I was not forced to make this project page

Hiya! welcome to my project page for a UC grey skeith.
This is a work in progress about a character I first thought up as a side character in one of my off-site stories. I developed them during an app process for a UC faerie pteri, but dropped out of it because I didn't believe the character fit such a colorful & cheerful pet. It didn't feel sincere anymore then.
But I had developed this character so much by that point that I actually had become attached, so I started looking for neopets that did complement the character's story.
That's how I ended up at 3 am making incomprehensible noises at the cuteness that is the UC grey skeith.

Anyway, this is my project page! Click the cute pastel circles above and under each text box to navigate.
I hope you enjoy it!!

about me
Quick abt moi before you get into the pp! My name is Nina and I love writing and the color pink. I also like books, anything cute, cats, dogs, and character development!

On Neo I can mostly be found chatting on the boards or working on my pets characters/pages. Neopets has been my creative outlet ever since I joined as a nine year old (now eight years ago!!). This site has a special place in my heart as I learned English here.

My accounts; Mesanagros (main), Pyrkaia, Amphitrite__, Vvaterclour

I'm proudest of the stories I've written for my pets Scaio and Mifre!!


Name Nikolai
Age Old as life itself
Tytle Emperor of the skies
Powers Can control the skies, the clouds and give suggestions to the wind. Also shapeshift with the help of an earring, and fly in his dragon form.
Physical description In his human form Nikolai is a handsome 20 something white guy with black hair and brown eyes, he hides the huge red heart shaped mark under two layers of shirts and sweaters because the darn thing glows. He always has a purple teardrop earring in that allows his to shapeshift. In his dragon form he's a solid black, quite chubby and small, with glowing red eyes and the same glowing red heart mark on his chest. In his third form he is a shadow, invisible to most humans.
personality Nikolai is not a talker, he prefers to be silent but loves to hear other chatter around him. Strangely enough he enjoys hearing jokes and will always laugh, even if the joke is bad. Nikolai adores watching the humans on earth and often wishes he was a part of their world. He's a little too gullible and pretty easy to trick.
Oddities This weirdo loves the 1970s decade the most

disikes; overly sweet food, being alone, dishonesty, the other deities, losing his stuff, being reprimanded, Ran, decay, foxes.

likes; roses, music, painting the sky beautiful colors, things that go fast, playing with Harrison and Vinnie, the stars, hoarding.

Harrison; name derived from the singer George Harrison This grey spyder is always by Nikolai's side. Despite his droopy appearance, the lil bug is very cheerful and always weaving little hats and sweaters for others to wear.
Vinnie; name derived from the old high german word Wini, meaning friend The Cooty stands out next to his two grey buddies, but is surprisingly the calmest of the three. He often tries to be the voice of reason when Nikolai goes down to the human world, but often has no choice but to go along with it anyway.
Coming soon(ish)!!


current design

old design


What could I possibly want to do with such a cutie chubby dragon?? let me tell you

Ya'll, the UC grey skeith is too cute for me to handle. I can stare at that thing until my eyes tear up, it's ridiculous actually.

I've got limited funds on NC and my NP saving skiills aren't the best, so I tend to stick to simpler customisations for my pets. I do really enjoy customising but it takes a while to collect all the items needed!
I already previously said Nikolai is more of a side character in a bigger story that I'm writing off site, but on Neopets he's a big main character! I'm planning on writing some background info about the other deities and the three worlds. Also ugh, so many myths!! I love writing creation myths and Nikolai's character lends itself perfectly for that.

I'm quite active on the neoboards but usually have my pink cybunny as an active, so my font doesn't really change. But duh, how could I keep the sight of a beautiful grey skeith all to myself? While showing him off I would need a fitting font, like above.
I'm not a great artist, but I like to sometimes draw my pets! I won a gold BC trophy with my cybunny Femki for example, and am planning on entering more of my pets in the future! Other than drawing my pets myself I also like to commission people better at the artsy stuff than me to draw them! Nikolai will have no lack of artistic love in my care.
p2 + p3
I already mentioned Nikolai's buddies, a grey spyder and a Cooty. These two will get attached to him and never removed.
retrading plans
Now the real mystery; how do I plan to bring my skeith home?

