Hello! So, introduction. As a huge fan of the amazing plot back in Y12 (2010), The Faeries' Ruin, I wanted to have a single place where I could find and enjoy everything related to this plot. Here I've gathered all the Neopian Times submissions related to TFR. Everything is organized by submission type and can be browsed using the navigation bar above. Anyways, please enjoy! ~charming_thievery

And I was happy to help everyone enjoy the best plot ever made!
I don't see why I was needed for this.
I guess people love when we answer the Editorial.
Last I looked, this wasn't the Editorial.
Close enough. And look, there's that coconut.



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Stopped at Issue 462 Done with back issues!
Last Updated:

3.30.18 - Thanks to the special 10th collab issue (Issue 819) and its article about the history of NT collabs (included in here!), I've found a few issues that have TFR-related images in the background. (Yes, the scope of this project includes even such minor details as that, lol.)
Also, even though I haven't even rolled out the new revamped layout officially (aside from doing it for some article entries), I've re-coded it so it's even better! Yay, no table-based layouts anymore! (I know, why was I still using tables?? Well, it was because the last time I really worked with HTML - early 2000s, folks - tables were the main way to code layouts, and I'd never really mastered them until now, lol. So I wanted to use that new-found power! xD) Anyway...yeah, so I've decided to quickly convert everything here to my new layout (I'm tired of this old one!). :)

3.24.18 - NEW ENTRIES today! And guess what? With this update, I have officially reached the first TFR-related NT issue!! *cheers* But being the first issue after the plot launched, there's actually not very many entries, which was disappointing though not unsurprising when I thought about it. Still, I wanted to celebrate this moment by making this a big deal, so! I'm boosting the submissions from 462 with tons of other entries from various issues. :D Enjoy!

  • Added articles from issues 462, 794, 811, 812, 815.
  • Added short stories from issues 769, 780, 794, 806, 808, 811. (I'm finally added my own contribution! Also, added the epilogue to "The Sorceress's Ending", part of a previous short story series (issue 780).)
  • Added comics from issues 462, 667, 803, 810, 811, 813.
  • Added editorial from issues 462, 660, 661, 662, 666, 668, 791, 793, 794
  • Added a new series from issue 819 & 820.
  • Added a new issue (623).

(Argh! My Stories/Comics/etc. page is getting so laggy to update, so I may need to split it again...)

1.6.18 - So I haven't been adding any *new* entries to this directory for a while, since I've been working on rolling out the new layout and adding updated entries AND new ones there. (Oh, and working on the Art Gallery part of my TFR Archives project.) I placed a link to the WIP article page on the article section here, if you're curious. :) While I've been adding entries from here to the WIP page, I've also updated the descriptions on the article page here.

  • Added a short story, article, and comic from Issue 811 (to the new page).

12.21.17 - Small edit today, since it was adding a Part 3 to an existing story ("A Brynnso Christmas Special 3"). Definitely not done going through the issue though!

  • Added short story from Issue 810.
  • Honorable Mentions from Issue 658: "The Guide to Beating Procrastination on Neopets" (Article image is the Yurble Librarian from the Shhhhhh! plot step) & "A Beginner's Guide To Dailies" (Talks about the TDMBGPOP location on grounded FL & uses it as the article image)

11.12.17 - So the new layout is essentially coded; it's just re-coding all the entries to fit in that's taking time. But since I can't wait for that to be completed before debuting the new layout, I've decided to share it now! xD So I was using Brackets to code it, and then moved it to Neo today - and wow! Neo has so many restrictions on coding, lol. I had to tweak it to be Neo-friendly since it broke a bit on the pet page.

Anyway, hope you guys like the new layout! As you can see, I added the submission thumbnail and made it easier to read descriptions. And I'm listing entries in descending order now, since new submissions will now be from more recent NT issues. (Well, aside from the backlog I have still waiting to be added on here.)

11.8.17 - Apparently I mis-categorized two short stories as articles (though one should be an article, IMO). As far as the new layout, I'm working on updating the articles first - but as there are over 100, this is going to take some time, especially since my early descriptions were a bit lackluster.

  • Articles from Issues 731 & 667 have been corrected and added to the Short Story section.

11.3.17 - As I'm updating the new layout while reading and editing submission entries accordingly, I found out I had missed an article in Issue 676! For shame! Especially since it was the only one with a TFR picture! OTZ Edit: Turns out I missed two. Omg...

As for the layout - yesterday I cleaned up the code, learning more about absolute and relative positioning, and float and clear. It's still going to be quite some time before I can debut it though. I may just debut one section at a time. :)

  • Added 2 articles from Issue 676.
  • Updated article descriptions (starting from most recent).

11.1.17 - So like, it seems that going on official hiatus makes me want to work on this directory even more. -__- Yes, I have been reading stories I haven't read yet and updating their descriptions, but I've also been going through skipped editorials (and those issues' comics more thoroughly) and adding relevant new entries to my Notepad file that I keep to store additions I haven't updated here yet. There are quite a few submissions there I've got waiting for you guys. :)

And yesterday, I stayed up half the night working on a revamped and hopefully better layout for this NT directory, but it'll take some time to roll out since I have to manually edit each entry to work with the new code. -___-

Then today, I made a new page for the creative contests with this current layout and added previously collected entries there. Keep in mind it's still very much a work in progress (particularly the Art Gallery entries), but I'll link the new page for you all to enjoy while I continue this "hiatus". :P

I'm telling you, I am totally procrastinating on other stuff I gotta do...OTZ

10.29.17 - Hey, guys! Still on hiatus since I won't be adding any new entries at this time. I'm planning on enjoying my directory and reading all the stories I haven't gotten around to yet. So I'll mostly be updating descriptions for now. :)

9.20.17 - Quick apologetic update! I'm sorry, I went on an unannounced hiatus (...they're always unannounced though...) due to eye strain problems that started right about the time I stopped updating. I do plan to update again (especially since I've actually made my own NT contribution to add here!), but I can't say when. So, this page is going on official hiatus!

4.23.17 - Hahahahaha...It's been a month since my last update, oh, man...Well, I've got entries from multiple issues this time 'round - I'm glad there have been some recent TFR NT submissions! Let's keep the love going~ ^^ Also, I've noticed this page has gotten more hits lately, so that makes me really happy! Has my advertising in my sig on the boards actually been working?? :O

  • Added an article and comic from Issue 777.
  • Added a short story from Issue 775.
  • Finished Issue 463 (Articles, Editorial, Short Story, Comics).

3.20.17 - Only a day or two late! I'm getting better at this! :D (I sound like the Healing Springs faerie, lol.)

  • Finished Issue 464 (Article, Editorial, Short Story, Comic).

3.11.17 - Small update today - a short story from this week's NT, and just one comic from the issue I've stopped at, which I still have to look through. Sorry I haven't been great at updating!

  • Added a short story from Issue 772.
  • Added one comic from Issue 464.

2.25.17 - Could it be? Have I actually updated according to my desired weekly schedule? :O Lots of comics, as always! Enjoy! ^^

  • Finished Issue 465 (articles, editorial, comics)

2.17.17 - I am so sorry for the lack of updates, guys! I'd been spending a lot of my free time obsessing over other interests (GoT), and, well, I like to update this when I'm properly filled with TFR love (Wait. Am I not always? O_O). You understand, don't you? :D *gets pelted with stone pies* Ouch. Anyway, here's a nice load of new (not really) TFR content! Each issue now contains so many comics, goodness. :P (But I LOVE IT.)

