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Cute plushie

Saluton kara! My name is Candy (candy_fizz) and I am very, very, very interested in adopting in an unconverted Faerie Peophin of any name format.

After writing so many applications, I've found it necessary to have a page for the generic plans for a Peophin, and the generic information about me.

If you've been directed here, the information here is intended to be more in-depth, and is not tailored to any particular Peophin.

However if you're looking to adopt out a unconverted Peophin without the hassle of an blown-up mailbox, I've provided a story example in Plans at the end.

This project page is written in such a way you should not need to go to any of my other pages (My Portfolio, My Art Portfolio, Little Uglies, Confectionery), all information should be here.

Why not click on a link to get started?

Last Updated: 15/12/17 (Still a WIP)

Are you here and you A) Don't have an unconverted Faerie Peophin UFA or B) Aren't kindly checking this for any mistakes? Let me regale you of tales about service instead!!!

Why an unconverted Peophin?

1. I love Hippocampi

One day as I was updating Jharlyn's petpage with art, I realised that I had 3 Unis, a future Peophin, and I had previously thought my favourite animal as the fox.

That was a big lie! I only have one Neopet that vaguely resembles a fox, and Spyla came as a Xweetok from my sister so I had no say in the species.

I had also realised that it was not even horses I liked; it was a particular type of horse:

the Hippocampus.

Singular: Hippocampus | Plural: Hippocampi

At the Trevi Fountain, Rome by Alexander Augst
At the Trevi Fountain, Rome by Alexander Augst

They're a mythological creature with the front part of a horse, and the hind part of a fish. In case the name is familiar, the name inspired the genus name of the seahorse, and in turn inspired the name of a part of the brain.

You might be thinking, what is the use of a horse with a fish tail?

Mosaic of Poseidon and his chariot pulled by four Hippocampi at the Baths of Neptune, Italy by Marie-Lan Nguyen
Mosaic of Poseidon and his chariot pulled by four Hippocampi at the Baths of Neptune, Italy by Marie-Lan Nguyen

You use them to pull your chariot! That is, if you're a God.

Neptune, or Poseidon is the ancient Classical God of the sea, and one of my favourite Gods!

I'm from New Zealand, two islands to the south-east of Australia. I grew up near the sea, and as I child I was often taken there on the weekends. I love the depth, and beauty of the ocean. As I learnt to swim from a young age the sea has always been more of a calming figure than the anxiety inducing horror I know some people view it to be.

Unconverted Faerie Peophins have a longer fish-tail, and a more muscular figure. They're much more suited to be a creature of the deep, and the steed of Poseidon.

Such beauty, such grace!I'm sorry bby, you're beautiful too.

2. I love their colour scheme.

Their colour palette of yellow/orange/pink/purple has always been my favourite palette to pixel in.

In pixel art, it's very important to reduce the number of colours you use to pixel, and sometimes people forget you can use adjacent colours, (like how orange is an adjacent colour to red, but not blue) to shade colours in. Yellow is adjacent to orange, and purple is adjacent to pink! For some reason all those colours together look lovely to me.

Yellow is the lightest natural colour, and purple the darkest! This is serendipitous for my pixel art, and I love the dreamy tone of the pastels in this colour scheme.

You can see the difference, the unconverted has a more yellow spot and the converted has, transparent wings? I can't really see it.

Button for FloralButton for Confectionery
For Razu!Drew this way back when I was starting to find my pixel art footing.Drawn for my sister's Maraquan Draik, Aoza! Should have been more white, but why have white when you can have your favourite colour scheme?This is not a faithful rendition of the character,,, it's more the yellow and purple scheme I like :X

3. I need a Faerie Character for one of my plots

There are two plots going on with my characters. One of them I mantain with my sister, and the other takes place mainly in Faerieland/Krawk Island.

Faerieland/Krawk Island
Contains: Fef, Isap, Perfumer, Tleilaxu, and occasionally my other Neopets or my sister's.

This story start off with Tleilaxu, who finds an orphaned speckled Aisha by the name of Fef. He takes the child with him to Krawk Island, where he seeks and finds a job with the infamous smugglers. Unable to find a room due to his questionable mutant colour and unfamiliar face, he wanders around in his boat until he finds a nice island which he proceeds to make a home on.