UC trading is hard and I'm honestly terrified. UC grey skeiths are also rare.
I'm confident that with a lot of work and dedication and time I can bring my Emperor home!
I can advertise everyday, do three way trades, four way trades, anything to make this work!!

existing uc grey skeiths

*there are few existing uc grey skeiths

possibly uft/ufa


currently on inactive accounts


probably not uft/ufa




trading chains

chain 1:

Wygl the baby buzz (going to train him first!) → ??


the story of the emperor

heyo heya


Click any of the flowers below to be taken to a myth.

a transformation

The emperor paced across the sky, his endless walk causing the moon and the sun to cross and stun the humans below, caused the birds to quieten their song, the flowers to turn away their petals. A Goddess down on earth stirred from her sleep, awakened by the tension in the sky.

The Goddess looked through eyes of rich soil and hair of darkness, the earth spun slowly to face the sky. She wondered to herself what was worrying the Emperor. Nikolai, the birds sang for the Goddess. Why shake the sky and spur the moon to darken the sun? Why worry about offenses done?

The Emperor Once more came down to earth, not in the form of a dragon, but as a shadow. He followed the birds as they lead her to the Goddess and once there let her eyes roam the beauty of what was below.

A meadow stretched out before her, wildflowers brushed against her as he passed, grass and gentle wind pushed away from her. The birds took him to a hole in the middle of the meadow where a young girl sat, her long black hair billowed out around her in countless silky tresses. She had adorned it with bright red ribbons and flowers.

Rai, the Emperor greeted the Goddess.

Nikolai, The Goddess grinned, finding it all quite funny. I see you found your way back.

Always. A bird perched down on the black shadow of Nikolai's head.

Suddenly Nikolai became very aware of how human the Goddess looked and how inhuman he himself looked. He only had the suggestion of being a human, a badly made copy, but Nikolai had no flowing hair, or bright eyes, or soft skin, not even his voice held a tinge of humanity. Only the heart at his chest glowed a bright human red.

The Goddess stood from the hole and didn't bother to brush the soil and dirt from her layered dress. It's human fashion, do you like it?

Nikolai shrugged, despite it looking heavy and like a pain to put on, it was gorgeous, the embroidery and rich fabrics hid stories of hard work and luxury. It wasn't far off from the fashion of the skies.

I need your help, Rai suddenly spoke far softer than before, as if ashamed of the words.

the hummingbird sleeps

The rose garden felt different from every other part of the in between world. There was light in other parts, but the garden seemed to radiate light.

The farther down the path Yan went the taller the roses went until she found herself surrounded by only the flowers and the blue sky.

Strange, she said.

There were no crossroads in this maze, the only way to go was right so right was the way Yan went. She didn't expect to get lost that way.

Then the roses stopped making way for her and the maze became cut off. Yan spun around, but there were just more roses, there was no way out.

She was stuck in the maze.

Mohan? She called out to the fox, spun another circle and called out again, Sahna? But the pale girl didn't appear either.

With a frustrated sigh Yan reached into the roses, trying to push a path back through it but was only met by thorns cutting deep into her skin. Beads of red blossomed from her wounds and Yan stumbled back with a yelp.

She was stuck and alone. She wiped the blood onto her heavy gown, streaks of red painting the white fabric. There was only one other person she could call out to now.

Yan opened her mouth to call her name before the sky darkened, twisted and circled into itself. She looked up and watched the strange dance of storm clouds and blue sky. One, two drops of rain fell down, slowly at first, then all at once, soaking her gown and her hair.

Something else fell down on her shoulder, Yan turned and found a man standing there, the purple earring his most distinct feature. Memories of tales swarmed into Yan's mind as she recognized this man from the old myths. Emperor Nikolai, she said.

