You step out of the back door of the old shack that belong to this 'Sheep' character. t3h_sheep had been very obscure in direction to her xweetoks location. In the back garden. she said, and the back garden was 20 acres. Then in the corner of your eye something, a bright red aisha listening to a mp3 player.
Do you know where I can find Bohdanha? You called out to the aisha. The aisha said nothing as it walked slowly passed you. HELLO!?!? You shout out rather inpatient after you meeting with the owner, but at least the aisha took off the headphones and listened to you,
What? The aisha replied rather grumpily.
Do you know where this Bohdanha is? You snap.
Oh, yeah, y'know all anyone wants to see is Bohdanha! With her great big petpage all her graphics and that music. I'll have you know I found that music! I find everyone's music and do they thank me noo-
I'm sure I've thanked you at least twelve times, Stranilsa.
Came a soft and cheery voice from behind you. Indeed I'm still grateful and the new song you gave me is so fitting. You look around to see a white xweetok with a green main.
Are you Bohdanha? You say smiling hopefully.
Why yes! She said, beaming, Why didn't you tell me I had a visitor, Stranilsa?
Oh... my mistake, hehe.
The aisha murmured in a quivering voice then rushed into the house.
Okay... well! lets go to the willow shall we? and her soft paw takes your hand.
She leads you along a small footpath that goes into the woods. It look beautiful as the yellow light filters through the leaves. Bohdanha stopped suddenly as you came across an opening with a tiny willow like a leafy hut in the center.
Go inside the willow and I will follow you after, is that ok? You look back at Bohdanha in puzzlement but decide to go on as she chuckles. You stoop in the willow and look down at the floor. Suddenly it grows cold and you look up. The bright green of the willow has turned into a rich dark green, a holly bush. You go out of the bush and are dazzled by the whiteness of the world before you. Welcome to the Pinelands! Bohdanha cried out as she emerged from the bush herself.

Could you, you who have always known that greatness of everything around, you who have seen places where it never rains or where there are golden beaches decorated with colorful fruit. Could you, you who have seen so many people, and so many lands, could you possibly imagine that someone on this planet believed there whole world was a small icy forest in the middle of a giant plain of snow. I once believed that. The Xweetoks that inhabited this place had no time for imagination. most things had no special name, trees were trees not oaks or birch or any other species. Only different names where given to Xweetoks. We did not care for differences because everything was the same in the desolation of the forest. But when something truly different came, my people did not know what to do. And sure enough something vastly different came...

I've seen it Depujae! I have been a mother to many times not to know the signs. Said the alpha female to my father.
She has broken the tribes law and it is on your conscience that she has done so. And according to the laws set by the gods I must take the children from her!
I beg of you, Mauja, show mercy to her. She has such a lonely heart yet so much love to give.

Because of your deeds in our previous battle against the Jaujau tribe I will let her keep the little. Let us only hope the gods show the same mercy!
As time past my mother grew tired with the wait of her pups. She sheltered in a small den and my father tended to her. On the day of the birth a handful of people waited outside the den, including Mauja, three on my mothers friends and a friend of my fathers named Kabashi, as well as my father. Inside the den my aunt, Orka, who was the spell master of the tribe, tended to my mother. It was past midnight when my mother looked down on a litter of four healthy pups. By this time a fire had been lit outside.
Oh sister, not an ill pup in sight, there is no greater deliverer than you. My mother exclaimed.
Ah, but it is the mother that produces the litter She looked down at the small gray brown bundle Hey, what is that that?" my aunt said as she pointed out a toughed of green fur. She delicately pulled out a fifth pup. But it was unlike the rest. The other pups where the usual dark gray with a brown mane but this one was almost white and its mane was forest green and set in its forehead was a a green gem. My mother looked at it and said Bohdanha, she will be called Bohdanha, blessing".
My aunt put her hand over my forehead and closed her eyes. "I sense much good in her, but there is a shadow-
Is the litter ready for us to see? said my curious and rather excited father.
Well your lucky they are or your nose would probably be bitten off! My aunt said sternly. Pull away the curtain so the others can see. And my father did so.
A mixture of firelight and moonlight flooded the den and my aunt exclaimed. The green maned "blessing" had been dropped and my aunts arms were caped in blood. I cannot remember it but my mother had said that my mane had turned red and even as a newborn my eyes were wide open and on fire.
Close the curtain! my aunt screamed. When the room was dark again my aunt looked at me, immobilized and green again and whisper, A shadow cast by fire. My aunt went outside to show away the blood and Mauja entered.
What happened, Besha!
My mother lay there dumb by the experience. She looked down at me as I lay curled up on the cold floor.
The- the fire, her fur it was red and... My mother stuttered.
I believe the pup is a curse brought down on this tribe because you failed to uphold there laws! Kabashi said as he entered.
Mauja looked at Kabashi then at my mother. You must understand that these are the laws of the Gods and I must take your four healthy cubs and destroy the accursed-
NO! My mother cried, I-I will take care of her. Perhaps the gods wished the burden upon me!
She speaks logically, Mauja
My aunt said.
Yes, Besha, you must keep the pup. Mauja said and bundled the other cubs in a skin and talk them away to her den.
As the others left my aunt turned to her sister and said, Thank the gods you kept a motherly bond with that cub, for I don't think much else would of saved it.
Why do you say this? I saw how she savaged your hands...
I told you before I saw good in her, I will not change my mind after this incident
Are you sure sister? I think myself mad keeping her-
But you kept her! There was something in the back of your head screaming at you too keep her. That is not just motherly love. You have the same power as I do sister.
It is the fire that possesses her! She is not evil! Keep her out of firelight! And surely the fire of the sun will possess her also. Keep her out of sunlight, then perhaps the fire wont take hold.
With that she left me and my mother and ventured out into the night.

