A Site and Graphics Guide

Want to hear a story?

You wake up on the plush green grass and look up at a blue, blue sky. You look up, "Where am I?" you think. You get up and have a look around. It looks like a place in the mountains because of the caps of snow on them, and the air is pretty cold. "Hey! Ciao!" you hear from what sounds to be a young girl. A girl, probably about 9, starts shoving you up the mountain. "Hey! Hey, what-where-why??" you gasp. You arrive at the top of a mountain, at the top, a cottage. You stumble as you're being pushed into the tiny little cottage. You notice the smell of cherries and the crisp chilly air in the room. You glance out the door to see a sign that says, "Spamoni!" and you sigh, "It's and ice cream place." The girl pushes you into a chair and clambers over the the front of you and smiles. You were amazed by her blue eyes and white hair, just like the snow. She says, "Hello! What would you like- oh no! I know the best thing for you!" She rushed behind a counter and whipped up something real fast. She rushes back. "Spamoni!" she cries out, feeling accomplished. You give it a taste...
guest, welcome! I, Squid, have made a new site: Spamoni: A Guide To Graphics. In this guide, I will give you some tips on using graphics and more! This guide is handy for people of all experiences- newbies to successful site owners. Spamoni-whats that? Well, Spamoni is an Italian ice cream. Its very original. One day, I was eating some spamoni ice cream and I was just trying to get the stress off- since there was so much stress during the school year. I was thinking to myself, I wish life was just a little bit easier, just a little bit. I thought, I might as well help other people while on my search for an easier way of life. I decided to express it through this little site/graphics guide so that the users of Neopets could have an easier time. So here we are, at Spamoni. Want to know more about me? Go here!Thanks for the visit, and take a look around!

Oh no...you found a mistake? Please report it as soon as possible!

The One Rule
  • Don't steal the idea, the image or the name. this site was purely thought up by me. The content all written by me, and will never be reused by anyone else but me.I will report you if you steal.



5/29/10 Fixed a link on the Astral Button. Sorry for such a long haitus! Anywho, since I'm out of school, I may have a little more time for the site. Thanks for your support!
4/16/10 360+ views guys! Thanks so much for visiting and making Spamoni a pleasure to own and operate :).
4/11/10 Got a 81/100 at Five Star Reviews :) Thanks for the support everybody!
4/7/10 Back from a little break, fixed the layout. I apologize for the annoying white backround. Got another review.
4/4/10 Happy Easter! I hope you all have a safe and joyful holiday! I spruced up the layout a little for the holiday, but it doesn't work for Interenet Explorer. It shows up white. :)
4/2/10 Added an awards area and a little storyline for Spamoni-check it out! And now you can get the Russian Spoon Award! *cough* only if you worked hard and have not stolen any content on your site *cough*
4/1/10 Got a new layout!
3/31/10 450+ Views- Thanks for your continued views!Back from hiatus, and added a program section. 260 views is amazing my friends. Thanks for visiting :).
3/24/10 Over 200 views! Yay! I took a little break from hiatus to check reviews and other stuff. 99/100 from Luv Fashion Reviews :)
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3/21/10 Woah 100 views! Thanks for your patronage! Got tons of buttons and iswaiting for reviews!

3/20/10 I added a counter and requested lots of buttons and reviews

3/19/10 Added Font section!

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3/16/10 I made an updates section~


The Guide

...take a spoonful!

So you are going to use some graphics right? But do you really know what your going to get? Here are some pros and cons of using graphics.

  • Pro: It adds a little spunk to your account and it gives you a chance to express yourself!
  • Con: The code could be messed up and it doesn't work.
  • Pro: They can be fun to make and share.
  • Con: They are very time consuming to create or even use.
  • Pro:Could spread the word about a cause.
  • Con:Stealers.

I know these tips may be obvious, but here are some of the basics of using graphics.

