Yet another guide to Neoquest Georgia

Welcome to my guide. I know why you're here, you need help to get these beauties:

Or even one of these:

Well, that's what I'm here for (: I've read a lot of guides, and to be honest, they're all a bit of crapola, so I decided to take matters into my own hands, and here I am, with this guide for you. I do things a bit differently, and my suggestions are more reasonable and they help make the game easier for you. And instead of having to scroll up and down for different bits of information, I've written my guide in order, to make things easier and readable. This guide is mostly for people who are trying to beat normal mode, but I will also include the recommended levels for evil mode and insane mode, in the following format:

Boss's Name (Normal|Evil|Insane)

Suggestions for winning and other notes.

I've tried to make this guide as pretty and as readable as possible, so it isn't all words, it also includes a few pretty pictures to make it look good, and I haven't used too many long, complex words to confuse everyone with. Hopefully not, anyway.

So, what can I get from beating NQII?

Here is a table of all the prizes available from beating NQII:

NQII Prizes and Trophies
Mode Trophy Neopoints Item (you get one of these four)
Normal 10,000 NP
Evil 30,000 NP
Insane 50,000 NP

Each time you win a game, you get the trophy, the neopoints, and one of the prizes in the table. On Normal and Evil mode, you can play as many times as you like, and you'll always win an item prize at the end. But on Insane mode, you can only win one of the items once. If you win another Insane game, you will not get an item prize.

What's the difference between Normal, Evil and Insane?

Normal, Evil and Insane are the three different difficulty modes in Neoquest II. Normal mode is the easiest mode you can get, and the mode you start off with. Evil is the next step up. On Evil mode, the HP of the monsters will be 1.5x higher than they were on Normal mode, the HP of bosses will be 1.25x higher than they were on Normal mode, and the prices of equipment/inns will also be higher. Insane mode is the hardest mode the game has to offer. The HP of the monsters will be 2x higher than they were on Normal mode, the HP of bosses will be 1.5x higher than they were on Normal mode, and the prices of equipment/inns will be higher yet again. The main different between Normal/Evil and Insane, is that on Insane mode, if all of your characters get killed by monsters/bosses, you will have to start the whole game all over again. On Normal/Evil mode, if all of your characters get killed, and you basically die, you either get sent back to the last inn you rested at, or you get sent back to the beginning of the chapter if you hadn't yet rested in an inn this chapter (you won't have to re-beat any bosses if you've beaten them since resting at an Inn, and then dying, you just get sent back to the place and you have to travel back to where you were again). When you first play Neoquest II, you will only get to play Normal mode. You have to beat Normal mode to get to play Evil mode, and you have to beat Evil mode to get to play Insane mode.

But anyway, enough of my ranting, I think it's time to start the whole point of this petpage, the actual walkthrough.

BasicsChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5

The Actual Walkthrough

Well, here we are at the start. To start your game, go here:
Neoquest II

Basics (skip this part if you know what you're doing)

When you start your game, there are a lot of confusing things on the main screen which you may not know how to use, this is basically what this section is for.

First, look above your playing map. Here, you'll see your character name, their level, their health, and their amount of experience. The name and level is pretty self explanatory. Their health shows you how much health you have left, and/or how much damage you've taken. Their experience shows how much experience points they have, and how close they are to gaining a level. You gain experience points by fighting monsters, which you'll find out how to do in a minute. You'll also notice a link, saying "Skills". Click on this, that is where you'll spend your skillpoints. You'll gain a skill point for every level you gain, which you can spend on a variety of skills, of which you'll find out soon in the game.

Look to the right of the playing map, and the first thing you'll see this:

You see that there's arrows on this, what you must do is click on these arrows in the direction that you want to go. It's simple really, but it's the first thing you need to know, trust me, I wasn't sure if this at first, and was clicking everywhere full of panic trying to think of what to do, I eventually had to ask on the Neoquest Chat boards for help. They were happy to help a newb like me back then, and they're still friendly now, so if you have any questions about anything that isn't on this guide, or is, if you want, feel free to ask there. Often, I am there too, so you may ask me too if you like. But it's important to have the basics covered.

Underneath this, is your travel options. You have two options for this, Normal or Hunting. You'll use Normal more when you're trying to get somewhere quicker, and want fewer monsters to attack you. You'll also use this mode when you're trying to recover small amounts of HP between fights, which I'll explain a bit later. You'll use Hunting mode more when you want to train your party and want to fight a lot of monsters for more experience points.

Underneath this, are links to your Options and the Main page. The main page is where I linked to at the start of this guide, and in the Options mode, you can restart your game, or if you've already beaten the game, you can see here how quick you managed to finish it.

Underneath this, is just a small amount of writing saying where you are, it isn't that important, but it can sometimes help if you haven't played the game for a while and you're not sure where you left it at.

And then, last of all, is the commands section. From here you can access your inventory, or you can use this part to talk to anyone nearby, or to buy something off someone, or for other things. And underneath this, is how much gold you have.

And that's your basics, now you know what to do, you're ready to start the game (:

Chapter 1: Where everything begins

After the beginning storyline, you'll end up in a village named Trestin, as your first character, Rohane.


The warrior of the party, Rohane can do and take a lot of damage, you'll find he's the most important character at the end of the game. He's the beefcake of the team, as he can pull out some huge hits with a slash of his mighty sword. He's the one you could imagine out in the battlefield in Rome in the ancient times, fighting for his empire, and he has some effective skills too. Let's take a look:

Rohane's Skills

Critical Attacks If you spend skills here, your hits have a chance of scoring a "Critical Hit", which does a lot more damage than a normal attack.
Useful? Very, you should spend a lot of your skillpoints here.

