A Neocash Trading Guide


Hello and welcome to ~HEKAMI: A Neocash Trading Guide for Newbies/Returning Players! This guide is written by Angela (nineoneone_) and my co-writer Ned (lobstersigns) hoping to help traders find their wishes. The NC Mall board can be an intimidating place, especially for a newbie or a returning player - and we're here to help you survive in it! In this guide you will find many things, such as: tips for avoiding being boxless, how to survive a GBC sale, a glossary of common NC Mall slang, and more!



This is meant to be an informative guide. You are not obligated to follow this guide if you disagree with it.
No, I am not calling anyone out specifically when I write certain posts. A lot of this information was taken from many NCers voicing their opinions whenever I made a board.
If you find something on this guide that you truly find offensive, please neomail Angela politely and let me know why you feel that way. I will probably take it down.
Many of these tips are things I have done myself that have worked for me in the past. Do not rely only on this guide. Sometimes you will need a little bit of luck and perseverance, and a whole lot of patience.


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Hi, everyone! I'm Angela (nineoneone_)! I am one of the two writers of this guide! You may recognize me from the NC Mall Board, or the Customization Boards. I am 20 years old, and am currently in school pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. My favourite thing to do on Neo is customize! I am currently on a trading hiatus because I have finally received all my wishes, and thought it would be nice to help others find theirs by writing this guide.

Hello my name is Ned (lobstersigns). I am the other writer of this guide. I am 26 years old and have just completed my bachelors in biochemistry and molecular biology. I helped create this guide because I love NC trading, and I want to help new nc traders in any way I can. I also love making customs, so if you want any help customizing your pet feel free to neomail me.

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Then this section is for you! Here in this section you will find tips on getting started: acquiring neocash, tips for trading, and more. You will also find out more info on how to build your tradelist and wishlist (and the different platforms you can use. There is also a section entitled "tradelist pet peeves/preferences" as well as a section called "trading etiquette" so you can always keep it classy. This section is also intended for users coming back from a trading hiatus that may feel a little overwhelmed.

Building Your Tradelist / Wishlist

Probably one of the most important things to have when you're deciding to get into the world of trading is a Wishlist and a Tradelist. A wishlist consists of items you want, and a Tradelist consists of items you can offer for the items you want. There are many different platforms for building your tradelist and wishlist. Listed below are some of the highlights and drawbacks of each tradelist/wishlist platform.

Dress to Impress allows you to search each item and see who has it up for trade, and who has it in their wishlist. As well, DTI offers a "Compare to your items" feature, so that if you're scrolling through a TL, it filters the TL to items that you are seeking, or filters the trader's Wishlist to items from your TL. Very useful when going through large tradelists! Very user friendly - you can customize your pets on there, filter by neocash/neopoint items, and directly add items to your tradelist or wishlist while customizing. You can also search up pets on DTI to see what they are wearing.

Jellyneo is another popular tradelist hosting site. Probably the most useful asset of Jellyneo is that it gives you an option to include non-wearable neocash items (ex. Sparkler Cupcakes, Dye Potions, GBCs, Capsules, Cake Slices). It is common for a user to have a tradelist on DTI for wearables, and a tradelist on Jellyneo for their non-wearables. It gives you the option of separating each item into distinct lists. They have recently introduced the Trade Finder option that is similar to the Comparing feature of DTI, but only works with JN users who have set up their trade finder.

Galleries are also used to display Neocash Items. The most useful part about having a Gallery tradelist is that once you take out the item from your gallery, your Tradelist is automatically updated for you! With DTI/Jellyneo/Petpage, you must update your Tradelist manually after each trade. There are some known glitches with gallery tradelists - some people aren't able to remove items from their gallery (fixed by using quick stock option).

Petpages are also used to display wishlists and tradelists. These are a little bit more tedious to update, however. Although, you can make your tradelist look a lot prettier, as there are many Neocash Tradelist Petpage CSS templates. Some great ones are on Whitespace and Silent Serenity. NC Mall Albums are also used but these are awful and I don't recommend these to anybody LOL.

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Value guides are used to tell you how much an item is approximately worth (in gift box capsules - I'll explain, trust me). Please note that while value guides do exist, many people do not may value things higher than what value guides state - especially items that are generally pretty popular or high-valued, as these fluctuate in value all the time. If you disagree with a value, it is best to make a value check board, where you ask people for recent trades/personal values on an item you're seeking or trading.

