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Ad Blocking

An ad, short for ads, are those little (and often times big) banners or buttons that may appear on a Neopets page. They aren't illegally there since Neo allows their ads (they are paid ads), but they do lead to off neopets sites. Often times people just ignore them, but for some they can be really annoying. Ad blocking guides serves this purpose exactly but some may only work on certain browsers.

Account Safety

Neopets may have been created as a safe 'get away' haven for those who find realities too tiring, but through the advancement of technology (which may be good in another way), it is often times abused by no good neopians who sabotage another neopian's account to improve their own. Learn more about what to do and what not to do to stay safe on Neopets by reading through these guides.


Pet applications are completely allowed, as long as the user doesn't force you to make one. There are two kinds of applications: neomail (brief; mostly for not very rare/colored pets) and petpage (in depth; for more sought after paint brush colors/species). Applications can include stories, art, role playing info, and much more.


Avatars are those pictures that appear next to your posts at the boards. 'Avatar Hunting' as they call it, is something of a highly coveted goal. Though many avatars are easy to get, many others are quite hard. They require hard work, determination and hard earned neopoints. Avatars can be obtained through games & items, some are random and some clickable. ACers has their own board here.


The Battledome is where different Neopians' pets come to fight either with other Neopian players or Neopets characters. Your wins will be displayed on your userlookup under collections entitled: One Player BD Wins. Neopians can battle either to get some of those elusive BD avatars, for the defenders of Neopia, or if they just love to battle it out. And neopets has their own Battlepedia!

Customiz ation

Back in the year 2007, Neopets introduced us to customization which allowed us to dress up our pets. It is also the reason of having unconverted pets since Neopets had to change all the neopets drawings so one piece of clothing can fit all. Clothes can be bought through neopoints and neocash through the nc mall, Neopian, or user shops.


Have you ever come across a word that you didn't understand perhaps in the neoboards? Maybe on a petpage? It's not uncommon; the majority has their own especially on the internet. It's called their lingo, some that you may not understand could only be a neopets lingo and pronounciations, but some also are the norms in other internet sites.


Ahhhhh, Neopia, the virtual world we live in with many, many places to visit. And if you're a weary traveler that is just getting the hang of how things work around at a particular place, then these Neopian places guides are right for you. Get the feel of these places with the guides that will help you learn the aspects and various other things of a certain land.


The Kadoatery can be found here at the Neopian Plaza. It is where kadoatie owners leave their kadoaties when they go away for vacation therefore leaving it up to us to feed them. You can win trophies and an avatar by feeding kads, but kad feeding is not a very easy feat. You have one chance to refresh, because kadoaties are fed fast. Kad Feeding time lists can be found at the games chat.


There are maps in Neopia, that when put together can lead you to a certain prize or unlock a certain site feature. Like the secret pet and petpet laboratory maps which when activated allows you to zap your pet/petpet once a day for a color/specie change. There are other maps as well like the treasure map, spooky map, underwater map, space map, and many more. You can activate your maps when you have all the pieces by going here.


There are millions of items in Neopia. That's a great thing about Neo, they make it seem so much like real life. ;D Neopian items have certain values, and others have useful effects when used. Curious about what all those shrooms, neggs, potions, weapons, books, berries, etc do? Well, these guides are here especially for that purpose.


Restocking is buying something from the Neopian Shops (non user owned shops) and re-selling them for a profit. It isn't quite as simple as it sounds though, because everyone likes profit, right? And when everyone restocks, things go by very fast. Visit the pages listed to learn more about restocking.

Stock Market

The Stock Market is a long term investment of your neopoints. Basically, you buy a share from a certain company and you wait it out until the neopoints you've invested doubles, triples, etc.! Stocks will eventually go up even though it may not seem like it. A core rule of using the SM is never to sell your shares for a loss, it'll go up in time.

Sniping & Shopkeeping

Sniping is done in way of the shop wizard. Frankly speaking, you choose an item to begin searching for and refresh until you find the item with a low price as compared to the others. When you get it, sell it for a profit! Visit the pages for better understanding of sniping and shop keeping.


The neoboards can be considered Neopets' forum, where anyone (if your account is above the 13 age mark) can post. Of course, there are various boards where you can post/start a certain conversation. So be sure to keep that in mind to avoid the 'grumpy ones':D There's a certain thing you need to know for each board, especially the big ones (avatar, pound, and help chat), the guides provided will explain what and how these boards work.

Neopian Times

The Neopian Times is Neopets' very own newspaper. Neopians are free to submit their own guides, articles, stories, and comics for other Neopians to see. Not all entries get accepted though. It could be due to too many submissions, too many grammatical errors; the staff didn't get your joke (for comics) and more. These guides are here to explain exactly how The NT works.


Stamp, seashell, and charm collections appear in your Album under collections. There are also avatars that could be obtained through completing a certain set of stamps. This guide, as well as all the pages listed, will tell you from the basics to advanced all you need to know.


The Almost Abandoned Attic is located at the bottom left house of Neovia. It is similar to the Igloo Garage Sale since it restocks items with a rarity of 80-99 at a cheap price. The attic restocks 53 seconds after the minute or every seven minutes. The attic can only be accessed by users with a 3 year+ old account.