  • Finished Issue 466 (articles, editorial, short story, comics, almost the whole shebang!).
  • Added the note at the top of this section because I still feel guilty about that lag.

1.8.17 - First update of the new year! :D With this update, I bring you entries from two issues! The latest one and 467! (And one last entry from 468.) And can I just say that I am very excited about the newest Hanso and Brynn series that's just started in this recent edition of the NT (763)? Haven't updated the series portion in forever! I was actually pretty surprised to find quite a few TFR-related entries, as they have been rather scarce lately. T-T

  • Finished Issue 467 (articles, editorial, comics).
  • Added a story from Issue 468.
  • Added in comics and series from Issue 763.

12.30.16 - Hello, everyone! I'm back with new updates~ ^^ And since I had stopped after having already compiled some entries that I neglected to post (probably because I had started with comics from 468 but hadn't finished the other sections for that issue and wanted to update all of 468 at the same time), this one will be a pretty large update! :D

I had pinned several relevant articles and stories from (probably) Issue 468, but the browser I used stopped working when I updated my computer, so I lost those entries. So now I'll have to go through that issue again (and perhaps 469-470 for good measure), so Issue 468 won't be posted in its entirety yet. For now, enjoy the newly posted comics! :D

  • Added in a missed article and comics from Issue 479.
  • Added articles and the editorial from issues 469 & 470, which I'd forgotten to include last update.
  • Started with Issue 468 (comics, editorial).

12.24.16 - Ahhh, apologies for the huge unannounced hiatus! Long story short, I was focusing on schoolwork. Updates shall commence after Christmas, starting with Issue 479, which I've discovered I skipped over. O_O Anyway, Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! x)

10.31.16 - Oops, sorry I'm so late with this update! But Happy Halloween! :D

  • Finished Issues 470 and 469. Mostly new comics.
  • Added Hanso and Brynn (and some Jazan) neoboard smilies to the appropriate entries.

10.26.16 - And I seem to have forgotten my update schedule is on Saturday-Sunday, but never fear, I shall update then as well. :)

  • Finished Issue 471 and added an article from 753.
  • Added wraith pb neoboard smilies to the Comic section to indicate the entries that have wraiths being the main, or only, relation to TFR.

10.22.16 - Hmm, seems like I've been updating on Sundays at midnight instead. -__- Sorry about the late posting again! Anyway, I've been considering calling this The Faeries' Ruin Archives (TFR Archives) or extending that name to the entire project that's underway (not just the NT).

  • Finished with Issue 472 and added articles from 471.

10.20.16 - Just made some small tweaks and fixes to the Story section. Expect new entries from Issue 472 on Saturday. :)

  • Added more Hanso/Brynn neoboard smilies to more stories.
  • Improved descriptions and added missing authors for past Story entries (I read a few).

10.15.16 - So I think I'll go for a Saturday/Sunday update schedule. Sorry, this update came late since I was actually hoping to release it earlier on Saturday (and it's technically Sunday now as it's 1:13am...)

  • Finished Issue 473 - updated Articles and Comics

10.8.16 - The content on this page has now been distributed over two pages: /~brynnethx (Home, Updates, Article, Editorial) and /~peaches27823 (Short Story, Comic, Series, Issue, Credit), but as there is still quite a bit of content on each, there's still a bit of a lag when navigating between the two pages. So I suggest navigating through all the links of one page before moving on to a link on the other page. Sorry for the inconvenience, but editing the code was starting to just lag like crazy. D:
I'm also considering a weekly update - I'm thinking Friday or Saturday. :) We'll see how that goes.

  • Split site between two petpages.
  • Added Hanso and Jazan neoboard smilies to Editorial to indicate which issues contain a Hanso and Jazan Editorial Takeover.

10.6.16 - I've had my page listed on Directly. under the Neopian Times directory. I'm very excited about that! Also, since this page loads so slowly, I'm seriously considering splitting the sections into two pages. The only thing stopping me is that I really love how quickly the navigation works once everything is loaded. I'll lose that if I split everything. T-T

  • Finished with Issue 474.
  • Started adding the original author description for stories as well.
  • Added Hanso & Brynn neoboard smilies to certain stories to indicate which character a story is mainly about.

10.5.16 - WOW, there are a lot of comics during the plot!

  • Finished Issue 475 and added comics from 474.
  • Started adding the artist's description, since that often enhances the humor of the comic.

10.4.16 - Officially debuted the new layout to /~brynnethx (I had coded separately and tested on another pet page prior). I also edited the main page to look more like a Hanso and Jazan Editorial Takeover. So I added the tilde and my username after the welcome paragraph to emulate an Editorial question and added mr.coconut (and modified Hanso's dialogue to reflect mr.coconut's appearance). Ta-da! So now their dialogue actually makes a bit more sense! :D ...Ugh, I miss Hanso and Jazan's cameos in the Editorial....T-T

(Initially written below mr.coconut) Haha, I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist. I love mr.coconut (I miss him! D:) and just realized the main page looks like the format of a Hanso and Jazan Editorial Takeover (I mean, aside from the very intentional use of Hanso and Jazan in the first place). I suddenly felt so inspired, lol. (10.4.16)

  • Finished with Issue 476!

10.3.16 - I revamped the layout so that it looks cleaner and has fewer kinks. If I hadn't been taking an online HTML class, I probably wouldn't have updated the layout for a looong time. xD I also decided that keeping a backlog of updates is a good idea - I only wish I'd done it from the beginning. Anyway, I'm currently working on adding the rest of the entries from Issue 476 - I'll probably be doing an issue per update or two since there will be more TFR submissions now that we're closer to/around the time during the plot.

10.2.16 - Apparently I had not been thorough enough and missed a few entries in Issue 638, an NT Collab with the theme being The Oracle Games. (I only stumbled upon it because I wanted to reread "Falling", haha. The short story entry for The Oracle Games was a very enjoyable read. :D Updated Articles, Short Stories, and Comics for 638. Also added entries from Issue 476.

Older, Non-Dated Updates:

  • Woohoo! We're starting to get to the good stuff! xD (meaning, time during plot; Aug-Sept 2016)
  • I've reached Y13! Almost to the time during the plot! 8.2.16
  • I haven't yet completed looking through all the NT issues - still on Y14! So I've got a long way to go! (sometime in 2016)
  • *I probably started working on this page in early 2016 (or maybe even late 2015?). I believe I added the first layout on 4.28.16.*