~1 = 1 GBC, which is 200NC. So for example, an item worth ~2 would be 400NC or 2 GBCs. An item worth ~6 would be 6 GBCs or 1200NC. For items that have a range (ex. ~4-5, ~1-2), this is usually up to the trader, and it is best you confirm what they value their item at before you make your offer. You can exchange items of the same worth, or also exchange gbcs for items. If an item is higher valued, you can opt to trade away smaller value items that make up the value of the higher end item.
~WAKA is the most recent updated value guide!
For more guides, please visit ~Hekau.

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Neocash Trading requires one crucial thing (besides boxes...) - Neocash! There are many different ways to acquire neocash...

Directly through the site: If purchasing through the site, click NC Mall and then Get Neocash. There are 4 options here: 500NC for $5, 1000NC for $10, 3000NC for $30, 5500NC for $50. Please note that all prices are in US currency. $50 is the best deal, realistically, as it technically grants you an extra 500NC ($1 = 100NC). This requires a credit card, prepaid credit/debit card, or paypal payment.

Neocash cards: Many people opt to purchase Neocash cards because upon redeeming a card, you are awarded with gift boxes - you do not get gift boxes if you purchase directly through the site. A $5 card awards 1 gift box. A $25 card awards 5 gift boxes + a 150NC bonus. Gift cards can be purchased in your local Walmart or Target. For Canadian players, cards can be purchased at your local Toys R Us. If you have trouble finding Neocash cards in your area, you may want to consider using an external source. GTZ (Gametimezone) sells Neocash cards. Please note that if it is your first time purchasing with GTZ, they will call you to confirm your identity before giving the redemption code!

Qasalan Expellibox: This is a game hosted by Neopets that can be played every 8 hours. You click to deposit a scarab, and test your luck to see if it will land on the NC spot (the NC spot is the flashing icon). If you're lucky enough to land there, you will be awarded 150NC. It's pretty rare to actually land on that spot - but not impossible! Click here to play it now!

It is said that there is also a random event that awards 150NC. But this is probably more unlikely than winning Expellibox.

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Special thank you to Becca (fiery_white_dragon) for her input on this section! This is a very common glitch that a lot of users (including myself) have experienced. Some get resolved and some…don't. Some have some fixes that you may want to try at your own risk. There are some things you should probably know before I begin…

It was reported that there were more issues with purchasing through the site (using credit card or paypal) than using neocash cards. Neocash card redemption has gone smoothly for most users (including myself) - with its exceptions every now and then for some people.

Buy your neocash in the middle of the month when it's not as busy - not right before the gbcs come out, or right when a new site event starts. At these times, many people will be purchasing neocash and the system is more likely to crash due to overload.

It should be noted that often, if you make another neocash purchase after not having received previous neocash, the missing neocash from the previous purchase also shows up. Do this method at your own risk. I am not taking any responsibility or hate mail if you do this and get another error :P

User looeez_xo noted this: The lesson I learnt was never to go under 25NC - if the NC doesn't show, buy an item for 25NC (cheapest in the mall) and go to Transaction Logs. Your NC should show up in the top right hand corner

Still didn't work? Try to submit a ticket to JS staff to inform them about your missing neocash. Be sure to include the following info in your ticket: when you purchased, how much neocash you are to be credited for. If possible, try to also include screenshots of error messages. If you are having trouble redeeming a card, include a picture of the front and back of your glitched card.

TNT isn't answering your ticket? If you paid through Paypal, you can file a dispute with Paypal to at least get your money back. The process will take about 7 days. There is limited time to file a dispute so it is best to file the dispute right away, if your ticket is not answered in the next week or two. This is very helpful considering there is no set waiting time for tickets - while some get their tickets served, others don't. At least filing the dispute and getting your money back can rectify, in case your neocash doesn't get credited. (thank you Becca for this info!)