Altador Plot

The Altador or Darkest Faerie Plot is the only plot left open that you can do. To start the plot go and click on the yurble janitor at the top right corner at the Hall of Heroes. The rest of the steps can be found on Arrazetti's Guide. You better hurry up and finish it in case it closes soon! Of course there is still no news of it closing, but better safe than sorry.

Art Gallery

The Neopian Art Gallery is located at the Neopian Art Center at Neopia Central. The gallery houses many Neopians' artworks which can be of their neopets or other scenes. If your picture is published, you'll win 10,000 neopoints, a rare item, and a trophy! A great guide on the art gallery can be found here as well as the guides listed along your right.

Beauty Contest

The Beauty Contest, also known as the BC, is a competition between Neopians' pets who makes an artwork of their pet and advertises them in hopes of gathering the most votes from other Neopians. Anyone can enter, the hard part is advertising. Some great guides to help you get started can be found here, here, and here. Beauty contest scores and results can be found here.

Caption Contest

The Caption Competition is a weekly Neopets site contest where you can submit and think of the wittiest, best, and funniest caption for a given picture provided. TNT selects the best and awards them with 5k-10k neopoints, a rare item, and a trophy (whether they win or not). You can vote for the current captions here, and a more in depth guide can be found here.

Daily Dare

The Daily Dare is a Neopian site event held for the whole month of Running (March) where you can choose to beat AAA, Abigail, or Lulu's game scores in a certain game. AAA has the highest score to beat but his prizes are always better, Abigail has the lowest scores, and Lulu is the one in between but you'd have to purchase a game ticket with neocash to choose her. Lulu's prizes are NC items held at the NC Challenge Main Page.

Diseases and Cures

Sometimes your pets gets ill from random events, you can heal them through the healing springs or through cures. There are three types of cures: the Pharmacy Cure at Neopia Central, Emergency Supplies at Sakhmet, and the Remarkable Restoratives at Shenkuu.

Faerie Quests

Faerie quests are achieved through random events. A faerie will ask you for an item and if you choose to find the item and give it to them they will reward your active pet. Faeries give different kinds of rewards and some faeries have fixed ones: Jhudora and Illusen.


A guild is a kind of group you have for Neopets. You can look for guilds through guild directories, guild boards, or the guild headquarters. While some guilds stay open for a long time, some sadly, close immediately. Look through these listed links for owning a guild!


There are token neggs and special neggs. Token neggs are nothing but food but they can be exchanged for tokens at the Neopian Neggery which in return (when you have collected enough tokens) can be exchanged for special neggs. Special neggs, when fed to neopets, may increase your pets' battle stats, it may change your pets' mood, give you random items, it may heal your pet or give it a disease, some can even change your pets' specie. To learn more about the effects of neggs, proceed to the pages listed.


A Neohome is the virtual houses of Neopets. Your Neopets can't actually go inside and stay in that house, it is more likely a display. There are 2 different kinds of Neohomes now: the classic neohome and the neohome version 2. Classic neohomes costs neopoints to build while the latter does not. V2 also gives you a 3D feel as compared to the classic which is 2D only. You can also place neocash items in a neohome V2.

Pet Trading

Pet trading is allowed by TNT but there are still rules to follow for safe trading. Remember that only 1 neopet can be traded for 1 and neopets are not to be traded with neopoints/neocash/items. Trades can be commenced through transfers or pounding.


Having premium gives Neopians a more fruitful time when roaming around the Neopets site community. It eliminates all those ads you see around the site plus some added benefits! Premium is paid with real money (through credit cards, paypal, etc.) and you would need an existing premium user to invite you. Better yet, visit these pages listed for a better understanding of premium.


Like the title suggest, role playing involves a story and characters wherein someone plays a role. Most role playing takes place at RPers very own board, maybe at a petpage or their own guilds. Be sure to take a gander around those boards to get used to the 'feel' of things and visit the pages listed to learn the lingo and role playing ways!


General Game Guides
World Challenge
Yooyuball Guides

Flash Games: Click on the letter that corresponds to the first letter of the game's name.
A, B, C, D, E, , G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Key Quest
P3 Habitarium
Trophy Guides

Ad Blocking
Account Safety
Stock Market
Sniping & Shopkeeping
Neopian Times
Various Guides:

Abandoned Attic
Altador Plot
Art Gallery
Beauty Contest
Caption Contest
Daily Dare
Diseases & Cures
Faerie Quests
Guild Owning
Pet Trading
Role Playing

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the observatory.

contact adzs back to the faerie compass atlas section

Welcome to The Observatory, the Guides Section of The Faerie Compass. Due to the overwhelming amount of characters in the original petpage, some users had experienced TFC not working and loading incredibly slowly. Hopefully these guides placed here will be of more convenience to you, as well as to cut back on loading time. Choose a keyword from the navigation below or simple press Ctrl + F to find something specific.

Recommended | Neopian Times Article

Credits: BG from 49 Days (hiatus), NT times pixels from Sticky's Goodies, Footer text style inspired by Turnip's banner at HTOGS Reviews.

general guides.