Damage Increase Spending skills on this will make your base damage higher.
Useful? Very, you'll most definitely need to spend your skillpoints here.

Combat Focus This skill is one you must activate. Once you do, it can significantly increase your defence, at the cost of it dramatically decreasing the amount of damage you do.
Useful? If combined with Battle Taunt, yes it could be.

Stunning Strikes No, it doesn't mean your hits will be prettier, what this skill does is give each hit a chance to stun your enemy, which means it'll delay the enemy's next action.
Useful? Yes.

Battle Taunt This skill, when activated, causes the attacker to focus their attention to the taunter, Rohane, instead of the rest of the party.
Useful? If combined with Combat Focus, yes it could be.

Innate Magic Resistance Gives a small chance of the party member resisting any magic cast upon it.
Useful? Eh, not hugely. Maybe about three skillpoints in this skill if you want to, but it's not a really needed skill.

Innate Melee Haste I don't like these confusing words. Basically, this skill makes you have less time inbetween each attack you get, therefore making you faster.
Useful? Ohyes it is.


Do what you think you should, but what I usually do is Max out Critical Attacks, Damage Increase and Stunning strikes, and spend the remain 14 points on Innate Melee Haste.

From the start of your game, you'll want to spend your first two skill points in Critical Attacks and Damage Increase, and then you'll want to spend two-three skills each in Stunning Strikes and Innate Melee Haste, as you can stun a lot and have more moves while attacking. A few times, I've stunned with Rohane three times in a row, and had four moves in a row when attacking a monster. Those two skills combined are very useful at the beginning in this way. Then you'll want to spend the next few skills on Damage Increase. Once you have another Character, you should work on Maxing out Damage Increase first, while spending a point every now and then in the other three skills, more so in Critical Attacks, as you'll be maxing that next. Once theyre both maxed, you should work on spending equal-ish points in Stunning Strikes and Innate Melee Haste until the end of your game.

A lot of guides suggest saving your skill points to fight against the final boss, but to me it's too much of a confusing effort, and to be honest, you want to have the best skills possible as quickly as possible, you don't want to play along to the end with medium skills when you can have the best skills much quicker. Yeah the bonus skillpoints are wasted, but at least the whole game is in general easier when you max out skills. You can save your skill points if you want to, but if you do, you'll have to look up another guide for that, as I'm not very knowledged at it, as it just seems pointless to me.

Oh, we can actually start now? About time, yay!

Okay, now you know about your first character and all your screen things, it's time to get down to business. First, travel west and leave Trestin. Well, that wasn't obvious…
Now, what you want to do first, is click onto hunting mode, and get attacked by a plains lupe. And now you're in your first battle. The controls are pretty straight forward:

1. This is the character who's attacking this turn.
2. The attack button is to do some damage and to, basically, attack your opponent.
3. The Flee button is to get out of the battle, which you use if you have low HP and you want to avoid a fight. Often, you'll want to fight, but then you click the flee button instead of the attack button, and the fight will be gone. That is pretty annoying.
4. This is the button you use when you want your character to do nothing, for an option of 1s, 3s, or 5s, and these are the buttons you'll be needing for this fight. When you click the Do nothing button, you'll, as you'd expect, do nothing. What you need to do is click the "5s" option and let the plains lupe attack you, until Rohane is defeated.

Congratulations, this beauty is now in your avatar collection:

Right, now it's time to get serious. Leave Trestin again, it's time to do some training. Throughout the game, I recommend you use maps, so you know where you're going. There's a full collection of the maps you'll use throughout the game here. These are pretty maps which label every area and are simple to use, so you know where to go. You may get attacked by two monsters at once. For the first few levels, fighting doubles is pretty tough, so you can choose to fight if you want. To fight a double/triple/quadruple (the last two types of fight will come later), to select which monster to attack first, simply click on it.

My friend, Anne, told me a good way to do the starting training once. I think it's good, so it's what I'm going to tell you, thank you, Anne, btw. So for the first few levels, don't go far from home while you train, as you can have free healing from Mom in Trestin. Once you reach level 4, you can gain one HP for every move you make, to a maximum of 7 HP, so now you can leave home, and go north, to the cave. Train in the cave, make sure you gain the 7HP between every fight, and keep going through it until you meet this big boy:

Miner Foreman (6|7|8)

This guy isn't too difficult if you're not too underleveled. Just keep attacking, heal when necessary, and he should be defeated no problem. He'll give you your first armour. Be sure to equip it by going to your inventory and clicking "Equip Rohane".

Now, go to the blue orb thing, and leave the cave. Now, travel east, and then southeast, and go to White River City. Stay at the inn, so you go back there instead of Trestin if you die, and now go to the shop. Buy 20 Blast Potions (if you can't afford 20, buy as many as you can, go back and train, and buy the rest when you have enough gold), and don't use them yet, as you will need them for your next boss. Buy healing vials if you haven't got 20. There's a new sword available also, but don't buy it yet.