Unfortunately, it is very common for tickets to just rot… but luckily, you can keep adding more information to your ticket as needed, and you can check its status any time. You probably will not get an immediate response. Expect to be waiting 1-3 days for a change in status. Your ticket is most likely going to be answered quicker if many people are experiencing NC redemption lags at once.
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This is quite possibly going to be the most informative section. Please use the dropdown navigation to jump to each link. I arranged the links in a way that would make sense if they were read in order. Each instruction or section will come with according diagrams. Please hover over each image for more info about it. With that out of the way... welcome to the world of trading! Be prepared for endless board bumping, crying, staying up at ungodly hours, crying, impulsive spending, crying, oh, and did I mention crying?


You have may have noticed on the NC forum that many people are seeking GBCS for their items – GBCs stand for Gift Box Capsules! If you are first starting out on trading and don't have much of a Tradelist to show for, many people seek GBCs for their items and you can use these to get your wishes! They restock in the NC Mall for 200NC each. Sometimes they can be discounted during a special event: please see this page to learn more about discounted GBC events.

Why do people want them, you ask?

Well, you know those pesky grey gift boxes you keep getting from Trudy's Surprise that you chuck into your safety deposit box? That gift box that you thought had an actual gift inside when you first got the gift box from Trudy's Surprise? It has those in it. 2-5 of them, actually. This is random - and the fifth one is a pretty limited edition box! Each limited edition box is different per capsule. It also comes with a neocash item that is available in the mall. If you get 4 or 5 boxes, you typically get 2 neocash items! Also, GBCs only restock in the mall for a limited time: for about a week at the end of the month. Once the new month begins, you will have to wait until the end of the month for GBCs to restock. If you have GBCS to trade while people are boxless and GBCs aren't in stock, you are essentially a gold mine.

When can I trade them?

Well...whenever you feel like! But just know that there are some times that are better to trade GBCs than others.

Once GBCs restock in the mall, many people will be posting boards offering their tradelist for GBCs. While this may seem like a good time to trade your GBCs, it actually would be more helpful NOT to trade your GBCS right away - unless someone has a priority wish that you've been endlessly seeking. At this time, many people have access to boxes AND GBCs, and can easily buy them from the mall when needed. If you are boxless and can't afford to purchase Neocash, the best time to trade for GBCs are when they are available in the mall.

Wait until GBCs are no longer in the mall to start trading GBCs - at this time, more and more people will be boxless and will not be able to purchase GBCs in the mall. Because GBCs will be a lot harder to obtain at this time, more people will want (and discount for) GBCs. People will be more desperate to trade HTPW items to get GBCs (see Glossary for "HTPW").

Keep at least 1 GBC spare in your Safety Deposit Box. Yes, I know this is hard. Hopefully chucking it away in your Safety Deposit Box will help you to forget about it. Think of this as your emergency GBC - you can use this to trade for a priority wish if you are super desperate. As well, many users decide to leave Neopets and do a clearout of their closet items - Having a GBC on hand at this time will be useful for you to pick up pretty things to add to your Tradelist (whether to use, or to re-trade). As well, there are users that collect GBCs for their galleries. If you hold onto a GBC, the value of it could increase. If you're lucky, you could score quite a few pretties just for one GBC from a collector.

Surviving a GBC Sale

Buy your neocash ahead of time: Keep in mind that GBCs are heavily sought after in the NC Trading World. And offering them at a discounted price? Well, now everyone and their mother is going to be purchasing GBCs. With this heavy amount of users purchasing neocash to get GBCs, it may make neocash redemption difficult. You may not receive the neocash that you paid for, as there may be a lag. If possible, try to purchase your Neocash at least 2 weeks in advance before the date of the GBC sale. Beat the lag before it beats you! And if the redemption fails at this time, at least Jumpstart is given more time to rectify your ticket, hopefully before the GBC sale starts.

Try to purchase the $25 card if possible: These $25 cards will give you 5 Basic Gift Boxes + a bonus 150 NC. This is your best option, because it will save you from having to open GBCs and the bonus 150 will be enough to purchase an emergency GBC. Neocash cards can be found in local stores such as Walmart, Target or Shoppers. If you are unable to find a card in your local area, try gametimezone.

Beware of over-trading: This is an ambitious time for many users. Shortly before the sale, people may seek GBC pretrades, meaning you reserve some items from someone's tradelist until you're able to start buying the GBCs. It's perfectly okay to do this, as long as the trader offers. However, keep track of your GBC count at all times.Even if that means keeping track of it on a word doc or a piece of paper. You don't want to break your own heart by offering GBCs that you already ran out of. Also - don't spend all your GBCs in one board! There are many boards and many pretties!

