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GOAL ACHIEVED: Oct. 22, 2017


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My name is Angela. I am a 21 year old Illustration Dropout turned Early Childhood Education student. I live in Canada. While I'm no longer an Illustration student, i'm a supply teacher in a preschool & toddler class, and my favourite thing in the world is turning art into activities for them. I guess you could say, illustration never really left me.

I'm a full time Uni student, I work 2 jobs (one at a daycare and the other at customer service), and am looking to volunteer at a developmental preschool. That's pretty much the main reason I'm on Neo - it's really the one place where I can really just relax. Here on Neo, most of my time is spent on the NCC or PC. I love to trade NC to keep my pets customs looking cute, and I love keeping an eye out for pets with inspiring names so I can build my customs/characters around them.

When I am not on the NCC or PC, I am busy updating my petpage projects. I currently run an NC Trading Guide, a UC Faerie Directory, and a Baby Directory. I also try to maintain my portfolio and lookbook as much as possible. Please click the buttons below to get to the desired links.

» why do i want alec? «

For one, I am a baby hoarder! I have 4 beautiful baby pets :) But there's a more sentimental reason than just that. Like I said, I am a drop-out Illustration Design student turned Early Childhood Education student. I left Illustration Design feeling really demotivated about my art, and hastily made the decision to switch into ECS because my mom wouldn't let me take a year off to decide. Honestly, I went into this program blindly - I had no experience with children, and honestly, children annoyed me at the time, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Long story short - this is where I belong. I got hired by my second-year placement (which was in a toddler class), and have been working there for over 2 years now. My toddlers are my pride and joy. My favourite part is that I get to turn art into activities for them! The picture on the left shows some playdoh cupcakes I made with my toddlers, and the picture on the right is a marshmallow sculpture I made with my niece when she was a toddler. She said it was a pig.

I have a side account dedicated to my baby pets: anklebiterz. I made this account in tribute to some of the toddlers in my class. Not that I pick favourites - I love all of them with all my heart - but some of them have these funny little quirks that inspires me to create pets based off of them.

You may notice that I don't have a UC Baby Pet yet - and it is a goal that I'd love to achieve. I am basing the koug's character on one of my toddlers, Alec. I chose Alec because he has such a spontaneous and outgoing personality, and the irony of the shy pose of the UC Baby Kougra is such an interesting contrast. Like the UC Baby Kougra, Alec also has golden hair - but you'll read more about that later. I picture a UC baby Kougra like a lion cub - quick, spontaneous, energetic. This is exactly how Alec is in real life.

Niareet was my absolute dream pet, and I was lucky enough to get chosen to adopt a UC to help me trade towards this goal. I have just recently finished up her entire character page, and she has a beloved home on my main account where I love to change her custom and gather/create art for her. Click the button if you'd like to see!

» Make character petpage
» Continue making art for Alec (would love to get a human ref!) - Update Aug 25: Thank you Nikota for the full body reference, based off my quick human sketch!
» Achieve all items for customization(s)
» Get matching neoboard font
» Get Customization Spotlight Trophy (I enter every week)

» what are my ongoing neogoals? «

» Trade for a V/WN UC Faerie Lenny (project page on ~Jeidan)
» Trade for an any-named UC Werelupe to customize as Beast to match my Belle custom on my Disney side account
» Complete my badly drawn items gallery (
» Train Kozi to 2000HSD (Aug 22: Have taken a break training her to focus on my art)
» Continue making/gathering art for all of my pets
» Continue updating my Baby Directory (~Crybabiez) & UC Faerie Directory (~Kearra)
» Take more art requests to practice on my anthro/neopet style technique (~Iriebelle)


Right now, I have Hekami the Transparent Aisha UFT. I am hoping to save up for a completed lab map (since I am a goof and activated my lab map on my main instead of my side...), so I can zap Hekami for stats eventually even out her stats with FQC's or Codestones. I would mostly like to use the FQC to increase my chances at getting a FFQ - I have received two in the past, but only through FQC's. I am hoping to trade Hekami for a VWN UC Werelupe or, if I'm patient enough, a UC Faerie Lenny/UC Baby Kougra.