  • Follow the site rules. You will be found if breaking the rules, and the consequences can result in your account freezing.
  • Do not steal. If you do, you will be banned and put on a notorious 'Wall of Shame.' Also, it's just wrong.
  • When sending requests to requesting sites, check to see if they are even doing the requests- usually portrayed with a little open or closed sign.
  • When requesting, follow the rules if the site posts certain guidelines. Sometimes they have a message you must insert into the request neomails to see if you read the rules.
  • Like to edit lookups? I do, but make sure youre allowed to, see in the rules and if it doesn't say, neomail whoever owns the graphics just in case.
  • Want to make graphics: rule one- be original. The last thing you should do is copy someone else.
  • Leave credit-please! No one likes a stealer, and it's just rude.

So lets hope you've read the rules of the site your using graphics from. You skim through the page,and seek the perfect graphic...There it is! But how do i take it? easy! It'll most likely be in a little box with a scroll bar on it Here is a example...

Well now what. I can't copy it! It doesnt let me OH MY GOSH WHATS GOING ON WITH MY COMPUTER!?!?----...no. No need to worry my friends, the simple solution- select all. Why is it necessary to show you? Well, I tooka survey, and its amazing how many people didn't know how. Heres the instructions in just one little screen shot ^_^.

The Guide

...2nd Page!

See, that wasn't so bad. Also, make note that when copying, you right click not just click. Anyways, you've copied a graphic code, its a great start. Now where to put it? Let be give you the well-ok just..ugh.
  • Userlookups: Go to the boards and then click preferences on the links underneath above the paragraph above the choices of boards. Then it will show you your avvies.In a paragraph, it will say "(If you'd like to edit your user lookup or hobbies, you can still do so here.)" Click here, enter in your old pass (you need it to save the changes), and go to the box at the bottom. This is where you paste your userlookup code. You also can paste icons, buttons, and pixels.Notice that you can only put userlookups in this box, so don't get confused with pet lookups.
  • Pet lookup: You know that on your userlookup it shows your pets under your stats. CLick any one of your pets and you'll get to your pet lookup. This can be edited to look pretty :D. So click account (handy link up in Navigation).*Screenshot provided*

  • Now that you've clicked account, search for this part of the page shown on the screenshot. You want to click 'neopet description.' Then pick the pet whose page you want to edit. It will have a box that looks small, but you can still fit a lot in there. This is where you will paste the pet lookup found on a graphics site or made by you.
  • PetPage Lookups: A pet page lookup is when you go to the pet lookup and click the button that says 'visit pets web page.' There, neopets already gives you the default lookup for the species of your pet. Want to change it? Go to account once more and find that box labeled 'neopets' and this time, click 'edit pet page'. Now chose your pet and click 'edit.' Theres a huge textbox. Fill it with your pet page lookup code, and delete the one that neopets gave you. You can always reset it by clicking 'reset page to default.' You could put many icons and pixels and other graphics because they give you unlimited space.
  • Shop Layouts: Ok so go hover over 'shops' on the neopets navigation bar, and it will say 'your shop' on a little drop down list- go there. If you have not created one yet, then there is no need for a shop lookup, but assuming you have one, click 'create/edit your shop' (this link is under the image of the marketplace. Also there are the shop stock and shop till links there too). There will be a text box- paste your shop lookup code here, then click update shop.Do the same with shop blogs :D.
  • Icons/Pixels:Put them anywhere (literally), but note that if a link is attached to an image and you put it in your shop, it will just show the link next to the image.
  • Fonts Fonts are super fun! They give you a can to express yourself on the all-important boards.First, go to the boards, click preferences on the links underneath above the paragraph above the choices of boards. Then it will show you your avvies.Scroll down and theres boxes where you put your neohtml and your siggy, or Neosignature. The neoHTML is how your writing (as in what you type onto the boards) looks like. The NeoSignature is where you can write anything. It appears on every post. There are guides and premades for this too.
  • Backrounds:Put them anywhere I already mentioned.
  • Music codes: Put them anwhere! :D

The Guide

...3rd Page

Getting Graphics

I recommend visiting directories. They have tons of sites on there to chose from, so dont ever worry about not finding anything. What directories? Soroptomist Directory, for example.

Making Graphics & Owning a Site

So now you know where to put graphics..interested in making your own? Of course! So, since I have owned a graphics site once, here, take some tips :D.

