear. You're such a great person~ Such a QT, and I love you so much Callie bear.



~Kristin you're the best and I hope we keep in contact for a long time...before I decide to go on hiatus xD


~is too cute and she is amazing in every single way and this is totally not her side account just sayin. kthxyouradoll?


~one of my dearest friends. She is my twin, my confidant, my everything. She's so pretty and she's amazing at everything she does~ She's one of the most popular girls on the Avatar Chat and it's not hard to see why! She is so nice and genuine!
~annie is my favorite
~cute and a great singer and soo polite yaaay annie
~drop it like its daisy ann ooh girl you fine


~BUBBLES. You are adorable, and I get so happy when I see you on the AC


~Jade, you are so sweet and amazing. I love you so much. You're an amazing friend.


~John! You're barely on anymore and we seem to be taking turns taking breaks from Neopets but we've had some good laughs and Neopets definately wouldn't be the same without you. Thanks for being my friend ^_^


~thanks for being so wonderful =)


~Your determination is astonishing


~Brett, you're my bestest young friend in the guild! I like hoarding you with gifts.


~you're just so sweet. (:


~My neo sister. You're truly amazing and the sweetest person I have ever met. ^_^


~Chrissy, you are perhaps the kindest and most amazing neofriend I have ever known. I'm blessed to know a person as wonderful as you!




~You have not been on neo in a while, but you know how much I care for you anyway. Neosister.


~even though you won't tell me who you are, you're really nice!


~To my rser homie -this place wouldn't be the same without you! You are amazing !!!


~you're really nice & you have a good heart crocodilly: you're one of the most generous people i have ever met. i wish there were more people like you here.


~you don't even go on this account anymore but i miss you despite your uncoolness


~an ac compliment in your honor
~an ac compliment in your honor
~an ac compliment in your honor


~Kiddo, you're a great lender, keep up the good work c:
~She is one of the nicest and realest people on here.
~aweeee, you're so cute and kind


~I trusted you and you never let me down


~is the coolest ACer I have ever met, even though we've only talked a few times. And I enjoy our Desperate Housewives chats, even if we do get silenced for talking about it. xD
~I think of you as an economist in the sense that you never waste words or posts. Every single post of yours is meaningful (or as meaningful as Neopets gets), and you choose your words carefully (or maybe significant and interesting comes naturally to you). Either way, I've never seen an inane or vapid post from you, and even the most intelligent people can make them.


~Muffin/Nate whoever you are xD you are slorgirific and everytime I see slorgs Ill think of you
~You're such a qt
~Muffin, you are one of the few people I like talking to on here. Thanks to you and your love of slorgs for making it enjoyable for me on here. #realtalk


~You are funny and super good at layouts. @_@ &ART even though you won't believe me or something
~you are really good at graphics and your art is also very nice. you're sweet too!
~You helped me out so much last year and I don't think I could ever fully express how much thanks I have, so all I can say is thank you sooo much. You're a great friend.


~Albioonn i met you thanks to kadding and im so glad i did! youre a super nice and funny person, and in general one of the nicest neopians ive ever met ^^


~My dearest imouto-chan, you are possibly the sweetest person I have ever met. Every single time we would talk, my heart would go 'nyaaah~' xD Remember that quote from NnO? *laugh* I think that's how we met - talking about our fave series :3 But now what we have has grown so much, and waaah, I get teary-eyed when I think of this but, I sincerely and utterly love you as your friend and your onee-chan. Always smile!


~You are seriously one of the kindest people I have ever met. You go out of your way to be generous and helpful (: I'm so lucky to know you!
~ur a sm0le poker i luv you
~wow, where to start with you, the word amazing just cannot describe how amazing you seriously, ily cera.
~i can say your name right (not see-rah LOL), i don't know you very well but i think you're really nice!
~You're the most wonderful Cerasaur that has ever existed, truly and amazing person inside and out *squishes you to a burrito*


~Michelleee my belle! You're a QTIE and ILYSM.
~TYSM for everything! Words cannot describe how much I apperciate it! Thanks for always being there for me ilysm qt :3
~woooooow, where have you disappeared to along with all my old AC friends? please come back and get on more often!!




~You said this is pointless, but I like you and wanna annoy you, so yeahhhh. You're pretty cool, kid, when you're not being all uptight about everything. {P.S. work on the 37 thing... smh.}


~Matt you the coolest! Don't ever change!
~MATT-ITA !!!! lysm ~
~you are such a ladies man (idk if neo will allow me to say that...) you're so nice to everyone, especially girls *wink*
~you make me laugh every time you post. Arguably the best sense of humor on the AC.


~Jazzie, you are an absolutely amazing friend.


~There is but one and only ultimate Tasli
~you are one of the very few ac'ers that i've ever seen not accept gifts from anyone. it's always nice to see someone take pride in earning things by themselves. keep up the good image!
~youre a very good friend of mine, keep being a great person to everyone ^^


~You're jokes are the best, and even when I got frozen you made me laugh.


~cella you're an amazing artist. I'm so jelly of your talent!!
~your artwork is amazing, you are so talented! plus, you are super nice!
~wow you're so nice and sweet. and your art is AMAZING.
~cella i adore every single layout you make ~*
~Cella, you are an amazing artist and a super awesome person to talk to (: I can't wait to open this premades site with you n____n
~amazing artist! thank you for drawing my aisha! wish i can draw like you! (:
~honestly the nicest person in the whole world and you brighten everyday and ily so much


~Your guild is so awesome, it makes sliced bread look like sliced carpet!


~any friend of music is a friend of mine!


~I luv 5|-| /| || u
~I love you so much and I hope you know that! I love giving you advice! You're so hilarious and we have the best convos. luv u shanezie ~*~*~*~ ahc


~aw kevla you're pretty gr8 even though you're such an azn pig oink oink ily
~Thank you for being so sweet! You really are such a kind person and I luhh you. ^_^ By the way YOU ARE CUTE YOU LITTLE AZN
~I loved having you on the Kad board when I was going for Pink, you were always so friendly and cool even when people would make stupid mistakes.
~one of my faves
~kevvy ilu so much. You are supeer sweet and thank you for letting me use your rocks, 14 and counting.
~My favourite azn kad buddy, ilyilyily kevla Such a sweet person with super azn kad powers
~hiiiii u're awesome !! and im almost to complete all my sdb
~I love how we always creep on Kevin's board together.
~kev ~ you're so nice ! you pro kadder, youu ~
~i love your username. and you pwn at kads even though you have a terrible internet connection.


~You are just an all-around awesome girl! Fun to flail with, fun to rant with, fun to chat with!


~You are seriously a nice person. Like, legit.
~You know, you should stop making people sick. They're all catching your kindness!
~I saw you on the boards, and I thought, "Woah. That's a shocker. Someone who ISN'T rude!


~We've had our ups and downs, but you're a sweetie. I miss our old chats =]


~My mootix twin! We've moved on from those days, haven't we? Thank you for being my friend on this site ! Ily!!
~BRINNAAA man we are some great friends!! i love chat chatting it up w/ you and you're like a little ray of sunshine and coolness and you're waaay cooler than yo sis... and we have gr8 taste
~ya so you're silenced on this account, awk. well we haven't talked in a while, either that's sad because girl we were tight~*~* and so were our sisters LOL ummm AC buddies for lyf. expect a nm from me soon okay?? ^___^
~BRINNA ok so again we have the same taste!!!!!! as per ush hahaha ^__~ ummmm you're awesome!!! and one of my favorite people to talk to ok!!! YOU ARE THE HUBRID TO MY HERO HEIST !! umm we're gr8 @ typing like each other and getting ~payback~ i'm even willing to deal with your weird + crazy poop obsession and the fact that you're emotionally damaged !! hahaha yeah you're gr8 ^__^
~your so niiiice! i just want to give you a hug!
~i've been talking to your more lately and i realize you are actually a really good friend!!!!


~hay gurl! i'm so glad i can talk to you about everything. it's always so much fun just having small convos and they usually always make me start laughing so hard that my stomach hurts!! can't wait to make fast and the furious pt 234324, national trash 3, and other movies. cya in hollywood xoxo


~Brendan you are one of my best guy friends on neo. I remember when we met and I used to hate Anyways one day BLOAR will be reunited...or just you, me and Olivia and we will be best friends forever. Okay bye I know you're probably in tears reading this. KEEP BEING FLAWLESS


~Nate you're so nice and just awesome! ~~?


~I don't know if you'll read this but you are awesome. Thanks a million for lending me your previous BD set sometime in January 2012 or something haha to beat SF & the DoN Challengers, and so muchh more ^---^
~haha it's burnsy xD wanna swap cat pics lol come to tc after reading this compliment so we can have some fun with pb (:


~such a cutie pie
~You are too sweet!^___^
~sweetest girl ever! i love you bunny


~I like you Bunny furrr


~isaac!!! yeah you're pretty fab ^__~ + creepy also, tryna stalk my family members ok but yeah over time we have had some... interesting convos 2 say the least but you are my v informative friend!!! if i ever need to know something about males you will def be the first one i ask (even though you're not v manly!!) ^__~ ik i make you feel nervous sometimes but that's ok cos ik that you like me anyway ^__~ ok yeah!!
~I really enjoy talking to you and you're a great friend. I'm glad we met ^__^
~I MISS YOU XO! Hope school is going swell. PS. Thanks for the cool font



~ROLOOOO. or nick w/e w/e ~*~*~* um ok so first off I LOVE YOU A WHOLE LOT even more than you love me ok. and ummm you're FANTASTIC (as you know!!) and qt and awesome and all around just fab ok ^___^ you are one of my favorite people EVER and you need to move to right-in-the-middle md ASAP ok. ok so ya ily i heart u i love you etc etc etc bye
~lol rolo you are so funny and nice and you should def stay in the ac for as long as you can before you explode.
~rolo you never fail to make me laugh out loud, literally. you are one of the cutest guys on the ac ever. ily


~Cami you are seriously one of the nicest people I've met on neo. You are so fun to talk to and you're one of my best friends on neo!


~Chicken Killer, Minoshka painter, Cookie Monstah!


~Although you are annoying, you are Australian.. you get an A.


~You are absolutely one of the sweetest girls I've ever met! Luv you


~The most sweet, giving, kind person ever. Genuinely the best!!


~You're so nice. THank you for ALL THE FOOD
~great person with great fonts. ;*


~You're an amazing friend, and even if you aren't around often, what you've said to me and all the fun times we've had will always be with me and help me through hard times. You are a true friend


~I like your 'voice'. I remember in high school, my teachers always said I had a nice writing 'voice' (I always had marks deducted for not following the question though lulz). Your writing 'voice' is so pleasant; I could read a 600 page book by you and still be interested. The content is interesting, but it's the way you phrase things, your syntax. It's so sharp and concise and likeable, and just manipulates language in the best way.
~you're busy with school & stuff but honestly you are one of the sweetest girls i know. you offered to help me out when you barely even knew me! ^___^


~Vegetable twins 5eva. Now get out of my head ty.


~ily, you are so sweet and kind and funny


~You are such an amazing guy, first of all!! You are really kind and generous, and I love how you always made time for ACers even though your real life schedule seems pretty crazy. I will always appreciate what you've done for me and all the other ACers!


~charr you're so awesome and i love how confident you are. spongebob 4 lyfe


~You are so sweet and I love how you always make me smile! I wish you the best with everything (:


~I never get to have long conversations with Susie but she is random and amazing. Oh, and she has amazing luck when it comes to games and avatars O.o


~a neo sister and makes me awesome fonts
~Ilysm sissy
~ilysm, you are one of my first nfs and i will always stick by you, w/e plans you come up with with my dog
~Absolutely amazing. A fantastic girl who does so much to help other people! I just don't know how she can be so amazingly organized and just... amazing. Lots of love and thanks.
~charr you are so honest and amazing and i love your fonts~*~
~very nice person! Respectful and kind ^_^
~Charr you are so funny~ i think the duck board and farting one just made me laugh way too hard. I'm so glad i joined the guild because otherwise i wouldn't have met you!! c:
~amaaazing guy, he's sweet and funny and mature and manly. ily bby cakes. xox (ps. i bet you know who this is from don't rage)
~Thank you very much for being my friend (: I'll be honest, I judged you before I got to know you. But you proved me wrong by being super generous and kind to everyone! Keep it up haha
~you are a gorgeous fontmaker & awesome friend. keep being awesome


~you have been one of my longest neofriends on the AC. You are so amazing and nice I am very happy that we became great friends on here. Not to mention you have one of the BEST accounts I have ever seen You're awesome
~i've known you for just over a year and you're honestly the nicest girl! thank you for everything!


~you're such an amazing person. I love talking to you and teaching you to duel. Keep quiggling.


~My suap lending buddy! Thanks for always sharing in my joy. And ALL THE FOOD


~said it all
~You are the sweetest orange around.


~chickennnnn you are the fish to my taco keep on being amazing
~john, i can say youre one of my good friends here on neopets! youre funny, and really nice...well sometimes. i always give you gifts & idek why LOL. but youre my husband & i just do it cause i love you. c:


~Stay awesome chris! ^^ Remember to never give up hope!
~Oh my gosh Chris I remember when we met a long time ago. (: and ever since then we've become great friends! I love talking about music and spongebob! ^^ -MY NAME IS NOT RICK!!!- I always smile when I'm talking to you. (:
~chrisss ~*~* you are an amazing person gl with suap c:
~My time zone buddy! I heart you long time, even though we don't talk anymore.
~You are epic, awesome, pwnful, etc. Need I say more?


~Kenny, you are adorable and make me smile. 'Nuff said. (:


~You are such a sweet girl. I consider you such a close friend & I love you so much!


~so funny
~NGW ?????
~your sarcasm is hurtful and funny, i liek you
~two words for you: freakin awesome


~omg cici you're such a great find like wow you're so generous and im glad we met cause ~*~*~*~ ily c:


~OMW you should always be smiling because you are all kinds of awesome and cooler than glitter hula hoops!


~you give the best ever compliments.


~ily no matter how cheap your car is


~come back! I miss seeing your face.
~you're my best friend on this site. I miss you so much I remember our long talks and chats about piles of dung talking to you on this site is the most fun I ever had. I hope we chat again soon buddy.
~hahahahah you're prob the funniest person on neo. love youu


~CHLOE! tytyty for being one of my best frands on this site, I love you and you're always there if I want to chat for no reason at all. Kad buddies(;


~Calliekins, OMG you are winsauce. That's all I really have to say to describe you perfectly XD


~you're cool


~I want to take the time to thank you for allowing me to adopt Jewel. I cannot tell you how much your act of kindness has brought a little bit of happiness to my life. I love the gift of Jewel and am very thankful to have him in my neofamily. Again thank you so much and even though you may never see this message, there are no words I can say that would truly express my gratitude. May your neo-dreams come true as you did for me. c:


~Please lend her BGC she has been trying forever. AISHAS.


~jules~ you're so funny and awesome. ilysm!


~ariellllll oh my goodness, I love you so much! you're so sweet and always at gifting boards. (: stay amazing!


~The best guild leader & a sweet friend!


~Billy is so awesome, I made a poem about him. Billy is awesome, Billy is cool. When you see him, you shall surely drool.


~You have a personality like the sun because you brighten everyone's day.


~hey congo, i think you are awesome. thanks for believing in me when my main got unfairly iced. good luck with the crosspainting! ^.^


~Remind me to call you if I get in trouble =P
~You are the best EVER! You are By far the best gifter =D


~We'll have our riches someday, Cat. Meanwhile it's been a lot of fun being poor with you! Good luck with all of your goals, you'll be there before you know it! (:
~Cat is the kindest, loveliest, funniest person you'll ever meet. She is a true friend. The kind that will be there for you no matter what.


~You are super friendly, helpful, and just overall AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!


~We Carrots are cool.


~you're so nice and smart ^__~ also i'm definitely going to listen to your singing during christmas time carrotunderscoretilde
~Austin, thank you for helping us advertise CLU by linking us on Easy Avatars


~You are so loveable. We adore you. And thank you for ALL THE FOOD


~One of the most awesomest people in all of Neopia!!


~My zumba buddy!! ilysm pretty girly.
~you're amazing and fun to talk to ^^ thanks for being my neo best friend.


~You are an amazing and kind person. You're so helpful to others and you are proof that if you put your mind to it anything is possible. I'm glad you are my friend.
~gurl I am so glad you finally got lent SuAP! I enjoy our little chit-chats about bubble tea, nail polish, and other fun girly things hahahah! Yous a sweetie pie!


~Courtney. One of my best friends(: I love you. And, we can be our goody-two-shoes selves together! You're so sweet, and you just... amaze me!
~you're such an amazing friend!


~cal you are sooooo funny. period.
~You're younger than me but I still aspire to be like you when I grow up!!


~You have no idea how much you make me laugh.
~I love you my kad buddy. And thank you for ALL THE FOOD
~Thank you for always bringing spirit, being friendly, and fun to talk in Secret Lenders Board! You continue made my day everyday i come there!


~you are so cute & funny. talking to you always makes my day better. i love you? quiggle quiggle. also, i hate when you never tell me things : *


~well. at least I know we'll always be friends. (:
~Hiiiii Kev. I wonder if you'll know who I am. I appreciate how nice you always are, and although you're on Neopets way too much and you gold dig a little too much, I love you and I always will. *tear*
~hi keva!! youre always always mean to everyone but when you gd you always n__n & that's very rude!!!! LOL jk!! youre cool except that you never kad with me and stuff
~kev ilu, you may come off as a mean person, but you're really not. You're hilarious and I'm glad you found me again. c:
~Sigh...another Kev?! Don't tell anyone but you're my favourite, I've got a special meese named after you. APPRECIATE
~kev sells cool stuff. nuff said
~I hope you know your rsing skills continue to amaze me! And I like your pets! Even though you NEVER tell me when you get a new one... =3=


~stacy ^_^ you're so nice and I love sidefeeding with you. c:


~thanks for lending me sweetie! You rock!


~We've only began chatting recently, but I suppose something clicked =] I really enjoy chatting to you.


~Bestest neofriend ever! We have had our arguments but Ilysm !


~one of my favourite friends and one of my longest on this site, you are truly awesome, and long live SDB roulette!!!


~you make any thread you're on twice as better.
~mo i'm so glad i got to know you this summer, you are such a great person and you no doubt have the best font page in all of neopia! love youuuuuuuuu!
~I always come to you for fonts, if you ever stop making them I'll probably have to go fontless.. what a tragedy that would be.
~#1 font maker on neopets. (:




~you're really nice.
~Okay, we talk all the time. You're super sweet, and generous. I love talking to you. Such a sweetie. (:


~Pamela is the sweetest person I've met on neopets ^_^
~A truely amazing friend. I know you've helped so many people and I'm really grateful I've had the opportunity to meet you on here ! Thanks for all the great times and helping me with lending my fruit loving pal ^__^!
~Dear Pamela, I love you so much that words can't describe it. We've been friends it seems like forever, and you've always been your sweet self! Don't ever change!
~i've known you for a long time and you have cool guids. thanks. x3
~Pamela is truly amazing & helpful. I'm glad I befriended her, she helps me out whenever she can.
~Thanks for helping me with all my neogoals. You are the person I respect most on the AC, and also you are just the general best. =)
~I just wanted to say thank you to cupoffruit for all the pet lending she does, I never would have got all my avvies without her
~a great lender and a friendly person to chat to during the monotony of the avatar games =)
~Pamela, we have been friends for such a long time. It's always nice to see a familiar face around here. You truly make the AC a better place.
~Pam, if there is anyone who deserves a compliment or ten, it is you! You surely must be the kindest, most generous person I have met on the AC. I am eternally grateful for all of your unexpected, but much appreciated, assistance. I wish you the best life has to offer.
~the nicest person ever~ you work hard to help out others and are just so solid and all around perfection


~You are such a cool person! You are the best daughter/bro a person could ask for, gee I wonder who could be writing this
~Hello Ms. Pooplar! Haha I already told you that I love your drawings but heck, I wanna say I love them again and again. You qt~! (^_^)


~helen i loved getting to know you this summer and i hope we'll stay friends for a long time ^_^


~nick, you're a wonderful person. i hope everything turns out great for you! i'm glad we met.