Right, now leave White River. You should train a bit in the grass, and when you feel like it, enter the cave. Train there a bit. When you need to heal, use your healing vials, and do not use your healing flasks, you need to save them for your next boss. You may get the occasional monsters in groups of two, fight them if you want, but it'll be more difficult, obviously. Then, once you're through the cave, you'll end up on a tiny little island with just a tower on it. You can train here if you want, as monsters can attack you here, but I'm betting it gets very boring, so enter the tower. The monsters here are tough, but you need to persevere and train a bit more, because, this is what awaits you at the end:

Zombom (10|11|12)

This guy is kinda tough. He can hit 31 damage with decimate twice in a row, which is why I suggested Innate Melee Haste early, as you'll get more moves and chances against him. He hastes 18%, but with points in Melee Haste, you should be able to keep up with that. But just in case, make sure you keep your HP above 62, and when you can, attack with Blast potions. He also can heal 40 HP, but he won't do it too often. Only attack physically if you run out of blast potions before you beat him. This is why I suggested not buying the sword yet. Once you defeat him, he'll either give you stronger armour or a sword better than the one available in the shop. Be sure to remember to equip it.

Go through the portal and it'll take you back to lost island. Once you get back to White River City, you'll get a discount in the shop, so if you got the better armour, now is the time to buy the sword, but if you got a sword from Zombom, you don't even have to. Sell any old armour/swords you no longer need, but be sure to keep Father's Sword, as you may or may not need it later (;

Right, now cross the bridge, and go into the building on the left. Talk to the Acara, this is your new character!


Magician of the party, Mipsy can do a lot of damage, but with her low HP, she's a fragile member also, who can die easily. She has a few decent skills, and is very useful when you first get her. But she dies a bit too much, and it's pretty irritating. You have to carry a lot of Resurrection potions just to keep her alive. But I think she's worth it anyway. She's the one you can imagine around a cauldron casting spells on people, chanting something like 'Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble!

Mipsy's Skills

Direct Damage Spending points on this skill means that when activated, Mipsy can cast a lot of damage on one enemy. When maxed out she can do 100 damage.
Useful? Yes, I like this skill. I would spend lots of points on this.

Group Direct Damage Spending points on this skill means that when activated, Mipsy can cast a decent amount of damage on a whole party of enemies. When maxed out she can do 64 damage on 4 enemies.
Useful? Yeah, it can be, but I prefer Direct Damage, it's a matter of opinion really.

Group Haste Spending points on this skill means that Mipsy can haste the whole party up to 38%, when maxed out.
Useful? Eh it could be, I don't think it has much point though, by the end of the game you can get haste potions which can haste you a lot more than this skill can when maxed.

Slowing Basically, if you spend points on this, when activated, Mipsy can slow an enemy. When maxed, she can slow an enemy by 62%.
Useful? Could be, a pretty pointless skill though, by the end of the game you can get slowing potions which can slow an enemy quite a bit more than this.

Damage Shields When points are spent on this skill, Mipsy can cast a protection wall around the party, which means that when an enemy hits anyone in the party, damage can be done to the attacker.
Useful? Yes, I love this skill, very useful against bosses.

Innate Melee Defence It makes Mipsy's base defence higher.
Useful? Yeah it's okay, Mipsy hasn't got a lot of good skills, so it's something to spend her extra skill points on.

Innate Casting Haste Makes Mipsy has less moves inbetween her spellcasting, so basically she's quicker.
Useful? Yes, very.


I would max out Direct Damage, Damage Shields, and Innate Casting Haste, and spend the rest on Innate Melee Defence. When you first get her, spend about 3 points in Casting Haste, and the rest in Direct Damage/Group Direct Damage, whichever you prefer. Then you should work on maxing Direct Damage/Group Direct Damage, while spending a point every now and then on Damage Shields, as this is what you want to max out next. So then you should work on maxing out Damage Shields, spend a point every now and then on Melee Defence and Casting Haste too. And after that, yes, you guessed it, work on spending points evenly between Casting Haste and Melee Defence until the end of the game.

Okay, so now you have two characters, yay! Before you travel out of White River, go to the 2nd shop and check out the things there, it's the first time you can buy Resurrection potions, so you should stock up on as many as you can. Once you're done, leave the city, and now you can battle to try out your new character. (: Go southwards, and train a bit in the hills, and once you get bored of it, travel eastwards. You should go to the swamp at the edge of this part of Meridell, as there is some good EXP there too. You may notice that now you can fight monsters in groups of 3, but these shouldn't be too much of a problem with Mipsy on your side. And once you've gained a few levels and are bored of training, travel past the swamp, and then go southeast to the Eye of Meridell and to Lakeside, but make sure you have enough gold, as you'll be buying a lot!

So first thing you want to do here is rest at the inn. And then in the potions shop, buy as many Resurrection pots as you can afford, even if you bought them earlier, buy some more, along with Damage potions, and any healing ones you may need. If you want, buy haste/slowing potions too. Once you're done, time to buy some better weapons. You should buy both the Weapons and Armour for Rohane, but only buy the Armour for Mipsy, as she uses magic anyway. So there would be no point improving her damage.

This is the important part of Lakeside. Go north, and use a map to make your way to the Hermit north of Lakeside, and talk to him, as you'll need what he says to continue with the game. You wont have to memorise anything, you'll just have to talk to him. So once you're done, leave Lakeside, and the eye of Meridell, and go into the Desert. There's good exp here so train a level or two. And then enter the City.

