Salt; the urban term meaning something attractive.
Welcome to Salt, Here I provide you with simple CSS petpage layouts and the odd request. I hope to keep this site active, even if it's not The layouts will always be here for you to use.

These layouts are all minimalistic and are easy to use, they are not themed and will not ever be themed. If you want a neo-related layout or something custom please visit requests.

Salt V6:Come on Down
Artist: High Valley


Rules are simple, please leave the credit somewhere on the page even if you take out the tab put the credit elsewhere. Otherwise be kind to me, I am doing this because I like to provide neopains with lovely layouts.
Only other rule is that I can refuse a request at any time without reason.


Requests are always open, but please be aware that I am not always on and will not always accept your request.
Feel free to mail me at your convenience and describe the type of layout you want. Sketches, examples, and anything else you ight want to provide to show me what you mean is helpful but not necessary.
Send in your Request

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All coding and content by Myharto
Feel free to contact me at any time about any layouts or requests. @ Myharto
Plese remember to leave credit in whatever form you find fair. You can edit the layouts to your hearts content.


havana: a fun layout with a bottom strip of tiled background that yes! you can change. This is a simple infinite scroll layout that is NOT anchored.
artist: Camila Cabelo

Meet Me in the Hallway

MMHW: a layout that offers anchored links on the side with a fun background.
artist: Harry Styles

Lets Dance

Lets Dance: a multi block scroll layout with a pretty flower acent. If you would like the image changed neomail me the image you want and i'll add it right in!
artist: David Bowie

Cant Sleep Love

Cant Sleep Love: a petpage layout with two anchored boxes to feature your pets stories and general information.
artist: Pentatonix

Need You Tonight

Need You Tonight: offers two boxes, the bottom being anchored. This is a simple layout where you can switchout the median background.
artist: INXS

Hot Blooded

Hot Blooded: is really cool because you can have the stats of each pet seperate and click the story button for individual stories. Characterize only has room for 6-12 pets. If you want more or less pets please contact me to change the layout.
artist: Foreigner
6 pets

12 pets

Saturday Nights Alright

Saturday: Hover offers a fun hover navigation that is anchored and a box for content.
artist: Elton John

John Wayne

John Wayne: A previous layout of Salts. Infinite scroll with one background image and multiple boxes.
artist: Lady Gaga

Up Around The Bend

Around the Bend: This layout was built for characters. It offers large images for pets. When you click one it brings you to their very own character page. there is also a bottom navigation for other information on the page.
artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Hey Jude

Hey Jude: A simple infinite scroll layout with a top bar navigation.
artist: The Beatles

Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry Not Sorry: Five boxes of content, all infinite scroll
artist: Demi Lovato

We Dont Believe Whats On TV

TV: A simple layouts with a top bar anchored navigation
artist: Twenty One Pilots


Carolina: Single box layout, infinite scroll.
artist: Harry Styles

Midnight City

Midnight City: An infinite scroll layout with multiple boxes and a pet section
artist: M83


Ophelia: An art page with left side images with a hover feature. The layout includes a right sidebar for text
artist The Lumineers


Kids: a portfolio layout with a sidebar for some fun stuff, and an infinite scroll.
artist: MGMT

Video Games

Video Games: A art page with images as small links, once you click an image it will appear and you can scroll to see the description. You can also clear the images away with the clear image button.
artist: Lana Del Rey

Hotel California

Hotel California: Anchored layout.
artist: The Eagles

Rocket Man

Rocket Man: Anchored layout with space for pet images and stories.
artist: Elton John

You can copy the image address or pull the image to the tab abr to get the image URL.