~Serenity. I love you. You're one of the first friends I had when I came back.



~xoxoxo love u sorry you got perma'd don't talk about usukis


~i love you so much you're amazing xoxoxo


~you are the coolest person in the world and are so so so so so so much cooler than your sister ^___~


~You were so super kind even after you lost everything. If it wasn't for you I'd never have my two amazing pets and I know you've helped other people tons too. I'm so glad you got your account back and I hope we can help you rebuild just as much as you were willing to help others. You coconutter you. :3


~Four years ago, I never knew we would be this close as friends. Today you are practically my sister. Thanks for all you have done for me and you are definitely my truest friend and my soul sister in life. Lylas, girl.


~ilusm qtpi ty for being the most wonderful person i know on neo and brightening up my day ~*~
~ily dani! you're the best ever(:
~you are the qtiest qtpi ever qt ~mewmewmewmewmewmewm~
~we fed the same invent 4ever, and tied like 5x. Your name always shows up, though. Just saying, obviously you're the best /angryface
~HEY BBYGURL I LOVE YOU FROM MY SHENKUU TO UR NEOPIA CENTRAL. ?????????? i would've gone crazy without you; i would've gotten perma'd /again/ without you! ur the light of my (neo)life and lylas~ ??


~Though I've only known you for a short time, you've became someone I'll never forget. You always make me smile and make my day brighter when I get to talk to you. ILY very much and always will!
~You're a great person, don't let others tell you otherwise. You're too negative! You have to start thinking more positive, life is better that way. =P And since I know this will make you happy, "You are such a pro at everything.


~i love ya girl neo sister
~She is the best neo sister ever I love her sooo much and I just adore her
~i can only imagine how many neggs you've gifted to people in total. you're very sweet ^_^
~Too cool Negg Faerie Batman DARKY!!!! Pretty pets and I will try and get you a mutant acara.
~hiya negg faerie. you are so kind and generous. ty for being awesome
~I miss seeing you on the AC. We need our negg faerie back! I wish you the best of luck with your internship!


~JULIAN, hi! Aha, hm how are you? I hope your body is co-operating with you and that you feel better. Don't be too stressed with life kay, you can always talk to me... if you know who this is. ;)


~Hiya Johnny! I love you for all the wonderful stuff you have given me. xD Well I love you for more than that. But anyways you are awesome my friend.


~You are so pretty and I could just look at your pictures in a not creepy way. :3


~You're seriously the sweetest and nicest person I've ever met in this site Thank you for being such a great friend and for putting up with my laziness. I truly admire the motivation you have and how you're able to achieve every goal you set yourself. Ily !


~being friends with you for like six years has taught me to tolerate losers. JKJK i love you dude! best friends 4 lyf.


~dawn! you're my best friend on here, and you're so sweet!


~You're really awesome Zach, and I'm glad to know you c:
~HAIL LORD ZACH. Officially the best boss ever


~You're so sweet and qt and I would sing Bruno Mars to you if I could sing(:
~hi omg i love all our group chats and gossiping about boys and all the girly stuff we talk about and youre just too qt shhhh
~you are so nice and funny and cute!! and your sleep pattern is the best hahah. ly!
~just like your username says, deeeeeelightful don't know you very well but we've talked a couple times and you're definitely one of the nicest ACers i know, and so so pretty !


~you sir, are just so funny (:


~My neo brother. Love ya Alex. (:
~Alexx, I look up to you, and you are so sweet :3
~Talk about a qt omg. I miss talking to you so you should be online more often okay.


~I miss you and how you used to like me.


~Enrique, you should stop getting silenced, you're too cool to get perma'd!


~This guy is the definition of a friend! He is so genuine and friendly,sweet and funny and always there! Talented in almost everything he does,,,this dude is a legend. A LEGEND! Im so glad to have met him


~you're one cool sister, Jade. Ily and I miss you. Keep persisting strongly. I believe in you!
~ily Jade xxx
~Jade, you are amazing. You put up with all these stupid people on the AC who flame you. You are a strong, confident women and ily. You are the best sister ever.(: Don't ever let them haters get to you cause we gonna be taking over the world while them haters getting mad.(:
~Keep going! Ignore the stupid haters!!


~I'm so glad I met you! I can officially say I have met a saint. You're the sweetest most generous person I know. Please don't ever change.
~Kayla one day I will repay you for all you've given me. You are an amazing person with an amazing heart. You are a true saint and a person I've been lucky enough to call my friend. Thank you again for everything!
~You make everything amazing without trying to.
~I'm so happy to have been part of a guild with you, co-owning with anyone else wouldn't be the same. I'm really glad I've had the opportunity to get to know you and I'm so grateful for the experiences we've shared together on this site. Ily Kayla
~You are just amazing. I'm so glad I met you. You make my day everytime i see you at the guild and i just love you
~Kayla, you're the best. You helped me with MY Big 3, thank you so much! You're a good cheffy Neofriend.
~Kayla, you are amazing! From my first day at the epidemic, I felt so welcome and at home, and Im lucky to have met such a great friend! Thank you for everything.
~i just wanna say even though i left epidemic i LOVED it while i was there! you're a seriously cool guild leader kayla, lovely & kind hearted~!! thank you also for the mspp lend, it means a lot


~You should marry Keishia Saiyong


~if i could get tnt to make a snapback wearable for you, i would


~Seriously. Seriously. You are hilarious! Love having you in the guild. :3


~Woooow. So many things. Your dedication to helping out the AC get avatars that they need and being extremely friendly the entire time is inspiring. A lesser woman would have chewed the idiotic heads off ages ago.
~She's amazing, I don't know how she manages to organize lending all those pets while still being a such a sweetheart!
~your draik is qt
~girl , you are amazing . (: by far best leader by my side for felix (; . youre amazing, funny, and reallly reallly cool ~
~Thanks for everything you've done for me. You're one of my best neofriends and I'm so thankful to have you.
~Diana, I've seen your lending boards since the first time I've set food in the AC. You've helped so many people and I still remember the first time you lent me mootix in Janurary on my other account. You've been an amazing friend and I'm really glad to have met you on the AC !! It wouldn't be the same without you
~You are such a kind person, and fun to talk to.
~you're extremely nice and sweet and generous and you've been so patient with me and my ever changing accounts!! so yeah thanks
~I love U, gurleh =) i love fudgepiez too. Thx for being thar for meh =)


~Thanks for making me a beautiful Zelda font


~Your fonts are so prettyyy.
~You're SO awesome, your fonts and everything. I love talking to you Mo! n-n
~mo you are the bomb just like your fonts, okay? i'm glad we talk because your really funny heehee ^___^ ugh i bet you know who this is already but thats okay!
~amazing person, and you make some of the best fonts around! c:
~Mo you make amazing fonts and I loved the 2 that you made me. I know I can trust you to make an amazing font for me if I ever needed another one.


~mandy you are so silly u a silly gurl lol xoxo you are cute and you make me laugh ok have a good day now
~HON YOU ARE AMAZING OK no rly. ok well you are pretty much awesome and I love you very much because you always make me feel better when I'm upset and I never feel annoying around you because you accept me! never change because you are super awesome!!
~i heart you and our sonic drinks
~MANDY i love youuuuuu you are such a cutie


~Morgan is such an amazing girl! She's funny, nice and always there to help.


~You're so kind, helpful and fun to talk to.
~Trinity, thank you for being so friendly towards everyone on the Secret Lenders board and for your generosity
~Thank you for introduce me to Sercet Lender Board, Now I feel like it's my home! You're are like mother to everyone, always felt warm hearts coming from you! Truly thank you for making Sercet Lender lively!


~Sabrina, girl, you are awesome. Lol @ your Kirt gif. ; )


~you're fantastic and I love you and your fonts!
~Elle, I am so luck to have gotten the chance to get to know you. I am lucky to call you a friend. You are a fabulous person with fabulous fonts too. (; Never change!


~omg you are just the sweetest thing and i ? ur pets cries


~i love you even though you're 49 and your name is thomas. btw ur not a creepy creep like emma says.
~you're the best (and yes, you're my favorite)
~you're so fun and random and i love our glee chats!!
~you're super hilarious ;p
~cute and a great singer and soo polite yaaay annie
~oh my god you're the best and make me laugh everytime you post thank you. XOXO mwwwahhh
~i can't remember why but we're friends and you've always been there for me except that one time you called me downs awk i love you
~you're still perfect even though you don't come on the AC anymore


~I love you you are awesome


~Christine is a really awesome person, a wonderful guild leader although poofy at times is always there when you need her.
~Hey Twin! Can you quit gaining more avatar so I can catch up? just kidding. Thanks for agreeing to take me in as your other half because now you are stuck with me forever. Let's talk more often and let your awesomeness continue to spread
~christine have the most shiny teeth ever. but you're one of the best people i know thanks for being so great!!
~Christine. We have known each other for what seems like forever & even though we don't talk nearly as much as we used to I still value you as a wonderful friend & person. Keep being you!


~i love you. secretly. ;)
~Donte! I'm so so glad we're friends, donut !! We've had some amazing memories ranging from our random item war to some very "eloquent" limericks to that day when idek what happened to our genders man... Despite my occasional rood comments (which never happens let's be real ) I'm forever grateful for your generosity and for always remembering the little things. Love you!
~D-angerously good at dodgeball O-bviously a good candidate to be lent SuAP N-ever anything but kind T-alented at fonts E-specially good at CCs. Thanks for being so amazing (:
~YOU GOT THE COOLEST PET EVA! Amazing, you know that, right? c;
~One day I'm going to get into the CC and blow you away, but until then I'll just keep laughing and getting weird looks at over half of your comments because they're all so incredibly witty. Now, go buy some boots.
~you're such a generous and cool person, and i'm jealous of your riches!
~Thank you for being so kind. Stay in line. 0:-)
~you are a great guild leader!!! ;)


~Thanks for showing me the CC ropes, You encouraged my first ever win!


~RAAAEEE!! nuf said ^^


~I don't think we've talked very much, if at all, but I see you when I lurk and you just strike me as a superawesomeamazingperson who deserves an AC compliment.


~You are honestly such a sweetiepie. Ily.
~you are my soul mate. legit


~You're an amazing girl and friend


~annniee! i luff you, you sweet girl you. /hugs rinta
~hiianna! omg ilysm and i like telling you my secrets


~Where do I even start with Kaila? I've only known you for not even a year yet it seems like so much longer. You're probably one of my best friends on neopets. We've been helping each other advertise our lending sites on neopets together for months and we even started up CLU together. I hope you never give up lending and we can always advertise together.


~You're one of my best friends of neopets! You really deserve to be lent SuAP and I wish you the best of luck getting lent. lol you're the best!!!
~Hey Duckie, you're one of my best friends on neo, ily!! I hope you get lent SuAP, you deserve it


~Krissi, you're my best friend. I trust you with absolutely anything and everything. I hope you get your UC Baby Kougra soon. D:


~You're one of my best friends on this site, and I hate it when we randomly drift apart. We need to catch up, you little monster dattebayo!


~you are an absolute qt and i admire how you can chat with anyone
~Even though you're younger than me (okay you should know who I am after saying that lol), you are really mature and well adorable. I LOVE YOU!


~aww you're just a great neofriend, ty
~you seem super sweet and kind, stay cute
~you're so super nice, i wanna be you ok omg ily
~hi a-ri, you are the most fabulous of them all and super nice and kind and cool and sweet and helpful and I'm really happy I met you.lots of kawaii greetings!
~you are such a cutie and i'm so glad we've gotten to be so close, don't know what i'd do with you!!
~you're adorable. I'm only saying this cause I'm worried you'll bite something...awk.
~Your'e the 8th wonder of the world
~Marry Me?



~Kay, you left a big fat empty hole in the AC, do you know that? There are so many times when I wish you still around because you are the only person who I can talk to. Because of you, I made it this far in neopets. Because of you, you helped people gain a new shiny avatar called "Top Avatar Collector". I never liked you because you were so popular. I liked you because you have a big heart and soul. None of the current ACers can match up to you. You were my neo - idol. I looked up to you so much. If you ever come back, just remember, I'll still remember you, so will the old AC. I hope you are enjoying your rl.


~Astrid. I've been best friends with you since I was in ninth grade and you were in eighth, and now we've both graduated high school and we're roommates. I moved across the world with you. And then you tell me I should join this website, so I do it, for you. I may not like sharing my feelings with you, because that's just who I am. But I love you. For real. Don't forget that, ever.
~You're a qtpie and ily, you're my fav kad failer ever c:
~you're a loveable GDer. :3
~you are such a great gold digger! your drawing of me was so amazing! you are so fun to chat to and such a great wife! never let me go
~hi astrid! youss such a pr0 gder


~you are hilarious and you make me laugh everytime i see you on the ac
~aw alyssa we're like state sisters or w/e !! glad you hit me up on nm and such cos you're super c00l and i'm glad i'm c00l enuff for you ^___~
~ya i'm cool enough to write an anonymous compliment but ily 4evr n evr. you're the best person in da world.
~haha! she's really funny !!
~omg she's hilarious !
~ALYSSA i miss u i hope u know who this is lol but where have u been!??!?! baby come back to me. YOU ARE AWESOME
~omg i miss you alyssaaaaa come back


~Matttttttttt, I love you! You're amazing, and a beautiful person.


~well you lend mspp. but you havent lent me yet . :c


~u r gr8 ily
~You're really funny even though I say you aren't and even though you UNSUCCESSFULLY attempt to make me feel awkward and uncomfortable all the time. Thank you for talking to me!
~not like the typical acer, i like you (:
~you're the best Alex I know
~I miss our late night group convos and your hilarious gifs. Come back. juicedlime - obviously the prettiest lady on the AC.


~Love you and your fonts Kennay. Nothing more can be said xD


~Bro, you're one of the people I've known the longest . Neotine Chatters wouldn't have been the same without you. Thanks for being an amazing boss-like friend !!
~Oakley, you are one of the best people I have ever known ever. Thanks for being a good bro, bro.
~Even though I have a sneaking suspicion that you're stalking me on the boards, I love you~ *angel face*


~Elaborates, you are the best nf ever! You are such an amazing person and ilysm. xoxo gg


~You are the sweetest guy ever and you are so kind hearted and you are an AMAZING person!!


~omg you are so fun like for srs. we always play games together and that rly makes me happy!! omg remember new years. everyone had partys and RL stuff to do but we were here together that was fun ok well bye luv u
~such a sweet girlie even though she's like mad popz on tumblr ok jamie. ily.
~gurl u so funni xoxo hartzzz


~ I have known her for awhile and whenever we are on we chat about anything don't matter what it is we can just chill and talk about it for any lenth of time. Whenever I need coding help she is willing to help and we seem to join each others guilds alot! Luv ya Myst!


~Rubi ily and you're such a great friend


~Hey Em, you're one of the best lenders out there, keep doing it!! (:
~Hey Em, you're one of the best lenders out there, keep up what you're doing. Glad to say you're one of my good friends on neo and the AC (:


~Thank you Suey for helping me advertise my lending page! Without your help I wouldn't have gotten nearly the amount of requests I've been getting lately.


~I love having you around. Your great advice, support, encouragement, and guidance are very much appreciated.


~Rin you are the sweetest. You would bump by boards even when I wasn't there, you helped me get lent, and you are so funny and nice ^^


~Oh, jeez, where do I begin. You're one of those amazing people who should never change. Be proud of yourself. Dude, I love you in one of those ways that only brothers can hold. Thank you for being there. : )
~you're the best.


~luff ya sister thanks for being there when I needed u
~What a huge sweetheart! First person I met on the AC who remembered me later.
~Special girl she means sooo much to me Ily
~truly awesome girl! ily rae (:
~stop leaving neopets thANKS
~ILY Tooth Decay Faerie!


~She was there when I called out her name and tbh I only submitted this because nobody else was really going to were they? Lets be serious
~thanks for being such an awesome guild leader. This summer I'll try my best to help this guild strive!


~gurrrll you are a super cool cat


~you're really sweet and ily


~You're commitment to the "Top Avatar Collectors I Implore You" boards astound me. You have helped hundreds of people obtain to avatar collector avatar and trophy, including myself! Thank you very much


~you are an amazing person and I love you to death!


~Rayna, you are amazing and cool and amazing x2, even though you boss me around.


~Glenny! You smell like the Meridell Rubbish Dump, look like the National Neopian Bank's skeith, and your "funny remarks" make me and King Skarl want to cry. All jokes aside, you're my BFFFFFFF. I truly appreciate you and cherish our friendship! You're an intelligent, sweet, and /HILARIOUS/ guy even though I outshine you in every way… just kidding. & for what it's worth, you don't smell bad… don't use my words against me please. I'm so glad that I've found such a good friend on this website of kawaii desu unicorns.




~idek. i've known vaguely you for what...3 years? you were a friend of a friend of mine, we were even in a few guilds together. we started getting close(ish) recently, & you're gr69
~hi husband. you're amazing. ok ty.
~hi theo :3 we just met but i hope we can become superduperamazing good friends in the future
~I forgive you for throwing me into the fire - sincerely, companion cube.


~Your an amazing friend!


~you defended me and I will always be greatful


~You are perfect and wonderful and you make me laugh, and without you I'd never have joined Typeface. Don't ever doubt yourself, because I will always think you are amazing.
~You're on my list, omg. I think you're the only one on my list. Good times. Also, you're wonderfullll and sweet. Thanks for being you.
~You are a super qt. I want you to know that no matter what life throws at you that you will always have a friend. Thank you for everything you have done to help me. You're an amazing person, remember that always.


~You're all kinds of awesome and to the very last chocolate crumb on your charming chocolate man (:
~you're so manly. but also a very good friend and an awesome restocker. keep on being wonderful!
~Rob, you are the sweetest most awesome person I've met on here. I've missed talking to you and I'm glad we are able to talk again



~great friend thanks soo much neo brother


~o u, you're def the sneaky sassy but also kind one out of this fab clique ^____~ you are also so.... like BLUNT IN A WAY it's gr8 love u dani


~Thanks for selling those nerkmids for so cheap.


~You are so nice and easy to chat with. And yes, you are my long lost twin


~you are a really great person to chat with! and i'm sure you'll get ICM in no time.


~Faithy You are one of my favorite people here on Neo, I love talking to you and hearing stories about you and Matt hehe I'm so glad I've gotten to know you!


~ya dingy youre so fun to talk to and you motivate me to kad and youre such a sweetie ^__^
~you're uhm really annoying, but you're nice so its ok!!
~I havn't known you for very long, and you annoy me but your an awesome person to talk to. Ily dingdong.
~you are such a sweetie and i love staying up all night with you talking about literally everything x3
~haven't known you that long, but I like you. You make the AC tolerable these days.
~your sarcastic comments are literally the best OH MY GOD. i like cry from laugheter every time i see u post ~wow youre the only person i can handle on this site right about now thanks 4 being not a dingy wheee ok
~You're the best person on the ac and a real bro ;) Don't let anyone get ya down, not that they would anyways
~Truth be told, sometimes I still really miss your friendship.
~you're a loser but no one can make me laugh as much as you do


~neo sister
~You're my neo-sister. ^_^


~ken, you're hilarious. seriously. no one on neo has ever made me laugh as hard as you. keep it up.
~You're really a great friend. Thanks for everything. And keep making lol pls
~Ken, you're probably the most incredible person I've talked to. I've only known you for a few days, but I feel like i've know you for forever.
~LOL we have had some moments where i thought you hated me!! and when you were super creepy (wanna take a ride in my pickup truck???) and where you were just plain old (get sum o that anti aging makeup yo)!! but yeah overall you're super cool and i am glad you don't hate me or have a problem with me ^___^ yeah ok you're gr8 bye
~Dude. You rock. You rich little person. You're 101% amazing person! :'D
~you're a helpful person! thanks for the gift earlier :3


~your username and pets make my day. The fact that you have pets named after your favourite meals lead me to believe you have a wonderful sense of humour...but if you really eat there that often, then you should probably go see your doctor, though. I'm concerned, gurl.
~i love you, little sister


~You are a very loyal and valuable friend. I love talking to you! cya on the AC boo


~you are my absolute favorite ACer! I adore you more than anyone else in the entire AC. you're so nice, and always willing to help people out, and are willing to be a shoulder to cry on. I've never felt more trustful of anyone else on I wish there was a way for me to tell everyone what an amazing person you are, but now I can thank you for being you, and for being so kind. you're my best friend, and my favorite flower. thanks for always being there! o3o k'wee ^_^


~Fiona, you are the best friend someone could ask for. You are generous, funny, and NOT dumb. Seriously, I can't thank you enough for everything that you've done and I hope that you have a great senior year!