I traded a RB Female Draik Custom (created, morphed, painted) for Hekami

Right now I do also have Kozi the Transparent Aisha who I have been training with FQC's and Codestones. Right now I am only training her level up, so I can use just the red codestones and lessen my training time. I am very reluctant to trade Kozi as I have become very attached to her... but for the right UC Faerie Lenny, I would. Aug 23: I am currently debating on trading her for a BN/DN UC Faerie Peo... she was offered one today because they wanted a cute Cvcv 4L, but I am still deciding... / Aug 26: I chose to keep Kozi, I love her too much!



I traded a VBN UC mara Scorch for a Common RW, then traded for Kozi at 110HSD.

In the midst of all this, I do have a petpage application for a UC Faerie Lenny UFA, that I like to keep updating. Click my artwork to be lead to the app. I really prefer the petpage project route in terms of achieving my UC goals because 1) It helps to motivate me towards my goals and 2) if there's a way to get my goal without having to trade any of my precious pets, I'm all for it. I have been scoping out any UCS ufa - so far (besides the Sanschu app) I have sent in neomails apps for a VBN UC Mutant Skeith (did not get chosen) and a DN UC Mutant Lupe (awaiting deadline), a BN UC Mutant Scorchio (awaiting deadline) with intention to retrade for a BD 4L named Etzi to match Kozi, or my UC Werelupe goal.


I am not much of an avatar collector - I prefer to only work for the avatars I need (most recent avatar goal achieved was the Pink! popcorn avatar), only to match my font. I am on the Neoboards a lot and love to match my font/active/avie - I only really pick avatars which I enjoy the colour scheme for. I have most of the ones i need. I like using neoboard pens so that I can switch up my avatars/fonts and advertise some of my sites.

I am still just getting back into art after that long art hiatus of mine (creating petpages and character concepts has helped me to do this) but I am not quite ready to share my art in the BC.

Update: Aug 25 I have been collecting a few more requests for some friends and have been really enjoying doing art requests. I decided to create an art page for my requests and Neo-related art. This is a big step for me. I'm hoping that the more I add to this the more comfortable I can learn to become with my art, and maybe one day I will be able to share it in the BC. I had a beautiful button made by Marge, as well. Click below to visit that new page and see my art!

I don't really collect tcgs, stamps or trophies (although I try to participate in Daily Dare / Altador Cup / Charity Corner every year). What keeps me on here is NC customizing. I collect NC wearables, and that's what keeps me active - not avatars/stamps/trophies.

While it may not seem like I do much in terms of avatar/stamp/tcg/trophy collecting, I can assure you that I am still just as passionate about this site as someone who does. I invest most of my time into my pets (their customs & characters) instead of my overall account, and to chatting with my friends on the neoboards and updating my petpage sites.

Name: Alexander
Nickname: Alec
Age: 2 years old
Gender: Male
Likes: sports, outdoor play, things that light up, watching bugs, staring at airplanes, cuddles, hopping up and down, playdoh
Dislikes: waking up from naps, green vegetables, confined spaces, getting his toys taken away from him, being left alone
Other: While the UC Baby Kougra has a typically shy demeaner to it, Alec is definitely far from that! Alec is an outgoing ball of energy, who loves to meet new people. He gratefully introduces himself to new faces, excitedly yelling "MY NAME ALEC." He refers to himself in third person saying things like "Alec's turn!" when playing with his classmates or other Neopians. Alec is never one to back down from a challenge - he is a risktaker who loves to experiment with different kinds of sports. His recent hobby is skateboarding, just like me!

Physical Appearance

Alec love pasta! Yummy, Anga!

Because Alec is based off one of my toddlers in my toddler class, I am basing the appearance off of him. Alec has short golden kinky hair, and light blue eyes. His hair flings in different directions because of how active he is. His eyes are big and beady, and he is almost always smiling or excited. Although he is only two years old, he is a bit tall for his age. He always wears khakis and graphic t-shirts. The knees of his pants always seem to have scuff marks, because of how aggressively he plays outdoors. He is a messy eater, so there are usually stains all over his shirt (and sometimes his mouth). He seems to think it's funny though - he gets a good laugh when I ask him how he got pasta in his hair.