Account Safety: Ad Block | Safety | Side Accounts

Ad Blocking/Browser Ad On Guides:

Ad Free, Faster Neopia
Banner Adblocking Guide
Be Ad Free
Firefox Adblock
No Script and You

All About Scams and Keeping Safe:

Ageless Accounts
Animefreak869's Scam Help Page
Better Know a Blah
Brayca's Guide to Scams
Browse Like Premium
Chain Letter Burning Eyries
Cookie Grabbers/ Keyloggers/ Backdoor Trojans
Defend Yourself from Fake Login Pages and Cookie Grabbers
Guide to Scammers and Hackers
Key's to a Long Neolife
Kittyxneo's No Worries Guide to a Safer Account
Lanivia's Scammed Help
LupeMoneyCounter's Petpage
No You Were Not Hacked, You Were Scammed
Punch Back Bob
Quick Checklist in Case You Are Cookie Grabbed
Stop Cookie Grabbers
The Anti Scam Tips Page
The Complete Guide to Avoiding Scams
Trading Post Guide
Warnings about some common scams
Who Knew?

Account Keeping and Side Accounts:

UNOFFICIAL Guide to Neopets Account-Keeping
Side Accounts

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Application Guides: Neomail Apps | Petpage Apps

Neomail Application Guides:

ladie_media's Guide To Neomail Applications
Morwenna's guide to making UFQA/neomail applications

Pet Page Application Guides:

Abel's Application Guide
Adopt a Dream; a Petpage Application Guide
Cib's Pet Application Guide
Just Another Application Guide
Make or Break
Rawrimmakitty's Guide to Making an Application
So You Wanna Apply for a Pet?
The Application Process
The Apptionary

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Avatar Lending: Specific Avs | Battldeom Avs

Lending and Borrowing Guides:

Pet Lending Guide *
Pet Lending, Borrowing Transferring Guide

pet lending agencies.

Looking for avatar pet lending agencies? Then Click Here!

general avatar guides.

2dog2's Avatar Help 1 and Page 2
50 Secret Avatars that will Never be Released: Part One
A Neopian's Past-time Hobby: Collecting Avatars
Avatar Help
Game Avatars: The Easy Way
How To Get Avatars
How to Get Every Borrowable Item Avatar
Hunting for Avatars - Obsession or Good Investment?
Mylanithi12's Avatar Guide
Neopets Avatar Guide
Quyda's Daily Avatars *
Secret Avatar Guide 1 and Page 2
Snagging Secret Avatars
Something has Happened
Spotty's Avatars
Stevo's Avatar Guide 1 and Page 2
Tavi's Avi Help
The Av Game Guide
The Avvie Scribe
Your Guide to Avatars

specific avatars.

Adam Avatar:

Daily Asparagus Prices *
Concert Avatars:

Concert Mania Review
Concert Schedule
Concerts of Neopia
The Band For You: A Guide to the Bands of Neopia
The Concert Hall Rocks My Socks!
The Music Lover's Guide to Concerts

Dark Lurker Avatar:

Dark Lurker Avatar

Kelp Avatar:


Packrat Avatar Lists:

Cheap Item List
Packrat Avatar List
Packrat Avie Guide *
Packrat Emporium
Packrat List
Safety Deposit Box Avatar Guide
SDB Guide
The Pack Rat List 1
The Pack Rat List 2

Wishing Well Avatar:

Project Wishing Well and it's German Translation
The Wishing Well Avatar Donation Amount
Wishing Well Avatar
Wishing Well Avatar
Wishing Well Avatar Theories and it's Number Testing Page
Wishing Well Avvie
Wishing Well Data

Chocolate Factory Avatar:

Restocking Chocolate Guide

battledome avatars.

Beat Kasuki Lu
Beat the Black Pteri
Beat the Henchmen
Ghost Lupe Battle Guide
Kick the Meerca Henchmen's Butt!
Snakanat's Avatar Opponent Guide
Space Faerie Guide
The Guide To Kicking Some Meerca Bros. Butt . . . For Dummies!

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A Battledomer's Guide to Common Courtesy
A Battledome Set for Every Budget
A Neopian's Guide to Freezers
Battle Basics
Battledome Challengers
Battledome Challengers and Defenders of Neopia
Battledome Guide
Battledome Guide
Battledome Guide for Kids
Battledome Secrets
Battledoming With a Budget: A Guide to Cheap Weapons
Battling without Spending a Fortune
Beta's BD Weapon Acronym Page
Guide to the Petpet Battledome
Knee-Deep Battledome Guide
LeQuig: Underfrog of the Battledome
Methods of Training
Preparing a Pet for the Battledome
Battle Basics
The Battledome: An In-depth Guide
Weapon Guides:

Grephun's Weapon Guide
Saxla's Weapon Guide
Rabid_Schnauzer's Quick Weapons List
The Weaponry

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Customization: Gen Customization | MME | Capsules | Trading | Grams

General Customization:

Background Bonanza
Customized Clothing
Customisation Spotlight: Can You Be a Star?
Customizing VS Paintbrushes
Dressed Up Pet Screenies
How This Old Geezer Sees Customization
I Have Too Much to Wear: Guide to Closet Clutter
Lilacia's SWF Collection
Mall Minutiae
NC Card Items
NC Guide for Customizers
Neocash Card Guide
Neocash Card Vault
Panther's Customization FAQ
Pet Wearables
Restockable Wearables
Retiring Soon Item Listing
The Closet
The Neopoint Based Customization Guide
Wearable Clothing Guide
Wearable Neopoint Only Backgrounds
Wearable Neopoint Only Items


Mysterious Morphing Experiment Guide

Mystery Capsules:

A Basic Guide To Capsules
A Beginner's Guide to Mystery Capsules
Almost Capsule Guide
Fall Pumpkin Patch Mystery Capsule
Mystery Capsules
Mystery Capsules
Trading With Capsule Values
Values are not in the Capsules
Winter Igloo Mystery Capsule

NC Trading/Gifting Guides:

A 5-Lesson Beginner's Guide to NC Item Trading
Ara's Values
How to tell if your trade is Fair
Neocash Laws (German Translation)
NC Trading 101
NC Trading Etiquette
NC Value Guide
Neopets Gift Guide
The Gifter's Guide to Getting Gifted
The NC Mall Newbie's Guide
What's My Neocash Item Worth ?