~This girl is an absolute sweetheart. I'm gonna stalk you next year, you know


~Even though you scare me sometimes and I give you headaches, you're not bad. ;D


~you work so hard for RI and you were the first person on the boards I talked to. Thank you =)


~we never talk but i have you as a nf and you send me habi stuff every day and i really really appreciate it you're a nice person!


~i love you despite all your eccentricities.


~wow nicest person i've met on here since i came back! you are so funny & sweet & ily
~taylor, i've barely known you but we seriously clicked instantly. you're honestly one of my favorite people on here. you're so fun to talk with and joke around with. STAY CUTE
~wow taylor. you're so qt and awesome~ xoxo
~wow where to start? you're super sweet, you're a good luck charm and you're one of the coolest people on this site! No really I'm serious ^__~ Keep on being you (a.k.a: awesome)~


~I love chatting with you Flutter! x3 You're an awesome friend.
~You're amazing Gnorbu Queen; i=q/t


~No matter what, you are always kind and friendly to other people and have an extreme moral integrity that I truly respect. You're one of a kind.
~ily ily ily ily ily ily. you're so nice and you need to be happy because so many people love you and you really do have a lot of friends here. ily fly pie.
~You actually care about people and are really nice, you deserve thissss


~you are funky fabulous and FRESH. you are the sassiest dude ever and i love your comments hahaha. keep it real!!
~my fav
~hi brady i used to think u were really mean to me then i got used to your personality and have a new appreciation for u. ily and i cant wait for cancun 2k14
~Brady you are the nicest person on the AC! I know people think you're mean because you've put up these walls, but you're not. Don't let that box of hair get you down!
~based pineapples now
~when i grow up i want to be you xoxoxo
~wear scarves as much as u want u go girl
~you were so fabulous.


~I can't even express how much you've helped me. You'll never even know.


~Your one of my bestest friends on neo! Ily and I'd die without you
~Your one of my buddies dear Tiana!(:
~caleah, you're the sweetest girl i've ever met. i've only known you for about a month now, but you're one of my best friends on neo. ilu girl & lets have some sushi soon ~
~I love you girlie! Youre one of my closest friends on neo. I love talking to you everyday & being able to rant to you, haha.
~What would I do if I didn't know you? Claeah you're a lifeguard and thanks for saving my life every time I needed you.
~Caleah you rich girl I love you! Lettuce be friend forever.... @_@


~You are soo sweet girl! I'm glad you open up with me and you're by far one of my best friends on neo!


~you're like the best friend i could ever have . i really don't know what to say, ilysm (:


~Stay fantastic, babe! You're so chill and stuff. Can't wait to share my upcoming stories with ya.


~I love that I can be a total lunatic with you and that we would always disturb the peace of the Kad board together. You're great.
~Pooja, you're an awesome friend ily
~Pooja, you're crazy. I mean this in a good way, because you're the kind of insane that makes life brighter, better, and more exciting (oops - alliteration fail) for everyone else. c: Keep on being freakyyyyyyy!
~Oh... P. You're such an amazing friend. Just like idk. You're soo sooo amaaaaazing!
~POOJA ! You're so kind and cool! You wished me luck on all my boards and congratulated me and oh my goodness you are just so sweet. (:
~I love that people recognize our clique and make sure the whole AC knows we're a TEAM, and everything we do must be done together, even hating people. ^__^ Idk what I'd do without you and our fab clique, gurl!!




~for inspiring me to write my frist NT comic. And ALL THE FOOD


~After all this time, I can still say you're one of my best friends on neo. I love helping you out and seeing you achieve all of your neo dreams. You're fantastic and pretty soon you'll be up there with the best.


~ily ~


~Hey girl, you have such an amazing attitude about everything. I really hope you're lent SuAP soon you really deserve it. You're one of the best and most trustworthy people I know. ily Emi!


~Thank you for being an amazing friend! I enjoy each and every one of our conversations!
~HEY HEY ANNIE HI. I think you're really cool and awesome! Harry Potter loves you btw!
~annie, sometimes you're really silly... but that's what i like about you. ^_^ i hope one day we can bake cupcakes and have a harry potter marathon.
~Hehe your username makes me laugh as much as you do, Annie. Your one of the sweetest and nicest weirdo I've met on here.



~ROB! (^___^) I think you may know who I am already, LOL should be obvious with my epic fail. Haha I think you should sleep more, but wait WAIT, nah stay up so I can talk to you. Just kidding! I enjoy talking to you a lot, hehe. /stalks/ Oh and um you're more of the qt okay? Js. Oh yeah Rob rhymes with Bob! (:
~Rob, you are an AMAZING friend and you are sooo funny, our gifting boards were always tons of fun and you are WAY too kind! You probably know who I am but oh well. c: Keep being your epic self!


~I have no idea if you know how much ilyyyyyy but I do. ^^


~thankyou for the sweetheart gram! so cute of you


~I simply ADORE you. You're amazing and cute and fantastic and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.


~you're so considerate. We lenders love people like you.


~You're one of the coolest people I've met on this site and I love our extended neomail conversations. Which you haven't responded to in a long time JEEZ


~kadding queeeeeeeeen!!!!!


~VIX! AKA the beauty master. Has crazy good nail art and is always there to talk to.


~lareuh, you are pretty amazing if I could say so myself. yeaa your name is awesome and you are kind to everyone. I love you, you're my best neofriend everr!




~you're a weirdo LOL jk you're really funny and nice to talk too!
~you're super nice and very sweet!
~idk how to describe you al. eccentric? XD
~Alli, you're a truly amazing friend. love ya! mwah~! xoxo. (? ? ?)


~you're amazing and ilu : )
~you're a qt!
~you're spiffing, br0
~love U! Hope you get lent BGC! I'd vouch everything =) ily
~ily so much may. i love talking to you, and i find that you are an amazing artist. C:
~ILYILYILY. you're the best husband i could ever ask for :3
~may. you are my favorite. i dont remember how i met you (hold on, racking my memory...) OH YEAH. i posted on that one board ting made because you told her to. and you went to my lookup. and you saw that i was from new zealand too. and bam. it's hard to not like you. never forget that one convo with you-know-who that we had with the outrageous numbers of (y) n____n youre the best, and thanks for the plushie krawk...wink!


~Keb!!! Work it like gaga! ily!


~The most amazing person I ever met.


~I haven't met many people in my life who are as kind and as nice as you are. You are nice to people no matter what and are one of the most caring and kind neofriends a girl could as for. I truly think you're one of the most genuine and sweet people neo has to offer.
~Julie you have such a beautiful heart. I'm lucky to have met you and become your friend over these past few months.



~meowlly!! you are ah-mazing and my favourite person to sidefeed with?


~you are the best! You always help others, and I want to let you know how appreciative we are of that
~You are such a sweet person, Laurey. You're a great friend and simply pro. Love you


~nice, funny, beautiful, etc.
~def one of the nicer acers, never met him, but admire him from afar
~even though we never talk anymore you were always super nice. (:
~ricky you're so sweet and funny!! i'll never forget you as mudkip and you are as fierce as tyra banks
~You're one of the kindest people I know, and you're hilarious. We've had so many good times together. Thanks for being my friend. You're amazing. (:
~ricky, you're fabulous and we so share the same interests. you're great to be around, wish you'd come on more often


~Don't make lemonade, you monster. XD I've known you for what? Almost 5 years? It's amazing how much we know eachother for just being internet buddies- but it's more than that. You're so funny and you get me. I can talk to you about anything. You're a monster and I love you like a sister for that


~LILYYYYYYY You're so awesome to chat with, so fun to be around, you brighten up my day and you're an awesome friend~
~i wish i was you
~Very sweet girl who is always up for a conversation and a pleasure to talk to.
~you're so kind, nice, and caring. (:
~LILY! Love you, girl. You make my day so much brighter, you're the best! You rock, oldie.
~You are a really fun person to talk to ~
~You're such a sweetie. I wish you luck for all future events~
~I see you around and I've talked to you a few times but I think you won't remember me cause you talk to lots of other people but I want to say I enjoy your boards very much! It's like you're getting to know the AC. You're cool, don't change!


~Andrea is the prettiest girl I have ever met. She is such a genuinely good friend and even though I've only known her for about a week, she's been incredibly kind to me in this short period of time. I want everyone to know what an amazing friend she is~
~i love you like i love orange juice.
~not a rusty garden hoe
~andreaaaaaaa i want a popsicle


~Wow. I don't know what to say. Kerri, you're amazing!


~You're such a sweetie, and i love you! Thanks for being so awesome


~Spook you are so sweet. I love youuuu!


~you don't have to try hard to be truly funny ~
~ilu girl! you're the bestest. you're so kind and funny too :3
~your leg hair looks great 24/7!!!!!
~sorry for annoying you, you are pretty funny!
~Ily so much Helena. You're so funny and qt.


~Thank you for being there when I feel the need to rant, and being incredibly patient with how much I poof.


~thanks for the pea!


~Your a great friend and fun to talk with


~You know even if we barely see each other, I can tell you that you're the most wonderful person I ever met, and I'll never let you go, in any circumstances. I'll do anything for you, Catherine.


~Your existence has inspired me to work hard to achieve my goals. You're a great friend, thank you for your encouragements and kind words. I'm glad I met you on here.


~LIEVA you are so fun and sweet and kind omg im so glad i met youuuuu. you're so great to talk to and we are seriously twins idek ily
~Lieve!!! you are such a sweetiepie and always there to chat and laugh with, love youu!
~you are a total sweetheart!


~wink w*~*~*nk *unshoryu* ur a nob. brb watering the garden. love u hoagie you better know who this is ugh smh~!!!
~You are one cool guy! No seriously, dude, you're the bomb. such a pro at everything w0w


~i love you raspberry


~Thank you for being so kind to me, showing me the ropes and lending me all the avatar pets/items that you have. You're an amazing friend and I trust you with everything I own!
~ERIN. I love our chitchats and gossip, and I soooo appreciate everything you've done for me to make this site so enjoyable. I love talking to you. Definitely one of my Neo-BFFs. n___n


~Rachel, you are gorgeous and hilarious and one of my bestest friends in Dusk. I love you (in the most friendly way possible) and I'll admit your Leighton obsession is kind of cool! (;
~you're one of my best friends on neo. ily girl! thanks for being awesome. ^_^
~Only for you, Rach. LOVE YA! lol
~Rach you are not slothlike in nature/looks! You keep being beautiful buddy.
~even though i'm super jealous of you going to europe, you are an amazing friend to chat with!
~i love how we both are in love with tangled. and you make the prettiest rapunzel ever (:


~Thank you for being so sweet. And for ALL THE FOOD
~You, KMC, and cats! Thank for always having cat moments time! I hope it'll never stop, you're such kind, sweetest I've ever met! Thank you so much for cheering me up a lot of times!


~omg minna you are so cute and your lookups are adorable and i don't know you well at all but you're just the biggest sweetheart, i adore you ^__^


~You makes me smile lots. :3


~you're super nice and you smell good.


~You inspire me!


~i'd like to compliment YOU, for organizing this all. Hope the best to you, and want to let you know you're a great person
~w0w you are so popular and pretty i wanna be just like u
~what a lovely idea setting up a page like this. I wish you the best of luck in completing it.
~This is a wonderful page you've created. God bless you. xoxo. Keep up the good work!
~What a creative site you're running It's truly wonderful and reflects your beauty! Thank you for this amazing page~
~thanks for making this page, it gives me much hope and confidence
~Thank you so much for creating this page; I think it's sweet that there is someone who sets aside so much time to do this for others ^^
~super sweet for having this page. you know you're loved! keep up the amazing job ^__^
~it was very kind of you to make this page. it shows that you're a nice person
~Hi! First off, I'd like to thank you for making this page to let everybody feel appreciated. (:
~Thanks for putting these in.
~Thanks for making this page. I want you to know how much this means to me to know that the AC doesn't always have to be so mean, and cocky all the time. You are such a positive rolemodel and inspiration. Thanks again for making it.
~your page is nice, glad someone is doing something nice on the AC ^___^
~I want to say thanks for making a great petpage like that. It's so refreshing to see people do something so kind. I'm sure this will make many people's days and I hope you keep this active for a long time. You're amazing.
~First off, I have to say, the AC Annonymous Comments are amazing.
~you are so sweet for putting this page up it reminds me how many nice people there really are on the ac.
~i think the page is awesome it was a great idea to put it up. it's sure to put a smile on everyones face so keep it up because it's one of the nicest pages on neopets ^___^
~A lot of those compliments on that page will really make someone's day =]
~thank you so much for making the page i know you already got a lot of similar comments but thank you for making all of us special on your page *__* love the idea
~I love this idea (:


~She's basically on all day, every day. Something would just be missing without her though. She's so funny and i'm kind of jealous she lives in Canada...


~u gumby, y u quit u nugget, u make ppl laugh h4h4 funny, u make guides good
~beyond funny and edgy
~omg jesse tbh i thought you were really creepy at first but you're a really good friend and always help me with everything and i feel comfortable around you ty 4 being awesome!!!!
~Keep teaching the world, trollface


~I lahv you you little poofing pooper
~you're the best. I love how you stand up for others and are extremely forgiving. You are selfless and wonderful, and I still thank you for what you did. I hope you get lent soon!


~Kate you're amazing and lovely :3 I always see you around the boards, and I always talk to you, no matter what board we're on x)


~hi jake (: its so fun watching you get all mad about being so close to your avatar goals and just missing them! D: but when you finally accomplish them and you're so happy about them it makes me happy too ^__^
~omg your so pretty


~You crazy little thing, every moment were in a guild or on a board is so much fun and I can't help but to laugh. You know all of my secrets as I know yours and we shall be best friends 5ever!



~nein nein nein. diyar, i love you! you're sweeter than sugar xo
~totally random but i love your lookup haha


~LAURA!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. you are so sweet, funny, cute, perfect. you're such a great friend. i love talking to you & i'm so glad i met you. you're a beautiful person ^__~
~Hey Laura, your boards are the best and you very funny. Thanks for being kind enough to lend ZDAP time and time again. Your sarcastic personally is perfect.
~i enjoy your snap spams so keep em coming plzzzzzz
~laura when i first met you i remember imagining you as a girl with brown braided hair, and then i actually saw you and i was stunned bc bautiful~ i know how insecure you are and stuff but a girl like you never should be!!!!! i love you the most here like i can't even put this into words. you are just the best because you're so beautiful inside and out and i can talk you anything i want because you always understand me and we also have so much fun together!!!! i really hope to meet you irl. i love you THE MOST!
~i LUV U LAURA you are my best friend on here and i am so glad i met you honestly id do anything for you u are my soulmate girl i hope we stay friends forever and when we grow old we'll still rule neopets cant wait 2 take you out to maccas id buy you all the nuggies in the world


~you are the nicest guy I have met on neo and I love you and how you love glee!


~ilu! you're the bestest (:


~You are a simply amazing! Artist. just saying, al lthose art requests you do for people, you should submit them to the art gallery. You'd get in every time. Thank you so much!


~Your Awesome at avatar collecting! Im going to pass you XD


~Hilarious person and absolute lupe fanatic. Although, please stop jacking my neopoints and putting them on the money tree (:P)


~you're the dolphin in my nightmare


~You're amazing, and a great person to talk to!
~Thanks for putting up with my attempt at restarting on neo phase. It lasted what, 48 hours if that?
~My newfie! I love you(: We haven't known each other for more than a few weeks, but I still adore you. I think you're precious, and you're one of my favorite people(: You make my heart smile!
~i can't believe we started chatting on neo 2 years ago! you are ahhhmazing and i can't imagine valiant without you. (ps your cat is mine no matter what maxy and missy say)
~your dedication to helping many people is very admirable.
~I'm so happy to see that you're still lending Ellaly, and I wish you luck as you embark onto the next part of your life as you start university. You'll do great!
~awh ily staceybby. i hope your kitten doesn't walk through your soup again. you're my favorite canadian (;
~you are a friendly person to talk to.


~omg trophy hi! too bad you weren't picked for mafia
~trophy, you're extremely funny and you'll definitely be remembered as one the greatest ACers!!
~hi Trophy! i like talking to you
~you're pretty awesome and talented jojo~ i've met you recently but you've made it on my favorite peoples list. pieeee
~Trophy you are such a great guild leader! You are a really great friend also!


~You have the best memory in the world. You remember the smallest things that really matter, you're a true friend, Lily. I'm grateful to have met you!


~Love you!
~Love you Moof!
~you're the sweetest, funniest, most kind person on neopets that i know, and i'm soo happy that i can consider you a friend.
~AMELIA! Seriously, one of the kindest people I know(: You constantly amaze me. I adore you! Thanks for being my valentine (;
~I'm gonna get a ticket for driving too fast to get to yoooou. (:
~back away shes mine. i love you baybay. ~bf
~you're always so nice to everyone plus you have beautiful fonts !!


~Oh, Kirsty, the day you for reals made me pee myself I knew we were friends for freaking ever! Ily!
~You are an awsome neo sis and always help me out ily


~you're such a QT, your laugh makes me smile, and I hope you get lent BGC soon ^_~


~kelsi you're such a cutie. i'm glad we met~


~BEST. ACer. EVER. ~that's all. ily
~psh gurl now we be suap twins. twins 4eva & eva alright (: thanks for being such a pal ! you are always fun to talk to & you keep it real fre$h ~ okay go drink some green tea gogogogog !!
~you're really really nice


~You are my coolest friend ever.
~You are one of the most annoying people I know. And I mean that in a real good way. You are also one of my really good friends.


~You're a really nice person and really good support. You deserve this. You're so nice.


~I love you so much ^_^ You have always been there for me, through thick and thin and I cannot begin to tell you how much you mean to me. Thanks for being there
~You're a great friend! Thank you for everything!


~You are the absolute sweetest person I know Miss !


~You are soooo amazing, there's not describing how much I love you!


~you are one of the nicest people I know. A bit intimidating at first cause of the SuAP avatar, but you're really really genuinely kind


~vah!!!! ily~ you're awesome.



~Definitely one of the nicest Neopians


~You've helped me achieve more than one dream. You're amazing


~jadine i love you so much!!! i've known you forev and i'm so glad we've gotten even closer! you're a great friend omg and just thought ppl should know ~* LY girl
~i've known you for a long time.. even when you spent time on the gc and i think your talent is truly amazing


~WarriorSister, fakecakeMaker!


~Hiiiiii jas you're super qt and like, i really love talking to you because you make me feel so much better omg especially about that richard guy ergh I'm soooo over him now ^-^
~Hey Jasmyn, you're a great friend who's been really nice to me, thank you (:


~You're cool about 63% of the time. Maybe 64% at a push


~Sometimes, I wish I could give you a hug, but you live an ocean away (literally). I love you more than you think!


~OMG I LUV YOU GIRLLL you are the best and you make ahmazin fonts and i love your personality


~you're absolutely charming. ily


~A girl who works hard on her account. I was sooo happy when she got lent suap and mspp. This is a special kind girl.


~The awesomest New Vegas girl you'll find. Love you!


~Jen, you are a wonderful friend. Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. I so enjoy our random chats together. (:


~cool ppl association forever. Jennis can only hope to be as cool, awesome and considerate as you.
~ahahaha, you're so awesome. COME ON MORE OFTEN.
~Eric's a nerd !
~Oh eric, what a nerd !
~jennith's laugh makes me CRY
~jennnnn. you're so genuinely nice
~Jennith is so nice! Stereotypically Canadian, she never says a bad word about anyone on the NeoBoards! If you're ever looking for a friend, look no farther than Jennith! She's always lending items out to help people and she's always willing to help anyone!
~agent 007 is the greatest friend that anyone in Her Majesty's service could ask for (;
~you smell fresh like orange juice (;
~too nice for ppg we have doubts about u sometimes
~i think you're my favorite person on noepets oh my god. you're like the perf combination of super nice/cute while being edgy and the same time
~jen, you're still very qt and a favorite of mine. i miss the old days with you. please stay around a little longer!