Stay up until midnight NST on the day of the GBC sale: From my experience in the GBC sale, many people wait until midnight and post "1 GBC flash sales where they discount their pretties for GBCs, regardless of value. The early bird gets the worm. This is great for picking up trading fodder. Seek spares of your items while you're at it. Invest in these now, while you can easily get GBCs for more boxes at a discounted rate. You can use these for future re-trade.


Purchased neocash but there are no GBCs in stock at the NC Mall? Consider trading a "custom" instead! Trading custom means you can purchase things that are buyable in the NC Mall, as part of your trade. Keep the value guide in mind as you're making your offer. ~1 = 200NC. You will need to do some math to determine how much custom to offer, depending on what item you are trying to get.

Neo sometimes hosts big site events, in which users can purchase some sort of ticket or widget from the NC Mall, and participate in an event that gets them neocash items. Some examples of this would be the Altador Cup, Shenanigifts, Stocking Stufftacular, Valentine Grams, etc. The tickets/widgets they sell are usually a pretty hefty custom (700NC+) and many people may not be willing to spend that much Neocash on one ticket - however, this is your time to shine! If you can offer custom at the time of a site event, you have a chance of getting some real nice higher value pretties you've been seeking! Listed below are some examples of items from previous site events that people have offered custom for. Hover over the picture for the name and price.


Disclaimer: NCCers were surveyed on Sept. 24, 2016. Depending on the date you read this guide, the info may be recent or outdated! ~ Trading with custom is not only reserved for just site events. Sometimes, people will happily trade for cookies. I will talk about the most popular cookies to use as trading fodder: Archive, Faerie Quests, Lab Cookies, and Training Cookies.

Please note that people have differing values when it comes to trading cookies. Some value cookies as ~1, and some value them as ~0.5. It is really up to the trader. Although some of these are cheaper than purchasing a GBC, you may want to consider how many boxes you're using up when trading cookies.

Archive Cookies

Archive Cookies are popular on the NCC, as this cookie can award 3-6 random recently retired items over a time span of 3 days. From 3 days of opening, you can spin the NC Archives Wheel 1-2 times (this is chosen at random). There are tons of super cool retired wearables out there and some not-so-great ones, and for those willing to take a chance, these make great trading fodder. It is difficult to catch these at the NC Mall as almost everybody buys them, and they have limited stock. If you're quick enough to catch it, they stock for 225 NC. MOST people would typically value 1 Archive cookie as ~1, because it costs a bit more than a GBC. While some may choose to trade them, others choose to open them, because some retired wearables have spiked up in value - either great for trading fodder or for getting those hard to find high valued wishes!

Faerie Quest Cookies (FQC)

These ones are also very popular on the NCC, because it gives you a higher chance on getting that elusive Fountain Faerie Quest that lets you paint your pet any colour you want (including some exclusive colours like Chocolate, Sponge, Alien, etc.). These bad boys cost only ~100NC. Because of the low price, however, there is some dispute as to how these cookies are valued when trading. Some may value this cookie at ~1 because it still takes up an entire gift box to send. However, because it's such a low price, some may value it at ~0.5 because they're easier to get. Many accept Faerie Quest Cookies as fillers for higher valued items, but it all depends on the trader. All traders are different so please confirm with your traders how they value this cookie, as it varies for many.

Lab & Training Cookies

Lab Ray Cookies stock in the NC Mall for 125NC. When opening this cookie, you may receive 1-3 (chosen at random) extra lab ray zaps for 7 days. If you miss one day, you will NOT be reimbursed for your zaps, so keep that in mind! Again, like the Faerie Quest Cookie, there is some dispute regarding how to value these cookies, as they are only 125 NC. Again, confirm with your trader how they value each cookie, and keep in mind your box count as you are making these trades.

Training cookies have limited stock and stock for 125NC. When opened, the training cookies grant 5 days of faster training time at Neopian Training Schools: the Mystery Island Training School, the Cap'n 3-Legs Training Academy, and the Secret Ninja Training School. Same as the faerie quest cookie, many may have differing values for these cookies - some may not value it at ~1, so please do confirm with your trader.