  • Check your visitor stats! See if youre advertising enough!
  • Have plenty of button choices. Then advertise your site everywhere imaginable!
  • Have a lot of good affiliates. They will spread the word about you, and vice-versa.
  • Get reviews! Whether they rave or rant, it will prove that your actually worried and contious of how good people think your site is. People love it when you actually care if they are satisfied or not.
  • Keep your photobucket/tinypic/imageshack/ect. updated. no one wants to see your'--- hasn't logged in since 60 days' image.
  • Stay current and update! Everyone loves graphics that are with 'the times' and a site owner that is with 'the times' too.
  • Clean through affies after about a month or so. You don't want a site that has been banned or abandoned.
  • Watch out for stealers. No one can force your graphic users not to steal, so be on the look out.
  • Don't just abandon your site when your done with it. Put a 'We're Closed' sign on so people don't keep sending you requests or other unwanted neomail. Same goes for hiatus. Put up a sign when you aren't online_
  • Have fun owning and creating graphics! It should be a fun past time, not a job. If it starts to get you down, stop! don't play a game you don't need to play.
  • And most of all- creativity. I couldn't stress it more. No one wants graphics that are almost identical to other sites. Be as original and creative as possible!

But theres more- way more. I could go on for hours and hours on how to make a graphics site, but I'll give you a simple list: The Essentials.

  • Come up with your sites purpose. Is it a premade graphics site? A button request site? A guide even? It could have a lot of content, but be sure to label it, such as an icons section, then a background section, ect. Keep it organized!
  • Get your layout. Make it, or find a premade- it doesn't really matter- but most people appreciate a layout made by the owner of the site. In my opinion, I think premades are totally ok- it just proves that you're not perfect, and thats ok. Also shows that you want a nice layout if your skills at petpage making aren't so good. However others may be more skeptical. Its very important that your layout is colorful or well thought out. No one wants to go through a site when the first impression said "How boring.
  • Have lots and lots of content!
  • Have an original name! The name is what attracts the people who wan graphics. Think about it. Which site would you rather visit- My Graphics or Felocity: Specialty Graphics? I think Felocity would be a neat name, so I'd click!Do this test everytime!
  • You don't have to be an english professor, but try to use good grammar. No chatspeak (lol - or something..) or anything like that.
  • Like I said earlier, have affies and reviews. You can never have too many!

The Guide

...4th Page!


To make graphics, you need a program to use. First of all, there is an open source program, which means its free, and there are ones that you have to pay for. Heres a list of some programs.

  • Gimp (opensource)
  • Microsoft Paint (opensource)
  • Photoshop (pay)
  • Graphic Tablet Systems (pay)

This may seem like a small list, and it is compared to the hundreds of programs out there, so shop around if you're willing to purchase. Also, I should tell you the Photoshop is definetly not free. It actually costs a few hundred dollars- so be careful or ask you're parents before getting this product.

Hosting Sites

Where do you get urls? Hosting sites! Examples are photobucket, tinypic, imageshack- theres tons of them. Notice that you only have so much bandwith(room for images) on a free account. I recommend not paying for a image hosting site. If you want, you normally can get some kind of premium account with unlimited bandwith for a certain amount of money..get permission from your parents first, if you're under 18.

All About Buttons

Buttons are one of the most important elements of a site. This may not seem as worthy as the lookup or the content, but it's actually that important. It's the key to advertising. It can be anywhere and should be everywhere possible- so you spread the word to the most largest audience. Don't know how to make a button? Head over to a guide.

How To Get Affiliates

For some, this is the easiest part, for others its the hardest. On almost every site, there is an affie section. You send a request, and they reply a yes or no. If no, dont give up. It may take many tries until you find someone who will be your affiliate. First of all, your site has to be good! You can't have a lousey site! Read through this guide for some tips, and if you follow them, your site should do fine. Then, when requesting for an affiliate, be nice- say please, thank you- and if you have too, compliment them a little.You could say, "I love your site, and I'd love to be your affiliate."Also, have perspective. Do other people like it? This is why reviews are essential (deja vu?). Ok so you may think your site is 'ah-mazing,' but that doesn't mean whoever you are trying to be an affiliate with will think so too. So work hard and it shouldn't be a problem.