~Hi Jessica! You're such a cutie ^-^ ILY!


~the AC is not as gorg w/o you and your swag. Come back please.


~You pwn me everytime at kads.


~Jess. You are my idol and I will love you forever. :)


~your the best sister anyone could ever had!


~you're such a qt but you need to get your eyes checked!!
~JOSE!.. oh wait.. JESSLA ILY just wanna know i'm your #1 fan


~good friend


~Miss Bob, I don't know how you're not up yet. I haven't known you long, but you have an amazing personality. Thanks for being so funny.
~Your such an amazingly nice person. Thank you for being so supportive of me I am glad to have helped you achieve an avatar, just like you helped me


~Thank you for your constant adoration, lol. Oh, and ALL THE FOOD


~i love you!!! as a friend of course :0
~hilarious & great ACer
~we don't talk that much but you're really sweet and easy to get along with and you're a qt


~A trustworthy great guy who is my neobrother
~you look like a lutari in an indiana jones get up
~We used to not like each other very much but we recently met again at an unexpected place. I don't know you very well but you seem cool, even though I'm not a big fan of your friend. d; I bet you know who this is. TTYL.
~You are one of my best buddies, you are rich, sophisticated, handsome just a great overall neopeter
~You're like the coolest guy on the planet! Thanks for always taking my advice!
~thanku for accepting into the BBC i love the guild and all of its members ESP YOU AND FRY YOU GUYS RULE MWAH


~I barely know you but you're a smart and amazing girl. Keep at it!


~you're too sweet ^-^


~You seem quite nice and conscientious of others. And it's pretty cute how you named your chomby after your kid.
~Gratz on yer Kacheek! luv U, Mandyyyyyyyy *wink wink*
~hehe manda youre always so nice and you have a personality THANK FYORA you're never boring. hehe i love you and you love food so i love you like 10 times more ^_^_^
~obviously the prettiest lady on the AC.
~I can't say I know you incredibly well or that we've talked a lot but the few times that we have talked you've been really sweet and you just seem like a really wonderful person. (: I owe you a huge thank you for your incredible kindness.


~Such a great friend! I love racing avatars with you (:



~Super nice!! ^__^ I love talking to you haha. And you have great layouts!~ c:
~Blythe, I love you! Your graphics are amazing, and we are already amazing friends. :3 even though we met like a month or 2 ago, you are already the person i talk to the most! ty for being me friend.
~Hehehehe, you're so kind. Stay the way you are ;3
~we were never really friends but you always seemed really nice when i had seen you around ^_^
~GIRL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH parsley you are serious one of my favorite people to parsley talk to on here, we get along so well and have similar problems LOL parsley but yeah I wish I knew you in real life because we'd be such good friends, keep up the awesomeness~


~you are the bold, bodacious, bruce of this fab clique stay amazing qt xoxo
~I love that all of your friends are so in line and listen to everything you say, it just shows that you are a great leader and sheep herder ^__^ props gurl
~you're a box of hair
~fierce, fabulous, and sarcastic. the perfect combo
~prettiest asian ever!!! and we didn't get along before oops but i like talking to u bc gossip sessions and yeah~*~*~


~Amy, you are one of the sweetest neopians I have ever met and you are always thinking of others over yourself! Ily!


~You're hilarious. You're the only packrat worse than me!


~hi kevin (: you're such a qt


~you're so qt and ugh. julieee!


~You have been such an amazing friend to me. You're always there when i need you and within the two years of getting to know you i don't recall ever having an argument with you. You make me smile and laugh during the worst of days and i adore you to no end for it!


~you stuck up for yourself and didn't tolerate their ignorance. You're fun to talk to & awesome n.n


~KT! I know this is your side account that I'm writing a compliment for. ^^; Thanks for giving me my dream pet on my birthday. You have no idea how much I screamed in joy.


~nice assets ; )
~youre so pretty!!
~you're my favorite tuna can and i love your swim cap




~I haven't known Emily long, but I know she's super sweet and loves to chat!


~You're the best guild leader ever!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~Thankyou so much for being an amazing friend. I first met you when you were just randomly gifting, and thats you to a tee. Always helping, and thinking of others first. I could not have asked to meet a nicer selfliss player ever.


~Keke, you are an absolutely /amazing/ person. You never fail to make me laugh and you'll always be a good friend of mine. I'll stick by any decision that you make. Love ya


~omgomgomgomgomgomg, I love this girl. u3e9829389 she's amazing, okay? C: She's always there, she's funny, she's sweet and she's sooo like my sister.
~Only you can never wear pants, and still get away with this. ILY and your constant state of pantslessness (IDEK if it's a word. Hmm.)


~Your allways nice you everyone, Youve made my day more than once.


~keenan is awesome. and I'm her stalker and I love her too death because she is cooler than your average person you stalk.


~You're one of those people that people respect. Dude, let's stay friends for a long time. We're like so chill. Dude. You're freaking amazing!


~OMGZ you are like really awesome I'm not even kidding, you are a really nice person. I can't believe what happened with your BGC though D: I hope everything turns out okay! i bet you know who this is (:


~hey girl I think you know who this is, haha. ok, first of, I LOVEEEEE YOU SOOOOO MUCH. you are honestly one of the most amazing people I've ever met, and that's saying a lot. (???) us peeps from maryland love you too. oops, i think i gave it away now. WELL ANYWAYS. we both like kpop, you like nichkhun, i like wooyoung, and together we're the ultimate pairing




~i think you're a super supercalifragilisticexpialidocious person with a kind soul!! i don't know how else to describe you since you're too amazing for words


~ok so i'm really glad your on the ac because you're seriously like the funniest person that still posts. thanks for all those smiles and laughs xo
~omg gurl u so funny w/ yo quiggelz and stuff. stay awsum and the ac luvs u 5eva ( that's more than 4eva)
~suvi i love the way you are. You're so funny and nice and so much fun to be with. I remember the first time i met you at jellyncream and i thought you're name was weird hahaha. PLAYING DRAW SOMETHING WITH YOU and all the others is so much fuunn. You and everyone else helped me through a hard time ;D Thanks for being a good friend and ily so much and stay that way forever and be my friend forever. P.S you draw really good btw
~hello finland! suvi, you're one of my best friends. i'm so glad i met you. you're so nice & easy to talk to. i love you so much. ^__~ also omg literally everything about you is perfect. i love how you say jubjub in your cute accent. you're so cute in general xo
~suviiiiiiii. hi i love you. you're a doll and one of my best friends on here. you make me laugh so and you're so cute ok bye xoxo
~omg suvi you make me laugh so much and you are so cute and so modest i don't even understand youuu, i swear when i saw you my jaw dropped bc supermodel. ily you are perfect


~I love you O:
~Oz, you rule! u r da cooliest


~You're amazing Justin ! Thanks for help me with my application ^___^


~um mo you're pretty white and not that manly but you're still pretty great!!
~you're pretty chill + thats cool!
~well you're pretty good looking~*~*~*~
~mohammed everything you say is just so funny
~even though you say strange things like lick my camel and eat gross food like lentils, you're still really cool!! but you will still never be as manly as me
~you're so qt and even though you're really weird its ok


~I miss you to pieces! I can't believe that it's been five years since. Splooshies forever, my friend.


~I miss you, m'dear. a lot.


~Even though you don't know me, I think you're hilarios


~you neggfest guide saved my life!


~Thnak you for giving me the motivation and confidence I need to keep trying for (and sometimes even getting) those avatars! Nad for PWNing us all at avie simon. And ALL THE FOOD
~KMC, I always enjoying our conv in Secret Lender Board. I admire you so much, I have a lot respect toward you. Everyday I always awaiting to see your post in board to make another conv. I could never got bored talking to you! That and I LOVE cat moments with you


~Secret Lenders says thank you. Need Isay more. You're brilliant and you've helped more derams come true than you can even imagine.


~i'm so glad i got to meet you. :3 you're amazing and funny and i can always talk to you. ily c:
~you're one of my bffs and I love that we've become so close!


~so qt and amazing and gorg!!
~Bryan, you're cute, funny and sweet, and I love you c:
~you're really funny and chill!! keep throwin up the neopets gang signs
~super happy i met this guy he's awesomeee and fun to talk to and we have a special relationship yall are jealous


~Best guild leader ever! So much fun to talk to, she does such a great job keeping Myriad so much fun.




~Thank you for trusting me


~You are the best! Thank you for always making me fonts since I can't do it myself! You are the sweetest!


~You're so punny. Seriously, you are.
~idrk you but you post on my boards sometimes and you're really nice & super cute ^_^


~You are an amazing person Krys, you've lost so much and yet gained so much back. I am very grateful to have met you and know you.
~Haters are always going to hate but you have to love them because they help you appreciate all the many true friends you have. You have the most amazing newbie account in Neopia history! You've showed those that complain about it being too hard to get avatars is just a matter of practice. You've reached almost 300 in less than 4 months. You're truly amazing, and you're a very beautiful person inside and out.


~Hiiii neobro! I have only known you for a few weeks but ily and you have taught me so much that has helped me a lot you may know who this is but still


~Kay was my sick New Zealand buddy. I'm totally going to visit her sometime because I hear New Zealand is a pretty cool place ;D


~you are so nice! i never knew what to make of you at first, but you are such a nice person. i really appreciate all that you've done for me, and you barely even know me.
~i love how you just do your own thing~


~soooo nice! love this girl


~ree youre so adorable!!!
~you have the funnest games to play and you are a cat and last new year was a tear in the universe ok bye
~just about the nicest kid i've ever met. so funny, i love you hon. we've known each other for like 2 years and you're the best friend anyone could ever have!!!
~i used to feel bad for you because you had no friends but now i love you
~i love going scorpiobuckwild with you and i expect a tweety bird with gumball eyes one day ok ty
~Even though it's been a while, I think you're still really cool.



~You're a great person, and you should live every day knowing that you have a positive impact on people!


~Last year I didn't know much about the Rooligan boards, but you brought me under your wing. And it was the best choice you've ever made in your life You're so funny and i love your personality. It's amazing to see what an impact you made on me last year in the AC. You helped motivate me become an All-Star. It's fun to talk to you and I remember that time we used to watch spongebob together and laugh and say quotes from it. You're an awesome person and I really hope you never change, and I really hope we'll be friends forever.


~Jules, you're such an amazing, nice, funny, and a super sweet girl. You're without a doubt one of the kindest people I've met on neopets, and one of my best friends on here.


~Nee, not only are you one of the smartest people on Neopets, but you've got the bigest heart in the world. Keep doing you girl! Glad we met


~Despite what AC will think of you based on your stats, I think you have a kind heart. That can carry you a long way
~Thanks for lending me! Your sarcastic attitude truly makes me laugh every time. Stay fabulous. xoxo


~The most amazing person ever. ilysm! fate brought us together, but nothing can bring us apart.
~my bff forever. so cute and nice and sooo funny. ily
~You are the best person ever Could a little bro ask for a cooler big sister? I dont think so!
~emily = love
~Best person EVER ilysm Emily &hearts
~Such a generous person, and nice to everyone. Neo is lucky to have a member like you


~funtimejess is the most adorable gurl ever.
~makes my day all the time
~the greatest person on the ac. i adore you, you are really funny. i would have quit long ago if it wasn't for you.
~i'm so glad we're friendsss. you're so perfect


~I always love to see your BC entries! Your art is cute and your pets are amazing.
~klippyy you're one of my best friends on this site even if we don't talk too much anymore ): ILYSM


~To my rser homie -this place wouldn't be the same without you! You are amazing !!!


~You're amazingly awesome and one of the kindest I've had a chance to meet. Thanks so much!
~I always see your lending boards and you're so kind to everyone and you try to trust everyone. I'm glad there's still people like you (:


~Leafy McLeaferson! You are a great guildie and I love talking to you.


~Sweetest person ever.


~You are my favorite neopian ever You are so fun to talk to and make me giggle. I have way too much fun when I am with you ~ I love to tease you and have fun seeing your reactions. You are so amazing and ILY
~ily so much faisal. your like my big bro!
~Faisal you are the sweetest boy ever and ilu so much. c: you and your voice are so qt, thanks fir being there for me.


~you are so ridiculously nice and your shields honestly make my day. thanks for being great!


~Lennie, I love you with all my heart and you are one of the few people that keep me here ? I love hanging out with you and we should do that more often, just saying!! ily twinnie n_n


~I know you won't read this, because you barely come on the AC anymore, but I'm doing one anyway. You're my best friend in real life, and you got me into awesome music. You're more awesome and amazing than words can say! I love you


~Lily, I LOVE chatting with you! You have one of the best personalities in the world and I know I can always count on you to be there when I need you.


~great cute guy
~you're my best friend always
~hahahaah you made the AC soo fun
~he was a pretty chill dude


~I adore you, I adore your graphics, I adore the fact that you put up with me... You're just an amazing person and I'm so glad Tiff finally dragged you in the guild ^_^
~You are my amazing, board bumping, funny lil' girl that makes my day. EVERY day i see you. Love you JazzyWazzy
~Jazzy you a wonderfully amazing person, and your graphics and coding skills make me so jelly =O Love you~!
~Jasmelly face. Even though you mock me and my typos incessantly, I totally can't picture neo without you. You're the best loser nf one can ever ask for. ^_^?
~just your local pigeon ~*~*~*~*


~my newest neo brother


~You are so sweet. I'm so lucky to know someone as kind, funny, and nice as you!
~You have honestly come to be one of my favorite people, Chris! You have no idea how much you brighten my day EVERY SINGLE DAY! Your encouragements keep me smiling! You are one of the kindest people I have met on Neo.


~Hello Flower. You're an amazing Neopian! I'm glad to have had the chance to meet you on various PC boards. Stay happy, generous and open-minded! /pets Elora and Riliny.


~just so nice and so happy all the time (:
~Oh my gosh I love this girl to pieces! Amber you are soooo sweet and one of my neo besties.
~AMBERRRRR sooo I'm guessing that you already know who this is but that's okay, I can still write like there's no tomorrow. ANYWAY I remember how we met. It was some random board and we ended up being neofriends. So then later that week I was doing a NF cleanout and I was like wait who is this likenowaiz chick and then I was like OHH she's the one with the awesome dinosaur! So then we talked some more and some more and look at us now! We're like neo-besties. We've been through so much together and I just wanna say that I love you to death! c: Keep on being amazing, qtpie.
~well amber, i love your name. you seem like a really nice, fun person to talk to, so yeh. and i love that you love nicki minaj :3 so um yeah, you seem really nice. havnt actually spoken to you. n____n


~Please move to the United States so that we can be together. From your stalker~
~I love you dearly and will spoil you :3




~you're adorable and ily


~Tray-C, thanks for being a pwnful Neofriend and making me look cool whenever I can tell people I'm friends with a famous FCer.


~Hi girlie! You're such a nice girl! I didn't meet you too long ago but I feel a connection with you. I hope we'll be very good friends.


~I love and miss you so much! You were such an amazing person and I am so thankful you were in my life. Rest in peace and much love, cousin!


~You have a heart of gold and I couldn't think of anyone sweeter. I love our random talks having you to help run the guild. You're the best.


~This special lady, is totally amazing. GIGGLESNORT. she's so sweet and makes my day 365 days a year idk where i'd be without her. and i love how we can talk forever and ever. kenzie your the reason i came back to neo, (:


~Thank you for being you. Seriously, you're amazing and you've helped me so much. I'm really glad you came back. ily


~Even though we've only talked once a long time ago and you dont even chat on the AC anymore, I've always remembered you as the cute funny girl that always PWNed me in kads.Oh and (you probably don't remember this) but I still disagree with you...his chin line is NOT that perfect


~I love KITTENS!!! o & u.
~Hehe, you're funny :-)
~I LOVE YOU LILY SO MUCH your such a great friend and i love that about you even all the hard times during the time of the month. Stay beautiful
~lily. is. simply. awesome yup ^__^
~You're so randomly nice! You transcend whatever environment you're in. The AC and really any location, reminds me of those horrible conformity experiments pretty much every psych student, high school or college is forced to read at some point. YOU ARE THE GUY IN THE MILGRAM EXPERIMENTS WHO WOULDN'T ELECTROCUTE PEOPLE. It's very lovely and your rejection of the on the AC probably pays huge dividends IRL. Or at least in some huge, cosmic scheme of things.


~Diamond, you are an amazing friend and so much fun to play avatar games with! You deserve SuAP more than anyone I know so I'm sure you'll find it soon!


~she aint never mad
~funniest girl i've ever met. (:
~I used to not like you because of all the attention you were given, but I realized that wasn't your fault and lately I've started to like you a lot more. You're a really cool girl and I've never seen you actually be mean to anyone, you're just super funny and laid back. (:
~nice girl, always giving
~I think YOU are Really So Original, but alSo unbelievably Eccentric, but in a good way. even an Xenophobic person would find You amazing if u were a foreigner. i believe That u are a great, Nice, person. Thank u for entertaining us. So happy to have u around, Unlike some people no offense. Couldnt stand it here with out you, Kid. Stay awesome.
~I've always thought you were a cool person, and then I took a little risk and lent you something. And you've confirmed my hopes that you're a trustworthy and very nice person. I sincerely wish more people could be like you.
~Lindshoney, you are da best. I love you so much boooooooo. You're so funny and amazing and i'm so glad I met you. I always have your back. Especially when mo tries to say something. LOVE YOU.
~linds, you're an amazing person and i'm sorry i forgot to remind you about kads! you're also kind & i wish everyone was like you!!
~supa fresh idk hehe
~gurl u are so chill ilu babez xx
~you understand my hatred for the lakers. you are a funny girl and i love you
~You taught me that theres more to life than kingdom hearts and ramen, you have guided me through my life on your elegant wings and for that I am eternally greatful. You are a beautiful woman and I love you!
~LOLLLL linds ok where to start with you. wheres mi diner u dum wife, route 44 cherry limeads. omgomgomgomgomg. you're amazing and i love you ok. h8rs gun h8 yo.
~She's super funny and probably the most famous AC'er out there ;)
~You are my transformers buddy. You're hilarious and have a way with words! You are a good troll when you want to be unlike some of the newer users. You're also modest when it comes to being "neofamous" which is good because a lot of people find a way to make it go to their head. You're also nice and everyone loves you. Even that one girl from the mafia game. She just doesn't know it yet
~you're so funny idk how you do it you should also clean your room more often ok!!!


~I admire the friendship you can offer to all of your friends, I admire the determination you offer when you want something, and I respect you for who you are.
~omg you're so nice all the time and you're really headstrong but in a good way you're just great. :3


~I absolutely LOVE your art and coding. It's beautiful!
~okay so I adore your personality pretty much.
~amazing username!! ;p
~NADIA one day you just added me and then we talked and bonded over finger injuries and you're just super cool and amazing ok
~your graphics and coding are pretty sweet
~You have given Flattened Kitten to user 'line


~sweet sweet sweet
~lisa, you're super sweet and kind. i always smile when I see your face around the AC (:


~Mika, you're so sweet and I'm so happy to have become your neofriend! Best luck with MSPP!


~My first and best friend! You have always been special to me! Thanks for being you!


~ilysm! i'm so glad we're friends. the boards are never dull when you're on.
~you're such a crazy kad lady, but ily. you're great.


~well i don't know how you would come across this, but if you ever do i want you to have a compliment because you deserve it! you really are sweet and kind and a wonderful person to talk to.


~wait megan im really surprised you aren't on here yet??? i dont talk to you much but omg like every time i see you post you're so sweet and helping someone or lending things. you're never rude to anyone EVER like its so rare even when you disagree you're not nasty about it. thanks for being awesome and i bet you decorate the most gorgeous cakes in where ever you live ^__~
~another compliment for megan bc she deserves two


~Hey Liz, tbh you're the most amazing person I've ever met on neo, and I probably wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for you. Ilu.
~You are so amazing, and singing with you is one of the best part of our chats, whether or not we make others' ears bleed.