Upcycle Cookies

Upcycle cookies are a popular one because of 2 reasons: It helps you to get rid of the 100 spare Dashing Gothic Jackets you get from opening GBCs, and there's a chance of getting neocash awarded once you complete the tasks! The upcycle cookie allows you to donate betweeb 2-4 items to the Money Tree (chosen at random) over a time span of 4 days. In exchange, you can receive a money tree capsule (with new LE's), neopoint items, or neocash (25-150NC). These bad boys cost 175NC in the NC Mall. These typically are valued at ~1 each, because they are almost the same price as a GBC which is 200NC, and they do use up box per cookie.


Just lurk. Visit the NC mall board. Check out how people use the certain NC Mall Lingo. Just get a feel for what items are currently popular. Take note of how people organize their tradelists. What better way to learn about Trading than witnessing it in action?
Also, don't use those free stat raising cupcakes/open goodie bags! Sometimes for certain events the NC Mall releases a gift bag freebie or a Cupcake freebie in the NC Mall for all the users to obtain. The gift bag contains a free item, and a Cupcake awards pet stats + possibly another item. KEEP THESE! Many people are into training their pets, and seek those cupcakes. It is very common to trade cupcakes/cake slices for items. As for the gift bags, there are many gift bag collectors out there who may be seeking those gift bags. just note that goodie bags become more valuable the longer you hold on to them. it may take a while to trade these.
Lastly, hold onto the free Dyeworks potions! Neo sometimes has events that award free Dyeworks potions (Advent Calendar, Altador Cup, etc.). Many non-NC customizers usually just give these potions away thinking they aren't going to need them. Dyeworks potions are great tradable items. You might want to consider holding these in your Safety Deposit Box until a new Dyeworks item comes along. When there is a new Dyeworks item, many people seek Dyeworks potions to dye the item before it retires - and are desperate to trade away pretties for dyeworks potions.


Picture that you're browsing through items on DTI. And you stumble across the peaceful tree garland - but hey, there's 3 other colours for it! How is that possible? Well, there are certain Neocash items that come in different colours. This is what Dyeworks is!


In order to dye an item, you need to have one of these dyeworks potions. As stated earlier, you can purchase one from the NC Mall, wait until you get one from a Neo event, or trade for one. Items can be dyed as many times as you want - as long as you have potions! Please note: NOT ALL NEOCASH ITEMS ARE DYEABLE! There are two types of Dyeworks items: Retiring Dyeworks and Non-retiring Dyeworks. These are the only items that can be dyed. More about Retiring and Non-Retiring Dyeworks will be explained in the guide.

Make sure you have the potion and item in your Inventory

Visit the NC Mall and click 'Dyeworks'

Hover over the picture of the item you want to dye. There are 3 categories: Accessories, Clothing, and Trinkets. When you find the picture of the item you want to dye, hover over it and click Use a Potion!

You will receive one of the re-coloured versions of the Dyeworks item (IT IS CHOSEN AT RANDOM - YOU DO NOT GET TO CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR), and the original Dyeworks item. Both will appear in your inventory.

Dyeworks Potion + Peaceful Tree Garland = Yellow, Pink, or Purple version!


The list below contains Non-Retiring Dyeworks. This means that these items can be dyed at any time. Hover over each picture for the name.


Don't have any of the Dyeworks Originals but want one for a custom? No problem! Consider Dyeworks Lending! Dyeworks lending means one person that has the dye works original and lends it to you for a gbc, or small wish. Or some other ways, which will be mentioned.

METHOD 1: Lending for a GBC

Pearl wants one of the peaceful tree garland recolours, but doesn't have the original Peaceful tree Garland to dye.
ZC has the Tree Garland original.
Pearl can give ZC a GBC, so that ZC can lend her the original peaceful tree garland to dye herself as many times as she wants.
When Pearl is finished, she will return the original item back to ZC.
Angela's Tip: Many lenders do 2:1 for GBC lends - you may want to consider finding those traders first!

METHOD 2: Sending Back a Dyed Item

Pearl wants one of the peaceful tree garland recolours and has multiple dye potions but no GBCs.
ZC sends Pearl the Peaceful Tree Garland.
In return, Pearl sends ZC back the original peaceful tree garland, and one of the recolours she got.
Angela's Tip: This is a very beneficial method for Dyeworks LENDERS in particular. Like I mentioned earlier in the guide, dye works items are great trading fodder. This is an easy way for you to get the Dyeworks items as Trading Fodder. Remember to keep an eye on your box count if you choose to do this.