It was seventeen years till the next of my story began. I had never seen the light of day and lived in a pitch black borrow where no light could possibly enter.
My aunt had tried many rituals to stop my curse but to know avail. I could only see the moonlight. Now the tribe was on the verge of war with Laotai and Mauja had died and been replace by another war hungry king name Kordoris. It was one night in the full moon that I sat next to the endless plains of ice that surrounded the forest that I was approached by my friend Gethu.
Hello, Bohdanha
I said, in a troubled voice.
Are you scared there may be another war? he said quietly.
Oh Gethu I'm so afraid that this tribe will be destroyed! The Laotai tribe is greater than ours and yet that tyrannous king goes on and fights!
Bohdanha, there is no future here. Me and a couple of friends are going to walk across the plains to see if there is another world out there!
But Gethu-
I know its It is harsh and there's no food out there but surely death is better than this?
I cannot come with you Gethu. You know my mother is ailing...
Gethu looked at me and sighed, "I don't want to fight.
Neither do I, I will wait it out in my borrow
And for a moment we were silent watching the snow dust being wafted by the chilly wind. What if I never see you again Gethu?
You will see me again, the gods have made that certain
He bid me farewell for the last time and in the morning he was gone.

War is in all lands the bane of this world. Six days I stayed in my burrow holding my mother close and in six days my tribe was destroyed. on the early morning of the seventh day my aunt came to us her eyes red and tearful.
The snow shines red in the moonlight Bohdanha
Is there anyone left!
A handful, lead by the king
The king won't give in! He's mad!
Why did they spare those men?
I will show you why the fighting has stopped for now.
My aunt took my hand and lead me out to the plains.
The ice is breaking! I exclaimed.
And that is not the only omen and she pointed to something in the distance.
What is that?
They say it is the black galleon of death! They will not fight in its wake! They believe that the world is going to crumble like the ice and the galleon will take those who survive.
It was supposed to be my seventeen years since my birth yesterday"
My aunt suddenly looked at me here eyes wide in shock, What is wrong?
We must go home NOW! She ran and I followed and when I we got back to the burrow. I saw my mother on the floor, dead. I screamed and took her body in my arms.
Why! Why did they do this! I sobbed.
My aunt looked down her eyes reddening, The galleon appeared on the date of your maturity, They think you, the 'accursed' are to blame. I couldn't bare it. I ran into the depths of the forest. I knew that the sun would rise and the fire would posses me but I didn't care anymore. I ran and ran until I found a place that I often went to in the moonlight.
I sat there crying when I suddenly heard a rustle in the trees above. I looked up and saw a strange creature. It reminded me of the birds that passed this way be it was much bigger and had paws like me. Its yellow feathers glistened silvery gold in the moonlight. I was in awe of it for a few minutes then I finally spoke, "If you are a demon then take me to your home. I do not belong here.
Its bird like head looked down at me, he squinted at first then put some round pieces of glass in front of his eyes and his eyes widened.
Ermmm do you err no the ancient language? he said in ancient.
Well that is amazing! And are there others like you
Well yes-
Wow" then he muttered something in a tongue I did not know.
Are you an angel then?
W-what! Err that certainly a nice comment to say about someone but I'm afraid not.
What are you then?
Well I'm an eyrie.
Is that a God?
No... you've never scene an eyrie before...
My gosh. Well what species are you?
Well my species is eyrie and my names Jodoshya
My name is Bohdanha
Well is there any other species in this forest?
There are small dumb creatures and birds and fish.
No intelligent Neopets?
Has anyone been off the island before?
Most believe there is nothing beyond the Ice Plains. The think that soon the forest will crumble away and the Black Galleon of Death will take anyone who is left. Everyone is panicking.
Jodoshya looked back at the black ship in the ice then muttered something in the language I didn't understand. Umm well I think that err black galleon will be gone shortly and I'll be going along with it so theres no need to... worry? He grinned and then started to stretch out his wings.
I sat puzzled for a moment and then said "Wait! Where do you come from?
I'm from the mainland, Altador
You mean there really is a world out there!
Well yes...
Take me with you!
Are you sure-
Please, my world has been destroyed by war and the people here want to kill me because think I'm cursed!
Well ok, I guess you'll have to... ride me" He swooped down and I sat on his back and then he took off. I clung tight to his feathers when we soared into the sky and then I felt lighter than air. I looked down and saw the forest and how small it seemed now. Then I saw the tribe king and his small army parallel to the Laotai tribe.
Jodoshya! can you do something for my people?
I saw you first and thought you where an angel. I think my people would think so to. My tribe is about to be destroyed in battle and I think you can stop it. Can you fly down?
Some how I don't find it appealing risking my life for a tribe I've never even heard of-
I beg of you! Just go down and say the that err... the gods don't want you to fight" There was a pause then Jodoshya sighed.
Fine! Just make sure I get a proper burial