The Emperor pushed his bangs out of his eyes, revealing a handsome face with kind brown eyes. Yan looked down for a confirmation for what she already knew and found there a mark on his chest in the shape of a heart, beating slowly.

She dropped down to her knees but was quickly pulled back up by him. No need, he said softly with a voice like a windchime, barely reaching over the harsh sounds of the storm. He turned to the roses, raised his hand and silently commanded them to part. A path appeared, straight this time, and he led Yan out, guiding her with a gentle hand on her shoulder.

The storm calmed once they were out, rain was still steadily falling. Yan tried to turn around and thank the Emperor but his hand kept her standing still.

Don't take it personally, he leaned in close to whisper into her ear. The maze just likes to play games.

The rain stopped and the hand on her shoulder seemed to disappear with it, she turned around but found nobody there, just the deceivingly innocent looking roses. The Emperor was gone. The birds rose into song and Yan sighed.

the stars align

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Three worlds
The world in this tale is made out of three separate places, one is where the humans reside, one is for the dead, and one is left for the clouds.
Roaming between these worlds is not something to be taken lightly, the only way to enter En for example is to die, the only way to enter Tama is to not be much of anything at all. Ainen is the only world open to all, if it likes to be or not.

Ainen The human world, this is the earth we know. This is the place Nikolai loves the most, but it's a dangerous place for things that are different.
En The in between world where the dead roam. Most deities prefer to live here, hidden in the mountains or the caves, keeping to themselves.
Tama The world in the sky, this is where the Emperor lives most of the time, looking over the place he can never fully reach.

Lohte; The Deity of fate and love. Out of all the deities she's the only one Nikolai can really get along with because she was once human, and he helped her out more than once.
Lohte is a pet I actually own, her story is interwoven with Nikolai. Where Nikolai's story is more sad, hers is more dark.
Rai; The Deity of life and death, Nikolai doesn't get along with Rai because he doesn't agree with the death part of her. She's a very neutral deity.
Rai doesn't like the Emperor much either, but still takes his side in important matters, and even helps him out sometimes.
Sahna; The Deity of deceit, like Nikolai they are able to shapeshift, but what is helping Sahna turn into a human or a fox is unknown. They like to play tricks and keep important information to themselves. Nikolai dislikes them a great deal, so they both try their best to avoid each other.


Femki the girly one
She's pink & girly, how could she not be my fave. Femki's character is entirely self indulgent, I just wanted a OC that had the same interests as me, and voila, here she is. She makes videos and talks about makeup a lot.

Scaio the space princess
Scaio is the heir to an intergalactic empire, who accidentally gets spirited away on a spaceship by a group of highly dangerous escaped criminals. I really enjoy writing Scaio's story because it's completely different from anything else I've ever written!

Mifre the suspicious mind
Mifre's story came from a nightmare I once had, his character is very close to me because of this. His love of folklore and superstition is something I find a lot of fun exploring in my writing.
He's also that one character that always gets hurt/beaten up. Poor Mifre.

Junephi the sorceress
June was the first neopet who I made a petpage for I was actually proud of. June is a cursed sorcerer's apprentice, desperately trying to find a cure for the thing that takes over her body once a month.
Her petpage kind of needs an update.

Antonnette the poet
Antonnette's page currently hosts my poem request site!

Lohte the grey cybunny
my sad little sacrificial deity


All the stuff I still need to do hoo boy hoo boy

{ x } put in new art
{ } write some new stories/poems
{ } rewrite a creation myth
{ } write how he met his petpet
{ x } do a section about the other deities
{ x } finish family section
{ x } section explaining the 3 worlds (can go with deity sect.)
{ } make a ref of his new design
{ } link back button
{ } adoptables maybe?? those are cute
{ } retrading apps??
{ } bring ya boy home


Thank you for taking the time to read my project page!!

Need to neomail me? click here!

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