~Lizzy is so sweet! She always knows what to say and everything she does just makes you smile.


~Hey soul sister Whether it's squeeing about Harry Potter or talking about random things and complaining, you're amazing. You are the little devil on my shoulder when it comes to NC and the little angel on my shoulder when it comes to everything else. Please don't ever change (:


~massive amounts of respect for you, Cam, thanks for all your hard work


~i love you a lot


~great girl
~Lorra Lorra Lorra, I think you are possibly the kindest person I have met on this website -hands you a platter of cookies- You can have those if I can ride on Fail Whale :3
~you might look like voldemort, but you're still beautiful to me
~If you didnt have SuAP id thought you were trying to GD me but gurl you fine~


~Michelle, you make my day everyday.


~Everything about you is so pretty and classy. You have an eye and a gift for bringing beauty out of the most mundane things. And, you're nice.
~the fact that you completely disappeared from the AC makes me really sad!


~Thank you so much for being my friend and putting up with all my idiosyncrasies (LOL BIG WORD) and my general gross disposition and such. You're so much more awesome, funny, and caring than you know and (both of us) say.
~HERE IT COMES! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, you're awesome and glad I met you.
~omg your account is fab and i just love you so much. ily4ever


~ILY as a neopets BEST friend, from the haunter(:


~dena, you are perfect and i love you. you are basically my twin, which also makes you the cutest thing on the face of this earth. i love that i can talk to you about anything. you always make me laugh at my computer screen. please stop being so perfect. thank you for everything bby xoxo ;*


~You are one of the coolest guys I know! You are nice, fun, and just plain out awesome. You are honestly like a neo-brother to me!
~You are a great guy friend! We be kicking it like ninjas at times, or fighting like Pirates... Anyways, what I am trying to say is that you are an awesome friend and maybe even a neo-brother to me!
~you're a cool kid even if you're a creeper trying to attract little kids into your van
~you might be like. super secretive and paranoid and a creep and stuff but you're still pre cool!!
~You're my favorite person on neopets and in real life. You're my bestfriend and I love you soooo much! woof


~Dude, I swear, you are my soulmate. I think you're one of the funniest people ever and you're so casual and yourself. Your personality doesn't change; you stick to your morals and you do what you believe in. You're also an AMAZING coder. I have always been and always will be a fan of your work. You are going to go far in life.


~You're very sweet and am so thankful we are friends!


~love you sis



~Zo thank you for everything. You're awesome.


~a really awesome person, with a personality to match. ilysm
~Fry you're so kind and easy to chat with. We should chat more!
~Fry, you are amazing, I owe you maccas.
~fry i love you omg!!


~The Mad Hatter - literally. I've known you for layke a week and already (L) you and trust you with my heart&life. & I think I NM you too much. Forgive me?


~When I first met Magda, I was suffering from incredible emotional turmoil on my way to earning the kadoatery avatar. Magda guided me through many obstacles, showed me the ropes, and if this were not enough, extended her hand in friendship to me. Her endearing wit, her constant positive spirit, her absolute loyalty, all stand as hallmarks of a person of the most excellent character
~you should post more because i miss all your hilarious and intellectual comments ):


~lol you're so funny. you always brighten my day magax ah- cough


~you are always there for me love you


~You are always so pleasant and helpful! Keep that smile on your face and know that you are appreciated in all that you do.


~Lizzy! I LOVE YOU. Honestly, you are the best, and you're so easy to talk too. Stay sweet!


~I need you back bby! Come back please


~wow nina. you're awesome. i tried to be you... it didn't work out xP


~You're so lovely! You're the sort of person I'd like to just sit under the stars with and talk about Owl City ^_^


~you are my most valued customer!!!!!!!!!!!
~you were always hilarious and made me laugh.


~Mary, although we rarely speak, you're my neo idol! I still have some catching up to do, but I'm getting close x)
~your account and personality are amazing. please come out of hiding a little more often!
~mary, i know you're like an obsessive lurker, but people like you a lot. please post more often!!


~ily Mason! Thanks for making my neo-life a bit brighter.
~mason, you're a great friend. funny, dedicated, and a hard-worker.... keep it up!




~You are so incredibly awesome! You are so generous and it is a ton of fun chatting with you!


~You were the glue of our pea-begging boards and without you, i wouldn't have my MSPP or SuAP avatars. I couldn't have asked for a better welcome into avatar collecting. You're all the swellest of swell!
~justin! you're one cool dude and a great person to talk to. stay fabulous


~such a qt ~ i luff him to death
~I love you so much, you're the most amazing person on the AC and just in general ILY!
~You are a great friend, and really cool! ^_^
~You are like the greatest person ever, i've only known you recently but you're sooo amazing, sweet, kind and caring, ily~ You deserve mspp so much, and your aisha is the qt'est :3
~SO VERY AARONTASTIC. that's all i can really say, ily qt
~You're a sweetheart but you creep me out sometimes
~I've known you for so long & you're so qt
~you are the sweetest, funniest most awesome person I have met on this site! Please don't ever change! you will be my hubby for life ! ^-^, Love Muffin
~you're kinda annoying girl but yet a very nice friend. 8D
~omg ilysm! I just want to hug you and never let go.


~just a really nice guy, so fun to chat with, always making me laugh and giggle in real life. LUV U BBY U SO QT


~is sometimes too nice for her own good, also she is NOT a golddigger *wink wink*
~you are amazing and always make me like die laughing hehhee your typos. so much love
~I love ya, girlie =P PLL TO THE END!!!
~You make me laugh so much and always make my day. I know there will be many more lolz to come ;D
~easy to talk to and super nice
~You are my MOST favorite person on neo and I love you so much, cupcake. You are so amazing and I want to be with you forever. Love your husband. /swoon


~ily even though you fall asleep in 11 seconds. i promise i'll watch spn some day soon!
~You are such a sass in the guild, but yet so awesome. I enjoy watching all the bickering between you, missy and lucas. It makes me giggle. Let's be bff. Mkay?
~max dear, where do i being. thank you so much for everything you've ever done. you've helped me so much with stuff and i can't even begin to thank you enough. you're my best friend and i hope we never lose touch. you make me laugh, you're super sassy, and you're just a great person overall. ilysm thanks again.
~Oh my gosh, Max. I cannot believe I have met someone on here that is so wonderful & so much like me. I feel like we relate to each other and have mostly the same opinions, and I feel these are a couple of the many, many reasons that we are such good friends. Love you long time.


~I still have my maraquan jubjub and I love him to death, thank you so much for him!


~You're the sweetest and most generous person I've ever met and you make me smile a thousand times over. ^__^
~Mei you're the most epic person I ever met, and I promise I will pay you back!
~You are one of the most amazing people I've ever met, and I have to say your Soup Faerie font really goes well with who you are. c: Kindness does make the world go around, and I hope to repay your kindness one of these days.


~We don't chat as much any more, but always remember that we'll be friends. You're wonderful, honestly.


~GORGEOUSSSSS. i love you so much meg. omg. you are like my best friend LOL even though we have our down times a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. but i loved our dance parties on sk ype and ahhh i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~hey miranda kerr


~I hope you see this girl because you are amazinggg. ^___^
~I love you soooo much girl =D Need anything, I'll be there, promise!


~Thank you so much for being such a nice person! You are probably the sweetest person I've ever met on Neo!


~sister love you
~you have the best taste in jewelery


~Amy! ;* I love you.. you're so perfect and stuff!!


~Laura you're an awesome friend and couldnt have chosen anyone better to run a lending agency with


~Mermaidp00p is gr8.
~ariel, my little mermaid you. you're adorable. what a coincidence that i met somebody that was also taking ap chem this year. now i can complain to you. i can also complain about senior stress. we can do it, though (whoot class of 2013). please note that i will forever have certain photos saved on my computer. love youuu.


~damien you are one of the sweetest and kindest people i have met on the ac!
~you are nice to everyone, keep it up!!!
~I want to thank you for the SF code you gifted me. You're an amazing friend Damien and we should catch up cause we barely talked after I left Aveon.


~Lil' bro I never had, love you


~Missy is one of the best people I have ever met, she tries very hard to make everyone around her happy and is overall an amazing person.
~you are an amazing person even though you never take my compliments. i hope that one day FOB can fit in your pocket and that you can live among the warrior cats.
~Missy!!!! You literally have no life no neo. Look at all the guild board post you own girl. But umm...yeah, you are the friendliest person I met ever since I joined the guild. You are doing the most awesome job as a councilor. Love the layout ^o^
~Missy, you are one of the best people I have ever met on neo. We haven't known each other for a huge amount of time, but I am very blessed to have you as a friend here. xoxo


~I luff ya so much! You light up my day with the super anaconda death hugs you give me. And it always makes me laugh when we nom on a digital food. And you listen to my vents and rants about my teacher. I just wanna say, thanks.


~Thank you for your determination and hard work at trying to find the Wishing Well avatar. We need more people with your perseverance!
~Lend me your RS powers. Thanks for the WW boards


~To my rser homie -this place wouldn't be the same without you! You are amazing !!!
~you are basically one of the the most amazing people ever(: i'm so glad we're friends and ily no matter whatt!
~Well, well, well. You're a rival who I love We're like sisters- you're absolutely hysterical. You can always make me laugh when you zoom onto your bison shakes account. You're an amazing, hilarious friend GET OFF THE METAL


~melodyyyyy youre amazing c:
~meloooodddddddddy ~ i love you


~ilysm melissa. you are so amazing.


~kayla. you are so awesome!


~we may be apart but know that i love you with everything i have and i always have done!


~SKYE you're amazing at graphics omgg.


~Jade you are a sweet person with a big heart. You are always friendly and you always acknowledge me Thanks for being a good AC friend ~*~*
~She's like my sister . (:
~you're a total sweetheart and you're one of the kindest people I've ever met on Neo. I love seeing you around because you're just always so happy and make others happy. Never change, boo! (:
~Aw love you girl!!!!!!!
~Jade you are a special girl never change.
~I luff Jade as a sister! She's really kind and I luff her to bits. She acknowledges everything her friends does, which is awesome, and... I don't know what to say, but she's just the definition of sweet. With a bit of awesomesauce sprinkled at the side.(;
~You're like SO NICE. You're awesome, friendly, and thanks for those awesome NC items you gave me! AWESOME NEOFRIEND LOL.
~I luff you (: You're totally amazing~ Great sister, and you're always there. We always talk, and I love your conversationss (: Jade
~Jade! Thanks for the NB Pen and you cool too. I wasn't your friend just because you had connections but I've known you for awhile.




~Megan, you're awesome. It's a word that describes you to a tee. You're the kindest person I've met on neopets and I'm glad to call you a friend. Have a wonderful day, and stay awesome!
~just as the ac awards says, you're honestly the most trustworthy and kindest person on Neo and the AC. i really wish you came on more. your presence is dearly missed on the AC!


~lori i don't know how you aren't on this page a million times already. you are the sweetest girl i have ever met and you are so nice. you make amazing fonts & the ac LOVES all of your dubloons. you rock
~I also can't believe you don't have more compliments on this page. You are a truly wonderful & helpful person to many Neopians.. myself included. My avatar count wouldn't be nearly this high without you.
~you have to come on the AC now and then! You're so fun and adorable. Plus, who else will put all the gross fonts to shame?


~Dear Darla, I love your wonderful kindness. You make me smile. You're the R and O to my F and L. Love, me (:


~I don't know you very well but I appreciate the fact you've actually spoken to me on the AC. A lot of people don't talk to new faces.
~Hiiiii monica! you may or may not know who this is but I wanted to make a compliment saying that you are an amazing friend and that chatting with you is always amusing ^__^


~Your picture fonts are unparalleled, you great guy, you!
~your fonts are pure perfection. make me one please


~Jesper, you are the coolest "pixelated" person I know.


~hey girl! ilysm~ hope you see this! C:


~Merciaaaa you make neolife worth living. Radioactive forever broski!


~One of the nicest ACers ive met, although I was a bit intimidated by the SuAP avvie at first and how many people knew him.
~awesome bro-over the other night!
~you are one funny kid!!
~haha you are like the only person on the ac I don't get. but I like you!!
~You're great; maybe we can all take a road trip to the oven (:
~hey dean wats good u and barbie together yet? ;) ;)


~Thankyou for listening to my boring everyday life! And not getting tired of me despite me being a boring person


~Vidhuuu is one of the nicest guys ever!
~always there. (:
~bff ;)
~Such a great friend! Always looking out for other people. Kepp it up Vidhu, you're an awesome person!


~The most awesome little brother a big sister could have!
~You are so amazing and awesome and you have so many caring friends, I am glad to know you!
~I'm so glad to know you, even though we've had our ups and downs since AC III, you're still an amazing friend


~deonze is amazing. (: thanks deonze!
~THANKS MUSE!!!! for all those MSPP lends and being such a generous and amazing lender!! good luck and safe lending! I hope MSPP stays with you for as long as you are around


~Factor is the sweetest person I have ever met. She is always around and I can say she is the kind of ACer you can definitely rely on. She is always there. Factor is a qt and I absolutely can't imagine the AC without her happy personality.
~As a person who has known you for many years on Neo, I can easily say you're one of my favorites. Your upbeat personality is flawless and you're a great person to chat with. You're never in a bad mood and you're just a really sweet and amazing girl. ;*


~I don't know how I can even begin to thank you! You have helped me with my gallery so much, it's amazing. We haven't talked for a while but you still keep helping me and for that you're just an awesome person


~HEY THAR YOUNGIN' you probably know who I am already lolol but um so I love talking to you and you're really fun to be around with. I adore you dork.
~You're seriously one of the coolest people I know. Seriously. I think Socks and I think cool. Ily(:
~you're really nice and have such cool ideas! especially the cubefish avatar one, that's actually a great idea. :3



~has the nicest cousin i have ever met!
~I'm only kidding I luff you to pieces and you are the most amazing cousin/fwend a Neopian could ask for in the Wishing Well! ((Hmmm... maybe that's the answer to getting the avatar! *runs off in search*))


~You're really nice and fun to talk to, and I'm surprised there weren't any compliments for you before this!


~Jeanine, I think you're a really epic person, and I for one am glad you started coming back on Neo! ^w^


~Thank you for trusting me.


~fida you're so cute that i always feel happy when i just look at you. i hope we will be friends forever !!
~FIDA I HEART YOU SO MUCH. You're like a big sis to me. It's so much fun talking to you and i miss you so much. I hope you're doing well! You help me with so much things like games and avatars and such and you're a really sweet and kind person.
~you are one of the funniest and sweetest chicks I know! You're one of the reasons I stuck around the AC after a long hiatus. Keep being you!


~You are super nice and funny!


~You are the best. sister. ever.


~one of my favorite ACers ever.


~ur super qt and really nice c: dont ever change.


~anie like ok ur probably the only girl i would marry xo
~lanie I feel so open to talk with you, I love you and I'm so glad I met you c:
~you put a lot of trust in me within the first couple days of knowing me, and i really appreciate it. you rock lanie (:


~Luuuune. You are so sweet! And fun to be around.


~Jess! I love you with all of my heart and you are amazing. The AC would be no fun without you and you are one of the sweetest people I know!


~Thank you for trusting me


~thanks for always being a good neo friend!


~you're a nice person! and you still remain on the ac even though every time you make a board people attempt to gd you. now that takes a lot of patience @_@ you're one chill kid~
~you are the most amazing acer i know even though you hate the ac haha


~Joel, you definitely are boss
~You make me smile more than anyone else. When I'm having a rough day, you're right there to greet me. I'm more thankful for you with each day that passes.


~OMG CHRIS. You're totally funny! You make some boring days, happier. Chris + Water Faerie = LOL.


~a good friend he gave me my dream pet a desert cybunny thank you


~bianca! i'm so lucky to have gotten to know you recently! you're absolutely lovely and your fonts are fabulous. (:
~Bianca, you're a really lovely person to chat with about everything--including fonts ;3



~Nicole thank you for being the one to bump CLU when the rest of us are sleeping (or suppose to be asleep) and thank you for making those beautiful buttons for us.


~SUKKH-ILY-MORE...forever more You're the most awesome-est person and are always looking out for me. TYSM. Hope both of us get lent SuAP sometime. Thank you for everything *huggss*
~I love that I knew you years ago, and after a hiatus and a few accounts later, I love that we met up again! you're amazing at SOSD, and just the AC in general! congrats on all star bby ^^
~well ahoy there fellow potterhead. i actually havent spoken to you, but your slytherin font is epic. ive seen you around and you seem pretty nice.
~Sukh! You know, I really missed all of my old friends from the SK SKoreboard who I knew in AC III. But you're one of the more amazing people there now and if it weren't for you and the other great people on the board I think I would leave Shenkuu. I have never seen you mad, and you've always stuck with us, even through the drama and the huge losses in the AC. I just wish we talked more! I love you!


~JANELLE!! Oh my gosh I love you soooo much! I can't believe we got lent SuAP together and we became great friends in such a short time. ily, stay amazing!
~Janelle, you keep me going when nothing else will. I hope we get that silly WOE avie soon so we don't have to keep spending every np on it !
~ahhh you're so nice and cute and good at collecting avatars ily n__n


~my sister and my best friend love ya sis


~other than you lying problem *cough*, you are an amazing person!
~you're such a qt but you need to get your eyes checked!! and get dressed ~
~ur cool but why do u take so long to shower :/ u make me feel like a creepy creep
~i enjoy creepy creeping on you. love you.
~your sarcasm makes my day
~ILY OMG!! *toad* *batman* *rabid* *someotheronesIcan'tname
~NGW ?????
~you are so pretty!!! i hope youre having fun in florida~*~*~


~i love u with all my heart because ur so cute and ur the best person ive ever met. i want to be just like u and i admire u and ur so great. thanx for being alive
~Ily! My favourite whale caller on for sure


~You're very funny and a great friend, neo wouldn't be the same without you!



~hi 4riel ily omg i love talking to you and your taste in music is amazing and all the laughs and moments we had over the summer was totally worth losing sleep over
~omg ariel idek what i'd do if i didn't have you to talk to all the time, love you so much!!
~ariel you're great and nice and super kind and your fabulous cake gallery will win the spotlight one day!


~You are seriously the best friend anyone could ask for. I have never met anyone as sweet, honest, or genuine as you; and I know a lot of people. Just keep being you, because you are so beautiful just the way you are! Love you!!


~You are so ridiculously awesome and good looking (not that I've ever seen your face because TNT won't allow it, obviously they know if they allowed you to show your face to the world everyone would quit Neo to join your fansite). You're smart, funny, fabulous, and have great taste in fashion. You make make my palms sweat whenever I type to you on the AC. I wish I could be your Mysterious Valentine this Valentines Day. Please accept my NF requests, for it makes my heart die when I cannot always be in your company. I will be forever yours.
~You've got no idea who I am but I know who you are. I watch you every day because I think maybe you'll want to be my bfffskol (Best Friend Forever Forsure Since Kitties Online_ but I guess it will never happen. I'm so amazed with all your avatars from the neobards and all that you do is so fascinating. Your company makes me feel like 1,000 picked flowers on a winter day.


~so talented, so so so talented! c:


~awsome girl to get to know love ya sis
~GLEX. Where should I begin? Okay, you're a amazing girl, always looking out for your friends, you're just a sweetheart, such a caring, sweet, loving person Ily.
~Glex you're so nice!
~glex i've known you for a really long time (back in old guild days o man!!) and you are just awesome and beautiful and great ok !!
~girl i LOVE you. you're a sweetheat, caring, insanely beautiful (L)(L). you're literally one of the few neofriends i made on here YEARS ago when i first started, and we're still close friends now. i love you, i miss you. you're my everything ! xoo
~you're my very best friend on here, and i'd be lost without you to inspire me to do better on my account. plus you're an awesome person who deserves the best in life and in everything really. you're also very pretty ^_^ much love babes. :3


~you sir amazing, you're so sweet and lovely.
~caleb!! ily you're the best &you're qt! you're sooo sweet! n__n
~je t'aime plus qu'hier et moins que demain. ^___^
~Caleb you wonderful boy, don't ever doubt that ily. Don't stop being wonderful!