As we soared down the morning sunlight made Jodoshya's feathers gleam and I realized that the fire had not possessed me. I gasped but before I could do anything else, there was a sudden jerk. We where on the ground with a hundred bewildered faces looking at us.
Please put on a good act I said as I slid of his back and he began
Can you not see, Jodoshya bellowed, what war has done to you! The Gods do not want this! This girl Bohdanha who you believed to be cursed, prayed for me to come and save this land and now because of your greed she will now leave it and go to my home! The Black Harbinger of Death will only leave your sea when the fighting ends As he finished I looked at him confused. I got on his back and we swooped up into the sky.
I was silent in shock at his performance.
I'll have you know that Altador is renowned for its drama talent! He said boastfully.
I looked back and saw the armies dispersing and smiled.

Is this your vessel? I ask as we landed on the deck of the so called "Black Galleon".
No! But this ship is the only way I can further my research.
Resear- I stopped abruptly as I saw that there were a mass of faces watching me. We stared at each other for a few minutes then Jodoshya broke the silence.
Bohdanha, these are my shipmates-
He was interrupted when an agile looking creature shouted in a gruff voice something in another language. Then someone else shouted something which made Jodoshya look back at me. It was the first time would looked straight at each other and my eyes immediately locked onto a lemon yellow gem that was set in his forehead and he did likewise. There was a brief silence then Jodoshya got a book out of his bag and flicked through the pages muttering in his language.
Emerald maybe... or... does that gem on your forehead turn red in incandescent light?
Yes yes you must be alexandrite.
No I'm Bohdanha
No no just your gem! This is citrine on my forehead. And because of it I have an immunity to poison, Citrine has that quality and what about you.
The fire possesses me and turns me against my loved ones.
I said briefly
Oh... wel- Suddenly I heard someone calling Jodoshya's name in an unusual accent.
Bahhari! Jodoshya said as he greeted another strange creature that looked oddly like me be he walked on two paws. Bahhari stared at me oddly as if in shock or something and muttered something to Jodoshya still staring. Jodoshya said something in response that involved my name. Then Jodoshya came up to me and I asked, Who is he?
That exactly what he asked me about you! His name is Bahhari he's a kyrii. Kyrii's are actually similar quite to xweetoks.
I watched Bahhari go down to the lower deck he glanced at me again then looked away quickly.