This is why you needed to talk to the hermit, because the ghost at the entrance to Phorofor requires a code, which the Hermit gave you. After you talk to it, the ghost should let you through. Travel south, and then east, gain a level in the city, and then you'll come across this guy:

Sand Grundo (15|16|17)

This guy's an absolute pushover, you should be able to beat him in seconds. I gave you high levels to be because the tower after him has some tough monsters, so you need to be prepared for them. But yeah you don't even need a strategy for this he's so easy, so get him out of the way and move ahead.

So, have fun making your way through the tower with all of those annoying Wockies, and then make your way to the village of Seaside. Apparently, if you talk to Uthyni on the docks, you'll get a discount in the potion shop, try it if you want. Buy what you need, and then you can move on as usual. So you should now make your way southwards until you find a pretty little castle. Enter the castle, and find your way to this little mister:

Ramtor I + II I (18|19|20) II (20|21|22)

Yes, you have to fight this boss twice. He's the main guy of Chapter 1, but I'm not going to bore you with the same boss twice, so I'll talk about them both in this section. The first one is a pushover, as you'll only have to get rid of half of his HP, until he runs away, what a chicken. So now, you'll want to leave the castle, but first, go talk to Guard Thyet for a free Inn.

Now, leave the castle, and walk around it, until you get to the load of grass. Train in there a bit, and then go up and enter the tower. There's good experience points in the tower, so you should make the most of it and train-a-plenty. Once you get to the highest part of the tower, have fun with the double demonic grarrls, and this is where you'll encounter Ramtor II.

He isn't too much harder, but he can heal 70hp, and can do 50hp damage at a time, along with 18% haste. But he isn't too difficult, and you should be able to get him out of the way no problem.

Once you get him out of the way, you'll see a pretty cutscene, and then you've finished the first chapter! Yay! Just another four to go, oh joyous times. Well, we'd best get started on Chapter 2…

Chapter 2: Well, at least you'll never get a sunburn here…

Well, here we are, chapter 2. Not too bad of a chapter, only 3 bosses you need to face, plus you get a new character, I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun. Well, maybe not...

So you begin right by a village, but avoid it for now. Walk around the village, and keep going east, until you see a turning to a cave. You might want to gain a level before entering. So once you're in the cave, it's pretty straight forward, really. Just keep going ahead, until you come face to face with this loser:

Leximp (21|22|23)

This guy is a pain in the bum, seriously. He'll resist almost every single bit of magic that Mipsy casts upon him. So you'll be relying on Rohane for this one. Sure, try Mipsy's magic if you want, it will hit occasionally, but not often at all. But you should be able to send him packing eventually. He'll drop the Wordstone, so now you'll be able to enter the village at the start, so let's go (:.

This village is mostly Chias, as hinted by the name. There's a free inn in one of the houses, and I'd talk to the people in the big house, as they're pretty interesting. And make sure you stock up on potions from the potion guy. And you should sell any previous swords for extra gold too, except you should keep Father's Sword, just incase (;

Right, now let's start some training. Slowly make your way up to the big cave north eastwards, gaining a few levels on the way. The monsters are pretty tough, though, so watch your HP carefully. If it gets too low, instead of wasting potions, I'd recommend going back to the Chia town and getting a free inn. Once you're about level 24 or 25, it's time to enter the cave (:. I can tell now, you're complaining about all the training I'm suggesting you do, but really, it's so much easier if you train now than if you are left to do all of this training later, trust me, you'll be ripping your hair out with having to do all of the levelling at the end of the chapter, so I'm just trying to save you some time. You'll be thanking me later when you have all of your hair still placed firmly on your head.

It's a pretty huge cave, so use a map carefully and have fun. Most people say you should walk right through it and avoid all of the monsters, but I say, it's pretty good experience, so you should gain a level or two while you're there, if you can put up with the giant rock grarrls stretching your screen. Well, do it anyway. Just because training is easy and it's less of a pain to train later.

So right, you've left the cave now, and you're out into the snowy open again. Head north a bit, and head into the inn. Get your rest there, and then talk to the green Eyrie, as this is your new character!


Archer of the party, Talinia is a very important character to have. She has some pretty amazing skills, and choosing what to do is always a hard choice to make. She's like the female version of Robin Hood, with her smooth bow and arrow skills, but she's not a thief. She's like a ninja with a bow and arrow, she can even fire four arrows at the same time, I mean, what other archers can do that?!? A lot of guides say you can afford to leave Talinia behind, but I don't think you can at all, she's a very good party member.

Talinia's skills

Increase Bow Damage The name says it all, really, spend points on this skill and your bow damage is increased.
Useful? Extremely. This skill is a necessity for you.

Multiple Targets Basically, you'll be able to hit with more than one arrow at the same time, up to 4 arrows, when activated.
Useful? Yeah it is, but it's a waste of skillpoints when you spend more than 11 points on it, 11 points is when you can get the 4th arrow.

Ranged Attacks If you spend points on this skill, if an opponent hits talinia, it'll take longer for its next move.
Useful? Very.

Shockwave This means that every hit has a chance to stun every enemy for a bit.
Useful? Mhmmmm ^^

Slowing Strikes Each shot Talinia makes has a good change of slowing the opponent by a small bit.
Useful? Sortof, but I quite like this skill anyway. Combined with a slowing potion, you can slow by quite a lot with this skill. I remember someone telling me that with this skill, they slowed King Terask II by 96%.

Innate Magic Resistance Same as Rohane's skill really, gives Talinia a higher chance of resisting any magic spells
Useful? Eh not really.