~Eve! You are such a good friend and I was really lucky to meet you! Omg I wish more people were like you


~you always have the most amazing userlookups and i want to get to know you because you seem awesome and seem to have similar interests to me but yeah c:
~i really love your font aha plus you're really funny ^^


~Viewing: Charchar | Messages: 1 - 20 of 1096~ Need I say more?


~Your a TON of fun to play Key Quest with!


~I. Love. You. You are an amazing friend and you are so much fun to talk to, you are one of the nicest guys I have ever known!
~JANELLE!! Oh my gosh I love you soooo much! I can't believe we got lent SuAP together and we became great friends in such a short time. ily, stay amazing!


~Ana, you probs know who I am lol but whatever ily. Most awesome down on earth person ive ever met! and the things we got in common are crazy and scary =P but yeah keep being awesome ;D


~You too cool and have helped me in PT with those guides on your UL. I go there When I can't find a guide for something xD.


~persey (percy hehe), i love you so much! you are so amazing and sweet and hilarious and fun! even though you can't come on here that often i miss you!!


~plushie tycoon queen! thanks for helping me and being so patient with me, even though I fail Dx

petpets112233 rock.
~hi sonya i love your qt artwork and someday you'll be able to gd as well as me
~sonya you are amaaazing! more amazing than the fluffy kitty on your lookup n__n! i felt honored when i saw i was on your lookie :3


~hehe you're the bag master and even though you make some of the worst typos, i still think you're cool!!
~one of my greatest friends ily


~Amandaplz I love you so much ! Merveilleuse chef de Brutal, reste comme tu es


~PIKAAAAAA! Hey girlie, you might know who I am, but that's okay, YOU'RE AWESOME! :3 CHUUUU!


~Nadia you are such a good friend. I have known you for so long and I am so excited that we have been reunited with each other. You use to be so sassy and now you are a nice gurl ~ ilysm


~Pinkie, thank you so much for all the help with my attempt to get a pet trained to beat the space faerie so that I can lend it and congrats on getting bgc


~a great friend who has so many talents! thanks for the great times!


~I love you so much! You're one of the main reasons I haven't quit this site. So optimistic. I miss writing you songs on your lending boards...


~We used to be in the same guild and I miss the good times we had together. Hugs


~Thank you for keeping me sane through our many Altador Cups. *hugs*


~Alex, you're perfect, no matter what you do. I really miss you, and you're by far one of my favourite people on Neopets.


~Yes, you're a lemon. But lemons can make lemonade, and lemonade's nice.
~To my rser homie -this place wouldn't be the same without you! You are amazing !!!


~Son, you're without a doubt my favorite Neopian. Your generosity is astounding, your wit is refreshing and your talent is unbelievable. Keep being awesome. (:


~Your graphics are absolutely amazing along with your fonts. :'D
~Mikie!! You're so nice and funny and i love talking to you! Your fonts are always so colorful and adorable, btw! ^___^
~you're the coolest and i'm so happy we're in a guild together again. we will most definitely meet up in atlanta one day!


~totally hot
~elle you are so sweet and funny, and adorable. and you are cute when your posts get a lot of notes.
~Elle you are always so nice to me and everytime I talk to you its not awkward even if its just us cause you always talk about cool stuff ok thanks bye
~such a sweetie. i've known you forever and you're one of the sweetest people i know (:
~totally good at dealing with creepers !!
~ive known you for like what, 2 ish years now? kadfish and tori and all that good stuff, yeahh those were the days. ily !
~elle you're so funny and pretty


~emma, your humor is beyond me but you make me giggle. ily girl.
~ adorable customizations! Her kindness and generosity know no bounds! I love you Emma! Best friend on!
~You're pretty much the most amazing person ever. I love you. lol/


~You don't know me but I've seen you around, usually at gifting boards. You are super sweet and giving. I wish you the best of luck!(:
~you always make me laugh! Here's hoping for a Moltara/Altador/Lutari Island plot!!


~I just wanted to let you know that you're an amazing friend and very generous for making TBGCC and helping people get lent.


~You're a really nice guy, and a great guild leader. (: You made me feel welcome, and I appreciated that, and you're fun to talk to!


~WOW everything you say just makes... SENSE. And you always speak what's on your mind in a coherent manner without being deliberately rude.
~always there for me thank you sis
~Oh Emi, you are one of the funniest people I have ever met online and off. Please, don't ever change that. I look forward to talking to you every time because you make me laugh. I only hope I can repay you by finding someone willing to lend you SuAP! I won't give up until you've been lent.
~very intelligent girl on the ac. (;
~I like the fact that your head is screwed on right (unlike most ACers).
~when you talk about farts, it gets real. it never fails to make me laugh. ever. i like you. and i don't normally like people. so you should feel special ok
~you are so funny lol, sensible and just cool ~!
~i luv ur fonts potter phil emily
~dude. Come back to the AC. We will make it not boring anymore. Best of luck with your school/career! Hope you stay in touch c:


~You are the qt to my pie


~You are a great person to look up to and have a VERY impressive, amazing account!!!!! Keep being awesome girl!!!!!


~omg qurl you're so amazing and your art is qt! ^____^ keep on rocking the lurker world!??


~Travis you are simply amazing and awesome! I am so lucky to have met you and become friends with you. I hope we stay in touch for a long time, thank you for the amazing friendship you have given me.


~dani ily. you have gorgeous hair
~has the most nicest hair ever~
~ily so much you are the life of the party and you're so pretty
~Tomtomtom. I miss calling you that. Also you are amazing.


~I heart you! Thank you for helping me so much with Avies, and welcoming me back to Neo.


~xoxo. That is all


~You're just a big cookie I want to nibble on when you're not looking. o.o


~You such a good kad feeder I can't keep up! x) But you're really nice and I like that about you.
~br0, you rock. x
~you look a crusty mess.


~You were the glue of our pea-begging boards and without you, i wouldn't have my MSPP or SuAP avatars. I couldn't have asked for a better welcome into avatar collecting. You're all the swellest of swell!


~YOU WILL GET CELLBLOCK ONE DAY. you deserve it, you're a lovely person!!


~you're one of my best friends on here and you always make me laugh. thanks. c:


~Greg, you are probably one of the coolest AC guys I have ever met.


~You're a gorgeous one, mizz purplemoocow. we need to chat more. I miss you.





~Edward, ily and I envy your mad gaming skills! Thanks for being such an awesome friend and having faith in me.



~you are amazing.


~oh hay you are pretty funny
~another guildie!! Well your font is awesome and you like kid cudi sooo plus one cool point : D and you're really nice and stuff i like talking to you!! ^___^


~People take one look at you, and all of their dreams come true (:


~berry, you are one of the cutest and sweetest people i have ever been lucky enough to talk to *: i am so glad i met you and i hope we're always friends!!
~you are such a sweet qirl and ilu and you make me laugh so much especially when you leave me the weirdest voice mails and how you have a dirty sailors mouth that has definitely been plunged into many toilets...the point is. you are amazing (:
~i know we just met, but you are already one of my favorite AND nicest people i know! i love you berry!
~Berry I secretly like you the most but don't tell anyone.


~ok alice youre such a qtpi and you make me laugh a lot sometimes


~youre so much fun omg and energetic i love playing cards against humanity GREAT GAME OMG. you always have such a good attitude and youre nice to everyone never change alice!!!
~Haven't known you that long, but you're easy to talk to. You're funny and youre sarcastic. That's all I need in a frand.
~mangas and dramas are cool and so are you! hehe it's always fun with you; stay awesomee!


~Mary Katherine, you are one of the nicest people I've met on this site, and no doubt one of my bestest friends on here. c: You are incredibly sweet, and just amazing!
~MKAT. Oh that one day looong ago when I put the idea into your head that you're the sweetest girl I know... haw. But seriously, you're so down-to-earth and you make me want to be a better person. Thank you so much for being a dear friend and for teaching me your southern ways of living. Where would I be without you? Probably still being cool as always but you catch my drift. Love ya. C:
~GIVE ME A 'M'! GIVE ME A 'K'! GIVE ME A 'A'! GIVE ME A 'T'! WHAT DOES THAT SPELL?! MKAT! You're just so awesome.
~I think you're so funny, so nice, and I love your fonts. tehe ~oh guuurl you never fail to make me smile. I love talking to you, and you're defs one of my best neo biffles! ily c:
~you're such an amazing & funny person even if you hate me for being a silly newfie lol. c: ily


~Where do I even start with you? Whether it's sending me birthday presents when no one else does, talking about going to Vegas for my birthday, spending way too much on nc together, driving to 7 different targets to try and find the discounted nc, or even just chatting and sharing emoticons, I love you with all my heart. You are the type of friend that everyone wishes they had. My favourite person in the whole world.


~SO GENEROUS. like, for real. I wish he'd stop being so nice. oh well, I love him anyways
~I LOVE MR. DUNGYYY BOY. He's funny, and someone you want to be friends with!
~my favorite newfie, even if he doesn't like jam jams!!!
~I'm not even kidding, this boy makes me laugh every time I talk to him. ~*~ily robbie~*~
~i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you
~Creepiest creeper of all times. And I owe dis awrad to Robert. (And Stacie, too.). Oh, and I've already said it like bazillion times, but ILY


~Tommy loves Laura and will forever 'cause Laura is AMAZING and has a fantastic font!
~Laura I simply adore you
~ily laura. you're so funny- miss you on the AC.


~robbieee you are so funny and nice and sweet omg idek i love talking to you we need to talk more


~My fellow life sci UofT-er ! It's nice to know I'm not the only Neo-addicted one. Thanks for all the good times, Neo wouldn't be the same without you!


~A Y L A ! i loooove you c: stay amazing and good at the violin, okay?
~she's so sweet + genuinely nice c:
~you are one of the sweetest girls around, and your name is so pretty! i love listening to your stories!
~i think about you in the sh0wer
~you have such a cute personality ^_^
~Girl, you are so sweet and funny.(: You make me smile everytime I talk to you! You work so hard on your account and your personality always shines so bright! Ilysm!(:


~You may never know it but you are always my best friend on neopets. It's kind of depressing knowing that we haven't been talking over the years. Thanks for supporting my pursuit of chasing after my dream avatars.


~meilyn i looove you mei, please stay amazing !!
~you're like my big sister and ILYSM~


~Thank you for the help on neo.


~My banner is lovely. I use it even now. Thank you!


~You're a super amazing friend, Scott! Come back to neo more often!
~i like how i can talk to you about anything like it's nothing ^__^ ty for being awesome !


~You're amazing. Thank you for all the laughs.
~omg momo you are so nice, you're also super funny. thanks for being such a good friend


~hi i hate you youre so cute
~hahahaha okay wow what to say about roy. you're basically a sarcastic jerk, but that's what makes you lovable. underneath it all, you're this really sweet guy that's a great person to be around. you always make me smile and laugh, so thank you for that. you're also a great and loyal friend. you've got some guts, so i praise you for that. you definitely are something special, roy.
~ily, buddy


~uuuh you are a qt pie
~we all honestly miss you : (
~omg youre so cute and your eyes are so pretty and i love your smile xoxo




~If I had to pick the nicest person I've ever met on neopets, it would be you, without hesitation. Thank you for everything
~I sincerely adore you with all my heart. You are my absolute favourite. You are so sweet, caring and friendly. I hope I never lose you as my friend because that would break my heart. You mean so much to me!! Ily forevz
~Clearly destiny has brought us together. The stars have aligned in our favour and you should be grateful for a catch like me.
~COOL PPL ASSOCIATION 4 LYF. Even though you're not in there.. ): Still a brotha to me! Thanks for everything.


~Tiiina, if you're looking for gushy, look at your About Me. But uh yeah, we may as well be one person, so if I didn't like you, it'd be like not liking myself. O_O So, yeah, love you and stufff.


~you are the bestest. c; nuff said


~To my rser homie -this place wouldn't be the same without you! You are amazing !!!
~pari you are so sweet and generous, your gorgeous and ilu c:
~You're a great guild member and super nice. ^_^ I've known you so long haha. Surprised you put up with me when I was little!! @_@
~pariii. i can not believe how amazing you are. you're funny, gorgeous, generous, and you never fail to brighten up my day(: i love how i can always count on you to say the right thing and be there for me. i am so glad i know you and i hope we're always friends. :3
~you're one of my bffs and I love all of our jokes ! (:
~pari, you are a great friend and i enjoy talking to you! it seems as you don't like me though. :c hopefully this you read this. n__n


~You're so encouraging, you have NO IDEA. Oh, and thank you for ALL THE FOOD


~Aly, just wanted to say you are the bestest guild leader ever. c: kismet is rocking because of you, so keep it up. love you, the guildies, and the guild! (:
~Thank you Aly for creating Solace I've met really funny people & I never get bored. You're really awesome!


~OMG! You are the best! ! lovr talking to you and hope I see you on the boards more often.
~Roo ily and all the great thing you have done! thanks bestie


~Like a big sister, really nice person Rose is amazing!!


~You are so important to me, I don't think you even know.


~Never have I met someone I so instantly felt a connection with. Even if you fight with me on every turn about me trying to surprise you, it still makes me smile. Thanks for listening to my fairytales and supporting me. You're one of the kindest, most generous people I know.
~Gurl Ily as simple as that. You are always there for me when I need you. I've been one of the luckiest people in the world to have met you. You have become like my sister and I am very thankful for that.


~you have the best taste in music so ty for telling me new songs to listen to! youre always nice to talk to & you win the best neofriend award of course A+



~ily; you are so easy to get along with
~YOU'RE AWESOME SOCKY! You rock ;D You're also an amazing friend. x3
~backpack, backpack!
~hi socky!! i'm glad we started talking and stuff in the guild~ you're really funny and super sweet, plus i heard you have 12 HoS... OH BABY, SACADOS (; i feel like i just blew the whole anonymous part but that's okay.
~You're one of the sweetest and kindest people I've ever meant, thank you so much.
~Good job in that rap battle. (;
~You're such a great gal & I'm so glad we made such a great trusting friendship so fast. My friendship with you will never change, no matter what things you may acquire. Love you girlfan. Xox.
~Oh where do I start.... Sacados, you are plain amazing. You are patient, kind, caring, humorous, and genorous. You are so amazing in every way. Never change Socky.(: Oh and *norgene*!! Haha I ruined the moment. ;)
~Pepper! I look forward to the kad boards every night :3 so much fun! I absolutely love our group chats with Gerry and you've become one of my best neofriends. Thank you so much for all of the fun times and everything you've done for me. You're such a sweetheart and just stay the way you are. Oh and good luck with Luke bby
~OH REBECCA BLACK ITS FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY ok it really is friday loool. i feel like you already know who this is oh well im your katy berry and we are meant for each other. ^_~ i mean come on, katy berry, rebecca black idk if you agree, but shoot, destiny
~it's great to see that you're still around. you're still one of my favoite acers. xo
~You're the most amazing person I've ever met. You're funny, nice, and great to be around. I'll always cherish the time we got to spend together.


~Thank you for helping all my friends and trusting my judgement so much. you're just wonderful. and now that you're one of my people I will take care of you as best I can


~i recently met you but i feel incredibly close to you already, you're a great friend and you're so cute. your taste in music is amazing and wink w*~*~nk you're the best sam~!!!
~haven't know you for long, but you're hilarious. you're a great guy to be around. YOU BETTER GET LENT SUAP SOON JESUS
~best. drawer. evar. and a sweet guy too ^^


~Sami, you're awesome, never lose hope and keep going!
~You are so adorable, I wish I could squeeze you sometimes. Keep following and building on your amazing talents and you'll go far!



~Will you're so sweet. =) love you!!
~really helpful and always reminds me about the lenny conundrum
~You're really helpful and smart and you have a unique (but good) sense of humor.
~I wish we were better friends because you are a sincerely kind person, and I admire you a lot. You are very respected on the AC and you handle that well.
~You're extremely funny and nice and I really, really love talking to you. I'm sooo glad we met. Thanks for being awesome! Ilysm *:




~should get off the fourms
~hey cait ily. you're so funny and a good swimmer. you're such a good friend and i luv talking to you. cant wait to be sistas 4 lyfe when i marry your brother cancun 2k14
~neosisters 4 lyfe


~gurl, you're amazing & so generous & omg ilysm!!


~I miss you. Come back plz?


~you're totally awesome lol


~Spot, you are a great roleplayer and an awesome neofriend. :3


~I appreciate your disregard for other people's opinions. You're a creative person with a great sense of humor and a very friendly person. I'm glad I know you!


~Bow down to the KWEEN =O


~Sean you are the sweetest boy in the world and ilu c:
~SEAN - you are a truly amazing friend, thanks for all of you've done to help me (:
~Sean! You are by far my best friend on Neopets. You are a doll (: . I love you !


~Your Keep Calm and Go to Harvard font always makes me laugh out loud!
~You're a real actual pal.


~You are amazing amazing! Your -cough- obsession is one of the many things I lufisianfus about you. x3 And the fact that you're just a /bit/ weird. : D You're awesome!


~you never fail to make me hurl with laughter. I laugh at your posts even when I'm having a horrid day (and I don't laugh much irl). Let's talk over some fruit snacks some more!


~you help people so much, you have no idea.


~She is one of the sweetest people you could hope to meet! Very fun to chat with, and she shows a lot of promise as a great font maker.


~Very kind person, and so helpful! I am grateful to have your help with planning activities and such. Your friendship is greatly appreciated!


~thanks for pounding the pirate blumaroo pet I got on my side


~you are so great and funny and i love you even though you never get online and engage in group activities anymore. but you will always have a place in my heart!!
~you're so nice!! and i love making fun of the stupid things that mo says with you


~My girlfriend, and my forever best friend. I love you so much. We understand eachother in every which way.


~Returning what you said to me once. "I don't know what I'd do on Neo without you." x277 Oh and this is my first real compliment to you.
~It's okay if you don't remember me, because I remember you, and how exceptional a person you are. I hope that everyone else can see it too ^_^
~I never would have guessed meeting you would end up like this. You're one of my absolute favourite people on neopets and I don't know what I would do without you. Whether it's our KQ games or Jas telling me you're secretly on, I love it all.
~ill never go to bed


~lol "anonymous" compliment ;)


~Kris! I really enjoyed talking to you.


~you're so cute and funny i love your orange hair and i will never forget that creepy laugh you did omg my favorite ever




~I love you more. Just admit it already. You're SUCH a sweetheart and I love you to bits, you're a amazing girl and I will forever love you. /Hugs. I hope the best comes your way love.


~You are an uber fruity awesome guy. You're like on of my best friends on neo, and the convos we have are and always will be epic. You're smart-ish, funny, very very open; about everything ;D but anyways, I seriously can't imagine a life on neo without you, even though we don't talk much now. You're an amazing person, love ya


~I love you baby, you mean everything to me and i cant live without you. You are the most amazing person on this planet and you make my life worth living.
~I still say your name so it rhymes with hey, but... You are so fantastic. Even though you're a Gator fan, thanks for being so kind and such a great friend (:


~I have the most epic Captain Carrot ever.
~YOU ARE AWESOME and ily!!! even tho u dont post on the ac that much :s


~Hollyrefrigerator you lovely and fearless girl, you're the best leader anyone could ask for and I'm so grateful to you for welcoming me.


~you are soooo nice!! and super great at guild layouts and userlookups! x (:
~I haven't known you very long but we get on so well and we've become great friends in such a short time! I value your advice and you're hilarious. xoxo


~you are so sweet~ your gifting boards put a smile on a lot of peoples faces, mine included ^___^ i'll have to pop by in the guild and chat with you again, soon! I miss you, Ella! : D


~simply AMAZING! You're the best co-owner I've ever had and you're my best friend online_ I love all our late night talks. 8D KICK THAT BIRCH!


~Nezza, you are the best friend a girl could have on this site, without you I might have simply quit! Thank you for just everything!