I spent two years on the ship that was actually called "The Kicked Limpet" (and god knows why). I learned many valuable lessons there but morality wasn't one of them. No sooner set foot on the wooden deck than they were stealing from some poor unsuspecting person. But one very valued thing that I did learn was there was a world out there! I had seen the whole world in two years and had lived seventeen only knowing a forest. I had also learnt two languages, standard English and pirate English (which is always useful). I was a different Xweetok from the one who lived in the forest. I was now a creature of the sun instead of hiding in the dark.
It was the early morning and I watched the pale sunrise.
Yow mi gurl, why so down? Came Bahhari friendly chilled voice.
I'm probably mad but I kinda miss that cold isolated forest I used to call home.
Naw, even a pirat missas 'ome sometimes.
Where are you from, Behhari.
Rememba di lost dessurt?
Am from dere, bu' not di nort' I come from the faa sout where di land is richa an' lusha. I was a fishamons son dere.
You must miss it then. It sounds beautiful. Why did you decide to live like this?
For di rum ma friend!
He said and then walked back to his duties. I chuckled and watched him go down to the lower deck and when he glance up I looked away quickly.

I was late one night when Jodoshya came hurtling down onto the deck his eyes wide. I had been fishing when I saw him and immediately came to greet him. He had been to visit Altador briefly by flight as the captain wouldn't alter his course but had come back with grave news.
They are hardening the law on pet ownership, because of neopias popularity no pet can be classed as 'wild' now and must be owned!
I don't understand-
I began.
look heres some papers I managed to get of my friend in altador. They will class any of you as 'searching' for an owner so you want get picked up by the pound but I only have four sets. Bohdanha! you must take one and come with me to neopets central.
But what about the ship?
With luck you will find a good owner who will let you come back here! Now who else desperately needs these papers?"
Non of the pirates accepted them, they did not want ownership, they wanted freedom.
I will go wit 'danha Came Bahharis voice.
I looked at him bewildered, But you love the sea, Bahhari He stared at me silently for a second then Jodoshya broke the silence.
We must leave and try finder an owner and before I could think we were flying through the sky.
I've never been to neopets central I shout in the deafening wind.
Its a different world there! Great for shopping, I can tell you that!
It wasn't long before we reached our destination. And certainly Neopets central was a different world. There was more people there than in the lost dessert bazaar and so many humans than anywhere else I had ever been. I looked round to to see everything and when I looked forward again a fell over as there was a strange human with a messy hair and a magnifying in my face.
Is that alexandrite!
Before I could speak she picked me up by the scruff of the neck, "White fur, that's unusual, and that's a pretty marking you've got there." she then put me down and patted me, You owned? she said then took a bite out of a sandwiched she had had.
Oh spiffy! Xweetok-Lupe cross I suppose
Juss say yes, Ooh a kyrii.
She to glide casually over to Bahhari and started to look him over, You smell of rum! nice touch
Southern lost dessert accent! I love you!
And bewildered him with a suffocating hug. then she saw Jodoshya, I know you, you wrote that book about that ice island thing. Jodoshya, yes?
err yes

Yes! The mad girl went into a long babbling conversation with Jodoshya which distracted her from me and Bahhari.
The people here are stranger than in the lost dessert Bizzare.
Naw I bin here bifor. I tink dis gurl is just ay crackpot, or ay noob as dey say.
Are those your adoption papers?
Came the psychotic girls voice again.
Well... I pause for a minute expecting to be interrupted and then carried on as she looked at me puzzled, I think so, umm-
If dey are your not gon' to sign dem! Bahhari exclaimed bitterly.
Oh Really? She sad soberly lowering her head to look right into Bahhari's eyes.
Well... yeah really! The was a pause as the girl tightened her mouth then she drew back swiftly and said, Ok, fine. and stood there looking at her watch as if we'd never been there.
Why are you waiting? I asked.
What business is it of you- Oh fine, I'm waiting for my neopet she's over there trying to avoid me. All that peophin has to do is spend two measly days of the entire year spending time with me and still-
You mean she doesn't live with you?

Chyeh! Its the same with all my pets! Except Stranny who's juss wierd and insist on living with me... While she babbled on we all looked at each other then Jodoshya shoved the adoption papers and a pen into the mad girls hand.

So I became the mad girls pet whose name was Maddy coincidently though she preferred I addressed her as Sheep (with a salute o_0). She showed me her "Quaint little cottage" in the suburbs and then showed me a place that I would always value.
Apparently this place belonged to a witch once! Sheep said, rather pleased with the fact.
Figures I muttered in my old language as I looked back on the rather daunting shack.
But you see, she couldn't get all her ingredients from here so she made this She dragged me by the paw to a small half dead weeping willow.Go in it! I looked at her puzzled then obeyed and parted the dense branches. I suddenly felt very cold and walked out side. To say the least I marveled at the snowy landscape dotted with pine trees in front of me. I was like home.
Where are I Said as Sheep emerged from the willow.
God knows! But its awful spiffy! Great for Christmas. I had a feeling she knew it was much more than just "spiffy" to me, but she decided to act ignorant all the same. I'm gonna have some apple crumble now... buh-bye And she disappeared into the willow.