Innate Melee Haste Same as Rohane's skill, makes Talinia's arrow-shooting quicker, which means she has less moves inbetween shots.
Useful? Yesh, it is, I would invest in this skill.


For Talinia, I have two skill sets for you to choose from, one with Multiple Targets, and one without. There are lots of different options for your Talinia, as she's a character with so many great skills.

So for my first skill set, I suggest you should max out Increase Bow Damage, Ranged attacks, and then Slowing Strike/Shockwave too, and spend the remainder of your points on Innate Melee Haste. To start with, I'd max out Increase Bow damage straight away when you get her. Then you still have quite a lot of points to spend, so I'd put lots of points in Ranged Attacks, one or two in Melee Haste, and then a few points in Slowing Strike/Shockwave. You should then work on maxing out Ranged Attacks, while spending points every now and then on Slowing Strike/Shockwave and plenty on Melee Haste too. You should then spend your points mostly equal, but favouring Slowing Strike/Shockwave, to try and max that, and then, yes, you've guessed it, you need to spend the remainder of your points on Melee Haste until the end of the game.

Right, so for my second skill set, this one is for those who want Multiple Targets with their Talinia. So I suggest Maxing Increase Bow Damage and Innate Melee haste, spend 11 points on Multiple Targets, 9 Points on Ranged Attacks, and 9 points on Slowing Strike/Shockwave. Depending on what weapons you get at the end, you may have added skills into non-maxed skills, which I won't get into, as it isn't really my style. As soon as you get Talinia, max Increase Bow Damage right away. Spend most of your remaining skill points on Multiple Targets, with a few in Melee Haste and Ranged/Slowing Strike/Shockwave. Work next on getting your Multiple Targets to 11. After this, you'll want to spend points equally in Ranged and Slowing Strike/Shockwave, but spend a point every now and then in Melee Haste too, until you get 9 each in that skill, and the for the remainder of the game, work on maxing out Melee Haste until the end of the game (:

Now that you have your 3rd character sorted, have fun trying her out. Monsters can now come in groups of up to 4. Use a map to get through the maze-like part next, make sure you gain a level on the way in, too, so now you should make your way to this dude:

Kolvars (27|27|28)

Kolvars isn't difficult really. He can haste 28%, and slow a character 44% at a time, but his HP is rather low, so it shouldn't take too long for you to get him out of the way. I've suggested these high levels so you can get him out of the way as quickly as possible, and so the training isn't so strenuous afterwards. So once you've sent him packing, make your way to Happy Valley. Don't go into any of the shops yet, as you have a mission to do. Go to the 3rd house down, on the left of the right side, and talk to Jualie, the green aisha in the huge grey coat. She's lost her son, so let's go find him. Right, now at the bottom of happy valley, there's a load of trees, so go behind them, to find a young korbat named Niacha, that is Jualie's son. Yes, an aisha gave birth to a korbat, I agree, it's pretty weird. So talk to him, and he'll go home. So follow him back to Jualie's house, talk to her again, and she'll thank you, and all that jazz.

Right, NOW you can go buy things. Everyone in Happy Valley will be glad that Niacha found his way home okay, so now you have a discount on every shop! Brilliant. So buy anything you need, remember not to buy the wand for Mipsy, as it's just a waste of money. So, time to leave Happy Valley and carry on with the adventure.

Now it's time for you to train for your final boss. Keep going east, training along the way, but don't enter the cave just yet. Oh no, because close outside it, yes, you're right, free inn (: Train outside of the cave, make sure you put the free inn to good use. When you get to about 28 or 29, enter the cave, and train the last one or two levels in there. Have fun trudging your way through the mass of monsters and caveness. Once you get to the 4th level, be sure to talk to Snowager, he's interesting. Keep going onwards_ and onwards_ and onwards_ until you come across this fuzzball:

Scuzzy (30|31|32)

Scuzzy can slow 32%, and can do Group Damage up to 36, but he's not a difficult boss. But you need to be these levels to prepare yourself for the monsters in Chapter 3. No strategy really needed, just stick on your damage shields and beat him up (: Simples.

And that's it, Chapter 2 completed! You'll see a pretty cutscene and you'll be all done. Well done, you're doing good so far, time to keep going (:.

Chapter 3: Don't forget your sunnies!

Welcome to the world of sandy nothingness. You start in Sakhmet City, but once you leave, you'll realise there's not much here. But this chapter isn't all bad. You get your fourth and final party member, and also, if you look at a map of the Lost Desert in full, you'll notice it looks a bit like an awkward looking alien. So look on the bright side. (:.

So Anyway, once you leave Sakhmet City, you'll notice that there's a load of tents. Do your shopping, remember not to buy a wand for mipsy, and then start travelling east, until you see a temple, this temple is the Temple of the Sky, home of the first boss you'll be facing in Chapter 3. So train your way up it, and be sure to gain a level or two, to be ready to face this hulk:

Siliclast (32|33|34)

This dude is a toughie. He can haste himself 38%, can slow your characters 44%, an can also do 44 group damage. I'd suggest sticking your damage shields up, and watching your hp really carefully. Toughest boss in chapter 3, in my opinion, but if you persevere, you'll beat him eventually. Fortunately, he doesn't heal, that would make him ridiculously hard.

So once he's out of the way, you'll be sent back to Sakhmet City, so once you're ready, start making your way northwards to the next temple. Be sure to gain a few levels before you fight this fool:

Gebarn II (34|35|36)

A very annoying boss, can heal 100hp at a time, can slow your character by 53%, can do 77 direct damage, and 52 group damage. He heals a LOT, and it can get very irritating. Sll you can do really is keep hitting and hitting until he's finally gone.