METHOD 3: Lending for a small wish

Pearl wants one of the peaceful tree garland recolours and has multiple dye potions but no GBCs.
ZC has the Original Peaceful Tree Garland up for lending.
Pearl has no GBCs but she has a small wishlist item from ZC's wishlist.
Pearl can send over the small item, in exchange for the Peaceful tree Garland.
Pearl can dye the tree garland as needed, and return the original tree garland.
Angela's Tip: This is a very beneficial method for Dyeworks BORROWERS in particular. You can save a GBC this way.

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Be respectful of other traders: ~Louder for the people in the back~. I put this as the first rule because I cannot stress this enough. This is not the auction house. If you see someone offering on an item, do not try to outbid them right away. Give the trader a chance to see if they're interested in that first offer. And if they're not interested, then you can offer. Your trading fodder could have been someone's priority wish. I can understand if you post at the same time by accident, but please have the decency to at least say "if you're unable to work out a trade with ________, feel free to send me a neomail!". If you feel like your offer truly is the offer to beat, then you should have no problem waiting your turn.

Beware of "blind bumping: When you are bumping your thread in hopes of getting a trade, you will most likely become bored and have many different tabs open to amuse yourself. Commonly what ends up happening is the person gets so used to bumping their board every few minutes that they completely forget to check for new posts. If you've been gone from your board for a while, hit "Refresh" instead of making a reply, instead of just posting a reply. If you find that someone has posted and you missed them neomail them right away and apologize even if you are not interested in trading with them.

When accepting a trade, remember these rules: Be polite, tell them where to send the item, ask where they want the item. If they are sending a gbc and you need to open it to open it to get the box, tell them so they don't worry. Confirm that you actually have the item and a spare gift box before you send the item. Try not to accept an item until you've sent your half: you may find out you don't even have that item anymore. Also try to make a habit of sending them the confirmation message once you've sent your item, so that both parties know the trade went as planned. Don't forget to say please and thank you!

Reject offers politely: Many times, a person will have an item from your wishlist, but you will have nothing on their wishlist to offer. This trader may reply to your board offering GBCs + another item from their tradelist. Though you may not be interested in their items, always reply back. You can post on your board "I will take a look at your TL", it takes 2 seconds. If you feel bad about rejecting publicly, you can always just neomail them and politely decline. If you can, provide a reason as to why you can no longer trade, just so long as it does not offend the trader. If you want it short and sweet, a simple Unfortunately didn't see anything I needed at the moment so I will pass. Thanks anyways and good luck trading! will do.

Assume all mistakes were accidental: Though it rarely happens, sometimes a trader will mess up and send you the wrong item (ex. they send you a mystery capsule instead of a regular GBC). Do not make false accusations. We're human, and we make mistakes. Do not accept the item. Neomail the trader right away and explain the error to them as politely as possible. If the person agrees to send you the correct item, then send back the item, and they can re-send. In the case where you've messed up, and sent the trader the wrong item and have no boxes to reconcile, immediately contact your trader. Reconcile your mistake by seeking GBCs so you can re-send the item(s), unless the trader decides it's okay. It is common courtesy.

***Be kind to newbies/returning traders!!!!!!: Remember: we all started off in the same place. Now, most NC Traders are generally nice people: we link new traders to value guides, reply to value check boards, provide tips, even sometimes gift neocash items to others! All too often though, we've seen an experienced trader attempting to rip off a newbie. This usually occurs by the experienced trader asking for more than what an item is worth, or under-offering on a higher value item. Some may try to rip newbies off by neomail, in order to avoid getting called out: If someone mentions that they are a new trader or back from hiatus, immediately post a value guide to their board. If you notice any populars in their tradelist, include the value in your post (copy and paste it) as quick as possible for them to see.

Be kind to one another. Like I said, this is literally a virtual website. There is no need for hostility. If you get a mail with an underoffer, the worst you can do is say no. Please don't leave a poor seeker's neomail rotting in your inbox, or keep bumping over their post on your board, out of pettiness. Some people aren't aware of value guides, some may be new to trading - you never know. It takes 2 seconds to politely decline. Trading is already scary enough as it is, we do not need newbie traders being terrified to join this board because of trading snobs!