One of his friends is Perfumer, at this point a pirate Lutari working with the smugglers, and getting paid in ingredients for her perfumes. She's not very good at the start, but eventually she makes a tidy income from traders docking at the island.

Fef grows up, blissfully unaware of her brother's occupation. She makes a Maraquan Uni friend called Isap, who hangs out around the island, 'looking after' Fef in a way. When she grows up, she gets sent to the training academy, and finds a job bussing tables at the Golden Dubloon. Fef is eventually turned into a mutant Peophin by a Maraquan sea-witch who disliked her consorting with pirates. When she tries to find Perfumer (as Tleilaxu is working at this time) she's gone! Fef eventually catches Tleilaxu at his smuggling job, and they have a nice long talk about his illegal shenanigans.

Perfumer forgot to tell Fef and Lei she was leaving for Faerieland! After the fall there was confusion in Faerieland for some time, but they were encouraging people to come help and rebuild. Perfumer thought they would appreciate her perfumes better, and so set off.

Fef sometimes swims to the coast near Faerieland to hang out with Perfumer. Isap is now her guardian most of the time. Fef creates Little Uglies as a club for ugly pets.

Contains: Aoza, Cers, Isap, Jewu, Jharlyn, Joekio, Joza, Laur, Poysion, Rexu, Spyla, Sunbond, Tekyre, and Todu.

A fun little world-building project with my sister, all of these pages have stories and content. Most of these Neopets are hers.

This storyline does not concern you unless you want to see the quality/quantity of stories we write.

4. Let me have one more avatar granting pet!

Not really a reason, but when I'm done with their pet page I can put them as my active and have a matching font & avatar & active!

I also have other pets that grant avatars: Fef's Mutant Faellie gives 'Faellie - It's Alive!', Spyla my Snow Xweetok gives out "Snow Day", and Jharlyn, my Halloween Uni gives out 'Uni - Nightsteed'.

5. The unconverted Faerie Peophin is kinda square???

It creates a nice padding around the Peophin, and I think that's rather aesthetically pleasing.

Mutants are beautiful
Consider the mutant Tuskaninny as an example of this as well.

Plans for the Peophin

I will give them a story, like all my Neopets! The Faerie Peophin owns a glassware shop in Faerieland.

It would be a full petpage, with minimal information given in tables, and bios; I can write! Not very well, but still! I'd like to have at least 10k words of just pure story, where information about my Neopet can be gleaned from in between the lines. I'd probably stick a bit more backstory in their section in my portfolio though.

Check my other petpages for examples of story?

What I lack in customisations and bd is my art/writing!

They'd reside on candy_happiness with Isap and Fef, and I'd dub that account my Hippocampus account. It's not the main account, but why keep all your eggs in one basket? It's easy enough to switch. I could downsize to 2 accounts, but if I lose one account, that would be half of my pets gone.

If they already have a petpet, I'd keep it.

Adoptable set:

Unlike my other adoptable sets, please ask before using!

Try to get them at least one BC trophy.

Those capital letter statistics on the petlookups I love so much. I think it's a sign that Neopet is well-loved, so I try to achieve that for all my pets.

Faerie employment stats; after all, they will be employed by Faeries.

Plushie Doppleganger for them.

My perfume gallery is a little big for just perfumes, I could add glass panes too!

Sparse customisation; not on Neopets to customize! I want to see their pose in their full glory. Perhaps they are in clouds above the sea? @3@

In the unlikely event I leave, they would be adopted out; no point in leaving a neopet I'm sure someone else would love. Unless of course you'd rather them be sent back to you?

Disclaimer: I don't trade (well haven't traded yet, ha!) but my sister does

I will be referring to the Peophin as Antain here.

Glass maker! Charismatic!

petpet/personality here

likes and dislikes are not a bad idea either

About Candy

main (candy_fizz) / side (candyfied) / side (candy_happiness) / side (candy_wicked)

I don't value one account more than the other. It's easy to switch and my main is my main because it has the most trophies and it is the oldest, so I can get more avatars and neopoints from FC. Candy_wicked however is my pound catch and release account.

I try to adopt sick WN pets from the pound to cure them, in case that is why they're not getting picked up.

On Neopets:

I've been here for 9 years, and most of the time I like doing art for my pets, and fleshing out or writing their stories.

I lurk the AC, chatting on boards with few replies because I feels those boards are safer.