So once you've beaten him, you'll be given this:

What could it signify I wonder? We'll have to wait and see.

So you'll be sent back to Sakhmet City, again. Make your way back to the Temple, and you'll notice that there's now a gap where some mountains used to be, so now you can make your way into Waset Village. Go into the inn, talk to the grarrl to stay the night, and then wander over to the red techo, for your final character!


Healer of the party, Velm has a key role in your game. No longer will you have to worry about your potion supplies, as you'll be able to heal every round if you wish (:. Velm is the Gandalf of NQII, with his cool looking staff. Unfortunately, though, he hasn't got the grey beard and the hat. Oh well.

Velm's Skills

Healing Velm can heal one person up to 150 HP when maxed.
Useful? Yes. This skill is of acquired taste, though.

Group Healing This means Velm can heal all of your party, but not as much as he can heal single party, when maxed Velm can heal 90HP.
Useful? Yes, this skill is mandatory, in my opinion.

Group Shielding This skill, when activated, increases magic resistance and melee defence on the whole party.
Useful? Yussir.

Mesmerization Causes an enemy to be distracted for a long period of time. Like being stunned, sortof, but when you attack them or another enemy heals them, they become un-mesmerized.
Useful? I don't think so, really.

Celestial Hammer Strikes an enemy with an attack, and a stun, when maxed can do 45 dmg and stun for 3 seconds.
Useful? I was once told the benefits of using Celestial Hammer, but I've never really tried it, so have a go if you wish.

Innate Melee Defence Same as Mipsy's skill, improves your base defence.
Useful? It's okay, something to spend skill points on, as Velm lacks skills really.

Innate Casting Haste Same as Mipsy's skill, It increases the speed of your spell casting.
Useful? Yes, Very.


Max out Group Healing/Healing, Group Shielding, and Innate Casting Haste, and spend the last 14 points on Innate Melee Defence. Start off by maxing Group Healing/Healing and Group Shielding straight away, and then spend the rest equally between Innate Casting Haste and Innate Melee Defence until the end of the game.

So, now that you have Velm, your game will be a heck of a lot easier and more fun. Make your way to the left arm of the awkwardly shaped Alien (you remember), train a bit on the way, and then enter yet another temple. Work your way through until you find the bed to get to the next level, a map should show you where it is. One of the monsters here will be sure to give you a Journal Page, which talks about where the bed is, which is rather pointless as you're already past it. So make your way through here, until you meat this minger:

Revenant (36|37|38)

If you want to fight the skellies, fight them first, as they'll just crumble to dust when the fight is over. Revenant can group heal 80HP, can haste up 38%, can do 44 group damage, can mesmerize, and can also shockwave. Whew. But he isn't too difficult, so you'll be fine, just stick at doing what you do best, and he should be over and done within minutes (:

So now go left, and talk to Lifira, and she'll ask you to talk back in Waset village. So off we go, la di da. Right, now we're in Waset village. Look for the tent with the orange and blue roof, in this tent lives Lifira. So have a listen to what she has to say.

So, head to the alien's ugly head, until you find a Blue Hermit named Bukaru, be sure to talk to him. So now, let's go medallion hunting! From Bukaru, travel northeast, until you reach the limit to where you can go. You'll see how the mountains go in long, small zigzags, find the zigzag which is 4 mountains long (or use a map to show you where it is), to find the 2nd part of the Medallion. Here's what your medallion should look like now:

Right, now let's journey into the right arm of the Alien, until we reach a city called Akhten-Ka. Go through here, and be ready to face this weirdo:

Coltzan's Ghost (38|39|40)

Coltzan can heal 150hp and haste 38%. This is one annoying boss. He will heal a heck load, and a lot of your attacks will miss. With Velm on your side, it is very unlikely that he will beat you, but make sure you're prepared for a long fight. But keep going, you'll beat him eventually.

When you beat him, unlike with other bosses, he won't disappear. Talk to him. He'll tell you to collect the next medallion piece from the barrel behind him. Once you collect it, he'll disappear. Your medallion should now look like this:

Now we only have one piece left. Travel back through the alien's right arm, until you get to his giant oddly shaped muscle at the top. In the middle of it, you'll see a big mountain bit in the shape of a crescent moon, and two smaller ones next to it. Go into the middle of here. You'll see a poor little mountain on its own. The gemstone is 3 blocks to the left of the mountain. Yay, your medallion is done, here's what it should look like:

If you can't find the Gemstone, you've missed out the piece of the medallion with Coltzan's ghost. The Gemstone marks the location of Zakharukh's Pyramid, the place of our final boss. So make your way to the left leg if the alien, and enter the pyramid!
You'll need a map for this place, but it's so much fun, and great for training. It's one of my favourite places in the game, but I wouldn't be surprised if you hate it. So get ready, to face the final boss of the act:

Anubits (40|41|42)

Anubits can haste 38%, heal 150HP, +30 group shielding, and can also mesmerize your characters. He has high HP, and resists Mispy's Direct Damage a lot. But with your high levels, you should be able to do more damage than he's able to heal, so beating him should be no problem at all.

Well done! You've beaten Chapter 3, many people's most hated chapter, but one of my favourites. Time to move on…

Chapter 4: …BOO!