Time to get those gift boxes out of your safety deposit box. Dust off the cobwebs on them a little too. It's time to trade! First things first, make sure the basic gift box and the item you want to send are BOTH in your inventory, or else you cannot send the item. You will need to remove the item from your closet, gallery, or safety deposit box. When you click the gift box icon in your inventory, you will be lead to a pop-up window that looks like this.

So far, so good! Using the little drop down menu, choose the the item you want to trade. For this example, I'm using Enchanted Desert Oasis Background. After you click Submit, you will be lead to a screen that looks like this:

This screen is pretty self explanatory. In the blue box you will either type your trader's username, or you will select a neofriend from a list that you're sending the item to. In the red box you can choose to include a pre-set message (this step is entirely optional). Alright, filled out both fields? Click Submit again and you will be lead to a confirmation screen that looks like this:

This screen is also self explanatory. You will need to fill out both fields and after you press Give Item you will get a small confirmation message that lets you know that your gift was sent. You will get a neomail to be alerted when your trader received the item(s).


When you receive a neocash item, you will receive a notification at the top of your page that looks a little something like this (note that in this notification you can see the username of your trader - keep this in mind!):

Click that little gift box and it will lead you to your event log. The screen will turn into this (notice that the username is still there...):

Alright, now you have two options: Open and Return. If you return, it will lead you to a confirmation screen telling you that you are about to return the gift. Continue on and press Return Gift. You will be able to do that on this screen, and the next upcoming screen. I don't have screenshots because lazy. :* But anyways, press Open and you will be lead to this screen:

POOF! The username is gone! It's important you keep track of the username - sometimes people like to gift and if you keep on clicking there's no way for you to see who gifted you! Also, if you're juggling multiple trades, keeping track of usernames makes it easier for you to keep track of what has and has not been sent yet. ANYWAYS, click Accept and the item will be placed into your Inventory :)


Sometimes people may take a hiatus from trading, or Neo altogether, and decide to come back and start fresh. At this time, you may feel out of the loop, and maybe even a little intimidated to go back into the world of Neocash Trading. If you are one of these people, there are some things you should know...

Don't announce that you're coming back from hiatus. The NCC is generally a nice batch of people, but "coming back from hiatus" puts you in a position to be easily taken advantage of, because you won't be aware of current populars or the value of your items. If you have some items you're unsure about it doesn't hurt to make a value check board (a board where people list how they value it/what they traded it for/what would be a fair trade), and ask people for an updated tradelist.
If possible, limit your board to POSTS ONLY. Mailing at this time can be difficult, because of the reason above. People have more luck ripping you off if they can do so without being called out on. What better way to do that than via neomail? As well, if you announce that you're coming back from hiatus, many people will be interested in seeing if you have their WL items. Many people may come to your board all at once, making it very disorganized.
Check your value guides ahead of time. In the time that you're gone, items may have either ridiculously inflated or deflated in value. Knowing your values ahead of time would be very helpful. Link them back to The Trader Pocketbook for a list of updated guides. Just note that some of these guides may be outdated, so if anything, it might be best to make a value check board to see what recent trades have been made for an item you're trading or seeking.


UFT/NUFT: "Up for trade" / "Not up for trade". Some people will have lists in their tradelist that say "Only UFT for ________". That means they will only trade those items in that list for a specific item they're seeking.

Pops/Populars: "Populars". Items that are commonly sought after or are high in value that many people want. Ex. Stunning Moon View Background, Galactic Traveler Wig, Rainbow Field Background. Higher value items are referred to as "big populars". Smaller value items are "small populars".

HTF/ETF: "Hard to Find" / "Easy to Find".

TL/WL: Tradelist and Wishlist

S/O: S for 'seeking', O for 'offering'. A generic board title can be S: Stunning Moon View Background / O: TL.

Casual Trade: If you don't have anyone's wishlist items you can ask if they're willing to do a casual trade - you post your tradelist and ask them to see if anything there interests them

Caps: Abbreviated form for "Gift Box Capsule" (see GBC section).