Sweetheart Grams:

Bwake Grams

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A Neopinglish Dictionary
A Quick Guide to Common Chatspeak
Altador Cup Dictionary
Chatspeak Dictionary
ChiZzab3L's Guide to Neoboard Acronyms
Commonly Used Acronyms and Abbreviations
Crio3mo's Acronym Page
Katfun's Word Help
More For Your Neopinglish Dictionary
Side Note
The Chat Speak Dictionary
The Slangtionary
Way Too Much For Your Neopinglish Dictionary

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Getting to know Neopia: Neopian Places | Newbies | Altador Cup

- Click the x to go to The Neopian Map!

Guides to Places in Neopia:

A Guide to Shenkuu
Belle's Hidden Links
Gnardy's Jelly World Concept Guide
Guide to Brightvale
Guide to Moltara
Guide to Moltara
Magma Pool Guide
Maraqua Guide
Moltara Dark Cave Guide
Moltara Guide
Neopian World Links
The Complete Guide To Jelly and Jelly World
Vasputin's Guide to Surviving Terror Mountain

Newbie Guides:

A New Citizen's Guide to Neopia
Complete Newbie Guide
Graciegirl63 Explains
Gauditt's Newbie Help
Help for Newbies
In Depth Neopets Guide for Newbies
Ladera's Guide to Everything and Anything Neo
Learn the Rules
Newbie Help Guide
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Neopets
The Information Station
The Neopets Q and A
The Poor Newbie's Guide to Lavish Living
What is a n00b and How to Avoid Being One

Altador Cup:
Yooyuball guides can be found under the games section while team pages can be found under the miscellaneous section.

AC Power Rankings
Altador Cup comes to a Close
Altador Cup Headquarters
Altador Cup V
Altador Cup Guide
Altador Cup Rankings - Q & A
Altador Cup tournament
Jelle's Altador Cup Guide
Official Altador Guide
Snowflower's Guide to the Altador Cup
The Altador Cup Repository
The Celebrity Altador Cup
The Clean Sheet
Turn Up the AC

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Kadoatery: Feeding Guides | Food Lists

- Click the x to go to The Kadoatery!

Kadoatery Guides:

2cents on Kad Feeding
Aqua's Helpful tips on Feeding Kadoaties
A Kadoatery Guide
Andy's Kadoatery Guide
Carmen's Kadoatery Guide
General Time Posting Guidelines
Kadoatery Feeding Guide
Kadoatery High Score List
Kadoatery Log
Kadoatie Tips Page
Kali's Kad Guide
Lizzie's Kadoatery Guide
Mandy's Kad Feeding Guide Guide
Missattie's Kadoatery Guide
The Tooseas Kadoatery Guide
Time System Explanation
Time System Explanation
Xaiveren's Kadoatery FAQ

Kadoatery Food Lists:

Carmen's Kadoatery Food List
Cathy's Grouped Kad Food List
Cathy's Grouped Kad Food List 2
How to make a list of Kad foods from the last main
Toni's Kad Food List

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Different maps guide: Lab Map | Treasure Map

Includes Lab ray and petpet lab ray guides. - Click the x to go to Activate your Maps!

Lab Map Guides:

California75's Lab Map Guide
Dekasin's Lab Map Guide
Jerringston's Lab FAQ
Lab Ray Guide and Statistics
La Estrella's Lab Ray GUide
Petpet Lab Ray FAQ
Secret Laboratory Map and Paintbrush Prices
The Extensive Lab Ray FAQ
Zapped and Proud

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Treasure Map Guides:

Map Prices
Maps, Maps, and more Maps
Spooky Treasure Map
Treasure Map

item lists and price guides:

Item Lists/Price Guides:

Azzy's 5k-or-Less Book List
Booktastic Book Bonanza
Booktastic Book List
Cyrill's Cheap Books Guide
Emroza's PB Guide
Frosty's Cheap Book Deals
Guide to Grooming Products in Neopia
Guide to Transmogrification
Jerishes Book List
Little Foot Price Check
Morphing Potion and Transmogrification Potion Guide
Neopian Book Award Book List
Neopian Diseases and Cures
Nerkmid Guide
Quinn's Price Guide
Neopian Diseases and Cures
Neo Paradise
Reubic's Quick Clinic
Stamp Guide
The Archive
The Cheap Book List
The Neopian Fruits Encyclopedia
The Neopian Paint Brush Inflation Rate
ToonerT's Book List
Transmogrification Potion Guide
Unbuyables Guide

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- Click the x to go to Go to The Neopian Shops!

Becoming a HTS Dealer, and Pushing Your Patience
Choosing the Best Shop to Restock At
Eno's Shop Guide *
Gaming vs. Restocking
How to Improve Your Restocking
Nutty's Ultimate Restock Guide
Restocking FAQ
Restocking Guide
Restocking Made Easy
The Lazy Neopian's Guide to Restocking
The Top Ten Shops for Restockers
Unstocked: One Writer's Restocking Ineptitude
Wait, What? Another Restocking Guide for Newbies?