Alec is generally an easy child to care for - most of the time he listens. However, at nap time, he becomes quite a handful. He is always so high energy it's difficult to put him to sleep sometimes. He always loves to talk to me and ask me random questions while I'm giving him a pat. He has a stuffed llama plushie that he sleeps with at naptime, and he usually plays with the plushie, tugging on its ears until he tires himself out and heads to sleep.

I worded this section in a way that I think Alec would answer. I have been working with Alec since he was about 1.5 years old and have watched him grow up! This section is a little sentimental to me :')

I sit next to Alec as he is playing with a truck on the carpet. He is driving the truck back and forth, making "vroom vroom!" sounds.
Me: *sings* ♫ Hello to Alec, I'm so glad to see you! ♫
Alec: HI ANGA! {Note: He calls me Anga. Angela is a bit too hard for him to pronounce.} / {Alec puts his arms up for me to carry him}
Me: *picks up Alec* What is Alec going to do today?
Me: You're going to paint a picture with Sophie today?
Alec: *mumbles* ya....
Me: What are you going to paint with So-
Another child named Rico comes in to grab the truck Alec is using.
Alec: NO! NO! NO! ALEC TURN! ALEC TURN! TOP IT! {Sometimes he omits letters in words.... he says Top instead of Stop.}
Me: Alec, there are lots of friends in this class, we need to remember to share our toys.
Alec: Alec was playing first....
Me: Then you need to tell Rico that.
Alec: *to Rico, mumbling* Alec turn.
Rico: My turn.
Me: Rico, Alec was playing first. You need to wait for your turn. Alec, let's help Rico find a new plan.
Alec: *grudgingly hands child another toy bus*... The other child accepts the toy and gives Alec the toy back.
Me: That's very nice, Alec. It's important to share our toys. There are lots of toys in the classroom for everyone.
Alec: Alec paint firetruck with Sophie.
Me: That's a good plan.
Alec: Alec hungry, Anga.

The End

From left to right: Alec, Niya, and Luca's cars. Alec was very excited about this activity. He loves anything that moves, and he loves messy activities. Alec had to do this activity twice because the first time he did it, he added so much paint that his paper ripped.

Painted by Alec and Sophie on Aug. 13, 2017. When asked what they painted, Alec said Alec paint Firetruck. Sophie, on the other hand, said I paint Mommy. Sophie then started crying, because she missed her mom. Alec gave her a gentle hug and said Mommy come soon.

Alec and the rest of the class worked together to create a blueprint for a structure. The kids were interested in construction, so I decided to make a 4-part hands-on unit to go indepth on construction. Using painter's tape, I gave children different sized pieces of tape where they worked together to create blueprints for different structures. Later on, they would use blocks to try to fill these blueprints in (I actually did this with a preschool class - I modified an activity for my toddlers by using painters tape on paper, having them paint over the tape and paper, and then peel the tape off to create a tape resist effect. It's a technique I use for watercolour painting!)

One of my goals for this account is to create a toy-filled gallery called Angela's Classroom. I feel like this would be fitting since I have all baby pets! I'm not yet a graduate of my field so I don't quite have my own class yet - but I can dream! (I might make this into a bobblehead gallery, so it's a little more fun to look at!)

Katie (Oopsii) and Alec are the best of friends - like Alec, Katie is very high energy. The two thrive off each other and are always getting into sticky situations together. If you're ever wondering why there's paint all over the floor, make sure to check with Alec and Katie first. They both have mastered the puppy dog look.

Sophie (Charmsy) is the classroom sweetheart. She always listens, doesn't get into trouble. She is always happy and willing to play with her peers, even Alec, who surprisingly gets along with her despite their differences. The two can often be seen making sand castles together at the sand box, or sharing an easel at the art centre. She calms him down.

Luca (Crybabiez) and Alec have a rocky relationship. Some days, Luca and Alec are getting along perfectly fine - other days, Luca's crying can be heard from the next room. Alec and Luca have a bit of a sharing problem... they both want to try all the toys, but they want to play by themselves! Alec very rarely cries, but if you ever hear him crying, make sure to check that Luca didn't take one of his toys.

Niya (Gigglz) and Alec have a beautiful relationship. They have never fought - and how could they? Alec is always making Nina laugh with all the shenanigans he pulls. Sometimes, she tries to copy him, and Alec laughs too. It's never a dull time when these two are together. Within seconds of being with each other, they are both full of hugs and giggles.

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