VC / VC Board: Value Check Board. If you are unaware about the value of an item, you can make a Value Check board for that item to see if anyone has recently traded it, or what someone who owns the item values it at. Just make your title: Value check for _________?

BFA: Stands for Bump for Awareness. If a user is hacked, they typically make a board warning people not to trade with _______. In that case, other users comment "bfa" to keep the board on the first page for everyone to see.

Partial GBC offer: Using gbcs and items to make up the full value of an item you're trading for. Ex. If you're trying to trade for an item worth ~3, you could do a partial GBC offer (1 GBC + an ~2 item/ two ~1 items).

2:1: 2 items for 1 GBC. People have 2:1 sales that have buyables and retired items. People mostly throw the freebies they get from Gift Box Capsules in their 2:1 hoping to get rid of it, before using an Upcycle Cookie (See Cookies section for more info).

NTY: Stands for No Thank You

GLT: Stands for Good Luck Trading

RR: Rereleased items. Items that were RR'd typically means they used to be available as a buyable and retired from the mall, or were from a previous site event. Items are typically re-released in Birthday Capsules.


SORBW: Summer Orange Root Blond Wig

Fabled: Fabled Silvery Lake Background

FiTC: Feet in the Clouds

Blooming: Blooming Garden

Stunning: Stunning Moon View Background

CBG: Cherry Blossom Garland and/or it's Dyeworks versions (yellow, white, purple)

DCG: Dream Catcher Garland and/or its Dyeworks versions (green, black, orange)

GSLG: Golden Scattered Light Garland

Gingy BG: Gingerbread Dream House BG

RGEM: Rich Golden Eye Makeup and/or its Dyeworks versions (black, silver, pink)

HS FG: Healing Springs Foreground

HS WIG: Healing Springs Wig

LLLD: Lovely Layered Lilac Dress and/or its Dyeworks versions (Pink, Blue, yellow)

PTG: Peaceful Tree Garland

Zencos/Lulus: Zenco the Magnificent Contacts/Pink Lulu Contacts

HoTF: Heart of the Forest

Weewoos: Branch of Singing Weewoos


Bday Caps: Birthday Capsules. Birthday capsules are released once a year, on the NC Mall's birthday. They are available for an entire month. They sell for 150NC, and award 1-2 retired items with the chance of a 3rd limited birthday cap-exclusive item. They often re-release popular items, making them decrease significantly in value. For example, in the most recent birthday capsule (9th birthday), they re-released Summer Orange Root Blonde Wig (went from ~20-25 to about ~12-15)

Buyable: Items that can currently be purchased in the NC Mall. There are usually Seasonal Buyables available, that retire when the season is over.

Elite Boutique: Often abbreviated to 'EB'. This shop is open to NC users with aged accounts (49 months+). Items from this shop cannot be traded, which is why it is considered a perk.

FF: Future Fashions. This is an NC buyer perk. It is a shop in the NC Mall not available to all users. To gain access to FF you have to spend 100 dollars on Neocash the month before and to keep it you have to spend 100 dollars each month (thanks trerat13!). This also means not just getting NC, but actually spending that NC on items. This is not a 30 day periord, but during a calander month. This resets monthly. (thanks simpsonizer97!). Users who have access to FF can often get pre-release items (items released in Future Fashions are released 2 days before releasing in the regular NC Mall - including GBCs).


Closet: Typically in people's tradelists, they may have a closet section. Most choose to keep it hidden, because Closet sections are a typically a list of items the owner is really attached to and would only trade for certain wishes. On DTI, there is an option to hide your Closet section, and open it if someone has a priority wish/higher value wish of yours, and they wish to browse.

Highlights: This is not your Closet section! Unlike the Closet, Highlights are a lot more likely to be traded. People keep a list of Highlights especially if they have large tradelists - to help browsers filter out their "better items" and make for a quick trade.

HTPW: stands for Hard to Part With. HTPW items are usually still up for trade but this just means the owner will be pickier when trading these items.

2:1 sale: 2 items for 1 GBC. People typically put the buyables they get from GBCs into their 2:1 sales, or often their lower valued retired items they got as freebies / from old site events. People also hold 2:1 sales when they are desperate for GBCs.


Interested in becoming affiliates? Please neomail Angela if you would like to be one of our affiliates! Please title your neomail Affies? and include the following:


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