I'm on here with my sister Sunlit, and I enjoy world-building and chatting about with her.

I have a portfolio and art portfolio, but I hope I've made the need to snoop at such redundant. Feel free to peruse them if you wish!

Candy's PortfolioCandy's Art Portfolio

I run a pixel & code site called Confectionery! I remember being young and unable to do art for myself, while jealously stalking the pages of others so this has been a dream for many years in the making! I hope that while Confectionery provides quality pixels, the pixel tutorials can also help people start pixel art.


Little Uglies is my little pet project. Some colours are really underrepresented on Neopets, like snot and swamp gas so hopefully they can find some love here? Admittedly, I have a soft spot for underdogs.

Little Uglies

I've started an adoption agency with my sister! A lot of our pets (well, mine at least) were adopted from other people, and we hope to spread the love!

Fun fact: once I turn Fef into a peo all my adopted pets (from people other than my sister) will have been peophins/uni

I enjoy collecting things, so I have many galleries.

The Plushie Emporium / Perfumes (for Perfumer!) and eyes for lack of a fifth account / Krawk Island Merch / Sci fi lovelies

Off Neopets:

Time Zone: NZT (NST +21 if my math is correct)

I have no life apart from art, sci-fi, Neopets, volunteering/service and school. It goes like clockwork. Sometimes they even blend into each other. I'm writing an essay for school on two sci-fi novels. I do art for sci-fi and Neopets. On Neopets I love doing requests for the art agency, and this is finally improving my traditional art. I run Confectionery. A lot of my service can be cross-credited at school.

I NEED MORE PICTURE OF MY SEEDLINGSSS i hope they don't wither my sister is also trying to figure out why they keep dying/withering ;~; apparently their chlorophyll levels are fine

Learns Esperanto because she is a hopeful dumb dumb. It's supposed to be a universal language, to stop the language barrier!

Wants to study Computer Science/Software Engineering or Aerospace Engineering because she believes space tourism should be liable vacation option in her lifetime.

u claim to love sci fi but u have no sci fi pet???? lei and zensunni are from sci-fi book, and neopets isn't as sci fi as it could be!!!! i get my addiction satiated elsewhere ;)

Why choose Candy?

uh,,, if you want story/art? (again check the rest of my pets to see what I like to do with them) I'm not really here to give them books, or stats apart from 100 intelligence, and capital letter stats. I'll be here forever; I have two sites I am not willing to give up on (I love seeing sites that are still up!), but I will take a hiatus or two for exams

Not at all picky with names, they'd be loved anyway I know the rest of my pets are VWN/WN but like,,, that was a fluke I swear @.@ was not expecting dis and tbh everyone should have at least one badly named pet :/

I'll be active until I am forcibly indisposed! At which point my sister will likely execute my will, unless she too is forcibly indisposed!

Like my sister, I'm happy to give them back, or keep whatever plans you have in place for them, whatever they may be.

I would not be trading them, and if I ever left they would be put up for adoption, or given to my sister to be returned to you.


Neopian Plot

aboa the yellow poogle
Petpage (Confectionery) / Petlookup

Neopoints make Neopia go around, and a cunning Poogle knows this intimately. A restocker, she will often go around forcibly offering on trades and auctions, and occasionally bullying the shier folk into giving her great discounts. She loves that profit margin. Her shop Confectionery does not sell candy, to the dismay of many!

I adopted this cutie from my sister.

FEF the speckled aisha
Petpage (Little Uglies) / Petlookup

Growing up is hard, and nobody understands. Growing up with a mutant for a brother and a lack of social abilities is even harder. A bubbly speckled Aisha finds herself on the bad end of a sea-witch's curse, and learns to deal with it by opening a club of sorts for similar Neopets.

I adopted this little sweetheart from Max. Fef still needs a Peophin Transmogrification potion, and some cupcakes to increase that defence.

PERFUMER the rainbow lutari
Petpage / Petlookup

This girl loves her craft. The owner of a Faerieland Perfumery, being genial and attentive to her customers has earned her a great reputation around the shopping district, unlike Aboa. To her, Fef's a little cutie, and she's known Tleilaxu for a long time, so much so that she still relies on his smuggling to obtain rare ingredients.