Welcome to possibly the ugliest chapter there is. It isn't too bad though, only 3 of the 5 bosses there you actually have to fight, even though it makes the chapter a lot funner. So you start near a little town, so enter it and restock on your items. Be sure to remember that you shouldn't buy a wand for mipsy, and you shouldn't buy a staff for Velm either. But buy all of the armour if you wish. You should now start buying Haste and Slow potions, to save up for the final boss of the game. And be sure that you've started buying Damage potions too to save up. And rest in the Inn, if you wish. So start making your way through the Haunted woods until you reach the castle. As you can see, you can completely avoid it if you wish, but I wouldn't, so enter it. Make your way through the castle, it does take quite a while. So be ready to face this snotball:

Meuka (42|43|44)

Meuka can slow your characters 62%, can haste himself 38%, and can do 44 group damage. But he's kinda easy, you'll have no problem beating him. He's skippable, but why not face him when he's no problem to beat?

Talk to Count Von Roo, he's pretty interesting. He'd thank you for everything, but he's an evil, blood-sucking fiend. Now leave the castle through the portal behind him and continue with your adventure. Fight your way through the icky ugly forest, until you reach the Cave of Dark Things. This cave is really long and boring, so have fun. At the end, you'll get rewarded with this guy:

Spider Grundo (44|45|46)

Spider Grundo can heal 150hp, Damage shields 22, and Celestial Hammer at 45 damage and 3 second stun. I used to think Spider Grundo was a pushover, but I found a new respect for him when I tried him at level 39 on normal. It took me over an hour. If you're levelled appropriately, though, he shouldn't be much of a problem for you.

Talk to Spider Grundo after the match to find out more, he's interesting, and kinda nice, for an evil monster. Now find your way out of the cave, and down the woods until you reach a patch of sunshine and happiness. This is weird. Now talk to Balthazar. He's acting really, strangely, don't you think? This is really weird. We'll have to investigate. Go up to the "Happy Fun Non-Haunted Hause", and make your way through it. Talk to the Brain Tree, and then Augur Faunt for a free inn. Once rested, stock up on everything you need, and exit the house by going left and walking around the house to save some time. Exit the house, and then go west, and get ready, for…

The Four Faeries (47|48|49)

Dark Faerie can mesmerize, slow your characters 62%, and haste the team 38%. Fire Faerie can do Direct Damage 100hp, and Group Direct Damage 56hp. Water Faerie can single heal 150HP, and group heal 78HP. Earth Faerie can stun your characters, but has the most HP too.
What I'd do, is take out Fire Faerie first, and then Water Faerie, and then Dark Faerie, and finally Earth Faerie. You'll need to take out the biggest damage hitter first, so you won't have to heal so much, and then take out the healer, so they can't heal every move. And then take out the haster/slower, so then you can finally take out the one with the most HP without any problems. These bosses are quite a challenge. Using a Haste potion on Velm would also be helpful.

Once you defeat them, go back and talk to Balthazar. You'll notice he's completely changed, which is a shame really, I like the other Balthazar, but he's pretty interesting either way. So off up we go, round the mountains, ooh look a tower. Let's go inside. There's lots of annoying monsters here. You'll hate Hearts of Nox, and also you'll hate Hands of Nox, how awful. So go up and up the tower, and get ready to face this fiend:

Hubrid Nox (49|50|51+/skip)

Nox can heal 150hp, can haste 38%, can slow you 62%, Direct Damage 100hp, and he also has Slowing Strikes, so his hits slows your character 5% at a time. This guy's a real toughie, he heals more than he attacks, and he makes sure all the characters are slowed before he does any damage, but his hits can be very big. Be prepared for an extremely long fight. You have to hope that Mipsy's direct damage will hit, and that Rohane and Talinia will do decent damage, so it totals to over 150hp gone from him, before Nox gets a chance to heal, and slowly knock off more chunks of HP from him. Either way, you'll be able to beat him eventually.

Talk to Nox after you've beaten him, for another part of the interesting story. And then, you can finally leave, yay! And you're almost done with this ugly chapter. Carry on down the path, until you get to the final patch of ugliness. Travel your way across, avoiding any of the trees, and you'll most likely find your way towards this dude:

Esophagor (51|51|52)

Esophagor can haste himself 38%, and stun your character. His HP is rather high, but don't let it put you off. All you need to do is keep attacking him, healing when necessary, and soon he will be defeated.

So that's it, 4 chapters down, one to go. Isn't Neoquest II so much fun? Let's continue…

Chapter 5: Where everyone has a good attention span…Ooh! Pretty Faeries!

Welcome to the prettiest chapter this game can offer you. Well, it is if you are a girl, anyway xD This chapter is one of the best in the game, lots of fun mazes, pretty maps, challenging bosses, and general good times. This chapter can also offer you two new avatars for your collection. So we should get started, aye?

Start making your way down the long pretty faerie road, until you reach the watch tower. Go upstairs, buy your potions, and then go back downstairs, and talk to the person in the bottom right corner for a free inn and to buy your weapons/armour. Leave through the other side, and have fun making your way down this path, to reach your first boss:

Fallen Angel (51|52|53)

Fallen Angel can heal 150hp, can stun, can shockwave, and can also mesmerize. She doesn't heal too much, just keep hitting her, she'll be over and done with pretty quickly. No strategy needed really. You could even beat her at lower levels, but this level makes it nice and quick.