Antaraxii's Lookup (will open on a new window)
This is Antaraxii. His story is a dark one and the scars from it have left Antaraxii a desolate and anti-social creature. I met him soon after I met my owner but it was quite a brief meeting. When I'm in the house and Antaraxii is around we get on quit well but conversation is usually minimal.

Stranilsa's Lookup (will open on a new window)
Ah Stranilsa! After meeting my owner I thought I'd seen the worse of it but then she produced this fiery red, hyperactive fur ball! Still Stranny is a lot of fun and it certainly came as a shock as I found out she had a very similar story to Antaraxii! And I must mention that she loves music, all music!

Johh's Lookup (will open on a new window)
Johh is a mysterious character. She behaves differently to certain people. To me, she acts like a wise old lady, almost motherly but to Antaraxii she acts hostile. She scarcely talks and has not revealed her story to even her family.

Jodoshya's Lookup (will open on a new window)
Jodoshya is a dear friend of mine and now part of my family. He was the first neopet I ever seen that had not spent its whole life in the icy forest on the ice planes and he helped me save me people. He possesses the gemstone of citrine like I possess alexandrite.

Baharri Lookup (will open on a new window)
After my story I didn't see Bahhari again for a while. When I did it was on a beach by his new home. We hugged like friends do but then he kissed me. So we were mates for a couple of months, but we grew apart and finally decided to become no more than friends once more. I now admire him as a close friend who I can always rely on.

Melitarla's Lookup (will open on a new window)
This is Melitarla she's the landlady of a Public House on an island off the coast of Brightvale. Being the owner of the only public house on that isle she is rather wealthy and very high up on the social ladder. Because of this many young Neopian males try to gain her 'admiration' failing rather miserably, of cause. I met her when I was part of 'The Kicked Limpets' crew and she ordered me to get a glass of gin down my neck and we had a nice talk!

Lechuguilla's Lookup (will open on a new window)
Lechuguilla is a rather solitude character in our family. I have talked to him before but he doesn't particularly like talking to people. He used to live in a cavern set deep in the earth where no light penetrated so really he and his people didn't need the use of there eyes so he is blind. He is the possessor of quartz and has a halve of a quartz crystal encrusted in each hoof (the green gem on his forehead is generate to all of her race). Quartz is a fooling gem that has often appeared as other gems in history. Lechuguilla has the power of illusion which allows him to fool people.

Ohlataev's Lookup (will open on a new window)
This is Ohlataev. He is 85 in his years and very wise. I was the first to meet him in my family when I was wandering in the the countryside by our home. He lives in a hut by the Lilly pond and that's where he told me all his wondrous stories. When I realized he was wild I asked him if he minded that my owner adopted him so that he would not have the fret of the pound on his mind. He agree courteously and became another member of our family.

Ignatova's Lookup (will open on a new window)
Ignatova and I Do Not get on. He is a fire Xweetok that has no consideration for others and in fact enjoy other peoples misfortunes. I keep well away from him because of my condition and because of the fact that he's such an idiot.

Sebeze's Lookup (will open on a new window)
I've never particularly talked to Sebeze much but what I can gather is his quite a nice Xweetok. He does have a bad temper sometimes and he has a truly undecipherable accent but he is rather comical!

None Yet... ish

RULSORZ! (by t3h_sheep)

1. Dun eat em, they're not tasty.
2. Don't lead yourself to think they are actually yours becuase, they're mine. (bless your feeble mind)
3. Don't enter them into the bc becuase they'd most definately win giving you an unfair advantage |D *brick'd*
4. Don't edit the codes (unless its vitally important that you do)
5. Enjoy em!
6. THE LAST RULE MUST BE OBEYED OR YOU SHALL SURELY DIE!!!! and the other rules are kinda important too...






















Status: [Trades: Closed|Requests: Closed] DO NOT TORTURE ME!

The evil one ish scary














Stanturo's Petpage
And already I have a terribly stylish custom made just for me =D Thanks Bug Bite

Haitsu's Petpage
X3 Another spiffingly animated Custom! Me lurf! Thanks mixgar!

ShiningNarnia's Petpage
*scratches head* where'd the praising happiuness text go? Well I'm sure I said this was a truly awesome truly animated custom XD

Fluffiaya's Petpage
^^ Another awesomeness for Bohdanha. *squishes plushie* Spiffeh!

Thanks so much for the beefday present Mewie! Issa very cute ^-^.

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