(***Revamped Article page***)
NT Issue Submission Subject Author Read Yet?
462 Why We Need Our Faeries Description: I don't think anyone could have anticipated how dreary a Neopia without faeries would be.
A list of 10 important and helpful faeries in Neopia, in ascending order of importance.
ilovemycatembers Yes
463 Falling for Fashion Description: Normally everyone knows to look to the fire faeries for fall fashions.
A list of some trendy clothing items perfect for Fall. Mentions faeries turning to stone and TFR plot
ilovemycatembers No
463 Why We Don't Need Our Faeries Description: I don't think anyone could have anticipated how great a Neopia without faeries would be.
A list of the 10 most annoying faeries in Neopia, written in a very humorous article, lol.
stoicjohn Yes
463 Preventing Petrification Tips Description: 1. Do not, under any circu mstance, try to steal a glowing artifact. It glows for a reason.
10 tips to avoid glowing artifacts at all costs; references the Xandra's Library plot step and first couple of chapters of TFR. Wait, hold on, did you just call Hanso a "not so bright thief"?! Yay, a mr.coconut mention! It would be awful if mr.coconut were turned to stone. D:
candycaddy Yes
464 A Guide to Conspiracy Theories Discussion of the most popular and strangest theories as to what happened to the faeries.
Description: It came as a big shock to many Neopians when they discovered that the peaceful Faerie Festival had been interrupted because every Faerie had turned into stone.
iskalri Yes
465 What Good is a Plot without a Conspiracy Theory Puts forth the theory that it's the faeries themselves who concocted this elaborate plot because they're tired of how they're treated by Neopians and are just chillin' somewhere else.
Description: Their plan went into effect on the 20th day of the month of Gathering. While we Neopians remain in blissful ignorance.
carrotbreath Yes
465 Change - Best Served With Item Drops A review of TFR, praise for the puzzles, battling steps, story, and characters; made me feel proud and nostalgic all over again for this amazing plot! xD
Description: An old time Battledomer, I have recently returned to Neopets and am pleasantly surprised with the new plot.
ssj3gotenks18 Yes
466 Interview with Members from The Faeries Ruin Plot While in the Haunted Woods, Kyanites (OC) interviews TFR characters: Jazan, Altador, Xandra, Hanso, Brynn, Skeith and Draik guards, Nox, (stone) faeries. bedbugz Yes
466 Kat's Halloween Reads A list of books to read during the spookiest time of the year; Haunted Mynci - item drop during the Xandra's Library plot step bittersweet52 Partly
466 Wraith to the End: A Faeries' Ruin Battling Guide A Battledome Plot Battling pamphlet detailing tips on how plot challengers and battling work. stoicjohn Yes
467 Ob-Nox-ious Neohomes A guide on how to style your neohome after Castle Nox. References to the Nox Locks plot step and TFR characters be2aware Yes
467 Which Evil Neopets Villain Are You? Quiz to find out which villain you are most like - Hubrid Nox, a meepit, Jhudora, or Dr. Sloth; references TFR plot and board
Description: Take this quiz to find out!
xox_cloud_xox Yes
467 Hip Halloween Habits Ideas for unique and modern Halloween costumes that are keeping with the times; mentions the stone faeries and suggests dressing up as one; AC V, Hannah and the Kreludor Caves
Description: Does your pet want to look unique this Halloween? Help them stand out in the sea of Fyoras and Dr. Sloths!
valikthebuilder, akikins Yes
469 Meepit Conspiracy Revealed! *Cursory relation to TFR* Meepit convention on taking over Neopia by starting with FL and taking advantage of the faeries being turned to stone, Symol hole oopsie, lol, Meepit Times
Description: We are very grateful to the unknown malefactor who thus removed all the Faeries with one fell swoop, and left Faerieland open for conquest.
mystie06 Partly
469 Top Ten Things to Do on Neopets's Birthday *Cursory relation to TFR* Things to do on Neopets' 11th birthday, bask in the old features and history of Neopets from way back when to get a sense of what a long way Neo has come. :) TFR mention (faeries turned to stone, FL "under ...[a] spell"; wait, so that RE with Fyora summoning you to FL was to grant access to FL? How cool! Now it's just another RE that does nothing but let your hopes down and make you roll your eyes that it wasn't anything better, lol.
Description: Following this list will be sure to get you in a festive mood for Neopets's Birthday and jump start your celebrations.
skizzabella Partly
469 Another Successful Year In Neopia Lists all the exciting new items, features, events, etc. that debuted in Y12/2010, including - *drumroll* our beloved TFR! xD, praise to the art team, Almost Abandoned Attic, smilies, pb colors, etc.
Description: *throws confetti and cake* Happy Birthday!
comawhite333 Partly
471 The REAL Reason Faerieland is Sinking 11 (comical/semi-or-not-at-all serious) reasons to explain why FL is sinking, pie, Jhudora, Fyora...
Description: The truth as to why this disaster is occurring.
djhanky222 Yes
471 Battledome Panic? *Cursory relation to TFR* Battling tips in regards to training, equipment, faerie abilities, etc., during the TFR war moments; it did convince to buy two items for my bd set...
Description: Training is quite obviously one of the most important things to think about in any wartime situation.
selfbetrayal Yes
471 50 Things to do While You Wait for a New Plot Step 50 suggestions to keep yourself busy while waiting for the next plot step, perfect picture (Hanso pouting, lol), #2 - I'd eventually like to do this, #4 - Done and done!, #8 - Omg, I wish it were a movie! Or an arc on a Neopets TV series!
Description: If you're an impatient person, this is the solution for you!
greenleaf333 Yes
472 The 100 Signs of Neopets Addiction 100 ways to determine if you're addicted to Neopets (I am!), #42 - Faerieland falling, #50 - refers to Hanso's dreaminess, lol; mr.coconut mentions! (#37 (Yes!), #39, #73, #93)
Description: I didn't know sparkshooters could do that.
catlit262 Yes
473 Disaster in Faerieland Chronicles the events of the plot, starting with the initial sinking of FL and Castle Nox, culminates with the crash of FL and Xandra's betrayal on the 24th day of Storing, written as a current news report black_skull725 Yes
473 A Cynic's Ten Cents 10 reasons why King Skarl believes Neopia is better off without Faerieland, after FL crashed to the ground umbreon133 Yes
473 Flaws in the Logic of Xandra Arguments on why Xandra's logic was wrong, lists ways faeries help Neopia, questions Xandra's qualifications as a leader pragmatic1 Yes
473 10 Reasons to Accept Xandra As Our Overlord Reasons to convince other Neopians to join Xandra xeriuno Yes
474 How to Create Your Own Neoboard Avatar Guide on how to create customized avatars, story of how the author created a Xandra avie after chapter 13 was released, the petrified pie was most requested avatar LOL the_creator12345 Yes
474 The Age Old Question *Cursory relation to TFR (well, there's the Nox relation...)* Speculations on how MAGAX is able to fly, Nox, TFR mentioned as "this faerie business occurring chazer_rem Yes
475 Paint Brush Polls: Faerie! *Cursory relation to TFR* Top 10 list of the best faerie species, mentions faeries being turned to stone, completing plot steps, and battling wraiths kallykat_03 No
475 Finding The Right Gift for Your Evil Pet *Cursory relation to TFR* 5 steps to figuring out the best gift to give an evil pet, Mention: get-well-soon-cards to petrified faeries jaredneo100 No
476 Y12 in Review An overview of the events that happened throughout the months of Y12, including Tarla's Tour of Mystery, Save the Wheels, and a beautiful 5 (or 4 1/2) paragraphs dedicated to our beloved Faeries' Ruin. :') Very informative, especially since I missed the majority of this year (I feel...such regret. D:) outsyder Yes
476 A Tale of Two Worlds 6 predictions on how grounded Faerieland can have a beneficial impact on their new neighbors, the Haunted Woods; Esophagor, Brain Tree, Deserted Fairground, decorating the HW, Edna, etc. carrotbreath Yes
476 Art Request Etiquette *Cursory relation to TFR* A guide on posting an art request, Hanso mentioned as an example of an "Anthro mooseydoom101 No
477 Living a Lie: The Story of the Imposter Apple *Cursory relation to TFR* Attempts to find out the story/mystery of the Impostor Apple/orange, Xandra supporter, Hanso (mention) fluffywoy Partly
477 How to be a Hero--The Right Way!* Guidelines to follow in order to efficiently be a hero, goes through each TFR plot step, points out the frustrations and inefficiencies that occurred during each plot step, lol yami_wolfwood, rfrchompchomp Yes
477 The Greatest Mysteries of Neopia Questions about Neopian mysteries such as Sloth's species, how FL and DC float, the whereabouts of the Darkest Faerie, etc., Xandra mention, fall of Faerieland (reference), Angry Orange Yurble's cameo as the Brightvale librarian in TFR mypetsandi Yes
478 A Much Needed Explanation - Why New Faerieland Reasons why Faerieland should remain on the ground, (I agree that it should too, based solely on the better, more lovely color scheme ^^), references to Xandra hidden_0_o Yes
478 The Top 5 New Year's Resolutions of Y13 *cursory relation to TFR* Things to do during the new year (Y13), mentions the end of the plot and the faeries no longer turned to stone bittersweet52 Yes
478 Spotlight on Y12 Overview of all the events and releases that happened in Y12, TFR has its own paragraph, very informative in regards to history and all that jazz, TFR image yuri445, lovagees Yes