So, time to travel over the Bridge of Mist…oh wait, it's gone! What's going on? Let's talk to that dark faerie over there to find out…
So apparently, the only way to Faerie City is through the Underclouds, so I guess we'll have to go that way, so travel south to reach the Underclouds.
Oh Lovely! This place is pretty huge. Your next destination is Cumulonimbus. I'd use a map, as this place is pretty huge, and there's a high chance of getting lost, but this place is pretty straight forward compared to your next city. Brace yourself, for Cumulonimbus…DUN DUN DUN.

You'll definitely need a map here, and even with a map, you may get lost. Good luck, but there is a reward at the end:

Devilpuss (53|54|55)

He can do Shockwave, and Slowing Strike 5%. His defence is raised, it seems, so your attacks will hit him for less damage, which'll happen with all of the bosses from now on. But in general, he's not much of a problem to deal with. You just need to keep hitting him. Direct Damage will take biggest chunks of HP.

Well done! You have a new avatar for your collection:

Continue northeastwards, until you reach village of Cirrus. This is the last village you'll come across, so stock up and inn up, and get ready to get your final avatar. Once you're ready, leave Cirrus and continue along the path, and be sure to get attacked by a Bionic Cybunny for your final avatar:

I know that you're now thinking 'Yes! No more Neoquest II!' But seriously, you haven't got long to go, what's the point giving up now when you can get a trophy for your efforts, some more neopoints, and also a Neoquest II exclusive item? You may as well keep going. Leave the Underclouds (about time too!), and make your way down the path to Faerie City. Right, so here we are. Faerie City. Make your way to the Inn, and get ready to face:

Faerie Thief I (55|56|57) II (55|56|57) III (56|57|58)

Yep, you fight this one 3 times. But I'll talk about all of them here. The Faerie Thief can Stun, and do group damage 64hp. For the first match, you'll only need to take out a small chunk of her HP before she flees to her second location. So, go to the basement west side of Faerie City to fight her again. You'll have to take out more of her HP the second time, but again, she'll flee! What a pain. So, now you must go right to the top of Faerie City, infront of Faerie Palace, to fight her a final time. This is where you can finally beat the dung out of her, and show her where she belongs. Yay, she's finally over and done with. Now you can enter the palace.

You'll want a map here, I can guarantee you that. It's the best maze the game has to offer, it won't disappoint with its length and strenuousness. It's worse than Cumulonimbus, and you remember how bad that was. So once you've made your way to the second floor, a faerie with a free inn will be waiting there for you. Be sure to take it, as if you die, you won't want to go through the first floor of the palace again. Now go eastwards, and into the northeast tower. Keep going upwards, and get ready to face:

Pant Devil (57|58|59)

There's two of these, and they're exactly the same, so I'll only explain them once. The Pant Devil can do Direct damage 100hp, Group Direct Damage 64, Can haste himself 38%, and can slow your characters 62%. You can actually hit these guys for decent damage, so the fight shouldn't be too bad.

Once you're done with him, head back down to the second floor, tell the faerie about your victory, and then go west, and do the same thing to the 2nd pant devil. Once you've beaten them both, go back to the faerie with both halves of the key, and she will combine it for you. So go eastwards again, but this time past the northeast tower, and down to the southeast tower. You have a choice of 4 stairs to go through, so choose stair on the bottom right corner, and keep making your way up, and get ready, cause here we go:

King Terask (58|59|60)

Terask has a 22hp damage shield, slowing strike 5%, can haste himself 38%, Celestial Hammer 45hp and 3 sec stun, can heal 150hp, and Protection of Infinity (+30 melee defence and magic resistance). Use Coma potions on him to keep him slowed (you can replace them soon), and use Hurricane Potions if you wish, but not any of the others. Keep up your Damage Shields and your Group Shielding, and slowly knock chunks of HP out of him, he'll eventually fall defeated. He actually doesn't heal too much, so this fight isn't that bad.

Good Job, you've defeated King Terask! Inform the faerie on the 2nd floor of your victory, and make your way to the southwest tower to free Queen Fyora. Remember I said to save your Father's Sword just incase? Well, equip it now. Talk to the faerie for your very last free inn, and to stock up on last minute potions. Up, and up you go. Oh look, you can see Queen Fyora! Quick, free her! –CRASH-…Uh oh…:

King Terask (II) (60|60|60)

King Terask II can mesmerise, do 64 group damage, can do 100 direct damage, can heal 150hp, can do slowing strike 5%, Damage Shields 22hp, can haste himself 38%, Celestial Hammer 45hp and 3s stun, can slow you 62%, can do shockwave, and Protection of Infinity (+30 melee defence and magic resistance). This is the big one, the one you've been working towards. Be sure to keep him slowed 80% at all times. Let the spirit of Rohane's father lash out at Terask for Rohane, Use Direct Damage For Mipsy, it'll hit about 50% of the time, but it's better than nothing. Heal with Velm, obviously, but when it isn't needed, be sure to use damage potions with him. And then just use damage potions with Talinia. Be sure to keep each character hasted 65% at all times. After all of this, all you need is to keep hitting him. He'll heal a lot, but eventually he will die, I promise.

Congratulations, you've beaten Neoquest II!

I want to thank all of my NQC friends for the helpful and kind comments on my guide while in the making, and for giving me motivation to finish it, especially when I really didn't want to do it. I'd also like to thank Angel for critiquing, correcting, and laughing at my guide. I appreciate it, really.

Any questions, suggestions or corrections, please neomail me. Thank you.

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