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stock market.

- Click the x to go to Go to The Stock Market!

Buy and Sell's Stock Market Guide
Pyramiding the Market
Selling Strategies: the Science of Pressing "Sell
Sniggy's Stock Market Tips
Stock Market FAQ
Stock Market Guide
Stock Market Help
Stock Market Info
Stock Market Tutorial *
Stock Tycoon
Stocks: A Board Game, Not a Game of Chance
Taking Advantage of the Stock Market
The Guide to Stockmarket Jargon and Terms (Part II)
The Self-Supporting Neodaq Portfolio

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Amy's Auction Sniping Guide
Auction Sniping List
Moonie's Guide To Successful Sniping
Sniping Guide
The Wizing Hour Sniping Guide
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Shop Keeping/Malling:

Shop Lists:

Shops around Neopia
Stores of Neopia

The Guides:

Bugsy's Guide to Effective Shop keeping and Malling
Frisky's Business Shopkeeping Guide
Frisky's Business Shop Plan
How to Run a Successful 1,000 NP Deals Shop
Lisa's Guide to Shopkeeping
QuadTails' Shopkeeping Guide
Sabrina's Ultimate Shop Promotion Guide
The Maller Leagues Guide to Successful Shopkeeping
What to Sell in Your Shop

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Neoboards: Help Chat | Pound Chat | Others

- Click the x to go to The Neoboards!

Help Chat Guides:

Complete Guide to the HC
Help Chat FAQ
Help Chat FAQ Page
Neo Netiquette
THE n00b FAQ ANSWERS PAGE for Help Chat

Pound Chat Guides:

Blue's Guide to the Pound Chat
PC Guide
Penny Trading Guide
Pet Lending, Borrowing Transferring Guide
Pet Worth Guide

Other Neoboard Guides:

Ari's Guide to the Neoboards
Cheeroh's Summary of Copyright Law
Know the Rules
Lara's Userlookup Rating Etiquette Guide
What is Harassment?

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Neopian Times: Comic Making | Gen NT Guides

- Click the x to go to The Neopian Times!


In the News
The Condensed Neopian Times Editorial
Neopian Times Archive

Comic Making Guides:

Comic Making FAQ
H33lix's Comic Guide

General NT Guides:

A Guide for Future NT Stars
Getting Accepted Into The Neopian Times
Isty's All-You-Need-To-Know Guide to The Neopian Times
NT Readers Association
So You Want to Be a Neopian Cartoonist, eh?
Talia's Guide to Becoming a NT Star
Talia's Writing Guide
The Secret Rulebook
The Weewoo Den

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Stamp/Seashell/Charm Collecting:Stamps | Sea shells

Stamp Guides:

All About Stamps
Complete Stamp Spoiler List
Dragona5's Stamp Help Page
HRH's Guide to Stamp Collecting
Narazok's Guide to Stamps
Stamp Collecting

Sea Shell Guides:

Collectable Sea Shells
The Neopian Collectable Stamps, Sea Shells, Coins, Coconuts and Charms Guide!

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Tarla's warehouse:

Neopets Toolbar Info Page
Tarla's Toolbar
Tarla's Tour of Mystery
Tarla's Warehouse
Why RSers Hate Tarla
Xoe's Guide to Tarla

Various Guides

This section is dedicated to the guides which aren't numerous enough to have their own sub categories. These sites are listed alphabetically according to what their category should have been named.

Almost Abandoned Attic:

Official Attic Times
Le Grenier
Almost Abandoned Attic Item List

Altador Plot:

Altador Plot Guide
Darkest Faerie Plot Guide
ferrarihorse360's Altador Plot Guide

Art Gallery:

Lobster's Guide to the Art Gallery

Beauty Contest:

Beauty Contest Basics
Beauty Contest Guide
Help!!! It's the BC...
Lexi's Beauty Contest Guide
Sketch Guide to the True BC Definitions
So you wanna be a BCer?
The Beauty Contest


The Expanded Calendar

Caption Contest:

Caption Contest Guide


Collateral Guide

Cooking Pot:

Cooking Pot Recipes
Neopian's Cooking Pot Information Center

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Daily Dare:

Daily Dare 2011
Daily Dare 2011 Prize List
Esgrim's Guide to Daily Dare

Daily Puzzle:

The Daily Puzzle

Diseases and Cures:

Cool's Meds Chart
Doctor Roo's Pharmacy
Etheline's Guide to Health and Cures
Neopian ER

Faerieland Employment Agency:

Juniper's Guide to The Faerieland Employment Agency

Faerie Quests:

Cleopatrascat's Quest Help
Crafting Faerie Guide
Diafaneia's Faeries Guide
Faerie Files
Faerie Quest Items
Illusen's Glade
Quest Help Glade
The Faerie Shrine
Water Faerie Quest Book Guide
What you need to know about Quests
Your Guide to Faerie Quests

Gallery Owning:

Destiny's Guide to Collecting
FAQ: Gallery

Guild Owning:

Animefreak869's Guide to a Successful Guild
Diggerzy's Guild Helping Site
Froggy's Guide to Starting Guilds
Guild 411
Perfect Flowers Guilds Guide

Gourmet Food:

