The best way to find out if you like someone, is to talk to them. ~Samuel's Mother

A short intro about me
My Name is Sam, Samuel, Samu, Samm, King of Slorgs, Lover of fire, Creator of Fire, Lighter of Guilds, Jam, Jammers, Pam, BamBam, JamSammy, Monkey Butt, Samopottamus, Troublemaker, Prince Sampants, Samcakes, Samwich. Samooel and (My favorite) Friend. Feel free to call me whatever you like though :D

I currently reside in Memphis Tennessee where I am attending college to work towards a Biology degree, and hopefully other degrees, so that I can become one step closer to becoming a veterinarian. I have no idea if I will be able to finish the goal I have set out to do but one can hope C: I chose to become a veterinarian because I can't see myself working in an office in a nine to five's just not me (I need the sun and the stars :) because walls are really depressing) I also really love animals so that's a plus XD One of the things that I find weird about me is that I refuse to be scared of an animal, not an a hostile way but more of an equality way, this has been awesome and extremely stupid of me. Awesome in the fact that I have been around things that just scare others (feel free to ask me about this C:) and extremely stupid because I have been bitten and clawed on multiple occasions XD but it truly has been wonderful. I keep questioning myself if I am in the right line of work and then someone comes to me, either on neo or rl, and it completely removes all doubts out of my mind ♥ ilu guys C:
I'm always looking to meet a new friend or join a new guild. send me a NM and we can talk. I don't bite, much, but I do tend to light things on fire.
Feel free to recommend music to me. Im always looking for another song.

You will occasional find me on the neoboards fooling around with friends or random strangers that need to be my friends XD But you will most likely find me in the guilds Valiant, UC's, or (Looking for a 3rd guild) where I am most likely lighting it on firah! "Mwahahaha"
If you talk to me enough you will find out that I have this weird passion for guilds but I am also a major guild hopper. The reason I am a guild hopper is because I am looking for a specific feeling when I am in a guild, a feeling that I once had for a specific guild, and when I have that feeling (: It''s the best thing in the world and I wouldn't trade it for anything...but it will always fade. and when the feeling is gone it's time for me to move on and fallow it...I'm so sorry if you think I am leaving you when I switch guilds!!! But I promise you that I am not leaving you! I'm just following the feeling.

I'm also kinda a "Wild" message at your own risk ;)

Hugs and Skittles and thanks for looking at my portfolio ♥

Effort is Effort, And any EFFORT, is too much effort ~Sakura

Some of my Neofriends

The past is the past, so don't let it drag down your future ~Ally

(1) Reach Ten Million Nps [10,000K/10,000K] (2016) [x]
(2) Finish my Slorg Gallery, I am their king after all. []
(3) Gift over Five million Nps this year (2015) [x]
(4) Gift one million Nps 2018 [500K/1,000K] []
(5) Finish off portfolio []
(6) Light Guilds on Fire (2015/2016/2017/2018) [x]
(7) Make Kat Cry [x]
(8) Obtain a UC Halloween Lupe...again []
(9) Reach Thirty million Nps [28,0000K/30,000K] (2018) []
(10) Become active in my guild again (2018) [x]
(11) Stop hopping guilds..Let's be honest. this is probably never going to happen :C []
(12) Finally quit neo...who knows it might finally happen this year XD []
(13) Make new Neofriends! (2018) []

If you cant convince them, confuse them ~Nim

Pet Customization Ideas

Who doesn't need more ways to procrastinate in college ~Bails

Random Art

I don't care what you bring into this house as long as you take care of it! ~Samuel's Mother

Random Pics

Do the RIGHT thing, If you have to ask yourself if this is the right probably isn't the RIGHT thing. ~Dad of Sam

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