478 Faerieland: Fallen but Unfettered Summary of the events of TFR following the crash of Faerieland, interview with Fyora about Xandra and rebuilding Faerieland black_skull725 Yes
479 The Faeries' Ruin: A Review A review of each puzzle step of TFR, including opinions from fellow players; this brings back memories of working through those plot steps and regret that I hadn't discovered the plot in time to enjoy/share in the frustration from the Plain of Peace; I'm tearing up at all the many players saying how much they enjoyed TFR! :'D jamba_jukeba Yes
480 A Crime in Plain Sight *cursory relation to TFR* Musings about the perpetrator behind the defacing of random portraits, Jhudora and Vira (the former pulling the strings) thought to be the ones responsible, references items: Defaced Portrait of Illusen, Defaced Portrait of Gormos, Defaced Portrait of Kass, Defaced Portrait of Eliv Thade; Faerieland falling (mention), Xandra mentioned as possible suspect swimvixx, ali_goth No
480 Why Jhudora is the Best Faerie Ever *cursory relation to TFR* Reasons why Jhudora is the best, especially in comparison to Illusen and Taelia, implied mention of the faeries turned to stone, thanks Xandra for stopping faeries from randomly popping up warrior_cats_freak10 Yes
480 Making the Most of the Faerie's Ruin Prize Shop A-nalysis of the potential of TFR plot prizes in terms of NPPPP ("Neopoints per Plot Point") to determine what would get you the most bang for your buck phadalusfish Yes
480 ALARM! Enemy Observed! Read Now to Be Safe! *cursory relation to TFR* Xandra (mention: evil things going around Neopia lately), things to do to combat boredom lovisa966 No
481 How Not To Impress Your Valentine *cursory relation to TFR* Tips to repel your valentine, essay on Xandra almost becoming supreme ruler of Faerieland (write it on your valentine's note) kateee366 Yes
481 Tales in Neopia; What Makes a Good Plot A-nalysis of what elements are needed to create a good, engaging plot, TFR, Hanso, Brynn, Xandra, Jazan, Altador mentioned, Lost Desert plot and Tale of Woe referenced (I wish I had participated in these two!!), Journey to the Lost Isle, Atlas of the Ancients also mentioned kieronstoff Yes
481 Living in New Faerieland Grounded Faerieland, references fall of Faerieland and the faeries turning to stone, interviews with faeries associated with certain landmarks to find out what it's like living in the new Faerieland: Light Faerie (Wheel of Excitement), Naia (Rainbow Fountain), Battle Faerie (Faerie Weapon Shop), Jhudora (Jhudora's Bluff - LOL, the question posed to her! xD), TDMBGPOP ennaxor60 Yes
482 A Casual's Guide to Neopets Things to do for casual Neopets players, mentions of plots, mention of Random Contest making movie posters of a plot (references the TFR-related Random Contest) darkwave99 Partly
485 The Returning Neopian's Guide to Neopia Recent Neopian changes over the last few years, TFR plot, Faerieland on the ground, new lands discovered, customization, games/AAA criistalized_ Yes
486 Illusen: Good, or Not So Much? Comparison of Jhudora's Bluff & Illusen's Glade, fall of Faerieland mentioned A LOT (humorously) phadalusfish No
486 Talking To Illusen: Dos and Don'ts Illusen, suggestions of what to say and what not to say to Illusen, Illusen Day, petrification of faeries (mention) jamba_jukeba No
487 Delina – Crafting Faerie or Crafty Faerie? Delina, silk thread, Crash of Faerieland & petrification of faeries (mention) ali_goth, queenbee19882000 No
490 Interview with Jhudora Interview with Jhudora, questions about TFR events, Xandra (mention), petrification of the faeries ingina3 Partly
490 Prizes - Keep, Sell, or Use? Things to consider when choosing a plot/event prize, TFR plot (mention), Hansos Legitimately Acquired Dagger (mention: "Usage of the item") jeran_b Partly
492 Ultimate Excitement: An Interview Interview with Protacia, the Wheel of Excitement Light Faerie host, Xandra (mention re: faerie cliques rumors), question about Faerieland crashing and why it's taking so long to rebuild it ingina3 No
492 The Snowager: Misunderstood or Just Plain Evil? Trying to understand the Snowager, theories, Hanso (mention) and his thieving ways pre-Brynn (but he still stole even after he met Brynn...) im_a_sniffer_x3 No
496 The Truth About Hanso Aunt Agatha's disapproving rant about Hanso and his negative impact on Neopian society, Brynn (mention) helpamerica38 Yes
497 Celebrating Fyora Day! (Everything's So Purple...) Things to do on Fyora Day, TFR mentioned as a reason to battle ("To the Battledome!"), TFR & faeries turning to stone mentioned in conclusion amitybelle Partly
497 Fyora Day Interviews Interviews with 3 faeries (Naia, Jhudora, Illusen) about Fyora, grounded Faerieland (mention), Xandra (mention) chestnuttiger787 Partly
497 Fyora Day Goodies Mention of Hidden Tower profits used to rebuild Faerieland, Fyoras Castle Stamp, crash of Faerieland (mention) foo_foo_face Partly
497 The Mystery of the Orange Yurble(s) Angry Yurble Librarian from TFR (helping Brynn find a book) blackpandy Yes
497 Queen Fyora - The True Savior of Faerieland interview with Fyora, TFR aftermath mention, destruction and rebuilding of Faerieland, faeries turned to stone (mentions), questions & answers about Xandra cardsperson_ii Yes
500 Time to Reflect: A Historian's View of The Times Overview of each 100th NT issue, Hanso (and his jacket) mention in 300th issue ktkdk Partly
502 Back From Hiatus: An Old User's Guide to Returning The Faeries' Ruin plot (last section), talks about Faerieland on the ground as an aftermath of the plot, Faerie Paint Brushes going for cheaper, TFR comics ebjrv Partly
502 Neopia's Heroes and Villains - Get that Look! Xandra, Xandras Cunning Disguise, Faerielands Destruction Background, Sinking Faerieland Trinket, Xandras Library Background marthaandseal Partly
503 Sophie's Guide to Ixi Day Hanso (mention) in relation to TFR (intro) amitybelle Partly
503 Tips for a Safe Ixi Day Hanso (mention) - Warning about Ixi thieves (#3 Hold tight to your purse) rainingzomutts Partly
504 The Destruction of Faerieland: Fact or Fiction? Various theories on why Faerieland fell without much destruction caused. shipoo ply Partly
505 Fierce Peophins and their Obsession with Olives Jester/King Skarl avatar, Hanso (mention), group needs a thief to steal the answer to the "Big Q" from Dr. Sloth raspberrywatching33 Yes
505 11 Icons We Don't Want to Forget Stone Pie (4), Hanso & Brynn (3), Xandra (2) lil_princess_of_evil Yes
510 Finding the Perfect Paint Brush Hanso (mention), Faerie Paint Brush (plot prize mention) eatyourstoup Partly
510 All About: Famous Kougras Brynn (listed last), article image spirit_wolf589 Partly
510 Most Anticipated Events Left in Y13 Faerie Festival, mention of faeries turning to stone in Y12 mythem, babygirl122187 Partly
513 Top Ten Faeries of Neopia Brief mention of the fall of Faerieland in Delina's paragraph neoplayinny, gwendarwen Partly
513 Evil, Yet Non-Dark Faeries Fyora is evil, Xandra the "noble enchantress," TFR events reference, wraiths (mention), Faerie Quests to rebuild Faerieland mypetsandi Partly
514 The Top 5 Neopian Plot Heroes #1 Hanso, #2 Jazan emilyralphy Partly
516 The Neopoint Sink - Explaining Inflation Discussion of the Neopian economy regarding inflation; Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Neopoints; neopoint sinks and ways to combat inflation; TFR plot prize: Hanso Charisma Charm as an example of an alternative kieronstoff Yes
518 Neopia's Greatest Villain? 5 reasons why Hubrid Nox is the greatest villain, in honor of the 1-year anniversary of Nox's death, Xandra (mention), Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting, Hansos Charisma Charm, TFR plot events (mention); the paragraph concerning Magax sold me on this notion, lol. max02468 Yes
518 Top 10 'Unwearable' Costumes for Halloween Jazan Costume, mention of King Jazan's helpfulness during the Faeries' Ruin, references Jazans Guyliner and the fashion trend he created with that item, lol. evilone712_27, mercy_angel Partly
518 Ten Villains To Look Out For This Halloween Hubrid Nox's Ghost, references TFR plot events as "that embarrassing incident last year that left Hubrid Nox a mere empty shell of his former self kaddiez No
520 Six Dangerous Neopians (Who Are On The Loose) Xandra (mention), fall of Faerieland, Darkest Faerie statue lost, King Altador looking for it/her (reference in Darkest Faerie section) sick_swimmer Yes
521 The Twelve Most Momentous Events in Neopian History The Faeries' Ruin plot (#3, overview) blackwater444, gwendarwen Yes
527 Farewell, Year 13: Ten Things to Remember the Year By The Faeries' Ruin Prize Shop lute248 Yes
528 4th Annual Neopies: Do They Matter To You? Neopies, Wraith Paint Brush, Xandra (mention) tashni Yes
530 Create a Brynn, Xandra, or Hanso-Like Neopet Customization, Brynn, Hanso, Xandra, various TFR items pikapika19 Yes
531 Five Reasons Why Villains Live To Plot Evil Villains, For a Better Future: Xandra cherishtwilight Yes
541 Why MAGAX Should Be In A Plot Brief mention of TFR, reasons MAGAX should be in a plot, Hubrid Nox kila__94 Yes
541Seven Types Of Heroes In Neopia Xandra (paragraph about villains), Hanso (Roguish, Handsome, Annoying), Jazan (mention - Good Doesn't Mean Nice), Brynn (almost mention - Why Did I Come Along With This Genius?) cherishtwilight Yes
547 Dress like the Faeries: Part 1 Fall of Faerieland, Destruction of Faerieland bg minemoe No
550 The Voice of Neopia: 550th Issue with Jazan and Hanso Hanso, Jazan, Interview about Editorial appearances cardsperson_ii Yes
563 (ft. Xandra in bg) From "Cloud" to "Bluff": A Year and a Half Later Jhudora, Jhudora's Bluff, TFR shroom3223 No
565 Missing Hubrid Nox? Create your very own replica! Hubrid Nox, brief reference to his demise in TFR, crochet pattern guide/directions dragonsflame_uk No