Gourmet Food List
Lilkramit's Gourmet Food Guide
Quramia's Gourmet Food Guide
The Guide to Gourmet
Zzzippie123's Gourmet Food Database

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Krawk Island Event:

A Strategy to find Island Pieces
Krawk Island Finders
Krawk Island Guide
Krawk Island Event Guide
No One is Safe

Limited Edition Pets:

Draiks Vs. Krawks: A Guide to Rare Pets
Lilic's Krawk Guide
Rishi's LE and Restricted Pet Guide

Lutari Talisman/Island Guides:

Lutari Talisman Guide
Lutari Talisman Help Page
The Lutari Island Mobile Guide Guide


All About Neggs
Complete Guide to the neggs of Neopia
Guide to Neggs
Negg Training Guide
The Complete Guide to Neggs


Classic Vs. V2
Crazy's Neo Guide
Flash's Tile Tutorial
Furnitue Catalogue
Furnitue Catalogue 2.0
Neohome 2.0 FAQ
Neohome 2.0 FAQ
Neohomes and Gardens Guide
Rascalus's Revered Rooms
The Shed
V.2 Neohome & Neogarden Visual Guide to Neopoint Items

Neopian Characters:

Faeries Domain
Guide to Faeries
Isca and Caylis
Neopian Character Directory
Who is Boochi?

Neopian Holidays:

Devil's Guide to Neopian Holidays
International Talk like a Pirate Day
Neopets April Fools
Valentines Day Guide


How not to be a N00b
N00bs Vs. Newbies

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Old Neopets:

Adults play Neopets
Old Neopets
Neopian Museum
Old School Neopets
Remember When?


Paintbrush FAQ

Pet Trading:

Pet Trading Rule Guide
Stop Pet Trade Scamming
UC Trading Guide

Plot Prizes:

Prizes from Quests/Plots
Sweep's Plot Prize Guide


The Poetry Contest


Balthasar's Premium FAQ
Leto's Guide to Neopets Premium
LeenaLu's Premium FAQ
Neopets Premium
Premium at Heart

Rainbow Fountain:

Rainbow Fountain FAQ

Random Events:

Darkstormer666's Petpage of Randomness
Saxlitsa Random Events List


How to Roleplay Help
Roleplaying for Newbies
Roleplayer's Guide
Roleplaying for Beginners

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Scratchcards Guide

Site Themes:

Lordmule's Site Theme Page
Smoking_fish's Site Themes


Talia's Guide to the Storytelling Competition


Neopets Trading Card Game Guide
TCG Virtual Prize Code Prize FAQ

The Faerie's Ruin Plot:

Catt's Guide to the Faerie's Ruin Plot
Cataclysmic's Guide to the Faerie's Ruin Plot
Neopets Plot Detectives
Pixiesiren's Faeries' Ruin Guide
The Faeries' Guide
The Faerie Rescue
The Faeries' Ruin
The Faeries' Ruin
The Faeries' Ruin Plot Guides Directory
The Faeries' Ruin Plot Guide

The Purge:

The Purged Name Directory

Unconverted Pets:

Raz's Guide to Unconverted Pets
Unconverted Pets

Virtual Prize Guides:

Book Prize Answers

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game guides.

general game guides.

Board Guides:

Games Board FAQ
Games Board Help

NC Mall Games:

Games of the NC Mall

General Game Guides:

CRG Game Guides
Daxo's Game Guides
Game Code Compendium
Game Help and Dice Escape Guide
Game Ratio Changes Petpage
Guide to Multiplayer Games
Kreative's Game Guides
Neopets Gaming Help

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world challenge guides.

Gears and Cogs: World Challenges
Nick's Guide to World
Prize List
Store or Sell - Completed World Challenge Maps
Winning at World Challenges
World Challenge 101
World Challenge Map Guide
World Challenge Map Time Project
World Challenge Tips
World Challenges
The Ultimate Guide to World Challenges

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Altador Cup Video Guide
Jelle's Altador Cup Guide
Krystal's Yooyuball Guide
Snowflower's Guide to the Altador Cup
So You Wanna Play Yooyuball?
Yooyuball Guide
Yooyuball Guide 2
Yooyuball Planet
Yooyuball and the Altador Cup

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flash game guides

200m Peanut Dash:
A Walk in the Park - A Guide to 200m Peanut Dash
200m Peanut Dash: Game Guide

Advert Attack:
Advanced Advert Attack Tips
Advert Attack: Ten Tips for Everyone
Advert Attack: Ten Tips for Everyone

Attack of the Gummy Dice:
Advanced Gummy Dice
Attack of the Gummy Dice – The Official, Unofficial Guide
Attack of the Gummy Dice the Guide

Attack of the Revenge:
Attack of the Revenge! ArRrRr!!
Attack of the Revenge: Master Them Pirate Abilities!
Guide to the Revenge
Illustrated Game Guide

Attack of the Slorgs:
A Quick Guide to Free the Crops
Attack of the Slorgs - It's Never Too Late to Repel!
Virt's Attack of the Slorgs Guide
Attack of the Slorgs
Obiwanpi's Guide to THE ATTACK OF THE SLORGS
Shoot Those Slorgs Away!!

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Barf Boat:
A Barf Boat Guide: Doesn't It Sound Appetizingly Fun?