~hansolo youre just so great and i miss you so so much even tho ur a super rich model and stuff
~hanselena your an epic with your cool ness #dumbbunnybrosforlife


~Thanks for hosting Avatar Simon, I really enjoy answering your questions c:


~Thank you for being such an amazing friend and lending me 160k for collat for icy ^_^ You rock and are legit sweet. If anyone deserves to be lent /anything/ it is Chelle, for she took a leap of faith in a newbie and fronted collat for me to get lent and a vouch. You rock
~You have got to be the nicest person in all of Neopia. And I've got to be the luckiest person in all of Neopia, because I know you. I'm so glad to be able to call you my friend.
~I think you're wonderful. You aren't anti-social no matter how much you may say you are. You're a little difficult especially when it comes to gifting, but I still love you(:
~We /will/ have matching pets. ily.
~you're so wicked awesome!
~Thank you for being so amazing and kind.


~Daaaavid. You're amazing. Cool. Funny. AND SIMPLY THE BEST.
~WE MISS YOU SOOO MUCH. Please come back c:



~ILSM - that is all


~Hey Leya ! Merci pour ta gentillesse et de m'avoir fait découvrir la guilde Brutal
~I really wish we talked more!



~Selfless is one word I would use to describe you. Always putting others in front of yourself. I hope to take your attitude and use it not only on neo but out there in the real world too. thanks for that c:
~dani you are so nice. i barely know you but i hope we can be better friends soon!
~DANI. You are seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met. Never ever change, qtpie~! (:
~daniiiii, omg you are so nice. i still dont even believe that you are "mean" irl. ahaha i love you dani. c: ty for being such a sweetie and again CONKADSSS
~dani ily even though you ragequit too much being in an ac clique 4 lyfe xoxo (;
~I love that people recognize our clique and make sure the whole AC knows we're a TEAM, and everything we do must be done together, even hating people. ^__^ Idk what I'd do without you and our fab clique, gurl!!
~Danielle, you were my first friend on this site. I love you and I really miss talking to you. Come to NC willya?


~Kate. You are absolutely amazing and fate brought us together. I can't believe how close we've become and nothing can ruin it. You're my best friend from states away. Ilysm and you are the sweetest lil thang evar! No one can ever replace you.
~You are truly one of the best people I've ever met on Neo. You are so sweet, fun, and wonderful. Keep being you, girly (:
~KATE BAIT! You are honestly one of my favorite people and one of my bestest neofriends! Even with all of the joking, the smell, and putting up with your grammar, I STILL LOVE YOU TONS!
~K8B8! I remember first calling you that(: You're really one of my best friends, and, as much as you smell, I still love you(: A lot.


~9x - 7i ~ 3(3x - 7u) =)


~You are super silly + keep Caffeine under control.


~Maryyy, you are the best friend I could ever wish for. You're always there for me and we talk way too much. Meow =^.^=


~zipper (: first of all i admire you and you are so nice to everyone




~it was dark and i was wandering the streets of neopia with nothing but my fading spirits, i had no friends, no place to go, nothing to look forward to, and this wonderful angel of a person came to me and took me under her wing, nourished me back to health, gave me the love i didnt deserve, and became the friend i cant imagine living without, she didnt just save my life, she made my life worth living
~You're such a cutiepie. Your degree in Cutienomics is really paying off
~Rita is super sweet! I can't believe I only just met her.
~meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow o the sound when u meow
~I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OMG I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY AND THE AC IS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT YOU!!! lets have sleepovers and eat chocolate and talk about boys and go to amusment parks and love
~rita is so friendly to everyone that sometimes i just wish that i could be like that too. or actually rita has taught me to tell people if i love them and tell people good things. rita helps me a lot whenever i feel sad and she is such a good listener. she is also a good talker so i bet we could have a conversation about anything, or actually we DO talk about anything like our conversations consist of anything. rita is so silly and she never fails to make me laugh. the best word to describe rita is definitely ~cute~ !!!!! love u


~One word, Err... Now six. Cool


~Aida, you're an awesome friend and it's always fun to have you around.
~Aida, I'm so impressed at how long you've been lending and how you have the patience to offer so many pets. Thank you for helping to bump CLU!


~natie ah youre so generous and just overall amazing
~To be honest you're one of the greatest people I've ever met and had it not been for you I probably would have quit by now. You're a real nice guy and no matter what you say, your graphics and stuff are great and everyone agrees.~


~launre youre the cutest girl ever n__n


~i love how sweet you are and how nice you are to everyone
~bri you are like a little fiery ball of passion and you want your avatars so you get them. YOU GO GIRL!!! ps you're awesome c:
~Hilarious person, amazinggg.
~you're amazing love c:
~You're super sweet and you're great to talk to. I never knew your name was Gabrielle? Did I spell it right? AHAHA YOU LIED TO ME ABOUT YOUR REAL NAME! Jk love you Bri~
~You are so sweet and I am so glad that we met! I love that you are so friendly to everyone and don't let anyone stand in your way.


~Your as cool as a cucumber, ^-^
~you're my sister.


~slater! ahhh, i love & hate how you're a genius and how you remember absolutely everything i tell you. you're one of my best friends & i definitely trust you a lot. thanks for being there & chatting with me for hours and hours. you're a great person & i'm glad i have you in my life. ily ^__~


~you're so ossum with your soggy old boxes. some people don't appreciate it, but i understand the magic and amazingness of the soggy old box. and i love you a lot mhm. (;
~BOXEH! I would never discard your boxes like some people (COUGH CHELLE COUGH) because I really do love them. Some days they really seem to be the only bright spot and just make everything better(:
~you never fail to make me smile, i love receiving boxes from you whenever i'm on the chat board. -hands you lifetime supply of poutine and hockey sticks-
~keep em coming


~being a great friend and helping me out of alot.


~You're the best :3
~You've helped me out SO much, you don't even know! Thank you for everything, I really appreciate it C: I'm very glad we've become close neofriends!


~oy claire you da bomb xD


~SO MUCH TALENT. Seriously, you make amazing graphics, have an amazing attitude, and own an amazing and successful guild. You're awesome, Sosu.
~Your awesome at graphic making.
~at first i was afraid to talk to you. but once i got to know you more, i can say that i really do find that you're an awesome person. thanks for being a great friend and guild leader ~
~Not only is he my sweet hubby, but he's one of my best friends! He's nice, cool, great at graphics (but who doesn't know that ;P), his accent is awsome too. Love you, Sosu~
~Sosuuuuuuuuu! I love yoooooooou! Haha! Sosu youre an amazing friend and I love that youre always there to hear me out and help me when I need advice. Not to mention, you help me with my spanish (; Your graphic skills are awesome, of course. Oh, and youre a great guild leader (: But most of all, I value our friendship over everything
~Sosu you awesome graphic making person you're amazing! You still owe some people favors by the way!~
~Such a nice person & so talented
~I don't know you that well, but you're amazing at making userlookups, and your avatar count and trophies are to die for.
~Sosu you are my favorite Spanish friend You are so kind and helpful and I can talk to you about anything! Also, you are super dedicated to everything you do, which shows in your graphics, your gallery, your guild, just everything!


~Omg qurl, you're like my dongsaeng (guess who!) So fun to talk to, and I love passing the time with kpop. Saranghae~ (^____^)
~Hello Jane dear! Here's a compliment for being awesome. ;D Luff youuuuu~!



~Your the Sparkle to my Banjo
~Your font makes me want to go chop down a tree so there's Less oxygen for you and you won't have enough energy to post anymore, thus stopping my eyes from burning. Thanks for all the fish, btw.


~you are an amazing friend and definitely one of the nicest people I have eve met
~you are so nice, even though you like to deny it!! and you're the best banjo player of all time


~You rock forever even though I'm jealous of your avatars
~I've known you for yeaars, and you are one of the sweetest people I know ^-^ you rock!


~Thank you for gifting one of my dreamies.
~alan you were one of my best neofriends last year i miss you! i hope everything gets better where you are


~Although I haven't known you for a long time, you are honestly one of the kindnest neopians I know. You're really friendly, generous (you and your gifting hehe), and just really awesome.


~you're kind of insane but ily


~idk, i just love your trade offers ! makes me smile every time. also you're pretty cool~



~ivyyyyyy ! you amazing person, you ily !
~You're so amazing and I owe you so much.


~Thank you for being the most wonderful TK on the kadoatie board, and helping everyone out when they ask and not being rude


~It's always a pleasure to speak with you on the boards. Your positive attitude and optimistic outlook make the Altador Cup so much better!


~thank you for always being here to listen to my moaning, for discussing absolutely insane things with me and for being the best friend I have on neopets, i really mean it!



~You are an AMAZING person; you're incredibly nice to everyone. You're really fun to talk to talk to, and I cherish your presence. Thanks for being there! ;*


~corey youre so fun to talk to and just super smart and amazing and you love kittens so thats a+


~You are such a snowflake. You know, unique in your own special way. So do the world a favor and never try to be any one other than you already are. Wonderful and perfect you.


~Share some of your trophies with me sometime


~You're a really really nice user who actually cares about people behind the computer. You never once treated anyone like dirt and always tried your best to help another user.
~MISTY!!! You are an AWESOME person. ILY!! Thanks for all the gifts and thanks for helping lend my good friends avies.
~You are such a great user.
~Thanks for the NC Gifting Boards. You are amazing for that.
~A SUPER thanks for helping me get lent some expensive avatars.
~You are such a sweetheart.
~Keep on rocking girlie.


~you're pretty amazing jsyk


~You are such an amazing friend, what would I do without you?


~I'm so glad that we met and started talking because you are seriously one of the coolest and most chill guys I know. You're so easy to talk to and you're so nice and fun!! Thanks for everything ^_^


~are your pets ufa yet? jkjk you are amazing and i love our crazy conversations about your mom, nyc, soap, etc.
~I don't care that you aren't active on neopets anymore. I still value you as a friend, even till this day. All of our board talking, yeah, i saved them. P.S. I love you more than you love me


~KOMA! You are such an awesome person and I am so happy we are NF! Literally, I'm so lucky to have found someone I can cope with!! Thanks for being so awesome! c:


~Justin, justin is pure awesome


~Cay, just remember to never give up!


~asdfghjkl; rivers r col I LOVE YOU KID


~you are so sweet and thank you for the daily snowager reminders!
~you're such a nice person and I am so glad I met you!
~Steph, you're one of the best people on the AC!
~I love you so much qt :3
~steph, you are just amazing. seriously. you're so nice and you have fantastic taste in music, and you're the best wife ever!
~I think you're one of the nicest and most talented ACers around (although your microwaving skills apparently leave something to be desired. Just stop burying them in your garden, k?)
~I don't really know you but I love your personality and your sense of humor. I admire you from a far all the time cause I'm not really part of the popular crowd. The AC is lucky we have someone like you.
~steph omg you are literally the nicest person i have ever met. period. you are super fun to talk to too! and an amazing friend ^__^


~you're my fave, and i'm sure i can feel your lurking presence on AC whenever i visit i'm so sorry for being boring and leaving you :c anyone reading this, you should hit this qt up for a nm


~Ily amber, your so sweet!
~amber, you are the most amazing person i've ever met. you're always by my side and i'll always be there to rub broccoli on your face. LOVE YOU!
~we've only known each other shortly but you are such a sweetheart and I'm glad I met you
~Amber I love talking with you. You're so nice and awesome. Your fonts rock too! You're a super friend x3
~i want to be you and i like your font and you smell good omg omg omg
~amber amber amber amber!! your fonts are super pretty and you're really nice and fun to talk too! don't change girlfriend~*~* i feel like i'm signing yearbooks right now except it's awkward because i usually just end a lot like "we should totes hang out" but we're on neopets... *uncertain*


~The sweetest most warm hearted girl I have met on this site. Oh and she would win americas next top qt but she can't enter. 'Cause the judges said: "Sorry, no professionals, sweety pea.


~Thanks for GtGA and being a awesome friend!


~sanam, you are one of the sweetest people on the ac, and probably the biggest supernatural fan ever. you also have a very qt hissi


~grandpappy!! I love talking to you so much & you're amazing (:
~I love you so much, thank you for everything you have done for me!


~To my rser homie -this place wouldn't be the same without you! You are amazing !!!


~Thank you for my maraquan grarrl. I love him just as much as ever, and he's still very happy!




~You are such an amazing person, everyone loves you! You're always surrounded by people who care about you


~you are an awesome person that ive known for a long time. you're fabulous, amazing, and i love you to pieces! C: thanks for being there when i need you and thanks so much for being an amazing friend. (:


~you are comfort & help others so easily. how can you be so sweet?
~you're so sweet, sweet! i still can't believe what you did for darlen (:


~Carmen, you're so amazing and I love you so much. You mean more to be than you can ever believe. Sending someone over 5000 neomails must mean something. I love you.
~Girl you've always been with me and now I don't see you around. Bby come back!


~If we had to vote for a president of the AC, I'd vote for you! I really admire how generous you are to everyone, and you have a clear sense of what's right and wrong.
~how are there not more compliments about you. you're one of the most amazing people on the AC, along with the nicest and caring. plus, your page. you spent forever working on it and went through a lot. so i'd just like to thank you for being a great person and having a great page! c:
~amazing page, amazing wit, and just an overall amazing person. thanks for being part of the AC.
~your page brings back memories of the good ol' days. tysm for making it ^^



~Kimi, you are an amazing artist. ou have more talent in your pinky finger than I do in my entire body.


~you are amaaaaaazing and everyone loves you and you are amaazing
~cutest boy ever and i love talking to him!!!!
~HI CONOR ILU! ty for the drawing again :3
~i usually tell gcers that they're annoying and weird, but i like you!!!
~u r so adorable, love noah


~It seems like a lot of people in the AC are upset with you, but you really just seem like a distressed girl who lost an account she worked very hard for. I don't agree with your methods, but I understand. I hope some day you can feel happy again.


~OMG pooja u sassy queen bee of the ac, u r def the regina george of this fab clique like u always say ur fab !!!! or u can ALSO BE the cady but u kno... u speak ur mind and ur fab love u pooja
~pooja!!!! you are the best we will always be one person p much even if we are separated by dumb different colleges ^____^ we are hilarious tbh and have fun doing practically anything even if others dont appreciate it!! im glad we are still bffs AND i hope this is mushy enough for you


~Thank you for being such a great friend and for always managing to make me laugh. One of the nicest and most geniune Neopians I've known in my 10 years on this site ^_^


~You are such an amazing person, and a great friend. I really hope you get lent SuAP in the near future, I know that it would be another one of your goals accomplished. (:


~your so awesome callum
~Ily callum, kindest person in the world /coff/ I mean neopia. But probably the world to. C:


~You were the glue of our pea-begging boards and without you, i wouldn't have my MSPP or SuAP avatars. I couldn't have asked for a better welcome into avatar collecting. You're all the swellest of swell!


~You're one of my favourites ever, I miss you.


~You're layke, the luffliest little girl in the world. And I'd hug you to death if that wouldn't kill you. xP BFFEs =3


~You're such a tonu with your... "Horns" and such. I love you tarla. ^____^
~i wuuuv you! you're so fun to talk to and we always laugh.
~You're just awesomely awesome, even though you wont teach me to kadfeed. ily x the number of compliments on this page.
~no matter what anyone says, you're truly beautiful
~such a nice girl, so easy to start of a convo with. i dont really know you right now but i hope i can get to know you a lot better!
~tara you're a qt and congrats on being the first person to have to feed more than 75 kads for the avatar!
~ily so much tara. you are like the best friend ever
~You're funny & helpful, always speaking your mind. You tried to help me with kadding but that kind of failed. It's a shame we don't talk more.
~TAAAAAAAAAAARA omg you are so nice i love talking to you bc you're so funny xD but like full of wisdom ahaha please stay amazing loove you
~You're always so nice to everyone!!


~you're creepy... in a good way (;


~Adam, you are such an amazing guildee - you're so generous and never fail to make me smile when we chat
~I'm so glad i ended up joining this amazing guild we are in, and thank you for teaching me how to duel in Yugioh LOL. Keep on quiggling.
~adam, your are the kraziest kadder i know and i adore you so much! you've helped teach me how to kad, guided me towards getting more trophies, and listened to me rant. neo would'nt be the same without you!


~I LOVE YOU KAYLIEEEEE! n____n If you ever see this, guess who? :3


~ilu even tho you're crazy


~Girl, I know you think things can be so low, but know that they get better in time. You are such a wonderful friend to me and know I am ALWAYS here for you. Thanks for being you and just know that YOU are wonderful and one-of-a-kind to me. I'd be lost without ya! Love ya, girl!


~Twinsssss. Separated at birth.
~you're legit the nicest person i have ever met. it never fails to amaze me how sweet & kind you are : D
~sarcastic in a good way & hilarious, I love the jokes we share ! (
~What can I say about you? You're so nice, an absolute gentleman at times, you're hysterical, and you're just an amazing friend. You're also very handsome. It seems like you're perfect You can just always make me laugh. You're a true friend


~Although not on a lot, I really appreciate knowing you. You are an amazing friend.


~marie you are just super sweet (:
~You're always so fun to talk to! Ellen vids are so hilarious.
~marie~! you're so nice and amazing at kadding and I love talking with you. Remember to sleep(;


~you are so cute and you greet everyone so eagerly aha


~One of the best people I've met on this site, no doubt. YURR METALLICA.


~You are a truly amazing person. I love chatting with you, and your determination to not let others get you down is inspiring. Thank you for being an awesome friend!


~you are the nicest person i have ever met immediately off of neo and your music taste is amazing aswell. im lucky to have met you!
~I find you to be a really great person from what I see on the boards. You're an amazing font maker, don't ever give up on that because you have a true talent on here.
~You are a truly amazing person. You're always there to respond to anyone's negative situations with a positive and happy comment. You're just a really kind and positive person in general. I feel so lucky to have gotten a chance to know you, never change.
~you're a genuinely nice person and your fonts are out of this world. you're such an amazing person with an amazing attitude. tanks for being soooooo amazing :3
~Ily Elise ok.


~you are a ray of sunshine


~I'm honestly surprised to see that nobody has complimented TNT yet! On behalf of Neopets, I'd like to thank you for the effort that you've put into this site over the last decade. We appreciate everything you've done for us, and we look forward to many more years of enjoyment.


~there are too many things i could compliment you about! so let me just say I LOVE YOU.


~You are a nice guy who I am extremely jealous of.
~you make me laugh. hard.xD
~honestly, you make me smile or laugh at least once a day whenever i see you post on the ac. this alone... makes you awesome. ^_^
~you're hilarious, especially when you try to gd everyone. thanks for the snowager reminders all the time!
~Omg Sun irdek you but your totes hilar && you're the only other ken on the ac besides jordy so i confide my minaj in yu! ^__^
~You are hilarious and you always make me laugh!
~thanks for lending me mspp. you kinda really made my day.
~u r so adorable, love conor
~What you did for the all-stars on the Altador Cup boards was very kind and very generous. Safe lending to you!
~ur creepy but i love u i guess
~you're so cute sun. i like you~
~ryan marshall xoxo


~You seem amazing, and I hope all your neo dreams come true
~Jordi, you are one of the best friend I have ever had on neo! You should/will be lent SuAP soon! ILY!


~I love your font and you are such a charming person!
~How do I begin to explain Tiff? Tiff is flawless. I heard her hair is insured for $10,000. I hear she does car commercials, IN JAPAN. Her favorite movie is Varsity Blues. One time, she met John Stamos on a plane and he said she was pretty. One time, she punched me in the face. It was awesome. Tiff I love you and I know I tease you a lot but you're super cool and super funny! c:
~Tiff you and your cat! Tif you're my Filipino buddy, and be awesome as always.