589 Best Commemorative Items In Neopia Commemorative Epic Lithograph, Hubrid Nox Commemorative Stamp, TFR darkobsession Yes
590 Top 10 Neopian Plots Reviews of the author's ten favorite plots. The Faeries' Ruin is #2. (It's #1 for me! But I'm sure that comes as no surprise, lol.) Hmm, the Altador plot is ranked first because it's still playable...does that mean if it weren't, TFR would take the top spot? xD girly_chalmers Yes
594 The Oracle's Origins: 10 Warnings for Neopia Theories about the Oracle and her origins and what she's up to - one involves the wraiths from TFR, speculating that one got away and locked itself in the Obelisk to plot. Hanso, Brynn, Xandra mentioned, the E-Z Brand Lockpicking Tools from the TFR prize shop is referenced, and the faeries' "new Faerieland" mentioned (as well as its fall out of the sky), and ghostly Hubrid Nox given a name drop. niddyz Yes
611 Top 10 Best Villains in Neopia A list of the coolest (?) 10 villains - and unsurprisingly, Xandra makes it on the list! References Hubrid Nox's death (and yes, he's on the list too!) fairygold Yes
625 The 12 Best Advent Calendar Animations A compilation of the best Advent Calendar animations, including the first Magax/Nox animation (Y12, Day 13), where Magax visits Nox's grave. The author's an.alysis of it captures the feelings exactly. *sniff* One of my fave animations too. :3 (But of course, my favorite is the Brynnso one on Y13, Day 22.) This article points out some very funny and enjoyable animations and talks about them in a hilarious way, lol. Thanks for that. xD Also, one of the runner-ups is the rebuilding Faerieland animation. dragonair23 Yes
630 Dressing the Part – Famous Neopians (Part Two) Suggestions on how to dress up your pet as well-known Neopians, such as Abigail, whose customization includes a Dreamy Hanso Diary and MME: Neopian Dream Collection. katiecoo802 Yes
634 Villains' Favorite Heroes Description: Here are villains to talk about their favorite heroes...
Various villains name the hero they like best. Balthazar claims Xandra as his favorite hero (haha, she definitely was to him) and mentions how the faeries complain of their fallen city; ghostly Hubrid Nox is included; Count von Roo also makes mention of Nox as a ghost; Vira has a crush on Hanso! HAHAHA. Girl, you not alone. xD Also, that picture for her is *perfect* considering her indignation (she's a total tsundere here!) I knew there was a reason I liked her. x) LOL, Jazan, you're still considered a villain. This was hilarious. (If it makes you feel any better, it's "Cursed" Jazan who's a Gallery of Evil entrant. :D) Jazan points out that he had helped unpetrify the faeries.
pikachu315111 Yes
638 The Oracle Games - Who to Back? Appears to be an NT Collab with the theme of the Oracle Games, a cute combination inspired by the Hunger Games (in name at least) and the War of the Obelisk; instead of 6 factions fighting, popular Neopians are the contenders competing to complete various tasks while on a deserted island, with the prize being their future told by the Oracle; Hanso, the ghost of Nox, Kanrik, Fyora herdygerdy Yes
645 Neopia's Most Fierce Female Neopets Description: Over the course of its more than thirteen years, Neopia has seen its fair share of tough ladies.
A list recognizing powerful and admirable female Neopians, including Brynn and Xandra (er, well, please don't look up to Xandra *too* much, kids. -_-;). Lol, this includes the Happiness Faerie! And excuse me, what? There's only one female DoN member? Um, please rectify this immediately.
venused Yes
654 Heroes' Thoughts On Villain's Favorites Description: It's a lot safer to ask a hero for their thoughts on villains than the other way around...
*follow-up to Issue 634's "Villains' Favorite Heroes"*
Heroes give their reactions on being named the favorite of various villains. Oh, ho, so we have another member to add to the Hanso fangirl club, lol (Vyssa); Judge Hog mentions Xandra and how faeries protect against wraiths and the like; MAGAX expresses some anger that he wasn't the one to slay Nox; Hanso (and Brynn) respond to Vira's choosing him as her favorite; Nabile mentions The Faeries' Ruin and how Jazan gets aggravated by Hanso.
pikachu315111 Yes
658 Girl Power! The Top 10 Most Powerful Women in Neopia A list recognizing the powerful ladies of Neopia - Brynn is included at #10. darigonia Yes
674 Around Neopia in 80 Days - Part Three *cursory relation to TFR*
Description: It is now time to enjoy the tropical paradise of Mystery Island, which is a feast of fun and games for tourists.
An informative and detailed itinerary of things to do and places to see around Mystery Island, Maraqua, Krawk Island, Faerieland, and Brightvale. Mentions Fall of Faerieland (memorial site)
burning_shadows_79 Partly
676 How to Write About a Supervillain... and Survive Description: This article was written with the purpose of enlightening all writers about the most tactful way to manage this sensitive topic, as well as an overview of the potential consequences for offending a supervillain.
Tips on how to write about a supervillain without incurring their wrath. Also suggests an emergency kit if all goes wrong - includes Xandras Cunning Disguise - it worked for Xandra, right? :P Lol, this is hilarious.
xxskyisfallingxx Yes
676 Zylphia's Twisted History Experience* Description: I sent her a request for an interview about the Twisted Histories and she had agreed to it!
An interview with Zylphia about each of the 7 Twisted Histories capsules from the NC Mall, including the Floating Faerieland Mystery Capsule, which told of when Xandra saved Faerieland (capsule includes Forgotten Faerie Festival BG, Fallen Heroes Tombstones FG, Brynns Tattered Tunic, Handheld Grundo Plushie of Prosperity - a rather grim outcome, don't you think?).
pikachu315111 Partly (haven't read all the plots yet, so didn't want spoilers!
676 A Neopian's Intro to the Multiverse Description: Team Meridell or Team Brightvale? Why not both? Be warned, this will get very complicated very quickly.
An explanation of multiverses and how each decision you make spawns new alternate universes. Uses TFR as an example - the ending as we know it versus an ending where Xandra has won. Hmm, this sounds very comic book-ish. xD
anti_guy Yes
676 What Would Happen If Description: Neopia has had a very colorful history.
Discusses what would have happened if various events and plots had gone a different way. What would Neopia be like? What would have happened if Xandra had won? (Hmm, was this a collab issue? I'm seeing lots of history-themed entries.)
chasing_stars44 Yes
680 Famous Neopian Couples Valentine's Day Plans Description: I went around Neopia to ask these famous couples what their plans are (they were asked separately, of course, as not to spoil their plans for their significant other)...
Quotes various couples and characters, like Hanso and Brynn, on their thoughts of their partner, previous Valentine's Days, and what they plan for this year's special day.
pikachu315111 Yes
733 Just Have a Go! Brief overview of TFR - a mixture of puzzles and battles, with the result of Faerieland crashing to the ground. chiefgrumpy, monosaccharides Yes
733 Five Most Enjoyable Neopian Memories Discusses the top five favorite moments and memories shared by many Neopians. Mentions that one user enjoyed how The Faeries' Ruin plot just sprung up out of nowhere. alienspacefairy Yes
753 Artful Interviews with F.V. Shmoobenduffle OC conducts interviews with some...interesting guests, Wraith-Xandra, mr.coconut
parody_ham, homsar_eggplant Yes
772 Citizen's Complaints About Their Rulers & Leaders Description: Most if not all the current rulers and leaders are revered by his or her people. However not everyone may look upon their ruler or leader with high regards. Whether they had been personally wronged, feel they aren't fit to rule, or just don't like them, every ruler and leader has a group of citizens who have complaints about them.
Interviews anonymous citizens about their views on their respective rulers/leaders. LOL, and Hanso is the one who talks about Jazan! xD He references funny Editorials (issues 489-492) and claims that Jazan loves Babaas! (If you don't wanna send Babaas to Jazan, send them my way instead! I love them so much. :3) Oh, man, how easily I missed this article! What caught my attention was the image of the Autographed Hanso Drawing Lithograph.
pikachu315111 Partly
777 The Most Elite Petpets in Neopia Description: Today, I'd like to talk about some of the most elite Petpets in Neopia. What makes a Petpet "elite", you may ask?
A list of petpets with special origins, like from a plot prize shop; Captive Shadow Wraith from TFR's prize shop is mentioned; I didn't know about most of these special petpets!
scubadove Yes
794 When the Sky Met the Land: Faerieland's Land Dispute Description: We went to the villages that were impacted by Faerieland's fall to collect the voices of those that found their lives transformed thanks to Xandra.
Interviews (of a sort) with the residents and new neighbors of the faeries who were affected when Faerieland crashed.
black_skull725 No
794 Myths and Omens: In the Sky Description: Our aim is to preserve these in their original rendition while reciting the story as it was recited to us by the natives of each Neopian land.
A description of myths and omens from each of Neopia's different lands. Faerieland - Dawn Carmarillers - mentions Xandra bringing the downfall of FL.
water_park1993, got_milk_adoptions No
811 The Neopian Pie Guide Description: *cursory relation to TFR*
With Neopia being pie galore, I am sure you have stopped and wondered, which pie should I start with first?