Review Sites

Reviews are the key to improving on your site. You'll have to have a lot for people review you to realize your site is really good or not. Take the critism if you want to improve and feel free to ask questions. You may not get good reviews at first, but if you take the critism, you should get better and better. Never giving up is the best thing you can do. Soon you will be getting reviews that sparkle, just like your site :).

Little Hints

Want to get started on the graphics right? Well if you have no clue, head over to a guide. Go to a directory, like I mentioned earlier to find some pretty good graphic guides. However, I can give a few little hints to you. I'll give you simple graphics. Just copy the code in the box. The first one-by the way- is a text box.(Also, and url is the link, like www.neopets.com)




I used an image by me and I'm proud. You make your image, pick a host (i use photobucket), and you get the url! Put your own code where I put my code.


...the fame, friends, and visitors!

So you've finished up your Spamoni. You're suprised about how sweet the taste was. It had the sweet taste and aroma of cherries in the summer.You notice that there are now quite a few people in the eatery. You look around at all the people in the room...
Hover for score or click to see review.

Ask anytime! No special form required :).

Link back?

Button base by Base Crave

Listed At

Very special thanks to Soroptomist Directory- your support seems minimal, but it means a lot:D. Button base found on photobucket, I put my name on it using paint.Banner by Squidie1950 Screenshots from Fuitsa-Cute, screenshots from around neopets by squidie1950, neopets is by neopets, and Layout by storm. Thanks for the counter boingdragon!
First two buttons by:

The third button from:

The 2nd to last button by me, Squidie1950. Finally, a high quality button made by me. xD You should've seen the old one *plays horror movie music*
And the very last button from..

Thank You's Thank you family (yes, my family),for always listening when I rant about my terrible button and how I couldn't find an open button request site-until I found my fine button makers from Icy and Do Not Press.Icy, thanks for following my instructions and being real fast, and special thanks to Do Not Press. You did an exceedingly impressive job with speed and it came out amazing. My affiliates are amazing, and I really, really, really enjoy working with them. And thanks to you reviewers for putting up with me. And a very, very special thank you to you. Yes you, the one over across the screen-*points*-yup.You're whats driving me to do better. Did I mention helping people is my hobbie?Well helping you has been a pleasure. Please return soon!

Counter Started 3/20/10...Thanks Everyone!

The Awards!

++Russian Spoons!

As you look around the room, you see these magnificient trophies on a little shelf, all lined up in a row. The people in the room point at the trophies, telling the stories of how Spamoni got them or the guidelines of getting one. They shined in the brightly lit room, as though they recognized how they were being noticed.


The Rainbow Cloud Award- for all who have worked hard on their petpages! Clicky here to get your own! XD

The sparkling watermelon award! Clicky here to get your own! =D

The white-haired-blue-eyed girl runs over to your table and grabs your bowl and spoon, "This spoon is Russian? You know? Well..."-she grabs your hand-"It seems were closing but I hope you come to visit some time. Good bye!" She pushes you out the door and gives you a hug. "Good bye now!" and waves to you as you climb down the path.

You walk on the path and think to yourself...'Where am I? This morning I was in Neopia and now I'm in...' "Wait! Wait just a moment!" a soft voice screamed out. Oh, it was the white-haired-blue-eyed girl again. What would she want? "I forgot...Here!" she whispers with a secrecy no one would understands. It was a cloth all bunched up. "Thanks for visiting Spamoni! Come back soon!" You stare with confusion at the girl, but she left just as fast as she came. Now it was just you and the cloth. You opened it up slowly, like fear of peeling off a bandage. The Russian spoon stood glittering in the spring breeze. You look back at the cottage, but there is nothing there.

This is the Russian Spoon award. Its available for anyone who worked hard on the page and has no stolen content.

The Russian Spoon Award

Thank you for visiting my little graphics guide, and I hope it helped you learn some new things about where to get graphics, tips on making graphics, and where to put them.Thank you for visiting Spamoni! Contact me at any time!

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