Adopted from my sister, all I need to do is to finish her neohome and story!

tleilaxu the mutant ixi
Petpage (Candy's Portfolio) / Petlookup

After being bullied for most of his life, he hasn't grown stronger. He hasn't grown weaker either. Lei loves his sister Fef to bits, and despite being quite distraught about her transformation to a mutant, he's taken the news fairly well.

Managed to get a friend to create him/poked her into doing it, she didn't like him that much so she gave Lei to me! He's named after a mysterious group in Dune. I still need to trade for his background.

I'm hoping to enter the NT with a series about Fef growing up, and her relationship with Lei. It was at 2k words the last time I checked? Perfumer would be a side character, not sure how involved she'd be yet.

Gaian Plot

ISAP the maraquan uni
Petpage / Petlookup

The large seas around Hainan are not fully charted; there are accounts of beasts that hide their great, lumbering bodies in those depths. A deposed Queen of Primordials is employed as the emissary of such creatures, escaping the terrible fate of her kin.

Hippocampi are so beautiful, a huge thanks to Quizzer for letting adopt Isap in! She's all done, just her story left to do.

JHARLYN the halloween uni
Petpage / Petlookup

Nivalis sits near the sea, a port city that sprawls from the ubiquitous snow-capped mountains of the region to the shivering sea. Frightened of her inevitable duties as an adviser to her sister, Jharlyn sets out for warmer countries where her status as Princess is unknown.

Back when I couldn't afford anything I sent in a request for a Halloween Uni on one of those dream sites. Some time later, Ashley sent me a neomail about adopting Jharlyn!

Monographe the wraith kougra
Petpage / Petlookup

The Gods cry now, in their den above the skies. Sweet tunes of sorror send themselves down to the mortals, where they cannot be heard.

The cause of such, a God of music comforts themselves in their dying magic.

Adopted from the amazing Kat, thank you, thank you, thank you!

POYSION the christmas shoyru
Petpage / Petlookup

The stars were born from the shards of second sun that broke off when Sunbond stole it. After being wished upon, she becomes the healer of a small, forested village. She receives occasional visits from her 'mother', though it is mostly for shelter; Sunbond is not a good mother. The townsfolk are grateful for her assistance, though she can come off as quite odd sometimes.

I created her on my main, and her name is a misspelling of poison.

SPYLA the snow xweetok
Petpage / Petlookup

The Queendom of Nivalis is fairly ruled, albeit by a monarch suffering from an excess of magic which may one day consume her. Often said to be as cold as snow, Spyla hides beneath her masks and robes, retreating into a well-made suit she has long felt comfortable wearing. She misses her sister greatly, and without her, has a lack of true friends.

Adopted from my sister, a poor colour she may have but she is loved no less for it!

All by himself because he's a fandom neopet

zensunni the brown uni
Petpage (Candy's Art Portfolio) / Petlookup

(this doesn't make much sense unless you know Dune, spoilers ahead!)
Rather dissatisfied with the Atreides regime, he joined, and became one of the conspirators helping to overthrow the God-Emperor. Unfortunately, he was found out. He's pretty stuck in the old ways.

Again, I influenced my friend to create him, she grew bored of him so he was sent to me!

Aboa Fef Isap Jharlyn Monographe Perfumer poysion Spyla Tleilaxu zensunni


Trading chain:
Capped pronounceable 6L + 500k mutant Kougra custom, 1 BC trophy, 43 completed faerie employment jobs, and 75HSD e/t → capped pronounceable 8L 494HSD zapped → Antain RN 207 HSD zapped (downtrade from sister)

Name: Antain
Gender: Male
Level: 32
Health: 137
Strength: 38
Defence: 32
Intelligence: 72
Contact: Candy (candy_fizz)
Irish variation of Anthony, it means something along the line of priceless and invaluable.

Petlookup & Faerie Employment Resume

Looking for RN/RW swaps mainly!


A huge thanks to my sister for providing this code, and occasionally providing emotional support. Her own UC Faerie Ruki Project Page can be found here.

Many thanks to Razu for proofreading an application which ended up being the cornerstone for this Project Page, and also for the yellow div suggestion.

Thanks to Antain for hosting this! ♡

Background from Mariposa, images hosted by neopets.com belong to Neopets, all uncredited artwork by Candy.

Listed at the UC Dream Directory

As ever, stealing is punishable by freezing, and I was not forced to make this Project Page.

Ĝis kara, kiu ajn vi estas, kaj feliĉaj tagoj.

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