A list of pie recommendations, including our favorite Stone Pie. :) No mention of its TFR origins though. :'(
lonely_love Partly
812 Travelling Neopia In Under 18NP A Day Description: The ultimate poor Neopets guide to having fun in Neopia.
Based on the book, Travelling Neopia In Under 18NP A Day, it goes through an itinerary for doing just that! Faerieland is mentioned as being on the ground instead of the sky, the TDMBGPOP hanging on a tree, and being able to visit Castle Nox.
hermelijntje No
812 Neopia's '20 under 20' list for Y20! Description: Year 19 was a huge year for sport, fashion, business, food... you name it, Y19 provided it! But what might Year 20 have in store?
List of up and coming Neopians - includes Elbin Kroe and Kaia and mentions the wraith attacks.
ohsounicornly No
812 The New Years Around Neopia Description: Today, to show you how was the New Years in Neopia, we decided invite and interview some famous Neopians. So if you stayed at Neohome, watching TV or probably sleeping, keep reading and you will see some incredible places to spent the New Years.
Interview with some famous Neopians about their New Years plans - includes Fyora and mentions the wraith attack.
naama_mikeas, itsbah No
815 Opinion - Is Queen Fyora an effective ruler? Description: In the wake of the many issues that have impacted Faerieland, some in the kingdom have openly questioned whether Queen Fyora is an effective ruler anymore. While many still admire Queen Fyora's ability to rule with a gentle hand and her perseverance through all the difficulties, there are voices of doubt that have gotten much louder lately.
Two faeries discuss their opinions about Fyora's decisions over present and past issues and events, namely, Xandra and the current Wraith Resurgence; Brynn and Hanso and the FL rebuilding efforts are mentioned.
black_skull725 Yes
819 A History of Neopian Times Collabs Description: This is the tenth major collab for the Neopian Times, Celebrations and Reunions. But you might find yourself wondering what collabs preceded this one, and what got them started? Luckily for you, I was there, and can tell you the whole story.
Tells how the NT collabs were started and gives a list of past collabs. Because of this article, I found several entries I needed to add here! Namely The Ode to Villains and Everyone Needs a Hero issues (TFR images in background), but it also mentions past collabs like the Crash of Faerieland Anniversary and Wraithland, which is why it's listed here. :)
june_scarlet Yes