Biscuit Brigade: Hagan's Last Stand:
Biscuit Brigade; Hagan's Last Stand
Biscuit Brigade
Glunf's Guide to Biscuit Brigade

Bouncy Supreme:
Apparently, You CAN Play With Food

Black Pawkeet Slots:
Black Pawkeet Slots

Brucey B Slots:
Brucey B Slots
Brucey B Slots Guide

Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway:
Bftf8's Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway Guide

Bumble Beams:
Bumble Beams

Buzzer Game:
Zaeliian's Buzzer Game Guide

Carnival of Terror:
Carnival of Terror Guide

Castle Battles:
Castle Battles Guide
Castle Battles Tips

Cellblock Guide
Cellblock Guide
Unlock Cellblock


Cheese Roller:
Cheeseroller Guide
Cheeseroller Guide

Chia Bomber 2:
Chia Bomber 2 Guide

Clockwork Codebreaker:
Submit a guide?

Cloud Raiders:
Cloud Raiders Guide

Cooty Wars:
It's Raining Mootix! – Your Guide to Cooty Wars

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Darigan Dodgeball:
A Guide to Dodge those in Darigan Dodgeball!

Defender Trainer:
Defender Trainer Guide
Defender Trainer Guide

Dice Escape:
Dice Escape Guide
Game Help & Dice Escape Guide

Dubloon Disaster:
Holly's Dubloon Disaster Guide
The Hissi's Guide to Dubloon Disaster
Dubloon Disaster Guide

Dungeon Dash:
Dungeon Dash Guide

Edna's Shadow:
The Shadow

Escape From Meridell Castle:
Escape From Meridell Castle 1
Escape From Meridell Castle 2

Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars:
Invasion of the Fuzzles - A Guide to Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars
Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars 1
Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars 2

Extreme Herder:
Extreme Herder Guide
Extreme Herder

Extreme Potato Counter:
Extreme Potato Counter Guide
Extreme Potato Counter Guide

Faerie Bubbles:
Faerie Bubbles Guide
Frisky's Faerie Bubbles Guide
Faerie Bubbles

Faerie Caves II-Fyora's Quest:
Faerie Caves II: Fyora's Quest Walkthrough
Faerie Caves II Guide

Faerie Cloud Racers:
Faerie Cloud Racers Game Guide

Feed Florg:
Feed Florg Guide
Feed Florg Guide

Flycatcher - a Guide to Licking the Competition

Freaky Factory:
Freaky Factory: The Easy Way
Freaky Factory Guide 1
Freaky Factory Guide 2
Freaky Factory
Freaky Factory Guide 3
Omigosh So Freaky
Tiffany's In-Depth Freaky Factory Guide

...and *Pop* Go the !

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Gadgadsgame Guide
A Gadgads-tastic Guide for Gadgadsgame!

Gourmet Club Bowls:
Peo's Gournet Club Bowls Guide
Gourmet Club Bowls Game Guide

Grand Theft Ummagine:
Grand Theft Ummagine Maps and Level Guides
Grand Theft Ummagine A Guide to Success

Hannah and the Ice Caves:
Hannah and the Ice Caves Guides
Hannah and the Ice Caves Walkthrough

Hannah and the Pirate Caves:
Hannah and the Pirate Caves Guide
Hannah and the Pirate Caves Gem location, and game help page
Hannah and the Pirate Caves Level Guide

Hasee Bounce:
A Guide to Hasee Bounce

Hungry Skeith:
Hungry Skeith Guide
Hungry Skeith Game Guide

Ice Cream Machine:
Ice Cream Machine
Ice Cream Machine
Ice Cream Machine
Ice Cream Machine Guide
Guide to the Ice Cream Machine
Sheepmad4eva's Ice Cream Machine Game Guide

Invasion of Meridell:
RQ's Invasion of Meridell Guide
How to win Invaders of Meridell

Jolly Jugglers:
Jolly Jugglers

Jubjub Power Bounce:
Jubjub Power Bounce

Kass Basher:
Guide to Whack-A-Kass
How to Get the Bat in Kass Basher
Kass Basher Guide
Kass Basher Guide

Korbat's Lab:
Korbat's Lab Guide
Korbat's Lab Guide
Korbat's Lab Tips

Kou-Jong - The Beginner's Guide

Kreludan Mining Corp.:
Kreludan Mining Corp. Guide
Mrcrazy's Kreludan Mining Corp Game Guide

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Lost in Space Fungus:
Lost in Space Fungus
Lost in Space Fungus...A Guide
Lost in Space Fungus Guide

Magax Destroyer 2:
Magax Destroyer Guide
Magax Destroyer 2 guide

Math's Nightmare:
Math's Nightmare
Math's Nightmare 2

Meepit Juice Break:
Meepit Juice Break
Meepit Juice Break Guide
Meepit Juice Break Tips

Meepit Vs. Feepit:
Single Player Battle Guide
Your First Complete Guide to Game: Meepit vs Feepit

Meerca Chase II:
Meerca Chase II Game Guide
Meecra Chase 2 Guide

Moon Rock Rampage:
Moon Rock Rampage Guide
Moon Rock Rampage Guide

Mootix Drop:
Drop Site Acquired

Mynci Beach Volleyball:
Mynci Beach Volleyball guide

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Ultimate Neggsweeper Guide
A Beginner's Guide to Neggsweeper

Neo Quest I:
Neoquest 1 Guide for Beginners

Neo Quest II:
NeoQuest 2 A Comprehensive Guide
NeoQuest 2 Guide
NeoQuest Boss Levels