~Tiki you are the best guild leader ever! I love hanging out with you until like three in the morning haha. KICK THAT BIRCH.
~Yer cool. ;D


~so you are pretty much a riot & a half. I love talkin to you like I will see your un & be like happy all of a sudden ^__^ we have kinda a lot it common... well at least our taste in boys... oh... LOVE YA


~You are beautiful and kind and just the greatest person I've ever met on Neo. You are fun and cheerful and treat everyone with respect. Chatting with you is lovely. I love you sweetheart. *huggles*


~You're the most amazing person on neopets. =) Nope. You're not... ... You're THE MOST amazing person in the UNIVERSE! ^_^


~my sister in real life and on neopets


~thank you for lending me things, and gifting me things, you're the sweetest person ever!
~ugh you're so fun to talk to and i love obsessing over avatar with you #BRBTEARBENDING
~i love you and your fonts and how nice you are omg
~You are an amazing and incredibly kind person. Thank you for being so helpful and sweet. (:
~lexi you are really nice and fun to chat with and you love the best shows (tlok and atla) and we will continue stalking the purge (oh and your fonts are so qt) c:
~Lexi you are such a sweetheart, love that we're friends! x3


~tom sigh i wish you still loved me like you used to love me and like i still love you ~you're so funny heehee
~TOM TOM TOM. you're so cute and nice. i'm glad that we're good friends. you're beyond funny too so yeah!! stay cool~~
~you are such a sweetheart and you like accept everything i do and you're a reallly good kid i like you ^__^


~i always see you on the boards and you're always nice to everyone and eager to help and just keep it up
~sara. congrats on your ac award, you truly deserve it. you're a great ACer and i'm glad that a lot of people agree with me!
~the word "helpful" doesnt even begin to describe how much of a great person i believe that you are. i adore you very much, topologist
~sara you are always SO POSITIVE and brighten my day! ily


~Even though you rarely come on the AC anymore, you are still my favorite ACer. You're my best friend and I look forward to talking to you whenever possible. You're funny, kind, and just amazing. I love you.


~Oh my gosh. You are so spectacular, I'm left speechless. *faint* Log on more often, okay?


~liz youre so super cool and fun to talk to and outgoing and i like that ^__~
~coolest canadian you will ever meet ily ^____^
~lizzzzzzzzzz ? my favourite person ever. ( xDDDDDDDD) LOL you make me laugh so much sigh
~ilysm ok you're the best twin ever


~Rosie you are beautiful and sweet and kind and everything that is good! I'm super glad you're active again because I missed you. I'm always here to talk if you need me!
~Seriously one of the nicest and most real girl I have ever met. Stay true to you and keep your head up because everything works out for the best. You know how to help someone up when they're down and how to keep everyone smiling. Please, never change. I love you hun!
~You always amaze me with your simple, yet amazing font styles! You are an amazing friend and thank you for everything!
~You've become one of my greatest friends here on Neo. Thank you for everything you've helped me with in this short amount of time that I've known you
~rosie!! sometimes you can be pretty straight forward, but i know that you just want to make sure everyone's okay. i like you, you're an awesome person.
~ILYSM, ROSIE. I hope life treats you like the princess you are :*
~F-R-I-E-N-D. That's a word which can describe you and I don't need to tell you anything else tbh. I know you will be there when I need any advice or just to talk because in this short name we've known each other we can assure we're besties and that's something which can make me smile every day. Thanks for everything
~I've known you for as long as I can remember, I dislike how often we used to fight, and I really miss you now that we aren't friends anymore. You were always there for me, and always made me smile. You're perfect, inside and out, don't let anybody tell you differently. I want you to know I miss you more than anything, and I wish we were friends still. ily


~You're my squishy Tazzgerine.


~you are cool ily~ korea ftw!!!
~you're so pretty and really chill!!
~most beautiful gurl on neo!!! idk what id do w.o u tbh. 21 hrs.
~the fact that you're still around is amazing + you're so pretty!! crying and sighing at the same timeeee!!


~a sweetheart plus sis


~Your as cool as a carrot stick (:
~trophy you're so cute you always make me happy with your own happiness i hope you'll always stay as you are


~you're super nice, hard-working, and far too modest ily


~qtpie !
~hi kad buddie : D youre amazing ~
~Even though I don't really know you I see you around the boards a ton. You honestly seem like such a sweetie pie, and you're always wishing someone good luck on their board. You've brought a smile to my face so many times, it's just nice to see someone who's genuinely kind, even in the smallest of ways. (:
~you're just so sweet and i love talking to you (: this pc'er loves your keyboard too !
~LOL i was going to give you a compliment, but i forgot your un so i went through my nfs to look for you... and then i couldn't find you. ;_; xD that's ok though, you still have the cutest MALE wocky ever


~hi qt i love you and i'm really glad i met you
~you are just the coolest asian i have ever met, jas. (:
~JASMINE ! lazy manly girls 4 lyfe ~ i love youuu !
~I love that all of your friends are so in line and listen to everything you say, it just shows that you are a great leader and sheep herder ^__^ props gurl
~I love that people recognize our clique and make sure the whole AC knows we're a TEAM, and everything we do must be done together, even hating people. ^__^ Idk what I'd do without you and our fab clique, gurl!!
~Jasmine, you are a wonderful person and really one of the only true Neofriends I have that is still kinda active. You're always willing to help me out no matter what kind of shenanigans I happen to be in (and there has been a lot, omg) and you're always fun to talk to. Kindness should be rewarded and one day I'll do something epic for you. I don't know what it will be but I'm sure it WILL be epic indeed.


~To my rser homie -this place wouldn't be the same without you! You are amazing !!!


~you're an amazing friend youre so grunge and cute and i love you tayla xoxoxo im glad i met you like really you're an amazing person overall and don't change cause youre so unique and omg crying~!!!
~yeah tayla you're practically perfect. your math boards were super fun and you're just an overall great person to talk with and be around. idk what much else to say.. you're perfection - def one of the best acers right now!!
~you're so nice and funny. ugh wish i was you xoxo


~i adore you and miss talking to you! if you ever want to come back over to the dark side, let me know! i'll send you an invite!



~Thank you for always sending out those habi gifts They're really helpful and it's super nice of you


~Loved forever.


~I know I haven't spoken to you much but you're super cool & always fun to talk to.


~omg haha, I bet you'll be able to tell who wrote this immediately. But that's part of the fun but yeah, you are like my other half. I love you


~I don't know you, but you seem really nice


~Everytime I ran into you on a board, I was always excited because you are just a doll! I love talking with you because you are sweet and really funny, and you always manage to make me laugh (: You are also one of most generous ACers I've met and I hope you continue to be a doll!


~BFF 4EVR. you're never going to find this BUT ON THE OFF-CHANCE YOU DO.. i love you veryveryvery much.


~I luff this girl what a sweetheart
~tamz! ik we both had a rough start in the first 1-2 months we have known each other but after talking to you more off of neo and getting to know you a bit more, i can honestly say ilysm!! i love tha gossip we share and laughing at all the stupid ppl around and like swooning over qts but uh.. we def don't have much similar taste in guys, im sry gurl lol also i luhv the vids we find and share with each other. lol dont kill me with all tha cute ones ok thanks ^_^" anyway ya.. ily. sry for making this rly long. lol
~i've known you for well over a year now, you're gr69.


~great guy and a neo brother


~you are the best brother ever and I love you lots! I love playing armada with you when we are bored and I just really like talking to you ? You always know how to cheer people up and that makes you super awesome!
~Uzzie, you're the best person in the world and I love your jokes, even though you don't think they're funny. c: And you always help me bet for FC because I fail. And you always show me funny dances and sing me funny songs. You always know how to cheer me up when I'm sad. Thank you.


~You are such a qt ~
~the greatest ever lol/
~ummm why are so you funny. stay cute thanks xo
~i love your big usukis



~um why isn't she on this page yet? i mean leah is so amazing, she should have an entire compliments page just dedicated to her ^_~
~cutest kadder


~I've known you for a good 3-4 years and I simply love you, you're the best girl
~You are such a sweet person! Your help with avatar collecting was SO great, and your friendship and kindness are hugely appreciated!


~You're super awesome and incredibly funny, even though TNT dislikes your jokes =(


~Your allways a great person to ask questions and chat with.


~You are one of the nicest neopians on the AC. Seriously. You helped me to achieve my dream pet, and for that, I love you. Thank you so much!


~Thank you for always being kind and keeping everyone motivated!


~You are so funny, sweet, and fun to talk to. Love you!
~I've known this dude for like forever and he's really cool.


~I haven't seen you around lately, but I think you're still great. H3H3H3.


~I think you are a cool person in the guild. I need to stop poofing so much so I can get to know you better


~ok you are my best pal not going to lie u r super qt & funny & no joke you are really fabulous in every way stay fresh bby xoxo
~hi ily you're the best!! how would i live without you. also congrats on having compliments under 3 usernames, such an achievement.


~vicky, I'm glad you finally got your draik! You're so funny!


~V, I am SO happy we met and became friends! I have enjoyed conversing with you immensely. You are a very kind hearted person and I am thankful for your friendship!



~I love you sis! PP!!


~you are super nice, you always responds to everyone and you are so kindhearted!!!
~vic, you're a total sweetheart. you're so nice and cute and sighhh you're practically perfect. please don't disappear from the AC anytime soon. you're one of the few people that I actually like.. you make me smile a lot!!!
~watch_the_thronezz; i love you and you're the reason why im still neopetting. you're my neo biffle and you're the best person ive ever met. you're mine and im not sharing you with jonjon omg u anger me (angel)(angry)(envy)(hug)(inlove) yah those wont show up but ilysm u nob
~vic vic vic! i love gardening & swimming with you. you're so nice, yet stubborn at the same time. ^__~


~haha , where exactly do i begin? i'm so glad i met you , and i really hope you're here to stay


~you put the tru in truth... sassy (:
~I adore you and your delightful sass, you stay true and stick to your morals and I have so much respect for that! have a wonderful evening.
~you are the only person who is aware of real world issues around here, and I appreciate you very much! Look for me lurking on the AC! (I lend people ZDAPs and Chokatos!)
~Niy, you're a delightful person and I think you're amazing.
~you're my favourite ray of sunshine. keep fighting the good fight. love, your (very) secret admirer.


~I think you are a qt in the guild


~Funny and a lot of the time says the things that everyone else is thinking.


~love ya sis
~Ahhmazin' fonts Avaaa! You go gurl! I'd like to use your Grundo Starry font sometime. Its so COOL
~this girl knows how to make someone feel better
~Ava, I love you so much, you're amazing, don't listen to idiots that sad bad stuff about you 'cause you're the best. Iloveyousomuch xoxoxo
~AVA. err there's been some drama involving me interrupting your boards n such, which i do apologize for ^__~ but you're always super cool and nice and so popular ok yeah
~A sweetheart
~this girl is so funny and amazing!!


~You're so amazing. Good nurse, best love.


~You are a precious friend, and though years have passed, I have never forgotten the smile you freely offered me for so long. No matter what happens, you are always in my heart. I wish that you will always be happy! & Someday, i'm sure you will show me around Lotte World, and we'll go hand in hand, eating ice cream! ^__^ ~Forever your best friend!


~you're super sweet & i love your obsession with KND!


~michael you are so sweet and im really glad we started talking and the strangers you get are hilarious ahahah.
~honorary acer while the bd is down. ily yay
~Heyy C: I think I started to speak to you 2 weeks ago or so.. I don't know. ;P But here's an anonymous compliment saying how great I think you are ! xDD
~ You are so funny and a mad hxc gangstaaa


~KATE U R SO GREAT I LOVEEEEE U?? i wish we could hang out, stay awesome
~definitely a great ACer. let's talk more ok xo




~great girl love her alot
~nicest neopian!
~you're so sweet and so nice. ily moof!
~HI you are awesome to talk to and can give me a reality check when my head is over the rainbow and in the stars or make me feel better when I'm not doing so well. Thank you for being my friend!
~honestly, you are so generous and genuinely nice to everyone. some people need to stop taking you for granted. i adore you and i'm sure most (if not all) people do. ^_^ keep being amazing!!!!!!!
~you're so sweet. even though you're already nice to the max, you still find ways to be nice to the ac!
~you smell a little bit like fish but you're pretty qt
~You are super nice and just such a lovely person to be around, you brighten my day
~you need to come on more. we used to be best friends, but now you're never here! it's so sad


~you are so crazy and funny! i love chatting with you.



~you're a qt that needs to learn to be a little nicer and stop creepin k (;


~I just want to say I am SO happy to have met you through neopets! You are an amazing friend, and our role-plays are EPIC dude. So epic. You're the best, keep on being your awesome self!


~Cat you're amazing, and like me, addicted to neopets. I don't believe that your 72 hours online were spent leaving your habitarium open, however x) Love you!


~You're my absolute best neofriend. I'm so happy you finally got the kad avatar and owned all those mewbie plebians. idk I just love you and idc who says you eat a lot cause I like food, too. I hope to eat plates full of bacon with you in Canada one day
~From years back (must have been on Charter), I have always found you hilarious, lovable and an amazing person. You make me laugh, you make me cry from laughing and you have the best sense of humor. I don't know what I would do without you in my life.
~missy i was gonna hook you up with a bunch of free food from work but since we haven't talked in a while i guess i'll just have to eat it... i miss you!! and since there aren't any compliments in here - gurl you are gorgeous and hilar xoxo


~Gabby, I've literally known you forever and you have probably forgotten about me... stay just liek you are, you are amazing !!!!
~Gabby, you're fluent in Spanish and I'm super jealous. You're so, so, so kind and I wish I had your avatar count. I'm so glad to have met you through Dusk!
~gabby! you're so sweet and thoughtful. you're such a great person ~ don't you ever forget that.


~Even though you scarr me sometimes and toss threats, I know you mean it lovingly. You're my little pumpkym pie.


~extremely easy to relate to and rather funny
~funny, cool, and awesome. great person.
~you're extremely amazing and funny, and o you should obv. be lent bgc/mspp/suap pronto!
~I'm so glad that I'm getting to know you and I know you are a very trustworthy and honest person (:
~ALLIE I love talking with you in the guild you rock & you're AWESOME.
~lollll, this girl is hilarious. so glad we met.


~Chloe! You're not really an ACer, but you went from having like 160 avatars to 250 something in about a week, and that's insane and totally ACer material!! Well you're really funny and your pets are always gorgeous, I'm glad we met on the newbie boards 3 years ago


~hi deki!!!! idk what to say but hi & youre cool bye ^_^
~Aww, hi Deki. You're a sweetie who needs to catch up to me in avatars!! One day you will, young padawan
~DEKI CHAN ! ahaha omg ty for all the spanish help and yeah loooove you !
~you're really cool. i like you a lot.
~DEKI!!! You are a great friend and I love to talk to you ~*~*~* waving cactus
~you're too cute. you're so funny and i love your fonts.
~You have such an A++ personality, Deki. Like WOW, you are so kind and generous to all ACers. I'm sure everyone appreciates your joyous comments on random boards. ))


~You are very friendly, just so you know!


~WILLAYYYYYYYY. You are just too cool. :3
~Hey Willicus!! I see you OF w/o me lol anyways, i guess i should say something are a pretty awesome friend


~I know you won't read this because you're barely online anymore, but you've been my best friend on neopets for over 3 years now! I enjoy our neomails, and our virtual snow ball fights get back online soon, k?


~SUMMER ILY ! youre the best kad buddy around ayee :3 nicest person ever.. or are you !!!
~SUMMER :*:*:*:*:**:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
~You're my inspiration to life! Keep up the perfection! ILY SUMMER!
~you have amazing milk


~you are a total sweetheart. I believe you would do anything for anyone, and that's so admirable. Keep doin you!


~I'm astounded by your sweet nature and your generosity (:


~what other mate is going to admit to liking jerseyshore with me other then you? you're so generous and cool and i hope we stay good nfs!!


~your fonts are beautiful, you have the greatest sense of humor and you're a sweetheart as well!


~simply the best


~You are an awesome person and we really need to talk more! You are one of the most kind, generous people I have ever met, and you deserve all the happiness in the world (:
~beca youre a super sweet girl and i really miss talking to you. you ran the best guilds ever, i also love your art and coding c: youre a super girgeous girl and funny, dont let anyone tell you otherwise, love you c:
~amazing account and amazing skills, keep it up!
~i've known you for many years now. you're honestly a sweetheart, and always care for your close friends, and you're very honest & loveable. you're amazing!


~Sora, you are an awesome, kind person. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors on and off of Neo.


~Everyone should get to know her !


~love ya sis


~Thanks for being my friend. I'd like to pay you back as soon as I can. c:


~Ahaha, Kimmy you're so sweet. I enjoy talking to you, and seeing ya in the guild boards.


~I love you so much! Making Neopets worth while is what you do best! And I hear you sing well too ^^. Don't you ever leave!




~You are QT. Remind me to give you a faceful of cheesecake.. someday. : ( ily.





~You = Awesome. Even though you scare me, A lot. Ok a realy lot


~Shoelace~! You are awesomeness on a stick, and I'm so glad I found you again =D
~awesome guild leader & funny :-)


~are we still getting married in cancun? i love you xoxo
~you'll be the prince and i'll be the princess


~Mason, you're an amazing person with an awesome music taste!!
~you seem really nice


~You're an amazing and beautiful person. I feel like I know you in real life, and I'm so thankful I got to meet you. Keep being amazing!


~I like your fonts and you're fun to talk with. c:
~juliaaaaa your so so so nice!! and *norgene* wants to *norgene* and the guild *norgene* is throwing a party so *norgene* you're not invited *norgene*
~you're so sweet and your fonts are amazing! (NORGENE~*~*~)



~awesome whale calls
~you make my life. i want your autograph pl0x
~I never knew what love was until I met you. You are one of my top friends. I don't know where it came from. You are my favourite rage quitter, my favourite light plugger-inner, my almost favourite person on this site (l) You make me live for the next day, never go out of my life. You mean a lot to me even though I am sure I get you mad a lot, know that I do it out of friendship cause I don't think TNT would approve of love. anyways it's late and I'm angry atm so /RAGEQUIT
~Ily! My favourite whale caller on for sure




~you're my neosister and I love you to death, never change, you rock!
~How bout you stop being so pwnful. The rest of us feel inferior k


~ames. you are awesome. i love our friendship and youre a really good neopetter. just kidding. but we love lana del ray so thats okay, ps you are an amazing artist.




~HA, I bet you know who this is already - your fangirl from afar hohoho.You completely deserve SuAP; you're one of the SO FEW hardworking people who got everything on sheer merit and at the same time, you've never been stuck up and mean. You really do care about other people and you try to help the underdog. Compassion is one of the hardest things to maintain, so kudos to you.
~taye, you are so helpful and kind. keep on being you




~Sean is the funniest dude ever!! I love him


~you're such a cutie and you've always been there for me. rock on, Andy!

_ & #


~you're the best


~I want her to know she is real kind, and wonderful at font making. I also hope her font site thrives : )


~You're so wonderful, and thank you for helping me achieve my dreams.


~DEXTERR. ily and your unlimited dream world pass. TNT WILL NEVER BREAK US APART D8 NEOMATES UNITED!


~You're rude,mean and stubborn but ily ^__^


~hi laura! i like bumping the otw ad boards with you!


~Keke, I have known you for a couple of years and you are absolutely amazing. You like the same things I like, and you are extremely funny and always make my day. You are so awesome. Keep it up, bro.


~your graphics are awesome n___n!


~Best person ever seen. You ROCK dude!!!


~You are a great, kind, and active guild member! I hope you will reach your goal of a faerie queen doll soon and collect all the avatars in Neopia!


~your neopets have the cutest names! I've seen you around the AC and you seem very nice ^_^


~You are legit and going to miss you, most fun in the AC.


~You are awesome, The best guild leader!


~Helen! You are a great friend and I am so glad to know you


~such an amazing neopian, I love her to bits. She is kind and caring, truly a pleasure to know.


~marc you are one of the greatest persons on this website. you are such a sweetheart & a qt. you listen to me when i complain or need to talk. marc i love you so much and im glad to know someone like you. im so glad you mailed me one day and i just kept annoying you and look where that led us. dont ever get out of my life or i would die. i love you.


~Your so great at Avie games!


~Your genuine efforts to help lift people's spirits is, I hope, changing people's attitudes.
~Your art is really nice. Keep it up please.


~teehee. jk you should have a crown for being awesome, hehe. XD


~nicest person i have ever met on here even if you think your mean ;D. you're my neoBFF and ily


~you always know how to brighten up someone's day
~I have seen you around before, you are hilarious!

Thank you for all your compliments/support!


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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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