NT Issue Submission Subject Author
462 Will we be able to finish outstanding Faerie Quests when the plot is over? Do you visit the boards to check out TFR theories? Why is the TDMBGPOP page frozen? SAVE THE PIE!!! First Editorial for TFR!! Sigh, I'd have LOVED to see the boards during the plot! Faerie magic is involved in the Grundo plushie? :o And LOL, I wonder how many people did send in questions about the pie. XD mr.coconut gives a moment of silence for it as well.
mumsthename, giraflare, bubbles2393, smashedskies
463 Does the top plot prize depend on day-of task completion? TFR used the British spelling of artefact, so shouldn't the British spelling for judgement have been used? How do you pronounce Hanso? Art process for the comics? Can side accounts participate in the plot? I hadn't even noticed about the spelling of artefact! I actually like the British spelling better for this - looks more archaic. :) And that's a great question! I had initially been pronouncing it Han-so instead of Hawn-so until I read this editorial (back in 2010-2011, so no, I haven't been mispronouncing his name all these years!). Wow, so much effort goes into those comics! Well, it truly shows! ^^ (Lots of great TFR questions in this editorial!)
phanmagix1, bob611611, roddy1999, groncaloncy2, cute1144903188276
464 Nox Locks achievement glitch & Praise for the plot! TNT is busy with the plot; no worries, it won't affect plot scores! GOOD NIGHT! mr.coconut!
464 Nox Locks achievement glitch & Praise for the plot! TNT is busy with the plot; no worries, it won't affect plot scores! GOOD NIGHT! mr.coconut!
465 1) Is the Happiness Faerie petrified too? 2) Do the bonus prize tiers have any effect over one's plot score? 1) Lol, no, but she's pretending to be, HAHA. 2) Nope, those items are there to reward battlers fighting past the cap. Yay! Two mr.coconut questions AND mr.coconut! (Complete with classic TNT humor ='D)
smeagella, lauracat6
466 Is it a-okay to lend BD pets and weapons to fight wraiths? Why were bottled faeries safe from the petrification spell? Plot trophies! Balthazar uses magic-dampening spells on his bottles (how does he do that though?); HOORAY, mr.coconut!! Even though I should know it's coming by now, it's still such a pleasant surprise seeing his fiery face! ^^
pichu_pikachu_raichu, cute_purple_, lostkey
467 Pet's happiness level goes down when fighting plot battles Not a glitch - battling wraiths lowers a pet's happiness; programmers mentioned as being swamped with the plot; mr.coconut! xD
okami_ginhane, dodos_r_not_extinct
468 Praise for TFR Part of question asking about how Active Neopet images are misaligned on boards
469 Editorial Questions: Is Jazan cursed or wearing guyliner? He's wearing cursed guyliner, lol. angel_star7
470 Editorial Question: Is TFR planned in advance or written as you go along? Entirety of plot was already planned beforehand, but art, programming, and some of the writing is done as they go along to allow modification according to feedback. Awesome, TNT! xD
472 Editorial Questions: Was someone changing numbers for FL's falling altitude? What species is Xandra? Will someone turn the faeries to stone? Thanks to TNT for TFR! Someone was manually changing the altitude numbers when FL was slowly sinking (Anyone have screencaps of that? I really wish I'd taken some...T-T), Xandra is a speckled Xweetok, lol, someone complaining about the faeries and asking to freeze/petrify them - TNT happy to oblige (what kind of humor is this considered? It's driving me crazy trying to figure it out, lol) lil_jen_aside
474 Editorial Question: Can Oct. 5 be Nox Memorial Day? Why does the Advent Calendar show unpetrified faeries? Were the Faerieland inhabitants okay when FL fell? Oct. 5 being when chapter 5 (Nox's demise) was released; and as promised, the following Oct. 5 (Y13/2011) was Nox Memorial Day; probably referring to the Advent Calendar animations on 12/7, 12/14, 12/15; GOOD NIGHT! mr.coconut! :D not_so_shorty_12, warriorsluverdbook
475 Editorial Question: How old are Brynn, Hanso, and Xandra? Brynn & Hanso are in their late teens, Xandra in her mid-twenties, good question!, mr.coconut! :D ducksarefun
477 Editorial Question: Some stamps don't have the word "Stamp" in their names Ruins of Faerieland Stamp, Fyoras Castle Stamp morph150
478 2 Editorial Questions: R.I.P. for Nox's Gallery of Evil page; Why is Faerieland in a crater? TFR plot event references; Nox's passing, fall of Faerieland; YAY, mr.coconut!! mukumatara, paniccreature
479 Editorial Questions re: the Prize Shop & Epilogue Thanks for the prize shop, will it be around forever? (yes), Faerie pbs used to be in Hidden Tower - now in Prize Shop, Altador searching for the statue of the Darkest Faerie, clarification that Nabile Hanso is Jazan's favorite Ixi (xP), praise for the awesomeness of The Faeries' Ruin plot and prize shop. (I love you, too, TFR!!) a_triss_triss_a65_a, luckyace3456789, music_rokes_123, catcat5969, xxdemexx, elementarylibraian
480 Editorial Question: Where does Hanso hail from? The question was never answered! We never found out more!! D:, Chia/lantern in New Faerieland, Oohh - flavor text for the Almost Abandoned Attic! (ugh, AAA will always be Aristotle A. Avinroo for me...so much typing...), PEOPLE COMPLAINED ABOUT MR.COCONUT?!?! HOW DARE THEY!?! He never came back really...T-T usulblue444 (oooh, a Hanso/Brynn writer, no wonder)
483, 482 Editorial Questions about the Faerie Quests event following TFR,
FQ event
*cursory relatiion to TFR* Faeries being back mentioned
488 Editorial Question: Will you make lands about Lutari Island, KI, RI, KL, BV, and Neopia Central? TFR mention kitty234_8
489 Jazan Closes Editorial (TNT dragged away by Meepits), link TFR plot page to trophy (Part 1/4) Hanso switches Jazan's picture of his favorite Ixi (Nabile), mr.coconut (implied mention), they pulled straws for who closes the Editorial
490 Hanso Closes Editorial (as requested) (Part 2/4) Appreciation of Jazan closing last week's Editorial and Hanso's picture-switching prank, mr.coconut (mention + Hanso tries to say good night to him), Hanso gives Jazan the slip in the Qasalan sewers
491 Nabile Closes Editorial (continuation of the past 2 Editorials) (Part 3/4) Nabile gets back at Hanso for sending her husband through the sewers
492 Hanso Closes Editorial (continuation) (Part 4/4) Hanso complains that no one told him about Nabile's prank (I would have told you, Hanso! D:), reveals her prank involved falling into a pit of angry Werhonds
497 Hanso Closes Editorial (TNT practice high-fiving each other using the elbow trick) Question offers a high-five tip: Have each person look at the other's elbow, and your high five won't miss. It works. I tried it.
499 Hanso Closes Editorial (TNT leaves to celebrate a trillion views) Trillion page views, Expellibox question, Lawyerbot interrupts Hanso's answer tamagirlsfm
504 Editorial Question: Island and Pirate Cybunny earring mix-up Sacrificial Stone Pie was tossed to TNT brokkenwing