Never Ending Boss Battle:
A Neverending Boss Battle Guide

Petpet Cannonball:
Petpet Cannonball Guide
Petpet Cannonball: the Guide

Petpet Rescue:
Petpet Rescue An approach to Petpet Rescue Grand Master
Petpet Rescue Guide
Basic Guide To PetPet Rescue

9 Steps To Become Petpetsitter Champion
The Official Petpet Sitter Guide

Petpet Park:
Petpet Park Beta Guide
Petpet Park Guide
Petpet Park Guide

Piper Panic:
Piper Panic Guide
Game Guide: "Piper Panic

Plushie Tycoon:
Plushie Tycoon Guide
Setting Your Timezone

Pterattack: Revamped
Pterattack Guides and Tips

Pyramids Guide
Puzzling Pyramids: A Guide to the Game

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Raiders of Maraqua:
Raiders of Maraqua Guide
Raiders of Maraqua Guide
Raiders of Maraqua Game Guide


Ruins Rampage:
Ruins Rampage
Ruins Rampage Guide
Ruins Rampage Walkthrough Guide

Sewage Surfer:
Sewage Surfer Game Guide

Advanced Shapeshifter Guide
A Guide to Shapeshifter
Nailing Down That Shifty Shapeshifter Game

Shenkuu River Rush:
Shenkuu River Rush Guide
Shenkuu River Rush: The Master's Guide

Shenkuu Tangram:
Shenkuu Tangram Guide
Shenkuu Tangram Guide

Snow Wars II:
Snow Wars II Guide
Snow Wars II Guide
Jennifer's Snow Wars II Guide

Scarvogue's Snowmuncher Guide
Snowmuncher Guide

Sophie's Stew:
Guide to Sophie's Stew
Sophie's Stew Guide

Stowaway Sting:
The No-Sweat Guide to Earning the Deckswabber Avatar
Stowing Away a Stowaway Trophy

Sutek's Tomb:
Sutek's Tomb Guide
Sutek's Tomb Guide

Swarm-The Bugs Strike Back:
Swarm The Bugs Strike Back Guide
Restock the Ammunition - The Bugs Strike Back

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The Castle of Eliv Thade:
Eliv Thade
Eliv Thade Game Help

The Great Quasalan Caper:
The Great Quasalan Caper Guide
Sneaking Your Way to the Great Qasalan Caper

The Last Blast:
Unbeatable0's Quick-Trophy Guide for The Last Blast
The Last Blast Game Guide Guide

The Search for Princess Lunara:
The Search for Princess Lunara
Tori's Guide to The Search for Princess Lunara

TNT Staff Smasher:
TNT Staff Smasher Guide
TNT Staff Smasher Guide

Toybox Escape:
Toybox Escape The Guide
The Step-By-Step Guide To Mastering Toybox Escape

Treasure of the Black Pawkeet:
Black Pawkeet Slots Guide

Turmac Roll:
Turmac Roll
Turmac Roll Guide

Typing Terror:
A Typing Terror Guide
Terminate Typing Terror Trouble

Tyrannian Mini Golf:
The Ultimate Tyrannian Mini Golf Guide
How to Create your Perfect Mini Golf Map

Tyranu Evavu:
Tyranu Evavu Guide

Ugga Drop:
Daniel's Ugga Drop Guide
Ugga Drop Guide
How to Ugga the Drop

Ultimate Bullseye:
Ultimate Bullseye II Guide
Ultimate Bullseye II

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Volcano Run:
Volcano Run II Guide
Volcano Run 2 Guide

Warf Rescue Team:
Warf Rescue Team - Let 'Em Fly!!!

Web of Vernax:
VernaxEater's Guide to Pwning the Web of Vernax

A Guide to Wingoball
Wingoball 101
Wingoball Guide
Wingoball Guide
Wingoball Guide

Whirlpool Game Guide
The Whirlpool Game Guide

The Key to the Door of Zurroball
Your Ultimate Guide to Zurroball
N for Zurroball?

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key quest guides

- Click the x to go to the Key Quest homepage!

Guide to KQ Glitches
Key Quest Frequently Asked Questions
Key Quest Guide
Key Quest Guide
Key Quest Token Guide
Key Quest Help
Key Quest Help/FAQ
Marmeri's Key Quest Powerups Guide
The Key Quest Guide

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p3 habitarium guides

- Click the x to go to the Habitarium homepage!

A Champion's Guide to the Habitarium
Ek's Habitarium Screenies
Guía del Terrario Spanish
Habitarium FAQ
Habitarium FAQ
Habitarium Guide
Habitarium Guide
Habitarium Guide
Habitarium Guide
Habitarium Help
Habitarium Levels and Upgrades
Habitarium: Let's Rock your Role
Maximizing your Habitarium's Success
Pkemaster542's Habitarium Success Guide
The Habitarium
The Habitarium Ink and Decoration Preview
Your Beginners Guide To The P3 Habitarium

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trophy guides

- Click the x to go to The Main Games Highscores Page!

Easy Trophies
Fairly Easy Trophies Guide
Fred's Trophy Guide
Neopia's Twenty Toughest Trophies
The Top Nine Easiest Trophies to Get
Trophy Adventuring
Trophy Extravaganza!

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where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
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You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
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It is a journey
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Meepit invasion
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