505 Editorial Question: Orange Kougra from Quizara's Curse No, the Kougra is not related to Brynn sporty2443
  510 Hanso & Jazan Editorial Takeover*** Jazan encourages Hanso to take over the Editorial mightymolly33
512 Editorial Question: How did TNT know about Brynnso and Jazan's Guyliner? TFR plot prizes, TNT reads the boards too! scarlet0109
513 Editorial Question: Why did Balthazar release his bottled faeries during TFR? Balthazar's Neopedia article, Gallery of Evil entry hitsukineko
515 Editorial Question: Why isn't Nox Memorial Day on the calendar? TFR plot events, Hubrid Nox, Nox Memorial Day (Oct 5, Y13) xxxtaetaexxx845
517 Editorial Question: Brynn's Neopedia entry states she is red. Isn't she orange, not red? Hanso & Brynn's Neopedia articles pie_man_aa
518 Editorial Question: Is the new Wraith color attainable from the Lab Ray? Can Wraith pets wear clothes? Praise for the new Wraith color. Questions/Comments regarding the newly released (at the time) Wraith Paint Brush, mr.coconut wearing the mr.coconut mask closes the editorial groovyjenny, xobridgetox, lark_nightwing
527 Editorial Question: Where can I find the TFR comics to reread? Link to TRF comics page, Hanso (mention) manny_beats
532 Editorial Question: How is the NT arranged? Is Wraith Day an annual thing? TFR mentioned, Wraith Day kaljinyu, weaponstar
534 Editorial Question: What happened to the statue of the Darkest Faerie post TFR? TFR comics, Darkest Faerie, Altador; Happy Thought: Wraith Shoyru lila_lety
535 Editorial Question: Retired Paint Brushes, Answered by Jazan Jazan answers an Editorial question, Dragona takes over Editorial, lol. gardeneraprum
  537 Hanso & Jazan Editorial Takeover** Hanso receives a top hat, mustache, & monocle makeover from Dragona, Editor's Note: corrected Wraith Scorchio art
538 Editorial Request: Dragona give Jazan a top hat, mustache, and monocle. Jazan gets a new makeover, lol. Just like Hanso's in the previous Editorial. josieaurora
539 Editorial Request: Brynn to close Editorial Brynn closes out Editorial gogoriki11
540 Editorial Question: Will the TFR Prize Shop ever expire? TFR Prize Shop always open, mention of Brynn's closing of the previous Editorial katrab285
  542 Hanso & Jazan Editorial Takeover**** (The Hilarity Continues for the ENTIRE Editorial, HAHA) Staff went on vacation/jury duty, Hanso makes up username "HansoFan786" - that username was then created exact day of NT issue, lol. Ridiculous/silly questions get asked. xD
543 Editorial Comment about a Hanso & Jazan takeover Praise about Hanso & Jazan's admirable hilarious job as the substitute editors. xD (Later, info about Neopets jobs) kaiodadragon
549 Editorial Question: Redeeming TFR prize shop points on main-account-converted-to-side Faeries' Ruin prize shop (mention)
551 Editorial Question: Graphics Contest in Random Contest The Faeries' Ruin movie poster contest participate
561 Editorial Question: Was TFR based on an answer to another editorial question? Blowing Faerieland out of the sky, office joke, TFR plot sweetlifesweetforeva
  587 Hanso & Jazan Editorial Takeover (HILARIOUS - Hanso is silenced by TNT)**** Hanso gets silenced (for 72 hours because it's his third warning), Awesomeness and hilarity complete with an appearance by mr.coconut! xD
588 Editorial Question: Hanso's silencing (72 hours), Many Happy Thoughts praising the Jazan & Hanso Editorial takeover (Issue 587) Hanso, Jazan, Hanso's third warning from previous editorial takeover ellock
589 Editorial Question: Relationship between Desert Scarabs and Thieves Guild Hanso, Nabile (mention)
590 Editorial Question: What faction would Jazan belong to? Jazan, Order of the Erisim, Hanso (mention) kaljinyu
600 Editorial Question: Most Awesome Picture of Neopets Ever Xandra with Faerieland crashing down gregoentre
601 Editorial Question (**WUT** section) Hanso's voice actor
  602 Jazan & Hanso Editorial Takeover = Absolutely HILARIOUS**** TFR audio comic, Jazan balding (lol), best plot ever
603 Editorial Question: Staff's Favorite Plots The Faeries' Ruin (3), The Lost Desert, Tale of Woe, etc. loco_753
606Editorial Question Jazan's hair (as seen in LDP, ch 5, pg 3), Hanso (mention) liquidoven
609 Anthology of Evil - Neopia's Rogues' Gallery Xandra, The Faeries' Ruin plot mecha_fang
610 Editorial Question: TNT's favorite Neopets-related quote Yeah! Snarkie's favorite quote is one said by Hanso!
  617 Hanso & Jazan Editorial Takeover Short Editorial, water-painted Jetsam eating aquatic petpets
620 Editorial question Hanso, Brynn, their kid, Spooky Food Eating Contest knapping
628 Editorial Question: Jazan doesn't have an avatar, but Nabile and the Nightsteed both do And even Hanso has an avatar. That's the worst blow, lol.
  652 Hanso & Jazan Editorial Takeover** (THE ENTIRE EDITORIAL!! XD) Petpetpets, Art Gallery, typo, Neo-university
660 The runes on Brynn's sword LOL, TNT, was that an oversight? xD
661 Are the petpets that appear in Chapter 2 of TFR actually legit? Why, yes, they are! Haha, that image is so funny...xD
662 Where's the Faerie Faellie? D: Referencing TFR Petpet question from previous Editorial.
666 A pictorial representation on how the physical move to new offices (transition to JS) was like. Moving Day was represented as the crash of FL, LOL.
668 Can we have more TDMBGPOP items, please? Aww, TNT, you rock! You scheduled in a special day for him with tons of new items! I love how you guys are/were so open with requests like that. Reminds me of when I asked for a special Babaa day, and you guys obliged. It k.ills me a little that you weren't around to thank personally when that day and all the wonderful items were announced. T-T
And sorry about that, I got off-track. I know TDMBGPOP is really only a cursory relation to TFR, but he was affected by the crash too (so he gets my attention), and his items reflecting grounded FL belong in my TFR gallery. :3
702 Editorial Ending Hanso, Kanrik, request for their picture
725 Question: What has happened in Neopia over the last few years? Faerieland crashing to the ground
727 Happy Thoughts: Thanks for the Wraithland NT issue Wraithland NT collab, April Fool's Day kentuckyfrychickenrl
791 Will FL ever fully recover from its fall? The awesomest, coolest Hanso pic ever is included in the answer of making one's status "Stealth!"; the faeries are planning something?!
793 Will Hanso and Jazan ever answer the Editorial again? I want this to happen too. T-T Though Fyora and Xarthab (why him?) will answer questions for the "In the Sky" collab issue.
794 Fyora & Xarthab host the Editorial for the In the Sky collab; of course someone asks if FL will return to the clouds I also sent in a (late) question to Fyora asking if we'd ever see FL rise again (just so it could tie into my story, heh), but obviously, that didn't get chosen. Dude, seems like TNT might be planning to finally put FL back in the clouds! joslucca3000

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